Michael Jordan & Vince Carter

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Vincent Lamar Vince Carter (born January 26, 1977) is an American professional basketball player with the Dallas Mavericks. 5.0/5

Michael Jordan Vince Carter Dominique Wilkins Kobe Bryant Shawn Kemp Ray Allen Lebron James Allen Iverson Blake Griffin Rasheed Wallace Paul Pierce Michael Carter Grant Hill Spud Webb Carmelo Anthony Tracy Mcgrady Kevin Garnett Dirk Nowitzki Larry Bird

Muggsy Bogues believes Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady could have been the next Jordan and Pippen ht…
My team wasn't fair though: Stretch, Vince Carter, and Michael Jordan. Alley Oop's all day.
Michael Jordan and vince carter say hi
He's talented. But this is like saying Vince Carter was the next Michael Jordan. Nonsense.
Jamison, cota , hansborough, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan... but this is SO hard. So many greats.
5 players I wish I could go back n time 2 watch play would be. 1. Vince Carter. 2. Shaq. 3. Tracy Mcgrady . 4. Allen Iverson . 5. Michael Jordan
Before there was Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and Gerald Green there was Julius Erving AKA…
it's cool for Lebron, Vince Carter, Shaq, Michael Jordan, A.I. and Ray Allen to jump around teams but KD can't? Stop hating
if anyone it's North Carolina since I like Tyler Hansbrough, Vince Carter, and Michael Jordan
I liked a video from Michael Jordan (Age 38) shuts down Vince Carter - 0 pts in 2nd
Vince Carter, Michael Jordan and Tracy Mcgrady are my favorite NBA basketball players ever.
For the lost that would be Michael Jordan, Lawrence Taylor, Larry Brown & Vince Carter
this man Michael Jordan had a 48 inch vertical leap. to put that in perspective, Vince Carter had a 43 inch vert and kobe had a 3 inch vert
all Carolina team, who's your starting 5?. PG Kenny Smith. SG Michael Jordan. SF Vince Carter . PF Antawn Jamison. C Rasheed Wallace
I would rather watch Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady in their prime over Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in their prime
Best in-game dunkers of all-time: Dominique Wilkins, Julius "The Doctor" Erving, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan and young…
RIP Dean Smith. Thank you for creating basketball legends like Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Vince Carter and many mor…
Vince Carter,Michael Jordan ,Dominique Wilkins, Kenny Smith and .and I forgot nataly ;)
Michael Jordan, Vince Carter and my dude Sterling from Dutch Fork the greatest Dunkers of all time. lol
Tristan Thompson tells Sportsnet about VC: Vince Carter was my Michael Jordan
Read Em And Weep Kobe currently holds the most game winning shots in the league, maybe, in NBA history, with 37. Michael Jordan has made 33 game winning shots throughout his NBA career with the Bulls and the Wizards.( 2nd most winning shots ) Lebron holds 17 game-winners, also Vince Carter has tied up with Lebron with 17, while Ray Allen holds 16.
Best Dunkers (in order) of all time: Vince Carter, Julius Irving, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, James "Flight" White
Phew.. OKC Thunder just win in OT over the Grizzlies.. Series tied 2 ALL. Vince Carter with the buzzer beater over the Spurs, Mavs lead 2 to 1 in their series. Miami.. meh.. Oh and LeBron, please don't look over Michael Jordan's way, unless he's asking you to shine his Air Jordans. Come on Bobcats, take 1 at least please! Wizards please finish the Bulls and same with the Clippers . Commiserations on the loss Alex Leapai, always supporting the usos. All I can think of though is a lot opportunity. Klitschko's 147 landed shots vs 10 tells the story, Too easy and not tested. Alex you'll be your own worst critic so hope you can come back. Donald Sterling, uppercut yourself with the "Dont bring Magic Johnson to my (Clippers) games" . Loser!
