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Michael Jackson

Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June 25, 2009) was an American recording artist, entertainer, and businessman.

Quincy Jones Bruno Mars James Brown Michael Jordan Stevie Wonder George Michael Howard Weitzman Macauley Culkin Ray Charles David Bowie Frank Sinatra

You can't slander Michael Jackson or those he chose to work with. Stevie Wonder, Jay Z, Biggie, Sir Paul McCartney... Unfortunately 50 cent.
On I just heard the word Doggone for the first time since the snafu between Michael Jackson and Paul M…
If Aaron Carter REALLY wants some attention, he'll spill the beans about his sex romps with Michael Jackson
Dave Chappelle said Michael Jackson was a good host because he sucked a kids *** and let him ride roller coasters
Next week is at Alga Norte. The band covers Earth Wind and Fire, the Temptations and Michael Jackson! Get out and d…
Amir Khan wasn't a bad person when you claimed that amirs sister called you "Michael Jackson" he backed y…
“He was dancing as well as James Brown.” Bobby Taylor on seeing a young performer named Michael Jackson
Easily Jordan, but Michael Jackson wasn't far behind
The other night I saw Kobe, Jordan and Michael Jackson in my dream. Just the three of them kickin back droppin legendary jewels
you deff said Michael Jackson instead of Michael Jordan 😂😂😂😂
When you're not right, Every great beginning comes to an end. . Relationships. Michael Jordan . Michael Jackson . Empires of Th…
If anybody should get the Michael Jackson video Vanguard award, it should be Blanket.
Had an amazing time at Michael Jackson, ONE!! The show was absolutely incredible! https:…
I've seen Michael Jackson, Prince & James Brown live, and Bruno Mars has every bit of stage presence his 3 mentors had. Great show last nite
I first saw him in "Bad" video by Michael Jackson. Not sure what he did before that.
Macauley Culkin with Michael Jackson's daughter whilst wearing a 1999 West Ham shirt with (presumably) Kanoute on the ba…
Lawyer plans an appeal after Michael Jackson's estate is ordered to pay Quincy Jones $9.4 million http…
I believe Haim is being fondled by Michael Jackson in heaven right now. I bet…
Wow is awesome. Look at those moves. He looks like Michael Jackson. Go Corey!!
Kevin-Prince Boateng shows off new Michael Jackson tattoo
Michael Jackson's daughter Paris hanging out with her godfather, Macauley Culkin.
Tells Sophie I want a certain Rihanna song for my party playlist and she's talking about Michael Jackson??
Peek inside Boston’s new wax museum - What do Pres. Donald Trump, Michael Jackson and Matt Damon have in common
My uncle girlfriend look like she use the same bleaching cream as Michael Jackson
In no particular order on the setlist .Prince, Michael Jackson, George Michael, Stevie Wonder, The Weeknd, Isaac Hayes
Dude likes Michael Jackson, Bruno Mars, chocolate shakes, cake, Star Wars, and said his favorite TV show is Monday…
Into the ForFour for return drive to airport and FM 1 is playing Bad by Michael Jackson. Then I checked my location…
"producers often take the blame for failures while artists get credit for hits" Well said, Q!
Blue Gangster x Michael Jackson is so slept on
“I love people who have really contributed to the pleasure & happiness of the planet & mankind, people with light" Mic…
You can’t hurt me, I found peace within myself.”. – Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson always had the dopest jacket/outfit in any room.
"Do you ever sit down & wonder about how Michael Jackson has impacted your life? Because I do"
Phil singing Michael Jackson is the funniest thing ever I swear. 💀
“Hang on to your youth as long as you can.” — Michael Jackson
'Why' by 3T feat. Michael Jackson. I love this song, do you?
Crossroads // Bone Thugs. End of the Road // Boyz ll Men. Too Good to Say Goodbye // Bruno Mars. 1999 // Prince. Earth Song…
"Although Mr Jones is portraying this as a victory for artists, the real artist is Michael Jackson" ARE YOU KIDDING?
I don't see a problem with it! *** nowadays got tupac, Michael Jackson, etc on them.
