Michael Jordan & Bill Russell

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional Basketball Player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. William Felton Bill Russell (born February 12, 1934) is a retired American professional Basketball Player who played center for the Boston Celtics of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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By that same logic Bill Russell is better than Michael Jordan.11-6
Bill Russell has 11 rings. Robert Horry has 7 rings. . Phil Jackson has 13 rings. Michael Jordan has 6 and is still the GOA…
That being the case? The ultimate winning barometer for men's sports is Bill Russell, NOT Michael Jordan. Serena Williams exists as well...
My top 5 NBA players of all time:. 1.Michael Jordan. 2.Kareem Abdul Jabbar. 3.Magich Johnson. 4.Bill Russell. 5.Wilt Chamberlain
Michael Jordan found social conscious at 53 yrs...when he had nothing to lose. A modern day Bill Russell!
Jim Brown and Bill Russell have been critical of Michael Jordan and Tiger Woods for years for not speaking out.
Steph Curry is one win from joining Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell as only players to win back-to-back…
Steph Curry Looks to join Lebron James, Michael Jordan & Bill Russell as only players to win NBA MVP & NBA Finals in back-to-back seasons.
Michael Jordan wins his 5th MVP Award, tied for the 2nd-most league MVP awards with Bill Russell.
My all time starting lineup would be:. PG: Oscar Robertson. SG: Michael Jordan. SF: Larry Bird. PF: Kevin Garnett. C: Bill Russell
Steph Curry!. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell and Lebron James never did that.
If Championships are counted then Wilt Chamberlin, Bill Russell, and Michael Jordan are all tied for G.O.A.T
Michael Jordan scored on 69 points against cupcake Craig Ehlo. Wilt scored 62 points on Bill Russell and 73 points on Walt Bellamy
Michael Jordan is a better Basketball Player than Bill Russell. Let's keep it buck right now.
Phil Jackson's answer to "Would you pick Michael Jordan or Kobe Bryant?" I would pick Bill Russell, he got 11 championship rings.
People who seriously believe Bill Russell was better than Michael Jordan because he has more rings. Lord have mercy.
Lakers fans thought they'd get Butler, Aldridge, Lebron, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell.
If we're talking rings then Bill Russell is the goat, Derek Fisher is better than Chris Paul, Robert Horry is better than Michael Jordan
The best Basketball Player on the planet is Michael Jordan,Bill Russell then Kareem Abdul Jabbar. not LeBron basketball
On this date in 1998: Michael Jordan gets his 5th MVP, tying him w/Bill Russell for 2nd most ever
Anthony Davis: "Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, all those guys. I want to be in that conversation." -
My all time playoff team would be . PG Magic Johnson. SG Michael Jordan. SF Larry Bird. PF Tim Duncan. C Bill Russell. 6th man: Paul Pierce
Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are all better than Michael Jordan ever was
Just saw a "sportscentury" documentary on one of my alltime favorites, Bob Gibson.Not even Bill Russell, Michael Jordan,or Mark Messier could match his competitive nature. In an era where blakcs, whites, and latino ballplayers were beginning to understand each other, the one thing they had in common was FEAR OF GIBSON. It is rumored in all Star Games e didn't speak to teammates because they weren't St Louis Cardinals. Supposedly a young Tim Mccarver made a trip to the mound and Gibson allegedly said 'What are you doing out here?" Tim: I came to talk about the pitching" Gibson" "The only thing you know about pitching is that its difficult to hit. Now get yur butt back behind the plate" Bob Gibson one of the true competitors. He's 77 and hasn't mellowed at all Just watch him at old timers games. "Play Ball" is still a declaration of war to him
Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Magic Johnson all trump Lebron James on all time list. PERIOD // Still top 5
Five of my favorite legends in the NBA: Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain.
Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar in no order
Whether ink or lead,I'm a pencil novice/This be my PSA like a council notice/I gat a track with the same title on ma mixtape but this aint it,no regrets though/I dedicate this to all those that I called ma homies and the bottomline,no WWE recap_I wish I never met u clowns,I regret though/I thought u was blood bt u lames aint thicker than water like u float on it/Now eat these words,I hope u choke on em and I mean to burst ur teeny bubbles like lessening the lather/Jealousy will be the death of u,no need for post-mortem,y'all internet lames is about to get served,ma status' waiter/Thought I was the best clown in the circus..what u know?I'm the ring-master call me Bill Russell or Bob Cousy or Michael Jordan coz at the least ma status is Kobe Bryant how I'm venomous in the field,suckers/I'm on that Gemstones biz like I'm in the precious stones business while all u lames just make me laugh,u on some Chris Tucker/Life's full of ups and downs like European and Australian grasslands,I'm saying u upgraded just be ...
Lebron switched to number 23 in honor or Michael Jordan not Bill Russell. Bill Russell was number 6.
You can't use 6 bcuz of Bill Russell and 23 is Michael Jordan's. Use a different number unless you like to ride coattails.
Lebron James abandoned because he thought NBA should retire number for Michael Jordan. If so, should be retired for Bill Russell.
Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Hakeem Abdul Jaber, Lebron James as of right now, in that order
If you want to be realistic choose because you play more like Magic than you do Bill Russell or Michael Jordan.
I love Kobe and the Lakers. We can talk bout Lebron, Kobe, Melo, Jerry West, Wilt, Doctor J Bird, Magic, Bill Russell. But I'm saying people really need to stop comparing anybody to this dude man. Michael Jordan rules!!! Can literally take over a game and part of a 72 win bulls team. People just need to be quiet cause Jordan is sick. He is the man! Lol period
Can someone answer me these two questions? Horry is not a hall of famer so besides Bill Russell how many fall of famers have more rings than Michael Jordan? If Jordan won 6 titles and lost never in the finals then why are comparing people who don't have as many or have lost in the finals to MJ? Stats are important but it also about the overall accomplishments as well.
ESPN asked to list our top 20 NBA players of all time... I'll just give my top 10 to start the argument... 1.Michael Jordan - Dominated the sport and changed endorsement deals for everyone else in ALL sports. He became a brad... enough said. 2.Magic Johnson - he elevated a league that was dying. Was a leader on and off the court. 3.Larry Bird - greatest white man to play basketball. sounds hard put its the truth. If he had more charisma he would be higher on this list. 4.Bill Russell - look up the word team and you will find Russell's photo. enough said. but just in case won as a player and a coach 11 in total. 5.Wilt Chamberlain - he changed league rules because he was so dominant. Only player ever to avg. 50pts and 30rbs per game. yeah you read that right. 6.Oscar Robertson - most complete player ever. ahead of his time. 7.Kareem Abdul-Jabbar - if Kareem was not such an a$$ he would be the GOAT... nobody has his accomplishments. 8.Kobe Bryant - controversial pick here but behind Wilt he is the best offe ...
Bill Russell was to Wilt Chamberlain as Michael Jordan is to Lebron James—BR & MJ had more mental toughness—WC & LBJ mor…
Old school guys in the NBA still getting it done! Love it when they whip the young guy's rear ends. I agree it's a different game today than it was 20 yrs ago. But I'd love to see the James's, Davis's, and Wall's ATTEMPT to play against Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Jerry West, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, and Wilt Chamberlain just to name a few. While being able to run faster and jump higher, the young guys would get spanked!
Lebron James isn't even in the top 5. Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, and last but not least, Kobe Bryant. Make a list for yourself. Check the stats not just rings!
National Basketball Association (NBA Finals) Three-peats: 1952–54 Minneapolis Lakers 1959–66 Boston Celtics (eight-peat) 1991–93 Chicago Bulls 1996–98 Chicago Bulls 2000–02 Los Angeles Lakers Lebron James - 2 rings, failed three-peat attempt Kobe Bryant - 5 rings, almost reached 2 three-peats Michael Jordan - 6 rings, 2 three-peats Do yourself a favor. Don't let anyone ever call you King again. It might get to your head. Oh wait, I forgot, it already has! That's why there's so many haters like me out there. It's so hard to get a three-peat. Because on the road you have to trust your teammates to get the job done when you and other key players are in all sorts of trouble. ~~Lebron James’ current numbers saddle him up alongside Wilt Chamberlain (four MVPs, two rings), the game's greatest individual force ever who was forever overshadowed in the clutch by Bill Russell and the superiority of team play. And that's why we call the NBA Finals MVP trophy as The Bill Russel Finals MVP trophy.~~
Let this be a lesson. You could be the greatest ever at whatever you do. Michael Jordan, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Babe Ruth, Joe DiMaggio, Joe Montana, Emmitt Smith, Wayne Gretsky...all were all-time greats, because of the team who surrounded them. You will never do it alone, no matter what you do.
