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Michael Jordan

Michael Jeffrey Jordan (born February 17, 1963) is a retired American professional basketball player, active entrepreneur, and majority owner of the Charlotte Bobcats.

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My top 5 greatest sportsmen of all time: . • Johan Cruyff. • Mohammed Ali. • Michael Jordan. • Roger Federer. • Michael Schumacher.
She is an MJ in the vein of Michael Jordan being MJ she is just not The MJ as in Marry Jane Watson
Don't be afraid to fail. Be afraid not to try. – Michael Jordan
The three most athletic NBA player of all-time:. 1. Lebron James. 2. Russell Westbrook. 3. Michael Jordan
My top 3 all far as watching them plau. 1.Brett Favre. 2. Michael Jordan. 3. Tom Brady. 4.Tiger Woods. 5. Randy Moss
I am to Game Pigeon as Michael Jordan is to basketball
The headsets Logitech and Astro could make for gaming is equivalent to Julius Erving and Michael Jordan having a kid.
ACTUALLY... NY has Michael Jordan. NY has 50 Cent. NY has Jay Z. NY has Tyson. NY has Kareem. NY has Julius Erving. NY h…
NC has Michael Jordan . NC has J Cole . NC has John Wall . NC has Stephen Curry . NC has Cp3 . NC has Harry Giles . NC ha…
Jordan Spieth hangs out with Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps in Cabo
With the bidding on the Marlins still taking place, Derek Jeter has brought Michael Jordan onto his team.
Michael Jordan to join Derek Jeter-led ownership group that is pursuing Marlins, per ht…
If anyone should ask me who made Bubble Gum popular, I would say Michael Jordan.
After the David Ross-Andrew Miller interview ESPN will have Michael Jordan interview Craig Ehlo. "Now tell me, who are you again?"
Cal Ripken Jr., Thomas Friedman and Michael Jordan are all members at this club on Park Heights Ave.
"Air Jordans were banned from the NBA, however Michael Jordan always wore them as Nike was willing to pay the fine for each game."
Michael Jordan struggling to sell Mansion after 5 years on the market
Caves Valley Golf Club members include Bisciotti, Plank, Ripken and Michael Jordan but MJ doesn't show up much.
No. 9: was not here for the Aaron Rodgers/Michael Jordan comparison and reminds us who the best in the NFL is. h…
Michael Jordan became MJ23 when he shaved his George Jefferson mini fro and started rocking the Baldy.
What an iconic picture. The greatest basketball player of all time and Michael Jordan.
Why do y'all shade people buying Jordans and tell them to buy Black? Isn't Michael Jordan...Black?
They still lost to Michael Jordan and Newman from Seinfeld.
Rich is rich. I share exactly 0 experiences with Robert Smith, Ben Carson, Kenneth Chenault or Michael Jordan.
only 5 man team i could see ever beating them:. PG Magic Johnson. SG Dion Waiters. SF Michael Jordan. PF Lebron James. C Shaq
I pulled a Michael Jordan and didn't make the NBA
FUN FACT: Michael Jordan was fined $5,000 by commissioner David Stern, for showing off the first of his series of high-tops in 1985.
Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan. He will retire as the best player ever
You never watched a full 10-20 games Michael Jordan played in but he better than LeBron cause he never missed a shot o…
What does Michael Jordan, and Peyton Manning have in common?. They're all in this commercial ⬇️.
23 and 45 aren't the only numbers Michael Jordan wore during his career.
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So Lonzo Ball gets a mention, but not Michael Jordan?!!?
it was also the day Michael Jordan lost to lavar ball in a 1v1
Michael Jordan last 3 minutes in his FINAL BULLS GAME vs Jazz (1998). Is he giving the ball up like LeBron? Nope
My top 5 of all time. 1 king Lebron James . 2 Michael Jordan. 3 Magic Johnson . 4 kobe Bryan . 5 Steph Curry
Here's how Michael Jordan celebrated first NBA MVP award
Stars left in the East:. LeBron. Michael Jordan. Larry Bird. Jason Kidd. That's pretty go-oh you want current players?. Yeah there's just LeBron.
players with last name starting with J. Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, James Jones, Larry Johnson ect.