Michael Jackson used ‘Scream’ to express his anger at the people who tried to destroy him, the media and injustice throughou…
Good morning hope you enjoy this Thursday, I'm still not sleeping just looking at michael Jackson movie.. Still can't believe he's not here
Class of 2017 sing "Man in the Mirror" fr Michael Jackson 1 last time 2 during EOY asmblyht…
Kid nails Michael Jackson's Billie Jean at school ... Kid talent shows. The best times of life
What did Michael Jackson call him denim store??. Billie Jean
Val Kilmer shared a story today about the time he was dating Cher and Michael Jackson petted his socks.
I wish the Quincy Jones-Michael Jackson royalty dispute was Jones disputing Jackson's lineage as the King of Pop. He lose, but still.
Quincy Jones awarded $9.42 million in music royalties dispute with Michael Jackson estate
Quincy Jones has been awarded $9.4 million following a dispute with Michael Jackson's estate.
Quincy Jones is getting $9.4 million after his legal battle with Michael Jackson's estate over royalties
Jury awards producer Quincy Jones $9.4 million in dispute with Michael Jackson estate
Here's the Michael Jackson Estate run by lawyers that Michael Jackson fired, suggesting that Quincy Jones is greedy for money.…
The verdict is on Quincy Jones vs. Michael Jackson estate >>
Watching my baby cousin who is 8 and struggled to talk about 2 years ago, sing and do sign language to Michael Jackson makes me so proud 😇
No disrespect to Michael Jackson but Orville Redenbacher was the real King of Pop
We've heard Taylor Swift, Michael Jackson and the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band to name a few. Oh now it's Norah Jones and Ray Charles ❤️
What a Michael Jackson and Bruno Mars collaboration would sound like. Totally slayed 🍎❤️
So in a movie I'd be a combination of.. . Michael Jackson, . Michael Jordan,. Michael Angelo, and . Michael Phelps.
Kensington Busking Guitarist: "Hey little girl. What would you like to hear? Michael Jackson? Maybe some jazz?" Cataleya: "Paw Patrol"
Chris Tucker was arguably the best (& funniest) Michael Jackson impersonator to ever live. lmao.
son, that's called "moonwalking" and it's actually a very cool achievement of contemporary dance by Michael Jackson
🎃weekend will be upsidedown & LIT 🔥. Ghostbusters,Will, Eleven, Michael Jackson, Vincent & lots of 🧟…
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
New Stranger Things 2 trailer is very cool, set to the music from Michael Jackson’s Thriller. Lots of Ghostbusters. Darker.…
Michael Jackson changed my perspective on life 👑
Michael Jackson's Thriller album really is a masterpiece 👌🏻
Michael Jackson and The Jacksons Five - Can You Feel It[official video] via
Tyga could have the ghost of Michael Jackson featured on his tape and I still wouldn't check for it.
Jackson had a great plan on stopping the menace, Jake Paul. Stand outside his house and blast licensed music so he can…
The new Stranger Things trailer is full of Michael Jackson and terror
my dad is absolutely outraged by how much The Weeknd sounds like Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's not dead he lives in Edgewood
This is like saying Ariana Grande is the Michael Jackson of this generation. They're not even on the same level.
Michael Jackson and supermodel Naomi Campbell — In The Closet (music video, 1992)
The song man the song. While Paul Was talking to michael, Jackson says that i mention…
"You're connected to a higher source and you become one and you just go with the spirit." ~ Michael Jackson
Oh, gawd no. We listened to Michael Jackson and Stevie Wonder.
I just told the manager "This sandwich has so much mayo it looks like Michael Jackson at Boy's Town"
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Today in 1989, Michael Jackson's single “Liberian Girl” went on the UK charts.
S2: Demogorgon, Ghostbusters, Michael Jackson, & That’s not even all of it!
My lil cousin said he played 2k before I asked what team he used , he said "Michael Jackson " 💀
Michael Jackson would be thrilled that his music is in a “Stranger Things” trailer, a show about teen boys with minimal pa…
The excellent season 2 trailer is soundtracked by Michael Jackson's "Thriller" https:/…
Michael Jackson ONE is full of magic. Are you ready?
