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Michael Irvin

Michael Jerome Irvin (born March 5, 1966) is a former American football player for the Dallas Cowboys, and actor.

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I'm excited about Michael Irvin and his Lombardi Trophy promise leading up to last nights game.
Hey You need to get Michael Irvin on to talk about last night's game.
Does each of Michael Irvin's Belichick trophies come with a matching mini hoodie or is that sold separately?
Michael Irvin said he'd engrave the SB trophies when LB gets his Canadiens tattoo
please take a moment to congratulate Michael Irvin on his 3 Belichicks.
"His Spidey senses have to be tingling.". .dressed as Spiderman?. YES. YES. YES. 😂😂😂
Michael Irvin might give the Lombardi Trophy a new name if the Patriots win Thursday night.
Looks like has some work to do tomorrow
Michael Irvin has to name the Lombardi Trophy the Belichick trophy
"There are a lot of football programs; but only one football family." . - Michael Irvin
masslive​.com >> Martellus Bennett calls out Michael Irvin for claim that he'd rename Lombardi Trophy the
: He is. I am with Michael Irvin, it should be The Belechick Trophy going forward. Diehard Cowboys fan here!
Lombardi Trophy should be renamed if Patriots beat Texans
Analyst Michael Irvin has work to do – renaming trophies after coach Bill Belichick http…
Know any good engravers? ...I'm sure there some in New England willing to help you. .
I remember I thought I was cool because Michael Irvin followed me on Instagram lol
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
People laughing at Michael Irvin suggesting Lombardi Trophy should be renamed after Belichick. Definitely a fan boy moment right now but..
Michael Irvin better call the engraver and change those trophies.
I still don't Understand how Torry Holt and Issac Bruce are not hall of famers. They had better stats than Michael Irvin and o…
Michael Irvin is so excited about Dak Prescott, Ezekiel Elliott he wants to slip Stephen Jones some tongue |...
What about Peyton Manning and Reggie Wayne or Brett Favre and Donald Driver or Troy Aikman and Michael Irvin?
Rico Gathers' highlight catch from last night. Michael Irvin: "This dude here, he looks like Zeus."
Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Ray Lewis, Ed Reed, Sean Taylor, the rock b the people's champ straight legends
how can you forget Deacon Moss from the longest yard? So good he was portrayed by HOF'er Michael Irvin!
Michael Irvin: I’d love to work with Lindsay Lohan in a...
bro Mike Vick and I got Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin 😩
It's pretty clear like Michael Irvin said talking with Ryan Fitzpatrick. You can't just pick up where you left off. It takes hard work!!
Ray Lucas, Mike Westhoff, and Michael Irvin keeping a watchful eye on practice today
Michael Irvin, J.D. Drew, and Santa Claus question the kid gloves treatment.
New App - big names invested Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, & - 100K downloads Day 1. Contact me to get involved & make money
You want a real survivor show -- put Robert Downey Jr., Michael Irvin and Darryl Strawberry in a crack house with one rock.
Watched a video of the University of Miami football camp and amazed at all the legends that appear. Ray Lewis, Warren…
Ray Lewis should be the one for the Ravens. The one I most agree on is Michael Irvin for the Cowboys.
Best wide receivers ever: . Randy Moss. Jerry West. Calvin Johnson. Michael Irvin. Antonio Brown (when his career is over)
Ken Griffey Jr., Deion Sanders, Michael Irvin, Barry Bonds and more in a dunk contest from 1992.
12. Michael Irvin: He was called "The Playmaker" and that's what he did. He was one of the emotional leaders of 3x SB Champs.
I can only assume all the fervor in Philly is over Michael Irvin speaking at the DNC
Why do I keep seeing Michael Irvin's name on this thread and not Larry Fitzgerald's?
Seeing Michael Irvin was crazy!! Even though he wasn't there long it was cool to see him
Charles Haley, Drew Pearson, Michael Irvin and Jay Novacek hit the stage at (
as good as Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, and Michael Irvin? I agree, not possible.
Miami Hurricanes 2016 Freshman Profile: Michael Irvin II: In an effort to keep even the most hardcore Miami f...
