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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman.

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I feel better just knowing this exists. Now I'll have to go all Michael Jackson + install one at my place, stat!
Beyoncé is a Virgo . Zendaya is a Virgo . Michael Jackson is a Virgo . Kobe Bryant is a Virgo . Wiz Khalifa is a Virgo . Jaso…
Almost had a heart attack. Thought this said Michael Jackson.
Off the wall by Michael Jackson, 105 Bpm for HQ CPR. (Moonwalking in with defib is inapprop…
Michael Jackson yeah I'm off tha wall!!!
From the winddow to da walll to the wall till the sweat drop down my balls . - Michael Jackson
Let's all have a hearty laugh that my mother thought that Wanda Jackson was one of Michael Jackson's offspring.
& are the Michael Jackson and Amy Whinehouse of this generation
Costume designer for Michael Jackson biopic talks research for the film’s wardrobe :
the one my homie told me about was playing Michael Jackson lol
May 22nd 2007 - Michael Jackson arrived at Heathrow Airport in London, UK with his children and their nanny Gra…
Neil Francis is playing London's greatest hits for your drive home. Michael Jackson & Joni Mitchell play after 4.
Gary Numan & Tubeway Army making money with Michael Jackson in a surprisingly decent style, produced by Jimmy Page
Q- can I laugh?. T- if you pay me, or I will hurt you with words. Q- laughing. T- robbin Williams, Kurt kobane , Michael Jackson. Q- crying
I would die to see Michael Jackson, Elvis Presley and Amy Whinehouse😰
Crucial error, needed to include Dangerous in there. This was the Ottawa Senators power play of Michael Jackson hoc…
June 25 2014 they hire Mike Johnston, MJ, Mario Jagr, as head coach. Replaced w/ Mike Sullivan in 2015. is it due to Michael Jackson?
Last night's show absolutely amazing. Navi as Michael Jackson and Jennifer Batten.
Ola Ray appeared alongside Michael Jackson in his 1983 music video for 'Thriller'. Here's what she looks like now!!
On this day In 1988, Michael Jackson's iconic ‘Moonwalker’ movie was previewed at the Cannes Film Festival, France.
Take you Opioids & deadly laced Marijuana back Carlos Slim🇲🇽! We lost Prince & Michael Jackson cause of your crap!
See Chris Cornell's acoustic covers of songs by Michael Jackson, Led Zeppelin and more
Pharrell, Katherine Hepburn, Oprah, Martin Scorsese, Beyonce, Mary J Blige and others on the importance of Michael Jackson a…
im against white ppl playing Michael Jackson but if the role just so happens to land in Miranda Cosgrove's lap then I might hav…
Memphis Depay collects French goal of the year award in Michael Jackson style jacket. ⁦
Beyoncé's Formation has surpassed Michael Jackson's Thriller to become the most-awarded song and video of all time. https:…
Here's a first look at Lifetime's Michael Jackson biopic...
34 years ago today... aired. Michael Jackson wanted to perform his new song. The rest is history
The "Michael Jackson eating popcorn" gif isn't good enough for the ongoing scoop war between WaPo and NYT.
How come Michael Jackson is still played on the radio but not Garry Glitter?
Michael Jackson is dead and was reincarnated by a Miranda Cosgrove: illuminati confirmed thread
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Can we get a John Legend album of just Michael Jackson covers?
The full video of making "We Are The World" is full of so many epic Michael Jackson side eye moments 😂😂😂😂
Listen to Michael Jackson - Billy Jean over Chubb Rock treat em right by Dre Napper on
TL honors the life of Michael Jackson, former Ravens WR and friend of Ray who died in a motorcycle accident Friday.
Kevin Byrne from the on the passing of Michael Jackson. Plus my thoughts...
Michael Jackson's daughter says her father 'was murdered'
On this day In 1993, ‘Who Is It’, written and composed by Michael Jackson for the ‘Dangerous’ album, was released as a singl…
Russell Westbrook dressed like he just got off the Michael Jackson "Just Beat It" set.