The Word I'm a lover not a fighter reminds me Michael Jackson in The Girl is Mine
A rare pressing of Michael Jackson's 'Off The Wall' with the original mixes, before Michael altered them.
Also, do we understand how ahead of the lace front game Michael Jackson was? LIGHT YEARS.
The whole world has to answer RN. Just to tell you once again . Who's BAD(lands)? - Michael Jackson…
Michael Jackson is the only artist to accomplish the feat of having a catalog album outsell new releases. -Lisa D. Campbell
Spent my morning sleeping in late and dancing around the kitchen to Michael Jackson while cooking brunch. I love weekends ☺️
Left to right: Paul McCartney crossed with Eric Stoltz from Mask, Olive Oyl, Michael Jackson
HEAVEN has Michael Jackson. HEAVEN has Prince. HEAVEN has George Michael. HEAVEN has David Bowie. HEAVEN has Whitney Houston h…
Changed the world when he invented sex. Inspired Alice Walker to write The Color Purple. Kept Michael Jackson up at…
It's not even 7pm on a Friday night and I am in my pj's, drinking wine in the kitchen belting to Michael Jackson whilst my dinner cooks
God wants to dance to take away Michael Jackson, wants to drag off-Paul Walker, wants to sing Chester Bennington Wh…
I mean they still play Michael Jackson songs on the radio don't they?, a watch of Manhattan Murder Mystery wont hurt anyone.
In an interview, Michael Jackson offered to stand by his closest commentator, Gary Parker.
Michael Jackson dying i think. War in the middle east maybe?
Imagine trying to outpace Mendy and Walker next season more chance of Michael Jackson moonwalking his way on to stage at Wireless
It's your birthday party. You have to choose one legend to perform. Michael Jackson. Prince. James Brown. Stevie Wonder.…
On July 16th, 1988, Princess Diana and Prince Charles attended one of Michael Jackson's sold out Bad Tour concerts at Wemble…
Music Mt. Rushmore you get 6 who you got? I'm picking Hank Williams Sr, Ray Charles, Elvis, The Temptations, Michael Jackson & The Eagles
Literally everyone but EXO is performing right now.. who's gonna jump out next? Michael Jackson? Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart? http…
Michael Jackson at Disneyland Paris with Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This was so magical and adorable!
I'm gonna need a portrait of Michael Jackson and Hans Zimmer together when I have my own office. Two of my favorite musical minds ever
The diff between Michael Jackson and R. Kelly is that MJ is dead and Robert is alive and is STILL slanging 🍆 to kids.
I know this: David Bowie, Michael Jackson, Noel Edmonds and Samuel L Jackson in Pulp Fiction?
Is R. Kelly the new Michael Jackson? I mean the only real difference is nearly everyone still loves Wacko Jacko.
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Sad to say, but I had the Michael Jackson, Soul Glo, care free curl, hair style rockin, complete with the twist in the front
She wore all the top brands and was friends with everyone from Michael Jackson, to attending Gianni Versace's funeral. ht…
Twenty-nine years ago today.. Michael Jackson sets Wembley Arena on fire! 🔥
The prince is the closest male artist our generation has to the king Michael Jackson, talking females then takes crown
Today in 1984, Eddie dropped by for a once-in-a-lifetime appearance with Michael Jackson:
I want to break Michael Jackson's record- Humble Smith
When all other music fails, listen to Michael Jackson.
Andy Warhol - Michael Jackson, 1984, acrylic and silkscreen ink on canvas💮
Tonight at Michael Jackson's Church kids! AKA !! Pay what you decide!!
Paris Jackson, daughter of pop icon Michael Jackson, has recently come forward with some astonishing claims about...
Watch BJ Griffin & Jason Brown cover one of Michael Jackson's greatest hits
An album containing nine unheard Michael Jackson songs will be auctioned off by New York auction house Gotta Have Ro
In 2009, Michael Jackson was working on a Halloween project with CBS, but it was inevitably very different.
with Michael Jackson on July 14, 1984 during the Jacksons “Victory Tour” in Dallas, Texas.
