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Michael Ironside

Michael Ironside (born Frederick Reginald Ironside, February 12, 1950) is a Canadian actor. He has also worked as a voice actor, producer, film director, and screenwriter in movie and television series in various Canadian and American productions.

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I like Terminator Salvation already because Michael Ironside is in it.
The INT is converted to points as Ironside connects with Stephney for the TD! Bearden leads 21-10 at HT https:…
You scared me. I thought Michael Ironside died.
Michael Ironside, Jester from Top Gun is narrating on The Timeline on
Michael Ironside is narrating this NFL network show about the The Greatest Show on Turf
I also like the one where the kids tell stories about batman and one is TDKR voiced by Michael Ironside
If you have any kind of decency in you then you will cast Michael Ironside as Darkseid in the DCEU
If I was offered one wish, I'd wish to have Sam Fisher's (Michael Ironside) voice. Like, instantly.
lol. 25. I loved V when I was a teenager. Go double hard 'Ham Tyler' aka Michael Ironside.
Michael Ironside keeping himself busy with that instead of Splinter Cell.
So I googled him and learned his real name isn't Michael Ironside. It's Frederick Reginald Ironside. (Seriously!)
Just dawned on me that Michael Ironside — Jester from "Top Gun" — is narrator for that Greatest Show on Turf docu. oh man, that's big time
Can we hope to see with Michael Ironside in 2018? a teaser trailer perhaps? Would it be open world like Ghost Recon/Assassins?
Visiting Hours (uncut) now on blu-ray. What a Great Slasher film, Michael "Scanners" Ironside in terrific form as a foul psychopath.
Michael Ironside plays the principal in PN2 so I think would work. Suggestions?
I'm still hoping DC will just be smart and have Michael Ironside as Darkseid again...I'…
Need to get Michael or ironside on dark matter as an evil character
Michael Ironside was also in Starship Troopers and The Machinist: and lost an arm in both films.
Exploding heads, Helen. You'll love it. I think Michael Ironside was in V, too, which had alie…
ŒV: Never liked The A-Team, but ep “The Taxicab Wars” is on in background, & it gueststars Ernie Hudson, Michael Ironside, and Brion James!
brace yourself for a spectacular gorefest if you see Scanners. First role I saw Michael Ironsi…
I hope Splinter Cell comes back. But if there's Sam Fisher, I better hear Michael Ironside.
It's impossible to have a bad film with Christopher Lambert, Sean Conn…
You are not alone! Is that Michael Gove in the middle background?!
Where has Michael Ironside gone I enjoyed his gruff Dr man a bunch
Man, exciting trip to Trader Joes! Michael Ironside was there shopping.
Sharon Stone beats the FAQ out of Arnold in this movie. Also Michael Ironside is a great Capo to Ronny Cox Mafioso.
My new Patient Seven starring Michael Ironside (Total Recall) is the perfect prescription! https:…
"No. Something given has no basis in value." Michael Ironside, Starship Troopers 1997.
Visiting Hours (1982) | Michael Ironside menaces Lee Grant in the notorious Canadian…
Its very hard to top Ed Asner as Granny or Michael Ironside saying "kal-el" as Daekseid
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Always thought she resembled Michael Ironside (sorry Mr. Ironside, no disrespect intended!)
In this actor Michael Ironside plays a cyborg -
There are pretty much no shows or movies that aren't improved by adding Clancy Brown, Michael Ironside or Bruce Campbell.
My new PATIENT SEVEN stars Michael Ironside (- over 1 million views. https:…
Beware The Grey Ghost, Almost Got 'im, Heart of Ice, the Two Face 2-parter, and the segment with Michael Ironside a…
Rick rossovich, Anthony Edwards, Tim Robbins, Michael Ironside, all Top Gun. RAF Northolt. Just because it's beside me
Michael Ironside makes scanning look like it feels great.
