Michael Jordan & Derrick Rose

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Derrick Martell Rose (born October 4, 1988) is an American professional basketball player for the Chicago Bulls of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Derrick Rose x Michael Jordan. Spent a crazy amount of time on this, rt's and likes greatly appreciated!
No disrespect to Derrick Rose but i think Jimmy Butler is our best player since Michael Jordan. He's come a long way
Derrick Rose puts Kobe Bryant on the same level as Michael Jordan.
Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Bruce Lee, Allen Iverson, Derrick Rose, Muhammad Ali. Those are the people that motivate me to push myself.
I'm not digging Derrick Rose's flattop, he kinda looks like those bootleg Bart Simpson/Michael Jordan shirts from the 90's
Okay sports fans, . Beyonce in her Derrick Rose swimsuit or Mariah in her Michael Jordan dress?.
Derrick Rose's shot was the 1st Bulls playoff buzzer-beater since Michael Jordan in Game 1 of the 1997 NBA Finals.
Michael Jordan made me love the Bulls, Derrick Rose made me hate them.
Bulls with their biggest postseason win in franchise history. More proof that Derrick Rose has surpassed Michael Jordan.
Jimmy Butler joins Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Luol Deng as only Bulls to score 25 or more points in first 2 games of a Bull…
Derrick Rose, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan and Bill Cartwright take the floor for the Bulls:
he would like Michael Jordan , Derrick Rose, Brian Urlacher and Charles Woodson are his favorites maybe these ones again :)
Don't you ever compare Derrick Rose to Michael Jordan ever again, random white guy/ESPN analysis who may or may not have played in the NBA.
I apologize to all who may take offense to what I am about to say but I'm sorry, social media right now is determining elections, determining who loses jobs and is the fastest way to get information from Point A to Point B so I'm going to try to get this information out as quickly as possible. My sons have a chance to play on the United Center floor in Chicago. The same floor greats like Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippin, Derrick Rose and many others have played on. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity. An opportunity that parents should be able to witness. Unfortunately, due to reasons that are unfathomable to me, many parents will not. The deadline for turning in the orders for tickets was Dec.1. On Nov 29th, we were told that the tickets were sold out. No warning, no nothing. Then to find out that our athletic department gave 31 tickets away to the opposing team without asking parents before they gave them away. Anyone who knows me knows that I go to many PC events. Girls volleyball and bas ...
Derrick rose is even better than Michael Jordan !!!
So it's final now and the GOP have control of the House. In other news, Adrian Peterson has accepted a plea bargain and agreed to 500 hours of volunteer babysitting in exchange for having his felony charge of child abuse reduced. It appears money could have swayed our imppeccable justice system we have in this country. Also, in a final tidbit of news NOBODY.and I mean NOBODY saw coming, Chicago Bulls Point Gaurd and once heir apparent to Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, is injured. Today's news brought to you lovely *** by Captain Obvious.
I mean that *** Michael Jordan doesn't even play anymore and that *** gets 99. Even Derrick rose got 95? ***
Dustin Morrison and I play NBA 2k. A lot. We have the rosters set up so the legends from the legend teams are in the association draft, as well as tweaking old players to return them to their prime. Then we do an association draft where we control and draft for 6 teams each, and just play every match up 2 of our 12 teams have all season. We kinda have "our" players we draft every time, and we often bicker over who has the best group. So, if these two groups of players were Allstar teams, who would win? Keep in mind, they are all in their prime. Team A; Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, Steph Curry, Patrick Ewing, Karal Malone, Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Wilt Chamberlin, Charles Barkley, Ricky Rubio, Paul George, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Al Jeffersen, Amare Stoudemire, Pau Gasol, Allen Iversen, Brandon Jennings, Thomas Robinson, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, and James Hardin Vs Team B; Larry Bird, Lebron James, Shaquille O'neal, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Damion L ...
