Michael Jordan & Larry Bird

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Larry Joe Bird (born December 7, 1956) is a former American NBA basketball player and coach. Drafted into the NBA sixth overall by the Boston Celtics in 1978, Bird started at small forward and power forward for thirteen seasons, spearheading one of the NBA's most formidable frontcourts that included center Robert Parish and forward Kevin McHale. 5.0/5

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"Guys had (posters) of Michael Jordan & Larry Bird when I was a kid. I had pictures of Wes Wallace & Paul Beene."
Hoiberg: Guys had pics of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird on their bedroom walls. I had pictures of Wes Wallace and Paul Beene
Bo Jackson. Mike Tyson. Michael Jordan. Warren Sapp. Larry Bird. All told you they were going to run down…
Pistons - The days of the Bad Boy Pistons challenging Michael Jordan and Larry Bird we…
Michael Jordan playing ping pong while Larry Bird gets drunk on the floor.
Top 5 NBA players of all time (in order):. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kobe Bryant. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Larry Bird. 5. Shaquille O'Neal. Dont @ me!
incredible killer mentality that guys like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Kobe Bryant had. They would s…
That's what I tell people about Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem…
Top 5 players of all time for me. Lebron James . Michael Jordan . Larry Bird . Jason Williams. Jerry West
Things that keep me up from the 90's: who won that Big Mac. Was it Larry Bird or Michael Jordan. we need a resolution!
Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and others who have skipped past White House championship celebrations…
Former players I'd love to watch in this era: Michael Jordan, Pistol Pete, Larry Bird, and Oscar Robertson.
regram Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan are all currently try to negotiate t…
Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird all played at the same time. RIGHT NOW is the greatest era in basketball his…
"If the Celtics had Lebron and Magic Johnson in his prime at the same time with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan they…
Michael Jordan - "You guys don’t get it, Larry Bird is far better than any small forward who ever played the game.”
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One on one, Larry Bird vs Michael Jordan, one of the first basketball games I've ever played htt…
Larry Bird, Bill Murray, Michael Jordan and Ivan Reitman on the set of Space Jam (1996)
"I'd want Michael Jordan to take the shot with the game on the line. I'd want Larry Bird to take it if my life was on…
PG: Magic Johnson. SG: Michael Jordan. C: Shaquille O'neal. SF: Larry Bird. PF: Lebron James. I just wanted to type that to see how it looked. 🐐
"The Showdown" commercial between Michael Jordan and Larry Bird for McDonalds in 1993
BREAKING: Inside sources are saying that Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson are interested in signing with t…
Greatest players of all time (Top 6):. 1. . 2. Michael Jordan. 3. 4. Larry Bird. 5.
Muhammad Ali was a household name. More so than Bobby Orr, Larry Bird, Pele, Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, etc etc. He was an icon. RIP.
Shaun Livingston did something only Tony Parker, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson did.
I haven't seen ridiculous shooting like this since Larry Bird and Michael Jordan were going at it over some McDonald's.
By this same rationale, one must conclude that Larry Bird is better than Michael Jordan.
.with the best ad since Michael Jordan and Larry Bird teamed up!
Larry Bird, Dr.J , Magic talk about Michael Jordan's Bulls and the watered down 90's
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson definitely never went out. There are definitely not, like, a million stories.
Michael Jordan crossing up Larry Bird in his 63-point game
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Byron Scott shares his best Michael Jordan and Larry Bird stories: Former Laker player Byron Scott shares his...
Imagine if players like Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and others had the technology and knowledge we have t…
My all time starting lineup would be:. PG: Oscar Robertson. SG: Michael Jordan. SF: Larry Bird. PF: Kevin Garnett. C: Bill Russell
Steph Curry!. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Lebron James never did that.
Larry Bird on MJ's 63: "I think it's just God disguised as Michael Jordan." (April 20, 1986).
Steph Curry has made 37 more career three-pointers than Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, & Larry Bird combined.
Put Floyd, Larry Bird, Gary Payton and Michael Jordan in a room. Give MJ a bottle of Henny.
Quadri Moore oozes talent that the likes of Michael Jordan and Larry Bird can't even fathom possessing.
Alcaraz says Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, and Steph Curry are his all-time favorite NBA stars | Live
I want to meet Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Reggie Miller, Ray Allen, and Larry Bird before they die.
Greatest NBA players of all time in 2025:. 5. Larry Bird. 4. Lebron James. 3. Magic Johnson. 2. Michael Jordan. 1. Steph Curry
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant all rolling in their graves.
Remember when Larry Bird played Michael Jordan for his McDonald's?.
All I want in life is to go golfing with Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Larry Bird
Starting for the East are Julius Irving, Larry Bird, Moses Malone, Isiah Thomas, & Michael Jordan
A clairvoyant Larry Bird once called rookie Michael Jordan 'the best ever'
Only people I have pictures of: Frank Thomas, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. It's like if 10 year-old me had a house
I can't stay listening to strictly old music. It's like the cat who says the NBA is trash since Magic, Larry Bird & Michael Jordan retired.
LeBron reportedly spotted in 1992 attempting to recruit Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and Dav…
Lebron James has as many series losses in the Finals as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Larry Bird combined.
Oscar Robertson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan. I could go on forever.
Top ten "favorite" nba players of all time! (In no order). 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Isaiah Thomas . 3. Larry Bird. 4.
Lebron James is Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Wilt Chamberlain all in one. He forms like Voltron @ gametime
If Steph Curry was in that famous commercial with Michael Jordan and Larry Bird:
11. It's like 2004 Michael Jordan playing against 1993 Larry Bird, but with $100,000,000 BIG DIFFERENCES
I would rather watch Vince Carter and Tracy Mcgrady in their prime over Michael Jordan and Larry Bird in their prime
a rare look at Michael Jordan and Larry Bird not on the court
Remember when Larry Bird said God was just disguising himself as Michael Jordan? >>>> Steph Curry
How cool is this pic??? Michael Jordan playing ping pong, Larry Bird playing with kids toys to the…
. pa all time. Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Magic Johnson. Lebron James. Larry Bird. cant guard me. Earl the goat Manigult
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The first set of guys. Larry Bird, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, and Jerry West.
Favorite quote about Jordan. Larry Bird " that's god, just disguised as Michael Jordan"
The best ever born today. To compare any player to 23 shows no knowledge of the game. "Its just god dressed as Michael Jordan" -Larry Bird
"He's the most exciting player in the game...its just God disguised as Michael Jordan." - Larry Bird
"I think he's God disguised as Michael Jordan" - Larry Bird
Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird one of my favorite games on sega
Why was Larry Bird described as intelligent and Michael Jordan was considered athletic. AKA the same Mike that is a billionaire.
Photo: Michael Jordan with the behind-the-back save and pass to Larry Bird for the J. (1992 Olympics Dream...
Random Thought: Tim Duncan might not have had the global impact on the game that Michael Jordan did or save the NBA the way Magic Johnson and Larry Bird did, but I don't remember them having the impact on the rest of the league building their teams the way Tim Duncan did. In other words, I don't remember one player causing so many teams to make major moves because of him like The Big Fundamental has. Here are some examples: -2003: Karl Malone & Gary Payton to the Lakers, Antawn Jamison & Antione Walker to the Mavericks, Latrell Spreewell & Sam Cassell to the T-Wolves, and Brad Miller to the Kings. -2008: The Pau Gasol trade to the Lakers and Shaq trade to the Suns in 2008. -Dwight Howard being drafted by the Magic and Greg Oden being drafted by the Blazers. -The Twin Towers epidemic from around 2007-2010. -Even the Big 3 phenomenon started to heat back up after the Spurs won it all in 2007. If there is anybody else that has had this much of an impact on the landscape of the NBA, at least in the modern er ...
Charles Barkley..played basketball to become known. He's not famous like some of greats such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabaal, Larry Bird, Hakeem Olajuwon, just to mention a few. He's now a basketball commentator and analyst with TNT. As a player he played the game like a brute. There was no courth,or finesse to his game,there was no elegance, no poetry, no relish to his game and hardly looked like an athlete. He was un- athletically big and over-weight. Charles had " big-mouth" as a player and he often spoke the he played - "FOOLISH". That earned him a lot disciplinary penalties and fines by the league during his career. Wondering where I'm going with this? Recently as most of the sense able world expressed their dismay, dissatisfaction and even disgust at the situation in Ferguson Missouri and the out-come of the "ground" jury investigation by protests, even though some aspects of the protests was marred by violence and looting ( well no worse than killing an unarmed teenager by a c ...
Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan & Larry Bird are the best of all time but Kobe Bryant is the greatest ever!
Tom Brady and Aaron Rogers are best Qbs in NFL... Aaron Rogers=Larry Bird. Tom Brady= Michael Jordan.
Isiah Thomas to real !! My man had to go thru Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson to win a chip Jesus.
