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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman.

Happy Birthday Lisa Marie Presley Bill Cosby Billy Jean Stevie Wonder George Michael Neverland Ranch Neil Armstrong Dirty Diana Chris Tucker James Brown Travis Scott Matt Fiddes Woody Allen Taylor Swift Amy Winehouse Sammy Davis Jr

7th March 1985: "We Are the World" charity single by Michael Jackson and 40 other artistes, is released to benefit Afr…
Really struck me that of pantheon of 80s icons, Madonna, Prince, Michael Jackson & George Michael, only one is still al…
I own 3 Michael Jackson albums, one before he was white. So I can’t be racist.
Michael Jackson. Joey McIntyre. Ricky Luna. Adam Brody. David Tennant . (My crushes last for years. Current is Theo Jam…
My post with the Michael Jackson video is not at all about the *** song people 🤦🤦🤦
With these strong winds, I will be able to do the Michael Jackson lean😂
I'm not a conspiracy theorist, but Kennedy, Michael Jackson and Elvis are all alive on a island in the Pacific.
Michael Jackson was Killed arranging a simple drama by the same kind of racist people who killed president john f. ken…
Listen to Michael Jackson feat. Young Timmy K by Page Kennedy on
I feel bad for them 2! Thats a lot of money. I had tix for Michael Jackson last show from a…
Michael Jackson was so woke wow I miss him :( 💔
I miss Michael Jackson ☹️ I wish he was still alive to keep blessing us w new bops
My old Neighbor was choreographer in the Michael Jackson. This is it movie...Tony testa
On this day in 2007, Michael Jackson's cover of L'Uomo Vogue Magazine hit the news stands.
Was there an 8 bit Michael Jackson video game or am I fabricating that memory like people do with that Sinbad genie movie?
it’s gon be like Michael Jackson when he had Berry Gordy.
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I’ve never heard a bad Michael Jackson song ... he’s actually the greatest of all time
I told Colin if it wasn’t for Michael Jackson this morning I would’ve been somewhere dead from falling asleep at...
On this day in 2003, Michael Jackson attended the ‘Light The Way for Lupus’ charity event to raise funds for Lupus Los Angel…
Ooh does anyone else ever get in a Michael Jackson mood and just want to dance to his music al day long?! 💛✨
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Jackson recorded an emotional song for Eli Manning
Michael Jackson video "I'm the victim of police brutality, now I'm tired of being the victim of hate - they don't really c…
Look, when Michael Jackson died his music played all day. When Prince died his music was played all day. So now that Hugh He…
Michael Jackson gliding across the stage
Martin Bashir blocked me for asking a simple question, Do you like Michael Jackson? 😂
music just went from Michael Jackson to the Lion King to Justin Bieber.. I’m crying😂😂
Michael Jackson shopping with Matt Fiddes and Uri Geller via
Michael Jackson in his bedroom with martial arts celebrity Matt Fiddes a... via
Michael Jackson, Matt Fiddes, David Blaine and Uri Geller goes on a trip... via
Michael Jackson was woke and the media destroyed him because of it. Before Colin Kaepernick it was Michael Jackson. Don't @ me.
Demi Lovato beats Miley Cyrus, Shania Twain, Michael Jackson & more for the spot on the US iTunes album chart! 😱🔥 htt…
Hamilton Collection
TBT:- Chilling with the man that taught Michael Jackson how to Moon Walk. Jeffrey Daniel the Dance&Music Legend.…
22 years ago, Michael Jackson performed his legendary 15 minute medley at the MTV 🔥
Michael Jackson and Lady Gaga are the two most viewed artists in Wikipedia HISTORY!
Without the incident. Does Chris Brown get close to Michael Jackson status?
Michael Jackson's new album shows the terror in the King of Pop's soul .
"A man who respects Michael Jackson and Bruce Springsteen is a man worth your time"
Two days before the release of the new Michael Jackson compilation album "SCREAM" is currently No. 3 on…
Michael Jackson's new album shows the terror in...