Part 2 of Upon Further Review. The Spurs are four quarters from a 5th Championship, redemption and validation as one of the best organizations of our time and perhaps of all time. I was sad thinking that all the Championship runs would be while I was away. By the time I would get back home I would be settling for the Alvin Robertson years all over again. Instead I’m being treated to one more run at the title, one chance to be a part of this city’s celebration. Yes, I can hear the Celtic, Lakers, Pistons and Bulls fans gasping. Here is the deal. The Lakers past and present were the Showtime Lakers, braggadocios and flashy. The Celtics were NBA darlings and the media loved them from Bill Russell to the Larry Bird era. The Pistons were bully’s and nasty, the modern version were tough one hit wonders. The Bulls in one name, Michael Jordan and one on one basketball was born. The Spurs are an international team from the small city of San Antonio that get no love from the media, get written off every year, ...
Amazing how Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell won all of those titles without HOF teammates.
  I have seen this picture meme floating around from Kobe Bryant fans lately to basically prop up his legacy to diminsh Lebron James. Let's be honest, Kobe fans are insecure of Lebron surpassing their hero and that's where the diminishing comes from. I broke down each comment and here it is;   "Kobe Bryant has surpassed me as the greatest laker"- Magic Johnson  Is Magic the greatest Laker? That's like Larry Bird claiming Paul Pierce has surpassed him as the greatest Celtic. Some will say Bill Russell is the greatest Celtic. I could be wrong but Magic probably said that for marketing reasons. But ofcourse Kobe fans will believe this because Magic Johnson said it, and if he said it must be true. Right?    "The only person who has put in the work and deserves the comparison is Kobe"- Michael Jordan It is fair to say Michael Jordan is the greatest player we ever seen. Even though there are a small fraction of people who disagree. The majority of people say MJ is the greatest. But what kind of work is he ...
Nobody in the NBA will ever be able to change the game like Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Larry Bird did..
Phil Jackson said he would build his team around Bill Russell not Michael Jordan...
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players of all time who have 3 or more MVP awards. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kareem. 3. Magic Johnson. 4. Bill Russell. 5. Larry Bird
To all of you who keep saying Lebron James isn't Michael Jordan..your right and neither you nor I for that matter. Jordan isn't Bill Russell either but it's not like any of you are basketball historians seeing as though many of you are still stuck only in Jordans Era still, in case you haven't noticed kids aren't hollering out Jordans name on these playgrounds nor video games, more like the Durants,James,e etc of the world.. Considering Russell played in an era where he faced hostiles at home and on the road because of race. Seems to me people want to tear James down every chance they get, this guy delivers on the big stage as Jordan had done, remember Jordan hadn't won a thing until Phil Jackson came aboard. All three of these players are great for the era's they were in. Are you better than those that came before you? You're good for the era you came up in, perhaps not maybe? -M.E.G- stAy encourAged people.
I saw this on ballislife.com a few days ago and its got me thinking. how would i make my team. You are given a limit of $15 to select 5 players (1 player for each position). Each player is given a specific value. How would you go and build your team? Here are the players, values in there respective positions: PG - Magic Johnson($5), Oscar Robertson($4), Isiah Thomas($3), John Stockton($2), Walt Frazier($1) SG - Michael Jordan($5), Kobe Bryant($4), Jerry West($3), Clyde Drexler($2), Dwayne Wade($1) SF - Lebron James($5), Larry Bird($4), Julius Erving($3), Kevin Durant($2), Scottie Pippen($1) PF - Karl Malone($5), Charles Barkley($4), Tim Duncan($3), Dirk Nowitzki($2), Kevin Garnett($1) C - Kareem Abdul-Jabbar($5), Bill Russell($4), Wilt Chamberlain($3), Shaquille O'Neal($2), Hakeem Olajuwon($1) I an trying to figure my team out. *** .
Some "fans" are so stupid,and you can tell they are when they say one of these are the best in the league(or ever),(Carmelo Anthony,Steve Nash,Dwayne Wade,Bill Russell,Kobe Bryant,Wilt Chamberlain,Chris Bosh,etc.) The only ones I can understand are Michael Jordan,Kevin Durant,or Lebron James!
If the OKC Thunder can win the NBA championship this year, Derek Fisher will get his 6th ring. He would then match Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. The only players with more rings are: Bill Russell with 11 during his Celtics dynasty of 1957-69, 8 other guys who played with Russell for most of those years, and Robert Horry with 7 rings from the Rockets, Lakers, and Spurs.
OK, it's a new day, let's discuss the really important issues. Walter Payton, Barry Sanders, Gale Sayers, Jim Brown, OJ Simpson or Emmitt Smith? who is the greatest runningback of all time? Bill Russell, Michael Jordan or Lebron James? Whose the greatest? Ali would have beat Mike Tyson *** but what about Tyson-Frazier? would you still wanna date Solange? I would. Mayweather-Pacquiao who wins? who killed Tupac?
do you think Jim Brown, Ali, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Jackie Robisnon, Jessie Owens? Any of those would played for him
Michael Jordan would dominate Lebron James any day of the week...just ask Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Isaih Thomas, Charles Barkley, and Kareem...
the Berea Alcoballics release everyone and sign Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell.
Bill Russell - UCLA. Michael Jordan - UK. Lebron James - UL . Deal with it UL you will never be as good as UK
This page features the list with the NBA players that have won more NBA Championships For the NBA fans who think there wasn't life before Michael Jordan, here is the list with players with at least 3 championship rings. Bill Russell has more rings than fingers to wear them and is at the top of the list with the 11 titles he won in the golden era of the Boston Celtics. As a fact, the top spots are dominated by Celtics players from those years but Russell is the only one who was member of all those championship teams. Robert Horry and John Salley are the only players in this list who won championships with 3 different teams. Derek Fisher Kobe Bryant with 5 championships, Tim Duncan with 4 and Manu Ginobili, Tony Parker, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem with 3, are the most recent members of this exclusive group and they are also the only active players here. NBA Championships: Players With Most Championship Rings. Titles Player Team Championship Rings 11 Bill Russell Boston Celtics1956-57, 1958-59, 1959-60, 19 ...
Think 11 in a row Bill Russell. Miichael Jordan swag yall think Michael Jordan bad *** I have 5 more rings than Michael Jordan have
Hi. I just wanted to invite all of you to check out my book "Pro Basketball's All-Time All-Stars: Across The Eras," which follows the evolution of the pro game and it's players, examines the greatest players to perform in each of the five distinct eras I identify, and then ranks the 5 greatest players all-time at each of the 5 positions on the court. You can read about legendary players such as Bob Pettit, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson, Jerry West, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Michael Jordan. Meanwhile, current greats such as Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Dirk Nowitzki, Dwyane Wade & Kevin Durant are also discussed at length. I think that any true fan of the game would find my book a totally enjoyable read. Not currently available in bookstores, it may be purchased either through Amazon or Barnes&Noble.com. Thank you for your time, and have a nice day. Best Wishes, Bob Cohen
It's this simple, Bill Russell is the greatest winner of all time, & Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time..
My Mt. Rushmore of Basketball would have to be Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell and Tim Duncan. Seen this as a debate for the past few weeks in the sports world.
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I had this discussion with some reporters.on who I would put on my Mt. Rushmore (for NBA).1) Michael Jordan, 2) Wilt Chamberlain, 3) Oscar Robertson, 4) Bill Russell...Lebron is a very close fifth.I think by the time Lebron is done he will be on there.Any thoughts out there?
Im sorry for being the beacon of chaos when it comes to sports opinions but its what i do. That being said, ill say it one more time: Michael Jordan is NOT the greatest of all time. That title belongs to Bill Russell. You can throw at me that MJ was a assassin, no one could guard him, he could beat from outside and inside, he won 2 three-peats. But he doesnt have the resume Russell has: a champion on every level of the sport, 11-time NBA Champion, pioneer and innovator of the game. Unless you have a trophy or award in your name, you cant call yourself the GOAT. Jordan was a Hall of Famer, but not the Greatest of All-Time...
My top 5 all time Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Jerry West, Bill Russell and Kareem this list is in no order
My Two Cents for Basketball Junkies Only. Does Lebron James Qualify For the NBA's Version of Mt. Rushmore? Lebron James can only be on Mt. Rushmore if he wins at least 5 rings..., that is the minimum requirement for discussion. He has to be in the conversation with Kobe Bryant (5 rings), Magic Johnson (5 Rings), Michael Jordan (6 Rings). Kareem Abdul Jabbar (6 rings), Bill Russell (11 rings) and possibly John Havlicek (8 rings) in order to be mentioned amongst such an elite class of individuals. In my opinion, the process is very simple: Winning championships + personal performance = Mt. Rushmore Qualification. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar is automatic because he is the league's all time leading scorer (total points) and has the rings to back it up. Bill Russell is automatic with the most rings ever won (11). The greatest player, Michael Jordan is automatic (and only a Jordan hater would argue that). Wilt Chamberlain is looking in from the outside because he has only 2 championships despite dominating the ...