Does this mean we have to wait for Michael Ironside to batter him?
Tonights bed time movie IS "Patient Seven" starring legendary actor Michael Ironside
their reverence of Michael Ironside is commendable.
Well, he did ask for a volunteer. SCANNERS😈. 1981. Dir: David Cronenberg. Starring: Michael Ironside, Jennifer O'Ne…
Michael Ironside is a seasoned actor, but many fans are wondering: What is he doing now?
"Twilight of the Idols" has Michael Ironside as a Black Ops Renegade Immortal Stark version of his Starship Tropper…
like a cuter less threatening Michael Ironside
Yes!!! Oh how did I forget this plot point!. I think I played the Michael Ironside part at recess bec…
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Still hear Michael Ironside as Darkseid. CHILLS every time
The practical effects are just amazing, even after so long. If Michael Ironside mugging for the camera seems a little silly, it pays off.
Michael Ironside just showed up and in a change of pace for him, he's playing a military guy.
In Starship Troopers he was a *** but not the villain, so has Michael Ironside ever been an actual good guy?
is training again today. She is Michael Ironside.
Voices cross borders. Look at Mickey Rourke and Michael Ironside.
Michael Ironside is in my Top 5 for favorite actors. True story.
Huh, the rumor is that he's gonna be back for the sequel in development.
Top Gun is on right now and I'm just noticing that Game of Thrones has a Michael Ironside deficiency to attend to.
Has anyone ever told you that you look like Michael Ironside?
I loved Salvation. It had Anton Yelchin, Moon Bloodgood and Michael Ironside. Also the fin…
I can see why people want Michael Ironside back because the dialogue in Splinter Cell Blacklist is super serious recon talk which = generic
Bill Duke and Michael Ironside. Both could make reading an ingredients list sound menacing as all ***
Scanners Yo! (Michael Ironside's boiling veins can't be beat)
While listening to the Highlander II ep of How Did This Get Made?, all I could think of was this story from Michael…
Unfortunately, not even Michael Ironside could save that film -_-;
There’s an A-Team rerun on and so far the guest stars include Ernie Hudson, Michael Ironside, Brion James, and Mrs. Seinfeld
Peter Strauss, Ernie Hudson, Michael Ironside and a waif like
Please get Michael Ironside or Steve Blum to voice Darkseid for Justice League
I can't find Trudeau or H2O on youtube, but I found The Arrow w/ Dan Akroyd, Michael Ironside, & Christopher Plummer
Richard Epcar would have done it better. Or, if it were union from day1, Clancy Brown, John DiMaggio, or Michael Ironside.
now we need lex and darkseid. Clancy Brown and Michael Ironside.
Whenever I hear Michael Ironside's voice I get sad that he's not Sam Fisher anymore.
Because I was mad as *** when Michael Ironside wasn't Sam Fisher. Was mad when David Hayter wasn'…
I wasn't sure that Joe Begos could top Michael Ironside as an over-the-top villain but John Speradakos is great.
Subway Chase Shootout Total Recall via love this bit great chase love Michael Ironside cool actor Xx
Turns out they're all from another planet and Michael Ironside wants REVENGE
2014 IFC movie.. Not your typical abduction movie...worth a watch.. Even has a building montage an…
My new Patient Seven is your Monday night cure starring Michael Ironside (
idk if you know the games or not. I like Blacklist so far, but it's not the same without Michael Ironside.
New name ideas:. Recall- sci-fi western where you go to Mars to fight Michael Ironside & a 3-breasted prostitute
Great pair of films with great performances from leads in Richard Lynch & Michael Ironside respectively. Worth it f…
where is Michael ironside when you need him.
And he was part of a rebellion against the evil General Katana (played by Michael Ironside, because of course).
That's what season 2 is for. It should be Michael Ironside for the sake of irony.
