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Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Philip Douglas Phil Jackson (born September 17, 1945) is a retired American professional basketball coach and former player. 5.0/5

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[NBC Sports: Pro Basketball Talk] Kobe Bryant wants Phil Jackson or Michael Jordan to present him for Hall
Bill Russell has 11 rings. Robert Horry has 7 rings. . Phil Jackson has 13 rings. Michael Jordan has 6 and is still the GOA…
There's a reason Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan nicknamed Tim Floyd that.
Jerry Krause joins Podcast and opens up on Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, the dynasty, a scouting life. htt…
Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen made Phil Jackson. I'm done praising coaches. They facilitate. Its the players that make success happen
Wade: "I feel so honored & blessed to grow up in an era with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen & Phil Jackson."
Don't doubt it. That is the small, petty man who chose Jerry Krause and Tim Floyd over Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson
"I think it's the best performance ever by Michael Jordan at a critical moment in a critical series." - Phil Jackson. https:…
Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, Phil Jackson, Michael Jordan, Louis Farrakhan, and FKA Twigs. What do these bouls have in common
Phil Jackson the legendary coach at the Hall Of Fame! 💯💯🏀🏀 coached the 2 best: Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant!
There's a reason Phil Jackson is the greatest coach ever. And it has nothing to do with Michael Jordan: .
Long before his days with Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson, Johnny Bach was one of best young college coaches at Fordham University
I told Phil Jackson the only way to forget about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant was to draft Porzingis
Phil Jackson's answer to "Would you pick Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?" I would pick Bill Russell, he got 11 championship rings.
Phil Jackson gave Knicks players a book about Michael Jordan to teach them to be more intense
You either work hard or Michael has no use for you. -Phil Jackson on Michael Jordan
Jerry West is arguably the equivalent of Michael Jordan. Verified by Pat Riley & Phil Jackson. don't believe me watch the SportsCenutury
Take away Michael Jordan, Shaq and NBA Refs... Phil Jackson truly has the basketball IQ of Doris Burke. . Her basketbal…
Michael Jordan's mindfulness meditation coach: The secret weapon of Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and you
As a Michael Jordan fan no offense to Phil Jackson but Doc Rivers is the greatest basketball coach I've ever seen
Phil Jackson was never a better basketball player than Michael Jordan...need I say more? It doesn't (cont)
Steve Kerr played with Michael Jordan, Scottie Pipin, Tim Duncan and the Ice Man, he was coach both by Greg Popavich and Phil Jackson
Phil Jackson speaks on his attempt at stopping Michael Jordan from retiring in 1993.
NBA MJ and Phil Jackson wallpaper by angelmaker666
Like how Phil Jackson wouldn't have been considered as legendary a coach if he didn't coach Michael Jordan & Kobe
Gratest Coach ever - Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson wallpaper by angelmaker666
Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson wallpaper by angelmaker666
NBA Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson wallpaper by angelmaker666
Michael Jordan took the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge and challenged Phil Jackson and members from the 1992 Dream Team
Michael Jordan completed the . He then challenged Phil Jackson and the entire 1992 Dream Team.
VIDEO: Michael Jordan does the calls out Phil Jackson & the Dream Team h…
NBA Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson Gratest Coach ever wallpaper by angelmaker666
Jordan Brand released a new, star-studded tribute on Monday to pay homage to Derek Jeter, one of the company’s longest sponsored athletes. Titled “RE2PECT,” the spot shows a veritable army of athletes, coaches and pop culture icons tipping their caps to the 40-year-old New York Yankee, who will retire this year after wrapping up his 20th season in the MLB. Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan and Jay Z are just a few of the many familiar faces paying tribute to the Yankees captain in the ad. Phil Jackson, Jeanie Buss, Carmelo Anthony and Billy Crystal also show their respect in the video, which is guaranteed to leave more than one Yankees fan misty-eyed. The best part of this ad might be the grudging acknowledgements of Jeter’s success. Boston bros with no love for the Yankees tip their hats, and Mr. Met might have to go into witness protection after doffing his cap for Jeter. It’s a moving tribute for a guy who made it through baseball’s most turbulent era without an arrest or a PED scandal. This is N ...
Check out Carmelo Anthony, Phil Jackson, Maya Moore, Jeanie Buss, Jay Z, Spike Lee, Michael Jordan and plenty others in this brand new spot for Derek Jeter, courtesy of Jordan […]
Nike enlists Jay-Z, Rudy Giuliani, Michael Jordan, Spike Lee, Phil Jackson, and more to pay tribute to Derek Jeter
The Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois, playing in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). The team was founded in 1966. They play their home games at the United Center. The team is well known for having one of the greatest dynasties in NBA and sports history during the 1990s, winning six championships in eight years with two three-peats. All six of those championship teams were led by Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and coach Phil Jackson.
Michael Jordan quotes are really Phil Jackson quotes
"First thing I know is he's the Zen Master... He's coached Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant...the best..." Thanasis Antetokopo on Phil Jackson
I think this is what aggravates me about the Heat vs Spurs...the Spurs play some of the best team ball ever, that's a given.and all the people pulling for the Spurs are like "this is how basketball is supposed to be, " or "team is always better than solo, yadda yadda yadda." The Spurs have shown they are a better team. Yet several of these people are the same ones who place Michael Jordan over players like Lebron James and Magic Johnson. MJ is THE reason for generations of ball hogs and iso-minded players. The reason I've always felt Lebron is better than Jordan is because of his basketball IQ, and pass first mentality, and ability to create assists (not just pass to an open guy) all while still being a top scorer. Put 5 Lebrons against 5 Michael Jordans, both teams with Phil Jackson as the coach, the Lebrons win. Or, if you're making an all time starting 5, Lebron would utilize the other 4 players better than Jordan would. I just feel that if you're going to complain about one on one type players and pra ...
Michael Jordan had 2 of arguably the best basketball coaches ever. Phil Jackson/ Dean Smith . LBJ - Mike Brown/Erick Spoelstra
Everyone knows Michael Jordan went perfect in the finals 6-0, and everyone talks about how LeBron won't reach such greatness cause he lost two already (2-2) but no one rarely talks about how Kobe is 5-2 in the finals. And in my opinion he can't win one w/o Phil Jackson (forever in Jordan's shadow)!!!
Phil Jackson said he would build his team around Bill Russell not Michael Jordan...
All I'm saying is without Phil Jackson, I don't think Michael Jordan wins 6 championships. Maybe 1 or 2, but not 6.
Robert Johnson Spencer Simmons Merlin Simmons Joseph Perez Roel Salazar Jared Carter Dwight Mcgee and the rest of I AM ESPN... What exactly did Michael Jordan win without the help of other great players?? Since so many people wanna down LeBron for tryin to play on a great team with other great players and tries to act as if Jordan won the titles By himself LOL SMH, Jordan had an elite superstar wit em, great role players like Steve Kerr, John Paxson, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and arguably da Best coach ever in Phil Jackson, Jordan never won anything without dose guys But why does LeBron get downed for wantin to play wit a great team?? If U ask me Jordan supportin cast is equal or Better to what LeBron has But hes loved for playin wit great players But LeBron is hated SMDH, EVERYONE NEEDS A GREAT SUPPORTIN CAST TO WIN TITLES, ITS A TEAM SPORT
To all of you who keep saying Lebron James isn't Michael Jordan..your right and neither you nor I for that matter. Jordan isn't Bill Russell either but it's not like any of you are basketball historians seeing as though many of you are still stuck only in Jordans Era still, in case you haven't noticed kids aren't hollering out Jordans name on these playgrounds nor video games, more like the Durants,James,e etc of the world.. Considering Russell played in an era where he faced hostiles at home and on the road because of race. Seems to me people want to tear James down every chance they get, this guy delivers on the big stage as Jordan had done, remember Jordan hadn't won a thing until Phil Jackson came aboard. All three of these players are great for the era's they were in. Are you better than those that came before you? You're good for the era you came up in, perhaps not maybe? -M.E.G- stAy encourAged people.
and Michael Jordan had Scottie popcorn and John Paxson and Dennis Rodman, Hall Of Famers. They both had Phil Jackson as their coach
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Kobe Bryant stopped by the Jimmy Kimmel show this past week to discuss everything from the Lakers search for a new coach, Phil Jackson, trash-talking with Michael Jordan, raising his daughters and Donald Sterling. Back in a very dramatic 2004, Bryant considered signing with the Sterling's Clippers b…
Good to see Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan step out and comment regarding the alleged racist comments by Donald Sterling. Hoping to see some of the prominent white players or coaches (Bird, McHale, Pat Riley, Phil Jackson) also chime in. Without white support, I think this will get brushed under the rug.
