Michael Jordan & Kwame Brown

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Kwame James Brown (born March 10, 1982) is an American professional basketball player currently with the Milwaukee Bucks of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Kwame Brown denies that Michael Jordan ever made him cry:
Michael Jordan saying the ceiling is the roof is as cool as Michael Jordan drafting Kwame Brown.
Michael Jordan may be the goat but he's *** at drafting players .. Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, Sean May, Jared Dudley were all 💩💩💩💩
WHAT 😂😂 “Michael Jordan lost his final NBA game by 20 points, and was outscored by Kwame Brown. http:/…
Michael Jordan is considering building a private golf course where he hand picks the members. The first person he'll pick is Kwame Brown
Michael Jordan drafted Adam Morrison and Kwame Brown. Hairston is still going to go down as his worst pick. Bad player or bad character?
aside from his fashion sense (amazingly horrible), Michael Jordan is the worst talent evaluator of all time (drafted Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison, Michael Kidd-Gilcrest, and traded away lots for Tyrus Thomas, it goes on...)
Okay its time we all be honest with ourselves.Pablo Prigioni,Kurt Thomas,Steve Blake AND Kwame Brown are all better than Michael Jordan!!
Question by We Will. devoted follower of Legod James: How come Michael Jordan was such a great basketball player but is a HORRIBLE GM? You'd think the second greatest basketball player to ever live (King James is first) would have a good eye for talent but Michael is terrible. Lest we all forget his infamous judgement call on Kwame Brown, predicting he would be a force in this league once he matured LMAO. Good call, Michael. Best answer: Answer by Gilchrist-Kidd™ (Hornets: Anthony Davis)It happens with most former NBA players. Some bad players or not as great players end up being successful coaches. What do you think? Answer below!
Michael Jordan thought Kwame Brown was gonna be the next big thing. Someone who spends most of his time behind a desk didnt.
2001 nba draft. it was in this draft where Michael Jordan's *** selected Kwame Brown. Pau Gasol was still available. Pau Gasol!!!
Michael Jordan, dude, you are responsible for so many Front Office mistakes, it's absurd. Kwame Brown. The Gerald Wallace trade.
Y'all... Michael Jordan drafted Kwame Brown out of high school; he's a great basketball PLAYER, nothing more lol
60 Seconds Time Out: This week’s Flag On The Play award goes to…..let’s meet the contenders – Michael Jordan was asked who he would pick between the other LA team’s Kobe Bryant or the Heat’s Lebron James to be on his team. He said Kobe, because he has more rings. I see OLD age is not making him wiser. I would love to give him a flag, because he has the worst team in the league (even though they beat the Celtics) and drafted the disappointing Kwame Brown, but I will let him slide since it’s his birthday week, but he is a runner up; Lil Wayne got kicked out the Lakers vs. Heat game in Miami for making a hand gesture that looked like he was shooting a gun. We have too many killing people with guns to pretend like you are shooting someone because they disagree with you. Have several seats outside the Miami arena; the NFL announced that the next Superbowl will be played in NY regardless of the weather. An open stadium in NY during the middle of winter is NOT, I REPEAT NOT A GOOD IDEA! They are ta ...
Wow, Michael Jordan picked Kobe over LeBron, lol, the same guy that drafted Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, and he did it based on the rings argument, "five beats one". Ajajaja, to me, that's the greatest validation LeBron needs, MJ's fear to lose GOAT title.
Don't see what the big deal is with Michael Jordan saying he'd rather have Kobe than Lebron. Since when is Jordan a good evaluator of talent anyways? The team he owns set a record last season for the worst winning percentage in the history of the NBA. He picked Kwame Brown over Joe Johnson, he picked Adam Morrison over Rudy *** he passed up on LaMarcus Aldridge and Brook Lopez two of the best bigs in the league today. I wouldn't feel too bad if I was Lebron.