Chef Kitamba Satcher A chef in the Hospitality industry for over 20 years, and with 8 years as an executive chef he has amassed the experience necessary to bring innovative fusion to customary cultured cuisine. He has prepared exclusive dishes for high-end clientele in the entertainment industry ranging from Roseanne Barr, Michael Jordan, Tom Hanks, Bob Hope, Los Angeles Kings Hockey Team, Channel 5 News Team, and Larry Bird.
I like to imagine Michael Jordan, Bill Murray, and Larry Bird all really do play golf together. With Wayne Knight as their caddy.
Five of my favorite legends in the NBA: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain.
Larry Bird dominated Michael Jordan when they play yo
The fate of the human race comes down to one 🏀 game give me.. PG: Isiah Thomas . SG: Kobe Bryant. SF: Michael Jordan. PF: Larry Bird. C: KG
I think congress should debate why Larry Bird is better than Michael Jordan although Larry has already won at least I'd watch cspan once.
I recommend players in NBA these days to watch Larry Bird not Michael Jordan because Larry made everything easy , but Michael is a Miracle .
My top five best nba players of all time. 1:Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 2:Wilt Chamberlain. 3:Michael Jordan. 4:Larry Bird. 5:Bill Russle
Michael Jordan plays golf with Larry Bird and Bill Murray; his dog eats his lucky Tar Heel shorts.
Teaching my nephews about Michael Jordan and Larry Bird.
Dustin Morrison and I play NBA 2k. A lot. We have the rosters set up so the legends from the legend teams are in the association draft, as well as tweaking old players to return them to their prime. Then we do an association draft where we control and draft for 6 teams each, and just play every match up 2 of our 12 teams have all season. We kinda have "our" players we draft every time, and we often bicker over who has the best group. So, if these two groups of players were Allstar teams, who would win? Keep in mind, they are all in their prime. Team A; Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, Steph Curry, Patrick Ewing, Karal Malone, Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Wilt Chamberlin, Charles Barkley, Ricky Rubio, Paul George, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Al Jeffersen, Amare Stoudemire, Pau Gasol, Allen Iversen, Brandon Jennings, Thomas Robinson, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, and James Hardin Vs Team B; Larry Bird, Lebron James, Shaquille O'neal, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Damion L ...
Larry Bird is basketball. Magic Johnson is the David Copperfield, Michael Jordan is Jesse Owens. Together they're David Bl…
Of course there is literally 5 hours of Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan documentaries on tv when I'm trying to do hw
So tired of hearing how great Labron James is, even heard he was the greatest ever, I beg to differ, how about these people Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, Dr.J ,Oscar Roberts, Clyde Frazier, and Clyde Drexler they played the game without the flops didn't cry about the calls and played both ends of the floor. I guess by now you know I'm not a Labron fan.
Larry Bird out of retirement, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan!!! I'm sorry I go too far 😏😂😂😂
The NBA is not what it use to be...back in the days 80s 90s and 00.. you had great players Dr J, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson and Kobe Bryant etc.These guys play for one maybe two teams.now you have players is jumping from one team to another team like Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Bosh, Dwayne Wade and many more players is trying to play on a team where they don't want to be the man.all I'm saying is why you have five guys waiting on one man to make his decision on where he playing at next season that's all, is it about the money or is they chasing rings which one is it!
ESPN asked to list our top 20 NBA players of all time... I'll just give my top 10 to start the argument... 1.Michael Jordan - Dominated the sport and changed endorsement deals for everyone else in ALL sports. He became a brad... enough said. 2.Magic Johnson - he elevated a league that was dying. Was a leader on and off the court. 3.Larry Bird - greatest white man to play basketball. sounds hard put its the truth. If he had more charisma he would be higher on this list. 4.Bill Russell - look up the word team and you will find Russell's photo. enough said. but just in case won as a player and a coach 11 in total. 5.Wilt Chamberlain - he changed league rules because he was so dominant. Only player ever to avg. 50pts and 30rbs per game. yeah you read that right. 6.Oscar Robertson - most complete player ever. ahead of his time. 7.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - if Kareem was not such an a$$ he would be the GOAT... nobody has his accomplishments. 8.Kobe Bryant - controversial pick here but behind Wilt he is the best offe ...
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I woukd like to call Michael Jordan and Larry Bird as my first witness. So argue with them. Men lie women lie numbers dont. 5.
Old school guys in the NBA still getting it done! Love it when they whip the young guy's rear ends. I agree it's a different game today than it was 20 yrs ago. But I'd love to see the James's, Davis's, and Wall's ATTEMPT to play against Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Jerry West, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Wilt Chamberlain just to name a few. While being able to run faster and jump higher, the young guys would get spanked!
Lebron James isn't even in the top 5. Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and last but not least, Kobe Bryant. Make a list for yourself. Check the stats not just rings!
Part 2 of Upon Further Review. The Spurs are four quarters from a 5th Championship, redemption and validation as one of the best organizations of our time and perhaps of all time. I was sad thinking that all the Championship runs would be while I was away. By the time I would get back home I would be settling for the Alvin Robertson years all over again. Instead I’m being treated to one more run at the title, one chance to be a part of this city’s celebration. Yes, I can hear the Celtic, Lakers, Pistons and Bulls fans gasping. Here is the deal. The Lakers past and present were the Showtime Lakers, braggadocios and flashy. The Celtics were NBA darlings and the media loved them from Bill Russell to the Larry Bird era. The Pistons were bully’s and nasty, the modern version were tough one hit wonders. The Bulls in one name, Michael Jordan and one on one basketball was born. The Spurs are an international team from the small city of San Antonio that get no love from the media, get written off every year, ...
I wish I lived in the era of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, John Stockton, Penny Hardaway, Reggie Miller... Loads more guys
Larry Bird schools Michael Jordan. MJ the greatest my ***
Michael Jordan and Larry Bird play a game of H-O-R-S-E for Jordan's bag of McDonald's, 1993
Amazing how Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell won all of those titles without HOF teammates.
"Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, and Larry Bird could be headed to Miami. How many championships would they win?" -ESPN
  I have seen this picture meme floating around from Kobe Bryant fans lately to basically prop up his legacy to diminsh Lebron James. Let's be honest, Kobe fans are insecure of Lebron surpassing their hero and that's where the diminishing comes from. I broke down each comment and here it is;   "Kobe Bryant has surpassed me as the greatest laker"- Magic Johnson  Is Magic the greatest Laker? That's like Larry Bird claiming Paul Pierce has surpassed him as the greatest Celtic. Some will say Bill Russell is the greatest Celtic. I could be wrong but Magic probably said that for marketing reasons. But ofcourse Kobe fans will believe this because Magic Johnson said it, and if he said it must be true. Right?    "The only person who has put in the work and deserves the comparison is Kobe"- Michael Jordan It is fair to say Michael Jordan is the greatest player we ever seen. Even though there are a small fraction of people who disagree. The majority of people say MJ is the greatest. But what kind of work is he ...
I'm the Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett, Allen Iverson, Moses Malone, Steve Nash & Larry Bird of my family. I'm the real MVP.
Nobody in the NBA will ever be able to change the game like Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird did..
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson check there stats there team won when it counted
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Zeke, Shaq, and any other Hall of Famer would not let his squad go out like this
All I know is that Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson never were down 20+ points in back to back finals home games in their career
When James passes, the first thing people say is "Michael Jordan wouldn't pass." That's revisionist history at its best, as if Jordan did not give the ball up to Scottie Pippen in the final seconds of Game 6 of the 1993 Finals against the Phoenix Suns or pass to Steve Kerr for the winning shot in Game 6 of the 1997 Finals against the Utah Jazz. But if it's not the way James plays, he's criticized for how many championships he has or doesn't have. That's another silly point. James is 2-2 in Finals, including a 2007 Finals loss to the Spurs. You know who the key contributors were on that Cleveland Cavaliers team with James? Sasha Pavlovic, Drew Gooden, Zydrunas Ilgauskas, Larry Hughes, Anderson Varejao, Daniel Gibson, Eric Snow. It's amazing the Cavs even made it out of the first round.Larry Bird was 3-2 in the Finals and Magic Johnson was 5-4. Jerry West was 1-8, and he's the NBA's logo. Did those Finals losses take away from their legacy? Not at all. If it's not the way he plays or the number of champions ...
players of all time who have 3 or more MVP awards. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kareem. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Bill Russell. 5. Larry Bird
LeBron's teams are 6-4 in series where they lose Game 1, a better record than Michael Jordan (4-6), Larry Bird (2-6) and…
Steve Kerr has no right to say T-Mac didn't have the competitive drive of a Larry Bird or Michael Jordan. FOH you a role player.
Who would you say helped make Basketball Mainstream ? Magic Johnson , Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlin , Dr J, Michael Jordan, or the Harlem Globe trotters ?
