Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional Basketball Player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Kobe Bean Bryant (born August 23, 1978) is an American professional Basketball Player who plays shooting guard for the Los Angeles Lakers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Stats: Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Lebron James in their age 33 season. LeBron is just flat-out ridiculous.
“There is no way Michael Jordan could out shoot Kobe Bryant.” - Scottie Pippen’s opinion on Kobe being a better shooter than…
Kobe Bryant wants Michael Jordan to induct him into the Basketball Hall Of Fame
Lebron James is not better than Michael Jordan, Kareem Adbul-Jabber, Magic Johnson or Kobe Bryant!
More players wear sneakers from Kobe Bryant than Michael Jordan. Kobe AD’s are the NBA's most popular on-court pick: ht…
Without Elgin Baylor, there would be no Kobe Bryant, Julius Erving, Lebron James, or Michael Jordan. Changed the ga…
"Kobe Bryant was obviously the greatest player ever since Michael Jordan." —
Michael Jordan weighs in on who he thinks is better between Kobe Bryant and Lebron James. .
My top 5 nba players of all time are. 1.Michael Jordan . 2.Kareem Abdul-jabaar. 3.Lebron James. 4.Magic Johnson. 5.Kobe Bryant
This dude argues that Lebron James is MUCH BETTER than Michael Jordan and that Kobe Bryant shouldn't be mentioned in th…
"The best player in the world is Michael Jordan, after that it's Kobe Bryant.".
Dad argues why Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan and why Kobe Bryant isn't even in the conversation.
I'm so thankful to have witnessed Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby, LBJ, and Usain Bolt in my…
I feel like it goes. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kobe Bryant . 3. Lebron James. People need to get over it and accept the fact that he's a mf legend.
Michael Jordan, Lebron, & K.D all left their main team to play with someone else. Kobe Bryant didn't. That's why he…
I liked a video Espn First Take - Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan?
I wouldn't give up four first-rounders for anyone not named Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James.
Lebron James just passed Michael Jordan in another category of all-time greatness
Kobe Bryant on mentoring Isaiah Thomas, "He had the courage to ask... I did the same thing with Michael Jordan." https:/…
Advice from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant: "Reach out to all the greats in your profession and learn from them."
Top 5 NBA players of all time (in order):. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kobe Bryant. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Larry Bird. 5. Shaquille O'Neal. Dont @ me!
incredible killer mentality that guys like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Kobe Bryant had. They would s…
Devin Booker better than Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, and Kevin Durant. Don't @ me😬
Embrace the pressure. Great advice from the man who trained Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
Playoff series leading the team in points, rebounds and assists. Lebron James: 19*. Michael Jordan: 1. Kobe Bryant: 0
Kobe Bryant watched Michael Jordan play so that I didn't have to.
Tom Brady is up there with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Muhammad Ali, Roger Federer, Floyd Mayweather, D'Angelo Russell,…
Michael Jordan is 6-for-6 in the finals. Kobe Bryant is 5-for-7 in the finals. Tom Brady's tryna go 5-for-7 in the finals. Let that sink in
Who's the best dunker in the Michael Jordan? Lebron James? Kobe Bryant or "Richard Jefferson"?
Top 4 two guards of all time WITH ORDER 1.Kobe Bryant 2.Michael Jordan 3.Dwayne Wade 4. Klay Thompson and Yes,,,Kobe is better than Michael
Only four players have scored 60 or more points on more than one occasion: Wilt Chamberlain, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, and Elgin Baylor.
Michael Jordan laughing with Kobe Bryant at 2004 All-Star Game in Atlanta. Happy 53rd birthday to Michael Jordan! http…
Kobe Bryant arrives before Game 4 of the 2002 NBA Finals against the New Jersey Nets wearing a Michael Jordan jersey h…
Charles Barkley: Lebron James is no Kobe Bryant or Tim Duncan, let alone Michael Jordan.
Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for 3rd on all-Time Scoring List (Lake... via
I'd chose Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Kareem Abdul Jabar as my Supreme Court. . .