Wait serious question did everyone forget Michael Jackson use to finger blast kids? Asking for a friend
Try also "Berry was the best Catwoman", "Roddimus Prime is better than Optimus" and "Labyrinth would have been better with Michael Jackson"
OH now I see where we are going astray. That is Michael Jackson, then Alan Rickman, David Bowie and Bill Murray.
Rehearsals with Michael Jackson back in 2001. I still have those READING GLASSES!! 🤓
Nice to see Michael Jackson's make up artist is still getting work these days lol
Michael Jackson visiting Harrison Ford, Alison Doody and Steven Spielberg on the set of Indiana Jones and the Last…
Trump n friends did the moon walk better than Michael Jackson.
Moon walking, beat the pack, Michael Jackson, billy jean.
[from the back row of a Michael Jackson concert]. THAT IS NOT HOW THEY WOULD WALK ON THE MOON STAY WOKE SHEEPLE
Diamonds on my neck moon walking Michael Jackson 🤙🏽
Smooth criminal, Michael Jackson moon walkin' like I'm on a pill or sumn’
I think my dog is Michael Jackson or something..he keeps trying to moon walk 😂
I'm a smooth criminal Michael Jackson moon walking like I'm on a pill or somethin
Bobby Taylor discovered Michael Jackson. He lives in Vancouver Canada, Bobby Taylor and the Vancouvers with Tommy Chong!
Michael Jackson here, Sorry I had to beat it, You know I'm bad
First 7" Single was Kylie Minogue - 'The Locomotion'. First Album was Michael Jackson - 'Bad', first CD A…
And ok for Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson.
Uhhh...Did they hire the same casting director who hired Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson?
Today in 1990, Michael Jackson received the first ever BMI Michael Jackson Award at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel in Beverl…
Today in 1996 Michael Jackson attended the World Music Awards. He received 5 awards and performed “Earth Song”.
Yes I really hope there are files on chief superintendent desk over the murder of Michael Jackson. I be…
😂. There's a lot of other examples that can be used. How about Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson?
Electronic Device Insurance
Sandra Bullock is the most relevant celebrity Michael Jackson lookalike.. Who tried to cast Joseph Fiennes and why?
Isn't Joseph Fiennes that a-hole who tried to play Michael Jackson?
why are we comparing Lyndon Baines Johnson to Michael Jackson and why is it on a t shirt
why does the other guy sound exactly like Michael Jackson
Joseph Fiennes to play Michael Jackson in 9/11 road trip movie...
Joseph Fiennes as Michael Jackson shows race problems before Oscars row
Throwback to when Kevin Prince Boateng promised he would dance to Michael Jackson if AC Milan won the Scudetto in 2…
Joseph Fiennes defends being cast as Michael Jackson, suggests...
Prince Boateng dancing like Michael Jackson after winning Scudetto with 2011, The best way to celebrate! 😀🕺🏻
🙏"We all have to give and we all have to do what we can to help end the needless suffering in the world." -Michael Jackson.…
I thought this was about Michael Jackson
Let me translate it for you in English. Michael Innocent of ALL charges Jackson > Your whole existence and all art…
" I just can't stop loving you" Michael Jackson. This song just reminds me of an ex who sang it for me word for word.
The same man that produces music for EXO, produced music for The Jacksons, MICHAEL JACKSON, who is literally the King of Po…
Music is a very important and powerful substance, and all the planets in the universe make music. -Michael Jackson ✨ https:…
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“I can’t take credit for it because its Gods work. He’s just using me as the messenger.”- Michael Jackson
On this day In 1997, ‘Blood On The Dance Floor’ by Michael Jackson hit in the United Kingdom! It became his 7th single…
Michael Jackson predicted he would be murdered just before his death
Acc to Billboard, Bruno Mars is so far having the best & most successful decade for a male solo artist since Michael Jac…
Chris Tucker on Michael Jackson . omg. "Mike smoke?". "oh no,no,no"
Rebbie Jackson did her thing on Centipede. Kudos to Michael Jackson for writing and arranging this song.
Just to be clear: one can take steroids & still make funny comm…
Hey guys, i crated an instagram account to show you my Michael Jackson collection, follow me and enj…
"We wanted you here, but God needed you more." - Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson's public funeral.