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This the same Michael Jordan who picked Kwame Brown over Tyson Chandler and Pau Gasol and traded Rip Hamilton for Jerry Stackhouse so...yeah
Michael Jordan said in an interview he'd take Kobe Bryant over Lebron James. We have all seen his drafting skills. Kwame Brown, Bismack Biyombo, Alexis Ajinca, and Adam Morrison. Just jinxed Kobe til he retires. No more rings.
Michael Jordan said "I'd take Kobe over Lebron" He also thought Kwame Brown was the overall pick...
Michael Jordan is either: 1. The worst owner in basketball history (Kwame Brown, worst win % ever in 2012 for the Bobcats, the list goes on forever) Or 2. So devoid of a soul that he makes the Bobcats suck to make the most money he can. I really for bad for Bobcats fans.
Who had the better game? Kobe Bryant- 81 pts, 6 reb, 2 ast, 3 st, 1 blk. Remember this was back in 2006, Kobe had a terrible team with the best player besides Kobe was Lamar Odom, they also had Kwame Brown, Luke Walton and some other no names. So remember Kobe had to do basically everything himself. He hardly had any help. But he was facing the worst defensive team in history, the Toronto Raptors. The raptors had names like Chris Bosh, Jose Calderon, Jalen Rose and Matt Bonner but they all had a terrible night defensively, letting Kobe get open on almost every play. OR Michael Jordan- 69 pts, 18 reb, 6 ast, 4 stl, 1 blk. This was in the playoffs! Which adds to the difficulty. MJ had a great team with him though with names like Scottie Pippen, Horace Grant and John Paxon helping him out. But they were facing a team with great defense in the 1990 Cleveland Cavaliers and Mark Price Guarding him. Note- MJ did play 50 minutes with Kobe only playing 42. Give me your thoughts? as for me a guess kobe coz he playe ...
Hiring D'Antoni over Jackson is like drafting Kwame Brown over Michael Jordan
I will never forget the fact that Michael Jordan drafted kwame brown lmaoo
Tony Romo is horrible!!! I don't care what anybody say.. He's the NFL's Kwame Brown.. And Jerry Jones is his Michael Jordan.
It doesn't matter if you are as good as Michael Jordan or as bad as Kwame Brown, if you don't know what one teammate is thinking and ignore them, you might as well forfeit. Rather than sit there time after time and yell at them, teach them how to correct their mistakes. Not everybody gets it right away.
Michael Jordan drafting Kwame Brown with 1st pick >>>> All of Cutler's decisions today
If American Idol hires Nicki Minaj, she will become the worst judge of talent in her profession since Michael Jordan chose Kwame Brown.
In this video, I provide PROOF That Kwame Brown acheived more than Michael Jordan in his whole Career!!! (You can't Deny the Facts, Bro!) Please rate, com...
Dang, Brendan Haywood and Kwame Brown played on the same team in '03, ironically with Michael Jordan on the Wizards. Shame
“117% chance Michael Jordan was on bath salts when he selected Kwame Brown as the 1st overall pick in 2001.”
Kwame Brown 2-yr deal?!? Really Sixers? Ask Michael Jordan how that worked out...
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Michael Jordan would call rookie Kwame Brown a flaming *** punched Steve Kerr in the face, and would insult his teammates all the time.
So the Sixers had another big signing today.They signed former Michael Jordan top pick & former NBA bust Kwame Brown to a 2 year/$6 million dollar deal.Hmm.I heard Coach Doug Collins say "Kwame is a solid player" last season, but signing him? Huh? The Sixers can do much better! Like doing after Rockets power forward Luis Scola! What's going on here.I don't get it.And they think this signing is justified because Brown has a "player option" for the 2nd year of this deal.Why wouldn't he wanna stay? He doesn't exactly have tons of NBA teams knocking down his door for his services.SMH.