Usher & Chris Tucker surprising Michael Jackson on stage is the most iconic thing ever
"If you want to make the world a better place take a look at yourself and make a change. *** . - Michael Jackson . - Batm…
Thought it was Michael Jackson. Oh well, can’t be right all the time.
Rock Calendar 9-26-87: For only time in their career, a Grateful Dead single, "Touch of Grey", hits the top 10. No.1 LP:Bad- Michael Jackson
When she don't bump Drake, Nicki Bey, or Rihanna, but bumps Eminem, Wu-Tang, Biggie, Michael Jackson, Aaliyah, Left Ey…
What U said is literally an opinion lol thats like saying Drake is on the same level as Michael Jackson bc of his n…
So thankful for my dad's taste in music. He introduced me to The Beatles, Michael Jackson, Queen, David Bowie, George Michael & many more.
Made me miss Michael Jackson, who I first saw on Ed Sullivan when he was just a boy!!
Tonight we're gonna knock your husks off at the Corn Festival in Sullivan, Indiana with Michael Jackson's hits!. Ph…
Rewatching Martin Bashir's famous interview with Michael Jackson and OMG it's fascinating 😯😯😯
Henry definitely has a good knowledge of Michael Jackson songs.
AHS Marching Band put on a show tonight with a Michael Jackson theme!
: Michael Jackson accompanies Sophia Loren and Sylvester Stallone at the 4th annual American Cinema Awa…
I read today that Russel Crowe recieved prank calls from Michael Jackson for 3 years! I laughed for a full 45 minut…
Also: saying "Donald Knuth, a computer scientist, (...)" is like saying "Michael Jackson, a singer (...)".
And for the record Michael Jackson was talking about thots back in his day with Dirty Diana . This generation ain't star…
Hard to tell the difference between Michael Jackson's and The Weeknd's Dirty Diana.
I added a video to a playlist Michael Jackson - Dirty Diana (Official Video)
when i flexed so hard, that a picture of Michael Jackson and a Tiger popped out of my *** .
I see the niggaz I work with don't appreciate the greatness of Michael Jackson smh
throwback when Michael Jackson won 8 Grammy Awards in one night in 1984. KING
You all know I love a little pill competition. Best Michael Jackson/Jackson 5 song. Four groups of four. Top two through.…
"I think that I've always grown up just loving love and romance and the idea of falling in love" Camila + Grammys 🙌🏽💕h…
collaborate with Michael Jackson. He just had an album out
I liked a video The time Michael Jordan out trash-talked Stephen Jackson | The Jump | ESPN
Nothing puts me in a good mood like Michael Jackson music
If Michael Jackson's dad forced him to be a boxer and Mohammed Alli's dad forced him to be a singer, Imagine the disaster. Follow you dreams
Michael Jackson walks into a doctor's office, he says "doctor, doctor, I feel a bit tired!" the doctor kills him.
She looks like Michael Jackson on a good day
wasn't having any of that Michael Jackson talk on his Elvis Painting! 😂
is giving a radio station tour to a bunch of little kids. They just referred to his Elvis painting as "Michael…
Throwing it back to a game featuring the late, great King of Pop. Michael Jackson’s Moonwalker (Sega Genesis) →
This cancellation of shows needs to stop. Michael Jackson was literally accused of molestation and kept performing. Just imagine how he felt
MJ fan culture is hearing someone say "Michael Jackson" and every single alarm you have within you goes off
Even though I like Demi & Miley, I personally think Michael Jackson will *** No. 1 on iTunes & Billboard next week
Today in 1996, Michael Jackson performed in Poland to an audience of 120,000 on the HIStory Tour. The country’s largest…
Today in 1993, Michael Jackson played a second concert to 100,000 fans in Israel on The Dangerous Tour – the country's bigge…
“I feel I was chosen as an instrument to just give music and love and harmony to the world.”. — Michael Jackson ❤️
NEWS: London's National Portrait Gallery, one of the world's most prestigious art institutes, will hold an exhibition on Mic…
I wonder what michael jackson would think of dabbing
A shot of Michael Jackson, Wesley Snipes, and Martin Scorsese on the set of the “Bad” Short Film, 1986 https:…
Her boyfriend looks exactly like Michael Jackson and everybody can’t even
Internet goes crazy for Michael Jackson lookalike. .
which song were u going for here? Bc I was singing "remember the time" by Michael Jackson but I can also hear September
On this day 30 Years Ago, Michael Jackson kicked off his FIRST solo tour, The Bad World Tour! It became the biggest tour eve…
Dawned on me that I cannot abide almost all Michael Jackson music. Bits I do like are pure Quincy Jones.
