Michael Jordan & Blake Griffin

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Blake Austin Griffin (born March 16, 1989) is an American professional basketball player for the Los Angeles Clippers of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Michael Jordan says he would pick Blake Griffin, not Lebron James, to star in Space Jam 2.
Blake Griffin is going to have to step his game up to superstar status like Magic Johnson Kobe Bryant or Michael Jordan.
With Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Jeremy Lin, Steve Ballmer and Michael Jordan, the star power in China, on a scale of 1 to 10…
Blake Griffin -- Space Jams in Venice Beach ... With Jon Favreau (Video) Blake Griffin could be the next Michael Jordan -- 'cause the guy w…
My power move like Blake Griffin, We calling shots like Lane Kiffen,. Ballin on em like Dennis Rodman, Michael Jordan, Scotty Pippen
Dustin Morrison and I play NBA 2k. A lot. We have the rosters set up so the legends from the legend teams are in the association draft, as well as tweaking old players to return them to their prime. Then we do an association draft where we control and draft for 6 teams each, and just play every match up 2 of our 12 teams have all season. We kinda have "our" players we draft every time, and we often bicker over who has the best group. So, if these two groups of players were Allstar teams, who would win? Keep in mind, they are all in their prime. Team A; Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, Steph Curry, Patrick Ewing, Karal Malone, Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Wilt Chamberlin, Charles Barkley, Ricky Rubio, Paul George, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Al Jeffersen, Amare Stoudemire, Pau Gasol, Allen Iversen, Brandon Jennings, Thomas Robinson, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, and James Hardin Vs Team B; Larry Bird, Lebron James, Shaquille O'neal, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Damion L ...
Granted, I'm from Ohio. Moreover, don't worry about the fact that I can name more Radio Disney stars than NBA players. That's not the point. Here is the point: Lebron James will never be as great as Michael Jordan. MJ didn't win a championship till his 7th year with the Chicago Bulls but he stayed and believed. LBJ's move to opt out of his contract is simply another example in the unbelievable entitlement mentality of this generation. As they said in Boiler Room, "nobody wants to work for it anymore." Greatness is built upon a solid foundation. Jumping from team to team simply to rack up titles isn't greatness - it's opportunism. Oh, and just to close it out... Hilary Duff. Raven-Symone. Miley Cyrus. The Jonas Brothers. Demi Lovato. And... Lebron James. Chris Bosh. Dwyane Wade. Kobe Bryant. Carmelo Anthony. Blake Griffin. OK, OK. I can name more NBA players. But still.
Kevin Durant has been named the 2013-14 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player. It is the first MVP award for Durant, who captured his fourth scoring title in five seasons, joining Wilt Chamberlain, George Gervin and Michael Jordan as the only players to accomplish this feat. Rounding out the top five in voting were Lebron James, the Clippers’ Blake Griffin, the Bulls’ Joakim Noah, and the Rockets’ James Harden. Durant averaged a career-best 32.0 points to go with 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists. He shot .503 from the field, .391 from 3-point range, and .873 from the free throw line. Durant authored two 50-point games, topped the 40-point mark on 14 occasions, and turned in 17 games with at least 30 points and 10 rebounds
Mike Scott, Paul George, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Michael Jordan. Does everyone in the NBA just have 2 first names???!!?
Nope back to regular typing Chris Paul and Blake Griffin are the new Scotty Pippen and Michael Jordan
Blake Griffin thinks he's Michael Jordan right now lol
Last player to score 40 points in NBA All-Star Game was Michael Jordan in 1988. Blake Griffin, Carmelo Anthony & Kevin Durant all have 20+.
I got 15 from from Anna Sotelo! hah 1) Basketball is my favorite sport 2)I play softball, basketball, volleyball. I'm in cheerleading, spelling bee, and I play trumpet! 3)My favorite color is PURPLE!! (love it) . 4)I have 3 siblings 5) I want to move back to hometown, in Texas. 6) Brynn Wilson and Kenzie and Elizabeth Bell are my best sisters for life! (& Chase Malone is my boyfriend) 7) I love owls and monkeys and frogs! 8) Justin Bieber is so hot and I am his biggest belieber. ✌ 9) I am in love with Ariana Grande, she is my inspiration. 10) Michael Jordan is a huge inspiration and a motivator to me! 11) My 2nd mom is AnaLisa Jaynes Wilson & I love her so much!! 12)I was born in Texas 13) I love my family and friends so much! 14)I love Selena Gomez and Jennette McCurdy! 15) Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Chris Bosh, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin, Dirk Nowitzki are beast at ball
Ok, I quit...while working on Tristan's biography project about Michael Jordan, we are having a little dialogue to which leads him to ask me this question, "so dad, you mean he is still alive?"...really, really. And he wanted to do it on Lebron or Blake Griffin...no history there yet. Ugh.
