Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Earvin Magic Johnson Jr. (born August 14, 1959) is a retired American professional basketball player who played point guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Magic Johnson to new billionaire Michael Jordan: 'Can I borrow some money?' via
Lebron James is not better than Michael Jordan, Kareem Adbul-Jabber, Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant!
The best NBA starting 5 of all-time would be: Michael Jordan and Oscar Robertson as guards. 'Magic' Johnson, as a point forward. Larry Bi...
"Wait is Michael Jordan still alive, is Magic Johnson famous?" -my 7 year old. And I've failed as a father.
According to Patrick Ewing, Magic Johnson was outspoken, but it was Michael Jordan leading the show.
only 5 man team i could see ever beating them:. PG Magic Johnson. SG Dion Waiters. SF Michael Jordan. PF Lebron James. C Shaq
My top 5 of all time. 1 king Lebron James . 2 Michael Jordan. 3 Magic Johnson . 4 kobe Bryan . 5 Steph Curry
players with last name starting with J. Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, James Jones, Larry Johnson ect.
My top 5 nba players of all time are. 1.Michael Jordan . 2.Kareem Abdul-jabaar. 3.Lebron James. 4.Magic Johnson. 5.Kobe Bryant
Me:" which one had aids, Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?". My sister:" Shaq *** ". 💀💀💀💀
Well from your perspective Magic Johnson can turn Ball into a star... Why can't Michael Jordan turn Kemba into a star??
Never saw Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson's father on tv acting like a clown. That guy is…
If it helps I thought Magic Johnson owned Magic and Michael Jordan played for the Bulls. HELP. ME.
Jalby, I think you mean Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. They are two different players FYI.
Magic Johnson = Michael Jordan , good Iq on the court ... but horrible at choosing talent 🐸
Lebron James is basically the perfect mix of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Karl Malone. Guess the complaining would be…
Shaq says Lebron James is a mixture of himself, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson.
I liked a video ESPN First Take - Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan?
People better than Lebron James: Michael Jordan, maybe Magic Johnson. That is all.
Did I just turn on & hear say Magic Johnson isn't on Michael Jordan's level???!! I MUST be still asleep...
Top 5 NBA players of all time (in order):. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kobe Bryant. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Larry Bird. 5. Shaquille O'Neal. Dont @ me!
That's what I tell people about Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem…
Michael Jordan is so iconic that he has the same initials as Magic Johnson & Michael Jackson and said initials are stil…
MVP? Russell Westbrook is doing something Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Lebron James have never done.
regram Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan are all currently try to negotiate t…
Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird all played at the same time. RIGHT NOW is the greatest era in basketball his…
"If the Celtics had Lebron and Magic Johnson in his prime at the same time with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan they…
Russell is a mixture of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.
Ask Tiger Woods, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson who caught aides. Women are all over them and so many others. So Hillary let it go! Your wrng
This *** Max said "Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan had a baby and it was Lebron James" First Take is garbage without Skip
PG: Magic Johnson. SG: Michael Jordan. C: Shaquille O'neal. SF: Larry Bird. PF: Lebron James. I just wanted to type that to see how it looked. 🐐
BREAKING: Inside sources are saying that Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson are interested in signing with t…
I guess that means Magic Johnson is better than Michael Jordan because he played in the west. Case closed.
Michael Jordan , and Magic Johnson . Ion know the 3rd one 😂
Shaun Livingston did something only Tony Parker, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson did.
Cleveland’s James has led his teams to six straight appearances in the N.B.A. finals, something Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant
"With Friday’s victory over the Toronto Raptors, James has done what Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant,...
Lebron James is one of the true Sporting greats of our generation. Up there with Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Oscar Robertson.
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson definitely never went out. There are definitely not, like, a million stories.
Magic Johnson trash-talked Michael Jordan once and paid the price
Magic Johnson remembers the first (and only!) time he talked trash to Michael Jordan.
Imagine if players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and others had the technology and knowledge we have t…
Steph Curry!. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Lebron James never did that.
*** Gregory said Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan got caught shaving points & Magic merely said he had AIDS as a forced retirement.
We had Magic Johnson and always wondered what it would be like to have Michael Jordan; now we know! God bless you & your family
Steph Curry has made 37 more career three-pointers than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, & Larry Bird combined.
Magic Johnson: "There's Michael Jordan and then there is the rest of us." Happy Born Day
On this date in 1996, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson met on the court for the first time since the ’91 Finals.
I want to meet Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, and Larry Bird before they die.
Woke up: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Horace Grant signed this ball for me. Best gift ever as u can tell by my face
Magic Johnson on Kobe: 'Closest thing we've seen to Michael Jordan' | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo Sports Singapore
Greatest NBA players of all time in 2025:. 5. Larry Bird. 4. Lebron James. 3. Magic Johnson. 2. Michael Jordan. 1. Steph Curry
My all time starting five would l. Magic Johnson. Kobe Bryant . Michael Jordan. Lebron James. Shaquille O'Neal (Lakers)
Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal lol 😁 Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson but I like Steph Curry as well 🏀🎅
Skip Bayless's top 10 players of all time:. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Magic Johnson . 3. Shaquille O'Neal. 4. Bill...
Lebron James is a : Magic Johnson & Michael Jordan rolled into one. Always getting what he wants. He has no respect
You know who else was mixed up in my head, & still is? Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson. I admit it. Also Ray Lewis & Rae C…
Only people I have pictures of: Frank Thomas, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. It's like if 10 year-old me had a house
Kobe Bryant 'learned a lot' from Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.
LeBron reportedly spotted in 1992 attempting to recruit Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Dav…
genius of Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.and in their genius, they recreated the game of basketball." (2/2)
Have to admit. Ready to put Lebron James on the pedestal with Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.
LeBron has to be more Magic Johnson than Michael Jordan
The best starting 5 of all time:. C - Shaq. PF - Tim Duncan. SF - Lebron James . SG - Michael Jordan. PG - Magic Johnson . I will take arguments
basically it's Magic Johnson combined with Michael Jordan versus Steve Kerr as a better shooter lol
Today in 1991, Michael Jordan plays in 1st NBA Finals, loses Game 1 to Magic Johnson & the Lakers, won't lose again. http…
Lebron James: I didn't want to be Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. I wanted to be Allen Iverson -
Magic Johnson says he calls Michael Jordan for free sneakers all the time:
Magic Johnson took off his suit to reveal Michael Jordan of Looney Tunes fame. that's it i'm going to bed
Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Russell Westbrook, and bunch of big names in attendance
Tim Duncan couldn't do something that Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and KAJ have done.
Anthony Davis: "Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, all those guys. I want to be in that conversation." -
My all time playoff team would be . PG Magic Johnson. SG Michael Jordan. SF Larry Bird. PF Tim Duncan. C Bill Russell. 6th man: Paul Pierce
The same!? That's like saying Michael Jordan (Flare R) is the same as Magic Johnson (Cygolite).
. pa all time. Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Magic Johnson. Lebron James. Larry Bird. cant guard me. Earl the goat Manigult
was Wizard Kelly from "Proud Family" posed to be Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson???
Breast Cancer Awareness
Guards with 10 triple-doubles in season in last 30 yrs. Magic Johnson (5x). Michael Jordan. Russell Westbrook. Jason Kidd (…
Best players of all time:. 1) Klay Thompson in the 3rd quarter. 2) Michael Jordan. 3) Kareem Abdul Jabar. 4) Magic Johnson. 5) Wilt Chamberlin
Favorite bball player of all time: Magic Johnson. Top five: Magic, Allen Iverson, Kyrie Irving, Michael Jordan, Dennis Rodman
Russell Westbrook joined Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Lebron James as the only players in the last 30...
Is Russell Westbrook the best all around basketball player since Michael Jordan? Even Magic Johnson?
Reggie Miller: " Kobe is the 3rd best guard ever behind Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson."
Random Thought: Tim Duncan might not have had the global impact on the game that Michael Jordan did or save the NBA the way Magic Johnson and Larry Bird did, but I don't remember them having the impact on the rest of the league building their teams the way Tim Duncan did. In other words, I don't remember one player causing so many teams to make major moves because of him like The Big Fundamental has. Here are some examples: -2003: Karl Malone & Gary Payton to the Lakers, Antawn Jamison & Antione Walker to the Mavericks, Latrell Spreewell & Sam Cassell to the T-Wolves, and Brad Miller to the Kings. -2008: The Pau Gasol trade to the Lakers and Shaq trade to the Suns in 2008. -Dwight Howard being drafted by the Magic and Greg Oden being drafted by the Blazers. -The Twin Towers epidemic from around 2007-2010. -Even the Big 3 phenomenon started to heat back up after the Spurs won it all in 2007. If there is anybody else that has had this much of an impact on the landscape of the NBA, at least in the modern er ...
