Michael Jordan & Sam Bowie

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Samuel Paul Sam Bowie (born March 17, 1961) is a retired American basketball player. A national sensation in high school and outstanding collegian, Bowie's professional promise was undermined by repeated injury. 5.0/5

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Did you know the Portland Trail Blazers didnt just miss on Kevin Durant when they took injury prone Greg Oden? They also drafted Sam Bowie also injury prone but this time missed out on Michael Jordan.
Regarding last caller, Sam Bowie was not drafted in 1982, it was 1984, and he was never traded for Michael Jordan
we always trade the players that might be important, we drafted Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan!!!
The Blazers drafted Greg Oden over Kevin Durant in 2007 and Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan in 1984. Oops.
Brittney Griner will forever be the Sam Bowie to Elena Delle Donne's Michael Jordan
*** blazers selected Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan and Greg Oden over Kevin Durant 😂😂😂
Sam Bowie was drafted before Michael Jordan and you're going to have to accept that.
I'm watching a documentary on Sam Bowie and WHAT A SHOCKER there's a snippet of Michael Jordan being a complete *** involved.
The bottom line is Sam Bowie got drafted before Michael Jordan and you just gone have to deal with that!
may trade rumor has it "-be as dumb as taking Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan
Portland picked sam Bowie over Michael Jordan in 84 SMH
LOL Portland cringes at the mere mention of MJ "Sam Bowie/Michael Jordan part 2"
"At the end of the day Sam Bowie got taken before Michael Jordan and your gonna have to live with that."~Sam Bowie
Misconception Drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan was the single most colossal blunder in the history of basketball. How could the Trailblazers even think to not choose his Airness ? And for what, a guy who couldn't even get on the court without breaking his leg. The Facts In the 1984 draft, the Portland Trailblazers drafted Sam Bowie, a 7'1 center/power forward from Kentucky with the second overall pick. The first pick was center Hakeem Olajuwon [then known as Akeem]. The third pick was Michael Jordan, a 6'6 swing player from North Carolina. While Olajuwon has gone on to have a Hall of Fame career and Michael Jordan is considered by many as the greatest player of all-time, Bowie led a long but unremarkable career, coming back from a string of career-threatening leg injuries. For most of Bowie's career, when healthy, he was a good rebounder and passer, demonstrating excellent touch for a man his size. His dedication to rehabilitate and play despite the option of quitting the sport while keeping his con ...
1984–1998: The Michael Jordan era[edit] Michael Jordan was drafted third overall by the Bulls in 1984. He won six championships and six Finals MVPs for Chicago. In the summer of 1984 the team's fortunes changed forever when it received the third pick of the 1984 NBA Draft, after Houston and Portland. The Rockets selected Hakeem Olajuwon, the Blazers jumped on Sam Bowie, and the Bulls grabbed shooting guard Michael Jordan. The team, with new management in owner Jerry Reinsdorf and General Manager Jerry Krause, decided to rebuild around Jordan. Jordan set franchise records during his rookie campaign for scoring (3rd in the league) and steals (4th in the league), and led the Bulls back to the playoffs, but lost in four games to the Milwaukee Bucks. For his efforts, he was rewarded with a selection to the All-NBA Second Team and the NBA Rookie of the Year Award. In the following offseason, the team acquired point guard John Paxson and on draft day traded with the Cavaliers for the rights to power forward Ch ...
Top 5 b ball players all time(in order and why) 1. Kareem Abdul Jabar All time leading scorer and rebounder in NBA history. Was the best player in the country in high school, college, and pro. Arguably the best college player of all time. Also he's 7 foot everyday with a sky hook that no one in the history of mankind can contest. 2. Michael Jordan. The most popular player ever. Six chips, Six NBA finals Mvp's and took two years off in his prime. It's quick to say he's the best but I give Kareem the number one because u can't teach height and he's 7 feet. If Kareem would have been in the same draft as Jordan trust me Portland would not have chosen Sam Bowie. 3. Wilt Chamberlin 100 points in a ball game and averaged 50 and 25 RPG in a single season.Also like Kareem he's 7 foot everyday and you can't teach height. He was also bro lick for his time which means with modern day weights and supplements he would have been just as physically imposing as shaq. 4. Kobe Bryant The second greatest guard ever after mik ...