Childhood guitar heros check out my new Patient Seven w/ Michael Ironside (Scanners)
Im watching scanners wow old movie Michael ironside wow way back hee love these movies Halloween coming up so giving Halloween movies 😊
My new Patient Seven is the prescription for tonight! Stars Michael Ironside (
I think you'll dig my new film Patient Seven stars Michael Ironside (Scanners)
God I hope that Michael Ironside comes back as Sam Fisher. I missed the deadpan monotone one liners in Blacklist
I feel like if Michael Ironside and James Urbaniak had a kid together it would be Jeremy Irons.
As much as I love Michael Ironside's Darkseid, I think Andre Braugher would be equally as excellent for live action
My new PATIENT SEVEN starring Michael Ironside (hits the TOP 20 films for all of
AGAIN with the "she's too ugly" defense? Someone pls call Michael Ironside to make Trump's head explode.
Watching season 3 of on and just realized how old Michael Ironside is. Then recall he was a bad *** when I was 12, so...
Am I wrong in thinking Michael Ironside would make a pitch-perfect Bruce in a Batman Beyond movie?.
The acting prowess of Mr Michael Ironside certainly increases the badassery of any movie. Fact.
That's a wrap on our delivery guy! We were thrilled to have Michael Ironside on set!…
loved your book! My new film may be up your alley if you like Michael Ironside and horror anthologies.
I took acting lessons when I was 19, 20, and I had my writing.
Michael Ironside features in this sometimes Brutal,frightening movie. 6 Patients and a twist that starts the film,again.
My new Patient Seven is in the Top 50 of all films on Starring Michael Ironside (Total…
Could you see Michael Ironside again portraying Darkseid in the DCEU? I think that would be INCREDIBLE!
There's also a couple of actors in it who I did not expect to see given it seems a small film, Michael Ironside and Alfie Allen.
My new Patient Seven starring Michael Ironside opens today! 🎬🎬
My new film PATIENT SEVEN is out today! Stars Michael Ironside (Scanners)
yeah, I think your thinking of Michael Ironside.
someone on one of my FB groups asked about Michael Ironside vs. John Saxon and I got a little wild
Michael Ironside stars in horror anthology Patient Seven
Michael Ironside stars in horror anthology Patient Seven via
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Actor Michael Ironside Invites You into the Asylum with these Two Clips for Patient Seven! .
My people tell stories of a man--a man not entirely of this world--who alone can differentiate between Michael Ironside and Powers Boothe.
There's no film in the 90s that couldn't be improved by Ronnie Cox and Michael Ironside.
Want stories about Arnold Schwarzenegger, Turbo Kid, Visiting Hours, The A-Team and more?. Michael Ironside has...
Elliott Maguire reviews Desecrated (2015) starring Haylie Duff & Michael Ironside . Out on DVD & VOD now and read...
ConSec and Ephemerol. Patrick McGoohan and Michael Ironside at their very best... Scary is saying nothing...
Arnold screaming "See youh at tha party, Richter!" while waving Michael Ironside's severed arms around is one of my favorite movie moments
A frankly must-see combo of Stephen Baldwin and Michael Ironside
FYI: in 5/6/14 tested podcast you say Michael Ironside was one of the maskatron faces from SixMil$Man. That was John Saxon.
Everytime I see Jeremy Irons name I mix it up with Michael Ironside so now I really want him to play Alfred for Batman
it's cool but he's made an error. 80s Dream casting Xavier was always Ed Harris & Logan was Michael Ironside
watching the latest heroes, if it's just a voice over, why not get the best Darkseid ever, bring back Michael Ironside!!
They should get Michael Ironside. After all, I'm sure Darkseid will be a CGI character, so just have him be the voice again.
Michael Ironside might be the only actor who has mentioned brain sucking twice in his career.
And finally, a picture of the great Michael Ironside being interviewed …
Mate, LOVE Eric Broussard's swagger! My favorite CIA op-turned-badass back in the day was Michael Ironside's Ham Tyler on "V."