Michael Jordan ridiculous behind the back assist to Larry Bird! (Dream Team)
As our 2014 basketball season comes to a close, I'd like to give a special thanks to everybody who helped out, especially Chat and Nan. This year would not have been the same without your time and effort. Thank you for making the CRIS Eagles a better basketball team! We had a good year, setting many milestones along the way. Even though our season is officially over, I strongly encourage you to keep working on your game over the summer - Basketball Never Stops! "I still wonder if somebody - somewhere - was practicing more than me." Larry Bird "I can never stop working hard. Each day I feel that I have to improve. Hardwork...Determination...I gotta keep pushing myself." Michael Jordan
Sneaker Pics what's up!? I decided to bust out some classic kicks for the day.Converse Pro Leathers!.these right here many not seem like much but a shoe that was worn and played in by some of the greats such as Julius Irving, Larry Bird, heck even Michael Jordan hooped in these...for me these are an iconic shoe.a precedent to many shoes we admire today!
I hate when people say that Lebron can't win a Championship by himself like Jordan,Larry Bird, and Magic Johnson did smh... These ppl obviously don't know basket ball... Michael Jordan had Scotty Pippin, Dennis Rodman, and clutch *** Ron Harper... Magic Johnson had Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and James Worthy... And Larry Bird had Kevin Mchale Robert Parish and Dj aka Dennis Johnson... Every player named in this status is top 100 players of all time and sum hall of famers... So before u say Lebron couldnt do it on his own get ur facts right...
I hate when people compare Lebron James to great legends like Larry Bird, Michael Jordan etc. Because if Lebron James was playing back in those time. He would have been just like Reggie Miller, Carl Malone, Charles Barkley, Tracy Mcgrady, great players without rings.
I saw this on ballislife.com a few days ago and its got me thinking. how would i make my team. You are given a limit of $15 to select 5 players (1 player for each position). Each player is given a specific value. How would you go and build your team? Here are the players, values in there respective positions: PG - Magic Johnson($5), Oscar Robertson($4), Isiah Thomas($3), John Stockton($2), Walt Frazier($1) SG - Michael Jordan($5), Kobe Bryant($4), Jerry West($3), Clyde Drexler($2), Dwayne Wade($1) SF - Lebron James($5), Larry Bird($4), Julius Erving($3), Kevin Durant($2), Scottie Pippen($1) PF - Karl Malone($5), Charles Barkley($4), Tim Duncan($3), Dirk Nowitzki($2), Kevin Garnett($1) C - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar($5), Bill Russell($4), Wilt Chamberlain($3), Shaquille O'Neal($2), Hakeem Olajuwon($1) I an trying to figure my team out. *** .
When did Michael Jordan, Larry Bird or Magic Johnson only score 7 points in a playoff game? C'mon, Lebron isn't on the mount yet!!
Who has a better team? Consider that championships do not matter and all the players are in the prime. Jake Louie Sinson team= David Robinson, Dennis Rodman, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Steve Nash with the bench of Clyde Drexler and Julius Irving. Matthew Dulin team= Shaq, Kareem, Larry Bird, Oscar Robertson, Magic and bench of Ray Allen and Jerry West. My team= Hakeem, Tim Duncan, Kevin Durant, Tracy Mcgrady, Dwayne Wade and my bench consist of Kevin Garnet and Scottie Pippen
his passing has improved throughout the years too. He's more Larry Bird than Michael Jordan.
I think this is the episode Larry Bird and Michael Jordan make their cameos. — watching Game of Thrones
According to ELO rater, Larry Bird was better than Michael Jordan. Now, I don't know much about basketball, but that seems crazy. Is it?
Bill Murray and Larry Bird finishing their round of golf even after Michael Jordan gets sucked down a hole.
I wish I could play like Reggie Miller and Michael Jordan or even Larry Bird... So that we ca be the Champsss.
I wish the NBA was how it was when guys like Michael Jordan, Reggie Miller, and Larry Bird played.
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Kevin Garnett, Larry Bird, Isiah Thomas, Jason Williams, Lebron James and Reggie Miller are all my favorite
"I was at the celtics playoff game when Larry Bird..." Is Bill Simmons "When I coached Michael Jordan"
I no longer like Lebron James he is disrespectful and a big *** softy of he believes that he is going to be better then the great Michael Jordan he is a big soft *** fool he would not survive in the NBA if he played when not only Mike played but Magic and Larry Bird would knock his soft *** right on that court floor!
Dear Journal, The ESPN 30 for 30 Movie Bad Boys about the 1980s Detroit Pistons were amazing. The NBA is soft and totally *** today. I'm not even mad at John Salley no more for saying that Michael Jordan isn't the greatest basketball player of all time. Isiah Thomas was just as good if not better than Jordan. Bill Laimbeer and Larry Bird beefing was a highlight. Great movie! The End!
I can't sleep at least not right now *** insomnia). As I was browsing the trends, I happen to have heard the accused audio recording of Donald Sterling, the owner of the Clippers. Unfortunately it seems pretty legit. As a fan of the NBA since I was a kid, I looked up to many players that are black and I still do. ,Michael Jordan, of course, Shaquille O' Neal, Hakeem Olajawon, David Robinson, Mugsey Bogues, just to name a few. I did not like Magic Johnson, but not because of his skin color. It was because I knew every time he matched up with Larry Bird , it was gonna be a well fought battle on the court. Even in today's NBA, there is some great talent like Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Paul George, Deandre Jordan Paul Pierce, etc.. These guys are great players with great talent. They worked hard to get where they are and do what they do. It's unfortunate that a organization like the Los Angeles Clippers with a dream has to be dealing with this obstacle in the middle of a run to a championship title. I ...
Michael Jordan would dominate Lebron James any day of the week...just ask Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Isaih Thomas, Charles Barkley, and Kareem...
Played some good basketball with my son I was hall of famer Larry Bird and of course my son had to be Michael Jordan ,fun fun fun
Let me show you how NBA players have changed over the years. I'm about to name off some of great players from back in the days: Larry Bird, Isiah Thoams, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Clyde Drexler, Karl Malone, Hakeem Olajuwon, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, David Robinson, Pat Ewing, Charles Barkley, Julius Erving, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dominique Wilkins, Wilt Chamberlin, George Gervin, Pistol Pete Maverick. Now I'm about to name off the "Great Players" of today: Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, Dewayne Wade, Kevin Durante, Paul George, Russell Westbrook(Maybe).do you see the difference?
the Berea Alcoballics release everyone and sign Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell.
Name another team in the HISTORY of the NBA that has ran through as many Hall-of-Famers as the Detroit Pistons... Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Scottie Pippen, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, James Worthy, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Robert Parish, Clyde Drexler, ALL of the NY Knicks teams, all fell at the hands of the
Michael Jordan, Isiah Thomas, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, and Patrick Ewing were just a few players that were around when the Eastern Conference meant something!!! I look at today's Eastern Conference and it is a straight JOKE!!! You try to compare Lebron to Jordan??? Look at who he's playing!!! Lebron been in the Eastern Conference his entire career and just started winning championship a few years ago!!! Look at who's in the conference with Miami: Orlando (without Dwight Howard), Atlanta Hawks (without Joe Johnson or Dominique Wilkins), Charlotte Bobcats (without Larry Johnson or Alonzo Mourning) and the Washington Wizards (without C. Webb)... So again who is elite amongst those teams??? I even look at old powerhouses like the Boston Celtics and Detroit Pistons!!! They are not the same as they were 5-10 years ago... So again who does Lebron have to play in this weak conference??? Everyone that knows me know that I'm an anti Laker person!!! One thing I'll give Kobe over Lebron is at least Kobe were playin ...
During my growing-up years in the 80's, everybody around me worshipped Michael Jordan, Ervin "Magic" Johnson, and Larry Bird (Yes, I was surrounded by basketball fans, especially my brothers). Of course, there was a handful of boxing fans around me as well- such as my father- who revered Mike Tyson and Sugar Ray Leonard (who were both the biggest draws in boxing at that time). And yes, they all found me strange because I never idolized any of their idols. For there was only one idol I had in my heart and soul. And that was no other than Max Soliven, publisher of the newly-minted Philippine Star at that time when I was about 17 years old. Soliven's "By The Way" column was my Bible. I read it in the morning. After reading it, I cut it out of its page in the newspaper's opinion section so I could read and reread it throughout the day and everyday thereafter, savoring its style, its depth, its music. Max Soliven was a journalist par excellence whose prose was timeless, deathless, and limitless. His writing s ...
Michael Jordan & Larry Bird in their classic game of horse commercial --
Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Bill Murray and Newman from Seinfeld are in the same scene. How did this movie not win every single Oscar?
