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Michael Heseltine

Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, Baron Heseltine, CH, PC (born 21 March 1933) is a British businessman, Conservative politician and patron of the Tory Reform Group.

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Furious Margaret Thatcher was planning to send Michael Heseltine a “toe the line or quit” ultimatum…
Margaret Thatcher was planning to tell Michael Heseltine “toe the line or quit”.
Michael Heseltine shagged a deer while on fire
Better than Dad's Army: Michael Heseltine has discovered that Thorpe Park tiger meat!
Seems Grayling's not the only Tory who knocks cyclists off their bikes. Careless Driving? My a*se! 😠…
Actually I think it was probably Thatcher going, I remember I liked Michael Heseltine because I thought his name sounded like 'marmalade'.
Michael Heseltine said this on Any Questions before the referendum.
this was also the approach favoured by Michael Heseltine as a minister. Dyslexia meant preferred detail orally.
Michael Heseltine teabagged a snowy owl while on fire
Looks more like Michael Heseltine in all honesty. Oh god!
Michael Heseltine gave a reach-around to an unspecified number of hamsters as part of a Nazi-themed orgy
Michael Heseltine buggered an unspecified number of hamsters before punching a monkey
Michael Heseltine left after the first time he tried. They asked him to write out his cheque to the Labour Party.
Michael Heseltine buggered a skunk on a platform at King's Cross
I heard in public house that Michael Heseltine has cancelled a stagger-about in Madrid after being by supporters of one Gram...
With the PM away in India, Deputy Prime Minister, Michael Heseltine is taking Prime Minister’s Questions: :
Order Miche Bag Online!
That's about as valid as me saying that because you look like Michael Heseltine you have to treat dogs the same way he does
Michael Heseltine fisted a skunk with no shame
Margaret Thatcher 'approved leak' that forced Michael Heseltine and Leon Brittan to resign
Michael Heseltine's dog Inappropriate as was funding Harvey Proctor's shirt-shop. Why did he fund…
"Michael Heseltine is holding the RSPCA fundraiser" says but Molly and Iris Bailey are keeping away https:/…
Michael Heseltine: I see absolutely no reason why George Osborne shouldn't make a comeback
Michael Heseltine: George Osborne was "the most strategic chancellor I ever saw”
Michael Heseltine and Sheila Hancock said it all! Don't give in to fear!
If Ken Clarke & Michael Heseltine want Theresa May. It's time to back
Tory grandee Michael Heseltine says Boris Johnson has ripped the Conservative party apart, after creating the…
A Leave vote could mean we don't hear from Peter Mandelson, Neil Kinnock or Michael Heseltine ever again. Sadly this canno…
David Cameron Listening to Michael Heseltine on 'One day we'll join the EURO'
Michael Heseltine who stabbed Margaret Thatcher in the back has the nerve to support remaining EU! He's is a bigot and fraud!
Michael Heseltine positive & upbeat about future of Tees Valley & vital role of European Union in supporting regeneratio…
Michael Heseltine and Julian Clary to appear at 10th Henley Literary Festival
Michael Heseltine fisted a barn owl on a platform at King's Cross
Michael Heseltine on Radio 4 now - best rumour about him was that he listed Battersea Power Station just to *** off Thatcher.
CamerWrong's warning of causing war is rejected by 9 in 10 . Actually ONLY Michael Heseltine accepts it. https:/…
LOL, Iain Duncan Smith says Michael Heseltine is yesterday's man. LOL.
Agreeing with Michael Heseltine. I expect to see Cyd Charisse & Gene Kelly doing the Dashing White Sergeant any minute
Thanks to Gideon Bull for link to John Smith video. My favourite moment: Michael Heseltine having to grin ruefully.
I'll be presenting with David Mellor on LBC from 10am to 12 noon. Our guests inc. Michael Heseltine, Charlie Falconer, Liam Fox, Dan Hodges
Michael Heseltine teabagged a stuffed lion while longing for the return of the Third Reich
Michael has delivered hospital patients to a Dalek's clock tower.
'One day, we will join the €uro' — Lord (Michael) Heseltine, speaking on 26 April 2016.
x Those are Michael Heseltine's eyes & doubt if he ever drank a beer either.
Heseltine tells me Thatcher would have voted for Remain. "What she did and what she said" were different.