SEC Storied: Sam Bowie. Had a bad NBA Career, but at least we can say we had 1 of 2 players drafted ahead of Michael Jordan. lol
Actually Hakeem Olajuwon was drafted 1st in the 1984 NBA draft. Sam Bowie was drafted 2nd and Michael Jordan 3rd.
Another player who wasn't on this list : Sam Bowie. He was the overall pick in the 1984 NBA Draft. You know who was Michael Jordan
Bottom line is, sometimes you draft Sam Bowie's before Michael Jordan's.
lol what if the Blazers would've drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie😳🏀
Trailblazer are the dumbest franchise first the passed up on Michael Jordan for Sam Bowie which was dumb then they passed up Durant for Oden
.Bobcats fire Dunlap after 1 season. Another example that Michael Jordan would have passed on himself and drafted Sam Bowie.
Michael Jordan's such a bad GM he would've passed on himself and drafted Sam Bowie
Sam Bowie broke his legs like a hundred times, was drafted before Michael Jordan, and still had a decent NBA career. Ware will be fine
an Sam Bowie was drafte before Michael Jordan lol
they chose Greg Oden over KD and some fruitcake center Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan...
Sam Bowie and Greg Oden comes to mind.. Missed out on Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant..smh
A lot of youngsters probably don't know today that my Houston Rockets could have drafted Michael Jordan in 1984 but instead we got Hakeem "The Dream" Olajuwon! Houston needed a center! I think Sam Bowie went ahead of Jordan to Portland then it was MJ. So im still pride for what he accomplish and have. Oh well we got 2 championships, we been there 4 times so don't try and discourage me on how many titles we got and what Bulls, Lakers, Celtics do. Congrads to them! Always a Rockets Fan!
Loved that Sam Bowie documentary... Must be so hard to live down being drafted by Portland before Michael Jordan and after Akeem Olajuwon... He was super talented but just had really bad legs... Respect to Sam Bowie...
"Sam Bowie was drafted before Michael Jordan & you gon have to accept that" >>
Blazers made 2 history changing mistakes. Taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan and taking Greg Oden over Kevin Durant
Just watched Portland draft Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan on SEC Storied. LMAO.
Craig Mack was the Sam Bowie of HipHop and Biggie Smalls was Michael Jordan. Analogies.
Dumbest sports move of all time? Putting Dennis Miller on Monday Night Football. Then Portland picking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.
Back in 1984 if the Portland Trail Blazers did not draft Sam Bowie then they would have drafted Charles Barkley and not Michael Jordan because the team already had Clyde Drexler.
(Sam Bowie Lied About Injuries To Get Drafted Before Jordan.) The 7’1″ Sam Bowie had some pretty good years in the NBA, but he will be remembered by many as the player taken ahead of Michael Jordan. Bowie was taken in between two legends; Hakeem Olajuwon and Michael Jordan. Tough expectations to live up to for anyone, as being mentioned in the same breath as two of the best players ever is a very high standard. Years later, Sam Bowie admits that he had lied to teams about injuries in order to be drafted as high as possible. Isn't that selfish ? - Arvin
RG3 over Andrew Luck is not like Michael Jordan or Sam Bowie. More like Rondo or Chris Paul. Brady or Peyton. Either way..
Okay, so let me get this right. Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan and then Greg Oden over Kevin Durant?
In doing a research paper about cause and effect, in four situations where the Blazers had either the first or second pick, they took LaRue Martin (1972), Mychal Thompson (1978), Sam Bowie (1984), and Greg Oden (2007). Some of the players they missed out on? Julius Erving (1972), Larry Bird (1978), Michael Jordan (1984), and Kevin Durant (2007). Just felt like sharing this info. Even though this is day one of research, it's going to be an interesting paper, especially since I get to chose the subject. Who knows where it'll take me.
What if Portland drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie? Where would the league be today??
...Finally, ESPN's 'All Access: Kentucky'...Been waiting forever for this...I'm not a Kentucky fan, but Calipari can recruit his tail off!!!...I always forget that Sam Bowie went to UK...I have always just remembered him as the guy Portland took instead of that Michael Jordan guy...