I have the person at home, the person who has his privacy, too. Michael Jackson didn't do the moonwalk in his kitchen. Tracy…
King Kong Bundy and Big John Studd vs. Jim Powers and Michael Saxon, who despite his jacket is not Michael Jackson.
Your mans look like Michael Jackson, Miranda cosgrove and Dave Navarro all in one
My top 5 (I know you'll only count 2, but whatever). Michael Jackson. Ozzy Osborne. Neil Young. George Michael. Beyonce
Poem by Dr. Maya Angelou, recited at Michael Jackson's memorial service
30 Years Ago Today, ‘I Just. Can't Stop Loving You’ by Michael Jackson became the first of 5 hits on Billboard Hot 100 fro…
& look how many times we forgave Michael Jackson, Chris Brown & R Kelly, now…
That's Michael Jackson mark not john salako
Madonna and Michael Jackson will always be the Greatest artists to ever exist. Their impact and power will never be matched. L E…
According to the Tibetan almanac, Michael Jackson is reborn and is now residing in a farm at Keluang, Johor,...
The first footage of Joseph Fiennes playing Michael Jackson is here and im not where sre you getting
Matt Ryan donning the Michael Jackson look tonight...
Asia's richest man greets 40,000 employees dressed as Michael Jackson
I'll just leave here Park Jimin dancing like Michael Jackson. Thank me latter.
Artists with the most hits in Hot 100 (from one album) :. 1. Katy Perry (6 - Teenage Dream album). 2. Michael Jackson (5…
I still can't believe David Bowie, Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Michael Hutchence, Chris Cornell and Scott Weila…
See I listen to massive so my music could range from Tupac to Michael Jackson to Jodeci to Travis Scott to teena Marie 😭😭😭
Michael Jackson, now Loretta Swit. Melania is a talented impersonator.
Ray, Anita Baker, Nat King, Michael Jackson, SRV all force you to ask "what happened to them?!". I don't know anyone that does this today.
Aaron carter came out as bisexual. I remember his interview on Howard stern where he said that he liked going to Michael Jackson's house
Portrait found at Neverland Ranch reveals Michael Jackson's relationship with bubbles the Monkey ev…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
“I could never decide whether I wanted to be Michael Jackson or marry him.” ‒ Amy Winehouse ❤️
The greatest musicians of our time all died tragically: Michael Jackson, Prince, Whitney Houston, Tupac, Biggy, George Mich…
Bounce remixes of Aaliyah had the spinal cords crackin', crackin'. Cups of methazine had 'em lean like Michael Jackson
Chan has has multiple charges of plagiarism because of his impersonation of Michael Jackson sentence life in prison
5people I want to have dinner with At a big table . 1 Richard Ramirez . 2 Travis Scott. 3 Marilyn Manson . 4 Michael Jackson . 5 Charles Manson
Frankie Lymon. Whitney Houston . Michael Jackson. When I listen to them I don't lose hope on falling in love again..
Listening to Michael Jackson's Dirty Diana.. this Diana girl is a old version of jayzs modern Becky.
Michael Jackson had build himself a residence that was part amusement park – and called it ‘Neverland Ranch‘. It...
We first fell in love over Michael Jackson but this shared bond pretty much sealed the deal lol
Doing the news roundup in absence, I came across this vid of Jack Ma dancing dressed as Michael Jackson
China's richest man, Alibaba chief Jack Ma, performs a Michael Jackson routine in front of 40,000 employees at company birthday ce…
Michael Jackson's Neverland Ranch Back on the Market with a 33 million Price Cut!.
Michael Jackson rules the world. This was the cover of Ebony magazine in May, 1984.