Lebron James your stare down at Jordan was highly unnecessary. Please let em explain. 1.) No one ever said Michael Jordan was a good coach or manager however, everyone agrees that he was the greatest player of all time.I repeat of all time...you are in no way shape or former better than him. with that... 2.) Michael Jordan's competitive edge out matches any athlete in the entire world.Yes including yours. 3.) Michael Jordan didn't have to go to a team with good players to win championships.Michael Jordan made the players around him great (I will also give much credit to Phil Jackson as he psychologically supported those players to play up to Jordan's standards however ultimately without Jordan those players would not be known as well as they are today) 4.) Michael Jordan didn't cry.Lebron you cry like a b!tch. Yes he talked to the refs and explained his frustrations vigorously, however he never stood on the opposing teams end with his hands in the air like an egyptian dancer asking the ref where the foul ...
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and James Worthy had Pat Riley...Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith had Jimmy Johnson...Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had Phil Jackson...Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal had Phil Jackson too...Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, well, they had Phil Jackson too. What's the point? The same immutable reality exists in sports and in business: no matter how much talent you have individually, or even how much talent your team may possess, a great coach / mentor will help you reach amazing goals...
Name another team in the HISTORY of the NBA that has ran through as many Hall-of-Famers as the Detroit Pistons... Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Clyde Drexler, ALL of the NY Knicks teams, all fell at the hands of the
Can I just make 1 on here real quick? How is it that Phil Jackson can manage to coach players like Michael Jordan (who is known for punching fellow teammate Steve Kerr in the face) and Dennis Rodman but Chip Kelly couldn't handle DeSean Jackson? Makes no sense!! I don't know who is at fault! I know Andy didn't want DeSean in KC and Chip didn't want him in Philly. All I'm saying is party of being a head coach is knowing how to manage your team! Cutting your all star player to me is not the answer!! I'm gonna be sick over this for a long time! Smh
What is the Last Dance ?? Last Dance - a term , final act , a final performance , finale , last try. In 1999 - The Chicago Bulls did their " Last Dance ". After being champions for almost 5 times in the 90's , they finally decide to part ways. Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen , Dennis Rodman , Luc Longley , Toni Kukoc and the coach Phil Jackson. It was the last time they will be together as a team. It was dubbed " The Last Dance " of Chicago Bulls. Hence ' The Last Dance ' is a His Life Production of Dancers who will probably be together to perform for the first and last time - should Our God come anytime soon. A last performance to share who God is what is His Plans for us - and what shall we do before everything here ENDS. The Last Dance - will be on April 19 , 6pm at Garden Royale, Goldenfields. Tickets available at any His Life Site.
Teamwork "Individual commitment to a group effort--that is what makes a team work, a company work, a society work, a civilization work." --Vince Lombardi "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." --Michael Jordan "Teamwork is the ability to work together toward a common vision. The ability to direct individual accomplishments toward organizational objectives. It is the fuel that allows common people to attain uncommon results." --Andrew Carnegie "Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much." --Helen Keller "Remember teamwork begins by building trust. And the only way to do that is to overcome our need for invulnerability." --Patrick Lencioni "I invite everyone to choose forgiveness rather than division, teamwork over personal ambition." --Jean-Francois Cope "None of us is as smart as all of us." --Ken Blanchard "Coming together is a beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success." --Henry Ford "If everyone is moving forward together, then succes ...
If I were Phil Jackson as President for the New York Knicks I would convince Michael Jordan to leave the poop Bobcats and come to New York to Replace Woodson as the head coach, every single player in the league would want to play in New York. And Jordan could could help Hardaway Jr(aka make him starting 2) trade away shumpert and trade barngnai for either an expiring contract that'd end 2015 plus amare's that's 20 miLLwe could get Kevin Love and make a Triangle Offense that Phil ran with Jordan. 2016 Nba Champs
If Carmelo Anthony decides to leave the Knicks, he'd be a fool. Phil Jackson is the Zen Master! He helped groom Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Shaq and Kobe. Dude, has 13 championships and even more Finals appearances. Melo, if you stay in NY your career will be re-written and will finally live up to the hype. If you leave NY, you won't.
Later today Knicks fans will finally see their championship guard Phil Jackson return home. At a press conference later this morning, the team will introduce Jackson as team president and head of basketball operations. Much has been made of this new role for Jackson and if he can succeed. Well, surely he thinks he can and so does another NBA all-time great, Michael Jordan. Playing under Jackson much of his career and winning six championships together, MJ has no doubt Phil will be a great help in New York.
Michael Jordan believes his former coach Phil Jackson can succeed with the New York Knicks.
Had opportunities to cover Phil Jackson as Coach of Michael Jordan and the World Champion Bulls when I worked in Chicago during the last century, and wish him the best with the New York Knicks holding their press conference Tuesday @ Madison Square Garden...
Michael Jordan is confident that Phil Jackson will make things work in New York "eventually."
Michael Jordan Confident Phil Jackson Will Succeed in New York According to Michael Jordan, his old Chicago Bulls head coach Phil Jackson will thrive as president of the New York Knicks. MJ says Jackson will learn on the job, and do so quickly. Per ESPN: “Phil can do some good things with them because he’s gifted,” Jordan said on Monday. “Phil is fantastic at managing egos and personalities, getting everyone on the same page and maxing out whatever potential is there for what should be the common and ultimate goal. “Just because he’s never been an executive before doesn’t mean he can’t do that. He’s wanted to do it for a while now, and I know he can do it … so long as he has the necessary pieces in place.” Jordan, the chairman of the Charlotte Bobcats, said Jackson will learn the landscape of the NBA as an executive quickly. And Jordan, who won six championships with Jackson, is glad to help his old coach short of doing him any favors in a trade with the Bobcats. “Phil is great,” ...
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Michael Jordan believes Phil Jackson can succeed w/ Knicks. “He’ll figure out quickly what needs to get done.” »
Well I would not like Phil Jackson to be the Knicks Coach that won't be good news for Me.Phil Jackson has helped so much for my Chicago Bulls and has coached the best players Michael Jordan,Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman and also so many other great players.These Great players could not had been the players without the help from Phil Jackson so I don't want Phil Jackson to Help the Knicks please don't let it be.
Charles Barkley on Phil Jackson coming to NY and the triangle: "The triangle is a great offense when you've got Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Kobe Bryant, and Shaquille O'Neal. You've got the rest of these brothers, it's a square and it don't work." One of the truest and funniest things Sir Charles has said on television.
Phil Jackson: A brain dead man in a coma could win 11 championships if he had Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal on his teams
Kobe is the best Lebron is good Carmelo is good Kevin Durrant is the next up comming best not Lebron or Carmelo my reasons .people call Kobe a ball hog that is not true It is all on how your team is set up now when he plays with a team of super stars like team USA his agenda is different he passes more because the team is set up that way the team he plays for the rest of the season is not set up that way the lakers are set up for him to attack and each player including him is trained to adapt to another skill level every team they play because the match ups are different Phil Jackson one of the best coaches to ever coach basketball trains his players to learn the full game of studying your opponent play after play until you figure how to adapt and adjust your playing technique he trained Michael Jordan to do it and every laker to do it ... Now Kobe has learned so well from listening and observing each player in the game that he teaches other players what he has been taught how to observe and adapt example ...
Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan teamed for six NBA championships with the Chicago Bulls, but Jackson nonetheless said he wouldn't select His...
Phil Jackson first introduced Kobe to Michael Jordan. The Mamba was not impressed. ->
COMMENTARY | Since retiring from the NBA in 2003, Chicago Bulls legend Michael Jordan has regularly had to defend his title as the G.O.A.T. from every Tom, *** and Kobe Bryant that has tried to reach for his crown. Hall Of Fame head coach Phil Jackson -- who has the special distinction of having co...
Kobe Bryant said Michael Jordan: "I could kick your as* in one on one." says Phil Jackson. Kobe Bryant vs Michael Jordan in their prime! Who wins? - Miki Mitrev
Phil Jackson weighs in on classic 1-on-1 scenarios between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and more.
Phil Jackson thinks Michael Jordan would beat Kobe Bryant 1-on-1 in their primes. . Who you got?
According to Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant told Michael Jordan, "I could kick your *** one-on-one" when they met in 1999: h…
Kobe Bryant doesn't lack confidence. When Phil Jackson arranged a meeting between Bryant and Michael Jordan in 1999 so that the two could talk about the right time to take over a game, the first ...
You know it is really amazing what up and coming basketball stars say to legends like a Michael Jordan or maybe Magic Johnson and say to them that their better. Unfortunately Kobe Bryant did not get the message back in 99 he met Michael Jordan in a meeting with Phil Jackson. Of course they got to talking about basketball stuff and Kobe said to Jordan " I can kick ur butt in a game of one on one. That Comment brought Kobe on the biggest COME ON MAN! list in my book! Just look at the stats in the sun-times.
Who do you think would win in a one-on-one competition...Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? Frankly, neither you nor I are qualified to answer that question. Phil Jackson appeared on Fox Sports Live this week and weighed in.