I know it's a bit late, but what Michael Jackson's describing is a horror, not a thriller.
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District Attorney Tom Sneddon (behind the 1993 case AND the 2005 case) had a HUGE vendetta against Michael Jackson.
omg you love Ariana grande and Michael Jackson as well!!!
The media love to try and bring down successful black men , I mean look at R Kelly, Bill Cosby and Michael Jackson all not…
Michael Jackson did not trust John Branca or Howard Weitzman. The whole world knows that. And now we can all see why.
Tom Mesereau knew that Michael Jackson was INNOCENT. John Branca and Howard Weitzman need the world to t…
Remy Ma and Papoose on that Michael Jackson flow
Michael Jackson was really the truth.
But hey, Michael Jackson's songs are the best tho. You should check them out and let them bless your ears
Starting the day off with a Michael Jackson playlist. Gonna be a good one!
Prince on almost being in Michael Jackson's "Bad" video.
Same judge gave Estate over to Branca excluding MJs mom Judge backs Michael Jackson lawyer and friend
Dahyun really did the Michael Jackson moonwalk while singing Cardcaptor Sakura. what a legend. (and u can see tzuyu in thi…
Michael Jackson's first molestation accuser is being sought by lawyers via the app
I remember exactly where i was when:. 1) 9/11 happened. 2) Michael Jackson died. 3) i realized that despite the rumors, girl…
Before his passing, Michael Jackson wanted Gaga to be the opener for his "This Is It" tour & he wanted to collaborate on a…
Su abbiamo trasmesso: Michael Jackson (U.S.A. for Africa) - We are the world
Michael Jackson and Freddie Mercury hanging out on a hot summer day, 1983.
This is what I call an iconic videography that deserves to receive the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award this year. htt…
Michael draw Mickie Mouse as Michael Jackson, with the shoes, the hat, the globe, the pose, and even the curl 😭💕
-Michael Jackson really killed em when he dropped Rock With You.
The Estate of Michael Jackson will make an announcement on July 10th on & the official social media…
It baffles me that Michael Jackson is under appreciated as a style icon
And to end this thread Michael Jackson was a proud black man , and an innocent person who was wronged by the media. htt…
Why hasn't anyone told him his girlfriend looks like Michael Jackson yet?
Michael Jackson's first accuser is being sought
Today in 1988, Michael Jackson performed to 72,000 fans at a sold out concert on The Bad World Tour at the Olympic Stadium,…
To this day the black community still denies Michael Jackson his blackness . They think he hated being black. They're an…
On this day in 1995, Michael Jackson's ‘HIStory’ album hit on the Billboard 200 chart! It's the best selling 2-disc album…
Michael jackson yeah that case i beat it
Now about his plastic surgery . Michael was insecure about his nose. His father had made fun of him for it .
Music is the soundtrack to life. It plays the melody of our being. - Michael Jackson https:…
Michael Jackson had vitiligo , a disease that destroys the pigmentation of the skin. It was listed on his autopsy report…
Let's start with the lie that Michael Jackson turned himself white and hated his blackness .
How the media wronged Michael Jackson & tried to strip him of his blackness: A Thread , do not reply only quote please. h…
White people mad cause Mary Jane is black LMFAOOO oh well Jesus, Michael Jackson and Egyptians are all black y'all still make them white
Back when we used to believe Luis Nani was Michael Jackson's Son.
I added a video to a playlist Filthy Frank's Michael Jackson beat
. . . Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson. Here's what the great columnist Liz Smith had to say about the book in her very early . . .
Here's hoping this is a Whose Line tribute weekend and we also get John Wayne, Carol Channing and Michael Jackson.