Lmao just cause he did it first don't mean nothin, Michael Jackson wasn't the first to moon walk yfm? Travis up now
A Classical Trio mixed with Blues and Country for three alto Hammond organs covering Michael Jackson
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"Michael Jackson needs to drop a song with Travis Scott already"-Harim
In 1985 Ebony magazine predicted what Michael Jackson would look like in the year 2000...
Michael Jackson's restored Neverland Ranch is back on the market at a $33 million discount via
Earth Song was Michael Jackson's most powerful video. I forgot how awesome it was. 🌎
Roman Polanski good. Michael Jackson bad. Woody Allen good. Bill Cosby bad.
*** this *** chilling. If there's a Jackie chan film and a Michael Jackson cassette and mortal kombat 3 in there…
Tommy Davidson’s hilarious impressions of Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson & other icons have become infamous…
Did get possessed by Michael Jackson whilst at Camp David?
TONIGHT: Pops Concert in the Auditorium, ft. music from Michael Jackson, La La Land, & more! $5 Admission. Show begins a…
How many people criticising Kate Winslet's comments on working with Woody Allen own Michael Jackson albums?
olliebearyee dance running to Michael Jackson @ Zuccotti Park
I'd do anything to be able to see Michael Jackson perform back in the 80's
You know you're tired when you're listening to linkin park but you're singing Michael Jackson.
My classes studied lyrics of Jay-Z, Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, and Michael Jackson in order to decode diction and the…
my niece & nephew 7 yrs old 💖 you. Just like I loved Michael Jackson & Prince. Everything stops when your songs are on
One of the Greatest since Kurt Cobain, Prince...Michael Jackson & Jimmi Hendrix! . MesCudi is just the best.
Just created a playlist of my favourite songs by Michael Jackson, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Frank Ocean- literally in heaven rn ✨
Today in 2008, Michael Jackson celebrated his final birthday with Prince, Paris and Blanket.
the answers for a radio contest for the bahamas in Columbus Ohio, is 3) Prince 2) Michael Jackson and 3) Justin Timberlake.
Young Thug is:. A better rapper. A better singer. A better Actor. Than Michael Jackson, but Michael Jackson is more famous it'…
I remember how upset I was upon losing Michael Jackson.…
*binge watches Michael Jackson, Prince, Amy Winehouse concerts* Because legends who fkn shaped music, dance and expression like no other
Michael Jackson will always be the king of Pop legend and will always be the one and only Prince of Pop…
Fans of john branca, which is different than fans of since John Branca in the antithesis of Michael Jackson
Glad to know I'm not the only one that knows Tupac, Luther Vandross, Michael Jackson and Prince are alive and doing…
Imagine going to a concert where Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, Prince, Stevie Wonder and Marvin Gaye performed
The worst liturgical abuse I've experienced was at a "youth mass" where they sang John Lenon and Michael Jackson songs as…
Back in the 80's with Madonna, Michael Jackson, Prince.
Michael Jackson's son Prince admits he hasn't inherited his father's talent:
Someone said Michael Jackson is just Bobrisky with good voice and dance moves
Michael Jackson meets Princess Diana and Prince Charles during his Bad Tour at Wembley Stadium on July 16, 1988. https:…
Chase Phillips will soon be on tour w/ playing a young Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder & Berry Gordy.
30 years ago today Michael Jackson drops Bad. Prince won't be in video b/c he hates "Your butt is mine". But it's really…
George Michael and Michael Jackson are releasing an album before Mariah Carey
Remember we couldn't dance to Michael Jackson tho because uncle wouldn't let us 😭😂
It's not a secret any longer! Michael Jackson's 'Scream' will be out on Sept. 29th! ~Beth
I queued up from 8.00am with the most horrendous hangover for Michael Jackson tickets from the Virgin Meg…
Is there a prince statue, what about James Brown, Michael Jackson, Ray Charles, or little Richard.
Michael Jackson - Remember The Time is one of the best music videos ever
My co-worker and I are trying to name Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley's children.
I'm doing the news today! Tune in for stories on Michael Jackson, Gus of and 6Music Live!
A young Michael Jackson singing "Who's Loving You" on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969. He was 11-years-old blowing like t…
Michael Jackson's new album "Scream" set to be released on September 29th!