When the Foot Locker Slam Fest had Ken Griffey, Barry Bonds, Michael Irvin, Deion Sanders &more in a dunk contest >>
oh yeah, I saw Michael Irvin at work last night & I almost fainted it was awesome
Michael Irvin give you that ol pipe of his?
My look at the Bang 8, the signature route for Michael Irvin that could again become a Norv Turner staple. https:/…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
are wectalkin be reciever ever ? Cuz if so i say that goes to Michael Irvin or jerry
Off field issues look how long it took Michael Irvin
I understand that he claims to have that other stuff, BUT you also said: "Michael Irvin is part of his proof".
Michael Irvin saying that Elliott told him that he didn't go within 10 feet of the accuser is "part of his proof"???
That moment you lose your whole Madden team to a guy you were trading with for GT Michael Irvin. 😢😢😢 Salty af.
And Michael Irvin 2 that's what I say all the time
Michael Irvin when he was on crack.
I go to Texas Roadhouse and get nothing but a dead piece of meat. My brother goes and meets Michael Irvin.
Michael Irvin is at the garland roadhouse??
Michael Irvin, Santana Moss, Reggie Wayne, Andre Johnson, Travis Benjamin, I can on but you get the point. No comparison.
Michael Irvin should have a pair on him
Michael Irvin tells us he's texted + spoke with Ezekiel Elliott.. EE says knows woman/relationship at end and truth will…
Michael Irvin and Deion Sanders are my favorite football players but I'm a Steeler fan... I know it makes no sense
Michael Irvin and Jeremy Shockey chatting it up at
JJ watt is easily the best defensive player. Michael Irvin on that crack pipe again
Michael Irvin on JJ Watt not having won a Super Bowl: "Whose fault is it? He's the star"
Michael Irvin has no doubt Dez Bryant will be himself again
Khalil Mack, Michael Irvin nd Aldon Smith are all gettin 10+ sacks next season
DB Tim Irvin, nephew of Michael Irvin, to transfer from Auburn - ESPN
Michael Irvin's HOF Speech. Never gets old to listen to this man talk. "Look Up, Get Up, and Never Give Up" htt…
10 things to know about former Cowboys WR Michael Irvin: The motel room, blackmail and…
very overrated especially Michael Irvin and Troy Aikman
you mean as good or better than the stuff a person could get from Michael Irvin?
“Dirty Diana” comes to life in MJ ONE. See the athleticism & acrobatic skills in action: https:…
"Success belongs to those who believe in the power of their ideas." - Michael Irvin || Photographer:...
If I wave it at him like a current *** Then he catching bullets,.. Michael Irvin ***
I liked a video from Michael Irvin on state of the Dallas Cowboys
I added a video to a playlist Michael Irvin on state of the Dallas Cowboys
Michael Irvin says Jaylon Smith is "The next black Luke Kuechly."
Michael Irvin speaking out on mental health awareness in online video
Yeah but then you could say Miami cause they had Ray Lewis , Michael Irvin and Andre Johnson , Ed Reed
Michael Irvin: "Jaylon Smith is the next black Luke Kuechly."
maybe in the 90s they had the best staff with Michael Irvin and Charles Haley but not anymore
and to take it to a parallel, kick the HOF players out of the hall, Chris carter, Michael Irvin, etc...
Michael Irvin believes his former OC and Minnesota's OC, Norv Turner, will turn WR Laquan Treadwell into Vikings' version…
Wow. HOF Michael Irvin: "I guarantee you Norv Turner will make [Treadwell] the Michael Irvin of the Vikings."
Michael Irvin & Moss use to catch with their body all the time. Irving Fryar, Mark Duper. I say just catch the ball
How did this Terrell Owens/anquan bolden/Michael Irvin combo last till pick 23
I'm in Chicago for an NFL Draft media event with Mike Mayock, Michael Irvin, Steve Mariucci, Maurice Jones-Drew, Curtis Conway, etc.
Listen, Cris Carter & Michael Irvin's careers were headed the same direction as Josh Gordon's until they got real help...
you mean like Hopkins, Boldin, TO, Jerry Rice (4.6 40), and Michael Irvin (4.5)?