Vic Mensa owns an autographed basketball signed by both Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose
1. Michael Jordan is the best basket ball player ever! 2. Kendrick Lamar is the best rapper Alive! 3. Leonardo DiCaprio is one of the best actors known! 4. Oprha Winfrey and Bill Gates are Billionaires! 5. Chirs brown is the most talked about dancer around! 6. Michael Jackson is the King of Pop! 7. Beyonce is the best Female R&B artist! 8. R. Kelly is the best R&B singer! 9. Barack Obama is the best president we ever had! 10. Derrick Rose, Kobe and Lebron is the best basket ball players right now! 11. Miley Cyrus is so awesome! 12. Justin Bieber is doing it up right now! 13. Floyd Mayweather never lost a fight.! 14. Beats are the best head phones! 15. PS4 is the best game station we have! 16. My girlfriend's so awesome, she bought this and bought me that! I lover her! 17. My Husband/Wife is my world! 18. My friends are all I need! 19. Lambos and Rose Royce are the best cars! 20. The Pacres are going to win it all! 21. Derrick Rose has to come back! He is! Can't wait until next year! 22. OH Terrence Howard ...
I got 15 from from Anna Sotelo! hah 1) Basketball is my favorite sport 2)I play softball, basketball, volleyball. I'm in cheerleading, spelling bee, and I play trumpet! 3)My favorite color is PURPLE!! (love it) . 4)I have 3 siblings 5) I want to move back to hometown, in Texas. 6) Brynn Wilson and Kenzie and Elizabeth Bell are my best sisters for life! (& Chase Malone is my boyfriend) 7) I love owls and monkeys and frogs! 8) Justin Bieber is so hot and I am his biggest belieber. ✌ 9) I am in love with Ariana Grande, she is my inspiration. 10) Michael Jordan is a huge inspiration and a motivator to me! 11) My 2nd mom is AnaLisa Jaynes Wilson & I love her so much!! 12)I was born in Texas 13) I love my family and friends so much! 14)I love Selena Gomez and Jennette McCurdy! 15) Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Chris Bosh, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Dirk Nowitzki are beast at ball
Whom would you like to meet? — Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Allen Iverson, Kevin Durant, and a bun...
Just talking to a good mate who's a fellow collector as well and we got talking about collections etc. So it got me thinking what are you guys/girls collecting at the moment? What made you collect that player or set? Paparazzi would love to know. On the go at the moment I am collecting this years Chicago Bulls RC Auto's Erik Murphy and Tony Snell. 2012 Goodwin Champions Auto set and a few Derrick Rose cards that grab my eye. As a big fan of Chicago I decided something different this year with the Bulls RC and love the diverse range of 2012 Goodwin Champions auto's being on card and featuring athletes like Mike Tyson, Wayne Gretzky, Dan Marino, Michael Jordan all the way to Co-founder of Apple Steve Wozniak and Apollo astronaut Alan Bean. Also we started doing some sets of 13/14 Prizm and a big fan of the parallels and inserts in the set too.
Michael Jordan says he can beat LeBron in his prime! Derrick Rose
Bulls about to beat Michael Jordan's bobcats. Miss Luol Deng. Do any of you think that Derrick Rose will ever come back? Ok, that's the game - they blew 10 point lead in last 2 minutes -- way too close with sterling 3 point shooting by the Cats: Chicago 89 Charlotte 87
Something to think about: The reasons I sense that this Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls rivalry is a little ridiculous are as follows: 1. Dwayne Wade hates playing against the Chicago Bulls, especially with him being from Chicago, Illinois. 2. Think about how many Die-Hard Chicago Bulls Fans are on the Miami Heat roster. 3. The Bulls did not have the talent level that the Miami Heat had, however they balled their way to Title Contenders which included sweeping the Defending Champion Heat in the 1st Round of the 2007 Playoffs, and MVP Derrick Rose helping the Bulls to the East Finals in 2011. 4. Both the Bulls and Heat franchises have experienced Playoff Upsets in the 1st Round as seeds losing to seeds. 5. The LAST TIME the Bulls and Heat were considered legitimate rivals in the NBA, you saw Michael Jordan torch Steve Smith and Glen Rice for 56 points, Tim Hardaway return to his HOME TOWN to battle Steve Kerr :/ , and Alonzo Mourning become frustrated with Dennis Rodman's antics (let us not forget James Posey ...