*Michael Jackson voice*. Billy Jean King is up 3-love ah. She's just a girl but she can beat Bobby Riggs. In a game of grass tennis. Hee he
OMG. Reminds me of Michael Jackson's Thriller video from 1982. Only not good. Too bad Vincent Price is gone. He cou…
Craig & Tom Sit on 'Flight Cases' - Episode 3 'Billie Jean' by Michael Jackson
You were there when MTV premiered,Michael Jackson "Off the wall" and grand master flash and the…
Quick reminder that to this day, Michael Jackson's Thriller album (released in 1982) is the bestselling album of all time worldwide.
Stir Fry - by Kangarooroo. Meat It! - by Michael Jackson. Everything I stew, I stew it for you - Bryan Adams
I'm in groups with tiffany and the dark skin friend who look like Michael Jackson...
When I first heard "Party All the Time", I thought it was Michael Jackson. I was surprised…
"I'm startin with the man in the middle.". - Michael Jackson on Security
Michael Jackson. Barrington levy. Bob Marley. Barry white. J. Hud and fantasia
Roller Coaster by Luke Bryan featuring Sam Smith by Shakira featuring Michael Jackson
Brandon Jones as The King of Pop – Michael Jackson – now in Las Vegas via and Sports Today
Britney Spears sold 60,000 tickets in Tel Aviv in less than 2 months. Michael Jackson, Madonna and Rihanna sold 50,000…
Petition to change every John Wick gun scene to Michael Jackson adlibs rn
On this day In 1988, Michael Jackson's Bad album set the record for most singles from 1 album as ‘Dirty Diana’ became its…
Michael Jackson 'Halloween Ball' Tribute Night - Enjoy delicious food and the King of Pop! 28th October - £22.50…
One of my favorite pieces of alternate future/history, Ebony Magazine in 1985 imagining Michael Jackson in the year 2000 h…
On this day In 1993, Michael Jackson won the ‘Humanitarian of The Year’ award presented by Eddie Murphy at the Soul Train Aw…
I had a coworker tonight tell me she hates Michael Jackson's music & that he's way overrated, I honestly didn't know how to react
I'm thinking Michael Jackson, Prince, K Dot., Jay Z, Robert DeNiro, and so on and so on
Beyoncé's Formation has surpassed Michael Jackson's Thriller to become the most-awarded song and video of all time. http…
We Are by Hollywood Undead featuring Eminem by Finger Eleven featuring Michael Jackson
The best memes: Lady Gaga, Michael Jackson & the deflated Falcons
“Glorified seat fillers, Stop walking around like y'all made Thriller”. – Jay Z referencing Michael Jackson on his newly rele…
Michael Jackson's father hospitalized after car crash
Listening to a cover of Michael Jackson's by dancehall artist Cocoa Tea. Junior Reid has a dope dancehall cover too...
If you can't bump to the 80's. Marvin Gaye. Patti LaBelle . Keith Sweat. Al Greene. Prince. Michael Jackson. Debarge . We DEFINI…
SUMMER FUN WITH EP AUTHORS: Kim Bowman Author's son recently wowed the audience with his Michael Jackson...
Cashier at the PX, who's known me for 10 years: "You still have your Michael Jackson tattoo?". Me: "It don't come off." 🙄
goodmorning temi,plz play me Smooth criminal by Michael Jackson or Put me down by donell Jones .thanx
Michael Jackson and Quincy Jones at the Awards for album thriller
This will expose my age a bit: Frank Sinatra, Sammy Davis, Jr and Michael Jackson 🎤
Mike Tyson, Frank Sinatra and Michael Jackson at the tribute for Sammy Davis Jr in 1990.
.copies Michael Jackson step by step
Macaulay Culkin explains why he and Michael Jackson became friends and DEFENDS him against the false allegations. Must Watch…
Michael Jackson performing 'Heal The World' at the Super Bowl, 1993. His message is so important now.
Prince not only turned down Bad, he sent Michael Jackson back a version he thought was better
I love how Michael Jackson had like mini movies before all his music videos actually begun lol
8 years ago today, we lost Michael Jackson
8 years ago, we lost the icon Michael Jackson. RIP 🌹
Michael Jackson and James Brown at the BET Awards in 2003. Nothing will ever top this historic moment.
Chance The Rapper paying tribute to Michael Jackson tonight with his outfit, right down to the socks and loafers.