Congrats to Blake Griffin on scoring 19 field goals (for 38 points) in the All-Star Game! He broke the previous All-Star Game record of 17 held by Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, and Kevin Garnett.
Michael Jordan’s birthday is on February 17th and as usual with all the big stars in one town, he celebrated during All-Star weekend. The shindig also celebrated the success of Jumpan23 and of course his Jordan Brand members were in attendance. Carmelo Anthony, Blake Griffin and Chris Paul, along...
i just want to fly and touch that rim just like Michael Jordan i want to dunk just like Blake Griffin i want to be a ankle breaker just like Allen Iverson i want to get MVPS just like Lebron James and i want to be fast just like Derrick Rose i want to be number 1 i just need practice.hard and finish school.
Just realized I had a dream where Michael Jordan and Blake Griffin came to my work and I took pictures with them
Just wrote a paper that featured Michael Jordan and Blake Griffin.
The NBA's slam dunk contest has been in a free fall for the past decade. The best dunks in the past decade or so have come from that of Vince Carter and Blake Griffin. What happened to the competition that was in the contest like in the mid 80's, with Michael Jordan and Dominque Wilkins going at it...
Lebron, Blake Griffin, Michael Jordan, and Dominique Wilkins (in their prime) in a dunk contest.Who wins??
Let us give the world some idea what to be expecting from us this year 2013 so that you may better plan for your collection lineup. We have Michael Jordan on the line to lead, coming up LBJ, Blake Griffin, D.Rose..etc. THE BIG BOSS at 1/6 Scale with double Head Sculpt , happen in Late July, Another HD Bruce Lee in November~ , HD Amazing Robocop in Q3 or any time sooner , HD Rocky to begin, and HD T-1000(Now T-800 have a company) in Q4.~ Oops~ and HD Masked Rider to launch soon~ And to finalize Mr JCVD for production ~ Very fun this year for something new~
Happy Birthday to Michael Jordan!!! The single, greatest person to ever bounce a basketball... better than anyone before him and better than anyone to play after him... you can take all the legends of old, Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olajuan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Bill Russell, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill (who still plays, btw), Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Pat Ewing, Shaq, Shawn Kemp, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, and many, MANY others, going back even farther than these I just mentioned, and place them all on a pedestal... and you can take all these 'exhibitionists' of today, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Jason Kidd, Chris Bosh, 'Mello' Anthony, Blake Griffin, Lebron James and many more, and put them on another pedestal, they would ALL still be shadowed by the pedestal that Michael Jordan's on. He's the only player in the history of the NBA that had the greatness it took to literally lead his team to repeat 'threepeats' as well as break and set a new season win record that will likel ...
Celebrities and NBA players including Jay-Z & Beyoncé, Lala & Carmelo Anthony, Vanessa & Kobe Bryant, Nas, Russell Westbrook, Ludacris Chris Paul, Miguel, Blake Griffin and More partied it up with basketball mogul Michael Jordan for his 50th Birthday Bash at theHouston Museum of Fine Arts. MJ rented out the space for a whopping $100,000. Check out the pics above. Across town, Diddy hosted a kickoff party at The Drake with guests including Drake, Trey Songz, and French Montana. The party continues tonight at the annual “Two Kings” dinner hosted by Jay-Z and Lebron James.