Kevin Durant, Derrick Rose, and Michael Jordan at their prime. Vs.Kobe, Allen Iverson, and Lebron James at their prime. Which 3 would u take
Just wanted to share this. I wrote this about Derrick Rose last season when I did my top 10 rankings at every position. I narrowly gave D-Rose the edge over Tony Parker because A) I'm a homer and B) When Rose is healthy, he's just amazing to watch on the court. No one compares to him in the NBA. Not Parker, not CP3, definitely not Kyrie...he's truly unique. Really hoping he stays healthy the rest of his career and regains his form: I'm a Chicago Bulls homer and I've talked at length about how great this guy is. He's an amazing basketball player and the only point guard on this list with an NBA MVP Award. I don't feel entirely comfortable saying he's the 2nd or 3rd best point guard in the league. He's amazing. He led the team to the Eastern Conference Finals in 2011 and would've likely done the same last season if not for his ACL. He's captivated the Bulls fanbase like nobody has except for Michael Jordan. He's humble, he's a winner, and he is everything you would want in a point guard. He scores, h ...
Michael Jordan: Air Jordan. Kobe Bryant: Mamba. Kevin Durant: Tarantula . Lebron James: King. Derrick Rose: Wheelchair. if you know what I mean
-This one for that lil boy who wanna be like LeBron,Kobe Bryant,Derrick Rose and even Michael Jordan
I just saw the best comment about the Bulls front office. I'll repost it: "So Bulls management has fueded with Luol Deng, Derrick Rose, Scottie Pippen, Michael Jordan, Phil Jackson, Ben Gordon, Tom Thibideau, and VDN. Also known as the most important people in the franchise over the last 20 years. Bulls management has good relationships with Randy Brown, Pete Myers, Adrian Griffin, John Paxson, Will Perdue, and Stacey King." That says it all my friends.
: Michael Jordan wins his first championship! Derrick Rose
3 on 3. Who you got? . Allen Iverson, and Jebron James, and Kobe Bryant. Or. Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, and Michael Jordan.
COMMENTARY | Michael Jordan once said, "Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence wins championships." And with the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose injured with a torn meniscus and out (again) for the season, arguably, the franchise has lost a major driver of its talent. With D-Rose out and the B...
Potentially done with 3/5 classes tonight. Tied in Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose in the final group presentation. Might as well have fun at what you do eh?
Michael Jordan will return to the Bull before Derrick Rose
What's going on fellow Bulls fans!!! My name is Brandon, and I'm an admin for this page. I've been a Bulls fan since Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals. Every since then, I've been a die-hard fan. My 5 favorite Bulls players all time are... -Michael Jordan (Surprise, Surprise) -Scottie Pippen -Derrick Rose -Toni Kukoc -Jokaim Noah That's just a little bit about me right now. Tomorrow, the page will be up and running with posts regarding Bulls news, injury updates, scores, trivia, ect.
Wow, Kobe Bryant signed an extention with the LA Lakers for over 48 million dollars in the twilight of his career over the next two years, there is no cap room for the Lakers basically over the next two years, the Bus family and Mitch Kupchak are complete fools for this, greed is *** is all I can say, the two Jerry's never gave Michael Jordan that kind of money, the two Jerry's would have never even thought about giving Michael that kind of cheddar!!! I will say this, if it came down to it, he would have not have excepted it and would have loved to keep is team together for less, Scottie Pippen, Bill Cartwright, John Paxson, BJ Armstrong, Craig Hodges, Will Purdue, Horace Grant, Dennis Rodman, and so on. That is why the "Mamba" will never be Mike Jordan, nor his the "freak" in Miami will not ever! Keep your head up Derrick Rose!!! Go Chicago Bulls!!!
Everything had aligned so perfectly for Derrick Rose, the minuscule odds of the Chicago Bulls winning the draft lottery transforming the son of the city's South Side into a franchise savior. He was the youngest Most Valuable Player in NBA history, on his way to a statue someday near No. 23 on the steps of the United Center. He has come home chasing championships for the Bulls, chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan, and yet slowly, surely Rose is beginning to resemble a different Chicago sporting icon: Gale Sayers. Rose could turn out to be the superstar whose name leaves everyone nodding and wondering: What could've been? An immortal career could turn into something simply very good – or something far worse. For Rose, it's another knee injury, another surgery, perhaps another lost season. After an arduous year and a half to return from an ACL tear in his left knee, Rose couldn't make it a month into the regular season. View gallery . Derrick Rose is averaging 15.9 points and 4.3 assists in 11 games this s ...