Tim Tebow is the Michael Jordan of baseball of baseball.
Tonight on SportsCenter: Now that Tim Tebow has more career HR than Michael Jordan, is Tim Tebow now the greatest NBA…
Michael Jordan is the world's wealthiest sportsperson, with a net worth of $1.3 billion in 2017. . (Forbes)
Note that Michael Jordan sent Russell Westbrook after winning MVP (via
Michael Jordan has a message for Russell Westbrook 🙏🏆
Michael Jordan has a message for Russell Westbrook (via
"Lebron James: Michael Jordan inspired me, Allen Iverson was the god" {by Chris Chavez} via
My top 5 nba players of all time are. 1.Michael Jordan . 2.Kareem Abdul-jabaar. 3.Lebron James. 4.Magic Johnson. 5.Kobe Bryant
Me:" which one had aids, Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson?". My sister:" Shaq *** ". 💀💀💀💀
Well from your perspective Magic Johnson can turn Ball into a star... Why can't Michael Jordan turn Kemba into a star??
Never saw Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson's father on tv acting like a clown. That guy is…
If it helps I thought Magic Johnson owned Magic and Michael Jordan played for the Bulls. HELP. ME.
Jalby, I think you mean Michael Jordan or Magic Johnson. They are two different players FYI.
Kwame Brown denies that Michael Jordan ever made him cry:
Malik Monk says he will beat Michael Jordan one-on-one after Hornets pick him No. 11
Magic Johnson = Michael Jordan , good Iq on the court ... but horrible at choosing talent 🐸
If Magic Johnson never got sick, he would of been greater than Michael Jordan. Don't @ me.
[Yahoo Sports] Kwame Brown says Michael Jordan never made him cry
All these duck fans acting like not getting Jordan Bell is like not getting Michael Jordan. Relax jeez.
Malik Monk: "Michael Jordan is the GOAT and I'm going to learn a lot from him. I still can't believe this. Maybe tomorr…
I liked a video Nick Wright vs. Michael Jordan
"God disguised as Michael Jordan" Larry Bird after MJ 63 points game
Season 2 is to True Detective as the Wizards era is to Michael Jordan.
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& click below to enter to win Michael Jordan's autograph thanks to + 🏀⬇️
Diana Taurasi the Michael Jordan of women's basketball?
NEW ARTICLE "Kendrick Lamar is the Michael Jordan of Hip Hop" . By: on .
Not as current, but Venus Williams, Gabrielle Reese (love volleyball), Michael Jordan, Bo Jackson, Larry Johnson https:…
Our next show we will discuss who is the G.O.A.T. tell us who you think it is!. RT- Lebron James. Like- Michael Jordan h…
This dude argues that Lebron James is MUCH BETTER than Michael Jordan and that Kobe Bryant shouldn't be mentioned in th…
Today in 1996 Michael Jordan wins 4th NBA championship. His first without his father. RIP James Jordan!
It was 21 years ago tonight that Michael Jordan won his first title since the death of his dad. It was Father's Day.
Steve Kerr on bailing out Michael Jordan in game 6 of the 97 Finals.
Steve Kerr helped create a super team to stop Lebron in the Finals and uphold the legacy of his previous teammate Michael Jordan
In honor of My Mount Rushmore of bald people go as followed: Michael Jordan, Stone Cold Steve Austin, George Costanza, My Dad
RIP Michael Jordan. Not the famous one; a different one that I played hockey with as kid. He got attacked by moray eels yes…
Steve Kerr on Zach Lowe's podcast: "In the end, it's Lebron James and Michael Jordan at the top."
Serena Williams is the Michael Jordan of tennis but she will never be hailed as such and we all know why
Lisa lampanelli believes R Kelly can fly, out my Olsen twins in his ignition check Michael Jordan by Will made me so fly
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At the 1997 parade, joked about bailing Michael Jordan out in clutch moments. WATCH:
Optional detail: you're vaguely familiar with Michael Jordan from his minor league baseball stint
Steph Curry has the same number of NBA championships (2) that Michael Jordan had at age 29.