Michael Jackson Estate 's BS about the book "Moonwalk" of MJ , mentioning bs talk
Michael Jackson sent letters predicting he would soon be killed to friend weeks before death
Sean Kingston, Chris Brown, Michael Jackson was his inspiration since he was little and so much more black artists but yep…
Pop legend Michael Jackson's daughter Paris is 'favorite to play Madonna in big screen biopic Blonde Ambition'
Michael Jackson had vitiligo which is a real disease. It's so sad we have to defend him for having a *** disease. Do f…
Today in 1995 Michael Jackson appeared in VIBE magazine with Quincy Jones and his daughter Kidada. htt…
imagine thinking michael jackson wanted to be white when he NEVER missed an opportunity to say he was proud to be african american
I've just realised I haven't bought any Michael Jackson stuff in ages =/
The way Michael Jackson loved children was so beautiful!
Michael Jackson had vitiligo, had minimal surgery on his face and was proven innocent. 😘
Why Michael Jackson is the King of dance
before Scooter Braun came around. He was listening to Michael Jackson, Tupac, & likely rock, more country, & more pop to…
Miley Cyrus and Michael Jackson collaboration is coming!
Michael Jackson was able to do what he wished , with being under the The Land Conservation Act/Williamson A…
READ how the Land Conservation Act/Williamson Act , was related to Michael Jackson and .
In 1985 Ebony predicted that in 2000 Michael Jackson would look like Billy D. Williams in 1980?
20 years ago today The Jackson 5 are inducted into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame. Michael Jackson is already in.
Michael Jackson, Daft Punk, John legend, the weekend, Kev Brown. .the list is endless
The son of Michael Jackson is coming.
" And if it's aching , you havd to rub it ". Only OGs can make Naomi Campbell say that ish! . Michael Jackson - In The Closet.
This video that re-imagines what it would sound like if Michael Jackson recorded trap music has me so weak 😂
Britney spears is the last artists that come close to Michael Jackson she just too iconic and legendary
Hi Michael! Great review on my Michael Jackson book
This is a good time to bring up that Michael Jackson was 100% innocent.
Michael Jackson was the King and will forever be. You might not like his music but don't deny his impact and legacy, it'…
TG Sheppard and I reminisce about presenting an American Music Award to Michael Jackson for Thriller.…
I wish I could've met Michael Jackson before he passed . *** I'll never experience what that moment would feel like .
Akon really bodied his cover on Michael Jackson's - Wanna Be Startin' Something
What about the Michael Jackson song. "I'm Brad, I'm Brad, I'm really really Brad!" .. Aine wicklow
Daughter of the iconic Michael Jackson lands first film role
A Goofy Movie and Michael Jackson slander on the TL tonight. What's next, CANE'S slander?
Had the privilege of spending the afternoon w/ Brad Sundberg-- Michael Jackson's audio engineer and technical director.…
Michael Jackson daughter Paris Jackson debuts as actress in new movie director Nash Edgerton - Tamil Movie News.
Tevin Campbell's voice is a mind-tripping mix of Michael Jackson and Prince and I'm SO HERE FOR IT.
- Riley Keough & Michael Jackson at the Met Ball 2017. Michael wore it 1st & better. 😊😍.
On this day 25 Years Ago, Michael Jackson's legendary ‘In The Closet’ video featuring Naomi Campbell premiered on MTV, BET a…
Did you guys know randy Jackson and Michael Jackson are brothers? I am SHOQ this is breaking news
I swear that the real Michael Jackson (Indianapolis local Raymond Davis Jr.), was actually reincarnated on the stag…
It's like comparing Brad Pitt at 50 to Michael Jackson at 50.
Andrew Jackson, Michael Jackson, Reggie and the rest of the Jackson 5 all wanted to stop the Civil…
The Jackson 5 were Michael Jackson's entrance into the ABC's of rock and roll. He soon set out on his own.✌️
Kyle Richards recalls her close friendship with Michael Jackson and regales us in stories...