I have a question for Robert Stephens, Eric Bennefield, Javon Knuckles, James Jackson Sr, Jackson Mike, Jerome Barrett, and Isaac Williams and any body else that want to answer. Whose the best dunkers in NBA history? Here's my top 1.Dominique Wilkins. 2.Vince Carter. 3.Michael Jordan. 4.Julius Dr. J Erving. 5.Jerome Kersey
Vince Carter the greatest dunker of all-time next to Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins
Black History Month according to Wikipedia says that an OMEGA MAN Carter G Woodson helped to urge the beginning of the Celebration of black history: Since its founding in 1911, Omega Psi Phi's stated purpose has been to attract and build a strong and effective force of men dedicated to its Cardinal Principles of manhood, scholarship, perseverance, and uplift. Throughout the world, many notable members are recognized as leaders in the arts, academics, athletics, entertainment, business, civil rights, education, government, and science fields. A few notable members include Roy Wilkins, Benjamin Hooks, Vernon Jordan, Dr. Robert Henry Lawrence, Jr., Rev. Jesse Jackson, William H. Hastie (U.S. Virgin Islands) and L. Douglas Wilder, Representative James Clyburn, Earl Graves, Bill Cosby, Tom Joyner, Charles Bolden, General William “Kip” Ward, Michael Jordan, Shaquille O’Neal, Shammond Williams, Vince Carter, Steve Harvey, Rickey Smiley, Lieutenant Colonel Maury Williams, Ray Lewis, Stephen A. Smith, and n ...
UNC got Michael Jordan and Vince Carter. Duke got Grant Hill and Shane Battier. Therefore UNC > Duke
Dunk contest: Give me your two participants for the final! Who would you like to see? Only TWO please. I got, in their prime, Vince Carter vs. Michael Jordan. Who you got?
It's easy to criticize the Sprite Slam Dunk Contest. Remember, the human body does have limits and there are only a certain amount of dunks that can be done. The truth is that people's expectations are surreal, one cannot expect a Vince Carter like, or Michael Jordan like performance every year. I think that as long as the big names participate, even if they aren't the highest flyers, the Slam Dunk Contest will be interesting.
In honor of the playing of the 22nd winter olympics played in Sochi, I feel it necessary to come up with what I have called the "social" olympics. Starting with last place, the biggest disappointment, the honor goes to all the NBA execs for screwing up all of all star weekend. Not only is the game a constant 5 on 0 fast break, but now the three point contest and the dunk contest even stink as well. What ever happened to the days with Michael Jordan, Spud Webb, Dominique Wilkens, vince carter, and even Dwight Howard. We are far removed from that. But the whole all star weekend was awful, and I got a way to fix it all. After my brother and I determined a "rap battle" by the NBA players would be taken FAR too seriously from the athletes, we decided the best thing would be a 1-1 tournament... Who wouldn't want to see Lebron versus Durant 1 on 1? Then I'd drop 10 million in cash on center court, and tell them its winner take all, to 21, gotta win by 2. And onto the medal round... The bronze medal goes ...
Had a great conversation this morning about real NBA basketball and how attendance is WAY down along with television viewership. Many people have it wrong about the fact that there aren't any stars; there's no defenses for stars to be born. Michael Jordan was Michael Jordan because he like Magic or Bird cut through lock down defenses like a hot knife in butter. Vince Carter is the perfect example of the modern NBA freak show versus him in the 90s. Vince Carter didn't get worse over the years; its just everyone became shooters when David Stern made it illegal to play defense...remember the anti-piston rules of the early 2000s; Stern hates defensive teams winning championships almost as much as Gary Betman does. If we're going to have stars then they need a variable to go up against and its unfortunate because Lebron James is probably a Michael Jordan like athlete but it'll never be proven because he has no Celtic, Piston, Laker, Rockets or Spurs defense to go up against like it was for the previous 5 ...