Fighting Floyd Mayweather will give Conor McGregor the chance to prove to the world that he’s the Michael Jordan of baseba…
Steve Kerr just won his 7th championship: "It's kind of nice hanging around Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan and Steph Curry and KD."
Each of Lebron James' 8 NBA Finals opponents had a better postseason net efficiency than the best team Michael Jordan ev…
"The best player in the world is Michael Jordan, after that it's Kobe Bryant.".
Dad argues why Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan and why Kobe Bryant isn't even in the conversation.
26 years ago today, Michael Jordan won his first NBA title. Today, Kevin Durant does the same. .
Kevin Durant joins Michael Jordan in 1993 as only Finals MVPs to average 35+ points, 8+ rebounds & 5+ assists in The Finals…
Steve Kerr really carried Michael Jordan, Tim Duncan and these Golden State Warriors to NBA championships
Kevin Durant joins Michael Jordan, Shaq, Hakeem Olajuwon, Rick Barry & Elgin Baylor as only players to score 30+ in every game of
Steve Kerr also acts like he was an all time great. Carried by Michael Jordan and Tim Duncan.
“Everybody has talent, but ability takes hard work.” – Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan's 1984 Olympic shoes were auctioned off for a record $190K
Michael Jordan's sneakers used in the gold-medal game against Spain in the 1984 Olympics sell for record price:
Michael Jordan's 1984 Olympic shoes auction off for record $190K
Find more information about Michael Jordan and the Space Jam when you go to this David Berkowitz blog.
Watch highlights from Michael Jordan's flu game with Celine Dion dubbed over it. (H/t
I'm so thankful to have witnessed Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, Tom Brady, Sidney Crosby, LBJ, and Usain Bolt in my…
FG is to South Park what Harold Miner is to Michael Jordan. Get that garbage outta here.
20 years ago today, Michael Jordan scored 38 points with the flu in the NBA Finals vs. Utah
While Harold Miner never panned out to be the next Michael Jordan, he did win two NBA dunk contests in 1993 & 1995,…
Or that only Michael Jordan could play in any era as if Dr J or Elgin Baylor couldn't use their athleticism…
Donnie Cowart takes the W and he grabs the world champs standard w/ Michael Jordan in the 3k steeple at Music City:
Cleveland Cavaliers upset,# 23 Lebron James one still work hard and strong. When if Lebron James will break record and passed Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan would have a triple double before the tipoff. Another example of LeBron not having the "clutch gene"
BREAKING: Lebron James passes Michael Jordan on the all-time NBA Finals scoring list.
LeBron now has more points in the NBA Finals than Michael Jordan. Jordan played 35 Finals games. This is LeBron’s 44th.
Michael Jordan and Lebron James in the Finals:. MJ played 9 Hall of Famers. LeBron... 26
.Michael Jordan only faced 9 Hall of Famers in his Finals appearances, LeBron has faced 26.
Exactly. I would rather have a rookie Michael Jordan on my NBA team than Olden Polynice with 10 years of "experience"
Michael Jordan was in this time he would easily win a championship
Lebron James is now 5th all-time in FGs made in the passing Michael Jordan.
R.I.P. Lebron James vs Michael Jordan comparison. On June 8, 2017 this comparison died when LeBron choked again. It's over.…
Michael Jordan is the greatest player of all time period
Does anyone out there still think Lebron James is better than Michael Jordan???
Kevin Durant joins Michael Jordan & as the only players to score at least 25 points in each of their first 8
I feel like it goes. 1. Michael Jordan. 2. Kobe Bryant . 3. Lebron James. People need to get over it and accept the fact that he's a mf legend.
Chicago's Chance The Rapper thinks Lebron James, not Michael Jordan, is the greatest basketball player of all time
Dwight Howard just said Lebron is this generations Michael Jordan on ESPN. Someone obviously torched him in his only chan…
"I've failed over and over and over again in my life and that is why I succeed.". ― Michael Jordan
Fam, you were out here talking about chasing the ghost of Michael Jordan not too long ago.