Bill Russell puts Lebron James in his place Written by Michael Rehome on Thursday, 20 February 2014 Shots fired. Shots fired. Boston Celtics Legend and Hall of Famer Bill Russell expressed his feeling towards Lebron James Mount Rushmore picks of all-timegreats. During All-Star Weekend, James went ahead and named his players and to the dismay of Russell, he was not named by James.James picks were, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and Oscar Robertson. Only four players? There is five and James made sure to let everyone know that he would "for sure" be one of the top four whom have ever played the game.Sunday evening during the All-Star Game, Craig Sager read a quote from Russell whom gave his response to James' Mount Rushmore picks. (H/TFox Sports)“Hey, thank you for leaving me off your Mount Rushmore. I’m glad you did. Basketball is a team game, it’s not for individual honors. I won back-to-back state championships in high school, back-to-back NCAA championships in college. I won an NBA ...
People who i have never meet ' but i respect ' who's hand i would like to shake ''' at the top of my list is ' Barack Obama # 2 is Oprah Winfrey # 3 is Magic Johnson # 4 is Charles Barkley # 5 is Derek Jeter # 6 is the greatest Muhammad Ali # 7 is Smokey Robinson # 8 is Berry Gordy is Gale Sayers # 10 is Bill Russell # 11 is Beyonce Knowles # 12 is Beyonce Knowles # 13 is Beyonce Knowles # 14 is Beyonce Knowles # 15 is Michael Jordan # 16 is Barry Bonds # 17 is Doug Williams # 18 is the first lady Michelle Obama # 19 is Michelle Obama # 20 is Michelle Obama # 21 is Stevie Wonder # 22 is Lionel Richie # 23 is Warren Moon # 24 is Barry Sanders # 25 is Prime Time Deon Sanders # 26 is
Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan and Lebron James. Runners-up(for me): George Mikan, Wilt Chamberlain, Larry Bird and Kobe Bryant
My NBA Mount Rushmore: - Bill Russell (greatest champion in all of sports) - Michael Jordan (hands down greatest player of all time) - Magic Johnson (championships. could play every position) - Larry Bird (championship player that made NBA popular with Magic) My NFL Mount Rushmore: - Joe Montana (great performances along with championships) - Peyton Manning (greatest regular season QB ever) - Lawrence Taylor (transcended defense in the NFL) - Barry Sanders (greatest show on the field - box office)
Since everyone is doing it. My Mt. Rushmore: Michael Jordan, Magic, Bill Russell and Kareem Abdul Jabbar.
My NBA Mount Rushmore (not that you asked): Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan
My NBA Mt. Rushmore. 1 Magic/Bird (they would be one head split in half. 2 Michael Jordan. 3 Kareem Abdul Jabbar 4. Bill Russell
Bill Russell has 11 & Michael Jordan has 6 but come on who's better ...
Who has more championship rings Michael Jordan r Bill Russell
Michael Jordan 51 Bill Russell 80 bout time jordan gets Russell's age maybe he'll put a consistent playoff team together or atleast draft all star caliber player.
Kobe Bryant says Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird and Bill Russell are on his NBA Mount Rushmore Recently, Lebron James was asked who...
My NBA Mount Rushmore would consist of Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson, and Larry Bird. Lebron James will one day be up there.
The Basketball Mt. Rushmore! Tired of hearing about it, so for my ballers out there...let's debate. Don't just put players down make sure you justify. Bill Russell- 11 rings in 13 years..one the last one as a player/coach. Back to back NCAA champ and a gold medal. Wilt Chamberlain- holds almost every record in the NBA...scored 100 points in a game...one year averaged 50 points and 25 rebounds a game. 2 time champ and 4 time MVP. Kareem Abdul Jabbar- 6 time Champ, 6 time MVP. All time leading scorer in NBA history. Most unstoppable shot in the history of the game. Michael Jordan...do I really have to explain? There you go fellas...who you got? Those who don't know the history of the game need not reply.one more thing, if your man doesn't have a ring, please don't put him on this list.
It's only right to put Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, & Kobe on a NBA Rushmore
Okay, I will address 2 sports issues of the day: 1. LeBron's Mount Rushmore comment and 2. Derek Jeter. I know some think its an argument but its not. This IS the Rushmore of the NBA in order and I will give the reasons. 1a Magic and 1b Bird (They saved the NBA. 2. Kareem Abdul Jabbar-- he is disliked by the media and has little charisma in front if the camera. This does not bode well in a media driven age. However, he was simply the best. Period!!! 3. Michael Jordan--no explanation needed. 4. Bill Russell-- titles baby and he beat up on Wilt. That's why Wilt can't be on the mount. Dr. J, Oscar Robertson, Hakeem Olajawon, Shaq, Kobe, LeBron, etc. almost but not quite. Now Derek Jeter is simply the best, most consistent, most clutch player period. The two greatest non PED players I have ever seen were Derek Jeter and Ken Griffey Jr. You can have A-Rod. There are only 2 shortstops that are worthy of being called the greatest: Derek Jeter and Ozzie Smith. Cal Ripken has coming to work an never taking a day o ...
Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Kobe, and LeBron. Greatest of their generations.
interesting topic. honestly my "mt. rushmore of the nba," are Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, and the fourth is tough. If it has to be players, I would put Larry there. But what about Naismith? Bob Knight? Coach K? even David Stern if its not limited to players. But for me, Lebron would need at least 2 more rings and some better competition for me to put him up there with Jordan and Magic.
Who would you put on your NBA's greatest 12 man team ever assembled? - Mine are Kevin Durant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Dennis Rodman, Kareem Abdul Jabbar, Larry Bird, Dave Bing, Oscar Robertson and Kobe Bryant.
NBA on TV Friday January 31st ESPN 7pm: NBA Countdown Host: Sage Steele Analysts: Doug Collins and Bill Simmons 8pm: Oklahoma City Thunder at Brooklyn Nets Play by Play: Mike Breen: Analyst: Jeff Van Gundy: Courtside Reporter: Chris Broussard 10:30pm: Golden State Warriors at Utah Jazz Play by Play: Dave Pasch: Analyst: Jon Barry NBATV 7-8pm: David Stern: 30 Years As David Stern steps down as NBA Commissioner on Feb.1, NBA TV will feature a one-on-one interview – David Stern: 30 Years – conducted by Sports Emmy Award-winning host Ernie Johnson on Friday, Jan. 31, at 7 p.m. ET. An excerpt of the interview will debut during TNT’s Inside the NBA on Thursday, Jan. 30. Stern, who steps down on the 30th anniversary of being appointed NBA Commissioner, looks back at his three decades with the league and its many accomplishments during his tenure. Additionally, some of the league’s biggest stars and principal figures – including Charles Barkley, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell .. ...
We are starting the year off right with one of our best weekly autograph and photography auctions yet. Auctions end tomorrow night! Highlights include: John and Jacqueline Kennedy, John Hancock, Declaration Signer Carter Braxton, George Armstrong Custer, Benjamin Harrison, George Washington Carver, Paul Mccartney, B.B. King, Marc Chagall, Farrah Fawcett, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Lebron James and Peyton Manning. Far to many to list...Enjoy the bidding!
top 5 of all time: 5. Bill Russell, 4. Kareem Abdul Jabbar, 3. Michael Jordan, 2. Tim Duncan, 1. Shawn "The Heartbreak Kid" Michaels
3nd greatest player of all time behind Bill Russell and then Michael Jordan
It's the equivalent of saying Michael Jordan was the best ever. What about Bill Russell who has more rings or LeBron now?
In an excerpt of his upcoming book Phil Jackson says that he would start an NBA team with Bill Russell over Michael Jordan. I react to this notion and compar...
Magic Johnson back on the Lakers, Michael Jordan somewhere where he needs to be, Bill Russell on the Celtics, Pistol Pete on the Suns...
If Bill Cosby is the Bill Russell of comedy, who is the Michael Jordan of comedy? Chappelle, Lucille Ball, Eddie Murphy, Richard Pryor, George Carlin, Chris Rock, Colbert, Ellen, SpongeBob?
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Listening to KNBR and one of their radio hosts was capping on Jordan as being the angriest "greatest" player of all time; the same guy commented on Joe Montana and Muhammed Ali who didn't go out of their way to re-assert their greatness after they retired. As I recall, Willie Mays was angry when it came to his place in the pantheon of modern baseball players after his retirement. Think of what it is to be great and then multiply that exponentially... think of the heart and dedication it took to be Michael Jordan (or Willie Mays) and then factor in how people laud Kobe Bryant and Lebron James to the point where MJ is just a memory. Bill Russell was the soul of the NBA when Wilt Chamberlin got all the press, Dr. J was the class of the NBA, Larry and Magic brought the NBA a new sense of popularity, but there is only one MJ and Kobe and LeBron will never be Michael Jordan.