What is your favorite Michael Jackson video or song?
Listening to young Michael Jackson sing is like witnessing Halley's comet 💫 .
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Why is a young Michael Jackson in the first episode of Narcos season 3
Michael Jackson jam sessions are important
Ever wondered what it's like to be the child of a musical legend? Michael Jackson's son Prince opened up about living in t…
'He was extremely humble and he didn't like us watching his videos' on dad Michael Jackson's fame
this kiss is more staged AND more uncomfortable than when Michael Jackson kissed Lisa Marie Presley
I haven't been super sad about a celebrity dying since Michael Jackson but if Weezy dies Ima really shed real *** tears
It's almost impossible. Try telling that to Michael Jackson, though. -Walter Yetnikoff
What do music legends Michael Jackson, Stevie Wonder, Elton John & Prince have in common? join J…
Lisa Marie Presley is the only child of Elvis and Priscilla Presley. She was married to Michael Jackson for a little bit too.
Does anyone else remember the mash-up of Steely Dan's 'Do it Again' with Michael Jackson's 'Billy Jean'?
That would be like Michael Jackson "copying" dance-moves from Helen Zille. I mean...
They just ruined the biggest legacy that Michael Jackson left 😭😭😭. Y'all gotta see this 😂😂😂
Michael Jackson, George Michael, Prince and more: readers share their favourite albums turning 30
New Taylor Swift: Wants to be a mix of Michael Jackson, Beyonce, and Lady Gaga. . Taylor Swift who is now dead: Was boring anyway.
Why does everyone hate on R. Kelly but love Michael... — Because from my understanding while Michael Jackson...
1995, Michael Jackson went to No.1 on the US singles chart with a song written by R. Kelly 'You Are…
Michael Jackson was on set with Lisa Marie Presley for a video shoot in on this day in 1994.
Michael Jackson's 'Bad' turns 30 today. Here's how it scored a staggering five Number Ones https:…
So would James Brown and Michael Jackson since no one has ever been sampled more.
To say I'm reducing the problem just to optics of Timberlake imitating Michael Jackson totally misses the point. It's deepe…
Cheap Thrills by Sia, Billy Jean, Dangerous, You are not alone by Michael Jackson.
I wonder who Billy Jean's baby was if it wasn't Michael Jackson's?
Louis wearing a Michael Jackson Billy Jean shirt in his teaser..."but the kid is not my son!" .
Growing up looking as Michael Jackson as a pure 40 year old Christian virgin, when I heard Lady in my Life for the first time,…
Michael Jackson kisses Lisa Marie Presley at the 1994 VMA's to prove the couple's authenticity. Executive producer exposes th…
A lot of people are saying Michael Jackson was the king of pop... Ummm what about Coca Cola you guys??? smh 😎😎😎
30 years ago today Michael Jackson drops Bad. 20 years ago today we lost Princess Diana. Michael just wants to show her h…
The anticipation for Michael Jackson's ‘Bad’ album was HUGE, it sold a record 500,000 copies within 5 days in the UK!
Billy Jean by Michael Jackson. Listen on the web at Download the mobile app and take us with you.
Michael Jackson was really out here putting women in their place (Billy Jean needed to know she wasnt his lover) & u men cant even keep it 💯
Notable that Madonna, Prince and Michael Jackson were born that year (not to mention Gary Numan, Th…
[Beth Odets Brown] sings Billie Jean by Michael Jackson, what an incredible voice on The Voice!.
I just remembered how much I love Michael Jackson
Oprah holding a portrait of MLK Jr. drawn by Michael Jackson 🙌.
So Billy Jean by Michael Jackson came on and all i see is rocking out and dancing to this. idk why when its just his fav 😂
Michael Jackson and Chris Tucker on the set of 'You Rock My World' 😂😂
Michael Jackson, Usher and Chris Tucker had the craziest break dance off 😂😂😂
Today would have been the King of Pop's 59th birthday. Happy Birthday in heaven, Michael Jackson. ❤️
Happy Birthday 🎈10 Times the King of Pop proved he was also the King of Love. https:…
What would Michael Jackson do? Gather a troop of Celebs in less than 24 hrs together, write a song for
I see a lot of Michael Jackson love I guess that's ok, but we let MJ off the hook about them lil kids man ... if we're b…
Michael Jackson would have been 59 today. Here are 55 rap songs that sample the legend
Yep. Michael Jackson is giving us the love from heaven on his 59th Birthday today!