A couple ppl I'd love to meet before I die are Denzel Washington, Al Pachino, Drake, Amerie, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Morgan Freeman
Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant will always be my favorite Basketball Players. 🏀💯🔥
You thinking Galaxy is better than Apple is like saying Kobe Bryant is better than Michael Jordan.
Lebron James joins Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Mike Conley as the only players in NBA history to make over 30 mil per season.
LeBron has joined the $30M+ a year club along with Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Mike Conley. Elite company.
See, you don't have to be Lebron James or Kobe Bryant or even Michael Jordan. Just be Mike Conley
"If you think old, you become old" - Tim S. Grover, personal trainer for Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and others
Absolutely amazing to see how similar of players Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan really were 😨🔥
I liked a video from Would You Rather | Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant
At 31, Lebron James has already played more Finals games (39) than Michael Jordan (35), Kobe Bryant (37) and Tim Duncan
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Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan would never let this happen.
Michael jordan or Kobe Bryant would NEVER let this happen dont @ me
I liked a video from Michael Jordan | Kobe Bryant | Lebron James - Clash of the Gods
Cleveland’s James has led his teams to six straight appearances in the N.B.A. finals, something Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant
"With Friday’s victory over the Toronto Raptors, James has done what Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant,...
First there was Michael Jordan, then there was Kobe Bryant, and now. Dion Waiters
Brave American solider saves Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James from ISIS
A young Kobe Bryant attempts to drive through Scottie Pippen and Michael Jordan.
Kobe Bryant was asked who's the best competitor he's faced in his career. He laughed: "Seriously? Michael Jordan."
Justin timberlake, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, j Cole... Man I can't even think about life without these greats.
Lesson 2 of Phil's Triangle Seminar: once you get a player like Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant you'll need to find another d…
Lesson 1 of Phil's Triangle Seminar: You'll need to find a player as good as Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. This is crucial.
Jay-so Kobe Bryant really retired EVERYONE-yes... All late. Richard-yeah so did Michael Jordan 😂😂😂
Michael Jordan's career-high for FGA was 49. Kobe Bryant's is 47. The most fitting possible outcome for Bryant's Wednesday…
Who is better? Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan? . Let the numbers speak for themselves:
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Kobe Bryant was my Michael Jordan. Legit the best player of my generation. 60 points in his farewell. Top 3 of greatest Lakers of all time!
Michael Jordan is the closest thing to Kobe Bryant.
Kobe Bryant just broke Michael Jordan's record for most shots taken in a game. MJ had 49. Kobe had 50. GOAT status.
Most 60-point games (3-point era):. 1. Kobe Bryant: 6. 2. Michael Jordan: 4. No one else has more than one.
Kobe Bryant is closest thing to Michael Jordan since Michael Jordan...💯
Kobe Bryant is the oldest player to score 45 points in a game since Michael Jordan on Feb 1, 2003
I have always said that Michael Jordan was better than Kobe Bryant. Kobe Bryant and Michel Jordan are equal to me now, after tonight!
"There will never be another Michael Jordan. But there will never be another Kobe Bryant either." -Ron Harper
There is never gonna be another Michael Jordan again. But there may never be another Kobe Bryant again, either. - Ron Harper.
"Michael Jordan is the original. Kobe Bryant is the remix." - Jalen Rose
"He's the closest thing to Michael Jordan" Kenny Anderson on Kobe Bryant with &
I've always loved the *** athletes more than others from Kobe Bryant to Floyd Mayweather to Michael Jordan, I don't know why.
13 years ago today, Kobe Bryant dropped 55 points in his last game against his idol, Michael Jordan. 🐐🐍.
star SG-PG-SF Kobe Bryant said former superstar SG-PG-SF Michael Jordan was the best competitor he's ever played against.