Bruno Mars is the best male artist since Michael Jackson, only chris brown comes close but he also came close to killing R…
June 25, 2009 - Michael Jackson died at age 50. We will never forget you, King of Pop.
y'all remember in 2009 when Michael Jackson died 3 days before the BET Awards so they changed the entire show for him in 72…
Chance The Rapper is wearing a Michael Jackson inspired suit, on the day we lost him...beautiful
Today marks 8 years since the passing of Michael Jackson. Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to his family and frie…
In January 1979, Michael Jackson donated a number of books to the Chicago Public Library’s Young Adult Section
On this day in 2009, we lost the King of Pop - Michael Jackson.
8 years ago today, we lost musical legend + icon, Michael Jackson. We will never forget the legacy that he has left on the…
Which of albums features the most Number 1s? Facts to commemorate the anniversary of his death . ➡…
Music legend Michael Jackson, the King of Pop, died 8 years ago today. We remember his life and musical legacy.…
slipping not having a Michael Jackson playlist on its homepage today
Distract me from this, the day of the anniversary of Michael Jackson's death 😔😔😔
Where are all them Michael Jackson fans at? Did you all see what happened to Michael Jackson's close friend Aaron C…
Please don't let ANYONE re-write history. Michael Jackson didn't *just* up and die on this day. He was killed.
Eight years ago today, the world lost the King of Pop. Revisit Michael Jackson's most unforgettable moments:
Michael Jackson's girlfriend in the "Thriller" video, Ola Ray, was a Playboy Playmate. She later told media...
8 years without the greatest. The King of Pop, Michael Jackson. Thank you for inspiring us everyday.
RIP to the King of Pop Michael Jackson. He will forever be missed.
Michael Jackson! Tune in to the 30th Anniversary Celebration on
Michael Jackson was killed way before Murray even met him.
Today we celebrate Michael Jackson's life and legacy! . Tune into the MJ RIP Anniversary Special at 6a, 2p, & 10p . (via
"..Like A Sunset Dying With The Rising Of The Moon Gone Too Soon." Michael Jackson you will live forever in our Hearts! -…
8 years. Gone, but never ever forgotten. Rest in Power Michael Joseph Jackson.
my timeline is not filled with michael jackson love and i am MAD my man deserves better than this
Michael Jackson, you're the light of the world!
Michael Jackson death is one of those days you know exactly where you were
DJ Alexa is spinning Dirty Diana by Michael Jackson, at "My Spot". Portland's exclusive VIP Spot.
Warner Music Group, indies want EU to be tough on Sony's Michael Jackson deal
Michael Jackson remembered by family on 8th anniversary of his death
Exactly 8 years ago, Michael Jackson leaves planet Earth and will live in Eternity, if he was already a star...
Rock n' Roll Trivia of the Day:. Michael Jackson paid $47 million for the publishing rights to the Beatles' back...
Very wise words from Michael Jackson, but when will we wake up and understand?!
| Forever changing the world of music, Mr. Michael Jackson. Michael Joseph Jackson (August 29,...
Today's 8 years that the late great Michael Jackson passed away
Michael Jackson passed away eight years ago today:
It's been 8 years since Michael Jackson died. I remember that day so vividly.
with playing Mix 99.9 FM on radio, Michael Jackson: "It doesn't matter if you are black or white…
imagine waking up to a bunch of messages about Michael Jackson passing away instead of happy birthdays
Also, any Michael Jackson playlist that doesn’t have the theme song from “Free Willy” on it is invalid, off top.
8 years ago today we lost an absolute legend and one of the greatest performers of all time: Michael Jackson. Gone, but…
⚡️ Keep on. with the force don't stop. Don't stop till you get enough...🎶. Sube el volumen, es Michael Jackson .
Michael Jackson set out to prove himself innocent, and he succeeded.
Throughout his life Michael Jackson donated more than $500 million to various charities, more than any artist.
June 13th 2005, 12 years ago today, Michael Jackson was found NOT guilty on all accounts.