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Getty Images Who would win in a game of 1-on-1 between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant? Phil Jackson has the answer.
Last year Phil Jackson released his latest book, Eleven Rings: The Soul of Success, in which he took the time to outline the differences between arguable the two greatest shooting guards in NBA history (apologies to The Logo), calling Michael Jordan more socially inclined than Kobe Bryant.
In a recent interview on Fox Sports Live, legendary NBA coach Phil Jackson said he would take Michael Jordan over Kobe Bryant in a one-on-one matchup.
Phil Jackson stopped by Fox Sports 1 to discuss the NBA, specifically a few one-on-one matchups between legends, including Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
Well, that settles that … Phil Jackson weighed in on a bunch of hypothetical one-on-one matchups between NBA legends, and gave Michael Jordan the edge over Kobe Bryant. Bean, in all likelihood, doesn’t agree.
We all know Kobe Bryant is confident. Make that very confident, but is he confident enough to say that he could kick Michael Jordan's behind in one-on-one? Well, according to Phil Jackson, who coached both Bryant and Jordan, yes...
the of all fantesy matches. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen vs Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Brian Russell, Reggie Miller, Charles Barkley, John Starks Isaiah Thomas, Joe Dumars, and a mystery partner (Lebron James) with Dennis Rodman as special guest referee...and Phil Jackson as the special enforcer...AT WRESTLEMANIA 30
Kicks Pic of the Day | Phil Jackson in the Converse Rodman Coach Phil Jackson wearing a pair of Converse AS91 talking to Michael Jordan wearing his own
My boys and I became Chicago Bulls fans during the magical Michael Jordan years. Scottie Pippen, Steve Kerr, Toni Kukoc, BJArmstrong, John Paxson, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and their larger than life coach Phil Jackson. Now, many years later, as basketball season gets underway toward a full head of steam, an article in AARP's Bulletin reminds me what I saw, what many saw, in Coach Jackson. "You have to be true to yourself as a leader," he said. "I believe events and forces change the course of our lives. I was brought up in the home of ministers; much of my outlook in life is from a spiritual direction. I knew things of a higher calling could unify groups of men." He found ways to unlock those truths with a simple round ball. We all need to reach deep, work hard, deal with life as a team, and use our own unique gifts to make this a better place. Nice reminder coach. And thanks for your words, your lessons, and those glorious years!!
Did you know in the begining of the Phil Jackson and Tex Winter era Michal Jordan fought the Triangle Offense? Quote from For The Love of the Game: My Story by Michael Jordan. " I thought Phil believed all the talk about not being able to win a championship with me leading the league in scoring," Jordan said. "I thought he went to that offense to take the ball out of my hands." -Rhema-
In an excerpt of his upcoming book Phil Jackson says that he would start an NBA team with Bill Russell over Michael Jordan. I react to this notion and compar...
In a culture of constant change,turnover,and transition,loyalty is an asset.When leaders stick with the team until the job is done,remain loyal to the team when the going gets tough,and look out for followers even when it hurts them,followers respect them and their actions. Michael Jordan understood what it meant to follow a good leader.During the waning yrs of his career,he was adamant about his desire to play for only one coach-PHIL JACKSON,d man he believes is d best in business.A leader like Jordan wanted to follow a strong leader-one stronger than himself. If u ever become frustrated bcos d people u want to follow u are reluctant to,it very well may be dat u are trying to lead peope whose leadership is stronger than urs.So what can u do abt it?Become a better leader.There's always hope 4 a leader who wants to grow. THANKS
Michael Jordan shoes being took off his feet is like Phil Jackson tellin him to let Luc Longley take the last ...
Phil Jackson compares Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan in new book
I just saw the best comment about the Bulls front office. I'll repost it: "So Bulls management has fueded with Luol Deng, Derrick Rose, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Ben Gordon, Tom Thibideau, and VDN. Also known as the most important people in the franchise over the last 20 years. Bulls management has good relationships with Randy Brown, Pete Myers, Adrian Griffin, John Paxson, Will Perdue, and Stacey King." That says it all my friends.
And sometimes the difference betwen two equally talented teams is leadership,leadership is all about understanding players,bringing them together,and getting them to work together as a team to reach their potential---The LA lakers of the late 1990s are a notable example,they struggled despite having a very talented group of players including Kobe Bryant(who many hope would be the next Michael Jordan,and Shaquele 0'Neal(the best center then)both players acquired in 1996 but had major problems and never clicked as a team,then the next year the team bought in Phil Jackson,the man who led the Chicago Bulls to six championships to coach the Lakers,he kept the same team,in only one season ,the team came together,in 2000 the LA Lakers won NBA championship that everyone had believe they had potential to win,they did that in the same city working under the same condition and with the same players in previous season,the only thing that changed was leadership,with good leadership everything improves,leaders are lift ...
you coach your team you don't actually play it doesn't count. Michael Jordan won titles, not Phil Jackson
They say that for every finger one points, three point back. Imagine if Michael Jordan felt that way toward Phil Jackson, only seeing the 11 seasons he didn't win an NBA title; Mike might not have 6 of his own. My point? Instead of being defensive, let's try learning to take correction without comparing our mistakes with those of the one correcting. Let's receive the truth in love; we'll be better off. Goodnight...or good morning...
On Kobe Bryant and Phil Jackson: "Phil Jackson has made clear on this point of performing in pain that Bryant flat-out has Michael Jordan beat. And the trick to Bryant being the best at this game in the mind-over-matter series is understanding his body uncommonly well."
Michael Jordan's last two plays as a member of the Chicago Bulls drawn up by Phil Jackson during 1998 NBA Finals. http…
Phil Jackson leans to Michael Jordan over Kobe Bryant via
What makes MJ (Michael Jordan), MP (Manny Pacquiao) and TW (Tiger Woods) do have in common?? Yes they are all Rich and Successful Athletes Famous Dedicated Goal Oriented etc they will not be so successful,famous,rich etc in there chosen fields if they don't have have this persons... MJ - Phil Jackson MP - Freddie Roach TW - Earl Dennison Woods Coaches and Mentors are essential in our Network Marketing Business.. WHY? COz... Leveraging other people's experience and leveraging other people's knowledge can be helpful to your business... Because: 1.A mentor can save you from years of struggle building your MLM by teaching you effective strategies. 2.A mentor will show you the pitfalls of short-term strategies and, you will find out what really works and what doesn't. 3.A mentor will tell you what you need to hear and NOT what you want to hear. 4.A mentor can monitor your progress to make sure you are in the right track. 5.A mentor can help you avoid fatal mistakes and make sure your work accumulates to your p ...
On Phil Jackson says "A leader has to create the space for others to step into" to He also said that Michael Jordan accepted this role in building the Bulls and winning!!!
Leader's have to make space to allow others to grow- Phil Jackson on why he asked Michael Jordan to score less
I am reposting this following what was for me, the most powerful episode of Oprah's Super Soul Sunday to date. It was an interview with Phil Jackson, an NBA coach with 11 championship rings. In a nutshell, Phil was raised Pentecostal, introduced to Buddhism and other forms of spirituality in his college years and won two championship rings as a player before becoming a coach. He got his players out of ego through meditation, sitting in circle and even got Michael Jordan to back off on his scoring streak to create space for the rest of the team to grow. He is now retired from coaching after writing the book entitled "11 Rings". I am so blessed knowing that men like Phil Jackson exist and help pave the way for other men to step into their hearts and breathe life into the Warrior that is in us all.
Happy Fathers Day to all the fathers out there. Especially the ones that had something to do with raising me like, Shannon Johnson Sr, Michael Jordan, Shaq, Mr. Winslow, Brian Sittinger, Phillip Banks, Danny Tanner, Phil Jackson and Oberlin Thank you!!!
Happy to all my fellow spiritual seekers. Tune into for a sit down conversation with legendary basketball coach, Phil Jackson, the 11 time championship winning coach behind stars like Kobe Bryant, Shaq, and Michael Jordan.
My son and I are going to be watching Oprah's Super Soul Sunday today. Ok, the only reason he's watching it is because she's interviewing Phil Jackson, former coach of the Lakers, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan... I'm actually looking forward to it as well.
Why Basketball Won’t Leave Phil Jackson Alone ? In the absence of data, they are happy to speculate. The first time I met Jackson, at the end of April, rumor had it that he might become the coach of the Cleveland Cavaliers. (Cleveland hired Mike Brown instead.) When we met again, a week later, the rumor was that he was maybe going to be an executive for the Toronto Raptors. While that rumor was still circulating, a new rumor popped up that he had taken a job with the Detroit Pistons. (Later it emerged that he agreed only to help the team, whose owner is a friend, choose its next head coach.) Then a rumor broke that the Brooklyn Nets were after him as a possible coach and/or president and/or part-owner. What I can confirm, because I saw it with my own eyes, is that on the afternoon of Friday, May 3, Phil Jackson went shopping for groceries. I was there. I witnessed Jackson — 13-time N.B.A. champion, winningest coach in basketball history, mystical Zen spirit guide to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and ...