Michael Jordan drafted Adam Morrison over Brandon Roy & drafted Kwame Brown with the 1st overall pick
Michael Jordan's Bobcats hire Mike Dunlap as coach . I am all for entrepreneurial, thinking out of the box, when it comes to business decisions so what I say below is in deference to that sacred and misunderstood process, but I have to proceed with some caution here. I also understand that you learn most in business by failures or courage through the trial and error process to decision making. Given my own lessons learned in the entrepreneurial undertaking, I will remain patient and see what fruits come from this tree. But after: hiring Doug Collins in Washington (who is a darn good coach); drafting Kwame Brown; shipping Rip Hamilton out the door; hiring Sam Vincent; Larry Brown; drafting Adam Morrison; all who have moved on, one is left wondering, to put it mildly. Team President, Rod Higgins giving his some a roster spot without real merit from what I can see. All this along with the questionable moves in terms of trading Gerald Wallace and signing Tyrus Thomas to a unwarranted contract. In terms of c ...
Michael Jordan a legend he picked Kwame Brown
Michael Jordan predicted the Heat gone win the championship ? He also drafted Kwame Brown .
believe in yaself like Michael Jordan believed in Kwame Brown
I didn't say it, this is a stolen copy and paste comment from a Kobe fan, so does all Kobe fans feels this way? O_o exactly! michael jordan is a Failure Failed at North Carolina after 1982 Title Failed when given the slam dunk contest title when clearly Dominique Wilkins clearly won Home cooking in chicago Failed at baseball Failed with his wife Failed as didn't play iverson no more Failed as picking Kwame Brown 1st pick 2001 draft Failed as an NBA Executive badly Failed as owner of bobcats Failed as brainwashed people call him GOAT when they hardly know NBA basketball or even saw him play
So...you're expecting Michael Jordan, who had a hand in drafting Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison, to draft smart at No. 2?
BREAKING: Michael Jordan just traded the draft pick for Kwame Brown and 3 retired UNC assistant coaches to be named later.
Thank goodness Charlotte didn't get the number one pick. Michael Jordan had 2 chances to get great players as an owner and he selected Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison with those picks... The basketball gods realized that for all he did as a player to advance the game he is trying to set it back 50 years as an owner.
Magic Johnson says he thinks the Bobcats will win the draft lottery. Kwame Brown was owner Michael Jordan's last top pick.
I forgot Michael Jordan drafted Adam Morrison too.. *** he was even worse than Kwame Brown
Pau doesn't want to leave LA. Its ok for Michael Jordan though. Not since Kwame Brown has he seen a talent on the market quite like Bynum.
For every Michael Jordan, there is 20 kwame brown. Joe Johnson is making 18 millions this year & can't take the Atl hawks to the next round.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
Michael Jordan is the kwame brown of nba owners
Michael Jordan should be ashamed of himself for his mishandling of the Charlotte franchise. Two words: KWAME. BROWN.
I really hope RG3 and the other DC sports phenoms (Wall, Strasburg, Harper, Ovechkin) pan out. DC has been let down so many times by big names. Michael Jordan, Freddy Adu, Jaramir Jagr, Webber-Howard, Kwame Brown, Gilbert Arenas, Desmond Howard, Shuler-Westbrook, Deion Sanders, Jason Taylor, Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb, Steve Spurrier, and countless others.
Michael Jordan picked Kwame Brown over Pau Gasol , and Adam Morrison over Brandon Rush !
Michael Jordan makes Isiah Thomas look like Jerry West as an executive. At least Zeke drafted good players. MJ drafted Kwame Brown -___-
Three reasons why Michael Jordan is a terrible owner Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison and Tyrus Thomas.
Michael Jordan hasn't had similar success as a basketball owner is putting it lightly. As an owner, he's Kwame Brown.
Michael Jordan is thinking, "I know I missed on Kwame Brown, but this Britney Griner kid is a cant-miss."
lol. Either that or Michael Jordan will find a way to screw it up aka Kwame Brown, Adam Morrison etc. lol!
Michael Jordan need to just stop drafting all together. He lost his right after drafting Kwame Brown and Adam Morrison.
Be careful. Michael Jordan once spent $1,000,000 to win the lottery and all he got was Kwame Brown.
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