All three of the incoming freshmen of next season's squad, Joel Berry, Justin Jackson, and Theo Pinson, have been nominated to this year's McDonald's All-American Game. If any or all three are selected, they will play that game on Wednesday, April 2 at the United Center in Chicago. The final rosters for the East and West teams will be announced at a later date. Should all three make the honor, they will add to the list of 67 other UNC commits that played in the All-American Game since it was instituted in 1977, including current players Isaiah Hicks, Kennedy Meeks, Marcus Paige, James Michael McAdoo, and other prominent names like Harrison Barnes, Reggie Bullock, Kendall Marshall, Tyler Zeller, Wayne Ellington, Ty Lawson, Danny Green, Tyler Hansbrough, Marvin Williams, Sean May, Raymond Felton, Brendan Haywood, Antawn Jamison, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Rasheed Wallace, Eric Montross, JR Reid, Jeff Lebo, Kenny Smith, Brad Daugherty, Michael Jordan, Sam Perkins, Matt Doherty, James Worthy, and Al Wo . ...
[Carmelo Anthony is the 2013 NBA Scoring Champion There are currently 38 NBA players who have accumulated over 20,000 points in their career. Kareem Abdul-jabbar tops this list of NBA All Time points leaders, scoring 38,387 points over 20 years. Michael Jordan probably would have broken Kareem’s NBA scoring record if he had chosen not to retire from basketball twice. Kobe Bryant scored his 30,000th point on a short one-hander over Robin Lopez late in the second quarter against the New Orleans Hornets on December 5th. Kobe is the highest ranked active player. Kevin Garnett, Dirk Nowitzki, Ray Allen, Tim Duncan, Paul Pierce, Dewayne Wade,Vince Carter and Lebron James are the only other active players who have scored more than 20,000 career points. Lebron James was now joined the 20,000 point club Kobe Bryant is only 9,000 ahead of the King can ha Pass the Old timer?
BEST DUNKS AND DUNKERS Who are the top Five Dunkers in NBA history. It was tough to decide on the top three position, but I finally settled on these. You could easily reverse them, and I'd have no complaints. 1.Vince Carter 2.Dominic Wilkins 3... .Shawn Kemp 4. The Doctor 5.Michael Jordan. There have been hundreds maybe thousands of great in-game dunks, and Vince Carter and Nique and Shawn Kemp had some of the greatest. Here are my top five. 1.The "rock the baby' by The doctor over Michael Cooper, with a straight arm 2.MJ tip-toeing around Patrick and dunking on him.3.John Starks over the entire Bulls team including MJ.4...Vince Carter bumping chest with and dunking over Alonzo Mourning with a straight arm. 5.two hander by Tom Chambers when he just kept climbing over Mark Jackson. My best dunk-contest dunk are: 1. Vince Carter's reverse ( spinning the wrong way) 360 2.MJ flying sideways, 3.The Doctor taking off from the foul line 4.Any one of Nique's power slams. 5...any one of Spud Webb's reverse dunks, ...
Did you know Kobe Bryant has MORE career assists than Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson,Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Nick Van Exel, Avery Johnson, Chauncey Billups, Mike Bibby, Chris Paul, Lebron James, Tony Parker,Deron Williams,Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, Dr.J, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, TMac, Dwayne Wade, Vince Carter to name a few, in fact it would have been easier to name who's ahead of Kobe. There are only 2 active players that have more career assists than Kobe and they are Steve Nash and Andre Miller.
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, and maybe Vince Carter are probably the clutchest Shooting Guards in NBA History.
Just walked on the same court as Michael Jordan & Vince Carter.
Kobe the Michael Jordan of my era ...Not lebron not rose not wade not tmac not a.i not Vince carter not any other *** they compare to Kobe
If you gave Roy Williams a team with Michael Jordan, James Worthy, Tyler Hansbrough, Ty Lawson & Vince Carter...he'd still lose to Bill Self
For me my 5 greatest dunker in the NBA 1.Vince Carter 2.Michael Jordan 3.Lebron James 4.Dominique Wilkins 5.Shawn Kemp.