Mood: Michael Jordan trying not to cry as Mariah Carey sang Hero live at the 2003 NBA All-Star game in a Wizards dress
'He's the Einstein of basketball' — Isiah Thomas says he would pick Lebron James over Michael Jordan (📹: UNDISPUTED on FS1/YouTu…
This just in... Michael Jordan to come out of retirement again and join Lebron James, Kyrie Irving, and Kevin...
Michael Jordan, Lebron, & K.D all left their main team to play with someone else. Kobe Bryant didn't. That's why he…
There's always the chance that Forever 21 releases the Mariah Carey dress she wore while serenading Michael Jordan.
Michael Jordan's best highlight in a Wizards uniform was when Mariah Carey performed at the All-Star game.
My favorite players of all time : Allen Iverson, Michael Jordan, Ray Allen, Carmelo Anthony, J.R. Smith
Draymond Green will make a wide open three with no one within miles of him and will celebrate like he dunked on Michael Jordan.
On this day in 1992: Michael Jordan shrugged after making his sixth three-pointer in the first half of Game 1!
Joy Ann Reid is balder than Michael Jordan under those ridiculous hair pieces.
Distant Replay: 28 years ago today, Michael Jordan showed the Bad Boys he's a bad man
Best Guards to play the game of basketball (in order). 1. Dwyane Wade. 2. Dion Waiters. 3. Sue Bird. 4. Michael Jordan
Kevin Durant posted 38P/8R/8A in Game 1. Others to do that in Finals since 1984: Lebron James (4x), Michael Jordan (2x), K…
Michael Jordan, Shaq, I don't know any more NBA dudes, Derrick Lewis, Jon Jones
Chris Paul told the kids in Michael Jordan's 🏀camp they would all get free J's if he missed 3 shots ... https…
I liked a video Nick Wright: Lebron James has already passed Michael Jordan as greatest player |
Lebron James is basically the perfect mix of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson & Karl Malone. Guess the complaining would be…
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Michael Jordan is Khris Middleton with a gambling problem.
Michael Jordan is DeShawn Stevenson with a post game!
Michael Jordan is khris middleton with a gambling problem
From November 1990 to his second retirement in 1998, Michael Jordan never lost 3 games in a row.
I liked a video Michael Jordan rock the cradle vs Maryland and Len Bias (1984)
Michael Jordan only played 18 games in his 2nd season. Justise Winslow also only played 18 games in his 2nd season. Coinciden…
Shaq says Lebron James is a mixture of himself, Michael Jordan, and Magic Johnson.
Week's top 10 sports quotes includes Terry Bradshaw on Nick Saban and LeBron on Michael Jordan.
Fun fact: there was a Michael Jordan playing for Penn in 1997-2000 who averaged 16, 5 and 4... And wore no. 23
Hey Bryan, that's Lebron James and Michael Jordan in a pic together. Nobody gives a F_CK that Juan Dixon is there
Just got a new crazy follower. Initials MJ. No, not Michael Jordan.
History 🏆. finished with 35 points, eight assists, and eight rebounds while passing Michael Jordan for most…
Lebron James talks about passing Michael Jordan and idolizing MJ growing up.
I'm tired of hearing who's better? Michael Jordan or Lebron James. I've been hearing the arguments for weeks.
Michael Jordan was the best defender in the league when he played. DPOY and 1st team all defense almost every year. No comp…
Some people want it to happen, some wish it would happen, others make it happen. ~ Michael Jordan
Lebron James has passed Michael Jordan for most career playoff points with 5,989 (through 29 points tonight)
Greatest player of time and Michael Jordan in one picture. Iconic.
this the dude people think is better than Michael Jordan??
Tristan Thompson had the best reaction to LeBron's joke about not going bald like MJ
Career playoff games:. Lebron James 211. Michael Jordan 179. Both are awesome, but let's give the career postseason scori…
Lebron James reflects on passing Michael Jordan in playoff scoring
Our standard for Lebron James is higher than it was for Michael Jordan. . via
Why do the black dude look like a great value Michael Jordan
Lebron James reflects on passing Jordan in playoff scoring "I fell in love with the game because of Mike"
LeBron fans trying to convince you he is better than Michael Jordan be like
Lebron James passes Michael Jordan as No. 1 all-time postseason scorer
BREAKING: Lebron James moves past Michael Jordan to become all-time leading scorer in NBA playoffs
Man Lebron James just passed Michael Jordan for the moist Points Scored in NBA Postseason History! My man xD
BREAKING: Lebron James officially passes Michael Jordan for the most points in NBA Playoff history. He's still only 32.…
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There is a new postseason scoring king.