Let me finish this TD Jakes. Didn't notice Michael Irvin & I think Warrick Dunn were in the front row LIT off the game!
Michael Irvin also said in WIP when asked what QB that Sam Bradford most reminds him of, ... Troy Aikman.
Dante stallworth lmao atleast largent there's an argument, I'm taking Michael Irvin over those 3 any day
I hate chip Kelly as much as I hate Michael Irvin and that's like infinity
Deion also implied during SB Cam Newton was better than Russell Wilson lol I trust Michael Irvin more
See the sweet ride Michael Irvin's wife got him for his 50th birthday |
ESPNs whole countdown crew, Kenny Smith, Dennis Scott, Michael Irvin, and Warren Sapp all need to be fired. They suck as analyst
Brandon Marshall is what Cris Carter and Michael Irvin strive to be. Marshall far better at being able to help young guys with issues.
...when the fake Michael Irvin sounds more real than the actual Michael Irvin 😳
Colston has 72 REC TD's, more than Michael Irvin, Andre Johnson, Jason Witten, Art Monk, Raymond Berry etc. Tied for 36th all time.
how do you associate with Michael Irvin, Nate Newton, Randy Gregory, Greg Hardy, and Dez
same with legend sets. I did the Michael Irvin set for 100k and I bought every price including badges.
I liked a video Madden 16 ultimate team gameplay Michael Irvin is on FIRE
He could play with Michael Irvin, Nelly and Adam Sandler in prison.
Why NFL coaches are afraid on 4th down - here's what Michael Irvin said after a Mike Smith gamble vs. Saints in 2011
Darren Woodson's interesting first encounter with Michael Irvin  -via ESPN
fans, La'el Collins will be a guest instructor at the Michael Irvin Playmaker Academy this summer in TX! http…
How's that support structure holding up?
Got hosed on today’s 70k for Michael Irvin WR card and 5 golds.
Michael Irvin calls A.J. Green and Geno Atkins future NFL Hall of Famers...
Kinda feel like Michael Irvin or Flo Rida should have been the special guest referee on this one.
Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp are there yah? Ray the murderer Lewis soon? No character needed for Hall of Fame
The U would with Michael Irvin and Ray Lewis. Not better than UT combo though
Today was the first day Von Miller 99 overall came out. Sold my Randall Cunningham and Michael Irvin to buy the players for the set and bam!
no Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin sound like they have marbles in their mouths. But they've reached the pinnacle of their field
Bruh of it was up to me TO, Marvin H, Jim Brown, Michael Irvin all woulda been first ballot they all were robbed lol
didn't make the hall of fame with 153 TOUCHDOWNS!. Tim Brown -100. Michael Irvin -65. Marvin Harrison -128. Cris…
Michael Irvin on way Cam Newton handled postgame interview: "I've never lost in a Super Bowl, so I can't empathize."
Richard Dent wearing his HOF jacket is something Michael Irvin would do. Love ya Mike.
88 or 91 Martioa, 88 Todd Gurley or 93 Steven Jackson, 96 Hines Ward or 96 Michael Irvin or 91 Amri Cooper
Michael Irvin wants Jerry Jones, Dallas Cowboys to sign Johnny Manziel and save his life
Michael Irvin believes the Cowboys can help Johnny Football
Michael Irvin the greatest and my all time favorite Dallas cowboy!Been a fan for over 40 years truly love his passion for the Dallas Cowboys
Michael Irvin probably mad about the price of cocaine in Hawaii lol
Are you just looking at raw catches? Do you also think Keenan McCardell is better than Michael Irvin?
I know this is just the but to see Lisa Salters interview Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice is a moment 🙌🏾
Jerry Rice, Michael Irvin, then him?
Michael Irvin was probably the seventh best player on that Cowboys team. He isn't a Hall Of Fame player.
Here's my Sunday story on another Michael Irvin and Sam Bruce.
Steve Smith has earned Hall of Fame nod says Michael Irvin and Jerry Rice
Michael Irvin. A champion at the University of Miami, Irvin also was selected to the Pro Football Hall of Fame.