Just so you know, Kobe's standing vertical jump is 38" while Vince Carter's is 43"…..Michael Jordan's? . . 48 FRIGGIN INCHES
Rank these all-time great dunkers from best to worst: Dr. J, Michael Jordan, Vince Carter, Clyde the Glide, and Dominique Wilkins.i luv basket ball
Michael Jordan, Julius Erving, Vince Carter, other all-time dunkers via
My top 5 basketball players of all time. Derrick Rose, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Chris Paul.
The NBA's Slam Dunk Contest has been in a free fall for the past decade. The best dunks in the past decade or so have come from that of Vince Carter and Blake Griffin. What happened to the competition that was in the contest like in the mid 80's, with Michael Jordan and Dominque Wilkins going at it...
Michael Jordan(in the 80s),Dominique Wilkins,Blake Griffith,Vince Carter,Shawn Kemp and Gerarld Green in a Slam Dunk Contest who wins
Michael Jordan vs. Lebron James   WARNING: THIS ARTICLE IS FOR THE DIEHARDS.   I believe that Michael Jordan is the greatest basketball player of all time. I believe that not only did he dominate the court, collecting hardware, setting records, and grasping the awe of fans and haters alike, but he also transcended beyond it, becoming a global pop culture phenomenon.   It’s a phenomenon that’s still standing, and will stand until the very end of time. It’s a phenomenon that makes him more than “His Airness”, but actually makes him King of basketball.   Throughout his tenure in the league, however, there have been other “suitors” to his basketball throne. There was a time when players like Tracy Mcgrady, Allen Iverson, Vince Carter, Jerry Stackhouse, Grant Hill, and Kobe Bryant all threatened Jordan’s title of being the G.O.A.T. As of 2013, only one of those players has realistically gotten close: Kobe Bryant. But now in the twilight of his career, even all of his accomplishments pale in ...
I guarantee you that even at their ages now, Michael Jordan, Dominique Wilkins, Vince Carter and Shawn Kemp would've smashed these NOBODY'S in a dunk contest!! What a waste...
Random vent: So let me get this straight... You get paid millions of dollars to play basketball, you have fans all over the world, but you can't participate in the dunk contest for charity. Too good for that? I totally agree with Charles Barkley... Michael Jordan participated in the Slam Dunk competition every year. Dr. J, Shawn Kemp, Vince Carter, Dominiq Wilkens, etc. participated every year and made fans stand on their feet with their talent. Where was Kobe, Lebron, Howard, etc.? Sitting on the side lines watching unknown rookies perform in the spots they should have been in. I love me some basketball, but it's stuff like this that continues to bring down the All Star weekend. If you looked, the only people in the stands were the groupie chicks trying to sleep with a NBA player. LOL!
Dwight Howard, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Andre Igoudala all in their prime would be the best dunk contest
I remember when the NBA All Star Slam Dunk Contest consisted of Superstars: Vince Carter, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Michael Finley, Shawn Kemp, Isaiah Rider, Larry Johnson, Dominique Wilkins, Spudd Webb and Michael Jordan just to name a few. Now it's filled with a bunch of nobodies. These NBA Superstars of this era needa step it up and show what they got.
Who's has the most Slam Dunk trophies? Nate Robinson, Michael Jordan or Vince Carter?
(From left to right) Spud Webb, Dominique Wilkins, Michael Jordan or Vince Carter?
Since when do Championships determine greatness. Michael Jordan was a great before 1991. Gary Payton didnt get a ring until he was *** near on crutches in Miami. Charles Barkley one of the greatest, came to Houston a lil too late. Allen Iverson, Grant Hill, Vince Carter, Dominique Wilkins, Chris Webber, Penny Hardaway,these people were top 10 highlight players, scoring 20+, All Star teams, But No Rings. Yet should we deny them thier greatness. WoW. Let LBJ take over, then what? He Selfish?
Who's your pic between Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony? My pick is hands down Lebron James. Also, who is the greatest dunker/leaper of all time amongst Clyde Drexler, Vince Carter, Julius Irving or Blake Griffin? My pick is Blake. Peace
from the DVD furious finisher Great players were clutch Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, Kobe Bryant, Vince Carter, Allen Iverson, Paul Pierce, Shaq...and the ...