So as a fan of sports how do I explain to people the fate that Michael Jordan has left to the city of Chicago. Kerry Wood, Mark Prior, Derrick Rose, and of course me. All great athletes that end came to soon. Ugg ha not really me but you get the point.
Im a true Bulls fan. The bulls are going through a tough season its not over for them yet. Derrick Rose is not Michael Jordan... It takes a team to win not one player...Go Bulls...
fans hoped Derrick Rose would be legend like Michael Jordan.it turns out he's more likely to be a poor man's Grant Hill.
Chicago Bulls Derrick Rose return to real action tomorrow is the biggest NBA return since Michael Jordan in 1995. (Quo…
There are only three players in the last 30 years that have recorded 2,000 points and 600 assists in a season, they are Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose. LUpet MVP trio
i just want to fly and touch that rim just like Michael Jordan i want to dunk just like Blake Griffin i want to be a ankle breaker just like Allen Iverson i want to get MVPS just like Lebron James and i want to be fast just like Derrick Rose i want to be number 1 i just need practice.hard and finish school.
Look! Real Chicago Bulls fans are focused on this season and not Michael Jordan, thank God I witnessed greatness, but now is time for Derrick Rose, Carlos Boozer, Luol Deng, Joakim Noah, Jimmy Butler and Kirk Hinrich. Not, Pippen, Not Jordan. Two days away. Lets Go Chicago Bulls!!!
Derrick Rose isn't sure he would beat Michael Jordan 1-on-1 but he knows it would be a physical game. (Source: Nick Friedell) Derrick Rose on Michael Jordan's recent comments: "The legacy [Jordan] left, his résumé, he can say whatever he wants to say." "For me, I just try to stay out [of] that and stay in my own lane and do my own thing." Derrick Rose said if Michael Jordan was beating him, he would intentionally foul him hard so he is beat up after the game.
Here is a good one Lebron James jersey is the highest selling in the world. Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan's girl friend Kobe are 2 and 3. How you like that MJ. You are gone and forgotten.
Like he said in Hawaii Eddie Aikau is a god. Eddie Aikau is they're Michael Jordan, he's they're Walter Payton, he's they're Derrick Rose.
Who you think better Michael Jordan or derrick rose
A short Story about Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose growing up in the same Neighborhood in Chicago. Both werde deeply inspired by Michael Jordan (as we all were...
I'm so sick of everyone saying Lebron is not loyal to Cleveland. How about Cleveland being loyal to Lebron? If you truly are a fan of someone, you support their decision... not only when it benefits you and your city Cleveland fans should have bought Miami Jerseys for the name on the BACK of the jersey.. not the front. Michael Jordan was a Bull.. and I have his Wizards jersey.. If Derrick Rose went to another team, I'd be the first to buy his jersey cuz I'm a Derrick Rose fan.. not burn it
So I was talking to this dude about the NBA finals and was wondering... if somebody could create an actual game where the history"s best players against each other.. team A: Olajuwon, Michael Jordan, J Erving, Larry Bird and Robertson, and team B: Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, C Anthony and Tim Duncan... who would win?
Lebron James may have a championship ring and his own type of Bubble gum, Derrick Rose may have an endorsement deal with Adidas, but they will never reach the feats of Michael Jordan. I mean, the guy helped the Looney Tunes against an ailen planet! You can't get any more gangster than that! LOL.
they would beat the bulls with Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant and Michael Jordan.
The real reason Derrick Rose isn't playing for the Chicago Bulls this postseason.
“I am in love with Derrick Rose. how you gonna have a Michael Jordan avi saying things like this smh.
Derrick Rose is better than Michael Jordan -
Only way the Bulls beat the Heat if Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan come back
Celtics I agree 100%.U don't like Derrick Rose? & How are you not a Bulls fan but you like Michael Jordan & his shoes
imagine the Bulls with Derrick Rose. Possibly another Bulls trophy without Michael Jordan? :)
Bulls gonna need Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan for Miami.
Michael Jordan isn't walking through that door. & apparently, neither is Derrick Rose.
Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen need to talk to Derrick Rose
Only chance Chicago got against Miami is if Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan come back
Getting real tired of this Iman Shumpert and Derrick Rose comparison. Almost as annoying as the Lebron James and Michael Jordan comparison.
Sad but true, been a bulls fan all my life. I know Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, or even Dennis Rodman wouldnt sit back and watch there team struggle and lose. Derrick Rose is a good player but if he doesnt have the heart or is scared to play he might as well retire
Michael Jordan will be back before Derrick Rose returns.
Seriously if it weren't for Jackie Robinson there wouldn't be a Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Barry Sanders, any good athlete
Michael Jordan, Ben Wilson, Derrick Rose = Nothing but the best of Chicago ❤
My top 5 basketball players of all time. Derrick Rose, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Chris Paul.
Check out this up-close look behind the scenes at the journey of Chicago Bulls former MVP point guard Derrick Rose as he battles his way back to the court af...
Derrick Rose,Michael Jordan,And wane wade are best
Basketball trivia - Who are the two players that played with both Michael Jordan and Derrick Rose?
Oh yes. The Bulls. Well … the Michael Jordan statue is nice and maybe Derrick Rose will be back. He's coming soon!
just imagine a team with Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose and Kyrie Irving.
CHICAGO, Ill. --- The Prairie State College men’s basketball team received an opportunity reserved for only an elite few: The chance to play a game on an NBA court.   Monday afternoon on Chicago’s west side, PSC’s players received the opportunity of a lifetime as it took to a floor which has seen the likes of Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose and Lebron James.   And while opponent Illinois Valley walked off the United Center floor with a 73-56 victory in hand, the Pioneers still enjoyed a memorable experience.   Despite the setback, PSC (9-7) saw freshman forward Joe Hughes (Thornwood H.S.) deliver another strong outing scoring 14 points while pulling down six rebounds. The 6-foot-5 Hughes has now reached twin digits in the scorer’s column in each of his last nine straight contests.   Fellow freshman forward Tommy Green (Thornridge H.S.) was the only other Pioneer to achieve a double-figure scoring effort, dropping in 13 tallies of his own to go along with a team-high seven rebounds.   Freshman gu ...
How many points/rebounds/assist do you think Derrick Rose have on his first game back? -Micah
Jesse Jackson, Oprah Winfrey, R.Kelly, Common, Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Jabari Parker and more are associated in this Benji story. WOW.
Im not the NEXT Michael Jordan, Lebron James,Kobe Bryant, Derrick Rose, Chris Paul or Kevin Durant, But I AM the FIRST ME!
It was Scottie Pippen, Denis Rodman, and Michael Jordan. Now its Luol Deng, Joakin Noah and Derrick Rose
To all my friends and family. This Thursday night, Novmenber 15th, COPE Animal Rescue is having a charity event at Cemenos Pizza, 1630 Essington Road, in Joliet from 6-9pm. "Score One For Pets VI" will have a silent auction of autographed and non-autographed sports memorabilia, raffles, door prizes, merchandise and prizes for the kids too. Come on out and have some great food, a couple of beers and support our cause. The money we raise will go toward our medical expenses and special needs of our rescues. Here is a partial list of the players: Derrick Rose, Mark Grace, Matt Garza, Kerry Wood, Jay Cutler, Paul Konerko, and Michael Jordan. Please tell of your friends, neighbors, co-workers and families. Only with your help and support can we help the helpless.
Check Out the Official "Michael Jordan" video...If you didn't know Pooh & Moe are back at It. This Is The First Of Many More 2 Come. CakeHouse ENT St...
I was watching a program called 30:30 on ESPN. It was about the life and murder of Ben Wilson in 1984. He was a 17 yr. old basketball star from Simeon high school. Number 25 was definitely headed for super star status. He would have been on the status of Michael Jordan or Derrick Rose. His mother sued and won a lawsuit against Saint Bernard Hospital at 64th and Yale. They didn't have a trauma unit then. But I was profoundly affected regarding his death then and even more now. My son was shot but God spared his life. It was so sad. Brought back a lot of memories. Strange seeing Mayor Harold Washington and others 28 yrs. ago. We are all older but the pain of his murder still is hunting. It airs again tomorrow at 8:00pm
u know when u r bored at home, watching Derrick Rose videos on youtube is hella tight..frm Derrick Rose to Michael Jordan...