Michael Irvin says he couldn't allow to have Carr, Cooper, AND Murray. Watch:
Hall of Fame captains Michael Irvin (with help from Devonta Freeman and Aaron Donald) and Jerry R... - via App
Michael Irvin makes it three Falcons by drafting
Did anyone else see Michael Irvin run on the field?
I know Michael Irvin snorts Coke. Or drinks 16 red bulls a day. One or the other
I wish Michael Irvin would just STFU. day
he needs Hines ward or a Michael Irvin to clean his clock.
I'm not watching NFL pregame shows because I cannot watch either Michael Irvin or Cris Carter.
Cris Carter on one channel. Michael Irvin on another. Sorry, pregame shows, I tried. 💩
Found a box of old football cards in the garage. Some include Troy Aikman, Derrick Thomas, Michael Irvin, Reggie White, and Bo Jackson.
Beckham is calling Ray Lewis and Michael Irvin for guidance. Who is next Lawrence Taylor? How about Aaron Hernandez?
new breed of WR'S man...I'm a cowboy fan Michael Irvin would have just pushed his *** back lol
St Thomas has Michael Irvin and Asante Samuel's kids. This isn't fair.
Michael Irvin here with Warren Sapp watching Aquinas at state.
Former Hurricane greats Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp on the St. Thomas Aquinas sidelines for the 7A title game.
Even the sideline is star-studded for Aquinas - Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp among those on the sideline
Former greats Warren Sapp and Michael Irvin on sideline of St Thomas Aquinas vs Viera Hawks State Champ GM
Today's Herd Podcast w the hysterical Michael Irvin presented by
Randy Moss the best ever. Not Jerry Rice not Cris Carter not Michael Irvin not Lynn Swann not Tim Brown not Terrell Owens RANDY *** MOSS 🐐
I never liked Jason Sehorn, but I guess I need to google what happened with him and Michael Irvin. NFL Network teasing Irvin constantly
Hilarious exchange on with Marshall Faulk saying shut down Michael Irvin. I'm sure Jason appreciates the love.
Lmao Marshall Faulk be trolling Michael Irvin every week about getting locked up by Jason sehorn lmao
I feel like Michael Irvin is going to attack Marshall Faulk on the set one day. 😂😂😂
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
what you think? Think Butch Davis would have been better, would have loved to see either Michael Irvin or Ed Reed
*** boy, that haircut made you go from Michael Irvin to AJ Green like a *** . -Qonn 😂
Michael Irvin, Chris Evert and Brian Piccolo aren't the only stars who attended St. Thomas Aquinas. See full list
Should the sign Johnny Manziel? legend Michael Irvin thinks so. He discusses on
Michael Irvin's on Tim and Sid, and he's referring to himself in 3rd person and saying Jerry Jones should bring in Manziel. welp
Michael Irvin with a poignant comment about the and the penalties on tonight’s Inside the NFL:
lynn swann, Jerry Rice, and Michael Irvin were all seen stretching out and wearing a 'I ❤ Brady' pin
Most TD from QB to WR in Cowboys history:. • Tony Romo to Dez Bryant - 50. • Troy Aikman to Michael Irvin - 49
Michael Irvin keeps it real all the time on & off set. Same with Brandon Marshall. Lots of these former coaches & players not so much.
LeBron James with a mustache looks like a light skin Michael Irvin
Moss, Cris Carter, Michael Irvin, Mike Ditka... All guys that any Packers fan from the 90's hates. No pregame shows for me...
I love Michael Irvin. He's never impartial. I bleed blue with you Mike! 😩 🙌🏽❣
Mike Williams was supposed to be the next Michael Irvin
ya he's the distant cousin of Michael Irvin and played for the Cowboys in the 80's and he loves autocorrect
Wow...Mike North just played the "little white guy card". Danny Amendola couldn't hole Michael Irvin's JOCK
. When can i get Emmitt Smith on my MUT or Troy Aikman, Michael Irvin, Dieon Sanders.
why did I just realize that deacon and battle in the longest yard were Michael Irvin and Goldberg?