Phill Jackson just needs to come coach the lakers and make another Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan out of the Russell and Clarkson Simple💯
do you think a Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant or Lebron James team would ever lose like that
When you're chilling at work and Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant decide to show up.
puts us to shame. Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan right there. I'm just Smush Parker, smmfh
Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant are the great players I ever witnessed play basketball but Steph Curry is different breed..
Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Stephen Curry have a combined followers of 187M - Cristian…
(2) Wilt Chamberlain 32 times, Michael Jordan five times, Kobe Bryant five times, and Elgin Baylor four times."
Kobe Bryant details Michael Jordan's influence on his game [Inside the Lakers]
Michael Jordan gave Kobe Bryant a full set of Jordans as a retirement gift!
if reporters call Lebron Magic Johnson and players call Kobe Bryant their Michael Jordan and Jordan is better than Magic
Michael Jordan gives Kobe Bryant the best retirement present ever.
Michael Jordan gives full set of Air Jordans to Kobe Bryant: Michael Jordan is sending Kobe Bryant into retirement with a lot of foot...
That I know of I would put in my top 5 Michael Jordan then Allen Iverson then Kobe Bryant then Stephon Curry then Lebron James my top 5
Liv, did you know Kobe Bryant is retiring?. "He plays for the Chicago Bulls, right?". That was Michael Jordan...
"That one post shot, I must admit, that looks familiar.". Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant to Andrew Wiggins in 1 move:
Phil Jackson the legendary coach at the Hall Of Fame! 💯💯🏀🏀 coached the 2 best: Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant!
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Derrick Rose puts Kobe Bryant on the same level as Michael Jordan.
Dirk Nowitzki calls Kobe Bryant 'the Michael Jordan of our generation.'.
Dirk Nowitzki on Kobe Bryant: "He's our Michael Jordan. He's one of the best to ever lace them up."
When was asked who he'd pick between Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Michael Jordan, this is what he said.
Kobe Bryant names Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Kevin Durant among the top 5 players he's ever faced in his career!
Kobe Bryant's top 5 players he's faced in his career: Clyde Drexler, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, an… https…
Kobe Bryant says the best players of his era were Hakeem Olajowan, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kevin Durant, and Clyde…
Michael Jordan has so much love and respect for Kobe Bryant that he filmed a video message and didn't attend the game in Char…
WATCH: Michael Jordan paid tribute to Kobe Bryant with a pregame video
"I'm a big fan, I still love watching you play." . Michael Jordan pays tribute to Kobe Bryant. .
Michael Jordan pays his respects to Kobe Bryant before his final game in Charlotte.
Think this year's Kobe Bryant is just like Michael Jordan in his final Wizards season? . Think again.
Nick Van Exel predicts Kobe Bryant will be the next Michael Jordan (1997)
Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal lol 😁 Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson but I like Steph Curry as well 🏀🎅
Kevin Durant: "I did idolize Kobe Bryant. I studied him, wanted to be like him. He was our Michael Jordan.”
Kobe Bryant said Michael Jordan was one of the 1st people he told over the summer. MJ: "Just enjoy it."
Michael Jordan,Oscar Robertson, Kobe Bryant, Allen Iverson, Clyde Drexler don't argue w/ me you can't change my mind
I told Phil Jackson the only way to forget about Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant was to draft Porzingis
"I didn't have no Michael Jordan when I was in the league. So Kobe Bryant was that bar for me." -Dwyane Wade
Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Kobe Bryant all rolling in their graves.
"Last year we was Michael Jordan, 23 with so much airness jor/ Kobe Bryant or Jack Bauer, either ways we now 24" hbd
Number of seasons they lead the NBA in missed shots:. Michael Jordan: 7. Kobe Bryant: 6. Lebron James: 0
Sonny Vaccaro a.k.a The Sole Man illuminated the audience yesterday with inside stories of Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as well as (1/3)
An aging Kobe Bryant, for once, doesn't want to be compared to Michael Jordan: In a few weeks, Kobe Bryan...
The best Basketball Player I ever saw play that wasn't named Michael Jordan is Kobe Bryant. Show me your ID if you think I'm wrong.