Michael Jackson made a fortune walking this way 😳
Our friend Kyle said he wasn't going to drink tonight. He's now drank beer, gin and rum and is dancing to Michael Jackson in the kitchen.
Michael Jackson getting his life and jamming to the Ignition Remix will always make my heart happy.
Kylie Richards recalls her close friendship with Michael Jackson. Click Here:
Kyle Richards revealed stories about her relationship with Michael Jackson.
ON SALE NOW. For a Thriller eve of Michael Jackson's music & moves, catch at on 21 Oct…
Kobe Bryant recalls meeting Beyonce & cites Michael Jackson as his biggest inspiration at
April, 1997: Thousands of fans gathered to greet Michael Jackson outside the Grevin Museum, Paris. Must watch footage of MJ…
Daughter of the late, great, Michael Jackson, Paris Jackson takes the spotlight for Vanity Fair…
I'm gonna Chris Brown beat it cause she Michael Jackson bad 🎶
Reminds me when AoenWolf or whatever his name is took out a miniture unknown Chris Brown/Michael Jackson on stage...
Real quick. A co worker at work says Chris Brown is better then Michael Jackson . What do yal think?
Is it fair to say Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson of our generation?
Sony to buy out Michael Jackson Estate stake in music publishing unit
Sony and the Michael Jackson Estate went to war with REAL 30+ year fans of Michael Jackson bec…
Why didn't I think of that? A bit of pressure, as I'm no Michael Jackson, but I def…
I'll give you names like. Michael Jackson . Mike Tyson . Eddie Murphy . Ma…
Donald Trump defended Mike Tyson, Michael Jackson, Bill Orally, and BILL CLINTON!!! Hey how does your family stand…
United States: A "Thriller" in Tax Court: The Estate of Michael Jackson and IRS Dispute Valuation of Pop Star's…
My mom says Russ Westbrook looks like the hypothetical love child of Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson. . The lady upstairs has infinite wisdom
Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley honeymooned at Trump's Mar-a-Lago in the 90s
My latest: Michael Jackson and Lisa Marie Presley allegedly had sex for the first time... at MAR-A-LAGO via
The Michael Jackson Estate: Save Neverland for Michael Jackson's Legacy, it must be preserved as a hi... via
greatest alternative to the greedy MJ estate for awesome Michael Jackson merch including our "we wa…
Michael Jackson was 9, singing like he had been divorced 6 times.
They said nobody will ever do it like Michael Jackson then Baba God gave us Future Hendrix & Wizkid 🙏🏿
Celebrating the music of Michael Jackson on tonight's Great American Songbook. It's a tough choice but do you have…
early in the game I had this happening. Y'all turned me from little Michael Jackson to Mike Tyson in his prime.
How can someone not like Michael Jackson's music?!
That time Landon Donovan, Bob Bradley were asked about Michael Jackson's death
First request for Octavia who is a member of staff at Saffron Walden Community hospital - Michael Jackson & Heal the world
Wow I never seen this footage of Michael Jackson before
Worn out - busy day of party preparing and hosting. Also feeling the repricussions of my Michael Jackson...
> Michael Jackson may be the exception to this rule.
How come the estate of Michael Jackson hasn't purchased Neverland and opened it as a museum yet? $ 🤔🤑💰
Love The Way you lie by Brantley Gilbert featuring Michael Jackson
Lawyers for Michael Jackson Estate say IRS expert lied on stand
Mike Tyson and Michael Jackson the same type of crazy.
“I'm just like anyone. I cut and I bleed and I embarrass easily.” - Michael Jackson
Lil Uzi Vert wrote XO TOUR Llif3 for Michael Jackson but Mike insisted he keep the song because it was too emotional for hi…
Whitney & Michael Jackson will forever remain the greatest artistes in musical history.They set the bar so high only a few came close.
One of my favourite songs, "Smile" by Michael Jackson.l love that song. Keep smiling baby girl.