Poet and writer, Saul Williams, shared on Instagram how Michael Jackson paid for his way through college, as a tribute on hi…
Happy Birthday to the King Of Pop! Michael Jackson would have been 59 today. . What's your favorite Michael Jackson…
.pays tribute to on his birthday: "You are always with me and I am always with you"
The funniest Michael Jackson thread is this one about 'Remember The Time.' I am crying laughing.
no matter how many times i watch this, i'll forever be amazed at how Michael Jackson did THAT
Michael Jackson made great music and all but the man was a
Everytime I see and hear Michael Jackson's "Remember The Time" song it makes me think he was talking about ancient…
"I would like to be remembered as a person who came and brought light to the world." - Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson celebrating his 16th birthday with his brothers and sisters in Las Vegas, 1974.
Happy Birthday to the King, Michael Jackson! He would've turned 59 today. Forever in our hearts 🙌🏾🌹
Paris Jackson posts touching message to late father Michael on his birthday
I just wanna be somebody hype man dammit lmao pass me some henny and I will be mf Michael Jackson!…
If it counts I Want You Back is one of Michael Jackson's best ever too imo
is showing ALL Michael Jackson videos!! All night.
Shouts to Michael Jackson being woke and making a hit, talking about police brutality and more.
"The King of Pop, Michael Jackson, was born on this day in 1958."
Michael Jackson performing "I Want You Back", the Jackson 5's first song. Happy Birthday & RIP to the King of Pop h…
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Michael Jackson is the highest paid dead celebrity with $825 million in afterlife earnings https…
10. Michael Jackson depunking rumors about him wanting to be white
Michael Jackson - Superbowl 1993. I can only imagine how the energy was in this stadium!! 😭
Michael Jackson walked into another man’s living room and seduced his wife in the middle of Ancient Egypt.
Last month, it was announced that “Michael Jackson’s Thriller 3D” will premiere at the Venice Film Festival. Who’s plan…
Michael Jackson still is a legend Breaktime Contemplations by SLICK WAVE .
Is there really a better Michael Jackson song better than P.Y.T?
Michael Jackson walked into a pyramid, and went down memory lane with Pharoah’s wife…
Happy Birthday Michael Jackson, we miss you! Remember Michael Jackson today by checking out some of these items from your…
Today would have been Michael Jackson's 59th birthday.
Happy Birthday to the great Michael Jackson.
Today is the birthday of the late, great Michael Jackson. Played his music all day
A thread of Michael Jackson's music videos, in honor of his 58th birthday.👑
Paris Jackson writes note to late dad Michael Jackson on his birthday
Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson. The King of Pop would have turned 59 today.
Happy Birthday to the greatest to ever do it, Michael Jackson!
Today would have been Michael Jackson's 59th birthday. Here's me wearing shirts 30 years apart. Happy B…
Happy Birthday Michael Jackson. You taught us to groove. You taught us to fight our demons and dream. Hope you're at pea…
Today would have been Michael Jackson's 59th birthday. R.I.P.
It's definitely not a coincidence Michael Jackson and share the same birthday
yo it's myfaves birthday!! Happy Birthday Michael Jackson! Your music will always remain in our hearts and in…
Also, today would've been the 59th birthday of the King of Pop, Michael Jackson (died in 2009).
Happy Birthday to the late music icon and legend Michael Jackson.
Happy Birthday, Michael Jackson. Thank you for your legendary music. ❤
Watch me on the Michael Jackson birthday tribute show 90s house party
In 1997, Michael Jackson was surprised onstage with a marching band and a cake on his birthday. ❤️
Happy Birthday to the King of pop, Michael Jackson 🎤
Happy Birthday to the greatest artist of ALL time Michael Jackson!! Here's my dance tribute to you when I was 17! I had…
Michael Jackson wanted to marry 12-year-old girl and planned to groom Emma Watson when she was 11, says doc...