Kobe Bryant studied one of the GREATEST who played the GAME, Michael Jordan. Who are you studying?
Kobe Bryant scores 19 points as Lakers lead Spurs after 3rd quarter, 86-75. . Bryant now 12 points away from passing Michael Jordan.
Phil Jackson's answer to "Would you pick Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?" I would pick Bill Russell, he got 11 championship rings.
Ben Foster's Lance Armstrong has an ego that would embarrass Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant.
Who would you trust to take the game winning shot? Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Lebron James or Dwight Wade?
Who really is the GOAT?. A. Michael Jordan. B. Kobe Bryant. C. My barber who just gave me the cleanest haircut of all time
Tiger Woods, Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan all did the fist pump... I think Johnny is onto something
Fan shows love for the game of basketball by getting Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan tattoos http…
Kobe Bryant 'learned a lot' from Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson.
Career Playoff games, led team in Points, Assists, & Rebounds:. - Lebron James (34). - Michael Jordan (6). - Kobe Bryant (…
There will NEVER🙅 be another Michael Jordan, it ain't Sebastian Telfair, John Wall, Kobe Bryant nd it's sure as *** ain't no LeBron 😂😂
A young Kobe Bryant with the fadeaway against his idol, Michael Jordan. . .
"You know who else didn't go to business school? Michael Jordan, Tracy McCrady and Kobe Bryant."
Since 1990, we've added Michael Jordan, Karl Malone, and Kobe Bryant. Soon to include Dirk Nowitzki and Lebron James by 2020.
Expecting to wake up to hear that Jimmy Butler, Kevin Love, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan have signed with CLE
Espn First Take | Michael Jordan says Kobe Bryant would beat him via
Debate me about anything, just not Tom Brady or Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan
says Kobe Bryant, not Michael Jordan, is “really” the greatest ever.
Closest player to Michael Jordan is Kobe Bryant. If it wasn't for Ray Allen, Lebron James would only have one ring.
Lebron James has as many series losses in the Finals as Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Larry Bird combined.
Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant is somewhere shaking their head. 😒
Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, and Lebron James have the most beautiful jumpers ever.
Michael Jordan & Kobe Bryant chime in on Lebron James...
Michael Jordan's mindfulness meditation coach: The secret weapon of Phil Jackson, Kobe Bryant and you
you know from 1996 to now, the NBA Finals have had Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, and Lebron James
Yall be quick to compare Lebron James rings to Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan. Smh, yo moma don't have a ring & we ain't said…
"if you only SEEN Elgin Baylor you wouldn't care about no *** Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant." *scratches ***
So you think Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, & Michael Jordan would represent Nike who is now suddenly anti-black progression? Mmk.
LeBron just passed Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant!. Honestly, what does that mean to you haters out there. LeBron finna set the record!
The first thing Kobe Bryant said to Michael Jordan when they first met was "You know I can kick your *** one on one".
it's as easy as finding the next Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant. Also a lot of peyote.
I liked a video Michael Jordan picking Kobe Bryant or Lebron James
💭 Oh, if I'm wrong about the Michael Jordan effect, think Kobe Bryant, think Lebron James. They don't even deny it...
"The NBA has searched for a new face of the league since Michael Jordan retired. Kobe Bryant and Lebron James...
I wasn't alive yet for the last NBA Finals that didn't feature Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan, Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade, or Robert Horry.
Tim Duncan couldn't do something that Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and KAJ have done.
"Kobe Bryant, not Lebron James or Michael Jordan, is the NBA all-time leader in game winning shots."
On this day in 2003, Kobe Bryant dropped 55 points on Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards. .
Happy birthday to one of my favorite people I gotten the pleasure of knowing.. She's the Michael Jordan to my Kobe Bryant
Snow Fall is Kobe Bryant, trying (with some success) to be Michael Jordan. This article is pre-gun charges Gilbert Arenas
Kobe Bryant discusses a 'big misconception' with the Michael Jordan mindset comparison.