Five Reasons Larry Bird Was Better Than Michael Jordan It May Sound Crazy, but Michael Jordan Is Only the Second Greatest in NBA History . Yahoo Contributor Network By Justin Haskins August 15, 2013 2:46 PM . . . Ten greatest athletes in Boston Sports History . View photo Larry Bird. . COMMENTARY | It may be sacrilegious for anyone growing up in the Michael Jordan era to question his greatness, but before the Nike commercials, Spike Lee, Gatorade and Bugs Bunny, a lanky 6-foot-9-inch guy from French Lick, Indiana, was embarrassing ultra-athletic NBA stars in stadiums across the country. And although Larry Bird's injury-shortened career undoubtedly did not live up to the one Michael Jordan would later experience, there are five good reasons to believe that when comparing both players in the prime of their careers, Larry "Legend" was a better -- albeit only slightly -- basketball player than the man everyone routinely refers to as the "greatest ever." 1. Larry Bird was a better shooter Bird's shooting form ...
In order to succeed, your desire for success should be greater than your fear of failure. Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, John Elway, Joe Montana, Terry Bradshaw, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Carl Yastrzemski, Nolan Ryan, Mia Hamm, Lionel Messi, Lindsey Vonn, Bonnie Blair, these are just a few of the greatest names in Sports History, and not one of these world class athletes won every time they suited up. Instead, they took the things they learned from a loss and applied it to the next contest. And because of that lack of fear and desire to succeed, they will forever walk the earth as Champions!
my all-time team (trash-talk edition): Gary Payton, Michael Jordan, Dikembe Mutumbo, Larry Bird, Chuck Barkley.
Throw the bias away... I'd take Dirk over Lebron, KD, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Reggie Miller, Jerry West... in taking the last shot.
After 18 years Space Jam is actually going to get a sequel. This time around it will star NBA superstar Labron James. Space Jam was released in 1996 and it starred Michael Jordan and a few other NBA players such as Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Danny Ainge, Tyron “Muggsy” Bogues, Vlade...
How about NBA legend Michael Jordan as the Human Torch? Charles Barkely as The Thing, Shaq as Mr. Fantastic, maybe Larry Bird as Sue Storm.
Lebron James named Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson as the four greatest players in NBA history. (AP photo)
The biggest debate In sports right now, who would u put on mount rush more, you need 4. I would put Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Wilt Chamberlain.
From 1988-1990, the Detroit Pistons seized control of the NBA playing an intimidating team defense that often frustrated and shut down basketball's greats such as Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson. They nearly upset the Lakers in the '88 NBA Finals after a heroic game when Isaiah Thomas played on a broken ankle and were within one minute away from closing out the Finals. They won the NBA championship back to back in dominating fashion first sweeping the Lakers in '89 and then Portland Trail Blazers in five in '90. There were HOFers like Thomas, Dumars and Rodman on this team, but it's always fun to look back at a team that enforced it's own will with a team presence, won with persistence, drive. They were Detroit's 'Bad Boys'!!
My NBA Mount Rushmore: - Bill Russell (greatest champion in all of sports) - Michael Jordan (hands down greatest player of all time) - Magic Johnson (championships. could play every position) - Larry Bird (championship player that made NBA popular with Magic) My NFL Mount Rushmore: - Joe Montana (great performances along with championships) - Peyton Manning (greatest regular season QB ever) - Lawrence Taylor (transcended defense in the NFL) - Barry Sanders (greatest show on the field - box office)
Magic Johnson with Lakers, Michael Jordan with Bulls, Larry Bird with Celtics.
Growing up playing basketball in my front yard not once did I pretend to be Michael Jordan. I only pretended I was Larry Bird!
Watching coverage of a young Michael Jordan crushing Larry Bird. Ha! School him Michael. Now let's see if I can find coverage on my classic Lakers.
There's been a lot of talk lately about the "Mount Rushmore" of basketball, our list here at Simply Sports consist of ; Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird , and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Agree? Disagree? Post your lists on this thread!
Happy Birthday to Michael Jordan (2/17/63) "There's Michael Jordan and then there is the rest of us." -- Larry Bird http:/…
Taken from Ballislife.com Tonight on NBATV will be the airing of the controversial interview with Lebron James that has made Mount Rushmore into a trending topic. In a snippet released last week, James was asked about his Mt Rushmore of NBA greats. “The easy three, that we all talk about in our league, you’ve got Michael Jordan, you got Larry Bird and you’ve got Magic Johnson,” LeBron said. “And I would say the fourth… wow, this is so tough. The greatest players of all time that I’d like to see on Mount Rushmore? This is not fair … Oscar Robertson. Those are my four.” “I’m going to be one of the top four that’s ever played this game, for sure,” he said. “And if they don’t want me to have one of those top four spots, they’d better find another spot on that mountain. Somebody’s gotta get bumped, but that’s not for me to decide. That’s for the architects.” His top 4 and his comment about one day bumping one of them off the mountain drew a response from everybody but .. ...
So now lebron is a bad guy for putting Larry bird Michael Jordan magic and Oscar Robinson ?? I swear no matter what lebron does he's always wrong
My Basketball top 10: 1.) Michael Jordan (Sociopath that would rather die than lose. 6-6 in finals would have won 8 straight if he didn't retire. Invented modern day sports marketing. Kept other great players like Ewing Reggie Malone ring less. Played in a hand check era against true goons on the Detroit and NY teams. Set the bar so high that sports comparisons are skewed in perpetuity) 2.) Magic Johnson (People need to trump Magic before even being mentioned with Jordan. Changed the way BB was played. Invented show time. Before Magic came into the NBA the finals was shown on tape delay at 1AM) 3.) Larry Bird (Peyton Manning of Basketball but with more playoff success. Amazingly clutch. Played the game correctly. Cash jumper from 25ft in. Him and Magic paved the way for MJ) 4.) Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Rings Most Points Scored. Sky hook was transcendent.) 5.) Wilt Chamberlain (Although he was much bigger than everyone else he played he was the most dominant player in NBA history. They changed the ...
Which 4 NBA players did you choose for your NBA Mt. Rushmore...I choose Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlin, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan
The Pursuit of Greatness in Fatherhood Okay, sports fans, who remembers the Larry Bird vs. Michael Jordan shoot off showdown? The classic McDonald’s commercial may have been a tongue in cheek commentary on competitiveness, but it worked because it hit so close to home. For better or for worse, we live in a culture defined by competitiveness. We love to win, even if the prize is only a Big Mac. But there’s one pursuit where we should all strive to be the very best. Being the best dad we can possibly be is not only worth our best effort, but top performances turn out to be win-win for every last one of us. All Pro Dad
Man, just think of all the times Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Jerry Rice or Hank Aaron had game winning scores. Now compare their reactions to Lebron's when he gets one. Class isn't earned, learned or bought. It's innate, and Lebron just makes an *** out of himself and the game of basketball.
James’ first three selections which he called the “easy three,” were Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson & Oscar Robertson
Who would you put on your NBA's greatest 12 man team ever assembled? - Mine are Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Dennis Rodman, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird, Dave Bing, Oscar Robertson and Kobe Bryant.
I haven't had the chance to do this but Thank you NBA commissioner David Stern. You're Steping down after 30 years of being the best leader of the best league in the United States. You took over a sport in 1984 when at the time the NBA finals was on tape delay! You made basketball players into superstars. From Magic Johnson, Dr.J, Larry Bird, and Michael Jordan to Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmello Anthony, and Chris Paul. You sir did a great job. Enjoy your retirement. Mr. Adam Silver, you got your work cut out for you!
Phil Jackson weighs in on classic 1-on-1 scenarios between Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson and more.
Richard Sherman- I know I will catch *** but here is my opinion. The best at their sports were the biggest trash talkers. It's part of the game. Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Dion Sanders, Jerry Rice, Ray Lewis are all notorious trash talkers. Don't get me wrong, Richard Sherman is NOT in the same league as these guys. He got a little too pumped and should have been pulled away from the mic. The NFL fine is too much.
Nathan and I watching fantastic finishes. He is seeing players like Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley and of course the awesome Michael Jordan. He is surprised that I know these guys by name
Little Giant Ladders
Karl Malone type of body David Robinson type of post moves Michael Jordan type of on ball defense Charles Barkley type of presence Patrick Ewing type of defensive stopper Ervin Johnson type of game Michael Jordan type of shot Scottie Pippen type of finish Larry Bird type of finesse
While many faithful football fans slogged through 17 weeks of watching football to get to the Super Bowl, there is a sect of Super Bowl-watching public who could care less about the game. There are those faithful millions who only watch because of the commercials. With companies spending upwards of $4 million merely for a 30-second spot, the competition between ad agencies and rival companies to make a memorable commercial is arguably as fierce as those playing on the field. You might not remember the final score of the game, but you'll always remember the most memorable Super Bowl ads. What Super Bowl ads are most memorable? Budweiser: Wazup? Monster.com: When I grow up? McDonalds: Michael Jordan vs. Larry Bird HORSE? E Trade baby? Weigh in on our online poll at www.sleepyeyenews.com
Pretty sure I really don't care about what Richard Sherman said. It wasn't that crazy. My gosh, John Mcenroe and Jimmy Conners were horrible and they didn't cause all this clucking. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird both trashed talked like there was no tomorrow on the court and nobody cared. Heck, Charles Barkely spit on a fan right in the face and got more of a pass than Richard is getting. Get real people, some players get excited and are all hyper especially when the game is on the line. If you don't like it don't watch it. my god/ get a grip America.
Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Deion Sanders, Darrelle Revis, Mayweather Jr., Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali. What do all these people have in common with Richard Sherman? How would you act if they threw a mic in your face right after a heated battle with a rival? If your team could get him as a corner you would take him.
I wish I could just sit and talk basketball with the greats like Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird. Just to break down the game
After watching the documentary of the Original Dream Team yesterday (Magic,Jordan,Barkley,Larry Bird,David Robinson,Clyde Drexler,Scottie Pippen,John Stockton, Karl Malone, Christian Laettner and the Michael Jordan documentary today.. Basketball just seems boring today...
LeBron took honor that belonged to Rafa By Peter Bodo | December 30, 2013 10:08:43 AM PST The honors continued to roll in for Serena Williams last week, the latest one bestowed upon her by the Associated Press news service. The AP named Williams its Female Athlete of the Year for 2013. Her male counterpart was Lebron James of the NBA’s Miami Heat. OK, I’m a tennis journalist, so I’m prejudiced. But it seems to me that you can make a better case for Rafael Nadal than James this year, even though the latter is also a stupendous athlete. Here it is: • James is a team player who most likely would not have earned this honor if the San Antonio Spurs had beaten the Heat in that tense, classic seven-game NBA Finals. Perhaps it’s significant that the only other NBA stars who won the AP award in the past, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan (a three-time winner), also did it in years when their teams won the NBA championship. By contrast, Nadal is an individual who dominated tennis for significant periods witho ...
What do Jackie Robinson, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Wayne Gretzky, Bobby Orr, Edson Arantes do Nascimento (Pele), Joe Lewis, Mohammad Ali, Carl Lewis, Usain Bolt, Roger Federer and Bruce Lee have in common? They are all considered among the absolute BEST athletes in their sports. Champions. Winners, who embraced challenge head on and worked tirelessly through injury, in some cases oppression and many hardships to claim their titles and command the respect of millions of people around the world. But what else did they have in common? They weren't born with their skills. And how did they persevere during difficult times? What kept them going? Who kept them motivated? Each of these world-class champions had coaches. They had someone there to push them, to challenge them physically and mentally. Someone to set the bar for them, celebrate their wins and accomplishments then set bar even higher and drive them to achieve even more. Their coaches pushed them to their limits and beyond to be the absol ...
Okay, so to continue my all-time greatest NBA fantasy draft, I am going to take five players from each position, to avoid more time consumption. PG: Magic Johnson, Pete Maravich, tiny Archibald, Oscar Robertson, John Stockton, Sam Jones. I had to make an exception for the point guard position. SG: John Havlicek,Michael Jordan, John Starks, Hershey Hawkins, Walt Frazier. SF: Larry Bird, Julius Irving, James Worthy, Jerry West, Paul Pierce. PF: Carl Malone, Sam Perkins, Kevin Makale, Tim Duncan, Kevin Garnett. C: Moses Malone, Hakim Olajuwon, George Mikan, Will Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Dikembe Mutombo, Ralph Sampson, Shaquille O'Neal, David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, Robert Parrish. once again this position had to have more than five.
AT 29,JAMES' NUMBERS ARE OFF THE CHARTS If the number of an NBA player's birthday candles were proportionate to his point total, then Miami Heat star Lebron James would need help putting out the fire atop his red velvet cake. The four-time MVP turns 29 on Monday, with 21,819 points. No other NBA player has ever scored more points by that age. Granted, the youngest-to-score comparisons are a terrible measure because not everyone enters the NBA at 18 like James. It took James 726 games to score 20,000 points; it took Wilt Chamberlain a mere 499. Michael Jordan had nearly 4,000 fewer points on his 29th birthday, neither Kareem Abdul-Jabbar nor Oscar Robertson were even to the 17,000-point mark yet and Karl Malone was still a few games shy of scoring his 15,000th point. Still, where James is now begs the question: Exactly how high on the scoring list will he be before taking a jersey off for the last time? He passed No. 30 Gary Payton and No. 31 Larry Bird on the career scoring list last week - in the same ga ...
Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird only NBA players to ever win AP Male Athlete or the year.
3 Players have won Male Athlete of the Year in 83 years (1931-2013) Larry Bird (1986), Michael Jordan (1991-93),
Lebron James joins Michael Jordan, Larry Bird as only NBA players to win AP Athlete of Year award
Have a lot of basketball and football cards. I have many collector's cards kept in good condition. some of the cards including Marshall Faulk's rookie card, John Elway, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Barry Sanders, Steve Atwater, Champ Bailey, Isaiah Thomas, Reggie Bush, Tim Brown and even Michael Jordan's retirement Baseball card. Message me for prices, or u can ask if I have a certain card, they vary for each card we can also negotiate on the whole box.
Pistol Pete is a combo of Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, and Larry Bird
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Basketball throughout the years has shown many greats like Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson and many more. Basketball is international and has inspired many people. -NSB LIKE & SHARE Basketball Fans Only
you're right. He's Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and and tiger woods combined. Pure winner.
Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Shaquille Oneal, Larry Bird.all won multiple titles.all played with more Hall of Famers than Kobe
Larry Bird called Michael Jordan "God" after Jordan dropped 63 points on Boston back in 1986
The Seahawks defense talks more trash than Larry Bird and Michael Jordan combined
Wrestle Mania III, the rise of Wayne Gretzky, Michael Jordan, Mike Tyson, Magic Johnson, Joe Montana and Larry Bird
let me set the record straight, Lebron James is NOT the king. Nor has he proven himself to be labeled as so. Did we forget Bob Cousy, Wilt Chamberlin, Dominique Wilkins, Larry Bird, Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan, and so many others who paved the way and have exemplified many years as being dominant? Lebron is really good, the best in the NBA as we speak next to Kevin Durant, however he needs to put in some more dominant years to be labeled "the King".sorry B-Mac :-)
I was asked this question Name your 5 all time basketball players? Mine would be Dr. J , Magic Ervin, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. I guess he thought I didn't know basketball. Lol Just curious what's yours?
Did you know Kobe Bryant has MORE career assists than Michael Jordan, Allen Iverson,Larry Bird, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Nick Van Exel, Avery Johnson, Chauncey Billups, Mike Bibby, Chris Paul, Lebron James, Tony Parker,Deron Williams,Kevin Garnett, Jason Terry, Dr.J, Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, TMac, Dwayne Wade, Vince Carter to name a few, in fact it would have been easier to name who's ahead of Kobe. There are only 2 active players that have more career assists than Kobe and they are Steve Nash and Andre Miller.
"I would rather guard Michael Jordan than Larry Bird." - James Worthy
"He is amazing. He is somebody that can be in the same category as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird." -Vlade Divac on Kevin Durant
NBA legend Vlade Divac says bound Kevin Durant can match Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird-
Hello F.B. family & friends !!! I want all of you to know my top 5 pro basketball players, Michael Jordan, Earvin Johnson, Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar !! If you ever wonder why i posted this, in my opinion all of these men had killer instinct, they knew how to get the JOB done !!! I mean take the fire out of an opponents gym/stadium was enough for me alone !! I must admit Lebron James is almost there BUT he cracks under pressure, he can guard from point guard to center he is a pretty good player, not a great player !!! Down thru history all 5 have shown themselves to be legends, it,s up to the b-ball of today to show themselves Oh by the way they withstood the test !!! Stats alone will tell you bro Paul Beverly ! Any doubters ? Everyone is entitled to their own opinion, this can go on & on & on.
Hey look McDonalds, no no no and NO, you sorry *** you can NOT make a commercial with Flacco and Kaepernick, as a wanna be Larry Bird and Michael Jordan one, just wrong, quite reaching, just sad!
Larry Bird and Bill Murray don't find it weird at all that Michael Jordan just got sucked down a hole on a golf course.
Chris Paul got Magic Johnson . Kevin Durant got Larry Bird . Tyson Chandler got Robinson . Lebron James got Barkley . Kobe got Michael Jordan!
After the game, Larry Bird said, "That was God disguised as Michael Jordan."
Ok, so WWL Radio guy asks since the Pelicans pulled off all these trades since the draft are they a legitimate playoff contender...I have no idea. I HAVE NO IDEA WHO ANY OF THESE GUYS ARE! I mean, they didn't trade for Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, or Pete Marovich (which, of course, would be hard since he's DEAD)...but, like *** are these guys? AND can any of these jokers play left tackle?
What the *** happened? We use to have Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Bo Jackson, Cal Ripken and Joe Montana... Now we have Ben Roethlisberger, Michael Vick, Michael Phelps, Aaron Hernandez, and Lance Armstrong. When are athletes going to start taking themselves seriously and start showing some respect and dignity again.