"We're having trouble throwing bubble screens, and you wanna throw the ball down the seams!?" - Michael Irvin
"It's not a football program, it's a football family." - Michael Irvin
Best hands I ever saw, when DB also had a chance on the ball, were John Mackey, Charlie Sanders, Michael Irvin and Anquan Boldin.
Ed Reed, Ray Lewis , Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp... Please dedicate some time to making Miami great again. Smh
I say get Ed Reed, Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin and Warren Sapp to make up the main part of the coaching staff and come get (1/2)
Michael Irvin getting it from Marshall Faulk about that Hurricane lost on national television lmao. Won't let him live.
Michael Irvin said Papa John's will have a new Peyton Manning promotion..."The Pick Six" ROTFL
Michael Irvin did a real good job of making Aaron Rodgers & James Jones a *** couple in his QB-WR article on
Michael Irvin said he wouldn't talk to Chris Rose again after Rose compared Peyton Manning and Tim Tebow lol
Michael Irvin told Pats thinking ahead to pummeling Colts in flat Dallas win.
Michael Irvin, Dre Johnson, Reggie Wayne and Randall Hillw/ Toretta at QB got all kinds of points for an all-time LSU secondary.
Michael Irvin going off about J.J. Watt on 'Inside The NFL'.; Preaching the truth!
Michael Irvin going off about JJ Watt on inside the nfl is preaching the truth.
Michael Irvin wants to give Greg Hardy an extension after one game
Michael Irvin :Cowboys should sign Hardy to long-term deal
NFL Four downs is next on Michael Irvin, Daniel Fells almost lost his foot and more.
Michael Irvin unsigned custom white jersey Dallas Cowboys
Michael Irvin, Jerry Rice, and Cris Carter my favorite receivers of all time. I watch them 24/7 lol
we can sign Randy Moss Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin's combined DNA offspring and it won't make a difference with no QB.
Josh Huff is better than Cole Beasley. Also better than Jerry Rice, Randy Moss, Michael Irvin, and Megatron combined!
Michael Irvin sounds just like talking about Tony Romo in this clip. via
Michael Irvin says Denver Broncos QB Peyton Manning is struggling and its hard to watch.
Miami needs to get Ed Reed, Michael Irvin, Ray Lewis, Jamal Brown, Bernie Blades and ask them who should be the next coach
Flipper Anderson has one two he better than Michael Irvin who has none?
Andre great but I can't say top 5. Jerry, Randy, Terrell, Marvin Harrison, Michael Irvin.
young randy mixed with Jerry. Add some Steve smith, Hines ward, and Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin is terrible in the broadcast booth
I was watching a football game not a Dez Bryant/Michael Irvin special
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On this day in 1988 Michael Irvin made his NFL debut.
Dallas is trading a conditional draft pick to Seattle for RB Christine Michael, per source. RB help for Dallas.
Michael Irvin: "I'm telling you right now, after about Game 5, it's going to be something to get a pass off (against this C…
any kind of package for SS Kam Chancellor, OLB Bruce Irvin, RB Christine Michael -- worth it for Falcons.
Cowboys WR gave fans everywhere CHILLS last night
Michael Irvin out here wearing Calvin Klein draws like his old *** can't recite Rock Box by Run DMC word for word.
WATCH: Dez Bryant gets emotional in interview with Michael Irvin »
i see Michael Irvin taught him his patent push off move.
(via Sun Sentinel) 'Canes great Michael Irvin: "I'm looking for Miami to surprise a lot of people"
That won't make Michael Irvin happy. He wants everyone to finish the fight.
Michael Irvin must be going through a mid life crisis or something by the way he's been acting this past week
BREAKING: has underwear on his head:
The goat got a picture with Michael Irvin!
This not Michael Irvin, lol ya'll be trippin
Michael when he finds out that Phyllis is already Santa
don't draft Michael Irvin or Marshall Faulk or Aaron Hernandez.
Let's check in on Michael Irvin, shall we?
think Michael Irvin gave the canes a speech during that weather delay 31-0
Michael Irvin forgot his do-rag, so he used his underwear instead!.
Michael Irvin is only second to Jerry Rice.
. ESPN trades Adam Schefter to the NFL network for Michael Irvin.