Last time MSG hosted the All-Star Game was 1998, when Michael Jordan was named MVP and Kobe Bryant was playing his 1st A…
I liked a video Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan Trash Talking at 2003 All-Star Game
Kobe Bryant admits he used to ask Michael Jordan for advice in the middle of games.
Kobe Bryant, Lebron James and Co are compared to NBA legends such as Michael Jordan and Oscar Roberts...
Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan to move third on the NBA's all-Time Scoring List
REPORT: are just Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen, SHAQ and Kobe Bryant away from making triangle offense work.
When Kobe Bryant wanted to leave LA, he wanted to learn from Michael Jordan in Washington.
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan nearly joined forces
Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan nearly joined forces on the Wizards - SB Nation
Kobe Bryant says he wanted to sign with the Wizards to play with Michael Jordan in 2004
Can you imagine? Kobe Bryant admitted he once wanted to leave the Lakers and join Michael Jordan with the Wizards
Kobe Bryant wanted to sign with Michael Jordan's Wizards
NBA news: Kobe Bryant wanted to play with Michael Jordan at ...
People have compared Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan for years now. Because of what they've accomplished on the court—and because of the similarities ...
Kobe Bryant has long idolized Michael Jordan, the player to whom he has been compared throughout his career. Years ago, he had plans to play alongside his mentor.
The Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan debate has been long waged in NBA circles and will likely continue long after the former steps away from the game for good. But imagine them in the same organization...
Kobe Bryant confirmed he wanted to sign with the Wizards and join forces with Michael Jordan. http…
Best 5 in NBA history: John Stockton, Kobe Bryant, Ray Allen, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain. You'd be destroyed by this team. AMIRITE?
People really got jokes about Kobe Bryant. The joke is on by y'all because Kobe Bryant is the greatest Basketball Player of all time he surpassed Michael Jordan.
Kobe Bryant was dropping dimes all over the floor against the Cavs, to the tune of a career-high 17-assists: years after setting the the previous mark of 15 in a triple-double performance against Michael Jordan and the Washington Wizards in 2002, Bryant recorded his new personal best against another worthy opponent, Lebron James.
Kobe Bryant passed Michael Jordan on the NBA’s all-time career scoring list.
According to this fan, the G.O.A.T. list has Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan and... (h/t
"Michael Jordan on his worst day is 10 times better than Kobe Bryant on his worst day." -
Kobe Bryant, increased average assists per game and lowered ppg. after he went past Michael Jordan and had a 3 day rest.
Congratulations on Kobe Bryant passing Michael Jordan on the all-Time Scoring List!
Kobe Bryant made a pair of free throws to give him 32293 career points, moving past Michael Jordan to 3rd on the all-Time Scoring List. About the NBA: The N...
Congratulations to Kobe Bryant, passing Michael Jordan for 3rd all time in scoring! (graphic by
Could Michael Jordan beat Lebron James or Kobe Bryant in one-on-one? NBA 2K14 Michael Jordan Uncensored Michael Jordan believes he could have beaten LeBron J...
Michael Jordan's simple message for Kobe Bryant: 'Go get Karl' via
At 38, Kobe Bryant knows his days are likely numbered in the NBA, even admitting that "old age" kept him out of the Christmas Day matchup with the Bulls in Chicago. But that doesn't mean that other NBA greats aren't pushing for Kobe to continue toppling NBA records, including the latest superstar Bryant passed on the all-Time Scoring List -- Michael Jordan.
Kobe Bryant says he's stolen moves from Michael Jordan
In anticipation of Kobe Bryant passing Michael Jordan for third all-time on the NBA career scoring list, an all-access look at their battles and relationship...
It's the most wonderful time of the year (until the Playoffs)... Countin' down the Top 12 Christmas Day Plays... led by Kobe Bryant, Lebron James & Michael Jordan!
Kobe Bryant's numbers from his '08 MVP season are almost identical to Michael Jordan's numbers from his '85 rookie season.