And reached the historical feat with fewer field goal attempts than Michael Jordan:
LeBron passes Michael Jordan for most postseason points in NBA history with this three-pointer
"Lebron James seeks his own legacy in face of Michael Jordan comparison"
Michael Jordan is overrated thread. PS: overrated DOESN'T mean he is not the GOAT. He's just not a God.
A look at the historic basket that placed LeBron atop the all-time NBA Playoff scoring list, passing Michael Jordan (5,987)…
When you pass Michael Jordan as the playoffs leading scorer in NBA history, and on much less shots.. . 👑🐐
LeBron passes Michael Jordan for most PTS scored in history, en route to his 7th consecutive
Lebron James w/ extended thoughts on Michael Jordan: "I wear the number because of Mike. I fell in love with the game beca…
Congratulations to for passing Michael Jordan to become the all time playoff scoring leader!
'Play of the Day - Lebron James Passes Michael Jordan for Most All-Time Points in Playoffs' and overlooked for MVP?
Lebron James on Richard Jefferson's Snapchat story after passing Michael Jordan in postseason points: "I'm just a passer…
BOSTON -- Lebron James scored 35 points and passed Michael Jordan to become the NBA's all-time...
Lebron James is 8 points from passing Michael Jordan in all-time playoff scoring. Get ready to WITNESS history!
With this trey, Lebron James passes Michael Jordan for first on all-time scoring list!
Michael Jordan had six Finals appearances in 15 career seasons. Lebron James is about to have his 8th Finals visit in 14 seasons.
Lebron James passed Michael Jordan to become the greatest playoff scorer in NBA History
If Lebron drops 39 tonight, he's better than Michael Jordan don't @ me
Do you believe LeBron when he says he's not worried about being compared to Michael Jordan? (
His name should be Cross-over step back over Michael Jordan for a 2 point basket Malone
I don't know what is more sad that people think Lebron surpassed Michael Jordan or that people think Kyrie is better than John Wall.
I liked a video ESPN First Take - Kobe Bryant, Magic Johnson or Michael Jordan?
On the cusp of passing Michael Jordan's playoff scoring record, LeBron elaborated on his pursuit of MJ's legacy:
Lebron James sets the record straight on why he\'s chasing Michael Jordan\'s records. (SPEEDonFOX)
Before Game 5, LeBron elaborated on his personal pursuit of Michael Jordan's legacy.
People better than Lebron James: Michael Jordan, maybe Magic Johnson. That is all.
Johnson also seemed to make a comparison to Michael Jordan and his father, James, as well as Tiger Woods and his father,
Did I just turn on & hear say Magic Johnson isn't on Michael Jordan's level???!! I MUST be still asleep...
If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Figure out how to climb it. Michael Jordan
Playoffs:. Kyrie Irving tonight: 39 points. Michael Jordan last 19 years: 0 points. Just something to think about.
No King James is not Michael Jordan, he is King James, who will end up in the hall of fame, one day wi…
King James 👑 became the first player since Michael Jordan with 30+ points in 8 straight games.
Lebron James isn't the first to miss a wide-open dunk in a playoff game — Michael Jordan did it back in 1992, too
Michael Jordan shoved Bryon Russell out of the way and we all saw it happen live and we still call Jordan the G.O.A.T.
"If it wasn't for Michael Jordan, there wouldn't be no Allen Iverson." —
Happy Brothers Day to my favorite Brothers: Dave Chapelle, Michael Jordan, PK Subban, Martin Luther King Jr. Today is for you guys.
Lebron James is 28 points away from passing Michael Jordan for the MOST playoff points in NBA history. 👑🐐
Michael Jordan had the flu... what's your excuse "King" James
Hey fans go ask siri "When did Michael Jordan retire" and you'll very pleased by her response. Trust me! J…
Stephen Russell said this PERFECT. Michael Jordan has . •3 more rings . •3 more final mvps . •1 more DPOY . •1 more...