Anthony DiRenzo after thinking long and hard I have to say I would rather have Phil Jackson over Michael Jordan it's about the coach not the player in the NBA so I guess spurs do equal better than heat
Since you coached both, Who would you prefer Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant? " I would flip a coin. Which ever one came up heads or tails, I'd take that person. They were both that Good."- Phil Jackson
Many media members enjoy asking NBA legends for their takes on the greatest players in NBA history (see Phil Jackson on the player he'd pick to start his team or his take on Michael Jordan vs. Kobe Bryant). The idea … Continue reading →
What I believe makes someone a star in basketball is having the potential to go out and win. Win championships that is. Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard. They all have potential. However in order to get there you need a good mentor. A coach. That's what wins the most. A team with a great coach. I can assure you Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan would be great players, but no wear near as good if not for Phil Jackson. Lakers overloading there budgets on players made it so they can't afford Phil Jackson. Big mistake lakers :(.
Phil Jackson "Eleven Rings" Mentions how Michael Jordan and Steve Kerr got into a fist fight during training camp.Due Intensity & Passion...
Phil Jackson declares, Michael Jordan has a better *** than Kobe Bryant. Either coach my Lakers, or go away Phil!
ESPN Video: Phil Jackson would choose Bill Russell over Michael Jordan to start a Dream Team.
Phil Jackson said he would take Bill Russell over Michael Jordan. Who would you take if you were starting a team?
Phil Jackson: I'd Take Bill Russell over Michael Jordan: If Phil Jackson could start a Dream Team, he would ta...
Phil Jackson says he would start a team with Bill Russell over Michael Jordan -
Phil Jackson would take Bill Russell, not Michael Jordan, as first player to start team | The Point Forward -
WOTG: Phil Jackson: I would Pick Bill Russell over Michael Jordan to Start a Team
Phil Jackson has been a lot of things lately. One of those things is that he would take Bill Russell over Michael Jordan because Russell won more championships. Of course he believes this, because it is the same theory that would make him the best coach ever. Jackson was using Russell and Jordan to talk about himself.
For years I've been on my soap box saying Bill Russell had a much better NBA career than Michael Jordan. I've gotten a lot of flak about that, but today the Zen Master Phil Jackson said that if he could pick any player to start a team he would chose Russell over Jordan. SO WHAT ELSE YOU GOT TO SAY!
ESPN NBA - Phil Jackson says if he was starting a team now, he'd take Celtics legend Bill Russell over Michael Jordan
OH BOY. SHOTS FIRED. Phil Jackson said, he would pick Bill Russell of Michael Jordan. WHAT YOU THINK, SOUND OFF?? If ya know ya NBA Basketball KNOWLEDGE Russell has 11 RINGS while MJ has 6, not to mention he wont a Olympic Medal & Final Four TOURNEY as well. What you think???
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"I would pick Bill Russell over Michael Jordan if I were starting a franchise." - Phil Jackson
BFL tried to school me by posting a picture of achievements why MJ was better than Kobe. A Photo??? That's cute!! No description to his photo, no argument to his photo, not telling me why and how MJ got those achievements.. Again that's cute. No wonder you like Lebron, all the awards but just 1 ship to show for it. Again that's cute. When watching Kobe it s almost like you can feel him holding back he does just enough to secure a victory and is not as concerned about patting his stats like Lebron James or a younger Michael Jordan if you look back through his most memorable performance it surprising just how many of them where born out of necessity like the 50 point streak in 2007 when he scored 50 or more points for 4 straight games ,the most consecutive 50 point game streak behind wilt s 7 though he averaged 31 points for the season. Kobe's primary focus was keeping his teammates involved and he did not look to score as much as he could have it was only after a 6-7 game losing streak that Phil Jackson .. ...
Phil Jackson finally compared Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant in his newest book, and he leans to MJ over Kobe.
Just got Phil Jackson second book in the mail and he has some pretty serious comments and statement about Kobe Bryant. I would like to share what I read so far. PHIL ON KOBE'S SEXUAL ASSAULT I read the first book and it feels like a been through this before. Phil does mention on the book he left the Lakers after the 2011 season because he had cancer. The book does talk a lot about Kobe. I haven't read the entire book just yet, but I'm sharing what I read so far. He compares and contrast what Michael Jordan did well what Kobe Bryant did well. Phil talks about the grudge he had against Kobe back in 2003, After the sexual assault in Colorado. Phil says he was upset with Kobe because Phil's daughter had been the victim of sexual assault, when she was in college. So, he couldn't help but sort of feel some resentment towards Kobe. But he also says, he didn't do what he needed to do with his daughter, so he kept it all inside and it came out in the Kobe situation. Phil's daughter didn't feel like he was aggressi ...
In leaked excerpts from his upcoming memoir, former NBA coach Phil Jackson, 67, makes blunt comparisons between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and rants about Kobe's temper.
Former Bulls and Lakers coach Phil Jackson has written a new book where he compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. He says Michael was the better defender and leader. "Like" if you agree that the Bulls legend is better.
Phil Jackson compares Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in new book
Phil Jackson says Michael Jordan is the greatest when comparing Kobe & MJ in his new book.
Phil Jackson never liked to compare Kobe Bryant to Michael Jordan . Believe me, I tried everything.
Right, Phil Jackson is gonna un-retire after coaching Michael Jordan, Kobe, and Shaq in their primes to coach Deron Williams. Right.
J. Jones to PIT is the equivalent to Michael Jordan getting Phil Jackson and The Triangle Offense his rookie year.
Michael Jordan needs to get Phil Jackson to come to the Charlotte Bobcats. Would Kobe like the east coast?
I wonder would Phil Jackson coach the Charlotte Bobcats to help out Michael Jordan!?!
after we axe Mikey D "Michael Jordan should be on the phone as we speak begging Phil Jackson to coach the Bobcats
Phil Jackson: "I've seen Michael Jordan do great things, but I've seen Kobe do things I've never seen in my life"
Phil Jackson, Greg Maddux, Michael Jordan. The three sports people i'd go crazy about meeting.
Speaking of Phil Jackson he has 11 championship rings. 6 with the GOAT Michael Jordan then 5 with Kobe Bryant. of the best
"Michael Jordan was the biggest ball hog in the NBA, until Phil Jackson became his coach" - Colin Cowherd
Hall Of Famer Isiah Thomas said Tuesday the debate over whether Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan hinges on a few things, but as far as who is the better athlete, Thomas said it's probably James. "They're both great players, and they're both great in their eras," Thomas said on "The Waddle & Silvy Show" on ESPN 1000. "In my era, we hadn't seen an athlete quite like Michael Jordan. He jumped higher than everyone else. He was a little faster than everyone else and he was just the best athlete. "Lebron James is the best athlete of today, and he's probably a better athlete than Michael Jordan was. He's bigger, he's faster, he's stronger." As far as who would win head to head, Thomas said it depends. "Now when you put them out on the floor to compete against each other in different eras, it depends on which rules you're playing with and which coach you're being coached by," Thomas said. "So there's a lot that really goes into it. "Had Michael Jordan not met Phil Jackson, would Michael Jordan be Michae ...
Been debating this for about a week. Question going on the Podcast as well: Who's your Mt. Rushmore of NBA History? For the record, I have Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, and Phil Jackson.
You will notice a trend in Sports- The greatest players make the worse coaches(few are the exceptions), while the players who failed in their careers as players or the players which played but were not the greatest when they played, are the ones who make the best coaches! For example in basketball, Phil Jackson and Pat Riley were not superstar basketball players, but turned out to be superstar coaches, while Magic Johnson and Isaiah Thomas were superstar players but were horrible coaches. Michael Jordan never even suited up to be a head coach which speaks volumes! Just because you were not the "SUPERSTAR" disciple of Christ all your life, does not mean you can't be a "SUPERSTAR" of Christ in the world, in fact, your many failures on the journey is what most of the world can RELATE TO. The world can relate to being a bunch of CATERPILLARS- the world seeks hope to becoming a BUTTERFLY- and your transformation in Christ is the LIGHT to them, showing them the WAY to EXCELLENCE---in Christ!