ESPN question who is the greatest dunker ever...By far Michael Jordan, Domonique Wilkins, Vince Carter, and the 5 footer Spudd Webb. All these cats made me believe I could fly. There are other notable dunkers but those are my greatest. But let me bring it down a little I had great people I had grown up with that could fly. These cats worked for Delta Air lines: Robert Harris (cuzzo), Derrick Williams aka D Rock (THE GOAT), Grover Garrison Royal Giants legend, Cedric Holt, Reggie Moss aka RJ, Kedrick Grandford, and of course me I'm short but I had wings and still gottem...Sometimes we have great people before us but we fail to recognize them. Big Ups to all the high flyers
I'm giving away 6 vintage basktball posters and will mail to the first person who asks for them: Michael Jordan, Ben Wallace, Richard Hamilton, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Garnett, Vince Carter. Ask and they are yours! Love, KD
Who would win this dunk contest and why? Michael Jordan from the 80s...Dominique Wilkins from the 80s or Vince Carter from 2000
Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are the greatest basketball players to ever pick up a basketball, Michael Jordan and Vince Carter are the greatest dunkers that ever Slam Dunked, LeBron said that he wants to grow up to be just like them! cool show about Lebron Wade and Bosh talking about the greatest ballers
"Derrick Rose is Clearly not Michael Jordan. But if ur gonna pass the torch, other than Chicago's own D Wade, hes the best person to pass it to. However, Im afraid he has to change his whole game. He is explosive which makes him Ungaurdable, but he Tore his ACL, Im sure some of that is Gone. He cant be hurting ur legs, and expect to be the same player. Vince Carter, Grant Hill, Jermaine Oneal, McGrady, all them were great, until too many leg injuries. I feel sad for him. He wear that city and that team on his back with pride to the point of tears. I hope it aint as bad as I think it is.
Hey Mitt, Vince Carter used to have style and look where it brought him! Obama is the Michael Jordan of politics.
Iverson or Kobe? Vince Carter or Kobe? Tmac or Kobe? Lebron/Durant or Kobe? Michael Jordan's Legacy or Kobe? Gosh, that Kobe guy sure did stand the test of time. Remarkable
Who's the greatest game dunker of all time? Michael Jordan, Lebron, Vince Carter, Shawn Kemp, Blake G. ?
than how did i know that AI crossed over Jordan scored 51 on Vince Carter 37 on Michael Jordan 45 on Steve Nash ummm... how you
With the Olympics just finishing a few days ago, (aka USA dominance over the world) and Lebron James having a *** of a performance! Why do people want to get stupid? Why would you want to start comparing LBJ to MJ? Lebron is the greatest ATHLETE I have ever seen, but he hasn't even reached Kevin Durant, much less Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan's league! As far as basketball greatness goes! Remember how great Vince Carter and T-Mac were in there day, what about them now?
The game takes place in 2053, in "post-cyberpocalyptic Neo New York". Twelve years prior, Charles Barkley performed a powerful dunk called a Chaos Dunk at a basketball game, inadvertently killing most of the people in attendance. As a result, basketball was outlawed and many basketball players were hunted down and killed.[2] In 2053, another Chaos Dunk is performed in Manhattan, killing millions. Barkley is blamed for the Chaos Dunk and is hunted by the B-Ball Removal Department, led by Michael Jordan.[2][4] Barkley is rescued by another outlaw referred to as the Ultimate Hellbane. Hellbane leads Barkley to the tomb of Lebron James, revealing that Hellbane's real name is Balthios, the great grandson of James. The ghost of James tells the two to seek the Cyberdwarf, who is hidden in New York's sewers. While searching for the Cyberdwarf, they are joined by a cybernetic Vince Carter, who has lost his memory. Upon finding Cyberdwarf, the four of them rush to a nearby church, where Barkley's son Hoopz is hidin ...
