Michael Jordan & Anthony Davis

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats. Anthony Davis, better known as Tony Davis (born February 20, 1951 in Paterson, New Jersey), is an American composer, jazz pianist, and student of gamelan music. 5.0/5

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Anthony Davis and Michael Jordan are the only 2 players in the last 50 years to score 90 Pts in the first 2 games of a se…
NBA News: Anthony Davis is the first player in the NBA to drop 50 points in the season opener since Michael Jordan did it back in 1989
Happy birthday to the guy who more NCAA Tournament games than Michael Jordan, Kobe, LeBron & Anthony Davis combined. ht…
Anthony Davis: "Bill Russell, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, all those guys. I want to be in that conversation." -
Anthony Davis is the "Michael Jordan" of this era of basketball. MJ passed the torch to Kobe, Kobe to Lebron, and now Lebron to Davis
BREAKING: Retard claims Anthony Davis is better than Michael Jordan
Anthony Davis is like Michael Jordan he shows up in big moments I have seen it all season RT
Anthony Davis's game is the exact opposite of his face (which by that ratio means Sam Cassell shoulda been Michael Jordan level)
Dustin Morrison and I play NBA 2k. A lot. We have the rosters set up so the legends from the legend teams are in the association draft, as well as tweaking old players to return them to their prime. Then we do an association draft where we control and draft for 6 teams each, and just play every match up 2 of our 12 teams have all season. We kinda have "our" players we draft every time, and we often bicker over who has the best group. So, if these two groups of players were Allstar teams, who would win? Keep in mind, they are all in their prime. Team A; Kyrie Irving, Steve Nash, Steph Curry, Patrick Ewing, Karal Malone, Michael Jordan, Carmelo Anthony, Wilt Chamberlin, Charles Barkley, Ricky Rubio, Paul George, Chris Paul, Blake Griffin, John Stockton, Magic Johnson, Dennis Rodman, Al Jeffersen, Amare Stoudemire, Pau Gasol, Allen Iversen, Brandon Jennings, Thomas Robinson, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, and James Hardin Vs Team B; Larry Bird, Lebron James, Shaquille O'neal, Anthony Davis, John Wall, Damion L ...
Lebron James injures both hands in a biking accident and sits the year. Kevin Durant proceeds to dominate until Anton Barrels is signed as a free agent to the Toronto Raptors. Raptors immediately become a contender with Barrels' presence and after they sign Kyrie Irving (Sorry Cleveland). The Knicks drop Melo, A'mare and Chandler after Lin comes back to MSG with Harden and Dwight. Michael Jordan gets tired of the Bobcats losing, so he signs himself and leads them to the playoffs. Since the Heat lost LeBron; Wade moves to China to play for the Shanghai Sharks and Bosh goes back to the Cretaceous Period shortly after Christmas 2014. Every team in California secedes and forms the new ABA. Players who join the new ABA include: Iggy, Royce White, Ty Lawson, Javale, Timmy, and Anthony Davis. Kobe and Pau fuse into one person using the Potara Earrings that they were given from Juwan Howard (Who is signed by the Lakers). Rookie of the Year goes to Damian Lillard again. MVP is ISOSWAGGER. Champions are the newly f ...
To bad those cavs didn't pick those people Anthony Davis, Tim Couch, or Michael Jordan. I was looking forward to see them hoop up.
Anthony Davis just did a Michael Jordan move on Amir Johnson from the 3-point line, kinda. it was strange to watch.
Well since the Bobcats drafted F Michael Kidd-Gilchrest, fed the the ball to G Kemba Walker and went from paint to perimeter they snapped a 23 game losing streak. Michael Jordan you still debating on hiring me as a coach?? I told thme didn't I Jacobe Jones and Van *** James Anthony Davis and Perry Pap Elliott
Michael Jordan says he committed to the Charlotte Bobcats. Means fans are waiting for the next Anthony Davis, too.
has hit an all time low. They now write speculative articles about things that could happen, not in the near future, but two years from now. I decided to go along with that trend: in 2014, J.R. Smith will be brought up on drug charges, forcing him to play in China again/ Kobe Retires in 2015, Dwight Howard will complain about the organization, get Mike Brown fired, and ask for a trade to Brooklyn. He will then end up with the Clippers. in 2016, Kobe comes out of retirement, plays for the Bobcats, because Michael Jordan is a stupid front office executive. in 2017, Kobe retires again, this time with a lot of shame. in 2018, Anthony Davis could sign with the Knicks? in 2019, J.R. Smith is still playing, still has coke addiction in 2020 (the Chinese year of Barbara Walters), Dwight Howard retires, and still tries to get the coach of the Magic fired in the process. in 2035, my son, Darrius Beaven, comes straight out of high school to play for the Kansas City Kings. in 3023, ESPN is still stupid.
Check out all the player ratings which have been revealed so far. Michael Jordan : 99 Kevin Durant : 95 Allen Iverson : 95 Chris Paul : 94 Kobe Bryant [...]