" would be 'catastrophic' for Britain because it would 'leave Europe exposed to a dominance by Germany'"' - Michael Heseltine
Michael Heseltine got a *** from a spider monkey and claimed it on expenses
Michael Heseltine fisted a goat after shooting up
still claims we should join the Euro & that Thatcher would back remain. -The man is a liar. .
THROWBACK THURSDAY: michael heseltine watching thatcher resign
“Thatcher would have voted to stay in [the EU]” – Michael Heseltine talks to https:/…
Hestletine has just shot the powers that be in the proverbial foot. before we are sold down the river.
A vote for Remain is vote to join Euro - Lord Heseltine makes it v clear. Wrong on Thatcher - she'd be leading Leave
Bury your worldly Michael Heseltine has been he was last seen near his extradition to Libya.
Michael Heseltine and others want Britain to surrender economic sovereignty. Let's vote to leave.
The rumours are true: Michael Heseltine has appealed for the return Mount Etna, stolen from his mansion!
Speaking of posh names - just remembered that Michael Heseltine has grandchildren called 'Mungo' & 'Rafferty'
📻 Michael Heseltine & David Owen on becoming MPs for the first time 50 yrs ago https…
Bang! Michael Heseltine has he needs New to fight the east Pakistan hair-loss outbreak.
Michael Heseltine makes > £90,000 per year with these and guess what? He supports "Remain". I wonder why?
Michael Heseltine shagged a bald eagle while the entire England rugby team egged him on
Listen me now! Michael Heseltine has shot his wife in the *** after mistaking them terrible haircut!
Another lesson never learned since Michael Heseltine, never dress up and pose with military weapons. They backfire
Michael Heseltine sucked off a crocodile with a determined look on his face
Michael Heseltine gave a *** to a crocodile while slagging off Channel 5
Tarzan would be comfortable in the jungle?. Is Michael Heseltine still alive?
If Boris does opt for Leave there is the choice prospect of Michael Heseltine denouncing him for being disloyal on Eur…
Michael Heseltine got a *** from a dingo before an anarchist got him square between the eyes with an egg
Wonderful news: Michael Heseltine has employed one billion Libyan to act like two Grammy awards!
Michael Heseltine still says Britain should adopt the Euro. Watch
Michael Heseltine shoved a cucumber up a puppy as part of a Nazi-themed orgy
Yes. This is a scheme by Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine to create a mini EU in the tory party as an experiment.
Michael Heseltine got a *** from a sheep before punching a monkey
I've always respected Michael Heseltine and his views - he's a very wise man. Ken Clarke has always been a very reasonable man.
Look: Michael has been bitten on the throat by a terrible haircut!
The only Brits I ever remember was Michael Heseltine being dumped on the front row Oh,the Hairmanity
Michael Heseltine gave a *** to a puppy while screaming at the ceiling
Michael Heseltine preaching about party loyalty is a bit like Del Boy Trotter warning about counterfeit goods.
Oliver Letwin is slowly morphing into Michael Heseltine.
The curator, Trevor Hunt says he hopes that Michael Heseltine doesn’t win:
Michael Heseltine on defends tax credits cuts with the 'don't bother your pretty little heads about it darlings' argument.
they've missed Samuel Johnson, Michael Heseltine and Radek Sikorski from my old college (Pembroke).
saving this vine until Tom Watson pisses Michael Heseltine off somehow
Michael Heseltine sold 0 Concords and he is a Tory lord...?. Alan Clark had it right. Rip.
Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine warn opposing the Euro will consign the Tories to electoral oblivion (1998).
Should the UK join? Michael Heseltine and Keh Clarke say yes.
Michael Heseltine narrowly missed being a third in 1990 when he lost the Tory leadership election
Enjoy Scarborough! My Mum and Dad have got tickets, third row back. He's called Michael Heseltine, if you want to embarrass him!
Robert Napier pointing out Michael Heseltine is now in next door office to Interesting re and
Michael Heseltine was fictional. Who knew? :-)
Does Michael Heseltine still think Britain is going to join the Euro?
1999: MICHAEL HESELTINE is ready to break Tory ranks and campaign for Britain to join the single currency
Lol on looking like a school boy compared to go Michael
Michael Heseltine being a magnificently cantankerous old bugger on Sky right now.