Michael Jordan, Lebron James and Bill Russell are the only players in NBA history to win back to back regular season MV…
40's - George Mikan. The NBA's first true superstar, how can anyone not like him? Could also be mentioned for the 50's. 50's - Bob Pettit. Not a lot of parity in the NBA during the 50's and 60's, but Pettit did his best to provide. The NBA's first great power forward. 60's - Bill Russell. In terms of intangibles, he is the greatest ever and it isn't close and it never will be. Transformed the Celtics from a good team to a great one upon his arrival. His scoring numbers weren't always sexy, but he did all the little things: Rebound, start a fast break, and run the floor. Not to mention he's the greatest defender of all-time. 70's - Bob Lanier. A consistent 20/10 guy, a Bruiser. The Pistons did not get a whole lot of notoriety prior to the bad boys, but Lanier was the most consistently productive big man of the 70's behind Kareem. 80's - Julius Erving (Dr.J). The Michael Jordan before Michael Jordan. He was the first who brought flash to the game. Magic said it best: "When greatness meets clas ...
Lebron will never be as good as Michael or Julius Erving nor Bill Russell. People amaze me when they say he will be better than Michael and no Michael Jordan will always be one of the greatest players maybe the greatest to play the game of basketball. Lebron ran away from Cleveland because he hated failure well Michael used his failure to stay with his city and still win not 1 not 2 not 3 but 6 championships.Also did Julius Erving run away when he lost 3 championships with the sisters? No he stayed and won one champion which to that organization meant more than 45 of them. Lebron is a joke he had a chance to win in Cleveland but ran away wanted a team that is all star power. Yes he's won 2 I give him some credit but people who say he's better than Michael Jordan that's just plain wrong. You can say whatever youd like about lebron but he will never be better NEVER. There has been countless guys like Lebrom for example: Julius Erving, Scottie Pippen, Larry johnson, Dominique Wilkins, Clyde Drexler, etc. The ...
To my sports fan friends, Kobe Bryant recently named his all-time greatest five players: Michael Jordan; Magic Johnson; Larry Bird; Kareem Abdul Jabbar; and, Bill Russell. Hard to argue with this lineup. What five different players would you assemble to beat this team?
Floyd Mayweather on Lebron James : "Who's a better player between Lebron James and Michael Jordan? I would say Lebron James. And I'm from the Michael Jordan era. I'm 36 years old. We're not talking about championships, because if we're talking about championships, Bill Russell has 11. And the dunks Michael Jordan was doing in the dunk contest, Julius Irving was doing it. Really when we're talking about who's the best Basketball Player, it's just an opinion. Do I love Michael Jordan? Absolutely. He's an unbelievable player. He was the best in his era. But in this era, it's more than just one. It's an argument. You've got Kevin Durant, who some days I feel he's better than LeBron.
Aspects of the game that great players weren't great at: Michael Jordan: 3 point shooting Magic Johnson: on ball defense Wilt Chamberlain: free throw shooting Lebron James: free throw shooting Kobe Bryant: shot selection, selective defender Larry Bird: on ball defense Shaq: pick and roll defense, work ethic Hakeem: not a great free throw shooter(but not bad for a big man) Tim Duncan: none really, used to be free throw shooting Kevin Garnett: relied a little too much on jumper instead of using size in post Jerry West: staying healthy Bill Russell: free throw shooting
I watched a piece on Mariano Rivera on the MLB network just now. Reggie Jackson just said in all his years of being in sports he's seen Willie Mays, Hank Aaron, Jackie Robinson, Johnny Unitas, Jim Brown, Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson and Mo is the most dominant athlete he's ever seen.
I get asked frequently how I rank the all-time players. It is really irrelevant to this page, but to save myself plenty of e-mails in the future, here it is:CRITERIA - I ask Jordan fans to give me the criteria for how they compare any two players. By doing so, you see that somebody is better than Jordan. With that in mind, here is how I judge players.It requires speculation, but speculation based on presented facts. Championships are not the determining factor. If Rochester drafts Bill Russell, he doesn't win 11 championships. If the Bulls trade Scottie Pippen for Shawn Kemp and Ricky Pierce in 1995, Michael Jordan doesn't win 3 championships. Championships require front office genius, coaching smarts, luck with injuries, and a break or two.My criteria is based on how complete a player is at his position and how he can blend his talents in with teammates. For instance, I look for a center who can play high post and low post. Can dominate on both ends of the floor and the kind of player you can r ...
A Laker fan at the barbershop tried to tell me that LeBron is not as good as Kobe because of # of rings. If that's the case than Michael Jordan is tied for being the 10th Best Player of all time behind Bill Russell, Sam Jones, Tom Heinsohn, K.C. Jones, Tom Sanders, John Havlicek, Jim Loscutoff, Frank Ramsey, and Robert Horry. Oh and these dudes are all better than Kobe and his 5 lol. And Joel Anthony (2) is better than Karl Malone (0). You see where this is going:)
I usually don't get into it, but Lebron barely got/ was givin his second ring out of 4 finals appearances and he is now now better than Jordan, I'm sorry but rings don't make Michael Jordan the greatest if that's the case Bill Russell, Bob Cousy, Tom Sanders and Robert Horry are better than Jordan, with Kobe, Derek Fischer, John Sally right behind him. Jordan is the greatest because he took a world wide game of basketball and made everyone want to play like him, copy him, he made the NBA change the rules so that players today could try and perform like him. What they don't say is this soft era of basketball is what Jordan built but not what he played, he played in a far more defensive drivin league, with teams like Boston, Chicago, LA, Houston, New York priding them selves in defense. Jordan got those dunks, 40,50,60 point nights, highlight reel plays, when nothing was giving, I love Melo and Wade and Rose but put them and Lebron back in Jordan's days, they wouldn't be superstars, the league has changed s ...
With two titles, does LeBron crack your all-time NBA lineup? Mine: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, Tim Duncan, Bill Russell.
Lebron James is one of 12 NBA players to win more than one MVP, and at age 28, he became the fifth to win four MVPs, joining Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (six), Bill Russell (five), Michael Jordan (five) and Wilt Chamberlain (four). James also is the second player to win four MVPs in five seasons, Bill Russell is the other. ~ Sports Advisor
Don't get me wrong I respect lebron for what he has accomplished in the league and one day he could be the best Basketball Player ever BUT could is the key word...lebron has a lot to do to catch up to the accomplishments of guys like Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Kareen Abdul Jabbar and many others not even at the level of those 3...I just can't stand his constant complaining
I wish to thank the 2013 NBA Champions the Miami Heat and the members of the Miami Heat, namely, Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Chris Anderson, Shane Battier. Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Mike Miller, Jaris Varnado and Coach Erik Spoelstra for a game well played. They are 2012 and 2013 NBA Champions. They are repeat NBA Champions. Dwayne Wade has 3 Championships. Lebron James is in an elite club now with such Champions as Bill Russell and Michael Jordan.
Lebron James is the 3rd Player in NBA History to win NBA MVP and Finals MVP in Consecutive Seasons. He joins Michael Jordan & Bill Russell.
Lebron James, Michael Jordan and Bill Russell, the only people to win back to back finals and MVPs.Where's Kobe?
Only players in nba history to win consecutive finals and get the MVP: Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, AND Lebron James
Sooo.one of my students says this is the TOP NBA players list, what do you think? 10. Tim Duncan 9. Shaquille o' neal 8. Lebron James 7. Kobe Bryant 6. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 5. Wilt Chamberlain 4. Larry Bird 3. Bill Russel 2. Earvin Magic Johnson 1. Michael Jordan
Congrats to the Miami Heat for winning the NBA championship last night over San Antonio. I know Lebron James is a great player & they won the last two years, other players have done that too & there are 36 players who have won more NBA championships than LeBron. Celebrate this year's championship but until get numbers 3 & 4, your still down on the list. Bill Russel has 11 & Michael Jordan has 6. I don't think LeBron will reach those numbers
Bill Russel, Michael Jordan, Lebron James. The only players to be named regular season and finals mvp two years running. He set his name with two of th best.
Question for you NBA folks. If you had to pick any three current NBA players to play against (and have a shot at winning) Michael Jordan, Magic, and Bill Russell in their prime who would they be?
Michael Jordan, Lebron James, & Kobe Bryant. The argument has always been, who will end up being the best of all time? Yet, the most decorated man in NBA history is "Bill Russell". Why is he not mentioned? Does he even make your top 5?
3 kings = Lebron James + Michael Jordan + Bill Russel = players who have won the regular season MVP and MBA championship in consecutive seasons!
only three players have ever had back-to-back MVP/Finals MVP seasons - Bill Russell, Michael Jordan . . . and Lebron James. He's elite now.
Back to MVP'S back to back championship MVP on Bill Russell and michael Jordan.
Since everybody now-a-days measures greatness by the number of championships u have, than its safe to say that Bill Russell was way better than Michael Jordan.
My top Six Greatest NBA Players are 1. Michael Jordan 2. Kobe Bryant. 3 Magic Johnson 4. Lebron James. 5 Julius Erving and Bill Russell. What do u think?