Cool Tips For Basketball Players Shoot, Shoot, and Then Shoot Some More "The weakest part of Michael's (Jordan's) game on the offensive end was his shooting and so he obviously mastered something everyone said he couldn't do...and he did by shooting and shooting and shooting and shooting consistently. This guy said what are my weaknesses and how do I make them my strengths and he did it." -Phil Jackson, on Michael Jordan's shooting success. If I could only give you only one piece of advice this would be it: Become a good shooter! In my opinion, becoming a good shooter is the most important thing you could ever do in order to become a successful basketball player. Every NBA super star, every great college player, every playground legend...can pretty much attribute their success to one thing...their ability to shoot. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Allen Iverson, Larry Bird, Lebron James, Carmello Anthony, Reggie Miller, J.J. Redick, Ray Allen, Vince Carter, Dirk Nowitzki and virtually all the oth ...
Michael Jordan Brief One of my mentors, whom I looked up to in developing the mentality of COMPETITIVE AGGRESSIVENESS “His Airness” Michael Jordan, is 50 years today. He made me take interest in the game of basketball in 1988 and I have loved the game ever since. I enjoyed watching games of his team, the Chicago Bulls led by legendary coach Phil Jackson in which players like Dennis Rodman (No 91 with dyed hair) and Scott Pipen (No 33 always spotted Grace Jones hair cut) featured prominently. Born February 17, 1963 in Brooklyn, NY . Jordan attended Emsley A. Laney High School in Wilmington, where he anchored his athletic career by playing baseball, football, and basketball. He tried out for the varsity basketball team during his sophomore year, but at 5'11" (1.80 m), he was deemed too short to play at that level. His taller friend, Harvest Leroy Smith, was the only sophomore to make the team. Motivated to prove his worth, Jordan became the star of Laney's junior varsity squad, and tallied several 40-po ...
How about the Bulls the first time Michael Jordan retired? When they still had Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson...
I love the conversations that people have when it comes to comparing Michael Jordan and Lebron James...Jordan in my opinion is greatest of all-time hands down...but Lebron James does warrant the comparison...look at their first title run and name another player off that sorry *** Cavaliers team that helped James...with that point let's look at supporting cast...LeBron obviously weakened his reputation by going to Miami...but Scottie Pippen was no *** slouch either 6'10 265 lbs who moved like a shooting guard and could play D every night...when it comes to coaching well that's a no brainer...Phil Jackson has rings on his feet...look at Jordan's playoff record before Phil Jackson and compare it to LeBron's...As far as players go Jordan was the ultimate competitor if it meant the game he would get down in the post with Ewing or even Shaq...LeBron wouldn't have done that early and his career also Jordan made a lot of role players seem truly great. Like I said its just a comparison both players wouldn't have . ...
Before I say this let me say Michael Jordan is the greatest ever but I'm sick of people acting like he's God or never lost anything before, for anyone to say he would crush LBJ in one on one is disrespectful and for anybody who think the Lakers now would be better with him are crazy. People must of forgot he won NOTHING without Pippen and Phil Jackson. Remember the Pistons had that man crying in the locker room in the playoffs.
If I hear one more time that Michael Jordan would have this laker team playing better I'm going to scream! Players play and coaches coach. Stop pretending that Coaches and systems aren't a key factor in the success of a team. It doesn't matter how great one player is, the right system and chemistry is the reason teams win championships. Do some homework!!! Dang!!
ESPN2's First Take question: if 34 year old Michael Jordan was playing SG for the Lakers instead of Kobe, would the Lakers be on track to make the playoffs? Would they be a title contender?
Would the Lakers make the playoffs with 34 year old Michael Jordan instead of Kobe? Yes... Unequivocally YES!
So apparently Kobe Bryant, Phil Jackson, jayz, Michael Jordan, lil Wayne, Justin bieber, Oprah Winfrey, lady gaga, Nikki Minaj, and Lebron James are devil worshippers. I watches a video on YouTube called "Lebron James, lil Wayne, beyonce and the illuminati" they said that all of these people are devil worshippers and they r only rich because they sold their souls for fame.. They even had the never to say the pope was as well.. People *** me off
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The media, fans, and FB commentators will question whether RG3 should have been pulled from the game..Folks who can't teach heart, guts & desire...remember back in the day when Michael Jordan played with the FLU..SICK AS DOG..he should have never played but Phil Jackson trusted his player who told him...I can do this..Coach Shananan did the same thing for RG3...HE GAVE HIS FRANCHISE PLAYER A SHOT..That's all u can do..it didn't turn out the best this time for the team, fans, & city...but trust me.HEART, GUTS, & DESIRE..is the blueprint that champions Wre made of.RG3 WILL WIN A SUPERBOWL in the near future because he has the BLUEPRINT OF A CHAMPION! thejwc approves this message.
Anyone ever stop to wonder why Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson haven't worked together since 98!!! And Jordan need help bad in Charlotte!!!
Michael Jordan is making Magic Johnson look like Phil Jackson.
"'There's no comparison between Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant...Kobe is much better at rape." - Phil Jackson" LMAO WOW
Phil Jackson said Lebron can be better than Michael Jordan
The 2003-2004 roster featured Gary Payton, Kobe Bryant, Karl Malone, and Shaq. They were headed by a coach some would argue is the most successful coach in the history of pro sports in Phil Jackson. They lossed to a quality Pistons team led by Bliiups and Hamilton among others. Actually they got smoked in five games, and taxed by double digits in three of em. Just for debates sake, lets take Kobe off the Laker roster and replace him with Mike.You guys really think any team a Michael Jordan-in his prime is on would "get smoked in five games" in the NBA finals? Jordan never even saw a Game 7 in the NBA finals let alone lose two. Not sure about anybody else, but those are the most important numbers to me if you wanna talk Air vs. Bean. $ sws new jersey
this game and the way UNC is playing is unacceptable we need Phil Jackson, Bob Knight, or Michael Jordan
North Carolina needs a better coach who cares if he is in the HOF either Phil Jackson or Bob Knight.. Maybe try Michael Jordan
I keep hearing the powers that be in the Nfl keep saying that "running quarterbacks can't win in the Nfl." Lets keep this in mind folks, if we've learned anything in life, is that "nothing in life is constant." As soon as a Coach (thinks outside the box) and develops an offense that caters to the ability of this talent everything as we know it will change. Seems to me alot of people are scared of this paradigm (wonder why that is). Remember when no one thought you couldn't win without a true center in basketball? Well, Phil Jackson of the Chicago Bulls changed that when he created an offense called the triangle and won numerous championships with Michael Jordan. Well as Jay Z once said "I don't believe you, you need more people."
Whatever could the uber-competitive Kobe Bryant do that the uber-competitive Michael Jordan never could? That’s right: win a title without Phil Jackson.
It would be nice if Michael Jordan gets Phil Jackson to help make the bobcats a team to be feared. Just like the ol Bulls.
Am I the only person who is glad Phil Jackson didn't get the Lakers job? I mean this guy is regarded as the greatest coach ever and has never EARNED a championship! He had Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen in Chicago and Kobe Bryant, Shaq, and Pau Gasol in LA. I could have coached those teams to 10 championships. He is a fine coach, but until he goes to a team where he actually has to work, he is nothing but a good coach, not a great one.
Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson: the true "Fellowship of the Ring". Chicago
Passing on Phil Jackson is like taking John Salley over Michael Jordan!! *** r the Lakers thinking?!?! Smh 
Lakers are so stupid. Why did they hire Mike D'Antoni. Mike *** when it come to handling superstars and defense. Thats why Amar'e and Carmelo sucked in the Knicks. Look at Mike Woodson he's has great defensive plays. Phil Jackson is so much better when it comes to championship he has 11! He handled Michael Jordan and Scottie. Lakers you have made your worst decision yet
Source: Phil Jackson rejects Lakers head coaching offer to do miracle work for Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats
I don't want to pile on, because Mike Brown seems like a nice guy, but that's kind of the point. You know who isn't a nice guy? Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Red Auerbach. Now let's higher Jerry Sloan the biggest *** I can think of that hasn't won a ring yet.
"Phil Jackson to Michael Jordan: One more game to the ring. Before any celebrations, there is first a competition"
We as basketball fans are always tempted to compare and contrast some of the greatest players to ever play the game. Lebron James has been deemed the next Michael Jordan since he came into the league...
The Heat is Like the 96 Bulls.Lebron is Michael Jordan,D-wade is Pippen,Chris Bosh is rodman and Spoelstra is Phil Jackson Of our time.
Jackson says Lebron James can be better than Michael Jordan. Former Bulls coach Phil Jackson said that LeBron has all the tools to be better than MJ.
Phil Jackson: Lebron James has 'all the physical attributes' to be better than Michael Jordan
“Phil Jackson says Lebron James has the potential to be better than Michael Jordan if he stays healthy""
I thought he was saying Phil Jackson, John Paxson, Michael Jordan, game 6, that would be better
Phil Jackson has coached two of the greatest basketball players of all-time in Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant. So it's reasonable to call him a bit of an expert when it comes to debating 'the greatest.'
The "Zen Master", Phil Jackson believes Lebron James' physical strength and ability to play four different positions would eventually give the Miami Heat star an edge over Michael Jordan.