Tyga new girlfriend look like Michael Jackson a lil bit
My kids say you should do Billie jean or beat it by Michael Jackson or stitches by Shawn Mendes
Imagine a world where Maynard James Keenan and Michael Jackson are portrayed on money.
go watch Shawn Blazington's video Michael Jackson is Gucci Mane😂😂😂 it will have you dyin
Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown. You will always live in our heart.
The King of Pop's choreographer, Travis Payne praising Lady Gaga and how Michael Jackson put him on to her.
Michael Jackson and brothers Jackie, Marlon, Tito and Jermaine straddle their motorbikes by the pool, 1970. Photograph by…
“Lies run sprints, but the truth runs marathons.” . ― Michael Jackson.
Bill would like to resurrect Prince or Marilyn Monroe, Gustav - Johnny Cash, Georg - Michael Jackson.
Sometimes when I be smacked ... i be like *** Michael Jackson really gone" .. it's so crazy , every time
Q. Why did Michael Jackson place a phone call to Boyz-2-Men? A. He thought it was a delivery service.
4/16/83 Billie Jean, 1st Billboard Hot 100 from Thriller spends 7th week on top. Videos
París as Michael jackson really had me dying 💀
You can't go wrong wit Michael Jackson you just can't
Ok enough with the politics talk, let's get down to business: what's your favorite Michael Jackson song?! If not listed l…
i am nOt a rapper, i am a popstar dont ask me for no rap verse i will sing on yo track like michael jackson
[NEWS] Daesung hits Album on Oricon for the second time,Daesung and Michael Jackson are the only foreign soloists to…
“I never take it for granted. To be loved is a wonderful thing. That's the main reason I do this.”. — Michael Jackson https:…
. Who will win this year's MTV Michael Jackso…
I prefer the term hero, and the highest above them all = Michael Jackson
Supreme x Michael Jackson collab is towards the end of the season. 👊🏼
Trap version of Michael Jackson out here 👀🔥
DJ Alexa is spinning Doggin' Around by Michael Jackson, right now at My Spot.
Michael Jackson’s mom tentatively sidelined in lawsuit against her late son’s estate
Michael Jackson did not die for this fam 💀
I'm eternally grateful to my glorious God for the existence of Michael Jackson.
I love watching Michael jackson dance
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Michael Jackson makes me so emotional I love him.
Can you believe Michael Jackson called out everyone at the age of 18 in 1977. He's just like, "I'm black & proud, so dea…
Having the best time, with the best woman! We can't wait to see Michael Jackson's show…
This week In 1985, Michael Jackson was mobbed by thousands of fans when he visited Madame Tussauds in London! This footage i…
Michael Jackson did not die for this
Things I've learned while waiting for brunch: . 1) La Isla Bonita was supposed to be a Michael Jackson song off his…
What if he has a twin named Barry Styles who had dance moves like Michael Jackson and a voice like an angel
The time Michael Jackson put a brown paper bag over his head with cut-outs for his…
Madonna's "La Isla Bonita" was written for Michael Jackson. He turned it down.
Somebody .. A 26 year old .. Just said "Chris Brown is the Michael Jackson of this generation" . Like bye you sound stupid
.Published on Jun 2, 2016. Prince , Michael Jackson and James Brown together in A LEGENDARY REMIX. Please subscribe and share
Michael Jackson died few years ago they call him late Jackson; Yaradua died few years ago they call him late...
Michael Jackson overdosed on propofol not fentanyl
Janet even went a step further and proved herself to be able to keep up with the King himself. Michael Jackson
I still can't believe Michael Jackson is dead
Michael Jackson's Maui vacation home lists for $28 million - Pacific Business News (Honolulu)
Here's the dedication that Dr. Wayne W. Dyer wrote for Michael Jackson in his bestselling book, Real Magic.
Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch, Sidney Lumet on the set with Michael Jackson.
In 1988, Michael Jackson gave himself a place in the Guinness Book of World Records for setting a new attendance...
oh no honey, that title still belongs to Michael Jackson. if y'all don't stop tryna give my mans title away.
My nine year old sister is trying to convince me that Michael Jackson faked his death and is now in disguise as Addison Russell
No one is the Rosa Parks, MLK, Michael Jackson, Prince, Michael Jordan of anything. Stop.