Remember that time when Michael Ironside got his legs eaten off? It's kinda like that, but not really.
Michael Ironside as Katana did have the best line in Highlander 2: Ashes to Ashes, Dust to Dust.If you don't take it out, its going to rust.
I basically was a precocious little kid.
I get it, but, MICHAEL Ironside imo
Finished the mix on my new film Patient Seven starring Michael Ironside! Coming soon from !
I am such a NERD I recognized Michael Ironside in Flash 2x03 episode but as Jester from Top Gun
Michael Ironside is my one, true Darkseid. This guy's just a poseur.
The most unbelievable thing in Total Recall is that Arnold Schwarzenegger would be afraid of Michael Ironside.
For Darkseid, just bring in Michael Ironside. He is most qualified for the role. Pay him whatever he wants.
Michael Ironside would make a perfect voice for
Nah Splinter Cell was awesome except the new one it sucked cause Michael Ironside didn't voice Sam Fisher!
"Legends of Tomorrow mentions Top Gun. Michael Ironside, who plays Lewis Snart, was part of that film's main cast." WH AT
Michael Ironside is the badguy, Sean Connery is resurrected, there's a reel missing from the third act, an no one cares.
Worth watching to wonder what the producer had on Michael Madsen, Lori Petty and Michael Ironside.
My dad just told me about an accidental conversation he had with Michael Ironside.
Michael Ironside - voice of Darkseid, father of Lois Lane & Capt Cold
Michael Ironside needs to be the voice of Darkseid in
Yeah, it had a very 80s vibe to it. Michael Ironside was the big bad with an eyepatch and there was SO much blood and gore
Michael Ironside just showed up in The Flash. I am in love with this show!
Saw a quick shot of TV & thought "Michael Ironside in period dress? What?" but no, it was Anthony Hopkins in The Wolf Man.
>> haired dude 2nd to Michael Ironside's character in Total Recall?
And they stayed true to the bit where Michael Ironside loses a limb in every film.That joke is almost as bad as Sean Bean dying in films.
the music and gore are fantastic. Plus, it has Michael Ironside
is it just me or does anyone else want michael ironside to voice darkseid in YJ season 3?
Michael Ironside. .badyet endearing in every role he plays
Going live now: Playing some Splinter Cell and Michael Ironside
Michael Ironside was the PERFECT villain too
Michael Ironside did his voice in the series, but he unfortunately looks nothing like him. I agree with Ron Pearlman
All this week needs is Michael Ironside to drunk drive into Bill Murray mid-sex in a threesome with Lynda Carter and Billy Dee Williams.
5) Darkseid played by Michael Ironside & Granny Goodness played by Ed Asner on Justice League
Littlest Hobo came up in conversation this wk. “My friend Audra ...” Michael Ironside, Mike Myers also had 1-ep appearances.
It makes me wish they got someone menacing. Like a Michael Ironside, or Keith David, or Clancy Brown, or Ken Watanabe, or Benjamin Bratt.
people I wouldn't mind as Darkseid Andre Braugher, Michael Ironside, Steve Blum, Frank Welker, or Tony Todd anybody who did
Wohoho! First Clancy Brown, Doug Jones, Mark Hamill, and Victor Garber, now Michael Ironside!? The Flash is killing it with the cool dudes.
I want to see a movie with Tom Sizemore, Lance Henricksen, Ray Wise and Michael Ironside all playing bounty hunting brothers.
- Michael Ironside, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Rutger Hauer were all considered for the title ro…
Also, tangent, Tom Hardy's prob nice, but Michael Ironside's Sam Fisher *** it. cc:Some studio who dgaf what I think.
I will suffer through a great many things for Michael Ironside or Sam Neill.
80s Sci-Fi like Spacehunter was hardly quality but it still has its charms. Bonus Michael Ironside as the villain.