I remember when all the NFL "experts" said drafting Eli Manning instead of Phillip Rivers was like taking Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, how is that looking now? Acorsi
Romey selection of Paul Ryan was the worse decision since Portland drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan! The right-wing, Conservative "base" was not going to vote for Obama anyway. The whole election is about wooing the Independents. An equivalent choice would be Obama selecting Jessie Jackson as VP.
If you're ever having a bad day, remember that in 1984, the Portland Trail Blazers drafted a guy named Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.
Sam Bowie was once better than Michael Jordan
Still till this day i dont understand why the Portland Trailblazers drafted Sam Bowie bummy *** over Michael Jordan
Crazy how some ppl say they r lookin 4 some1 real & end up with the fakest folks, like saying you want Michael Jordan & then pickn Sam Bowie
In 1984, Portland took Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, and let's not forget about the Vlade Divac-Kobe trade in 1996.
The one that got away? We all know the examples here in Portland. Sam Bowie? Should've taken Michael Jordan. Martell Webster? Should've taken Deron Williams or Chris Paul. Greg Oden? Should've taken Yi Jianlian. -- Thanks for the laugh Oregonian.
Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, Greg Oden over Kevin Durant, Now add Meyers Leonard over Terrance Jones to the list of horrible draft choices for Portland!
Not the same, exactly, but all I can think of right now is Sam Bowie and THEN Michael Jordan.
Even Sam Bowie can't believe the Blazers chose him above Michael Jordan in the 1984 NBA Draft:
Hmmm, which one do we want. Well one who is not a Greg Oden or a Sam Bowie, but a Kevin Durrant and a Michael Jordan. Don't think we are going to see either one. Well maybe at least he might be cute. Might as well settle for something!
The Trailblazers made the right choice by picking Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan
Sam Bowie is a retired American basketball player in the National Basketball Association who is probably best known for being selected before Michael Jordan ...
it didnt matter what team he was on, The King=Michael Jordan, NOT Lebron James...End of story...:)
Portland passed on Durant for Greg Oden --- They also picked Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan in '84.
in '83, Portland Blazers passed on Michael Jordan and picked Sam Bowie instead, who got injured the following season
Ok Houston Rockets I give you a pass for drafting Hakeem Olajuwon with the number one overall pick n 84, but Portland Trailblazers you got to be the most dumb founded organization in the NBA how you draft Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan but then you go in draft Gregg Odom over Kevin Durant! In my stephen A. Smith voice this is ridiculous, obnoxious, pitiful, explicable, lol n so on
I feel bad for Portland, mite of passed up on Michael Jordan twice. Wonder what Sam Bowie and Greg odem are doing
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Greg Oden over Kevin Durant, Martel Webster over Chris Paul, and Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan
I wish Portland had picked Durant over Odom. Maybe they would be playing in the finals tonight instead of OKC. I guess they didn't learn from their Sam Bowie / Michael Jordan mistake in 1984.
The Portland Trailblazers; the reason why I am longer a basketball fan. They could have had Michael Jordan, but they drafted Sam Bowie. They could have had Kevin Durant, but they drafted Greg Odin.
How would you like to be a Portland Trailblazer fan? In probably the greatest draft blunder in NBA history the Trailblazers selected Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. That worked out well. Then fast forward to 2007; the Portland Trailblazers select Greg Oden over Kevin Durant. Ouch!!!
I just learned that Kevin Durant is not a number one pick like LBJ. He was selected number 2 over all of the then Seattlele Super Sonics after Portland picked Greg Oden in the 2007 NBA draft. One of the greatest draft steals in NBA history just like Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.
told Portland to draft Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan
The the ones who drafted Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan
Canibus is to dizaster as Sam Bowie is to Michael Jordan
Crazy fact...Portland passed on Michael Jordan years ago for Sam Bowie
Ironically I'm not sure Michael Jordan would draft himself. He would have taken Sam Bowie too
You think Seattle feels bad? Portland could have had Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan, but chose Greg Oden and Sam Bowie instead.
kinda like Sam bowie over Michael Jordan though...who knew
Good news, Blazers fans! People are about to forget you drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.