Off to watch the Chicago Bulls at the United Center, home of Derrick Rose and former home of Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen
I really want to be the best MVP in the world like Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Larry Bird, Shaquille O'Neal, Kobe Braynt, Derrick Rose,etc
"Derrick Rose is Clearly not Michael Jordan. But if ur gonna pass the torch, other than Chicago's own D Wade, hes the best person to pass it to. However, Im afraid he has to change his whole game. He is explosive which makes him Ungaurdable, but he Tore his ACL, Im sure some of that is Gone. He cant be hurting ur legs, and expect to be the same player. Vince Carter, Grant Hill, Jermaine Oneal, McGrady, all them were great, until too many leg injuries. I feel sad for him. He wear that city and that team on his back with pride to the point of tears. I hope it aint as bad as I think it is.
Is there a more over-hyped athlete in all of sports than Derrick Rose? The guy won't be back until Christmas... at the earliest, yet Adidas has to SPAM every network out there with "The Return" shoe commercials acting like he is the second coming of basketball Jesus, Michael Jordan. We get it, he plays in Chicago, Lebron James made 100's of sportswriters look stupid by signing in Miami instead of Chicago or New York and he STOLE the MVP from Dwight Howard because he became the "media darling". If Steve Francis would have come out in 2009 and not 1999 to Houston we would have got the SAME hype machine Rose is getting now because of how big a market draw Houston is in China. Rose is just a Steve Francis clone with MUCH better talent around him. To say Cuttino Mobley was/is better than Luol Deng shows how ignorant of a fan of basketball you are. To even say Hakeem Olajuwon or Charles Barkley STILL had the talent Joakim Noah or Carlos Boozer have today is stupid and to say that Kelvin Cato or Kenny Thom ...
Derrick Rose , Michael Jordan, Usher, Chris Brown, and Jaden Smith are my idolsss c: n.h. thoughh..
Michael Jordan versus Derrick Rose Highlights---Ni**as in Paris: via
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What if Derrick Rose, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman, and Joakim Noah played together, all in their prime?
We got top 5 NBA overrated players. Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant and Derrick Rose.
That man made more 3's in 2010-2011 regular season than Michael Jordan has made in any regular seaon of his career! Shout out to Derrick Rose! Man that *** NICE!
Gowhere Hip Hop shared the following link and had this to say about it: NBA 2K13 drops October 2nd and here is the first trailer starring Michael Jordan and cover boys Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, & Derrick Rose. Plus, the announcement that it's executive produced by Jay Z!
Siblings of Dwyane Wade and Derrick Rose offer a glimpse into their childhood in Chicago during the Michael Jordan era. Visit for mo...
A mix I made of Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan as a new dynasty is born in chicago, the windy city assassin. I included clips of Jordan because I think he w...
Chicago has found their star yet again; starting point guard for the Chicago Bulls, Derrick Rose: the successor of Michael Jordan. There is no doubt in my mi...
Throughout my career i have met sports legends including Muhammad Ali, Billie Jean King and Michael Jordan. I have been inspired by a blind triathlete as well as a deaf D1 baseball pitcher. I was with Derrick Rose the night he was drafted and experienced the night with him and his family. I have gone in a helicopter, rode in a racecar and walked down a mountain. Through my stories, I have boosted the confidence of children, including one that was autistic and enjoyed being recognized for his athletic accomplishments. Most people are motived to work hard by the glorious destination they see ahead. However, it's the experiences I have already had that drive me to push myself. I work to stay on the path that I am currently on because this entire journey has been an absolute dream come true.
Im saying this and might regret it later but if the bulls move Derrick Rose to the shooting guard position he could possibly be the next Michael Jordan
In breaking sports news today: Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, Kevin Durant, Russell Westbrook and Kevin Love have all been traded to the Miami Heat for a player never to be named later. Also, the NBA ruled that Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Walton, Isiah Thomas and Larry Bird's Hall of Fame uniforms have all been changed to Heat logos. Also, the record books have been updated to reflect that the Heat have not only won every championship ever, but also every NBA game ever, even the ones that they haven't played in. And here's more breaking news, the name NBA has officially been changed to NHA (National Heat Association). David Stern is currently in negotiations to get the Heat a few Super Bowl, Stanley Cup, Oscar and Noble Peace Prize awards.