Finally watched Turbo Kid. It's a charming indie that I had fun watching. Always fun to see Michael Ironside.
Everybody knows that Michael Ironside is the one that makes a game a legendary adventure.
Here comes Michael Ironside, and he's hungry!.
of course I bought a game for the voice acting. Splinter-cell hasn't been the same since they retired Michael Ironside.
Escape from New York 2: Tom Hardy as Snake Plissken, Morgan Freeman as the Pope and Michael Ironside as the bad guy
If they don't cast Michael Ironside as Darkseid someone's gonna get hurt.
with me, it's Michael Ironside when he's in the armour.
Just watched this flick captured the feelings that Ready Player One should have given to me. Plus it has Michael Ironside!
The VA can make or break a game for me (wasn't into Blacklist due to lack of Michael Ironside) but I do realize that
Until next time...which will also include large amounts of Michael Ironside...
All these remastered games.. how about getting to do it with and at the same time get Michael Ironside back 😏🙏😋
"I don't know why I'm hear but it's gotta be important..."- Michael Ironside on
Highlander II 2 the sequel to the sequel. It's mostly Sean Connery & Michael Ironside throwing bottles at each other.
"Rico, I need a new corporal. You're it until you're dead. Or I find someone better." The world needs more Michael Ironside.
Guys. I feel it’s essential to mention that the impending album will have a track on it called “MICHAEL F*ING IRONSIDE” !
I always think of Michael Ironside when I see this.
They're secretly all just Michael Ironside on sockpuppet accounts.
Lack of Michael Ironside in Splinter Cell: Blacklist caused the game to flop a decent amount, despite new advances
Michael Ironside MADE Sam Fisher. His performance is the biggest reason why Sam is so awesome.
With all due respect to Morgan Freeman, I've decided to go with Michael Ironside to narrate my life.
Daughter of Michael O'Sullivan says DWP system needs an overhaul - ITV News via
Visiting Hours-Michael Ironside was good, but the rest of the movie relies on the idiocy of the characters to propel the plot.
All about Michael Ironside ... : Height Weight Birthday Zodiac Filmography Biography - see at
They need an Expendables villains movie with 80s bad guys: Alan Rickman, Gary Busey, Michael Ironside, Frank Langella etc.
Looks pretty accurate to the comic. Hope they bring back Michael Ironside or Andre Braugher to provide the voice.
Should've brought Michael Ironside. MGSV clearly wants to be Splinter Cell. Might as well go all the way.
Somewhere about 1980 Michael ironside and I sat in the club 22 and drank $400 worth of Margarita's between us. I...
I added a video to a playlist Michael Ironside Talks Splinter Cell Game, Movie
I liked a video from Michael Ironside Talks Splinter Cell Game, Movie
I'd go with loving tribute. They even found a dude who sorta looks like Michael Ironside
but it's good :0. And has Michael Ironside.
Today's Watchers (1988). Corey Haim, Michael Ironside, a telepathic dog and a monster. Sadly, not the sum of its parts!
Al mine sound like Michael Ironside with a sinus blockage
The voices in my head sound like David Patrick Kelly, Michael Ironside, and Curly.
"Jester is just so... Michael Ironside. He's not funny at all, why do they call him Jester?. ...My God."
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
I would recommend "Turbo Kid" based on Michael Ironside's legendary performance alone. Definitely a good time.
+ Michael Ironside and Skeletron kick *** on that female mad max movie!! I'm dropping the mic now.
About to go see w/ and Lets see some saw blades and Michael Ironside.…
Why did Michael Ironside never get to be a Bond henchman?
I heard about this earlier this year and completely spaced it. It looks fantastic! And yes, Michael Ironside - so cool!
We chat to the mighty Michael Ironside about Turbo Kid, remakes, V, The Flash and directing
Great interview with Michael Ironside on Turbo Kid, falling out with Cronenberg, and Interstellar:
Plus Michael Freakin' Ironside as the baddie. What's not to love?