Michael Irvin has underwear on his head
Kam chancellor and Michael Bennett need to get wit it and come to Atlanta next year. Bruce Irvin already knows the deal. Playin for DQ
"Gregg Popovich would have told that Michael Irvin type soccer player to score a goal by just getting up to bat." …
Ready for football!!. Always entertaining with Michael Irvin on the mike🎤.
meet . I believe you both have a similar University of Miami common ground, like Michael Irvin does.
Hall of Famers Staubach, Irvin like what they see in the Dallas Cowboys: Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin take a...
Michael Irvin enjoying watching his son follow his footsteps as St. Thomas Aquinas | USA Today High School Sports
would love to see reaction of Ray Lewis, Michael Irvin, Warren Sapp, Ed Reed, Andre Johnson,.
This high school football team on ESPN has Joey bosas bro, Michael Irvin's kid, Asante Samuels kid, and 20 other college recruits.😳
St. Thomas Aquinas has Joey Bosa's bro, Michael Irvin's son, Asante Samuels son, 2 of the top 10 WR in the class of 2017
Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin around the same time. Terrell Owens and Randy Moss, maybe, but that's as much infamy.
I would agree Michael Irvin could/should be ahead of Larry Fitzgerald, or would You replace Carter?
Dez Bryant sounding like Ray Lewis in this interview with Michael Irvin on
I'm partial to Walter Payton and Elway. Jim Kelly's was touching. Michael Irvin's inspiring. Alan Page may be best of all-time.
Few things get better than seeing Jim Kelly doing the U know it with Michael Irvin
Michael Irvin stroking Jim Kelly's shoulder oh so lovingly was interesting
Love Jerry but you can't compare Dez and Patmon, a third team cb if that, to Deion Sanders and Michael Irvin training c…
Justin Blackmon? Surprised you didn't draft Wes Welker and Michael Irvin too.
Goldberg pointing Michael Irvin out in the crowd. "Michael Irvin making the trip overseas to be with us tonight." Which sea is that?
Deon Sanders broken eye socket, Michael Irvin fractured shoulder, Barry Switzer did not know where Charlotte was...
Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Marvin Harrison, Michael Irvin, Tim Brown in no particular order
just bring on Michael Irvin and Barry Switzer.
The funniest story I heard in my life. Michael Irvin on the Dan Patrick show. You Tube it. He is so funny.
Michael Irvin. Cowboys own DFW. Mavericks greats can't come close to Cowboys.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
NFL HOF WR discusses Tom Brady's appeal with on this week's "Airing it Out" podcast http…
What does Dez have to do with Michael Irvin and Emmitt Smith?
Highlight if my weekend I met Michael Irvin...but only shook his and didn't care for a pic...I'm a Eagle fan can't be seen with the enemy 😂😂
Highlight of my weekend I met one of the greatest wr of all time...Michael Irvin
Luke, Calum and Michael clubbing last night!
I have to make it on a football show one day. I get so jealous that Michael Irvin n nem just gets to talk football & get paid!
Good chance Michael Irvin would have been kicked off this current hurricanes squad.
you are like those *** philly fans who cheered when Michael Irvin was carried off on a stretcher.Cano hottest hitter last wk
Michael Irvin: "DeAndre Jordan, he sent me his number a few weeks ago. He’s a big Cowboys fan."
I've said this many times over... Michael Irvin my fav Dallas Cowboy of all time...
Michael Irvin says he's worried about Warren Sapp via
The whole Dallas is gonna put in work on recruiting him! Dez, Jerry Jones, Romo, Michael Irvin. Lmao.
Michael Irvin had to send his HOF jacket to the cleaners after having sex in it
Michael Irvin is on our plane and I really think Brady is about to pee himself
Michael Irvin is on my flight back to Dallas
Little Giant Ladders
chris is a punk; I've never heard anything inspiring from him. Michael Irvin's more inspiring than him!