So this morning I learned something that I thought I would never understand or would ever do. check this out, there 2 captain s on each team (basketball) right. So one picks one and the other picks one okay. Here r the players to choose from. Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Michael Jordan, Paul Pierce, God, Allen Iverson, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson. Who would you pick frist?? I know!
I think today's professional athletes are of different genes than when I was growing up... Dennis Rodman was the only crazy one back then and Charles Barkley got mad a few times..lol. But over all you never heard of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Jerry Rice or any of the Stars getting in to all this trouble... I think it has a big impact on our kids... Look at the stars from the past and look how good we have turned out... look at the stars of today and look at the kids these days... BIG difference in morals and respect. Just saying.
Aspects of the game that great players weren't great at: Michael Jordan: 3 point shooting Magic Johnson: on ball defense Wilt Chamberlain: free throw shooting Lebron James: free throw shooting Kobe Bryant: shot selection, selective defender Larry Bird: on ball defense Shaq: pick and roll defense, work ethic Hakeem: not a great free throw shooter(but not bad for a big man) Tim Duncan: none really, used to be free throw shooting Kevin Garnett: relied a little too much on jumper instead of using size in post Jerry West: staying healthy Bill Russell: free throw shooting
HEAT VS. HEAT A comparison of the Miami Heat vs. The Heat (that we're feeling today): FRANCHISE HISTORY Miami Heat - Founded in 1988. The Heat - Founded ... 13.8 billion years ago? TITLES Miami Heat - 3, and 2 straight with the Lebron James-Dwyane Wade-Chris Bosh super team. The Heat - immeasurable, but certainly undefeated throughout the history of mankind, with special emphasis on the summers of 1936, 1980, 1988, 1999 and 2000. BEST STAR Miami Heat - Duh, it's LeBron. He has surpassed Michael Jordan in everything but titles, and he's closing like a freight train. King James has actually become a combination of Jordan and Magic Johnson, with a little bit of Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson thrown in for good measure. (Notice we didn't mention Kobe.) The Heat - Duh, it's the Sun. The Sun, as you know, is actually a star, one of billions to be sure but the closest one to Earth and the source of life itself. Talk about an All-Star. BEST ATTRIBUTE Miami Heat - It's not The Birdman - that's for sure. And it can ...
Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan would've never teamed up to win championships, just saying.
All time NBA Starting 5: PG - Magic Johnson; SG - Michael Jordan; Center - Kareem; PF - Tim Duncan; SF - Lebron James. With Duncan's performance this finals and consistency over 15 years, he gets the nod slightly over Larry Bird. Same sentiment with Kareem over Wilt Chamberlain
With two titles, does LeBron crack your all-time NBA lineup? Mine: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, Bill Russell.
I remember when Michael Jordan teamed up with Magic Johnson and Larry Bird to win his champion. Wait, what? Oh, Michael didn't make a deal with 2 all stars from other teams to get together and win championships? U mean he just made his team around him better and was just clutch and hard nosed and won his championships that way? Crazy how the "Greatest of all time" did it that way!
Is Lebron James.. the BEST EVER basketball player ever? I used to use the cliche, "time will tell". Now, I realize that "best ever" will always only be battle of opinions, debate, side taking. Larry Bird Michael Jordan, Lewis Alcindor  Brian Benson Bob Cousy Wilt Chamberlain Earvin Johnson Kevin Pritchard Earl Monroe Lebron James Paul Pressey Kobe Bryant Brock Morton Winford Boynes Oscar Robertson Jerry West Cappy White Kevin Durant Art McIlroy Shea Seals Pooh Williamson Michael Ruffin Gail Goodrich Steve Bracey Shaquille O'Neal Corey Shannon Wesley Unseld Bill Bradley Mookie Blaylock Roger Flippo James Country King Terrence Frohnaphfel Ron Streck Russell Westbrook All were great. LeBron "arguably" is the best there is, and could be "argued" that he COULD be the greatest ever based on statistics, NBA titles, etc.   My personal favorite player of all time is Larry Bird.  Fortunate to see him play up close and live twice while he was wearing the short shorts for Indiana State Sycamores, and then to see t ...
Lebron James became just the third player to win the regular-season MVP and Finals MVP in the same season multiple times. Only Michael Jordan and Larry Bird have accomplished that.where Kobe at??
All the talk about who is the best of all time. Remember when players really didn't like each other. The Heat and Spurs never tangled like the Pistons would or the Celtics Lakers and Bulls. A little gamesmanship for ya! Larry Bird story as told by Reggie Miller: " I was a rookie and was playing against Bird. He was at the free throw line. I yelled MISS as he was about to shoot. He looks at me and says"... "Are you kidding me rook? I am the best free throw shooter in the league. IN THE LEAGUE." "He said all of that as he sank both free throws as he was looking at me."... classic Bird.
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I will Publicly say "Lebron James is a Great Player" BUT I still dont like him. People really have to just accept he is GREAT and by no means a "JORDAN" - he is not even close! A Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Kobe, YES . but lets repeat this, not a chance a "JORDAN" - Me personally, I would still prefer all the other guys listed on my team before Lebron. Points to consider: 1) Game 7, you got one shot left to win a Championship. WHo do you want taking the Shot? JORDAN! If you said LEBRON, you probably buy the same crack Rob Ford does 2) Jordan made NBA Finals 6 Times: 6 Championships and ZERO Game 7's! Why never a Game 7? Cuz Jordan treated Games 4 or 5 (games to go up 3-1 or 3-2 in a series) as a GAME 7. Lebron: 2/4 Championships and 2 Game 7's (1 win, 1 lose in Game 7's) 3) Jordan instilled FEAR in every opposing player and fan in the NBA. Players today DO NOT fear Lebron. Did the Spurs actually lay off Lebron and challenge him to shoot the ball? This thought, action NEVER occurred happ ...
Hey Lebron imma let you finish but call me when you can win a Championship on your own without other "superstar" help. Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan didn't need superstar help. Just to name a few. Great career Tim Duncan! 4 Championships is still a masterful achievement , wish you could've gone out on top!
FB I want to pose a question for you to answer. This guy said that Lebron James was the top 5 greatest of all time NBA players. I called him crazy and proceeded to name 10 players I have ahead of LeBron. My list in no particular order: Wilt Chamberlin (Scored 100 points in a game and averaged both 40 and 50 points in a season), Bill Russell (Won 11 NBA Championships enough said) Kareem Abdul Jabbar (6-time League MVP and 38k career points), Oscar Robertson ( only NBA player to average a triple double in a season), Julius “Dr. J” Erving (30k points, 3 championships, 4 Most Valuable Player Awards, and 3 scoring titles), Larry Bird (3-time League MVP and 3 time NBA Champion), Magic Johnson (5-time NBA Champion , 3 time NBA Champion, and 3-time League MVP), Michael Jordan ( 6-time NBA Champion, 6-time finals MVP, 5-time League MVP), Scottie Pippen ( made the post-season 16 straight times), Shaq (one of only three players to win NBA MVP, All-Star Game MVP and Finals MVP awards in the same year), Hakeem ...
Sometimes I find myself drawn into conversations about sports and I have to admit, I probably couldn't care less! Just last week, at a lunch, the fellas started talking about Michael Jordan's relevance to basketball and how Larry Bird, Dr. J and Scotty Pippin played their roles...I looked at 'em and said "I really don't know JACK about basketball!" They looked at me as if I had turned INTO Michael Jordan! The reason I don't follow sports as tough as some folks do...it doesn't make a *** difference in my Life or in my world! I don't make any more or any less money because I know where the Lakers stand in the playoffs or what Shaq's free-throw average is! Knowing anything about any of that, or any other mass-hysteria inducing sport, has nothing to do with what is important to me so I really don't give a *** Most of you won't see this message until AFTER the game. It's just me rambling so, big deal. But what if you could've been using your time to solve an issue within your community? You could've been at .. ...
FB poll: If you were the GM for a new NBA franchise and you had the in the draft who would you select.Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tim Duncan, Shaquille O'Neal, Lebron James
What a time I grew up in to watch sports. Prob the best era of sports. We had Michael Jordan , Magic Johnson , Larry Bird & Isaiah Thomas & many many more in basketball. We had people like Joe Montana , Jerry Rice , Walter Payton , Barry Sanders in football. Baseball was loaded as well w/Nolan Ryan , Cal Ripken Jr, Frank Thomas , Bo Jackson , & many others I won't name for steroids arguments. What do ya think, One of the last all around sweet pro era?
Let me explain why Larry Bird is In two playoff appearances against Michael Jordan, Larry Bird won six games and lost zero.