Jordan, NBA players to raise money for Obama President Barack Obama is joining NBA legend Michael Jordan and an array of basketball stars to raise money for his re-election campaign later this month. The Obama campaign is planning a fundraising "shoot-around" and dinner in New York on Aug. 22 featuring several NBA stars, including Carmelo Anthony of the New York Knicks, Rajon Rondo of the Boston Celtics, John Wall of the Washington Wizards and others. Jordan, who played for the Chicago Bulls, Obama's favorite NBA team, and NBA Commissioner David Stern are co-hosting a $20,000-per person fundraising dinner with the president later in the day. Obama is a longtime basketball fan who regularly plays pickup games with friends and aides. His campaign held a fundraiser last February at the Orlando-area home of NBA player Vince Carter, who is also involved in the New York events. The campaign is holding a "shoot-around" with players at New York's Chelsea Piers sports complex, including Anthony, Rondo, Wall, Paul ...
Vince carter vs Michael Jordan would be the best dunk contest ever.
Don't care what no one says, Vince Carter is the best dunker ever, sorry Michael Jordan and Dominique Wilkins (MJ shrug)
Miami Heat's one-handed, alley-oop dunk against the Chicago Bulls last night is being debated on ESPN as one of the best, if not the best, dunk ever. Watch as King James comes swooping in from the right corner, catches the alley-oop pass from running mate Dwyane Wade with his right hand in mid-air, then slams it down over the Bulls' posterized John Lucas. Of course, LeBron's in-your-face disgrace faces stiff competition in the All-Time category. There was Michael Jordan's ferocious dunk over Patrick Ewing, John Starks dunking over the Bulls in the same playoff series, Vince Carter's giant-killing dunk at the Olympics, Julius Erving flying in from the foul line and many others. What do you think? Does this belong at the top of the all-time dunks list? Or has LeBron himself thrown down better, including some during the Heat's 97-93 win over the Bulls in Miami last night?
Bout to show my young age... here were my NBA heroes growing up: A.I., Michael Jordan and Vince Carter.
*Kobe vs. LeBron: Settling the Debate Once and for All* Kobe’s been on an absolute tear as of late, with four straight 40+ point games, but stats aren’t exactly the best variable to use when comparing players (if we went by stats, Vince Carter would be a top 20 player of all time and Shane Battier would be a nobody). LeBron clearly has the edge stat-wise, which leads a majority of people to instantly put LeBron above Kobe. This leads people to overlook the best part of Kobe’s game—his intangibles. From a killer instinct to a clutch mentality, Kobe’s intangibles beat LeBron’s any day. Killer mentality is being able to keep your foot on your opponent’s throat and feel no remorse or pity for them. This is what set Jordan apart from Barkley, and Bird apart from Kerr. As the popular story goes, the first time that Larry Bird and Michael Jordan met was in a USA basketball practice. When Jordan's ball rolled over to Bird after a miss, Bird punted the ball into the stands and went back to shooting f ...
Would you rather get dunked on by... A) Michael Jordan B) Vince Carter C) Blake Griffin D) Spud Webb
Why be compared to Kobe or Magic or Michael Jordan or Vince Carter(whos better than LeBron) when u can be compared to Much Much greater talent like Kevin Love?
Ever since Michael Jordan retired — all three times, really — the NBA has searched for the heir to his throne. Many players have popped up as pretenders to the throne, from Harold Miner to Jerry Stackhouse to Vince Carter. … Continue reading →
I'm sellin' it.I go with Michael Jordan, Gerald Green, Vince Carter in his early years and Must See BG (Blake Griffin).
but to me some of the best dunkers of all time are: Vince Carter, Shawn Kemp, Dominique Wilkins, Dr. J, Michael Jordan.
Word to the TripleOG Michael Jordan, shouts out Kenny Smith, Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace.. I could go on lol
boy Michael Jordan, Stackhouse, Vince Carter, Rasheed Wallace I can keep goin n dey all got Rings
the only ball players I knew were Vince Carter, Wade, & Michael Jordan .
Who a better dunker Michael Jordan or Vince Carter (both in Prime)
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