And the legend goes, the heat lifted LeBron upon their shoulders chanting, nay, screaming his name like a God. They arrived in the locker room and sucked him off for once again carrying them to and through the finals. They told him, "maybe one day you will stand with Bill Russell, Same Jones, Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, *** even Rodman!" At this point bosh.had finally turned into a full chicken and was pecking at corn kernels raised on a farm using only D Wade's tears and floundering t-moible sidekick money. Outside secondary mvp to the heat, Manu Ginobili, was being praised by all the "heat fans" who had left game 6 early and posted fb status crying over the heat. However now they were bavk and building more carts for next year's bandwagon caravan. All the while Tim Duncan in silence and solice said, "Aye bruh I still have 4 rings". It was during this that Atlanta stayed quite knowing they will always choke in the play offs regardless of how well they do in regular season. And the sun set on the 201 ...
thanks San Antonio Spurs for giving us a very exciting game.we, basketball fans will never forget these.,Tim Duncan and Parker is such a great player. Give credit when credit is due. coach spoe and the rest of the team congrats! thank you Ray Allen for your clutch 3,Battlier for patience,Bosh for the blocks,Birdman for your hustle & energy,Chalmers for your confidence,DWade coz u gave us a chance to see your vintage performance again,and to Lebron who took all the criticisms when loss back in 2011 finals,man u proved to all that they are all wrong.for putting your best in every game,for loving what you are doing and all that hard works paid off! third player to Join Bill Russel and Jordan to win back to back.you made history man,and u right u dont hve to worry about what people sayin to u off the court and you are not goin to be the next Michael Jordan nor Kobe Bryant coz you are the First Lebron James!
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Bill Russel,Michael Jordan and Lebron James what do they have in common?
Witness History. Back to back season mvp, back to back finals mvp, back to back titles for Lebron Raymone James, and 3rd player w/ back to back mvp's & nba titles Lebron,Bill Russel, Michael Jordan. Hehe
just want to make it clear..,!!! Lebron James is JOINING not comparing to Bill Russel and Michael Jordan. the two legends was a History, and Lebron James is making his own History.,!!! =)
I simply hate when people say "Lebron is better than Michael Jordan." If you support that statement, then you are either on that meth life, or you're just ignorant and a disgrace to the nba. I mean Lebron's good but cannot play at Michael Jordan's level.
King of Basketball: Lebron James is a two-time, two-time NBA champion Lebron James won his second straight title after leading Miami over San Antonio. He became just the third player in NBA history, after Bill Russell and Michael Jordan, to win two straight NBA titles and Most Valuable Player awards. LeBron Raymone James (/ləˈbrɒn/; born December 30, 1984), nicknamed "King James", is an American professional Basketball Player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). Standing at 6 ft 8 in (2.03 m) and weighing in at 250 pounds (113 kg), he has played the small forward and power forward positions for Miami, as well as the Cleveland Cavaliers. James has been an NBA champion twice, a two-time NBA Finals MVP, a four-time NBA MVP, an NBA scoring champion, the NBA Rookie of the Year, and an Olympic gold medalist. He has also been selected to nine NBA All-Star teams, nine All-NBA teams, and five All-Defensive teams, and is the Cavaliers' all-time leading scorer. James played high school ...
Hey Lebron imma let you finish but call me when you can win a Championship on your own without other "superstar" help. Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Kobe Bryant, Michael Jordan didn't need superstar help. Just to name a few. Great career Tim Duncan! 4 Championships is still a masterful achievement , wish you could've gone out on top!
Hello, my name is Avory and I'm a Celtics Fan. I just want to let everyone know there is one player in recent years that's consistently overlooked. Robert Horry! That's right I want you to google that name and look in awe at how many rings he has with different teams. Houston Rockets 94,95 then LA Lakers '00, '01, '02; oh to put the cherry on top San Antonio Spurs '05 & '07.. He still doesn't beat Bill Russell's 11 however He did manage to outdo.. Michael Jordan, Kobe, and countless others on the ring count while getting kicked around from team to team.. Kenneth J Ransfer Jr Otis M Williams
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain now do something better with your life than quizzing me
Lebron is a hybrid of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, and Bill Russell. So let's stop the MJ comparison.
My bro and cuzzo wanna know: Bill Russell or Michael Jordan? . Lmao
If you are a sports fan, then you would have to be living under a rock to have not been subjected to some angle on a Michael Jordan/Lebron James comparison.Over the past two decades, comparisons to Michael Jordan have become amateur basketball's version of death and taxes. They're inevitable and inescapable for too many gifted young perimeter players with boundless athleticism, a gaudy points-per-game average and a warm smile.The Jordan comparisons happen because MJ set the standard for what it means to be great. As Lebron James James was entrenched in one of the worst pressure performances of his career on Tuesday in Game 3 of the 2013 NBA Finals,very reminiscient of other performances he has stunk up on the games biggest stage, Jordan's name wasn't far from the finger tips of many overly eager observers ready to express their disappointment in him.Lets look at it--          Michael Jordan was never a decoy.Even at The University Of North Carolina he showed his greatness in the clutch of a champio ...
right now the Best Player in the world ,Lebron James looks like he shouldn't even be in the NBA ,I never in my life time ever see a player at his level ever play like LEBRON,,Michael Jordan ,Majic Johnson ,Larry Bird ,Kareem ,shaq,Bill Russel ,and many great players never played this bad in the finals ,Lebron better wake up quick ,because he will never hear the end of this ,the greatest disappointment ever by an MVP ,
Any comparison of Lebron James to Michael Jordan warrants government surveillance!
I cant believe all the hype re: Lebron James block of Tiago Splitters dunk. It was a great block, but best ever? This is an insult to Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain & Kareem Abdul Jabbar, who probably each had 100 similar blocks in their career. The dopes at ESPN forgot that basketball existed before Michael Jordan.
“All jokes aside. Michael Jordan is the greatest of all time Bill Russell??
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"11 rings are better than 6" -Bill Russell to Michael Jordan in lame argument world. Sorry man I had to.
Most *** that hate LeBeon James only hate him because. A) He all they talk about on SportsCenter B) He's going to make us all forget who Michael Jordan was one day C) He's the best Basketball Player in the World right now SAY I'm LYING
I see a lot of all-time NBA top ten players lately, and some debate whether Tim Duncan has earned a spot on that list. For what it is worth, as a long-time fan and student of basketball, here is my all-time NBA-ABA-collegiate top 25(I tried to narrow it to ten, but I was leaving out too many great players)-- In order, regardless of position: (1) Wilt Chamberlain (2) Michael Jordan (3) Bill Russell (4) Oscar Robertson (5) Larry Bird (6) Dr. J, Julius Erving (my favorite player of all time, BTW) (7) Magic Johnson (8) Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (9) Lebron James (10) Tim Duncan (11) Kobe Bryant (12) Bob Pettit (13) John Stockton (14) Jerry West (15) Hakeem Olajuwon (16) Shaquille O'Neal (17) John Havlicek (18) Isiah Thomas (19) Elgin Baylor (20) Karl Malone (21) Rick Barry (22) Mel Daniels (23) Charles Barkley (24) David Robinson (25) "Pistol" Pete Maravich (still holds the record as the top collegiate scorer of all time, and did that in three years) Honorable mention-- Elvin Hayes, Bill Walton( Walton was the best ...
But his revisionist history in regards to his top five players of all-time, shared on “The Dan Patrick Show,” is sure to stir things up a bit. Malone left both Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson off of his fave five in favor of Oscar Robertson and his Jazz running mate John Stockton, respectively. Mal...
My all-time NBA starting 5 lineup would be: Magic Johnson, Michael Jordan, Lebron James, Tim Duncan, and Bill Russell.
So Karl Malone listed his top 5 left Jordan and put LBJ at power forward... not hating on the Pippen choice tho. He doesn't get enough love as is. But my top 5 would have to be: Magic Johnson at PG (best PG ever) Michael Jordan at SG (best SG ever) Lebron James at SF (best SF ever, slightly better than Bird Mario J Jones start hating) Kevin Garnett at PF (although I think T Duncan is the best PF ever) Bill Russel at C (arguably best Center ever but I so wanted to say Shaq) man and 6th man just for kicks Allen Iverson SG/PG score 30 off the bench
Just watching ESPN talk about all-time NBA starting five? You can only pick five, what's your opinions? I think mine would be, guards- Oscar Robertson, Michael Jordan. Forwards- Larry Bird, Karl Malone. Center- this is hardest one for me, but have to go with Bill Russell.
Ok FB'ers, since Karl Malone has again made an *** out of himself and left Michael Jordan off of his all time starting five NBA line up (?) who would you start if you could pick your five. C Bill Russell (too many rings) PF Tim Duncan SF Lebron James (I hate to say it, but...) SG Michael Jeffrey Jordan PG Magic Johnson
If the Spurs win Tim Duncan will join Michael Jordan and Bill Russell as the only dudes to go undefeated with 5 or more Ships in League history. Where does he rank on the All Time list? I say Top 5. Jordan, Kobe, Kareem, Magic and Timmy.
just gotta this out there... Michael Jordan only has 6 rings. Bill Russell played for the Celtics and has 11 rings.. Yeah bet you didn't know that.