"Sorry guy who finished third in MVP voting when Michael Jordan left your team, you just really were not THAT good." https:…
DeShawn Stevenson on the Michael Jordan comparisons coming out of HS, his NBA career, his past beef w/ LeBron, more…
Kenny Smith says his ’94 Rockets team would’ve beaten Bulls with Michael Jordan
Kirk: I can accept failure. Everyone fails at something. But I can't accept not trying. ~Michael Jordan
Michael Jordan playing ping pong while Larry Bird gets drunk on the floor.
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Michael Jordan never had a game like LeBron's last night. A cold MJ would've kept shooting. LBJ went passive, quit sho…
The only team that could clamp Michael Jordan (Pistons vs Bulls). Bad Boy Pistons Jordan rule 😲.
Remember when Michael Jordan did this in the Eastern Conference Finals? Bad games happen.
Yesterday proves Lebron James is the only challenger to Michael Jordan as 🐐
Career NBA playoff games with fewer than 15 points: . Lebron James: 6 times. Michael Jordan: 0 times. 👀
Please don't ever again debate about Michael Jordan and Lebron James as the best GOAT for all time. MJ would...
Michael Jordan and the 72 win bulls beat a 2 man show called Gary Payton and Shawn Kemp
Chicago passed on Michael Jordan moved up to take Sam Bowie. Epic fail in the making
Michael Jordan. Michael Jackson. Michael Phelps. Mike Tyson. Maybe i'd name my son Michael and wait for greatness.
Another day, another milestone. 👑. Last night passed Michael Jordan (376) for 2nd in all-time playoff steals.
Lebron James is better at basketball than Michael Jordan, @ me with your wrong arguments
Lebron James moves past Michael Jordan for second on the all-time steals list with 377. 👀
I wouldn't give up four first-rounders for anyone not named Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, or Lebron James.
Lebron James just passed Michael Jordan in another category of all-time greatness
There's a reason Phil Jackson and Michael Jordan nicknamed Tim floyd that.
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This day in history (95) & celebrating Orlando eliminating Michael Jordan & the Bulls:
Favorite player in each sport of all time!. NFL - Tom Brady, 2nd Tony Gonzalez . NBA - Michael Jordan . College...
I think it's fair to say that Lebron James, like Michael Jordan, is the most dominant player of his era.
Michael Jordan was playing in Boston tonight?
Lebron James has played 14 NBA seasons. Here are his numbers through 14 seasons, compared to Michael Jordan's numbers th…
Educated guess on what Nike has paid Michael Jordan in guarantees and royalties over the last 31 years? $1.5B. LaVar Ball…
Lebron James is 140 points away from surpassing Michael Jordan as the playoffs all time leading scorer
Air Bud was the greatest athlete of all time. Not Tom Brady, Michael Jordan, or LeBron... Air Bud.
Dion Waiters was not letting this analyst call LeBron the greatest of all time. . Waiters: "Of ALL time? You ever heard of Michael Jordan?"
I wish that Michael Jordan had the power to veto Jordan designs. Keep Off White away from sneakers plz. Those things are gross
How could he be potentially passing Michael Jordan... Last time I checked they played different sports.
He has Michael Jordan in his sights.
Mike Ditka, Hawk Harrelson, Michael Jordan, and Jim McMahon. Or, as we like to call them here in Chicago, "The Beatles…
Tim with your net worth you should do the Michael Jordan thing and buy them a nice touring bus. Be like Mike.
Michael Jordan pens letter to Jeter ahead of jersey retirement. 🐐 2️⃣
Michael Jordan shares a special tribute to Derek Jeter before jersey retirement. .
Lebron James is a better basketball player than Michael Jordan:
Michael Jordan honors Derek Jeter and his legacy in heartfelt letter.
Michael Jordan never beat a great team in the NBA Finals. LeBron has beaten three.
This looks like one of those ugly 90s playoff games where Michael Jordan's Bulls beat Reggie Miller's Pacers 84-79.