All the points scored in the UNC vs Georgetown NCAA Championship Game by Michael Jordan (16 pts), James Worthy (28 pts), Patrick Ewing (23 pts), and Eric "Sl...
Anthony Davis joins Michael Jordan and Christian Laettner as only players to win NCAA title, Gold Medal and Wooden Award before 1st NBA game
The New Orleans Hornets, with a little assist from the NBA, drafted and got Anthony Davis, PG Austin Rivers, re-signed Eric Gordon & traded for Ryan Anderson (via Orl). Looks solid. Calling out Michael Jordan & Charlotte Bobcats. Might be a good idea to get the NBA to co-own your team for a season so you can turn things around a little faster.
I honestly feel the refs are disrespecting Kevin Durant in the playoffs. I see how they are sneaking in pulling on his elbow,bump here and there where you can get away with it. like playing overseas, you can pull or down their trunks, lot of flopping,acting going on, These are young 23yrs old men, I never dream that the Heat would have (mature) Olympic Gold Medal Winners would have the Refs and David Stearn on their side. Straight up playing basketball with not cheating, OKC is the better team, Where is the Justice. Michael Jordan have to go through the Same. Shame on You David Stearn / Dictating the trade of Chris Paul. and then took Anthony Davis for yourself. You are the OWNER of The New Orleans Hornets. Something to think about / Chris Paul leaving the Hornets / Anthony Davis the 1st pick going to the Hornets. C'mom Man: I and others wasn't born yesterday (figure of Speech) Deshaun Tate, I want to hear from your Sports Show. DeShaun, Say it So.
Michael Jordan did not make Adam Morrison pick, Bobcats exec Rod Higgins says
New Orleans will pick Anthony Davis with the 1st pick in the draft. Michael Jordan may want to draft Britney Griner with the second pick.
Anthony Davis going to New Orleans. I know Michael Jordan, Dan Gilbert, and Jay-Z mad. Lol
Pretty surprised that the New Orleans Hornets got the Pick in the 2012 NBA Draft instead of the Michael Jordan & his Charlotte Bobcats. Anthony Davis is going the Big Easy.
Michael Jordan's 6 rings Olympic Gold owner of bobcats + 5 yrs w/ Anthony Davis he will stomp that - owns race motorcycle teams
Patrick Ewing Has Earned Chance to Coach Charlotte Bobcats: Patrick Ewing is reportedly going to interview for the head coaching position of the Charlotte Bobcats, according to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports. It will take place after the Orlando Magic are eliminated from the postseason. The former New York Knicks superstar has earned the right to lead a team and should be highly considered for the vacancy. He’s been an assistant for nine seasons, with stops in Washington (2002-03) and Houston (2003-06) before settling in under Stan Van Gundy with the Magic in July of 2007. Ewing has been instrumental in developing Dwight Howard into a superstar and helped the big man lead his team to the playoffs every season since being hired. Without the assistant's presence and tutelage, who knows if the Magic even make their 2009 NBA Finals run on the shoulders of D12? Another factor that helps Ewing is his close friendship with Bobcats owner Michael Jordan, one of his fiercest rivals during their playing days. ...
Very exctied to work at Churchill Downs for the Kentucky Darby all day tomorrow on MILLIONAIRES ROW! I am working to raise money for our girls basketball team at Bath County High School. What I make I will give to my girls program. If I see Michael Jordan or Anthony Davis (UK Player), I might get in front of them and TAKE A CHARGE! HA! I have to leave in Morehead, KY by 4:00 a.m. Please pray for me in morning that I have a safe travel. God bless!
Working on a piece relating to Anthony Davis, the Charlotte Bobcats, and of course, Michael Jordan.
Michael Jordan is gonna find a way NOT to draft Anthony Davis or Thomas Robinson
Michael Jordan the type of *** that'll draft Harrison Barnes over Anthony Davis.
Sports Update: NBA: 76ers: Falling apart at the wrong time, losers of 4 straight, with only 9 games left and the Bucks and Knicks are surging, the 76ers could find themselves out of the playoffs, smh, speaking of the Knicks, superstar Carmelo Anthony has been on fire the last 2 weeks averaging 30 pts. and 10 rebs. capped off with a 43 point game in a win over the Bulls 100-99 in OT Spurs are scorching hot winners of 11 straight, Bobcats ice cold again losers of 11 in a row (that's pathetic, Michael Jordan doesn't deserve a team, smh again) NCAAB: Kentucky and Baylor win the National Championship in both mens and womens college basketball, UK's Anthony Davis and Baylor's Britney Griner named player of the year High school Basketball: If your looking for the next one and done mega star in college basketball next season, look no further than 6'6" guard Shabazz Muhammad, a sensational player, pull him up on youtube NHL: Playoffs are set, Flyers to face Pittsburgh in the 1st round, bad blood runs between these ...
Can't wait for Michael Jordan and the Charlotte Bobcats to mess up this NBA draft by not picking Anthony Davis.
What does Derek Jeter, Brett Favre, Anthony Davis, Brian Wilson, Herm Edwards and Michael Jordan all have in common?
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