If you dont believe me ask the barbershop, I predicted a sweep in favor of Spurs even if Grizz get game 4, ill be off by 1 cuz series a rap back at the alamo (if necessary lol) on the other side I feel like Heat are the better team, but im thinking Indiana got more Heart w their neck to neck skill vs Heat. Pacers in 6. All else fails, regardless Tim Duncan will join players like Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson, Kareem Abdul Jabaar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell... in the 5+ ring category. yes no room for LeBron name on this utmost important NBA list.
I would not take Bill Russell over Michael Jordan
ESPN Video: Phil Jackson would choose Bill Russell over Michael Jordan to start a dream team.
Phil Jackson said he would take Bill Russell over Michael Jordan. Who would you take if you were starting a team?
Phil Jackson says he would start a team with Bill Russell over Michael Jordan -
Phil Jackson would take Bill Russell, not Michael Jordan, as first player to start team | The Point Forward -
The Zen Master said he would take Bill Russell over both Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant if he was building a team from scratch. Phil Jackson, promoting his new book "Eleven Rings" The Soul of Success," picked the Celtics legend over the two greatest players he coached during his Hall of Fame career…
Phil Jackson has been a lot of things lately. One of those things is that he would take Bill Russell over Michael Jordan because Russell won more championships. Of course he believes this, because it is the same theory that would make him the best coach ever. Jackson was using Russell and Jordan to talk about himself.
(My only sports post of the week) Jordan Comparisons should stop... Thats like comparing current players to Ghost.. - Lebron James should be "chasing" Kobe Bryant - A Current Player.. Lebron James can only be measured up against KOBE.. thats it.. You cant put Kobe or Lebron James in a comparable comparison with Jordan..Stop that! Jordan never needed a GAME 7, never lost a GAME 7, and never lost a "Championship.. 6 for 6 when it comes to Championships.. Kobe and Lebron are current players, that have lost GAME 7s and Championships... The only Comparison you can even Consider is Jordan and Bill Russell... which there will never be another Bill Russel, Hence There Will Never Be Another Jordan. So that ends that conversation.. If yall talking about comparing BBAL Athletes. thats different.. But, if yall talking about comparing "Best of All Time" players.. Michael Jordan and Bill Russells have no compatible comparisons..
For years I've been on my soap box saying Bill Russell had a much better NBA career than Michael Jordan. I've gotten a lot of flak about that, but today the zen master Phil Jackson said that if he could pick any player to start a team he would chose Russell over Jordan. SO WHAT ELSE YOU GOT TO SAY!
I think Bill Russell is better then Michael Jordan. 8 rings over 6 any day lol
ESPN NBA - Phil Jackson says if he was starting a team now, he'd take Celtics legend Bill Russell over Michael Jordan
OH BOY. SHOTS FIRED. Phil Jackson said, he would pick Bill Russell of Michael Jordan. WHAT YOU THINK, SOUND OFF?? If ya know ya NBA Basketball KNOWLEDGE Russell has 11 RINGS while MJ has 6, not to mention he wont a Olympic Medal & Final Four TOURNEY as well. What you think???
"I would pick Bill Russell over Michael Jordan if I were starting a franchise." - Phil Jackson
Bill Russell played 13 seasons went to the playoffs every year won 11 championships 2 of which he was the coach/player 5x Season MVP an all-star MVP 2nd in all time career total rebounds and yet yall *** keep calling Michael Jordan the G.O.A.T. cause he got 6 rings... I'm confused.
When u make it into an elite group in the NBA with the greats like Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, and Wilt Chamberlain, your talent BY FAR is indisputable. Anyone on a good team-who never even touched the ball can get a championship ring. But the League's MVP- that's individual merit. 4 times in the last 5 seasons. Kobe not even in the conversation. CONGRATS Lebron!
LeBron takes 2013 Kia Most Valuable Player award Official release Posted May 5, 2013 3:07 PM New York -- Lebron James of the Miami Heat is the winner of the Maurice Podoloff Trophy as the 2012-13 Kia NBA Most Valuable Player, the NBA announced today. James earns the honor for the second consecutive year and the fourth time in five seasons. The only other player to win the award in four of five seasons is Bill Russell (1961, 62, 63, 65), and the only other players to win at least four regular-season MVPs are Kareem Abdul-Jabbar (six), Michael Jordan (five), Russell (five) and Wilt Chamberlain (four). James totaled 1,207 points, including 120 first-place votes, from a panel of 121 voters that consisted of sportswriters and broadcasters throughout the United States and Canada as well as an NBA.com MVP fan vote. For the fourth consecutive season, the NBA and Kia Motors America gave fans the opportunity to submit their votes by ranking their top five choices through a dedicated Web page on NBA.com. The fan vot ...
Lebron James joins Bill Russell, Michael Jordan and Wilt Chamberlain for multiple MVP The greats, not pretenders
I give you, the greatest Basketball Player in the NBA, 4 times and counting. And quite maybe the greatest player ever. Only 3 players have had more MVPs. Bill Russell and Michael Jordan with 5, and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar with 6. And LeBron is far from finished.
Andre "I think I'm Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and John Stockton all at once" Miller.
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People who I want to meet before they pass on is all the old school NBA players Larry Bird, Bill Russell, Magic Johnson and Michael Jordan
I would do anything to sit down and talk to Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Kobe, and Magic Johnson. Dreams doe, dreams.
I'm not changing it's since you wanna bring up rings who's better Michael Jordan or Bill Russell?
My top 5 Basketball Players of all time. Derrick Rose, Vince Carter, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Chris Paul.
Michael Jordan said Kobe was better than LeBron because he had more rings well that means Bill Russell is better than M.J.
Food for thought, Michael Jordan scored 50 points or more 45 times and won 6 or 7 NBA titles in his career. Wilt Chamberlain scored 50 points or more in the 1961-62 season alone. Bill Russell won 11 championships in 13 years.
All-Time NBA-USA Fantasy Team John Stockton, 6-1, PG Magic Johnson, 6-9, PG Michael Jordan, 6-6, SG Kobe Bryant, 6-6, SG Scottie Pippen, 6-7, SF/SG Lebron James, 6-8, SF Larry Bird, 6-9, SF Kevin Durant, 6-9, SF/PF Charles Barkley, 6-6, PF Karl Malone, 6-9, PF Shaquille O'Neal, 7-1, C Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, 7-2, C Why Pippen? why over Julius Erving, or even Rick Barry? The greatest role player (and complementary swingman) ever who can hustle and defend, bring down the ball as a point forward and score from the outside or penetrate if needed. Why Shaq over Wilt Chamberlain or Bill Russell? Could be the most powerful inside force ever. You already have Kareem for finesse, so it'd much better if you can also have an immovable and almost unstoppable monster at the slot.
Bill Russell, Jim Brown, Michael Jordan are all aquarius'. Is that coincidence or not?
Biography for Bill Russell (I) More at IMDbPro » ad feedback Date of Birth 12 February 1934, Monroe, Louisiana, USA Birth Name William Felton Russell Height 6' 9½" (2.07 m) Mini Biography The term Dynasty might have never applied to Basketball had it not been for Bill Russell. In the History of professional sports there has never been an athlete who has more accolades or championships, in other words Bill Russell is not only a champion, but he is perhaps the definition of a champion. Bill Russell did not create the first basketball dynasty, but to date, through Michael Jordan, Shaquille O'Neal, Magic Johnson and Larry Bird Bill Russell has one more championships than any other Basketball Player. Bill Russell was born in Monroe, Louisiana in 1934. At the age of 9 he moved to Oakland. While in Oakland he was very poor but became a skillful Basketball Player. At 18 he went to college, at San Francisco, where he won two NCAA Championships in 1955 and 1956. In 1956 Bill Russell entered the NBA draft. He was ...
top five favorite Basketball Players of all time in order Wilt Chamberlain, Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Dirk Nowitzki, and Allen Iverson
Michael Jordan: The Greatest -NOT! OK, MJ just turned 50, and you'd think it was the birthday of Jesus Christ II. We have'ta listen to all this claptrap YET AGAIN about how 'His Airness' is the greatest hoopster ever to lace 'em up. BULLS**T! Jordan couldn't hold Wilt Chamberlain's jock. Wilt averaged 50 points and 20 rebounds FOR AN ENTIRE SEASON, corralling FIFTY rebounds in ONE GAME several times along the way. THEN, for kicks, he decided - a 7' CENTER - to lead the league in ASSISTS, and did. Wilt has 7 of the top 10 highest individual scoring outings EVER. He scored 100 points IN ONE GAME, and DOMINATED Bill Russell, touted as the game's greatest defensive center, to the point of embarrassment. Chamberlain didn't win a lot of championships, but he played for sub-par teams in the era where the great Celtic dynasties, with their glut of Hall of Fame players, racked up 11 titles. And what teams did Jordan's Bulls beat along the way to their 6 titles?The Jazz, The Sonics, Cleveland(!), The Phoenix Suns . ...