Overheard in the English 11 class, "Michael Jackson is not a tragic hero!"
I remember playinv Michael Jackson, George Michaels and Bob Seger on the jukebox... Running around that huge back...
Four more corkers to come Ultimate 80's. Belinda Carlisle, Thompson Twins, Roxy Music and Michael Jackson.
Michael Jordan is so iconic that he has the same initials as Magic Johnson & Michael Jackson and said initials are stil…
Kid at elementary: . "I have Rosa Parks for my presentation, but she's black and I'm white... I'm not changing my skin like Michael Jackson"
My favourite persons in the world . 1.Lord Murugan . 2.Brucelee . 3.Virendar sehwag . 4.Michael Jackson . I like/love them.
Michael Jackson is busy teaching people the moonwalk in heaven, while his making the circle bigger.
I'm an *** after all these years I thought it was Michael Jackson and Paul MCartney!
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Jane Velez-Mitchell, what happened to your nose? You’re approaching late-stage Michael Jackson. 🙀🛑😳😥
hey shane, for one of your conspiracy videos, would you please do a section on Michael Jackson still alive?
Today In 1984, Michael Jackson spent the day with 14-yr-old David Smithee, who was terminally ill with cystic fibrosis. MUST…
Michael Jackson tribute at the National Harbor performance stage 💜
Learn to play Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson on piano with this easy piano tutorial!
This dude really just called Michael Jackson's music reggae. Bro I need to leave Mount Pleasant
Had a great night at the T.I.P. Sing Song, a tribute to Michael Jackson was awesome!
Randomly was talking to me about all these HBU's, Martin Luther King, Michael Jackson and told me to marry a rich BASKETBALL PLAYER
SATURDAY AFTERNOON, SILVER SANDS. the crab was dancing to. Michael Jackson. Manu Dibango really. since Michael...
Ikon did a Michael Jackson tribute on The Remix. You still trying to say they can't dance after this?
So good! Watch nail her cover of Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror:"
Michael Jackson's son Prince pays tribute to Dad with new tattoo
If you never heard Redman's Michael Jackson tribute "Lookin Fly" it's legendary
cool the last thing I loved was this Michael Jackson tribute
I hope Ebony does another Tribute for Michael Jackson..
Hi,Back in the good old USA! Last show on the cruise. A tribute to Michael Jackson
Gotta be a desi thing.Either its a collective&perpetual Michael Jackson tribute on a national level or com…
"This is it." Michael Jackson said it, but it applies here too! TWO MORE CHANCES to catch in Boston…
iKON once again received attention for their LED dance tribute to Michael Jackson. . Thank you,
A tribute Dance to Michael Jackson by AlluArjun along with Prabhu deva .
2 hours to go. This Is HIStory: A Tribute to Michael Jackson at 5pm at the Activity Center of Ayala Center Cebu.
if your mrs gets any more work done on her face she'll look like Michael Jackson
Who's bad Michael Jackson tribute song Love never felt so good
Whos bad Michael Jackson tribute song rock with you
Michael Jackson "smooth Criminal" via . My son William when he was younger. Oh how time flies.
waiting for carl to come back then off to Viva Blackpool to see Michael Jackson – The Legacy got one excited...
People managed to forgive and forget Pepsi setting Michael Jackson on fire so I'm sure this'll blow over.
Pepsi ain't been right since they lit Michael Jackson's Jheri curl on fire.
Pepsi: Remember when we set Michael Jackson's hair on fire, sending him into a spiral of painkiller addiction? Let's do…
'Suge' Knight drops Michael Jackson attorney in murder case
Bruh he look like the white Michael Jackson without the long hair
Man Teen Top "I'm sorry" had me shaking in my boots! Teen top is literally the Michael Jackson inspired group! My boys can…
me: it's Jackie Robinson day though I wanna go . idgaf if it's Michael Jackson day
That time when Julie Andrews, Michael Jackson, and Bernadette Peters where jamming out to Kool & the Gang's
Marcus: Martino what did Michael Jackson look like?. Me: That depends Marcus, which decade?. Marcus: ?. 😂😂😂
'I was Michael Jackson's bodyguard' Martial arts pro Matt Fiddes talks about life with the late King of Pop.