Michael Jordan's advice to a young Kobe Bryant.
Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan third on the all-Time Scoring List. Congrats, Kobe! (VID): http…
Reggie Miller obviously has the right to his opinion, but his thoughts on Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan are ridiculous.
Reggie Miller: 'No question' Michael Jordan tougher to guard than Kobe Bryant via
Reggie Miller would take Michael Jordan on his worst day over Kobe Bryant on his best:
Nick Young says he once told Michael Jordan that he learned the fadeaway from him, but wanted to say Kobe Bryant:
Reggie Miller says Kobe Bryant doesn't even come close to being the player Michael Jordan was. »
BEFORE YOU BUY YOUR NEXT PAIR OF J's CONSIDER THIS BECAUSE I DEFINITELY AM: Michael Jordan, who although had the entire world in the palm of his hand, never once took real action in attempt to change it for the better. Who in 1990 when asked why he wouldn’t endorse Black Democratic candidate Harvey Gantt in a North Carolina state senate race against Jesse Helms (a man that opposed making Martin Luther King Jr.’s birthday a holiday and was allegedly tied to groups sending black voters threats of jail during the campaign), Jordan’s response was simply, “Republicans buy sneakers, too.” That endorsement driven mentality that Jordan possessed, and the monetary success that came along with it, was the same mentality that was emulated by the next generation of superstars such as Kobe Bryant and Tiger Woods in their prime. And although LeBron has plenty of reasons to emulate it as well, the 42 million he’s earned in endorsements in 2014 to be exact, he’s proving that contrary to popular belief, it i ...
Kevin Durant is on his path to passing both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.
ICYMI: put together a tremendous video essay on the legendary careers of Kobe Bryant & Michael Jordan.
Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan for third place on all-time NBA scoring list! (c) NBA.com
Meanwhile, Kobe Bryant is about to pass Michael Jordan on scoring list - ...
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan will forever be linked via Rappler
3 charts that show how Dirk compares to Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan are two of the NBA's greatest, and they share a relationship built on mutual respect. http…
Congratulations to Kobe Bryant on passing Michael Jordan to advance to 3rd all-time in scoring in NBA history!
The time is near. VIDEO: ''Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan: When Destiny Meets Greatness.''
Kobe Bryant now above Michael Jordan in the all time NBA leading scorers
Michael Jordan scored 32,216 points in just 1,072 games. Kobe Bryant took 197 more games to pass Jordan.
Kobe Bryant surpassed Michael Jordan, and move to 3rd. In the all-Time Scoring List. A very superb and daunting task.Congrats
Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan on all-Time Scoring List
Awesome graphic comparing the careers of Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan:
Kobe Bryant will always be compared with Michael Jordan, but there is one big difference.
Gary Payton knows both Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan very well, but who would he pick as the better player? via FOX Sports Live
Two Minutes of Greatness. Michael Jordan plays in his last All Star Game against Kobe Bryant. The West defeated the East 155-145, but it was one of the greatest
The Hub - Kobe passes Jordan, Champions League draw & more | 12/15/2014 A busy week for the Olympic athletes as Kobe Bryant passes the legendary Michael Jordan in the NBA all-time scores list, the draw for the UEFA Champions League Round of 16 takes place, Daniel... From: Olympics Views: 2 0…
Ah yes! My day couldn't get any better. It feels great to wake up knowing the dolphins were featured on first 48 in foxboro, the Dallas cowboys won on the road again(7-0), the lakers won as Kobe Bryant is now all time in scoring passing Michael Jordan, and to top it off, the Miami heat lost! Man, nothing can kill my vibe today 🐸🍺🍺🍺
ICYMI: With this free throw, Kobe Bryant moved past Michael Jordan on NBA's all-Time Scoring List.
Kobe Bryant vs. Michael Jordan. . Two of the best scorers the game has ever seen.