NO the whole film in Luv with Michael Ironside and so sexy in V
Watch -a post-apocalyptic BMX driven action comedy with lashings of splatter & the iconic MICHAEL IRONSIDE!
Speaking of - my =massive= chat with cinema icon Michael Ironside talking Zappa, Cronenberg & Kubrick http:/…
This looks so delightfully campy that I've got to see it. Plus Michael Ironside.
Michael Ironside is the voice of Sam Fisher and DCAU's Darkseid. His voice could make God wet Himself.
Michael Ironside's voice is enough to make Sam Fisher a likeable character. Dude's voice could make God wet himself
And Sam Fisher isn't voiced by Michael Ironside, but by David Hayter.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Michael Ironside and David Hayter should really get together and voice their own spy espionage game called Splinter Gear Metal Cell Solid
I liked a video Hitler reacts to Michael Ironside not playing Sam Fisher anymore
TV News | Michael Ironside and Adam Copeland Cast as Lewis Snart and Atom Smasher in The Flash
Michael Ironside has been cast on as Leonard and Lisa Snart's father
adds Michael Ironside as Captain Cold's father for Season 2
.casts Michael Ironside as 'Lewis Snart' and Adam Copeland as 'Atom Smasher':
The Flash casts Michael Ironside as Lewis Snart and Adam Copeland as Atom Smasher
Michael Ironside joining the cast of The Flash as Lewis Snart, dad to Lenny and Lisa.
ill direct with a German accent and rehire Michael Ironside and cast Thomas Jane in every role possible.
if they ever need a badass replacement for Michael Ironside, I think David Morrison would do just fine
please get , Tom Sizemore, Mickey Rourke, Rutger Hauer, and Michael Ironside for your next film.
Michael Ironside is Vietnam vet with working knowledge of the alien/human treaty on his pot farm? Extraterrestrial
aw man - Michael Ironside. The greatest Jack Nicholson who never was.
Georgia has now been attacked by the Bug army too! Where is Michael Ironside?!
Michael Ironside realising his character from Highlander 2 there.
According to IMDB Michael Ironside was TOO BIG to play Robocop! /fans self
**Underrated Actor Post of the day Michael Ironside: burly, growling Canadian grizzly bear with…
also, they need to get the old voice actors at least for villains a la Michael ironside Powers Boothe etc
Now Starship Troopers is on. I think Sundance is having a Michael Ironside marathon.
Can't pick one but I'd throw Elisha Cook Jr., Michael Ironside, and Fred MacMurray into the mix.
And by having similar success, Helix is Canada's band, Michael Ironside is Canada's actor and Definition is Canada's show!
this pic is making my afternoon. Oh look - Michael Ironside, top right.
... & you gotta love Michael Ironside as Gen Lane.
Since it's called Chaos Theory and it's part 3. Max is voiced my Michael Ironside and Chloe is David Hayter
my vote is yes! Lloyd Bridges most certainly counts! Ever work with Roy Scheider or Michael Ironside?
battle truck mad Max thunder road only made in 1982 and with Michael Ironside and less colour
He is the Michael Ironside it's okay 2 enjoy bein afraid of, & the cake hooker offering was epiclarious
Thanks to and I got to see Michael Ironside be an evil psychic
Meh, I like Splinter Cell the most. Michael Ironside beats all but Arnie.
Watched it now see this or read this Genius.
Please check this item out on my eBay store!. Cold Night Into Dawn (Michael Ironside) DVD 2007 N&S via
maybe i need to see Spacehunter again. It has been 32 years. Michael Ironside is the canines plums, though.
. Both do a more than serviceable job in the film. Michael Ironside always delivers the goods. 😉
And just like that... Michael Ironside is in my head.for the rest of the night. Lol!
I love how Michael Ironside goes full "Jack Nicholson" in Extraterrestrial XD
it's got it all: aliens, butts, and a bloated Michael Ironside doing his best Gary Busey and failing.