Michael Jordan, DR. J , and even larry Bird just made a statement on how trully great he is…
right now the Best Player in the world ,Lebron James looks like he shouldn't even be in the NBA ,I never in my life time ever see a player at his level ever play like LEBRON,,Michael Jordan ,Majic Johnson ,Larry Bird ,Kareem ,shaq,Bill Russel ,and many great players never played this bad in the finals ,Lebron better wake up quick ,because he will never hear the end of this ,the greatest disappointment ever by an MVP ,
After 20 years, I watched 4:21 seconds of this game. I'm sorry, but Lebron James is no Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Patrick Ewing, Karl Malone, Akeem Olajuwon, Dominique Wilkins, or Reggie Lewis. In fact, he would be a bench player in 1990.
Hey! It's about that time! In the meantime, I got a list of my all-time greats, and if you disagree, who would you replace, with whom? In no particular order, Michael Jordan, Magic, Jabbar, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Julius Erving, Elvin Hayes, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Shaq, Kobe, Tim Duncan, and last, but not least, LBJ! The boy is the most physically gifted baller I ever seen at his size! That's 15, a all-time team! Holla back! By the way, I'm old enough to have witnessed all of them! The KIRB
That was a brilliant basketball game from an incredible player. LeBron did not just beat SA today. He analyze the game to the point where he beat Coach Pop. And he only scored 17 points. That was absolutely one of the most unbelievable game I have ever seen. Today you saw a player with the skills set of Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Magic Johnson all in one player. Please don't let you dislike or hatred of LeBron cause you to miss something that's once in a lifetime
Here's my starting five: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Doctor J., and Wilt Chamberlain. Name yours and don't take any of mine.
I have grown a new found respect for professional basketball players. With that said who do you think are the top 5 players of all time. And why? Personally from what I have been studying I have to go with 1.Michael Jordan 2.Magic Johnson 3.Kobe Bryant 4.Larry Bird 5.Allen Iverson Just my top 5.
My All Time NBA Team Lebran James @ point guard Michael Jordan @ shooting guard Oscar Robinson @ small forward Larry Bird @ power forward Shaq Oneal @ center This is my taking a break from studies thoughts! Let's see your All Time lineup, some good players left out.
So I was talking to this dude about the NBA finals and was wondering... if somebody could create an actual game where the history"s Best Players against each other.. team A: Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, J Erving, Larry Bird and Robertson, and team B: Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, C Anthony and Tim Duncan... who would win?
I was thinking today about a conversation I had probably in '87 or '88 with some classmates...I said Michael Jordan was the best basketball player I had ever seen and the arguments were "No way man, Magic Johnson" or "No way Larry Bird" or Dr. J or Kareem etc... I was told he didn't have any rings, he couldn't get past the Pistons, he was a ballhawk, etc... I cheered him on as he won 6 rings and he was the Best Player I had ever seen...fast forward to the last few years I have said that Lebron James is the Best Player I've ever seen ( and he is) and I get the same argument and this time the only person people throw back at me is...you guessed it, the guy I argued for starting in '87.
With the NBA finals going on I figure this would be a good time to post this. My top 5 players ever by position: Center - Wilt Chamberlain. Backup - Bill Russell Power Forward - Tim Duncan. Backup - Karl Malone Small Forward - Larry Bird. Backup - Lebron James Shooting Guard - Michael Jordan. Backup - Kobe Bryant Point Guard - Magic Johnson. Backup - John Stockton Im not sure if this team would be the best to work together but just on an individual basis this is how I rate them. With this team Larry Bird and Magic Johnson would only have to average 10 points each and just feed the other guys great shots from anywhere on the court they wanted ( not that most of these guys even need to as they were able to create their own shots anyways lol ). Could you imagine Magic and Larry feeding Jordan and Chamberlain? They would each have over 20 assists lol. Just curious what your guys' top team would be.
Going on record again--With all discussion regarding NBA players who might make up "THE" All-time Greatest Team ever... ...Let me say without question or wavering, these ten together (Starting 5 + 5 Backups) would whoop any and all comers and or any other combinations in the history of the planet (assumption--they're all in their prime): G - 1. Magic Johnson, 2. Oscar Robertson G - 1. Michael Jordan, 2. Kobe Bryant F - 1. Lebron James, 2. Julius Erving F - 1. Larry Bird, 2. Charles Barkley C - 1. Wilt Chamberlain, 2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar Only glaring possible holes are C-Bill Russell, F-Tim Duncan, but all things considered, I think those listed above in my two lineups are the best fit--was a tough call though! What say you??? :+)
As the NBA Finals get underway I want to offer my NBA all-time First Five. At center Kareem Abdul Jabari, T forward Carl Malone, Larry Bird at guard Michael Jordan and Oscar Robinson. I dare anyone with any b-ball IQ to argue this list.
So, a couple of us have been kicking around an NBA "80s All-Stars vs. 90s All-Stars" discussion for a few days. As for my usual (especially when I have a paper due), I decided to sit down and poke at the stats for a little bit. Basically what I came up with is that there was some really poor team selection going on, and it really looks like the 90s team could just wallop the 80s team. The full numbers I ran are here: went off of win share, and WS/48 (win share per 48 minutes on the court, which is helpful for evaluating someone who, say, didn't play all 10 years of a decade), and limited that to just the decades defines by 80-81 to 89-90, and 90-91 to 98-99. The original starting five for the 80s was: 1.Magic Johnson, PG 2.Clyde Drexler, SG 3.Larry Bird, SF 4.Kevin McHale, PF 5.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, C While the original starting five for the 90s was: 1.John Stockton, PG 2.Michael Jordan, SG 3.Scottie Pippen, SF 4.Karl Malone, PF 5.Hakeem Olajuwon, C Couple of big errors here. First, Jordan absolutely snot- ...
Just watching ESPN talk about all-time NBA starting five? You can only pick five, what's your opinions? I think mine would be, guards- Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan. Forwards- Larry Bird, Karl Malone. Center- this is hardest one for me, but have to go with Bill Russell.
Michael Jordan would have never taken a paycut and teamed up with Larry Bird and Magic Johnson to create the *** superfriends
J Kidd finishes his career w/ more three-point makes than Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Steve Kerr COMBINED.
My all time starting five basketball...Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, (now its getting tough) Lebron James and for one year I will take Bill Walton..shot blocking, passing, running the floor..For one year with the Blazers I think he was the best center.allright, I know the message board is lit up...
I have been so fortunate to have physically seen some of the greatest athletes of the modern era and some from the past century. in basketball i had the pleasure of watching 'Dr. J' work his magic in the old chicago stadium,Magic Johnson,Kareem A. Jabar,Michael Jordan,Larry Bird,and many,many others ... in baseball i had the pleasure o watch the great Willie Mays,Hank Aaron,Roberto Clemente,the many yankee and dodger teams past and present,the cardinals,red sox,tigers,mets and etc. i got to go to a hockey game back in th day when stan mikita and bobby hull played! Today with Kevin Durant and Russell Westbrook,Derek Rose and Noah,Ryan Howard,RG111,Ibrahimovic and Messi,Venus and Serena,. this young generation is making their niches in the wall of sports fame. I feel so fortunate to have seen them all perform at the highest level!
Need y'all's help so if u know basketball please comment. If Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tim Duncan and Shaq played a series best of 7 against Isaiah Thomas, Kobe Bryant, Larry Bird, Karl Malone and Hakeem Olajuwon???
Tom Haberstroh of ESPN writes: "It's not an overreaction to Game 3. The Heat are among the best teams ever." Well, DUH! And if Magic Johnson had rigged the system to put himself on a team with Larry Bird and Michael Jordan, I'm pretty sure they would have been an awesome team, too.
I don't care what you say about bein a hoosier and wether or not ur a "sports" fan or not. but 2day is and has been in the past a HUGE day for the state of Indiana... I remember bein younger and getting up the Sunday of Memorial Day weekend and watching the 500 and as a Pacers fan watching Reggie Miller, Rik Smits, and the Davis boys battle it out with either the hated New York Knicks and Patrick Ewing ( man didn't resemble the closest thing to a gorilla walking the face of this earth) or the Chicago Bulls and the greatest player to play Michael Jordan. And NO it doesn't pain me to say that... In the Eastern Conference semis or finals on the same day at old market square arena... Man those were the good days!!! Now fast forward to present time you still have the 500... Some say not as mystique as yesteryear but none the less it is the granddaddy of them all STILL and as a Pacers fan we have become relevant AGAIN due to great drafting and roster management by Indiana's own Larry Bird when he ran the show i ...
If I could choose a basketball "Dream Team" of 10 players, it'll be as follows. Players in () are off the bench. PG: Magic Johnson (Oscar Robertson) SG: Michael Jordan (Dwayne Wade) SF: Lebron James (John Havlicek) PF: Larry Bird (Tim Duncan) Centre: Hakeem Olajuwon (Kareem Abdul Jabbar) Miami's current team has two of the above, and other great players, such as Chris Bosh and Ray Allen ... Which is why I think they are the clear favourites.