Prob the two best quotes I herd said from the greats Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson
Charles Barkley..played basketball to become known. He's not famous like some of greats such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabaal, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, just to mention a few. He's now a basketball commentator and analyst with TNT. As a player he played the game like a brute. There was no courth,or finesse to his game,there was no elegance, no poetry, no relish to his game and hardly looked like an athlete. He was un- athletically big and over-weight. Charles had " big-mouth" as a player and he often spoke the he played - "FOOLISH". That earned him a lot disciplinary penalties and fines by the league during his career. Wondering where I'm going with this? Recently as most of the sense able world expressed their dismay, dissatisfaction and even disgust at the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the out-come of the "ground" jury investigation by protests, even though some aspects of the protests was marred by violence and looting ( well no worse than killing an unarmed teenager by a c ...
Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan & Larry Bird are the best of all time but Kobe Bryant is the greatest ever!
A professional sport and play black man is vetted before the devil gives him millions of dollars, the professional slave owner must train, brainwash, control that blackman and woman, before he can give that slave his money. That's why black professional sports slaves never builds nothing! Look at Michael Jordan, Magic, Oprah, and now LeBron, Rose, Kobe, Tyler Perry, Jay-Z, and many more, why is it that they don't build any schools, grocery stores, safe parks, black police, fire department, or pay for black children who excellence is shown in the form of their good grades and good behavior college tuition?. They don't have the power to do so! These people souls have been bought with the material things they have, homes, cars, clothes, and fake shoe business, they are nothing but fronts for the devil's work to continue on the ignorance of black people. Magic Johnson don't own no starbucks, or 24 hour fitness, Jordan has never made a shoe! Oprah don't make nothing! They are fronts, f ...
Great question over at : Would you rather play with Michael Jordan & Kobe, or Magic Johnson & Lebron James?
Isiah Thomas to real !! My man had to go thru Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson to win a chip Jesus.
“Lin better than AI, Isaiah Thomas, Gary Payton, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson in their prime"
Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson all trump Lebron James on all time list. PERIOD // Still top 5
Five of my favorite legends in the NBA: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain.
Top 15 players of all time. Top 6 are not up for debate. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Magic Johnson. 3. Kareem Abdul jabaar...
pulled a pearler out the bag again last night .. Magic Johnson walks on the screen-he goes " who's tha? Is that Michael Jordan" 🙈
Do Kobe Bryant haters wanna argue with Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan?
the fact that you put Megan Martin along side of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and many other sports legends makes me smh bruh
REMEMBERING 'AMERICANAH' - 'MEMORY LANE' THINGS Back in my pre-teen days, we had a young adult in my neighbourhood whom we used to call 'Americanah'. He spoke with an American accent - at least, it sound thusly to us, being unfamiliar with the difference between authentic Americanese and its Las Gidi (truncated) version. Americanah was super-fly and we all wanted to be like him. He lived with two male pals in a duplex in the neighbourhood, close to a hotel in my street. He had a Mercedes Benz 200, freshly-painted and pimped up with loudspeakers. He usually announced his presence with loud blasts of hip-hop music and other such American musical inventions, driving his car down the street like he was in a NASCAR event or something. Yes, he was the hippest fellow in the neighbourhood. Americanah was tall to us then. Beside our parents, he looked like Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan. He had a saucer-shaped head with bloated features, but we did not quibble over his looks. After all, being overweight somehow w ...
Thanks for the ALS Ice bucket challenge nomination Ryan Seacrest. I nominate Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Leonardo DiCaprio. Don’t forget to donate!
1991 - make trade for Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Hakeem Olajuwon. Cleveland fans revolt.
Dustin Morrison and I play NBA 2k. A lot. We have the rosters set up so the legends from the legend teams are in the association draft, as well as tweaking old players to return them to their prime. Then we do an association draft where we control and draft for 6 teams each, and just play every match up 2 of our 12 teams have all season. We kinda have "our" players we draft every time, and we often bicker over who has the best group. So, if these two groups of players were Allstar teams, who would win? Keep in mind, they are all in their prime. Team A; Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, Steph Curry, Patrick Ewing, Karal Malone, Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Wilt Chamberlin, Charles Barkley, Ricky Rubio, Paul George, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Al Jeffersen, Amare Stoudemire, Pau Gasol, Allen Iversen, Brandon Jennings, Thomas Robinson, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, and James Hardin Vs Team B; Larry Bird, Lebron James, Shaquille O'neal, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Damion L ...
Larry Bird is basketball. Magic Johnson is the David Copperfield, Michael Jordan is Jesse Owens. Together they're David Bl…
Of course there is literally 5 hours of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan documentaries on tv when I'm trying to do hw
That "Voices That Care" song you had Ralph Tresvant singing lead off, Bobby Brown on vocals, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, etc
So tired of hearing how great Labron James is, even heard he was the greatest ever, I beg to differ, how about these people Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Dr.J ,Oscar Roberts, Clyde Frazier, and Clyde Drexler they played the game without the flops didn't cry about the calls and played both ends of the floor. I guess by now you know I'm not a Labron fan.
Larry Bird out of retirement, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan!!! I'm sorry I go too far 😏😂😂😂
The NBA is not what it use to be...back in the days 80s 90s and 00.. you had great players Dr J, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant etc.These guys play for one maybe two teams.now you have players is jumping from one team to another team like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and many more players is trying to play on a team where they don't want to be the man.all I'm saying is why you have five guys waiting on one man to make his decision on where he playing at next season that's all, is it about the money or is they chasing rings which one is it!
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ESPN Stephen A Smith and Skip Bayless debate Magic Johnson's comments about Michael Jordan one on one with Lebron
ESPN asked to list our top 20 NBA players of all time... I'll just give my top 10 to start the argument... 1.Michael Jordan - Dominated the sport and changed endorsement deals for everyone else in ALL sports. He became a brad... enough said. 2.Magic Johnson - he elevated a league that was dying. Was a leader on and off the court. 3.Larry Bird - greatest white man to play basketball. sounds hard put its the truth. If he had more charisma he would be higher on this list. 4.Bill Russell - look up the word team and you will find Russell's photo. enough said. but just in case won as a player and a coach 11 in total. 5.Wilt Chamberlain - he changed league rules because he was so dominant. Only player ever to avg. 50pts and 30rbs per game. yeah you read that right. 6.Oscar Robertson - most complete player ever. ahead of his time. 7.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - if Kareem was not such an a$$ he would be the GOAT... nobody has his accomplishments. 8.Kobe Bryant - controversial pick here but behind Wilt he is the best offe ...
Old school guys in the NBA still getting it done! Love it when they whip the young guy's rear ends. I agree it's a different game today than it was 20 yrs ago. But I'd love to see the James's, Davis's, and Wall's ATTEMPT to play against Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Jerry West, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Wilt Chamberlain just to name a few. While being able to run faster and jump higher, the young guys would get spanked!
Lebron James isn't even in the top 5. Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and last but not least, Kobe Bryant. Make a list for yourself. Check the stats not just rings!
I think this is what aggravates me about the Heat vs Spurs...the Spurs play some of the best team ball ever, that's a given.and all the people pulling for the Spurs are like "this is how basketball is supposed to be, " or "team is always better than solo, yadda yadda yadda." The Spurs have shown they are a better team. Yet several of these people are the same ones who place Michael Jordan over players like Lebron James and Magic Johnson. MJ is THE reason for generations of ball hogs and iso-minded players. The reason I've always felt Lebron is better than Jordan is because of his basketball IQ, and pass first mentality, and ability to create assists (not just pass to an open guy) all while still being a top scorer. Put 5 Lebrons against 5 Michael Jordans, both teams with Phil Jackson as the coach, the Lebrons win. Or, if you're making an all time starting 5, Lebron would utilize the other 4 players better than Jordan would. I just feel that if you're going to complain about one on one type players and pra ...
Lebron James could be Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Tim Duncan, and Kareem Abdul Jabbar all rolled into 1 and this would still be close.
I wish I lived in the era of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John Stockton, Penny Hardaway, Reggie Miller... Loads more guys
Amazing how Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell won all of those titles without HOF teammates.
  I have seen this picture meme floating around from Kobe Bryant fans lately to basically prop up his legacy to diminsh Lebron James. Let's be honest, Kobe fans are insecure of Lebron surpassing their hero and that's where the diminishing comes from. I broke down each comment and here it is;   "Kobe Bryant has surpassed me as the greatest laker"- Magic Johnson  Is Magic the greatest Laker? That's like Larry Bird claiming Paul Pierce has surpassed him as the greatest Celtic. Some will say Bill Russell is the greatest Celtic. I could be wrong but Magic probably said that for marketing reasons. But ofcourse Kobe fans will believe this because Magic Johnson said it, and if he said it must be true. Right?    "The only person who has put in the work and deserves the comparison is Kobe"- Michael Jordan It is fair to say Michael Jordan is the greatest player we ever seen. Even though there are a small fraction of people who disagree. The majority of people say MJ is the greatest. But what kind of work is he ...
Nobody in the NBA will ever be able to change the game like Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird did..
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson check there stats there team won when it counted
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Zeke, Shaq, and any other Hall of Famer would not let his squad go out like this
All I know is that Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson never were down 20+ points in back to back finals home games in their career
23 years ago today, Michael Jordan & the Bulls won their first NBA title, beating Magic Johnson & the Lakers. http:/…
R.Kelly, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, & Will Smith are in a position no father would want to be in...