Who's your pic between Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant and Carmelo Anthony? My pick is hands down Lebron James. Also, who is the greatest dunker/leaper of all time amongst Clyde Drexler, Vince Carter, Julius Irving or Blake Griffin? My pick is Blake. Peace
Blake Griffin is the best basketball ever jk Michael Jordan is but Blake is the best dunker WHO u youll think os the best b-ball player
This guy had Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Chris Paul, Dwight Howard, and Blake Griffin. My best players were Eric Maynor and Kyle Singler
I've seen Dr. J , Darrell Griffith , Dominique Wilkins and Michael Jordan, but I think Blake Griffin is the true master if the DUNK!! wow!!!
jwplayer config=Auto-Play mediaid=23311 This wasn't a Michael Jordan on Glen Rice ball fake. This was just horrible defense (as if the 24 point lead in the 3rd was enough evidence). So horrible
“Blake Griffin, Lebron James, and Michael Jordan are unstoppable on 2k13!!!” David Robinson
Michael Jordan gives his opinion on Blake Griffin in new NBA 2K13 commercial -
Yesterday morning, I heard on ESPN First Take that Ron Artest said that the Lakers were gonna go 73-9 next season. I have 1 question about that; *** WAS THAT BOY SMOKING ON WHEN HE SAID THAT BULCRAP!?!?! I already thought he was smoking during the playoffs because he'd be the only person smiling when the Lakers loose. In order to go 73-9, I believe that they'd have to have Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, Magic, 'Nique, Dwight Howard, D-Rose, Josh Smith, Al Horford, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, Chris Paul, Joe Johnson, Yao Ming, and of course Michael Jordan to pull that off.
Check out all the player ratings which have been revealed so far: Michael Jordan : 99 Kevin Durant : 95 Allen Iverson : 95 Chris Paul : 94 Kobe Bryant [...]
your name must be Michael Jordan or Blake Griffin.
Going live to talk about Blake Griffin and Michael Jordan's signature skills-
who do you people think would win in a dunk contest? Blake Griffin or Michael Jordan?
Gowhere Hip Hop shared the following link and had this to say about it: NBA 2K13 drops October 2nd and here is the first trailer starring Michael Jordan and cover boys Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, & Derrick Rose. Plus, the announcement that it's executive produced by Jay Z!
Christian Laettner is Andre Iguodala Patrick Ewing is Tyson Chandler Clyde Drexler is Russell Westbrook David Robinson is Blake Griffin Larry Bird is Kevin Love Chris Mullin is James Harden John Stockton is Deron Williams Karl Malone is Carmelo Anthony Magic Johnson is Chris Paul Scottie Pippen is Kevin Durant Charles Barkley is Lebron James Michael Jordan is Kobe Bryant Dream Team and Team Today Compared..
Blake Griffin, D Rose, and Michael Jordan jersey for sale...
I have decided I'm gunna grow up to be 6'11" and I will dunk harder then Blake Griffin and Michael Jordan.oh and in the NBA Sprite Dunk contest I will dunk over a Mac truck in the first found and in the final round I will dunk over the crowd
Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Dwight Howard, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, and Michael Jordan. all have 2 first names
People saying that Lebron James, Kobe Bryant, Blake Griffin, Nate Robinson, Dwight Howard, Julius Erving or even Michael Jordan are the contenders for the best dunker ever?? Well, let me show you a video of the "daddy" of al these players dunking!
I have now ridden my unicycle for 23 straight days. Yesterday, I read about "The 23 Enigma," but I rode on anyway. And, i learned that the atomic number of vanadium is 23. When I think of 23, I think of Michael Jordan. It is also the number of Wayman Tisdale and Blake Griffin, with OU...
Would you rather get dunked on by... A) Michael Jordan B) Vince Carter C) Blake Griffin D) Spud Webb
I'm really looking forward to my LAKERS 2012 Playoff quest for our 17th Championship. Not looking forward to and endless amount of Kia and Gatorade commercials featuring Blake Griffin in a tight red leotard/sweatsuit feeding deers or Michael Jordan playing a tremendous game with the flue 20 years ago. Show a commercial of MJ hiring a GM or some scouts who can acquire some better players. IJS
I just asked my 10yr old brother to make me some chocolate milk and he goes "how dark, on a scale of Blake Griffin to Michael Jordan?"
I'm sellin' it.I go with Michael Jordan, Gerald Green, Vince Carter in his early years and Must See BG (Blake Griffin).
Michael Jordan did a Blake Griffin dunk to when the game in space jam!!! and what if he would of lost and had to go to moron mountain?
"I'm convinced Blake Griffin is the best dunker ever.." Michael Jordan
I wrote about Michael Jordan on my essay 😁 But I Was going to pick Vince Carter , or Lebron James or even Blake Griffin 😁😏🏀
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