Best starting line up of all time. PG- Pete Maravich. SG- Michael Jordan. SF- Lebron James. PF- Tim Duncan C- Bill Russell.
Im a huge Michael Jordan fan but i didn't realize how retarded he is when it comes to making basketball decisions off the court. When asked who was better Kobe or Lebron? His answer was based completely on the amount of rings. So now let me ask u does this make Robert Horry(7 rings) better than Jordan? Does this make Trent Dilfer(1 ring) and Joe Flacco(1ring) better than Dan Marino(0 rings)? Or Jason Terry(1 ring) better than Dwight Howard(0 rings) and Kevin Durant(0 rings)?If u choose who the Best Player is based on rings then i guess Bill Russell(11 rings) is the best? There are 11 other players that have more than the 6 rings Jordan has. So Jordan wouldn't be considered a top 10 great of alltime. Does this make sense? Jordan stick to making sneakers now that your playing days are over, because when u start making decisions about basketball then u end up being general manager of the Wizards and Bobcats lol! An we all see how well that's going for u!
Who would be on your Mt. Rushmore of Basketball??? Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, Jerry West, Julius Erving
Michael Jordan, Bill Russell, and Charles Barkley interviews air tonight starting at 8pm EST on
Basketball fans: dont forget the NBA TV specials on Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and Charles Barkley!
Really looking forward to tonight's All-Star Monday programming on with Michael Jordan, Bill Russell and Charles Barkley interviews.
Excited to catch these interviews about Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley and Bill Russell on
Looking fwd to these interviews with Bill Russell and the GOAT Bill Simmons. I mean Michael Jordan.
COMMENTARY by Dean Schabner: Maybe it's fitting that Michael Jordan's 50 th birthday happensto fall on the NBA's All-Star Sunday, because he is still the ultimate measure of basketball greatness. Unlike the great stars playing in today's game - likely future hall of famers Kobe Bryant, Lebron James , Kevin Durant and others -Jordan was more than the sum of his fantastic numbers. And what numbers those were: 10-time scoring champ Five-time MVP Six-time NBA champion 10-time All-NBA First Team Nine-time All-Defensive First Team 14-time All-Star Three-time All-Star MVP Two-time Olympic gold medalist Career averages of 30.1 points, 5.3 assists, 6.2 rebounds and 2.3steals per game But Jordan was more than that because he was something else: He was unbeatable, like nobody else in NBA history. PHOTOS: Michael Jordan Throughthe Years Yes, I know. There's a two-word comeback to that: Bill Russell. But when Russell was winning 11 NBA championships with the Boston Celtics, he had somethingthat Jordan didn't - a team ...
Michael Jordan is the best I've seen but can't rule out Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Kareem Abdul Jabbar
Happy Birthday to Michael Jordan!!! The single, greatest person to ever bounce a basketball... better than anyone before him and better than anyone to play after him... you can take all the legends of old, Wilt Chamberlain, Hakeem Olajuan, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, Bill Russell, Penny Hardaway, Grant Hill (who still plays, btw), Reggie Miller, Karl Malone, John Stockton, Pat Ewing, Shaq, Shawn Kemp, David Robinson, Scottie Pippen, and many, MANY others, going back even farther than these I just mentioned, and place them all on a pedestal... and you can take all these 'exhibitionists' of today, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Jason Kidd, Chris Bosh, 'Mello' Anthony, Blake Griffin, Lebron James and many more, and put them on another pedestal, they would ALL still be shadowed by the pedestal that Michael Jordan's on. He's the only player in the history of the NBA that had the greatness it took to literally lead his team to repeat 'threepeats' as well as break and set a new season win record that will likel ...
LeDick made the comparison of Bill Russell and Michael Jordan. saying about the title comparison, first of all he plays a different position, and 2nd of all *** LeBron grow the *** up kobe is better.
I take Lebron James side on the whole Jordan, Kobe, Lebron debate. Rings dont define who you are. Because like he said if thats the case then Bill Russell is better than Michael Jordan. You cant define people by championships. There are alot of great players without rings. Like Karl Malone, Reggie Miller, and Charles Barkley. So for those Lebron haters say what you want but LBJ is a better overall player than anybody in history.
Rings do not define careers. If that was the case Michael Jordan would be behind Bill Russell, Sam Jones n Robert Horry.
SMH...really,Michael Jordan? You're a BRON HATER,too? So,you'd take Kobe over LeBron? Why because Kobe's just like you? A Scorer...but you both know Bron is closing in on you. Bron is a scorer,rebounder,6th man...assists on point.MVP...record breaker,holder & keeper. Say No Mo. Rings determine greatness? So.Bill Russell must be greater than you? You USED to bemy alltime fave player, now you've been dismissed! Hatin *** Who cares who YOU'd choose? Put some focus on the roster for your whack *** team & teach your son how to play with his non-shootin *** GTFOH.I'm TOO tickled!
Do you have a better all time college Basketball team? Not what they did as pros rather in college. Mine is by position: -Bill Russell, C, San Francisco,1st team all am 2x"s, 2 NCAA titles -Oscar Pobertson, F, Cincy,1st team all am 3xs, player of yeay 3x's and could only play 3 yrs since freshman did not play till 70's. -David Thompson, F, NCSU, First team all am, 2x's, NCAA title, 26ppg -Pete Maravich, G, LSU, NCAA title, 1st team all am 3x's, 44 ppg -Bobby Hurley, Duke, NCAA Championship, numbres of records Honorable mention (5): Lew Alcindor, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Tim Duncan, Michael Jordan.
Bill Russell has more rings and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar scored more points, but neither of these NBA legends comes close to overtaking Michael Jordan as the greatest living Basketball Player.
I really don't like Michael Jordan. When asked who's better beyween kobe and lebron he goes directly to the number of rings. Thats because he knows he has 1 more than kobe and 5 more than lbj. Well hey dummy, Bill Russell has 11. So by your theory Bill Russell is the goat and you aren't even in the top 5.
Michael Jordan is "the best" and most popular player in NBA history, but Bill Russell might be the league's most important figure.
Who is the GOAT? I'd say Wilt Chamberlain. He has grabbed 55 rebounds IN ONE GAME. He has scored 100 points in a game, and currently hold 15 of the top 20 highest point games. He once averaged 50.4 points IN A SEASON. He was voted into the HOF the first year eligible. He changed so many rules as well. I might get some hate for not saying Michael Jordan, but Google his stats and see for yourself. -Will
I belive..Lebron James.would have bodied Michael Jordan
Earl Lloyd, the first African-Americna to play in the National Basketball Association, ranks as a largely overlooked pioneer. That’s not right. Lloyd forged a path that is now profitably traveled by the NBA’s legion of African-American stars. He walked a path that has since been traveled by Wilt Chamberlain, Bill Russell, Dave Bing, Michael Jordan and, now, by Lebron James and Amare Stoudemire.
Bill Russell rings. Michael Jordan swag, y'all think Michael Jordan bad. N***a I got five more rings than Michael Jordan had.
Where does Kobe rank among the NBA's all-time greats? Gutierrez: He's the second-best non-center ever to play. He wanted to be just like Michael Jordan, and he got as close as anyone could. That means he's right behind Jordan, then lands somewhere in the mix with Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Wilt Chamberlain, Shaquille O'Neal and Bill Russell. is this an indirect hint that time has come for kobe to call it quits soon?..
Playing one-on-one, in order, who's the Best Player?: Michael Jordan in his prime, Kobe Bryant, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and Kevin Durant are the five contestants. Who wins? GO!
Last night we saw one of the all-time great individual performances ever in Johnny Manziel of Texas A&M. I've seen it before: Bill Russell against Wilt Chamberlain, Isiah Thomas playing hurt, Kurt Gibson hitting a grand slam on a broken leg, Michael Jordan often, a Hector girl in Arkansas high school basketball whose name I forget that took over a game and won it from behind for her team with repeated drives down the lane, my own son, Justin Hinton, that single-handedly won games in both basketball and football and was undefeated in high hurdles. Greatness like that is a gift. Manziel made only one bad cut the whole game! Unbelieveable. But did you see the holes opened up for him by unsung linemen? And what great play-calling from the off. coordinator. My Aggie dad would have been so proud.
On Rajon Rondo and the Celtics: Do winners simply hate losing more? "Wanted to share my latest NBA.com ph story with you guys before it gets published. Feel free to give it a read and let me know your thoughts. Thanks!" By: Dennis Guillermo No true competitor wants to lose. It’s the nature of the beast. As former NFL coach Herm Edwards famously articulated in one of his many animated post-game press conferences, “You play to win the game!” But in the inevitable likelihood of a loss, different people have different ways of coping. Although it is true that some of the greatest players and winners in the NBA like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Bill Russell took losses the hard way, other great and successful players like last season’s Finals MVP, Lebron James, have shown a more graceful way of handling defeat. “Clearly there are guys who can take it more, or are more emotional,” Celtics coach Doc Rivers told the media during their Thursday afternoon practice. “That doesn’t mean the other guy ...
so do you think Bill Russell is better than Michael Jordan? 7 Pro Bowls, 2 mvps, 2 Super Bowl mvps, 5 Super Bowl appearances...