When James passes, the first thing people say is "Michael Jordan wouldn't pass." That's revisionist history at its best, as if Jordan did not give the ball up to Scottie Pippen in the final seconds of Game 6 of the 1993 Finals against the Phoenix Suns or pass to Steve Kerr for the winning shot in Game 6 of the 1997 Finals against the Utah Jazz. But if it's not the way James plays, he's criticized for how many championships he has or doesn't have. That's another silly point. James is 2-2 in Finals, including a 2007 Finals loss to the Spurs. You know who the key contributors were on that Cleveland Cavaliers team with James? Sasha Pavlovic, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Larry Hughes, Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson, Eric Snow. It's amazing the Cavs even made it out of the first round.Larry Bird was 3-2 in the Finals and Magic Johnson was 5-4. Jerry West was 1-8, and he's the NBA's logo. Did those Finals losses take away from their legacy? Not at all. If it's not the way he plays or the number of champions ...
"Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and David Robinson? This is like Spring Break in the ghetto.". - Charles Barkley on the '92 Dream Team
To all my Lebron James fans. I'm going to show you how to deal with jealous and hating fans of a Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. 1. Learn that two negatives don’t make a positive. Take every opportunity to be nice to the jealous hater, and don’t return the negative behavior or you can quickly be drawn into the negative energy field and lose sight of witnessing an athlete who will be the greatest player of all time (there are no set laws to be considered the GOAT, only personal opinions of hall of famers and fans I.E. Jerry West Magic Johnson Oscar Robinson). Never stoop down to their level no matter how difficult it may be. That's what they want. Don't do it. I been guilty of feeding into the haters, but not ANY MORE. I had to finally realize that Lebron James must be doing something right to attract these confused souls and jealous fans who actually admire him, because if they didn't, as a grown *** man or woman with a family they would pay lebron no mind and only worry about being a fan of kobe an . ...
A few milestones from tonight. Tony Parker passed Michael Jordan for 8th in career Playoff assist, and passed Scottie Pippen for 13th in career Playoff scoring. Tim Duncan has tied Magic Johnson for career Playoff double-doubles with 157. And Lebron James scores 35 points and grabs 10 rebounds on 64% shooting. Only other player to accomplish that in the last 25 years is Shaq O'neal
TODAYS MV4 GAME SUMMARY! THE FACT: The Miami Heat now have won 13 straight times in games following a loss in the NBA playoffs. The last team to come close to such a streak was the Michael Jordan-era Chicago Bulls, who pulled the trick 12 straight times from May 1990 to June 1992. THE LEAD: Lebron James overcame muscle cramping from Game 1 and a slow start in Game 2 to post 35 points and 10 rebounds on Sunday as the Heat rebounded from their NBA Finals-opening loss to win this one 98-96 over the San Antonio Spurs at the AT&T Center. The split series, as it was after two games last year, heads to Miami for two games on Tuesday and Thursday before a return to the AT&T Center (where the air-conditioning was not an issue after the Game 1 failure). James, who played 36 minutes, scored two points in the first quarter then shot 13-for-18 the rest of the way (including all three of his 3-point tries). He was fits for Kawhi Leonard -- or any other Spurs player -- to guard. Leonard fouled out and was limited to nin ...
LeBron is one of the best players in the league. He can't tie Michael Jordan's shoes though... He can't can't even time Magic Johnson's shoes..
I don't get to watch a lot of basketball but I just caught the last few minutes of the NBA Finals. Lebron James isn't flashy the way Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson were but I admire the way he stayed focused and helped his team take Game 2 out of the hands of San Antonio.
players of all time who have 3 or more MVP awards. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kareem. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Bill Russell. 5. Larry Bird
Who would you say helped make Basketball Mainstream ? Magic Johnson , Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlin , Dr J, Michael Jordan, or the Harlem Globe trotters ?
Watching the 1985 NBA Finals with the Lakers and the Celtics. Bird vs. Magic. Dennis Johnson, Kevin MacHale, Robert Parrish, Danny Ainge, Scott Wedman, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Byron Scott, James Worthy, Bob McaDoo, Mitch Kupchak, Kurt Rambis. It's bringing me back! One thing is for sure. Lebron James is definitely more Magic Johnson than he is Michael Jordan. But he's much bigger and stronger than both. That's my opinion.
Top 5 players all time in NBA History. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Shaquille O'Neal and Tim Duncan. Kobe 6th
I hate when people say that Lebron can't win a Championship by himself like Jordan,Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson did smh... These ppl obviously don't know basket ball... Michael Jordan had Scotty Pippin, Dennis Rodman, and clutch *** Ron Harper... Magic Johnson had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy... And Larry Bird had Kevin Mchale Robert Parish and Dj aka Dennis Johnson... Every player named in this status is top 100 players of all time and sum hall of famers... So before u say Lebron couldnt do it on his own get ur facts right...
I saw this on ballislife.com a few days ago and its got me thinking. how would i make my team. You are given a limit of $15 to select 5 players (1 player for each position). Each player is given a specific value. How would you go and build your team? Here are the players, values in there respective positions: PG - Magic Johnson($5), Oscar Robertson($4), Isiah Thomas($3), John Stockton($2), Walt Frazier($1) SG - Michael Jordan($5), Kobe Bryant($4), Jerry West($3), Clyde Drexler($2), Dwayne Wade($1) SF - Lebron James($5), Larry Bird($4), Julius Erving($3), Kevin Durant($2), Scottie Pippen($1) PF - Karl Malone($5), Charles Barkley($4), Tim Duncan($3), Dirk Nowitzki($2), Kevin Garnett($1) C - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar($5), Bill Russell($4), Wilt Chamberlain($3), Shaquille O'Neal($2), Hakeem Olajuwon($1) I an trying to figure my team out. *** .
When did Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson only score 7 points in a playoff game? C'mon, Lebron isn't on the mount yet!!
Michael Jordan, Matt Millen, Kirk Gibson, Magic Johnson, Larry Drew...the list goes on and on.
A Laker Life: Art and Basketball, the Amrany family A Laker Life: Meet Omri Amrany, Julie Rotblatt Amrany and Itamar Amrany. They are the family that shapes legends into statues including Michael Jordan in Chicago and Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Jerry West and Chick Hearn at Staples Center. WWLG4LIFE VIDEOS
I just read that Magic Johnson is interested in buying the Clippers. If this goes through, I want the NBA to rule that should the Clippers ever face the Charlotte Hornets in the finals, the championship will be decided by having Magic play 1 on 1 with the Hornets' owner, Michael Jordan. Can you imagine the ratings for that?
Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Patrick Ewing, bob Johnson, Jay-z, and others are secretly planning to open a all *** league come 2017. Google it
TRIVIA TIME:. Who made more baskets in their lifetime... Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, or J.W. & Bonnie Longaberger?
All the News & Grits, Occasional Update: The Library of Congress is releasing some more recordings in their very popular "Unauthorized Home Conversations Recordings" series. These recordings have been subsidized by the NBA, so the # of sales is inconsequential. In their publicity statement, the NBA said that it is completely untrue that some of the recordings coming soon would include Magic Johnson, Oprah Winfrey, Robert Johnson, Son House, Muddy Waters, Chuck Berry, Joe Louis, Jackie Robinson, Jim Brown, Kingfish, Archie Bunker, Michael Jordan, Michael Jackson, Ralph David Abernathy, Redd Foxx, Moms Mabley, Lenny Bruce, Wilt Chamberlain, Lord Buckley, Muhammad Ali, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Isaiah Thomas, Julius Erving, Richard Pryor, Eddie Murphy, Whoopi Goldberg, O.J. Simpson, Michael Vick, or ME ~!
Top five all time nba is Shaq, Tim Duncan, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson.
I'm talking to our children's director, who doesn't know who Magic Johnson is, and td her that she has to know who Michael Jordan is. She gets a blank look on her face and after a moment of silence, she says, sorry, I get him confused with Michael Jackson. What the what?!
Thank you Lebron James, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Mayor Kevin Johnson & ALL THE OTHER COURAGEOUS PEOPLE who stood up to Sterling! 2TU
It is imperative that we stand up for what we believe in! That being said: I want to say I am proud of the Clippers, the Heat, Stephen Curry, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Oprah Winfrey, President Obama, and others that spoke out on the LA Clippers owners comments. It's one thing to harbor prejudices against a group. However, it is another to be in a position of power that keeps those that that you harbor those ill feelings toward "in their place." Adam Silver did the right thing!
So the owner of the LA Clippers has been banned from the NBA for life and fined $2.5 million for using his first amendment rights privately. John Kerry, US Secretary of State, says privately that Israel is becoming an apartheid country and he does not get fired, as he should be, and no fine. Both men should not have said privately what they said and for sure the person recording both of them were in the wrong as well. However, Kerry's comment effects world wide issues while Sterling's comments only effect the stupid NBA. I believe either Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson had Sterling set up so they could force Sterling out and buy the Clippers...just sayin
Watching AC360 with Anderson Cooper interviewing Spike Lee in relation to the Donald Sterling's Racist Scandal...Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan had speak up..."HE SEES HIS PLAYERS and EMPLOYEES AS SLAVES" a view from Spike Lee. I HATE RACIST PEOPLE!
Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Spike Lee will be on CNN within the hour with Anderson Cooper. To talk about the racist owner of the Clippers.
What should the NBA do about Donald Sterling? The answer is easy if you are a columnist, or Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan or Lebron James, or a fan disgusted by the Clippers owner’s racist rant. You can say you are “obviously disgusted” (Jordan), that you will never attend a Clippers game as long as Sterling owns the team (Johnson) or that there is “no room” for Sterling in the NBA (James). You can be proud, knowing you took a stand. But if you are Commissioner Adam Silver, the question gets complicated. People demanding that Silver get rid of Sterling are missing the point. It just isn’t easy to force a man to sell a business. Sterling does not work for Silver; Silver works for Sterling and other owners. Sterling owns his team. The NBA does not have a mechanism in place to get rid of a racist owner. As long as Sterling pays his bills, his ownership of the Clippers is inviolate. And within the legal system, Sterling plays hard. Silver’s challenge now: He has to show Sterling the door, but ...
Magic Johnson,Michael Jordan voice harsh criticism in response to comments - as well they should
I can't sleep at least not right now *** insomnia). As I was browsing the trends, I happen to have heard the accused audio recording of Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers. Unfortunately it seems pretty legit. As a fan of the NBA since I was a kid, I looked up to many players that are black and I still do. ,Michael Jordan, of course, Shaquille O' Neal, Hakeem Olajawon, David Robinson, Mugsey Bogues, just to name a few. I did not like Magic Johnson, but not because of his skin color. It was because I knew every time he matched up with Larry Bird , it was gonna be a well fought battle on the court. Even in today's NBA, there is some great talent like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Deandre Jordan Paul Pierce, etc.. These guys are great players with great talent. They worked hard to get where they are and do what they do. It's unfortunate that a organization like the Los Angeles Clippers with a dream has to be dealing with this obstacle in the middle of a run to a championship title. I ...
Little Giant Ladders
Phew.. OKC Thunder just win in OT over the Grizzlies.. Series tied 2 ALL. Vince Carter with the buzzer beater over the Spurs, Mavs lead 2 to 1 in their series. Miami.. meh.. Oh and LeBron, please don't look over Michael Jordan's way, unless he's asking you to shine his Air Jordans. Come on Bobcats, take 1 at least please! Wizards please finish the Bulls and same with the Clippers . Commiserations on the loss Alex Leapai, always supporting the usos. All I can think of though is a lot opportunity. Klitschko's 147 landed shots vs 10 tells the story, Too easy and not tested. Alex you'll be your own worst critic so hope you can come back. Donald Sterling, uppercut yourself with the "Dont bring Magic Johnson to my (Clippers) games" . Loser!
A few African-Americans own or have owned small stakes in N.B.A. teams. Magic Johnson owns 5 percent of the Los Angeles Lakers; Isiah Thomas owned 10 percent of the Toronto Raptors and Michael Jordan previously owned 8 percent of Lincoln Holdings, which owns the Washington Wizards, the Washington Capitals and the MCI Center. He relinquished that share when he left the Wizards' executive suite last season to play again. Two other African-Americans, Peter Bynoe and Bertram Lee, owned about one-third of the Denver Nuggets and were the general partners. Roughly 80 percent of the league's players are black or members of minority groups; 12 of the 29 coaches are African-American.
Also to note and let this be clear , All those Michael Jordan sneakers, posters etc. Michael Jordan and I don't need to pre requisite this with explaining how great or the greatest in a craft he is in the game of Basketball only. He has done absolutely NOTHING for the Black community with all that power he had or has at best it's a minimal.Killing for sneakers for a Man who makes you a sneaker, Lebron James has done more for the Black community in his early time than Michael Jordan in his whole life; And he couldn't even tie Magic Johnson shoes Do you think Michael Jordan would have stood against ridicule standng up for Trayvon Martin? We have to stop rewarding individuals with his mentality, it's unacceptable to me.It has to end
Happy Friday to everyone in the Northern Virginia and DC Metro area! Here's an end of the week trivia question for you about some very exciting news... What do Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Moses Malone, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Dominique Wilkins, James Worthy, Patrick Ewing, Amare Stoudemire, Grant Hill, Ralph Sampson, Muggsy Bogues, Rudy *** LaMarcus Aldridge, Al Jefferson, Jason Kidd, Andre Iguodala, Baron Davis, Juan Dixon, Christian Laettner, J.J. Redick and Doc Rivers all have in common? They are ALL in fact alumni of Washington D.C.'s legendary Capital Classic High School Basketball All-Star Showcase, which returns to ALEXANDRIA and TC WILLIAMS on THIS SATURDAY, April 26 for its 41st annual celebration!! This is an incredible chance to see many of the very best high school basketball players in the nation take the stage in our own backyard, just before they head off to big time college basketball and the pantheon of basketball stardom! Learn more about this year's ...
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson and James Worthy had Pat Riley...Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, and Emmitt Smith had Jimmy Johnson...Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen had Phil Jackson...Kobe Bryant and Shaquille O'Neal had Phil Jackson too...Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, well, they had Phil Jackson too. What's the point? The same immutable reality exists in sports and in business: no matter how much talent you have individually, or even how much talent your team may possess, a great coach / mentor will help you reach amazing goals...
Let me show you how NBA players have changed over the years. I'm about to name off some of great players from back in the days: Larry Bird, Isiah Thoams, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, David Robinson, Pat Ewing, Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dominique Wilkins, Wilt Chamberlin, George Gervin, Pistol Pete Maverick. Now I'm about to name off the "Great Players" of today: Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dewayne Wade, Kevin Durante, Paul George, Russell Westbrook(Maybe).do you see the difference?
Top 5 greatest players of all time gone end up like dis. Michael Jordan. Lebron James. Kobe Bryant. Kevin Durant. Magic Johnson.
the Berea Alcoballics release everyone and sign Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell.
Name another team in the HISTORY of the NBA that has ran through as many Hall-of-Famers as the Detroit Pistons... Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Clyde Drexler, ALL of the NY Knicks teams, all fell at the hands of the
-They preempted 2 Broke Girls with basketball? If a Magic Johnson ain't dribbling on Michael Jordan, who cares?
Branson- Were you alive when Michael Jordan & Magic Johnson played basket ball? Me- Yes Branson-Were they really good? Me- Yes
Not only has the Affordable Care Act been promoted by Zach Galifinakis, Michael Jordan, Ellen Degeneres, Lebron James and Magic Johnson, but now it's being advertised on Flappy Bird. If that doesn't make youths want to sign up, clearly nothing will.
Larry Brown: great players like Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson would never join forces to form a championship team.
Five Reasons Larry Bird Was Better Than Michael Jordan It May Sound Crazy, but Michael Jordan Is Only the Second Greatest in NBA History . Yahoo Contributor Network By Justin Haskins August 15, 2013 2:46 PM . . . Ten greatest athletes in Boston sports history . View photo Larry Bird. . COMMENTARY | It may be sacrilegious for anyone growing up in the Michael Jordan era to question his greatness, but before the Nike commercials, Spike Lee, Gatorade and Bugs Bunny, a lanky 6-foot-9-inch guy from French Lick, Indiana, was embarrassing ultra-athletic NBA stars in stadiums across the country. And although Larry Bird's injury-shortened career undoubtedly did not live up to the one Michael Jordan would later experience, there are five good reasons to believe that when comparing both players in the prime of their careers, Larry "Legend" was a better -- albeit only slightly -- basketball player than the man everyone routinely refers to as the "greatest ever." 1. Larry Bird was a better shooter Bird's shooting form ...
Ok, so we have Lebron, D-Rod, KG, KD, Magic Johnson, Pete Maravich, Aquaman, Mario, and Michael Jordan. Let me know who im forgetting
Spike Lee'S RECENT RACIST RANT ABOUT GENTRIFICATION (Please take a moment to go directly to Matt's Savant Society for Emerging Minority Conservatives -- like, comment, and most of all: celebrate the rising 2014 racial diversity within the GOP and our conservative movement. Thanks, my fellow intrepid Group members.) Today's Commentary: Spike Lee does not like whites moving into Black neighborhoods, but he likely does not want to hear the same from whites who do not want Blacks moving into their neighborhoods. As TIME Magazine says in an eloquent editorial rebuttal, Mr. Lee goes against the grain of the GOP-written Civil Rights Act intended to bring us all together 45 years ago. One can only assume he does not like Black multi-millionaire celebrities like Beyoncé, Jay-Z, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan or Diana Ross living among the filthy white rich. He must lose sleep over our integrated Capitol, Washington, DC; where whites, Blacks, Jewish and other minorities routinely live on the same block together. .. ...
My Mt. Rushmore of Basketball would have to be Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell and Tim Duncan. Seen this as a debate for the past few weeks in the sports world.