I'm sick and tired of Charles Barkley saying that "someday Lebron is James is going to be as good as Michael Jordan." Phil Jackson is saying the same. And he's a millionaire living in Malibu because of Jordan. These guys forgot where they came from. Lebron only has 1 title and he's being compared to MJ? This is the same guy who quit on his team in Cleveland, right? Think MJ would have done that? I'm Just Sayin' - Tony's Deli
When Phil Jackson says Lebron James can b as good as Michael Jordan n seeing how Phil Jackson coached Jordan u know its true
Phil Jackson Talks Jordan Vesus Lebron The Lebron James-Michael Jordan debate may never end, and it's a good bet that anyone associated with one of the two has an opinion on the subject. But retired head coach Phil Jackson, who coached Jordan to six NBA Finals championships, said the debate is too early to discuss because of James' age. The 27-year-old James won his first NBA Championship in June, following an MVP season. He also won a gold medal for Team USA at the Olympic Games this past summer. Jackson went on WMVP - AM 1000 this afternoon and discussed a host of topics, including whether he believed James could one day be a better player than Jordan. "He’s got all the physical attributes. I think we all question the prepping that went into LeBron. His defense was shaky when he was a younger player and finding his way through that direction," Jackson said. "He is a player that can play four positions. Except for perhaps the center spot, which he hasn’t given a shot at yet, he can play those other f ...
Why is ESPN and Phil Jackson compairing Lebron James to Michael Jordan? LeBRON WILL NEVER BE BETTER THAN M.J.! M.J. is 6-6 in the NBA Finals, Bron is 1-3 in the NBA Finals. JORDAN IS UNDEFEATED AND CLUTCH, LeBron, Skip Bayless just called him LeBRICK again If LeBron wants to be CLUTCH, everytime he takes a shoc\t he could yell "KOBE!" CAUSE HE'LL NEVER BE BETTER THAN Kobe Bryant=)! And Kobe didn't have to leave Los Angeles and Michael didn't have to leave Chicago and team up with other dudes just to win a championship. Bron is A BIG BABY for leaving Cleveland just to win a dang championship, SMDH!
Phil Jackson: Lebron James has the advantage on Michael Jordan.
Lebron James may have the physical tools, but he does not have the heart or will of Michael Jordan...It was not just his physical skills which were many that won games...it was his will and killer instinct and heart...That along with 6 rings separates Michael Jordan from all especially from Lebron _.
Phil Jackson, the fact that you could even CONSIDER that you think Lebron James could pass up Michael Jordan as the number 1 basketball player of all time is COMPLETELY ridiculous. Titles, of which James only has one of, is not the only thing that matters in the game. You sir, need to check yourself at the door.
Phil Jackson joins in on the MJ vs LBJ discussion. Last week, he was on the “Waddle and Silvy Show” ESPN 1000 in Chicago and said that LeBron’s physical nature would give him a leg up on Michael Jordan if all goes well.
For all u haters the great Phil Jackson even said that Lebron James will be better than Michael Jordan so wat niggaz gotta say about that
I've lost all respect for Charles Barkley and Phil Jackson, Lebron James will never be Michael Jordan. M.J is the greatest that ever played the game of basketball.
So Scottie Pippen goes on record last year and says Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan, and now Phil Jackson comes out and says something similar. I've got a feeling Pippen & Jackson are a little bitter that Michael Jordan has $ like Scrooge McDuck & Pippen is broke and Jackson is just well off. Jordan probably could have easily swung way more endorsements their way & they feel like there was no Jordan without them and he owes them, so they are being bitter. Even is LeBron wins as many championships as Jordan (don't hold your breath) he just doesn't have that intense winning, give me the ball when the games on the line attitude that Jordan had...
The genius behind Phil Jackson didn't just involve how he won 11 NBA championships. Or how he convinced superstars such as Michael Jordan , Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant to buy into team concepts.
I guess that if I was going to be anything other than a Christian , I would be a Zen Buddhist . Jesus was around a lot of crazy characters and handled them all well . Coach Phil Jackson , noted for his Zen like character , molded a championship team in the Chicago Bulls . Somehow , even with all of the distractions , he made things work in the the team with Dennis Rodman , Scottie Pippin , and the incomparable Michael Jordan .
I had a basketball dream they deflated I wasn’t good as Michael Jordan so they faded God do me my hand and I displayed it Gave me a king of diamonds, I flip me a ace of spades And that’s blackjack and bed scraps Soon to be the great as I sat back and tack that Did it for the haters Man, I did it like the Lakers Kobe and Phil Jackson I’m independent as ever, them labels is still askin’ I didn’t believe they believed in me Cuz where I’m from they all believed with me So this the song I say Yea, I be on my way Yea, I be
Kobe is also a better skilled player than Michael Jordan. If you don't believe me, would you believe Phil Jackson?
The 1997–98 season was one of turmoil for the NBA champion Bulls. Many speculated this would be Michael Jordan's final season with the team. Phil Jackson's future with the team was also questionable, as his relationship with team general manager Jerry Krause was one of growing tension. Scottie Pippen was looking for a significant contract extension that he thought he deserved, but was not getting from the organization. In spite of the turmoil that surrounded the Bulls, they still had a remarkable season, with a final regular-season record of 62–20. Michael Jordan would be named the league MVP for the fifth and final time, and the Bulls went into the playoffs as the number one seed in the Eastern Conference.
We all know you the Michael Jordan of rap , but can you be the Phil Jackson baby ! Can you reproduce ?!
who was a better NBA player Michael Jordan or Phil Jackson?? MJ right? who developed the Triangle Offense and won more championships? Phil
The Chicago Bulls may be in a severe and uncomfortable lull at the moment, but that doesn’t mean Bulls fans can’t relish their history. Not twenty years ago, the Bulls behind Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson went on a valiant quest — the Quest for 70. Not only did they achieve 70 wins...
Who deserves more credit: Phil Jackson or Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, what yall think?
What's on my mind, my neighbor said Michael Jordan wouldn't have won no championships if Phil Jackson wasn't the coach! Please comment I know im not crazy!!!
Phil Jackson: If you had a headache and I told you I had a pill bottle with 10 pills and 9 of them was aspirin and the 1 of them was cyanide would you risk it and take one? Michael Jordan: Depends how bad the headache is...
Leadership secrets of Michael Jordan - as shared by Phil Jackson.
"Michael Jordan's defining characteristic wasn't his talent, but having the humility to know he had to work constantly to be the best." - Phil Jackson. A quote i would like to share with you guys... Jomari Jericho Dinsay Mac-Mac Tallo and most of all Christian Guillen
People Who Worked Incredibly Hard to Succeed By Max Nisen | Business Insider – 13 hours ago Successful people in every field are often said to be "blessed with talent" or even just lucky. But the truth is, many worked harder than the average person can even imagine. From athletes like Michael Jordan to executives like Howard Schultz, these people are known for waking up early and working toward a goal while other people are still in bed, and staying later than everyone else too. Old fashioned hard work. Anyone can do it. Let these people be an inspiration. 1. NBA legend Michael Jordan spent his off seasons taking hundreds of jump shots a day Sam Forencich/NBAE via Getty Images Michael Jordan had prodigious physical gifts. But as his long-time coach Phil Jackson writes, it was hard work that made him a legend. When Jordan first entered the league, his jump shot wasn't good enough. He spent his off season taking hundreds of jumpers a day until it was perfect. In a piece at NBA.com, Jackson writes that Jor ...
Nowadays, so many kids come into the league with arrogant attitudes, thinking that their talent is all they need to succeed. By contrast, there's a certain humility in Michael's willingness to take on the difficult work of making himself a more complete player. For me, one of the signs of Michael's greatness is that he turned his weaknesses into strengths. -Coach Phil Jackson.. speaks to Michael Jordan
If you are a basketball fan and like to read, I suggest you read the following books: -"The Last Season: A Team In Search Of Its Soul" by Phil Jackson -"Shaq Uncut: My Story" by Shaquille O'Neal -"Wilt: Just Like Any Other 7-Foot Black Millionaire That Lives Next Door" by Wilt Chamberlain -"A View From Above" by Wilt Chamberlain -"Drive: The Story Of My Life" by Larry Bird -"Bird Watching: On Playing And Coaching The Game I Love" by Larry Bird -"I May Be Wrong But I Doubt It" by Charles Barkley -"Driven From Within" by Michael Jordan -"Wooden: A Lifetime Of Observations And Reflections On And Off The Court" by John Wooden -"Dream Team" by Jack McCallum Get some culture in your life and learn how things really were for these athletes and coaches..it'll change your perspective and gain an appreciation for them
Just like Phil Jackson & Michael Jordan. Only seems right that & would team up.
Kobe Bryant is attempting to do something Michael Jordan has never done. Win a championship without Phil Jackson's ...