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The Stage is set now for the finale Two Series before the Ultimate Achievement in the National Basketball Association, The NBA Champions, but first The Covenant Eastern and Western Conference Championship begins and no doubt the Best Player of this 21st Century Era(Lebron James) sets the stage to dominate the Media over the next Month in what should be a dramatic exhibition of pure Athletic talent, Power and Dominance from this Stellar Athlete who joins the commanding Ranks of Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Scottie Pippen, Wilt Chamberlin, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Jerry West, Julius Erving and Elgin Baylor in what has become the Ultimate Championship Series in Professional Sports(Eastern & Western Conference Championship and the Prestigious NBA Finals). It should be a great Month of Athletic Entertainment.
Top 10 players: 1) Wilt Chamberlain -Most dominant individual player of all-time which is indisputable and why he is number 1. 50 PPG in a season, 100 points in a game, led league in assists AS A 7'1 CENTER are just some of his unreal accomplishments. 30-22-4 career average says it all. 2) Michael Jordan -Most dominant non-big man of all-time(for now), his all around game including stellar defense made him stand out among his peers. Incredibly clutch and unquestionably the greatest player since 1984(his rookie season). 3) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar -In terms of the best basketball CAREER, including high school and college, Kareem is the greatest player ever, but this is talking about NBA, in which he is still a top 5 player ever. Most MVP's all-time, points all-time, most win shares all-time, Won Finals MVP FOURTEEN YEARS APART. Only reason why he isn't or 2 is because he hung on for a little too long and at his peak wasn't as dominant as either Wilt or MJ. Sustained greatness. 4) Larry Bird -Gets the nod over M ...
Hey, did you know that people like to compare Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant? Fans do it, video editors do it, Kelly Dwyer does it (and Ernie Johnson told me Wednesday night that KD's a "good dude"), Larry Bird does … Continue reading →
Larry Bird • Magic Johnson • Michael Jordan • Kobe Bean BryantLebron James . Kevin Durant is next on the all time great list
Today in history I thought that Babe Ruth was Jackie Robinson and Michael Jordan was Larry Bird. Apparently I was mistaken
Kevin Durant is the new Larry Bird and Lebron James is Michael Jordan fused with Magic Johnson
Pondering Kevin Durant's latest big-time shot on the playoff stage, Lionel Hollins started listing a who's who of NBA greats from days gone by: Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Isiah Thomas, Sam Jones, John Havlicek, George Mikan, Bob Pettit.
It's a fact that being a sports fan means more when you are younger. Growing up watching with Larry Bird, McHale, and Parish, I fell in love with basketball. I used to watch my father play pickup games with his friends when he was 10 years younger than I am now. When I was 5, I got my first Nerf hoop. When Sports Channel came out, it had the Celtics and the Whalers. NESN had the Sox and Bruins. These were pay channels, and we always had Sports Channel. The 1986 Celtics are the greatest team of all time, and I started watching as much as I could the year after. Bird's injuries and age stayed to wear down the C's, as well as uncharacteristic bad luck(I was in the parking lot of an Arlington Trust bank in Lawrence when I heard Len Bias died. It blew my second grade mind. People exaggerated that he was better than Michael Jordan). The original Big 3 was old heading into the 90s, but we still had Reggie Lewis and Dee Brown won the 1991 Dunk Contest. The Tommy Heinsohn coined Zip Boyz(young quicks) and Zaps(ol ...
Andre Miller is the only guy in the playoffs to play against Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Bill Russel
Durant: 28 ppg, 8 rpg, 4 apg. Only 4 times has that stat line been averaged for a season. (Michael Jordan, Larry Bird 2x, David Robinson)
un respiro por el momento para mis LAL, las 3 cabezas jugaron bn, se combinaron para 90 puntos y el Vino mejor q nunca 47 puntos, 5 asistencias, 3 robos y 4 tapones! datos interesantes: 1) According to Elias Sports, Bryant's 47-point, five-assist, three-steal night made him the third player (since steals became an official statistic in 1973-74) to go for 45-plus points, five-plus assists and three-plus steals at the age of 34 or older. The other two players to accomplish that feat? Larry Bird (March 15, 1992) and Michael Jordan (Dec. 31, 2001). 2) According to Elias Sports, Bryant is the first player with at least 47 points, eight rebounds, five assists, four blocks and three steals in an NBA game. 3) In the Blazers' loss, Lillard joined Lebron James, Jason Kidd and Jordan as the only rookies to record at least 38 points, eight assists and three steals in a game.
how you get the MVP of the WHOLE NBA if you have D-Wade , Ray Allen , Chris Bosh, Birdman, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, etc on ya team -_-
Yeah Miami is a great team, but imagine the how dirty a team would be if Michael Jordan paired up with like Karl Malone and Larry Bird.
The other 5 players? Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Gary Payton, and Lebron James (all did it only once).
I'm like a combination of Michael Jordan, Jesus and Larry Bird- Chase
How good has Lebron been this year? Obviously he is averaging 27 pts., 8.2 rebounds, and 7.1 assists per game. This would be the 6th time in 9 years he has averaged 25/7/7. In the last 40 years only 2 other players averaged 25/7/7. Michael Jordan and Larry Bird and they only did it one time each. Again, this will be the 6th time for Lebron. Also... He has only shot below 50% 7 times in 60 games this year!!! He is shooting 56.2% from the field on 18.2 attempts per game. In the NBA here are the 12 players who shoot at least 17 times per game & only 2 of them shoot over 47.6%. Here are the 12: Lebron - 56.2% / 18.2 att. Durant - 50.4% / 18.0 att. Aldridge - 47.6% / 17.7 Kobe - 47.5 / 20.7 K. Irving - 46.6 / 18.4 Harden - 44.6% / 17.3 J. Holiday - 44.6% / 17.0 S. Curry 44.3% / 17.3 Carmelo - 44.1 / 21.8 Westbrook - 43.7% / 18.8 M. Ellis 41.2% / 17.4 Rudy *** - 40.0% / 17.2
Larry Bird, Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler, Hakeem Olajuwon, and Sean Elliott. That would be my team. I think! So many choices! What would be your starting 5 NCAA players of all time be? Not based on NBA careers.
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabaar, Larry Bird, Lebron James. That's my list and I'm sticking to it.
The Top 10 disappointments of the season I am old school and maybe I am not the perfect person to identify the Top 10 disappointments. It's difficult because I can't accept players jacking up shots without regard to percentages. Although over the years the NBA has made it easier to score points by making it illegal to hand-check, many still they shoot poor percentages. Carmelo Anthony is said to be the best all-around scorer in the league, but he shoots 44 percent. Russell Westbrook has taken more shots than Kevin Durant, but he is shooting 44 percent while Durant makes 51 percent of his attempts. Damian Lillard will most likely be Rookie of the Year, but shoots a poor 42 percent. All-Star Paul George is shooting 43 percent. Allen Iverson set the tone in 2000-01 when he won the MVP award making just 42 percent of his shots. I couldn't imagine Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Hakeem Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley or Karl Malone shooting a poor percentage during their heyday. That's why it's no mistake ...
Ok, this is why Kobe and Lebron aren't better then Michael Jordan. I understand if you was born in 1994 and never really saw MJ play, but I'm going to give you the business anyway. Exhibit A: Kobe entered the league as a backup to Eddie Jones and wasn't the number 1 option on his team until Shaq left. Kobe didn't have to beat hall of famers to win his rings. Excuse me, but Shaquille O'Neal and Pau Gasol are better then Luc Longley, Bill Wennington, Bison Dele, and Stacey King combined. Kobe didn't leave for 2 years in his PRIME. Kobe didn't have to beat Karl Malone and Stockton twice, Charles Barkley, Clyde Drexler, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Detroit Bad Boys, Gary Payton, Patrick Ewing, and Reggie Miller. Exhibit B: Lebron James. Lebron has Dwayne Wade. Dwayne Wade is better then Ron Harper, BJ Armstrong, John Paxson, Randy Brown, COMBINED. Pippen was a beast on defense, and was a solid offensive player, but he didn't have the talent that D Wade or Shaq had/has. Jordan at 6'6 had to carry 85% of the offe ...
TEAM: Don't get caught in the hype. Some of these NBA players are not very good Basketball players. Some of them are fantastic athlete, some of them are very skilled too. But without superior understanding of the game, fundamentals, superior Bball IQ and will to dominate, one cannot be considered a great player. Only a few have been great in the generation I witnessed. Larry Bird, Kevin McHale, Isiah Thomas, Magic Johnson, James Worthy, Hakeem Olajuwon, David Robinson, John Stockton, Paul Pierce, Kevin Garnett, Kobe Bryant, Shaq, Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Charles Barkley, Chris Paul (He already belongs), maybe Lebron (I just need him to have some skills), Allen Iverson (He could have been greater with more discipline). That's all I can think of. Did I miss anybody?
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