My fav Michael Jackson video is Bad. They danced they *** off. Imma watch it right now.
Today marks the eighth anniversary of Michael Jackson’s death. 🙏🏾
michael jackson the king was born on august 29th 1958 the LEGEND was born on june 25th 2009. LONG LIVE THE KING
Michael Joseph Jackson is the most influential master ever to grace my path.
On this day In 2003, Michael Jackson returned to his childhood home in Gary Indiana for the first in over 30 years! Must wat…
Is it weird that I can remember exactly where I was and what I was doing when news broke that Michael Jackson died ?
Michael Jackson impersonator talks about his role in new Lifetime movie. shared via
8 years ago today, we lost an iconic legend. Remembering Michael Jackson (August 29, 1958 – June…
Today in 2005, Michael Jackson was found not guilty on all counts of his child molestation trial.
Michael Jackson, thank you for your timeless music. You'll be in our hearts forever.
RIP TO THE GOD MICHAEL JACKSON. 8 years ago today man. I remember where I was and everything
Can't believe it's been 8 years since the King of Pop passed. Rest easy Michael Jackson.
Michael Jackson was more influential at 15 in 1973 than most artists today, no one's gonna replace him 👑.
12 year old Michael Jackson was already a legend at that young age. A wise young legend . https:/…
Michael Jackson died 8-years-ago today. Here is his REAL cause of death:
I still remember, vividly, where I was when I got the news Michael Jackson passed.
“I would like to be remembered as a person who came and brought light to the world.” — Michael Jackson
Omg he died on the same day as Michael Jackson?
8527 roses at Forest Lawn for Michael Jackson today🌹.
Michael Jackson IS fashion. Designers and pop icons continue to integrate his influence into their own clothes. https:/…
The King of Pop continues his reign…..the highly anticipated Michael Jackson X Supreme collaboration released last week…
Michael Jackson was an excellent vocalist all his life. His high notes, passion and range made him the best.
Michael Jackson had a 4 octave vocal range, with a very vibrate vibrato and amazing falsetto, and his harmonizing was unma…
She got a light skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson a dark skinned friend, look like Michael Jackson
Michael Jackson's sincerity, artistry, versatility, and emotion made him something so magical and unique
Michael Jackson hitting these high notes at 43, your faves can dream
Can't believe Michael Jackson is dead 8 years tomorrow where has the time gone I miss him and his music my favourite one…
Which Michael Jackson recording was covered by country legend Willie Nelson?
I was scared of Michael Jackson when I was a kid so I hate him.
8 years ago today, we lost the greatest musician that ever lived.. Gone but never forgotten.. A King forever ❤️. R.I.P…
"We all die. The goal isn't to live forever, the goal is to create something that will." - Michael Jackson.
On this day 8 years ago, RIP Michael Jackson 🙏🏽
8 years ago today, Michael Jackson sadly passed away. We'll never see another like him... we miss you MJ😢💕
8 years ago today, Michael Jackson passed away.
we remember the musical icon Michael Jackson, the “King of Pop.” He made his musical debut with the Jackson 5 in 1964.
Today, June 25, marks 8 years since the world lost a legend. We love you Michael Jackson, always have and always will. ht…
It's been 8 years since we LOST MICHAEL...!!
Today marks 8 years since we lost the most exceptional and iconic artist of all time. Rest In Peace Michael Jackson. ht…
Let's not forget Farrah Fawcett, who passed away the same day as Michael Jackson. R.I.P. Angel
Michael Jackson passed away eight years ago today. Check out his 50 best songs
Wow was it really 8 years ago that Michael Jackson died..? I remember when that happened... :(
I can't believe Michael Jackson has been gone for 8 years today, RIP to the GOAT
Today marks 8 years since we lost + we're honoring his legacy with this 75-track playlist | Listen:
the absent of Michael Jackson for years sometimes,the whole world seems depopulated. https…
Michael Jackson cited Janet Jackson's "Rhythm Nation" as one of his favorite songs that motivated him to dance.
RIP Michael Jackson. Today we lost the greatest artist of all time with the kindest heart. We miss you angel.
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