Your Commitment Contributes to Team's Success Jordan's answer "There's no I in Team " When Phil Jackson became the coach of the NBA's Chicago Bulls, he called a team meeting after practice. He told his players, "There is no 'I' in 'team'!" Michael Jordan responded, 'Yeah, but there is in 'win'!" I think Michael Jordan is right! What he was telling his new coach and his teammates was this: I am responsible. I am accountable. I will take the last shot with the game on the line. If I miss, I will take the heat in the pressroom from the reporters. I will perform my job to the best of my ability I will contribute to the success of my team and my teammates. Michael Jordan understood that if he did his job as an individual, he would contribute to the success of the team. (And he did his job well enough to earn six World Championships!) Jordan also understood how to lift a team to a higher level of performance. He set the standard of individual commitment and dedication to success. He understood that if you put ...
Watched a mini-doc last night on 'The Demise of the Chicago Bulls' and how Michael Jordan & Phil Jackson did not get along w/ Jerry Krause.
"What does Lebron have that Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant don't. A ring without Phil Jackson"
and Kobe had the best coach all around , Phil Jackson coach Michael Jordan , if anything the coach made Kobe a better player .
Here's a quote from the dim-witted *** John Salley, "I think the greatest player I've ever played against was Magic Johnson. Next, was Larry Bird. Then, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The hardest guy I had to guard: Hakeem Olajuwon. No one can guard Hakeem. And then, Kevin McHale." There is NO mention of a man named Michael Jordan in that quote. Wait, not in the TOP 5???!!! He goes on to say that Isiah Thomas was the best player he ever played with despite being on the same team as Jordan in 1996. I looked around and noticed that John Salley said this about Jordan a few years back on NBC... "One time we were practicing, scrimmaging, and [Bulls coach] Phil Jackson forced him not to practice. He had on canvas tennis shoes, which was proof that it's not the shoes. He put Dennis Rodman, James Douglas and myself on the same squad for scrimmage. And Michael tied up those canvas [shoes] and said, 'I'm playing.' "I literally saw Superman enter the building. He took off to dunk on me and he just yelled, 'Block this, ...
So John Salley said, "Michael Jordan isn't the greatest of all-time and not even in his top 1 or 2." Really, John Salley? Didn't you get a ring from the team with the best record in the history of the league (72-10)? Sure you had a good view of all the action from the bench! This is how the conversation went between Phil Jackson and John Salley after he was signed by the Bulls.. PJ- Welcome to the Bulls, John. JS- Thanks, Coach. What time is practice tomorrow? PJ- Practice begins at 11 but we'd like you to be hear around 9.. Actually, you should come in around 2. That way, there will be more towels, uniforms, socks, etc to be washed. JS-Why am I washing uniforms? PJ- We figure this is the best way to keep you fit and ready to play, since you will only play when the other 7 reserves have fouled out and/or we are up 45 with 2 min left in the 4th quarter. Sound Good? PJ- I also heard you may want to take up acting after your "playing" days are over. Wouldn't want to interfere with you receiving a major roll ...
Im glad people are finally saying out loud what I have said for years. Michael Jordan isnt the greatest ever. He has 6 rings, so does Pippen. He couldnt beat the Pistons, until Pippen came along abd Phil Jackson. Btw Horry has 7 rings in the modern era. Russell won 11 in 13 years. CHECKMATE
Imagine Michael Jordan without Phil jackson, Lebron James and D. Wade with no Erik Spoelstra, or Tom Brady and no site of Bill Belichick. For those of you who are confused at this point, They are all star athletes with their coaches. The best people in the world need coaches. Michael Jordan couldn't have won six NBA championships with no coach sitting on the side directing his actions, watching his back and giving insight to the whole picture. Life is a game and we are on that court or football field playing the best we can without a coach; without someone looking out for our best interest. Can we play without a coach? Yes. Will the time run out? Yes. What will the scoreboard read? How much better would it be if you played this game with Phil Jackson on your bench? You see, we get very emotional, we get excited and we get overwhelmed by all of the players in the game, all of the plays, the fouls and even penalties. Sometimes we have to sit out for a while to get ourselves together. We believe that because ...
Phil Jackson has Coached the 3 Best NBA players to play!! Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Shaq! Basically coached 2 Jordans!
I say: Phil Jackson. You? | Who contributed more to Michael Jordan's success?
I would have needed Phil Jackson coaching me and Michael Jordan as a wing man to close that deal.
who doesnt belong in this group: Phil Jackson, Bill Russell, Red Aurbech, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson
To all the LeBron *** riders out there, the reason why Kobe's assists numbers aren't very high because he played under the Triangle Offense for almost his entire career. The Triangle Offense emphasizes overall ball movement within the team. Which means that no player dominates the playmaking. If you look at Michael Jordan's career stats, his assists numbers dropped when Phil Jackson started coaching the Bulls because he was no longer dominating the playmaking. That's why throughout the history of Phil Jackson's teams, he never had a playmaking Point Guard because great passing Point Guards like CP3, Nash, and Kidd aren't really needed in the Triangle Offense. If Kobe played in another system, his assists numbers should be higher than what they are now. LeBron is just lucky that he played 42 minutes per game in Mike Brown's LeBron-centered offense. Learn basketball before you start praising the wrong superstar you LeBron fantards
Thoughts on this??? . "Michael Jordan is The Absolute Best I've EVER seen because he took some B-C scrubbs and turned them into true players just by his will to win." LOL!!! B/C scrubs??? So Michael never had help? Please tell me how many titles he won without one of the 50 greatest players. Um...oh yea Scottie Pippen. Please let me know how many titles he won without Scottie. Because I remember Lebron taking the Cav's to the finals with Mo Williams...The best player that played on the Cav's during the Kings era was an old Shaq, an old Antwan Jamison and Larry Hughes. But lets forget Scottie for a second. Ron Harper was a 20 ppg player before he went to the Bulls to let Mike take all the shots...? NO? check my stats. Ok so lets forget Harper for a sec. Dennis Rodman will probably go to the Hall Of Fame. NO?...Actually yea. And by the way...Horace Grant B/C player in his 2nd year and on. Averaged 13 and 8 homie! See you cant put up numbers when 23 has the ball. Oh and yea and having Phil Jackson doesnt cou ...
OKC’s coach Scott Brooks needs to take some coaching classes from Pat Riley and Phil Jackson! Why have you changed your strategy that has brought you success all year? Where is the transition basketball? Why can’t the ball reach Durant? Why have you decided to elevate Westbrook to Michael Jordan status? Where is the energy on defense? Why are you starving your bench from game play? I am bamboozled!!! But what a game by Miami! Lawdeee….Lawd!!!
Phil Jackson didn't directly compare Kobe Bryant, unfavorably, to Lebron James. In an interview with HBO's Real Sports, Phil Jackson even compared Kobe to Michael Jordan, in a way. A good way. This is so confusing — does Phil hate … Continue reading →
Phil Jackson's legend was built on, in debatable proportions, his coaching and his career decisions. The man might be the best motivator in all the world, but he also knew enough to take over teams with Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant in their primes.
Phil Jackson is the epitome of the old saying, 'You gotta be lucky to be good and good to be lucky'. He was lucky to get Michael Jordan and win championships earlier in his coaching career, making him look like a 'genius'. He then gets to cherry pic where he goes afterwards, winning more championships with Shaq and Kobe. Funny how he never displayed how good of a coach he was or not by taking a bad team and making them play above their heads. Conversely, poor Buck Showalter took bad teams and made them good, then got canned before he could reap the rewards. :/ Sorry, random sports thought for the night. roughly four months or so until the puck drops again. :)
2 Completely unrelated things I think, I think 1. The NFL owners dont actaully give a flyin fornication about player saftey they just dont wanna continue to payout millions of dollars in profit to explayers with post football trauma or injuries. 2. If your Michael Jordan, owner of the worst team in the NBA why would you hire some nobody from St. Johns o coach your terrible team. Why would you not call Phil Jackson and say Phil I know we aint got alot right now but I'm giving you complete automomy over everything build me a winner
In this new Gatorade commercial, Phil Jackson recounts Michael Jordan's epic 1997 NBA Finals Game 5 performance, where he led the Bulls to victory 90-88 whil...
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read your BobCats article... Michael Jordan wants to hire Jerry Sloan... Why doesn't he go after Phil Jackson?
Phil Jackson done coached the 2 bestest basketball players who ever touched a ball Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant!
For all the Michael Jordan romanticists, here is a fun fact you probably were too young to remember. Jordan’s Bulls lost in the Eastern Conference Finals three straight times to the Pistons (1988, 1989, 1990) and he was considered an athletic marvel who could not win the big one — before finally breaking through in 1991. And when he finally won it all, it was because they had the best coach (Phil Jackson) best rebounder (Dennis Rodman) best number 2 guy (Scottie Pippen) and best Euro Player (Tony Kukoc). So ease up on all the MJ didn’t need to do this or that talk …. MJ did this and that.