Between drafting Sam Bowie in 1984 over Michael Jordan and Greg Oden in 2007 over Kevin Durant, how mad should Portland Trailblazer fans be?
Portland passed on Kevin Durant and took Greg Oden. They passed on Michael Jordan and took Sam Bowie.
“With that, Greg Oden over Kevin Durant inches closer to Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.”.
it all started when Portland picked Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan. Sam who? Lol
S/O to the TrailBlazers for drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan and drafting Greg Oden over Kevin Durant...
Hello Kevin Pritchard. Hows that draft pick of Greg Oden workin' out for you and passing on Kevin Durant? Looks like another draft from 25 years ago when your team took Sam Bowie and passed on Michael Jordan.
I wonder if the Portland Trailblazers wish they had drafted Kevin Durant with the pick back in 2007 instead of Greg Oden? Oh wait never mind I know the answer. This is the same franchise that drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan.
Sam Bowie (got picked before Michael Jordan in 1984 NBA Draft)
Was taking Oden over Durant the most boneheaded draft blunder next to Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan?
why did the blazers pick Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan?
Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan > Greg Oden over Kevin Durant... Either way Blazers have had issues.
the the Portland Trailblazers drafted Michael Jordan instead of Sam Bowie?
Picking Matt Bush before Verlander is worse than picking Sam Bowie before Michael Jordan right?
I can't lie every time that I see Kevin Durant I think of Greg Oden & the Portland Trail Blazers. It's just like Michael Jordan & Sam Bowie.
We blew the best lottery pick in the draft this year. Sam Bowie instead of Michael Jordan. A no brainer! # loosing. Our loss Some 1's gain
The only thing dumber than suggesting trading is the Blazers picking Sam Bowie before Michael Jordan!
greeny the Portland Trail Blazers selecting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan .
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Portland Trailblazers could of drafted Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant.. Lol passed up both for Greg Oden and Sam Bowie lol
Has number one draft pick. Uses pick to draft Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan
I don't know that Kevin Durant is quite Michael Jordan, but he sure makes Greg Oden look like Sam Bowie Part II! Go OKC!
The Portland Trailblazers gotta be sick they coulda had Michael Jordan AND Kevin Durant. Instead they got Sam Bowie and Greg Oden lmao :/
today in 1985: Michael Jordan was named NBA Rookie of the Year. He had been drafted by Chicago. In the 1984 draft, Houston took Akeem Olajuwon at Portland drafted Sam Bowie Dallas took Sam Perkins Philadelphia got Charles Barkley at Utah finally grabbed lowly Gonzaga’s John Stockton at
Some NBA knowledge for ya !!! The Portland Trailblazers had the opportunity to draft Michael Jordan AND Kevin Durant !!! But instead they drafted Sam Bowie AND Greg Oden !!! WHO IS RUNNING THAT MICKEY MOUSE OPERATION IN PORTLAND ??? They just gave away two of the greatest players in thier respected generations for two of the biggest busts EVER !!! Some team out there needs me to be thier GM for real !!!
comparing The OC to One Tree Hill is like comparing Michael Jordan to Sam Bowie.
Could make a case for Portland passing up Michael Jordan for Sam Bowie
Who were the two players drafted before Michael Jordan in 1984? Hakeem Olajuwon and Sam Bowie
I'd pick Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan too...wait what?
Watching this Hawks game and wishing we had Chris Paul instead of Marvin Williams. Is it worse than drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan?
In 1984 the Portland Trailblazers and GM selected Sam Bowie second overall, one pick ahead of Michael Jordan.
Or the guy who picked Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan
I think it's safe to say that Michael Jordan would have drafted Sam Bowie instead of himself as well:
nothing will surpass the terribleness of Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan ever lol... That's the worst oversight of all time lol
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Replacing Frank White with Rex Hudler is the equivalent of drafting Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan
Portland's decision to draft Sam Bowie ahead of Michael Jordan..
U can't take everything for what it looks like. The Blazers drafted Sam Bowie when Michael Jordan was available...catch my drift?
Portland has a history of making bad draft picks. Remember they drafted Sam Bowie over Michael Jordan, Barkley, and Thorpe.
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