Michael Ironside, I thought he did an amazing job as Sam Fisher in the Splinter Cell series.
About to watch another VHS movie. Michael Ironside.
I'm watching this movie Extraterrestrial even though the reviews are bad. But come on: Michael Ironside! That makes it worth my time alone.
you seen this? I yelped a few times. On Netflix. Michael Ironside isn't missing a hand in this one :D.
would love FREE WILLY because Michael Ironside is the evil villain in it.
Reminder that Michael Ironside successfully said "They sucked his brains out" with a straight face.
Michael Ironside as nutbag backwoods potgrower. I kinda love it.
if the C&C clone has cutscenes with Michael Ironside in them I'm in!
Hey, instead of yet another Assassin's Creed, how 'bout you make a new Splinter Cell game with Michael Ironside?
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don't forget about C&C 3. Billy Dee Williams and Michael Ironside!.
Now to watch some 1982 thing called Visiting Hours with Michael Ironside and William Shatner.
Peter Strauss, Molly Ringwald and Michael Ironside. Possibly the most 80s sci-fi ever.
Confession, I used to get Powers Boothe and Michael Ironside confused in movies growing up.
Wonderful cast with Katharine Isabelle, Christopher Lloyd, Michael Ironside in a cool little concept…
David Hayter and Michael Ironside should start a club.
Now I'm going to watch 88 because it features Michael Ironside and Christopher Lloyd and frankly I'm STUNNED they're still alive.
Happy birthday Michael Ironside! No matter what, you will always be the voice of Sam Fisher!
I like to imagine Christian Slater evolves into Michael Ironside the same way Ivysaur evolves into Venusaur.
This view of Old Ironsides is nice, but when are we getting a 360 view of Michael Ironside?
I had this "ah ha" moment during the Michael Ironside interview when I realized he voiced Sam Fisher from Splinter Cell
“Who is your favorite video game voice actor/actress?” Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher. Jen Taylor as Cortana.
Michael Ironside's Splinter Cell paycheck, and how he found humanity in killing via
Anyone complaining about Peter Dinklage in Destiny must not have heard Michael Ironside in Splinter Cell.
IAMAs on Reddit today: Jeremy Renner, Michael Ironside, Ray Liotta, John Cho, Jane Jensen, and a US ambassador to Switzerland.
Michael Ironside (voice of Splinter Cell's Sam Fisher) on the stereotype of gamers vs. actual gamers
Michael Ironside talked about not being Sam Fisher anymore:
Michael Ironside has such a great gravelly voice. Would love to see him and Powers Boothe in the same film for gravel voice showdown.
Have Powers Boothe and Michael Ironside ever been seen in the same room together?
. Michael Ironside as a cop. . Brian Dennehy as an ex cop on the side of the people.
Michael Ironside as Dark Knight returns batman was an inspired choice. And as Darkseid for that matter.
Now imagine Michael Ironside, R. Lee Ermey, Adam Baldwin, Clancy Brown, and Brian Thompson as college professors and not tough ***
If they make another Splinter Cell they need to bring Michael Ironside back as Sam Fisher. It just isn't the same without him.
People the Argentina manager looks like.. Grandpa Munster. Roy Evans in Eastenders. Max Wall. Marlon Brando as Supermans dad. Michael Ironside
Splinter Cell Blacklist is pretty good but Michael Ironside was a legend as Sam Fisher
Holy crap Dempsey looks like Arnold after Michael Ironside punches him in Total Recall.
They should've gotten Rutger Hauer, Michael Ironside or even Michael Biehn :-))
Download this on and Thrasher discuss Heavy Metal 2000 in this episode of the Sequelcast podcast. This is the one that features Julie (Julie Strain Eastman) on a quest to rescue her sister Kerrie (Sonja Ball) from the vile clutches of Tyler (Michael Ironside). Both chat about director Edgar Wright stepping down from directing and leaked set pics from Star Wars Episode VII. Mat chats about Jon Lovitz on the weird karaoke gameshow Thrasher praises the 1990s animated series The Pirates of Dark Water.