My top ten great basketball quotes of the day--(No particular order all great quotes) 1. My attitude is that if you push me towards something that you think is a weakness, then I will turn that perceived weakness into a strength." Michael Jordan 2. “Obstacles don’t have to stop you. If you run into a wall, don’t turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it.” Michael Jordan 3. "Not only is there more to life than basketball, there's a lot more to basketball than basketball." Phil Jackson 4. “When I was young, I never wanted to leave the court until I got things exactly correct. My dream was to become a pro.” Larrry Bird 5. “You can practice shooting eight hours a day, but if your technique is wrong, then all you become is very good at shooting the wrong way. Get the fundamentals down and the level of everything you do will rise.” Michael Jordan 6. "I know fear is an obstacle for some people, but it is an illusion to me . . . Failure always made me tr ...
Remember when the Bulls reigned in 1990s, a tribute indeed to the likes of Phil Jackson, Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen...?:-) "The Chicago Bulls" brand in Kenya in the early & mid 1990s, had the same magnitude that the e.g. the Manchester United brand has today in Kenya. There was even an Eastleigh route No. 9 "Chicago Bulls" matatu that was "King" in those days, and which was beautifully branded in the Chicago Bulls logo & colours...
My Orlando Magic Team needs a new coach and Gm. How about Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson? Sounds good huh
Every strong being has Michael Jordan in their veins..he was a leader just like every man should be...but even Mike himself needed Scottie Pippen, John Paxson, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman and Phil Jackson to pick him up when he had problems in order to win and be great.moral of the story..you can't do everything by yourself...you would only set yourself up for bigger failure..because there are things you still have to learn while you lead...-Chris Gartman aka 7:30...
Michael Jordan is THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER EVER. kobe vs. Michael Debate: Michael has six rings.Kobe won't reach six. He'll be 34 in three months. That's a lot of mileage with 16 years in the league and 7 deep playoff runs (5 rings and 2 runner ups). he's in phenomenal shape but mother nature will make him lose a quarter step in the next year and then the downhill drop will be pretty quick every year thereafter they need to make wholesale changes in personnel and it means giving up a guy like Gasol. Odom, the lengthy 6th man helped them a lot, they really missed him by the time they get all the pieces, Kobe will be 36 or 37, maybe older Phil Jackson nor Pat Riley are walkin' through the door and Dwight Howard is not coming Kobe's window is closing very quickly, and maybe too far closed to re-open. MICHAEL JORDAN FOREVER
Michael Jordan legacy is over rated, he had Scottie Pippen a top 50 nba all time, phil jackson the best coach ever, and the best role players in the league not to mention he played for a mafia city which is why his father was killed cuz he didnt do as hew was told
Can they fire Mike Brown now? And bring Fisher, Odom, Shannon Brown and Phil Jackson back? Plus put Michael Jordan in too.
Here is a question. Did phil jackson make Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan, or did they make phil jackson??
It's the NBA Playoffs, so I want to talk about hooping. Growing up I wasn't good at playing sports or Getting straight A's. I eventually learned how to find grade A and hit a couple of baskets in this game called everyday life. My crossover got tight, went from waterboy to head coach. But like every profession there is a Phil Jackson moment when you've won enough and it's time to sit back and watch the other players hoop. Some are going to Win. Some are going to foul out. But Charlie Sheen should have kept winning at 2.5 mil a episode and Mel Gibson wish that audio tape never surfaced. I've been to many dances. Danced with Gina, Christina and Aretha. Seen Bobby and Whitney. Never been much of a coaster, my foot stayed on mash. But fake is the new era and they talking about talking. Opera hung up her mic to graduate to OWN. I'm retiring from hooping and putting my J's on the shelf. Please don't try to fit them because Kobe and Lebron will never fit a pair of Michael Jordan's authentic's . So I haven't ...
Lakers&other challengers who could never master the "team first"concept. Michael Jordan/Scottie Pippin's Bulls were somewhat similar&often Steve Kerr was the "open man". However, I feel that the Bulls&Phil Jackson's other team, the Lakers of Shaq&Kobe,were great three-peat teams but the two Superstars were given so much publicity that other very good teammates were overlooked.Essentially,I'm saying WATCHING THE SAN
Michael Jordan says he's sorry for getting Doug Collins fired and getting Phil Jackson hired with sic titles as well!
Here is an idea...have Michael Jordan hire Phil Jackson, scrap the horrible roster, and pursue the upcoming free agents for Charlotte Bobcats.
OKAY Michael Jordan has 6 NBA Titles & Kobe Bryant has 5. How about Phil Jackson has 11!?! Go figure (-;
I grew up on nba of Michael Jordan playing Phil Jackson coaching Marv Albert announcing. Craig sager is a has been/never was
Michael Jordan & Phil Jackson both said Kobe Bryant is the closest thing to MJ so why y'all still talk about Lebron?
Michael Jordan is setting up an interview with Patrick Ewing for the head coaching position for the Bobcats...wow...bring in Phil Jackson mike...lol!
Know what would be cool but would never happen. If Phil Jackson joined Michael Jordan as head coach of the Bobcats. Too bad the bobcats suck so bad...
Like Mark Cuban, there was another NBA guy who felt that he had a great plan for his team just after they had won a title. He planned on picking up a number of key free agents by clearing space on his roster to get ready for that possibility. His name was Jerry "Crumbs" Krause of the Chicago Bulls. He kinda forced out Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Phil Jackson said adios. And the end result? Nothing, no free agents, no more titles. And the Bulls have been trying to climb back up every since. Didn't you at least pay attention, Mark Cuban??!
Records fall, Messi-merised yet?: Even Michael Jordan needed a Phil Jackson and one would hope that Guardiola's ...
Michael Jordan has Phil Jackson in mind to coach his Charlotte Bobcats??? Psssh, I don't even wanna coach the Bobcats..
Bobcats coach Paul Silas will not be back next season... no surprise but here's a crazy idea... Michael Jordan should try to convince Phil Jackson to come coach his Bobcats... that would help them win more than 7 seven games next season.
With Paul Silas fired maybe I can get Phil Jackson to coach the team! - Michael Jordan
Phil Jackson coached Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Scottie Pippen, SHAQ...luckiest coach in the history of basketball
Ummm the Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson commercial might be the sickest ad of all time.
um maybe but highly doubtful. Phil Jackson who has been in the nba since the 1960s and also coached Michael Jordan said
That's like Phil Jackson ordering Michael Jordan to knock out Magic Johnson everytime they play obe another.
The new gatorade commercial w Michael Jordan n Phil Jackson is badass...just saying!
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I heard there was an article today from the LA Times saying it will be interesting picturing Kobe as good head coach for the future. I laugh at that i think it will be colossal mistake for the Lakers if they make Kobe as the head coach. Let me just say that great players have their way of thinking than most peope do. They think differently and they wanted to be treated differently. Can you really picture Kobe telling his team about teamwork? Lets go down the line of great players becoming head coaches and failed big time. Lets start with the greatest player of all times shall we. Michael Jordan great player but prob the worst GM and owner of all times. Isaiah Thomas didnt work out for the knicks and just recently got fired by Florida International. Magic Johnson briefly coached the lakers back then that didnt work out. Great businessman and i really hope he will do wonders for the dodgers. In the end i root for the Lakers not the players make smart choices not based on popularity. Phil Jackson was not a g ...
Great Quote, Phil Jackson on Michael Jordan " You win from within"
Yea yea yea you're Kobe Bryant...blah blah blah you're Michael Jordan.Bitttcchhh I'm Phil Jackson now do as I say or get your *** took out the game.
I miss my old basketball team. The Chicago Bulls with Michael Jordan, Horace Grant, Scottie Pippen even Dennis Rodman and his drama prone self and who could forget the best coach in the world Phil Jackson. That was a basketball team now a days all the game is about now is how much u make and petty jealously. We need a team like the bulls back that was good old fashion teamwork. No offense to the great players in the league now.
Phil Jackson lands in the right place at the right time he coached Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant
THAT'S why I'm qualified to be the Mark Cuban/Phil Jackson/Michael Jordan of
The only difference between Michael Jordan/Kobe Bryant and Lebron James is Phil Jackson.
"Michael Jordan was better at creating space, Kobe Bryant is better at making difficult shots." - Phil Jackson
Gatorade commercial with the greats: Phil Jackson & Michael Jordan
I love the Michael Jordan commercial! Phil Jackson ain't speakin for a kobe commercial right?!
The gatorade commercial with Michael Jordan and Phil Jackson just gave me life!
This Gatorade commercial about Michael Jordan with Phil Jackson >>>> me love it
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