I don´t own anything of the shown footage or music. ALL credits go to the NBA, Shaquille O´Neal, Lebron James, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan, Dir...
Dwight Howard, , Derrick Rose, , Lebron James and of corse Michael Jordan. These men are my Idols
Three cups of yogurt and Michael Jordan's last game in Staples for Derrick Rose and Luol Deng
Derrick Rose and Michael Jordan.. Kobe Bryant and Magic Johnson.. Steve Nash and Pete Maravich. Larry Bird and Dirk Nowitzki T__T
29. Chicago Bulls: Kentucky guard Marquis Teague (LMAO NO THEY DIDNT LOOK DOWN.) Derrick Rose, the 2010-11 NBA MVP, tore the anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee in the first round of the playoffs, so Teague can help at point guard. Backup C.J. Watson filled in well for Rose last season, but third-stringer John Lucas III is a free agent. Teague can also play off the ball, so he could help at shooting guard, a position of need basically since Michael Jordan left Chicago.(SINCE JORDAAANN LMAO SO SAD, YET SO TRUE) Teague has high upside but was a bit unstable, and it's tough to see how he'll get much run when Rose is ready to return. Grade: B+
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"If you don't win a championship, you had a failed year." THESE ARE THESE WORDS UTTERED BY LEQUITER BEFORE THE PLAYOFFS STARTED THIS YEAR! WOW LeBron knows his shortcomings, and one of them is, while he's an amazing athlete, he doesn't have that killer gene, the one that separates the winners from the losers. Can you imagine Michael Jordan saying losing is not a failure? How about Kobe Bryant? Derrick Rose? All of the greats think winning is the only thing. Only LeBron seems okay with the alternative. Bill Russell is looked at as a winner because of all the championships his team won, and Wilt Chamberlain, while a better player, isn't, despite winning a couple titles. It's not about the benjamins, it's about the rings.
When the NBA Playoffs started I predicted that the Heat would beat the Thunder in the finals and I stuck with that prediction even though the Thunder were favored. Why? Because LeBron was clearly the best player and he appeared to be on a mission and tougher mentally (his only weakness) than before. LeBron's play in the playoffs surpassed everyone's expectations (especially the last 7 games of the season) and he is easily the most dominant player since Michael Jordan. And anyone who still doesn't think that LeBron is the best player in the world knows nothing about basketball and even less about sports. And until player's like the very likable Kevin Durant and Derrick Rose improve there all around games and win championships, this discussion is over. As is, this is not debatable and you look like the blow-hard *** Skip Bayless and Stephan A. Smith if you feel otherwise. Sorry , the truth hurts sometimes. So get over it, basketball fans and so-called basketball experts just because you don't like ...
NEIL HAYES: Game 1 of the most anticipated NBA playoff series since Michael Jordan retired would’ve started Monday at the United Center. The Bulls against the Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals with story lines galore. Derrick Rose, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and John Lucas III with the city hangi...
Lebron James is the Barry Bonds of basketball. He is such a fraud. I remember when Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Michael Jordan would win the mvp and will their teams to win games they shouldnt win. He blows two free throws and was it a surprise that he wasnt gonna see the ball at the end. Man, did Derrick Rose get robbed for the mvp.
WILTED ROSE IN CHICAGO. Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose, the MVP in the NBA season last year, could be out for one year because of knee injury. Certainly not good news for Chicago who got eliminated from the playoffs immediately after Rose wilted. Not good news for the NBA who is in search for new heroes. Not good news for the Bull fanatics who saw Michael Jordan reincarnated in Derrick. In the PBA, Samboy Lim, a player as exciting as Rose, did not thrill enough because of the same problem -- he was not healthy.
Why couldn't Phill go back to Chicago? Tom Thibodeau is replaceable. Derrick Rose could reincarnate Michael Jordan.
Everybody's STILL buzzing over Lebron James winning the NBA MVP. Well it is what it is. He has won 3 out of the last 4 with Derrick Rose winning the only other one. Sound familiar? There was also A time when Magic Johnson won 3 out of 4 MVPs and Michael Jordan won the only other one. Just food for thought.
