Michael Jordan & Deion Sanders

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Deion Luwynn Sanders (born August 9, 1967), nicknamed Prime Time and Neon Deion , is a former National Football League cornerback and Major League Baseball outfielder who currently works as an NFL Network analyst. 5.0/5

Michael Jordan Deion Sanders Bo Jackson Tiger Woods Barry Sanders Michael Irvin Ken Griffey Muhammad Ali Troy Aikman Jim Brown Muhammed Ali Jackie Robinson Ray Lewis Steffi Graf Richard Sherman Jerry Rice Jim Thorpe Babe Ruth Mark Spitz Mike Tyson Chris Carter

Michael Jordan, Garth Brooks, and Deion Sanders all did what Tim Tebow is trying to do right now.
compare those stats to baseball players Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, and Michael Jordan and yeah Rose can stay banned
toss up between Michael Jordan playing with the Bulls or Tiger Woods at the Augusta National. 3rd Deion Sanders w/Falcons
What happened to kids playing multiple sports? Instead now, we deal with "I really want to focus on one sport"!?!?! Some of the best athletes of all time played multiple sports in high school. Parents quit feeding your kids this crap!! Playing multiple sports HELPS with different types of conditioning, strength and coordination. Doing the same motions 12 months out of the year does more damage than good to the body. Just ask Jim Brown, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Jackie Robinson, Michael Jordan, Troy Aikman, Robert Griffin III, Michael Vick, Joe Mauer to name a few.
Who is a better athlete, Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, John Elway or Deion Sanders? IMO
This is far from being exhaustive research, but some career baseball stats for some of the greatest athletes of all time do imply the difficulty of hitting a pitched baseball: Jim Thorpe batted just .252 in six years, Michael Jordan hit .202 in Double A ball, Deion Sanders hit only .263 with a lousy .319 OBP and Bo Jackson hit just .250, although he did club 141 homeruns in eight seasons.
One thing about life is you always keep striving to do what is better formyou and your family. All your perfections and imperfections, you show them what makes you well YOU! Michael Jordan or Deion Sanders never said they were average or sorry. They did everything to be the best, so why not you?!?!
To be great you can't trash talk? Shaq, Deion Sanders, Mike Tyson, Michael Jordan, Floyd Mayweather, Muhammed Ali... Shall I go on?
Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Deion Sanders, Darrelle Revis, Mayweather Jr., Michael Jordan, Muhammad Ali. What do all these people have in common with Richard Sherman? How would you act if they threw a mic in your face right after a heated battle with a rival? If your team could get him as a corner you would take him.
I would imagine people that are mad at Richard Sherman must didnt like Deion Sanders, Michael Jordan or other big trash talkers either.
Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders, Chad Johnson, Michael Irvin, etc. The list goes on. It's part of the game.
Bo Jackson and Deion Sanders did it well. Michael Jordan not so much. Russell Wilson tried it before. They are all tremendous athletes who have been good enough to take a stab at professional baseball. [...] News, Sports, Weather, Traffic and the Best of Seattle
Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Michael Jordan. Look something up before you type to the world.
Friend just emailed me this with a list. Who is the greatest athlete of all-time and why? He also said that his idea of the GREATEST athlete was that a person could participate in ANY sport with training and be one of the best in any of those sports. I haven't answered yet because I really need to think about this one. One athlete may be the best of his sport but not necessarily be GREAT at another sport. Pele, Lance Armstrong, Michael Phelps, Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, Ted Williams, Martina Navratalova, Oscar Robertson, Jim Thorpe, Sugar Ray Robinson, Anderson Silva, Tiger Woods, Ali, Usain Bolt, Carl Lewis, Lebron James, Willie Mays, Micky Mantle, Jackie Robinson, Rafael Nadel, Venus Williams, Bobby Orr, Steffi Graf, Rod Lavor, Bruce Lee, Joe Lewis, Mark Spitz, Jim Brown, Kobe Bryant, Barry Sanders, Jesse Owens, Barry Bonds, Nadia Comaneci, Richard Petty, O.J. Simpson and Jerry Rice.
I feel sorry for all the kids who's never seen the early to mid '90s sports era. Deion Sanders, Michael Jordan, Ken Griffey.
Deion Sanders. I feel you. Michael Jordan. I feel you. OJ Simpson... Yea, I feel you too.
5 greatest athletes of all-time? — Bo Jackson, Michael Jordan, Kordell Stewart, Deion Sanders, and as much as I ...
Deion Sanders, Michael Jordan, Ray Lewis, Dwayne "The Rock Johnson, Tiger Woods and Cal Ripken. What do all these guys have in common you ask?. They revolutionized their profession, they were driven, and determined to be the best, they were the best. They brought a style and impacted their profession in a way that will never be matched ever again.
Thomas Voeckler is my favourite sports person of all-time. In front of Deion Sanders, Michael Jordan, Shane Williams & Steffi Graf.