My top 5 all time Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Bill Russell and Kareem this list is in no order
Today In Sport's History: Feb 26, 1996: Stockton gets 11,000th NBA assist. On this day in 1996, the Utah Jazz’s point guard John Stockton gets his 11,000th assist in the NBA. When Stockton retires from basketball in 2003, he leaves with 15,806 career assists, a record that still stands. Stockton attended Gonzaga University and in 1984 was drafted by the Utah Jazz, where he would spend his entire career. The 6’1” point guard was the 16th overall pick in that year’s draft, which also included Michael Jordan and Charles Barkley. Stockton got his first NBA assist on November 26, 1984, and his 1,000th assist on April 5, 1986. During the 1987-1988 season, he made 1,128 assists, setting a record for most assists in one season. Isiah Thomas had previously held the record with 1,123 assists. On February 1, 1995, Stockton shattered the NBA record for career assists--9,921--which had belonged to Magic Johnson. Stockton earned a reputation as hard-working, consistent and the ultimate team player. During his 1 ...
My Two Cents for Basketball Junkies Only. Does Lebron James Qualify For the NBA's Version of Mt. Rushmore? Lebron James can only be on Mt. Rushmore if he wins at least 5 rings..., that is the minimum requirement for discussion. He has to be in the conversation with Kobe Bryant (5 rings), Magic Johnson (5 Rings), Michael Jordan (6 Rings). Kareem Abdul Jabbar (6 rings), Bill Russell (11 rings) and possibly John Havlicek (8 rings) in order to be mentioned amongst such an elite class of individuals. In my opinion, the process is very simple: Winning championships + personal performance = Mt. Rushmore Qualification. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is automatic because he is the league's all time leading scorer (total points) and has the rings to back it up. Bill Russell is automatic with the most rings ever won (11). The greatest player, Michael Jordan is automatic (and only a Jordan hater would argue that). Wilt Chamberlain is looking in from the outside because he has only 2 championships despite dominating the ...
Bill Russell puts Lebron James in his place Written by Michael Rehome on Thursday, 20 February 2014 Shots fired. Shots fired. Boston Celtics Legend and Hall of Famer Bill Russell expressed his feeling towards Lebron James Mount Rushmore picks of all-timegreats. During All-Star Weekend, James went ahead and named his players and to the dismay of Russell, he was not named by James.James picks were, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson. Only four players? There is five and James made sure to let everyone know that he would "for sure" be one of the top four whom have ever played the game.Sunday evening during the All-Star Game, Craig Sager read a quote from Russell whom gave his response to James' Mount Rushmore picks. (H/TFox Sports)“Hey, thank you for leaving me off your Mount Rushmore. I’m glad you did. Basketball is a team game, it’s not for individual honors. I won back-to-back state championships in high school, back-to-back NCAA championships in college. I won an NBA ...
People who i have never meet ' but i respect ' who's hand i would like to shake ''' at the top of my list is ' Barack Obama # 2 is Oprah Winfrey # 3 is magic Johnson # 4 is Charles Barkley # 5 is Derek Jeter # 6 is the greatest Muhammad Ali # 7 is Smokey Robinson # 8 is Berry Gordy is Gale Sayers # 10 is Bill Russell # 11 is Beyonce Knowles # 12 is Beyonce Knowles # 13 is Beyonce Knowles # 14 is Beyonce Knowles # 15 is Michael Jordan # 16 is Barry Bonds # 17 is Doug Williams # 18 is the First Lady Michelle Obama # 19 is Michelle Obama # 20 is Michelle Obama # 21 is Stevie Wonder # 22 is Lionel Richie # 23 is Warren Moon # 24 is Barry Sanders # 25 is prime time Deon Sanders # 26 is
The biggest debate In sports right now, who would u put on mount rush more, you need 4. I would put Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Wilt Chamberlain.
From 1988-1990, the Detroit Pistons seized control of the NBA playing an intimidating team defense that often frustrated and shut down basketball's greats such as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. They nearly upset the Lakers in the '88 NBA Finals after a heroic game when Isaiah Thomas played on a broken ankle and were within one minute away from closing out the Finals. They won the NBA championship back to back in dominating fashion first sweeping the Lakers in '89 and then Portland Trail Blazers in five in '90. There were HOFers like Thomas, Dumars and Rodman on this team, but it's always fun to look back at a team that enforced it's own will with a team presence, won with persistence, drive. They were Detroit's 'Bad Boys'!!
Don't laugh, but I watch the ESPN2 sports talk show "Mike & Mike" while I get ready for work in the morning. For the past week, they've been talking about who would be on a basketball "Mount Rushmore" (Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson seem to be the givens, with other strong candidates Dr. J, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, etc.). Which got me thinking: Who would be on the Mount Rushmore of Classic Actresses? I think it's pretty obvious: Bette, Joan, Katharine Hepburn, Stanwyck. Does anyone have anyone else to compare with these Big Four?
Here you have Oprah Winfrey with a networth of 2.9 billion dollars. Jay-Z and Beyonce with a combined network of 850 million. P Diddy with a networth 580millon. Russell Simmons with a networth of 325million. Master P with a network 350million. Tyler Perry network of 400million. Magic Johnson with a net worth of 500million. Robert L Johnson founder of BET with a networth of 500million dollars. Michael Jordan with his white wife with a net worth of 650million,oh and by the way he's donated millions of dollars to build prisons to lock yall up. But yet yall go broke buying his shoes. With all these net worth combined is an estimate of nearly 10billion dollars. See these ppl could buy up Detroit and make it an all black city,but instead they're buying acceptance. The super rich blacks aren't going to save us. As I've said again. WE MUST SAVE OURSELVES.
My NBA Mount Rushmore: - Bill Russell (greatest champion in all of sports) - Michael Jordan (hands down greatest player of all time) - Magic Johnson (championships. could play every position) - Larry Bird (championship player that made NBA popular with Magic) My NFL Mount Rushmore: - Joe Montana (great performances along with championships) - Peyton Manning (greatest regular season QB ever) - Lawrence Taylor (transcended defense in the NFL) - Barry Sanders (greatest show on the field - box office)
who would be your Mount Rushmore in professional basketball? I would have Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson, Wilt Chamberlain
Mount Rushmore. -Michael Jordan. -Magic Johnson. -Wilt Chamberlain. -Kobe Bryant. Fight me if you disagree
My NBA Mount Rushmore (not that you asked): Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan
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There's been a lot of talk lately about the "Mount Rushmore" of basketball, our list here at Simply Sports consist of ; Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird , and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Agree? Disagree? Post your lists on this thread!
Taken from Ballislife.com Tonight on NBATV will be the airing of the controversial interview with Lebron James that has made Mount Rushmore into a trending topic. In a snippet released last week, James was asked about his Mt Rushmore of NBA greats. “The easy three, that we all talk about in our league, you’ve got Michael Jordan, you got Larry Bird and you’ve got Magic Johnson,” LeBron said. “And I would say the fourth… wow, this is so tough. The greatest players of all time that I’d like to see on Mount Rushmore? This is not fair … Oscar Robertson. Those are my four.” “I’m going to be one of the top four that’s ever played this game, for sure,” he said. “And if they don’t want me to have one of those top four spots, they’d better find another spot on that mountain. Somebody’s gotta get bumped, but that’s not for me to decide. That’s for the architects.” His top 4 and his comment about one day bumping one of them off the mountain drew a response from everybody but .. ...
My Basketball top 10: 1.) Michael Jordan (Sociopath that would rather die than lose. 6-6 in finals would have won 8 straight if he didn't retire. Invented modern day sports marketing. Kept other great players like Ewing Reggie Malone ring less. Played in a hand check era against true goons on the Detroit and NY teams. Set the bar so high that sports comparisons are skewed in perpetuity) 2.) Magic Johnson (People need to trump Magic before even being mentioned with Jordan. Changed the way BB was played. Invented show time. Before Magic came into the NBA the finals was shown on tape delay at 1AM) 3.) Larry Bird (Peyton Manning of Basketball but with more playoff success. Amazingly clutch. Played the game correctly. Cash jumper from 25ft in. Him and Magic paved the way for MJ) 4.) Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Rings Most Points Scored. Sky hook was transcendent.) 5.) Wilt Chamberlain (Although he was much bigger than everyone else he played he was the most dominant player in NBA history. They changed the ...
Nba Mount Rushmore is Michael Jordan. Tim Duncan Kareem Abdul jabbar. Magic Johnson.. Larry legend wilt the stilt. And biggest winner Bill Russell.. that's the cream of the crop of NBA royalty..
Bob Pettit and Kobe Bryant are the only two players to win the All-Star Game MVP four times. Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, and Shaquille O'Neal have each won the award three times, while Bob Cousy, Julius Erving, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, Karl Malone, Allen Iverson, and Lebron James have all won the award twice. James' first All-Star MVP in 2006 made him the youngest to have ever won the award at the age of 21.[4] Four of the games had joint winners—Elgin Baylor and Pettit in 1959, John Stockton and Malone in 1993, O'Neal and Tim Duncan in 2000, as well as Bryant and O'Neal in 2009. O'Neal became the first player in All-Star history to share two MVP awards. The Los Angeles Lakers have had eleven winners while the Boston Celtics have had eight. Duncan of the U.S. Virgin Islands is the only winner not born in the United States.