Ok so the 76ers beat the team without Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Derrick Rose, and Joakim Noah...why is anyone surprised?
I know its very Heartbroken that we lost our Star player Derrick Rose but I know we gotta another star player on the team name Loul Deng. Yea he went to All Star with Derrick Rose. Now its time for Loul Deng to shine and bring us to the Finals and win that championship. I believe the Bulls can do it this year with out rose. We got all the pieces we need now its time to ran and get that title. I'm in that playoff mode. I just want to see that parade in Chicago like what Michael Jordan had back in the day. BlackHawks did their thing last year and now its time for the bulls to get theirs. "TEAM BULLS" we got this mean mug
Maybe it was bound to happen but coach should have sat him down since we had a comfortable lead. I know it's the playoffs but now our season IS OVER. Only 1 man in Chicago history could carry a team TOO AND THROUGH the playoffs and to a championship. Michael Jordan. Derrick Rose is an amazing athlete and we thank you for our season to date. Time for the team to step up and prove me wrong.
Derrick Rose, what have you been eating this season to cause you to get hurt every other game?! You know Michael Jordan ate wheaties and drank gatorade. You should try it out.
Bulls’ Derek Rose says he’s getting better every day By John N. Mitchell / The Philadelphia Inquirer (MCT) Friday, April 27, 2012 - Added 43 minutes ago E-mail Print (0) Comments Text size Share DEERFIELD, Ill. — When the reporters waiting in the front office of the Sheri L. Berto Center received the signal that the Chicago Bulls practice was open, the group of about 20 followed the sound of bouncing basketballs and squeaking sneakers hoping to find reigning NBA MVP Derrick Rose ready to discuss his health. But, as was the case in 27 games in the lockout-truncated regular season — which concluded on Thursday with the Bulls locking up home-court advantage through the playoffs with the league’s best record — Rose was nowhere to be found. As affable a superstar as you will find in pro basketball, Rose is the player on whose performance Chicago’s dreams rest for its first NBA title since Michael Jordan delivered the last of six in 1998. But he opted not to address the media on Friday, one day be ...
Derrick Rose is another Michael Jordan ; if they were playn' together da bulls wouldn't be nothing nice!
There's only "1" answer why people like the bulls. The next Michael Jordan but he is the first Derrick Rose.
1.Michael Jordan 2.Allen Iverson 3.Derrick Rose My all time favorites in order
Derrick Rose, the reigning NBA MVP, lives on the eighty-fourth floor of the Trump building in Chicago, one of the tallest buildings in the country, right up near the roof, with wall-length windows overlooking the city he rules, the only city he has ever known. The view is disorienting and all-encomp...
Chicago Bulls star and NBA MVP Derrick Rose has earned enough clout during his short time on the court that he's already earning comparisons to Chicago's biggest basketball legend, Michael Jordan. Add one more to the mix: Rose will be the first Chicago Bull since His Airness to grace the cover of GQ...
Derrick Rose is 23-years-old, mature (despite the fact he recently got caught up in an alleged groupie/baby mama scandal), sexy & extremely talented. The Chicago Bulls star has taken on the task of filling Chi-Town's Michael Jordan void...something he says he has no issue with attempting.
I do not agree. Derrick Rose is not the next Michael Jordan. Only person I consider being next is Kobe Bryant even though I'm not really a fan of Kobe.
On being compared to Michael Jordan: “…His titles drive me. What’s wrong with getting close to the best person that ever played the game? I’m not scared of him; if anything, it makes me work harder when I do train.”
Derrick Rose is the second Chicago Bull to be on the cover of GQ magazine. Michael Jordan appeared on the cover in 1989. The May issue of GQ hits newsstands on April 24.
Variety of videos from Derick Rose and Michael Jordan, Thank You for Watching.
As Michael Jordan once left his legacy in Chicago, Derrick Rose will also leave his. The two cannot be compared because no one can compare to the greatest of...
My Ipod must love basketball, cause it just played Kobe Bryant by Lil Wayne, Michael Jordan by Kendrick Lamar, & Derrick Rose by Meek Mill
I say: Derrick Rose. You? "Who in the NBA can stick Michael Jordan in his prime ?"
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