Athletes like Michael Jordan, Emmit Smith, Deion Sanders are lucky Bo Jackson had a career ending hip injury. Straight up
In sports Deion Sanders is the best athlete of all time, Michael Jordan best Champion of all time and The Rock best Entertainer if all time
I'll be a combination of Deion Sanders and Bo Jackson with a hint of Michael Jordan.
Bo Jackson , Deion Sanders, Muhammed Ali & Michael Jordan are the Greatest Athletes of All Time !
Sports fans quick question who was the better all around athlete Michael Jordan • Bo Jackson • Deion Sanders ?
Deion Sanders and Michael Jordan couldn't even do it
Michael Jordan gave up basketball to try what sport in 1993?
So here's the game: Write down what you are thankful until you hit a 5 second break. (Commas and spellling optional.) God, Jesus, USA! USA!, awesome parents, cool athletic beautiful wife Sherrie Reeves Peavy, did I mention beautiful great daughers Erin Peavy & Lauren Peavy, fun sibs that showed me how to love life Ginger Owens, Tricia Wollett, Camp Peavy, fun nephews and nieces Chris Newman, Marie Taylor, Justin Wollett, and Aubrey Wolllet, FSU! FSU! Tallahassee, my bike-Kili, frisbees and college kids that let me play Ultimate with them, Frisbee dogs, DisneyWorld, Walt Disney, Nike, Nike, Nike, Ironman, the Engllish language plus my made up words, the ability to write, the desire to laugh, the desire to create, the DVR that let's Sherrie and I control our lives then cuddle up and watch sports together at night, Magic Johnson, The Showtime Lakers, the greatest Seminole ever Deion Sanders, Barry Sanders who made watching Thanksgivng football enjoyable, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Bobby Bowden, Tallahass ...
Deion Sanders and Michael Jordan? RT"Baseball players can play any other sport, but any other athlete can't play baseball.
My new argument sports fans is that the Greatest athlete of all time is not Michael Jordan sorry he may be the greatest basketball player of all time but not greatest athlete. That award has to go to Primetime Deion Sanders.
My Favorite athletes of all time: Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan, Prefotaine, and Deion Sanders!!
So I saw in the paper this morning that the US blew some lead in the silly game of golf. Its kind of like soccer. who cares. All of the "real" US athletes participate in "real" sports. Could you imagine if Michael Jordan had decided to be a pro golfer at age 10 instead of b-ball (tiger who). Or could you imagine if Deion Sanders decided to play soccer? He would of ran circles around Beckham or whatever pretend athlete the world thinks is great at soccer.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Michael Jordan, Forrest Gump, Deion Sanders, Teen Wolf & Lebron James are the top 5 best natural athletes in American History.
Michael Jordan and Deion Sanders were the best two way players of all tikme.
"Michael Jordan, Deion Sanders & Ric Flair help make me who I am today..."
"We know Michael Jordan was the best Basketball Player Ever, who is the Best Football Player Ever?" -- Deion Sanders
Was Peyton manning the Michael Jordan of football, or was it Deion sanders?
i just dont see how anyone thinks Michael Jordan wasn't cocky...thats like saying Deion Sanders wasn't cocky
How many would Michael Jordan have in a full 48 min basketball game if Deion Sanders guarded him man on man the hole game
I'm rocking Deion Sanders but I think i'm Michael Jordan !!
SHUT DWN D!!!.Call Durant Deion Sanders right now.Michael Jordan sends his condolences to Kobe and his 6th ring quest...No Phil No Ring..
I pity the younger generation watching sports because they never saw greatness that was Deion Sanders nor Michael Jordan.
Gary Payton,Penny Hardaway,Charles Barkley, Deion Sanders,Ken Griffey Jr and of course Michael Jordan's had the hardest shoes ever released!
Kobe 24, LeBron 23,6, Barry Sanders 20, Deion Sanders 21, and the one and only Michael Jordan 23
I really hope RG3 and the other DC sports phenoms (Wall, Strasburg, Harper, Ovechkin) pan out. DC has been let down so many times by big names. Michael Jordan, Freddy Adu, Jaramir Jagr, Webber-Howard, Kwame Brown, Gilbert Arenas, Desmond Howard, Shuler-Westbrook, Deion Sanders, Jason Taylor, Albert Haynesworth, Donovan McNabb, Steve Spurrier, and countless others.
If had to build a WIDE RECEIVER, I would take the WORK ETHIC and ROUTE RUNNING ABILITY of Jerry Rice, the HANDS of Chris Carter, the SPEED of Randy Moss, the CLUTCH of Michael Jordan, the SWAGGER of Deion Sanders, the CONFIDENCE of Cam Newton, the FOOT WORK of Chad Ocho Cinco, the PHYSICALITY of Michael Irvin, the BALL SKILLS of Larry Fitzgerald, the LEAPING ABILITY of Lynn Swann, the TOUGHNESS of Sean Taylor, the ELUSIVENESS of Peter Warrick, the LEADERSHIP of Ray Lewis, the SAVVINESS OF Michael Crabtree, & the DETERMINATION of Donald A. Fusilier.
Michael Jordan is the greatest athlete of all time. No Deion Sanders is !
Michael Jordan and Deion Sanders were the epitome of "swagg" in their respective sports.
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