It's only right to put Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, & Kobe on a NBA Rushmore
People say they want to see: Michael Jordan vs Lebron James.. But I really want to see: Magic Johnson vs Lebron James
interesting topic. honestly my "mt. rushmore of the nba," are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, and the fourth is tough. If it has to be players, I would put Larry there. But what about Naismith? Bob Knight? Coach K? even David Stern if its not limited to players. But for me, Lebron would need at least 2 more rings and some better competition for me to put him up there with Jordan and Magic.
James’ first three selections which he called the “easy three,” were Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson & Oscar Robertson
So I was able to find a couple of nickels to go to CIAA for the week, then I went online to get my tickets., I guess Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson are in the tournament this year?
Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson share a laugh during the 1992 Olympics.
Phil Jackson weighs in on classic 1-on-1 scenarios between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and more.
You know it is really amazing what up and coming basketball stars say to legends like a Michael Jordan or maybe Magic Johnson and say to them that their better. Unfortunately Kobe Bryant did not get the message back in 99 he met Michael Jordan in a meeting with Phil Jackson. Of course they got to talking about basketball stuff and Kobe said to Jordan " I can kick ur butt in a game of one on one. That Comment brought Kobe on the biggest COME ON MAN! list in my book! Just look at the stats in the sun-times.
Richard Sherman- I know I will catch *** but here is my opinion. The best at their sports were the biggest trash talkers. It's part of the game. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Dion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis are all notorious trash talkers. Don't get me wrong, Richard Sherman is NOT in the same league as these guys. He got a little too pumped and should have been pulled away from the mic. The NFL fine is too much.
There was a party in the East Room of the White House Saturday night, an affair attended by a reported 500 people, a lavish celebration with celebrities galore, appearances by some of the world's most popular performers, lots of dancing and powerful government officials, including, of course, the most powerful official of all, the President of the United States. And the White House wants to make sure you know as little as possible about it. The event was First Lady Michelle Obama's 50th birthday party. According to reports in People, the Chicago Tribune, TMZ, US Magazine, and elsewhere, among of the attendees were, in no particular order: Beyonce, Stevie Wonder, Paul Mccartney, James Taylor, Smokey Robinson, Gladys Knight, Janelle Monae, Mary J. Blige, Angela Bassett, Courtney Vance, Herbie Hancock, Samuel L. Jackson, Grant Hill, Alonzo Mourning, Ledisi, Emmett Smith, Star Jones, Al Roker, Steve Harvey, Magic Johnson, Billie Jean King, Michael Jordan, Angela Bassett, Jennifer Hudson, Gayle King, Ahmad Ras ...
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Michael Jordan never was coasting. Magic Johnson was never coasting. Julius Erving was never coasting. Kobe was never coasting. So LeBron?
I wish I could just sit and talk basketball with the greats like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird. Just to break down the game
Okay, so to continue my all-time greatest NBA fantasy draft, I am going to take five players from each position, to avoid more time consumption. PG: Magic Johnson, Pete Maravich, tiny Archibald, Oscar Robertson, John Stockton, Sam Jones. I had to make an exception for the point guard position. SG: John Havlicek,Michael Jordan, John Starks, Hershey Hawkins, Walt Frazier. SF: Larry Bird, Julius Irving, James Worthy, Jerry West, Paul Pierce. PF: Carl Malone, Sam Perkins, Kevin Makale, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett. C: Moses Malone, Hakim Olajuwon, George Mikan, Will Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dikembe Mutombo, Ralph Sampson, Shaquille O'Neal, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Robert Parrish. once again this position had to have more than five.
Michael Jordan defending his celebrated opponent in the 1991 NBA Finals, Magic Johnson.
Dr. J to Magic Johnson to Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant to Lebron James 👌🏀
Lebron James is the best basketball player ever eaven better than Michael Jordan and Allen Iverson and Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson back on the Lakers, Michael Jordan somewhere where he needs to be, Bill Russell on the Celtics, Pistol Pete on the Suns...
Have a lot of basketball and football cards. I have many collector's cards kept in good condition. some of the cards including Marshall Faulk's rookie card, John Elway, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, Steve Atwater, Champ Bailey, Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Bush, Tim Brown and even Michael Jordan's retirement Baseball card. Message me for prices, or u can ask if I have a certain card, they vary for each card we can also negotiate on the whole box.
Pistol Pete is a combo of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird
What NBA star retired for the third time on May 14, 1996? -Karl Malone - Magic Johnson - Wilt Chamberlain - Michael Jordan - Jerry West
Not the best showing for our team tonight playing Sporcle Live - Detroit trivia at the Corner Brewery with us getting a mere 109 points, which is our lowest score during the Winter Blitz. We think. Probably... Our team captain sadly had to be absent because of a little trifle called work. Bah humbug! If the commentary gets a little goofy here and there it's because weariness from work began to set in as she typed up this silly-recap. Fasten your seat belts (insert relevant Bette Davis quote here). Since our absent player is also our re-cap writer and note taker, no standings or scores of other teams besides ours were recorded. Alas, if you want something done right you have to do it yourself! Though our re-cap writer has been known to have lazy moments or get too happy from getting NHL questions right and of course, beer. Or confuse Magic Johnson with Michael Jordan. *** it's not her job to know about pro sports, so lay off, would ya? She came up with Bobby Orr the other night, didn't she? Or she'll take ...
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Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille Oneal, Larry Bird.all won multiple titles.all played with more Hall of Famers than Kobe
I would love to have watched Babe Ruth play, Sammy Sosa, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Muhammad Ali, Bobby Orr.. Ugh List goes on man
Wrestle Mania III, the rise of Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson, Joe Montana and Larry Bird
I have 2 completely different statuses based on something I saw or heard today...here's the first... Michael Jordan said he would have him, Magic Johnson, Akeem Olajuwon, James Worthy and Scottie Pippen as his 5 in a game against anybody and they wouldn't lose...who would u have (u can't have any of the players he has). I got Lebron, Oscar Robertson, Kevin Durant, Karl Malone, and Wilt Chamberlain! No disrespect, but who Magic gon guard? And he never had nobody like Lebron on him. I almost grabbed Iverson for pure heart, but the Big O, KD and Lebron can all run point. My shooter is better than MJs. My 2 isn't far behind Mike. my 4 man might not be liked, but he was the truth! And my big won the NCAA high jump, scored 100 in a game, and came back and led the NBA in assists! We win!!!
Having disabilities isn't a bad thing! Sometimes when you have disabilities, people treat you different because they think you are weird. I was made fun of and bullied in school, but i stood up for myself and it made me a stronger person. Some people don't realize that lots of famous people also had/have disabilities. Don't put people down for having disabilities because lots of people are born with them and are just the same as everyone else. Here is a list of famous people who had/have add/adhd just like me. Its nice to know I'm not alone and that I can be myself and don't have to be ashamed of who I am. Famous actors and entertainers with ADD/ADHD: Will Smith, Jim Carey, Tom Cruise, Sylvester Stallone, Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Henry Winkler, Patty Duke, and Bill Cosby. Famous athletes with ADD/ADHD: Michael Jordan, Bruce Jenner, Magic Johnson, Nolan Ryan, Terry Bradshaw, Babe Ruth, Greg Louganis, Vince Lombardi, and Pete Rose. Famous artists with ADD/ADHD: Pablo Picasso, Ansel Adams, Vincent Va ...
Born on 2day are The president of PWHF Mr. T.V.-29th president Warren G. Harding-11th President James Polk-Burt Lancaster-Daniel Boone-Ray Walston from My favorite Martian-Mongolian Stomper Archie Gouldie-Darren Young-Prodigy of Mobb Deep-Nelly-K.D. Lang-and Michael Buffer-The Fabulous Moolah passes away in 2007-Magic Johnson retires from the NBA in 1992-Michael Jordan on the cover of T.V. guide in 1996-and on this day the movie Jacob's Ladder in 1990 and that izit 4-2day!!
While most current NBA fans give Michael Jordan the nod in the hypothetical “best player ever” competition, but a lot of that is simply due to timing — most hoops fans alive today saw him play, or have heard the mythology of his era at least. Basketball is a game that is hard to compare across eras and generations and most of us didn’t see the greats of the 1960s or 1970s play. Those that did have the same bias for the players of their generation as people who came of age in the 1990s do for Jordan. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar was on ESPN’s Collin Cowherd radio show on Thursday and was asked about the greatest — and he went with the first major star he ever played with (transcription via LakersNation). “LeBron is awesome, MJ was awesome — but I think Oscar Robinson would have kicked them both in the behind,” said Abdul-Jabbar when asked about James and Jordan. “Absolutely. Oscar was awesome. He had brains. [...] He had all the skills. “He could rebound and box out guys four and six inches ta ...
"He is amazing. He is somebody that can be in the same category as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird." -Vlade Divac on Kevin Durant
NBA legend Vlade Divac says bound Kevin Durant can match Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird-
Magic Johnson is the Michael Jordan of surviving AIDS.