Kobe Bryant needs just 9 points tonight to pass Michael Jordan. Good excuse to bring back a photo of 19-yr-old Kobe. http…
Kobe Bryant had to shoot the ball 351 more times than Michael Jordan in order to reach his total point mark.
Kobe Bryant had to play 196 more games than Michael Jordan in order to surpass him in total points. That's nearly 2 1/2 more SEASONS.
HISTORY! Kobe Bryant moves into 3rd on NBA's all-Time Scoring List, passing Michael Jordan.
Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan, scores 10 straight and has a game-high 14 points to lead the Lakers at halftime.
From student to master, Kobe Bryant passes Michael Jordan by
Just like we've never seen another player like Michael Jordan, we will never see another player like Kobe Bryant!
Kobe Bryant has just passed Michael Jordan for 3rd on the All-Time Scoring List
Kobe Bryant surpasses Michael Jordan to be the third highest scorer in NBA history. You can't possibly deny that he's a living legend.
Move over Michael Jordan. . Kobe Bryant now has more points than His Airness, Number 23.
if you think Kobe Bryant will pass Michael Jordan tonight on the scoring list to take 3rd for all time!
Kobe Bryant can pass Michael Jordan but is a long way from the top
Tony Parker: "In my opinion, Michael Jordan is the greatest to ever do it, but Kobe Bryant is the closest to Jordan.
NBA scores 2014: Kobe Bryant shy of Michael Jordan, but Lakers upset Spurs and 3 other things we learned Friday night
Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan. Two players forever intertwined, separated by 8 points in their careers. »
Spurs and Lakers are tied at 101-101 & we're headed to OT! Kobe Bryant is 9 points from passing Michael Jordan on the a…
Who's better? Lakers' Kobe Bryant on verge of surpassing Michael Jordan on ... - Long Beach Press Telegram
Kobe Bryant is 24 hours away from his next chance to pass Michael Jordan. Watch how similar the 2 legend's games are. htt…
DTN USA: Kobe's pursuit of Jordan about more than points: Kobe Bryant has emulated Michael Jordan in many ways...
Kobe Bryant's pursuit of Michael Jordan means more than points
Chris Rock says Kobe Bryant will never surpass Michael Jordan:
Kobe Bryant (2005-06) is the only player besides Michael Jordan (twice) to average at least 35 PPG in a season since NBA…
Kobe Bryant says he "always welcomed the comparison" to Michael Jordan throughout his career.
Kobe Bryant is only 31 points away from passing Michael Jordan. Do it at home Kobe. You deserve that
“Jay Z is Michael Jordan, Kanye is Kobe Bryant, Kendrick Lamar is Labron James” who is Labron for 200 please?
227's YouTube Chili' SportsNation | Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan with John Salley, who di... Jamaal Al-Din - NBA
Kobe Bryant scores 14 Pts in Lakers' 104-87 loss to Pelicans. He trails Michael Jordan by 62 points for 3rd on NBA's all-…
Kobe Bryant talks about the similarities between him and Michael Jordan: Full Interview:
ICYMI: In a recent interview, Kobe Bryant says there is a "mutual respect" between him and Michael Jordan. Fantastic. htt…
· Kobe Bryant became the first player in NBA history to reach 30,000 points and 6,000 assists in a career during the second half against of the L.A. Lakers win over the Toronto Raptors last night. Of the four other players who reached the 30,000-point plateau -- Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Karl Malone, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain -- Abdul-Jabbar (5,660) finished with the most assists, followed by Jordan (5,633), Malone (5,248) and Chamberlain (4,643). · Chicago's Jimmy Butler capped the best month of his four-season NBA career, leading all players with 26 points in the Bulls' 102-84 victory at Brooklyn. It was Butler's fourth game of 25 or more points in 15 games this November. He scored at least 25 points only twice in 191 games over his first three seasons. · Denver's Arron Afflalo has scored at least 15 points in eight of his last nine games, averaging 18.2 points and 3.1 rebounds while shooting .496 (57-for-115) from the field and .477 (21-for-44) from deep during this stretch.
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