Btw, this talk of the greatest that most people have should now consist of Lebron James, Michael Jordan, Oscar Robertson & Russell Westbrook
Need to get a Derek Jeter, Reggie Miller, Michael Jordan, Kobe with the 8 jerseys
Sometimes you wanna be Like Mike. Sometimes you wanna be Like Iverson. Bow Wow's hilarious Michael Jordan story is everything.…
Game says he'll buy 10 pairs of Lonzo Ball's shoes for kids who can't afford them, throws shots at Michael Jordan
Is there anything Michael Jordan does better than LeBron?
Kobe Bryant on mentoring Isaiah Thomas, "He had the courage to ask... I did the same thing with Michael Jordan." https:/…
Michael Jordan had a better team than LeBron
Advice from Michael Jordan to Kobe Bryant: "Reach out to all the greats in your profession and learn from them."
Lavar Ball: I can beat Michael Jordan one on one . Me: I cAn bEaT MiCheAl jORdan oNe oN OnE
LaVar Ball says Michael Jordan couldn't sell his shoes for $495 because "he ain't Lonzo Ball."
"Danny Green is the best player from North Carolina since Michael Jordan" 😂😂😂😂
This day in history in 1989: Michael Jordan recorded the first playoff triple-double in team history.
"Michael Jordan from the free throw / I don’t want you, he can keep you / Good looking but you see through.”
Touche' ...unless you're someone like Michael Jordan...or Warren Buffet
Maybe he meant Rodgers is the baseball player Michael Jordan 😂😂🤣🤣
On this day in 1995, Michael Jordan debuted the Concord XI's against the Orlando Magic.
I saw but I don't think you were referring to the legit GOAT Michael Jordan...
Remember when Michael Jordan cane back wearing and he wasn't quite what we had been hoping for? It's eerily close to our newest ...
Michael Jordan had to face 39 Hall of Famers in Eastern Conference playoff series. LeBron has faced lots of cakewalks.
Correction: Duncan, James, Jabbar, Magic. West vs Baylor, Bird, Wilt, Michael Jordan and Big O at the guards.
Michael Jordan really guarded Byron Scott, Clyde Drexler, Dan Majerle, Hersey Hawkins and Jeff Hornacek twice in th…
I won't be mad at all if he pulls a Michael Jordan or a Brett Favre.
incredible killer mentality that guys like Michael Jordan, Larry Bird, and Kobe Bryant had. They would s…
I'm ok with knowing Michael Jordan the only *** on earth better than Lebron James.
Michael Jordan had expensive shoes. So did Lebron James. So did Stephen Curry. But then came Lonzo Ball.
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John Wall has 10 consecutive postseason games with at least 20 PTS & 7 AST. That's the most since Michael Jordan (1991-92).…
This *** really think he the next Michael Jordan 😂
Four in NBA history with 4,000+ points & 1,000+ assists in the Playoffs:. Michael Jordan. Kobe Bryant. Lebron James. TONY PA…
Only the Caps. ONLY THE CAPS. Marc-Andre Fleury has become Babe Ruth, Michael Jordan & Patrick Roy wrapped into one.because DC sports.
What has John Paxson ever done other than make wide open 3-pointers provided by Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen??
. Labron James wants the media to acknowledge that he's better than Michael Jordan and he is. This is his frustration.
Michael Jordan shoots commercial at Laney High School -
Michael Jordan visits Laney High School.. I would've flipped lol
My classmate AND the GOAT Michael Jordan visited our old high school today!.
Michael Jordan was on the campus of his alma mater, Laney High School, on Tuesday morning. Find out why, here.
Big week in got even bigger when Michael Jordan visited his alma mater today.
Michael Jordan was in the Port City Tuesday and visited his alma mater!
I'm blaming the Chicago Bulls' lack of success post-Michael Jordan on LBJ. No, not Lebron James—Lyndon Baines Johnson!
That's what I tell people about Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem…
Billy Slater is the Michael Jordan of fullbacks.
Michael Jordan's first championship sneaker is getting a "UNC" makeover:
"How can I make my former QB as unliked as possible? Right, he's Michael Jordan."
Talent wins games, but teamwork and intelligence win championships. – Michael Jordan
Just because you're Michael Jordan does not mean I won't call elbows
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