Legends born today Michael Jackson and Pierre Jackson. Happy Birthday big bro have a great day
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Today Virgo Nation blessed you mere mortals with Michael Jackson. You all are welcome.
What's the difference between Neil Armstrong and Neil Armstrong walked ON the moon, and Michael Jackson had sex with kids.
Taylor Swift's video references, from Miley and Beyonce to Michael Jackson & Katy Perry
What's the difference between Michael Jackson and Neil Armstrong? via /r/Jokes
Ahhh, gimme the days when Michael Jackson reigned the VMAs. Wouldn't mind seeing EW&F, Chicago and Styx once a…
Neil Armstrong taught Michael Jackson how to moon walk.
Awesome Book: Behind the Gates of Neverland – Conversations with Michael Jackson, by: Lori Armstrong & Ray Robledo
Anathi looks like an inflated Michael Jackson 😁😁😁
Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury at the recording studio, 1981
Taylor Swift producer Jack Anontoff compares her to Michael Jackson whilst dissing Gaga and Katy…
Hi Nick. Its Michael Jackson's birthday on Tuesday. He would have been 59. Gone but not forgotten
A moonwalk avant la letter. And 14 years before the first real moonwalk, by Neil Armstrong, not Michael Jackson.
Lmaoo my dad said Michael Jackson is more black that Kanye West 😭😭😭
Interview: Michael Jackson talking about fame and fans on Ebony/Jet Showcase, 1987. He was so humble.
Learn more about Johnnie Gee and Michael Jackson connection at
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for a second i thought that was Michael Jackson
"I modeled myself after James Brown, Rick James, Michael Jackson, and Stevie Wonder." Coming on Monday: Bobby Brown.
a thread of Michael Jackson's humanitarian work 🌹
On this day in 2001, Michael Jackson released his hit song. ‘You Rock My World’ as the lead single from Invincible!
bro 1980 Quincy Jpnes, Michael Jackson and Lionel Ritchie came up wt that 'We are the World'. Old skool bro. Indikhumbuza eNyathela
Talented superstar rapper Chinko Ekun spit fire on Michael Jackson single as he release his official version of...
Smooth Criminal - Michael Jackson live on our free app!
Woody Allen and Michael Jackson sit together at studio 54, 1977
What's the difference between Buzz Aldrin and Michael Jackson?
*** nah bruh that's Michael Jackson fr
7. Michael Jackson receiving the Video Vanguard award — 1988 VMAs. Little does he know, in three years it'…
"You have to show them you're really not scared". Who plays guitar on Michael Jackson's "Beat It"? . Edward Van Hal…
Bill has a new attorney: The man who won Michael Jackson's acquittal. Retrial is postponed to spring 2018:
Bill Cosby's new lawyer successfully defended Michael Jackson in molestation trial via
The lawyer who won Michael Jackson's acquittal will represent Bill Cosby:
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Bill Cosby hires Michael Jackson's defence lawyer as judge sets retrial for March
Man in the Mirror - Michael Jackson. Motown Sound plus EDM on Weekends!. The New M106 Listen online at
Light skin girl look like Michael Jackson lol
We Are by Hollywood Undead featuring Eminem by Kanye West featuring Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson ALWAYS gave credit to black musical icons such as James Brown and Sammy Davis Jr. for paving the way before…
Don’t stay home Friday, JUST BEAT IT! On 8/25 there will be a Vinyl Tribute for Michael Jackson’s B-day at…
I hate having the aux because when I'm by myself I'll play Michael Jackson and then play lil uzi next, it's inconsistent
In 1995, Michael Jackson donated $100,000 towards the ‘Million Man March’ in Washington. His donation was only revealed afte…
Michael Jackson's response to the huge criticism he received due to ‘Black or White’ is VERY significant, especially in toda…
Michael Jackson becuz he wasn't afraid to be different and he influenced the WHOLE WORLD with his music. That…
Michael Jackson always cast Black women (such as Naomi Campbell and Iman) to play the roles of his love interests in his mus…
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