Image if Michael Jordan was more politically vocal in his prime like Muhammad Ali, Jim Brown and Bill Russell!
THE IMPORTANCE OF COLLEGE SPORTS By Brian Pawelko, Rider University Without college athletics, where would all the madness be on campus during March? What would we do on New Year’s Day without the Rose Bowl? Most of all, what will colleges have left to bring their students together like no phenomenon has done before? Collegiate athletics have been a stepping stone for many famous athletes. Michael Jordan, Peyton Manning and Bill Russell are only a few of the many who began to create their legacies while playing at the college level. College athletics separate the casual athlete from those who won’t settle for being merely an average participant in his or her respective sport. It is the competitive nature of collegiate sports that helps to make this distinction. Sports at the college level allow the student body to come together in ways few other events can, both in the literal and emotional senses. College athletics help to fill schools with pride and spirit as they root for their teams. Most of all, ...
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar leads the way with 6 NBA MVPs. Michael Jordan & Bill Russell are right behind with 5 apiece
Inspired by a recent discussion my all time NBA team. Threee deep at each position to make a complete 15 man roster. Decisons based on dominance, winning. Some may argue the older players could not compete with the athleticism of today, and I won't argue that but here they are 1. John Stockton, "Magic" Johnson, Oscar Robertson 2. Michael Jordan, Clyde Drexler, Kobe Bryant 3. Larry Bird, Lebron James, Julius Erving 4. Tim Duncan, Karl Malone, Bob Pettit 5. Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, George Mikan ok rip me apaprt, i will respond
"Lil B is probably the greatest to ever touch a basketball." - Michael Jordan "He will get around 14 to 15 championships, at least." - Bill Russell "He's the true king." - Lebron James "I'll pass to him." - Kobe Bryant "In all honesty, I'm scared to face him. I've seen his style of play, it's nearly unguardable." - Kevin Durant "He taught me how to play point guard correctly." - Rajon Rondo "I'm his son." - Brian Scalibrine :")
Michael Jordan, Magic, Larry Bird, Kareem, and even Bill Russell should be on NBAtv's Open Court
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I wonder why people think Michael Jordan the Best Player who ever played the game with 6 rings when Bill Russell got 11 rings... Just a thought!!
According to Mitt Romney the greatest athlete of the 20th Century is Jack Nicklaus. This brilliantly stupid insight eliminates: Jim Thorpe, Jesse Owens, Ali, Michael Jordan, Babe Ruth, Diana Taurasi, Babe Didreckson Zaharais, Wilma Rudolph, Tiger Woods, Mickey Mantle, Yogi Berra, Duke Snider, Willie Mays, Arthur Ashe, Jimmy Connors, Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlin, Abdul Jabbar, and there are other names that could be added to this list. But Jack Nicklaus? An excellent golf pro and for Romney, Nicklaus is rich and white, and not one of 'those people' in the 47%.
What do Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Joe Montana, Wayne Gretzky, Mike Tyson, Babe Ruth, Hank Aaron all have in common? G.O.A.T.
Ring count: Bill Russell- 11 Robert Horry- 7 Michael Jordan- 6 Kobe Bryant- 5 Steve Kerr- 5 Devan George- 3 Malik Rose- 3 Dwyane Wade- 2 Mark Madsen- 2 Adam Morrison- 2 Lebron James- 1 Aside from Robert Horry's coattail riding *** you can see how the quality of player drops the father down you get on the list. May Lebron never get another. Lake Show 4 Life!
Teddy DreamChaser Mott is over here disrespecting Michael Jordan talking bout Bill Russell was better and MJ couldnt shoot them 90s babies I tell you
Sports fans a few years back voted Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen as the best NBA duo ever. Historical illiteracy is one thing but sports illiteracy? There's no excuse. The Jordan/Pippen duo doesn't even make the top five. In fact, I count seven duos that are better than the Jordan/Pippen duo: Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Magic Johnson. Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant. Tim Duncan and David Robinson. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Oscar Robertson (Milwaukee Bucks). Jerry West and Elgin Baylor (Lakers). John Havlicek and Bill Russell (Celtics). Moses Malone and Dr. J ('Sixers). Yes, Jordan is the Best Player ever. But unlike all the guys I listed, Pippen is not a top twenty all-time player. Top forty? Maybe.
so rings equate to who's better? In that case Bill Russell is better than Michael Jordan.
Michael Jordan is the greatest, Wilt Chamberlin is the greatest Basketball Player ever followed by Bill Russell
While everyone trying to be another Michael Jordan, Im tryna be Bill Russell. I mean, why go for 6 rings when I can go for a ring on each finger, AND an extra one?
Bill Russell got 11 rings, Michael Jordan got 6, Kobe got 5, and Lebron got 1. who ever hears about Bill Russell being the best ever?
I hate how they consider Michael Jordan the best Basketball Player yet Bill Russell has more rings and no one knows who he is.
Michael Jordan is considered the best with 6 rings . but Robert Horry has 7 rings, and Bill Russell has 11 rings
Richard Pryor is the Bill Russell of comedy. Bernie MAC is Michael Jordan.
Interesting Don Darrin Fun Fact: I consider Led Zeppelin the Michael Jordan of music. Yes, the Beatles are the Bill Russell (won more championships/ sold more records) but Zeppelin will always have my respect. There will never be another, just like Jordan.
You still on ya Michael Jordan..im on my Bill Russell now thats what you call hustle
Ah, perspective as a today only thing. Two fools argueing whether or not Michael Jordan had the biggest heart and competitive streak in the history of the NBA. Bill Russell, the man who changed basketball, won Olypic gold medal and 11 NBA championships never even gets brought up. Argue on, fools. and on and on and on and...
With Wilt Chamberlain scoring 100 points in a game and Bill Russell having more championships then fingers. How exactly is Michael Jordan the Best Player?
I will never call Michael Jordan the greatest NBA player of all time. Not with Wilt, Bill Russell, Oscar Robertson, Elgin Baylor left out.
Michael Jordan's greatest rival of his time? Karl Malone? While Magic's greatest rival was Larry Bird and Wilt Chamberlain's was Bill Russell. If you're only as good as your competition...well you be the judge.
Bill Russell got 11 in a row, But yall think Michael Jordan bad...
Does medal count make Phelps the "Greatest Olympian Ever"?? Then shouldn't Bill Russell (and even Robert Horry) be considered the greatest Basketball Players ahead of Michael Jordan??
Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Jerry Lucas, KC Jones, Quinn Buckner, and Clyde Lovellette were the only NBA players to do so.
Jerry West is considered one of the greatest Los Angeles Lakers of all-time, and is a player that is constantly mentioned among the league’s best. Although West did not win championships like Bill Russell or Michael Jordan, he has the respect of many fans and NBA legends.
Kareem Abdul jabbar , Michael Jordan , Bill Russell we will never know who was the greatest of all time
In about 5 hours we hope to be Boat Parade champs once again...continuing our Dominate success and concreting our names in the Gardner Lake Boat Parade Hall of Fame.proving that we really can do anything we want if we put our minds to it. Good luck to all the other boat parade entree people.your gunna need it. Soon we will be mentioned with names like Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Bill Russell.after today we will have 4 championships
I post this just about every year. Here it is again. There is not another pro Basketball Player or pro athlete in any sport that has as many championship rings as Mr. Bill Russell (and his are all with the same team). There has not been another Bill Russell, the player either. I still hear all this Michael Jordan this and Kobe Bryant that. They were and are great players but no one can climb to the top of the pro basketball mountain and sit next to Mr. Russell. He was the greatest in his time and I have not seen anyone come close to him yet.
I love Michael Jordan because of his skills and accomplishments, but how is he better than Bill Russell if he didn't win as many NBA championships? Bill Russell won 11 rings in 13 year career and MJ won 6 rings in 15.
To all my TRUE sport fans.. Please let the Lebron haters know that he is still on pace to catch or pass Michael Jordan. I would never compare them because they are different. There is no one like Jordan. Lebron is what we call a "Freak of Nature" 1. Can guard all 2.Great passer 3. Can score 4. Can rebound oh and once his post game gets better you better believe he will break more records and when he does I guess all the haters will say "Yea, but Bill Russell has 11" Please give respect where respect is due: LEBRON
Man at lids: Michael Jordan is the Best Player to ever play. Me: Why do you think that? Man at lids: He has the most rings. Me: False, Bill Russell has 11. I WIN.
James: will still never be as good as Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, Magic, Bill Russell, OR Wilt Chamberlain.
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Lebron James is a fantastic player, one of the best I've seen in my lifetime. But sadly, his name will never be on the same level as the true greats. Never would Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, or Bill Russell (just to name a few players) have left his original team to create a Big 3 just to win a ring. Those guys did it with their own talent and with what was given to them... But Congrats Lebron
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