FREE PROMO WEEKEND UPDATE for Lost Exit: Currently in the Free Kindle Store (Sports/Basketball) - right behind Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant and ahead of Magic Johnson.not too bad for a guy with marginal shooting skills and mediocre rebounding abilities.
Very very true, CHARLOTTE, N.C. (AP) — NBA legend Michael Jordan believes he could beat Lebron James in a one-on-one basketball game when he was in his prime. He's not sure about Kobe Bryant. In a video promoting the NBA 2K14 video game that is being released today, Jordan said there's a long list of players he would've liked to have played one-on-one — Jerry West, Elgin Baylor, Julius Erving, Carmelo Anthony, Dwyane Wade, Bryant and James, who dons the cover of this year's game. "I don't think I would lose," Jordan said in the video, before smiling and adding, "Other than to Kobe Bryant because he steals all of my moves." Jordan, a six-time NBA champion and considered by many the greatest basketball player ever, has had a sponsorship deal with 2K Sports since 2011, when he first appeared on the cover of the popular game. The 50-year-old Jordan, who was a five-time league MVP, also shared the cover in 2012 with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird. This year will be the first time on the cover for James, a fo ...
Deep thoughts by tOddO... Today I was listening to Barry Sanders on the Tim Brando Show on Sirius XM. I couldn't help but be amazed at what a class act he is. He was a childhood hero. Then my mind started to wander and think of how the 80's were filled with talent and entertainment unsurpassed before or after. In the 80's we had names like Barry Sanders, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson in sports. In T.V. shows we had Voltron, Transformers, He-Man, G.I.Joe. In movies we had Starwars, Indiana Jones, E.T., The Goonies. I don't think this is a bias on my part. People in sports use those guys as benchmarks. Movies today try to emulate those movies in feeling and action. Modern remakes of those T.V. shows are everywhere... In a way, I think our childhoods were the pinnacle of our modern society. Not easily duplicated. I guess after pondering these thoughts I feel happy I was an 80's kid, but sad our kids won't have it the same...
Magic Johnson calls Michael Jordan the greatest one-on-one player ever : Gamedayr via
.calls Michael Jordan the greatest 1-on-1 player of all time
Magic Johnson is like the Michael Jordan of AIDS
I didn't get to see babe or Gehrig...but I got to see some of the greatest players ever , Michael Jordan, Mariano Rivera , Derek Jeter , Joe Montana tiger woods and magic Johnson.. We are lucky as well.. As a met fan , I salute you Mariano ! Truly the greatest ever
Magic Johnson says Michael Jordan couldn't run a team like he could.
32. Number of Magic Johnson, Jim Brown, the reverse of Michael Jordan's 23, and tommorow officially the number of years the Lord has blessed me to be on this earth.
“Magic Johnson was better than Michael Jordan.” If magic didnt catch aids he would have bodied his career the greatest aha
Magic Johnson posts up Michael Jordan during Game 2 of the 1991 NBA Finals:
Michael Jordan reaches out to Magic Johnson for help on how to handle his daughter being a *** Michael, love her regardless!
Michael Jordan is *** and Magic Johnson son is *** Your point is? People need to mind their own business and stop judging people because we all have flaws and from my understanding a sin is a sin, Punishments are equally in God eyes.So deal with it!
MJ was devastated after finding out his daughter chases the box... Michael Jordan Asks Magic Jordan For Advice On *** Child NBA HOF ballers Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson have more in common than being two of the greatest basketball players of all time – they also have kids identified as *** . Vi...
THE CHRONICLES OF EFREM: Michael Jordan turns to Magic Johnson on accepting his daughter's SEXUALITY? Details here;
Real rap... My generation had seen Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Griffey Jr., Gretzky and Lemieux, and Money Mayweather.
122 USA pro sports teams, yet there are only two Black majority owners - Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. Don’t Play for a Pro Team! Own It! Major sports franchises (the NFL, the NBA, the NHL and Major League Baseball) announce such ownership changes fairly frequently. What is not so frequent, however, is seeing Blacks — even as limited partners — in these 122 sports ownership groups (32 NFL teams, 30 NBA teams, 30 NHL teams and 30 Major League Baseball teams.) Sorry to report, there’s just two Black majority owners among all of those franchises, in all of those sports. Will and Jada Smith are merely limited partners in the 15-person ownership group of the NBA's Philadelphia 76ers. Will and Jada actually joined three other African-American entertainers with limited partnership stakes in NBA franchises. Usher Raymond has a small stake (by NBA ownership standards) in the Cleveland Cavaliers; Nelly, has a similar investment in the Carolina Bobcats. In football, there are a few Black limited partners ...
Mine are Michael Jordan, of course, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul Jabar, Wilt the Stilt & Magic Johnson
Magic Johnson is the Michael Jordan of surviving HIV.
Ahmad Rashad, Clyde Drexler, Dominique Wilkins, David Robinson, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson singing the song on a basketball court
Chris Paul got Magic Johnson . Kevin Durant got Larry Bird . Tyson Chandler got Robinson . Lebron James got Barkley . Kobe got Michael Jordan!
My starting history team would be: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Lebron James,Kevin Garnett or Elvin Hayes, Shaq or Hakeem
If somebody says no to you, or if you get cut, Michael Jordan was cut his first year, but he came back and he was the best ever. That is what you have to have. The attitude that I'm going to show everybody, I'm going to work hard to get better and better. Magic Johnson
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The Ultimate player would be: Lebron James' size and driving ability Gary Payton's perimeter D Bill Russel's Post D and rebounding Dennis Rodman's intensity Michael Jordan's clutchness and ability to take over a game Ray Allen's jumpshot Kobe Bryant's confidence Wilt Chamberlain's finishing touch Allen Iverson's crossover Nate Robinson's quickness and vertical Magic Johnson's passing skill John Stockton's court vision Jason Kidd's coaching ability from the court and sportsmanship If anybody has got anything to add or change please comment and I will consider editing the ultimate player. -Nic
Can guys stop referring to themselves as "a young *** Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan never referred to themselves as such
So this morning I learned something that I thought I would never understand or would ever do. check this out, there 2 captain s on each team (basketball) right. So one picks one and the other picks one okay. Here r the players to choose from. Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, Paul Pierce, God, Allen Iverson, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. Who would you pick frist?? I know!
For my basketball guys.greatest of all time game. Pick 10 players. All time in their prime. 5 on 5. For example mine would be Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Charles Barkley, Karl Malone, and Wilt Chamberlain VS John Stockton, Michael Jordan, Moses Malone, Patrick Ewing, and Shaq. That would be sick. Lol.
Man, all this talk about how Lebron could be the best basketball player to ever live is driving me nuts. There will never be another Michael Jordan. A man who walked the air, had an inspiring story, and a man of true class. He is the reason why I'm still a Bulls fan today.
All time best Players to ever play in the Nba starting 5! Magic Johnson-pg Michael Jordan-sg Lebron James Sf Karl Malone Pf and Shaq O'neal C! Questions? Concerns? Comments?
I think today's professional athletes are of different genes than when I was growing up... Dennis Rodman was the only crazy one back then and Charles Barkley got mad a few times..lol. But over all you never heard of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice or any of the Stars getting in to all this trouble... I think it has a big impact on our kids... Look at the stars from the past and look how good we have turned out... look at the stars of today and look at the kids these days... BIG difference in morals and respect. Just saying.
Aspects of the game that great players weren't great at: Michael Jordan: 3 point shooting Magic Johnson: on ball defense Wilt Chamberlain: free throw shooting Lebron James: free throw shooting Kobe Bryant: shot selection, selective defender Larry Bird: on ball defense Shaq: pick and roll defense, work ethic Hakeem: not a great free throw shooter(but not bad for a big man) Tim Duncan: none really, used to be free throw shooting Kevin Garnett: relied a little too much on jumper instead of using size in post Jerry West: staying healthy Bill Russell: free throw shooting
HEAT VS. HEAT A comparison of the Miami Heat vs. The Heat (that we're feeling today): FRANCHISE HISTORY Miami Heat - Founded in 1988. The Heat - Founded ... 13.8 billion years ago? TITLES Miami Heat - 3, and 2 straight with the Lebron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh super team. The Heat - immeasurable, but certainly undefeated throughout the history of mankind, with special emphasis on the summers of 1936, 1980, 1988, 1999 and 2000. BEST STAR Miami Heat - Duh, it's LeBron. He has surpassed Michael Jordan in everything but titles, and he's closing like a freight train. King James has actually become a combination of Jordan and Magic Johnson, with a little bit of Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson thrown in for good measure. (Notice we didn't mention Kobe.) The Heat - Duh, it's the Sun. The Sun, as you know, is actually a star, one of billions to be sure but the closest one to Earth and the source of life itself. Talk about an All-Star. BEST ATTRIBUTE Miami Heat - It's not The Birdman - that's for sure. And it can ...
U got Michael Jordan,Magic Johnson & Michael Jackson all greats but the least great M.J surely must be Mike Jones
Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan would've never teamed up to win championships, just saying.