Michael Irvin: "I have a duty to make sure I let (DeAndre Jordan) know exactly how beautiful it is to call Dallas home…
nooo you got Michael Irvin, and Deion Sanders
Michael Irvin elaborates on his Hall of Fame jacket sex story - Larry Brown Sports
Michael Irvin's HOF Jacket Sex story is the real MVP
Chandler Parsons, Dez Bryant, and Michael Irvin all have tried persuading Deandre to come to Dallas.
Coming up in sports on @ 5: We'll hear from Byron Buxton, Chad Greenway, Michael Irvin, Coach Scott Owens & more!
saying Dusty Rhodes sons are what he was is like saying Michael Irvin son is what he was...come on now
Guess she doesn't Remember what Michael Irvin did or Charles Haley but hey 🐸☕️
Kids a *** beast. Mix of Michael Irvin and Anquan Boldin.
I knock everyone on those 90s Cowboys teams down a peg except for Michael Irvin and Neon Deion.
Every time an announcer refers to a trio of players as "The triplets" Troy Aikman Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin should get royalties
Imagine Jerry Rice and Michael Irvin, Emmitt Smith and Roger Craig, Atwater/Lott in the same team just a sample?
ESPN needs to host a TV show that is hosted by Michael Irvin, Magic Johnson, and Shannon Sharpe. Now that's great TV.
Dan Le Batard Show with Stugotz: Deflategate with Michael Irvin, Marcellus Wiley & Peter King on ESPN Radio Mobile.
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So the sons of Randy Moss and Michael Irvin are in the 2016 class and Keyshawn Johnson's kid is in the 2017 class.
Have Kurt Warner throw two balls to Michael Irvin-one at Brady's psi, one at regulation. My guèss is the difference is miniscule
lol I don't see why! Michael Irvin and Randy Moss are my top 2
Once in FF,I traded Wesley Walls,Michael Irvin(week before neck injury),and Rashaan Shehee for Marshall Faulk. Thats Draft Day in a nutshell
I liked a video Michael Irvin and Steve Mariucci get INTENSE with wide receivers!
how about Andre Johnson, Reggie Wayne, Michael Irvin and the latest Philip Dorsett from the U?
Bro where is my boys Michael Irvin and Dieon Sanders!
Andre Johnson, Santana Moss, Devin Hester, Michael Irvin, Reggie Wayne... I could go on... Miami is WR U
Johnny M *** so bad, that not even Shannon Sharpe, Michael Irvin,couldn't catch his balls, w/ glue on they hands
St. Thomas Aquinas reloads with sons of Michael Irvin, Udonis Haslem:
you are comparing Kyle Blanks and Michael Choice to Michael Irvin and Emmit Smith. Cool
Yeah I know, Emmitt Smith, Troy Aikman, and Michael Irvin were all fantastic, along with Rodger Staubach.
Michael Irvin is such a great motivator on Game changers.. Giving you that hall of fame intensity. *** of a show
Michael Irvin's hall of fame speech gets me every time
Sorry sad Michael Irvin, Stanford pulls away late for the NIT Championship win
My favorite so far. “Proof that Michael Irvin was The Goat
“Michael Irvin is losing his *** mind watchin Miami in the NIT Championship" rn
IT'S TIME! New podcast with and NFL legend Michael Irvin + Sexpert Sam Phillips. Listen now!
Did not like Michael Irvin blasting Cowboys for letting DeMarco go. Eagles WAY overpaid and will regret. Cowboys will …
I hated Christian Laettner as much as I hated Michael Irvin back then. That's funny because I now I like em both.
Michael Irvin says Cowboys letting DeMarco Murray go sends wrong message to the locker room
Michael Irvin on DeMarco Murray: 'If Jerry Jones wants to sign him, he can sign him' | FOX Sport.. Related Articles:
Lynn swann, Michael Irvin, and Jerry Rice. Maybe even Owens. Randy Moss might be the most talented but not the best.
Michael Irvin love some Dez Bryant lol
Flew DFW to Vegas with Emmitt Smith, and now I'm in Admirals Club with Michael Irvin. Where's Troy Aikman?
as do Michael Irvin, Dale Carter, Stephen Davis, Michael Pittman, Evander Holyfield. All in 2016 class.
Jennifer Lopez's ability to get separation is almost Michael Irvin-like
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