I also forgot Michael Ironside spends the whole film looking like Walter Smith.
eff it. threw down on some money and bought Extreme Prejudice with Rip Torn, Nick Nolte, Powers Boothe, Maria Conchita Alonso, Michael Ironside, Larry Scott, and Tiny Lister! Serious memories of HBO in the late 1980s.
The Sin Seer is being directed by Paul D. Hannah. The cast includes Isaiah Washington, Salli Richardson and Michael Ironside to name a few!
Yawners of a . Going back in time with Cronenberg’s Scanners starring a young Michael Ironside & always excellent Patrick McGoohan
I clear lack of Michael Ironside as Sam Fisher and that the story is too much like Bond and not enough like Bourne.
It ain't Citizen Kane, but Michael Ironside + cute little = good enough for me.
Big news everyone! The long-awaited Justice League movie is coming out in 2017! If you're wondering who the villain will be, it's none other than...Darkseid! He's also going to be played by Michael Ironside, who also did the voice for him in Superman: The Animated Series. Aside from that, The Rock is going to play John Stewart/Green Lantern, Bradley Cooper is going play Barry Alen/The Flash, Doug Jones is going to play Martian Manhunter, and Gerard Butler is going to play Aquaman. Henry Cavill, Gal Gadot, and Ben Affleck will be returning as there characters, too. Zack Snyder is also going to direct the movie and David S. Goyer will also write the script. This is awesome and I can't wait for it! :)
Ground Zeroes was quite good fun, as i understand, the base you do the missions in becomes Snake's for The Phantom Pain. Kiefer Sutherland is a brilliant actor, he does a good job as Big Boss, However like Michael Ironside who was replaced in Splinter Cell Blacklist, David Hayters quirks are very much missed in Ground Zeroes. So many conspiracy theories out there on the net. Im gonna miss David Hayter as Snake, but im still going to buy The Phantom Pain. I had 7 hours gameplay on the main mission of Ground Zeroes, which is great, i clocked Modern warfare once in under four hours. So although it's a smaller location, the gameplay is all there. Spent twenty minutes hiding from enemy soldiers in a drain lol.
Michael Ironside at the buzzerrr...and off the rim.
Amazon Shop V: The Final Battle @ V: The Final Battle Marc Singer, Robert Englund and Michael Ironside in the thrilling sequel miniseries about human resistance to alien invaders – from the birth of the first interspecies child to a harrowing countdown to nuclear doomsday. DVD Features: Interactive Menus Scene Access Though followers of current science fiction box series may dismiss V: The Final Battle as a quaint relic from the pre-notebook vigor days, the six-hour miniseries about an alien invasion of Earth was a ratings juggernaut for NBC in 1984 and should still provide some entertainment for hard-bitten devotees and fans of ’50s-style sci-fi. The Final Battle picks up four months after the shock conclusion of the 1983 prequel miniseries, with a small group of humans known as the Resistance struggling to convince their fellow humans that a fleet of seemingly friendly visitors from space are in fact bent on world domination. Executive producer Kenneth Johnson (who oversaw most aspects ...
When the name Michael Ironside appears in the credits, I'm gonna watch it.
Watching SCANNERS on Blu Ray. Young Michael Ironside would have made a great Randall Flagg.
Whenever I say Jeremy Irons, assume I mean Michael Ironside. I have nothing to say about Jeremy Irons.
it's appalling for all his significant work how little Michael Ironside is recognized. Least give the brother a stamp, yo.
New SRC episode. This time we flushed Mutants. Starring Michael Ironside & Steven Bauer.
That detective is a good but goodness, with that forehead of his, he could out scanner Michael Ironside.
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