Monogamy. To be with one person and one person only. Whether marriage or sexually or just commitment. I posted an article on here last week about monogamy being unnatural. But I didn't really get a lot of people involved in the discussion. So I'm a try it again. Is it truly unnatural to be completely committed to one person and one person only? The Bible tells us that a man should leave his home and find a woman to join with in marriage and that the two shall become one. But the Bible also shows us example after example of man having multiple wives (and/or mistresses) all throughout. Bill Clinton, Michael Jordan, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Magic Johnson, Ray Charles, Bill Cosby, John F. Kennedy, etc etc are all examples of men that are held in high regards in society that obviously saw problems with monogamy. My grandparents have been married 50+ years going on 60 and neither have ever been outside of their marriage. Rumor has it that the reason Will and Jada have such a great marriage is because they a ...
"Zidane is as good as me and Michael Jordan together" - Magic Johnson . Happy birthday you…
Magic Johnson ( I hope you know who he is ) :. "Zidane is as magical as me and Michael Jordan put together".
It's summer conference season eve! Summer is a very busy time for Housing & Residential Services. To provide for additional revenue and services to students during the academic year, we manage a conference housing program and associated services. UCSB Campus Conference Services does an amazing job coordinating meeting arrangements and planning events, which includes food, lodging, meeting spaces, marketing, budgets, name badges, and fixing the kitchen sink! The conferences we manage expose UCSB to a wide variety of people. Over the years a wide range of guests have visited UCSB, including Stephen Hawking, NBA legends Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Pat Riley, and tens of thousands of cheerleaders and student leaders. This year we have a total of 107 programs, including 25 new groups!
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All time NBA Starting 5: PG - Magic Johnson; SG - Michael Jordan; Center - Kareem; PF - Tim Duncan; SF - Lebron James. With Duncan's performance this finals and consistency over 15 years, he gets the nod slightly over Larry Bird. Same sentiment with Kareem over Wilt Chamberlain
With two titles, does LeBron crack your all-time NBA lineup? Mine: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, Bill Russell.
Save the time; spread the word! Watch “Philly Sports Spotlight” Tuesdays at 7:30pm on WMCN - THE Phil Andrews will be interviewing Werner Berger, AKA The Everest Guy! Here is what Phil says about Werner: “During my two and half decades of covering sports, I have had the opportunity to cover some amazing athletes; Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Julius Irving, Bo Jackson, Wayne Gretzky, and Carl Lewis just to name a few. Tonight, I had a conversation with a man who may just trump all of these athletes in the amazing category. His name is Werner Berger. At the age of 65, he summited Africa's Mount Kilimanjaro. Almost five years later, at the age of 69, he became the oldest person in the Western World to Summit Mount Everest. I did mention he was 69 years old, right? Well, apparently, Mr. Berger is a bit bored these days, because he is about to embark on a 12 month odyssey in which he will attempt to once again, climb all seven of the tallest mountain . . one on each continent, know as the 7-Summits. N ...
I remember when Michael Jordan teamed up with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to win his champion. Wait, what? Oh, Michael didn't make a deal with 2 all stars from other teams to get together and win championships? U mean he just made his team around him better and was just clutch and hard nosed and won his championships that way? Crazy how the "Greatest of all time" did it that way!
I will Publicly say "Lebron James is a Great Player" BUT I still dont like him. People really have to just accept he is GREAT and by no means a "JORDAN" - he is not even close! A Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Kobe, YES . but lets repeat this, not a chance a "JORDAN" - Me personally, I would still prefer all the other guys listed on my team before Lebron. Points to consider: 1) Game 7, you got one shot left to win a Championship. WHo do you want taking the Shot? JORDAN! If you said LEBRON, you probably buy the same crack Rob Ford does 2) Jordan made NBA Finals 6 Times: 6 Championships and ZERO Game 7's! Why never a Game 7? Cuz Jordan treated Games 4 or 5 (games to go up 3-1 or 3-2 in a series) as a GAME 7. Lebron: 2/4 Championships and 2 Game 7's (1 win, 1 lose in Game 7's) 3) Jordan instilled FEAR in every opposing player and fan in the NBA. Players today DO NOT fear Lebron. Did the Spurs actually lay off Lebron and challenge him to shoot the ball? This thought, action NEVER occurred happ ...
sakit paminawon ang nahitabo sa pag retired ni Michael Jordan ( MJ ) sa NBA, pero ingon ani nahitabo ni LEONARD sa Game 6/7. Read It . THE MOMENT It's the kind of announcement that induces networks to halt regular programming, the kind of proclamation that results in hundreds of media members to fly to across the country the same morning, the kind of announcement that has the world buzzing from New York to London to Japan. It's October 5, 1993. The shocking words cross the wire: "Michael Jordan will announce that he is retiring tomorrow at a press conference in Deerfield, Ill." It is not the first such retirement: Rocky Marciano retired at the age of 32 as undefeated heavyweight boxing champ with a 49-0 record. Sandy Koufax retired at 30 after compiling a 27-6 season in 1966 with the Dodgers. Bjorn Borg quit at 25 with 11 major titles. Jim Brown's retirement, considering he had just led the NFL in rushing and TDs at the age of 29, surprised the football world. And just two years earlier, Magic Johnson had ...
Much congratulations to the often and unfairly maligned Lebron James for his second straight finals MVP award and his second straight championship. After watching Michael Jordan and LeBron I have come to the conclusion that hands down these are the two greatest individual talents ever. This is not to mitigate the greateness of Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Jabbar, Oscar Robertson or Tim Duncan but LeBron and Jordan are slightly better indivual talents. The quickness, strength and offensive repetoire the both have shown on both the defense and offense is superlatively phenomonal!
Ok, So I did not stay up and watch that instant classic last night. I use to I was I I was the biggest Lebron Fan in the world till he left Cleveland, then just felt like he sold out his legacy to take the easy road. No other great has ever done that. They may go on to win tomorrow night, but I leave all you fans with this. He will never be a Michael Jordan, a Kobe Bryant, a Tim Duncan or a Magic Johnson. He is the greatest athlete the NBA has ever seen, but he single handedly can't will his team to win like the above mentioned few did and may do. You saw that last night. That's why he passes so much late in the game, he wants it on someone else. I will be rooting for Tim Duncan tomorrow. The Guy that already has 4 rings, that of which in my humble opinion Lebron will never see.
I had just graduated high school when Tim Duncan won his first ring. I'll be sleeping on my couch when he wins his 5th in a couple hours. Homeboy is boring as *** Lebron James is not the next Michael Jordan, he's the next Magic Johnson. By that I mean he's bound to get AIDS from Isiah Thomas. GO BULLS!
FB poll: If you were the GM for a new NBA franchise and you had the in the draft who would you select.Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal, Lebron James
What a time I grew up in to watch sports. Prob the best era of sports. We had Michael Jordan , Magic Johnson , Larry Bird & Isaiah Thomas & many many more in basketball. We had people like Joe Montana , Jerry Rice , Walter Payton , Barry Sanders in football. Baseball was loaded as well w/Nolan Ryan , Cal Ripken Jr, Frank Thomas , Bo Jackson , & many others I won't name for steroids arguments. What do ya think, One of the last all around sweet pro era?
Happy Father's Day to Richard Larkins; a man of many titles. When I think back I try to figure out what you haven't done. Youth group leader, Church Council President, Boy Scout Troop Leader, Basketball Coach, Choir Member(Thank God for Progress)...you name it you've done it. Thanks for being an exceptional Father not just to me but to every child you have come in contact with. I have old friends who still remember and ask about you because they never forgot what you told them over 20+ years ago. The lessons I've learned from just watching you are endless. Now that I'm a father I must admit I feel the pressure of being just as great you are. No exaggeration but its like Michael Jordan's son when he's playing basketball(Oh you despise Jordan). Well it's like being Magic Johnson's son(wait).nevermind you get the point. Living up to the legacy you created for me is an Honor. I look forward to sharing these lessons with Thad and others. Happy Father's Day!!
Fifteen yrs ago this guy name Michael Jordan made THE SHOT that to me had to b the best play n nba final history if y'all agree u already no what to do
In my opinion, the Heat don't have, and never had a legit "Big-3". The reason why I think this is because IMO a Big 3 consists of 3 future Hall of Famers playing in their prime together on one team. Chris Bosh is NOT a future hall of famer. He's a great player to have on a team, but not HOF material. A few examples of a real "Big 3": -Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen and Dennis Rodman -Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, and Kevin Garnett Thoughts? -AP33
JZ, Puffy, Donald Trump, Magic Johnson,Michael Jordan and every other successful person have Multiple Streams Of Income. So why do you look all cross eyed when your friends/family try and do the same? Uncle Ray Ray, Pookie and Them have 0-1 stream of income and people act like that's the American Way. What the *** is wrong with yall. You'll don't read Success orientated magazine. Multiple Streams , that's what up, that's what in! get this, rightnow!
Here we go again.Dwight Howard & Chris Paul talking about going to Miami next year. Why don't these so-called superstars have any pride for themselves. You would never see magic Johnson playing with Larry Bird in Boston or Michael Jordan teaming up with Isiah Thomas to win a title.Whats wrong with these guys competitive nature. Aren't you suppose to want to beat the best rather than teaming-up with the best . Cmon man!
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