I'm at Walmart and I just seen a Michael Jackson impersonator in the makeup aisle and a doppelgänger Eli Wallach
That moment when Carlton from Fresh Prince accidentally moonwalked into the great Michael Jackson.
Who is Priscilla Presley? Girlfriend of Sir Tom Jones, ex-wife of Elvis and Michael Jackson's mother-in-law - The…
Someone just moonwalked towards the stage as DJ Firmeza played Michael Jackson. I'm ready for 2018 now.
Michael Jackson and Princess Diana at his concert for the Prince's Trust in 1988. Two beautiful souls and hearts.💛
Riverdale is on a break. In its place, catch the Michael Jackson doccie directed by Spike Lee, 21:40 on
🎧Michael Jackson, You are not alone . You are not alone . I am here with you. Though you're far away. I am here to stay http…
Tony Sucar in the house. Check out his album tribute to Michael Jackson.
Al Fayed's Michael Jackson statue, the only 'likeness' worse than Ronaldo's bust!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
Boys Varsity Lax with an impressive opening half against Bishop McNamara, leading 9-3. Michael Jackson with 3 goals for the Zags!
Not sure what's worse, the Ronaldo statue or the Michael Jackson statue that Al Fayed had put up at Craven Cottage.…
Not seen a funnier bust of someone since Al Fayed put that one of Michael Jackson outside craven cottage. Ronaldo always want to be number 1
Mr. Paulus: "Michael Jackson got a lot of his moves from James Brown.". "OH! like the random screeching?!" 😂
Me: wearing a Huey P. Newton tee. Coworker: Look at that Michael Jackson shirt!
iCarly, iCarly. I don't care if you look like Michael Jackson. As long as you giving me action. And Freddy gon' film the reaction
If I could choose 3 bands/artists to see live from any time period, I'd choose Freddy Mercury, Michael Jackson, and the Beatles.
Later at K west bar an American woman at the bar said 'isn't it awful about Farah Fawcett?' and I was like 'Michael Jackson is dead!'
K Michelle must got the same disease Michael Jackson had ? 🤔🤔🤔
Michael Jackson: You and me, in Spain. What about, what about. (Remember the time). Me: Grat, tat tat, tat Grat, tat ta…
randy moss pull a Michael Jackson and become white?
He was only 10, Michael Jackson was the GOAT
Much better viewing without Michael Jackson look alike Michelle at the Rovers.
People call Michael Jackson weird and "alien" but praises David Bowie for his eccentricities. STRAIGHT UP RACISM EVERYONE
I wonder who's glove is more popular, Michael Jackson's or Freddy Kruger's.
Had the pleasure of meeting James Naismith, Michelle Obama, Betsy Ross, and Michael Jackson @ the 3rr grade Wax Mus…
Today in 1988 Michael Jackson bought the Sycamore Ranch located in Santa Ynez Valley, CA, for $28 million.
New footage of Michael Jackson and Naomi Campbell during the filming of ‘In The Closet’, 1992 😍
"Will you ever stop loving Michael Jackson?"
Michael Jackson's music has always been able to completely uplift my spirit and give me a better outlook. We sure miss yo…
eyebrows, freckles, your ❤, Michael Jackson, holes in your leos, improv with haley you H…
The Weeknd. -overly hyped. -stop comparing him to Michael Jackson. -just not good at all really
Yes. He's like Michael Jackson fused with Freddy Mercury, and that fusion watched a bunch of Jojo
Michael Jackson: Does he send letters to the FBI? Did he say to either do it or die?. Me: THOMAS SNEDDON IS A COLD…
I admit it—it was Michael Jackson that clued me in on the importance and brilliance of Chuck Berry … Sammy Davis Jr, James Br…
please tell us which doctor did all the cosmetic surgery on Isiah Thomas. He's looking like the dark version of Michael Jackson
Ooo! SWV and Michael Jackson did the exact same song and named it the same but that's an old one.
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