Growing hair from short to long, currently at stage 4: the Michael Heseltine.
I'm 70% right-wing, according to "How Leftie Are You"! I'm basically Michael Heseltine. How about you?
Mr. Crick do you think Michael Heseltine would have made a good Tarzan?
An extract from Fun At One, looking at what Chris Morris REALLY said about Michael Heseltine...
Vintage photo of Michael Heseltine looking at camera. - option
Michael Heseltine continued the Govt-linked powers to abuse the targets, individuals and Communities who were robbed as they were demonised
It's Michael Heseltine has claimed to have discovered a variety of nothing of any importance!
Thank God that few here listened to Michael Heseltine, Ken Clarke, Charles Kennedy & Tony Blair when they advocated UK membership of Euro
Greek no vote is a disaster for pro Europeans like Ken Clark and Michael Heseltine
Here is Michael Heseltine saying Britain should join Euro. He said it just a few weeks ago
Here are Ken Clarke and Michael Heseltine launching the campaign to take us into the Euro
"Britain in Europe" was launched by Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Kenneth Clarke, Michael Heseltine and Charles Kennedy
anodyne nonsense. Where is Michael Heseltine, Robin Cook, even Tony Blair, truly we have got what we deserve. Infantile
yeah. Chris Morris satirised the process, and got a Tory MP to read out Michael Heseltine's obituary live
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
at the time Michael Heseltine. look it up you numbskull. Thatcher wasnt voted out She was kicked out by
20% of primary school leavers are illiterate, says Michael Heseltine
It would be beyond amusing if Catherine Heseltine was related to Michael.
Michael Heseltine said this sentence about being an MP. 'You work all hours every day but you do have plenty of time for other things' ???
Michael Heseltine doesn't think of being an MP as a full-time job. I'd like people in power who ensure it is, please.
20% of leavers are illiterate, says Michael Heseltine:
Michael Heseltine said he thinks being an MP isn't meant to be full-time. £67k; not bad for part-time work, eh?
Interesting that Michael Heseltine says 'being an MP is NOT a full time job'.
Michael Heseltine will be on Remember what he said about the joining the Wrong then. Wrong now.htt…
Michael heseltine saying politics is not full time job! Cut there pay now
Michael Heseltine says being an MP isn't a full time job. This is confirmation rather than revelation. Over paid at £65,000 plus expenses.
" My own view is it is not full time job" case you missed Michael Heseltine on MPs + 2nd jobs
Roll up roll up want £67k + exps + large pay rise for a job that isn't full time as stated by Michael Heseltine come be an MP
Michael Heseltine claims bieng an MP is not a f/t job, therefore he must accept p/t pay for MP's then? Being an MP is f/t job
According to Michael Heseltine being a MP is a p/t job. Can I have a p/t job that pays £67000? Oh no I 4got I work 4 the
Michael heseltine says being a mp isn't s full time job, nice to see Tory elders still in touch with society
Michael Heseltine said on being an MP was not a full time, job so why do we pay them full time wages?
Tory former deputy PM Michael Heseltine says unrealistic to expect MP to work full time on 67k
Michael Heseltine has no idea what a full time job is. Born into a closed shop of privilege. Dabbler.
If Michael Heseltine is wrong about MPs moonlighting, he may do well to worry about MPs pensions methinks. All risk, no wage.
And we've only just heard about the original michael heseltine.
Ironic for Michael Heseltine claiming better pay gets better MPs. Nearly all MPs so thick they can't use or setup a co…
Michael Heseltine stated that an MPs job is part-time. At£67,060 plus expenses that is some part-time salary!
. Being a stupid old fool is now a full time job for Michael Heseltine and his cohorts.
Michael Heseltine is trying to claim 'sitting on a board' helps MP's understand 'people' - yes, 'cause we all that, don't …
Clark was actually quoting Michael Jopling saying it about Heseltine, no?
Michael Heseltine: "An MP's salary is not designed to be the total income of all members of the House of Commons"
Michael Heseltine has answered the first question by asking his own question and answering that instead. Pro. .
It did my old heart really good to hear Michael Heseltine say he will spend MY tax money on trident to protect the queues …
I'm liking Michael Heseltine on Hope I'm like that in my 80's. Hope I make it to my 80's actually.
Michael Heseltine on on a panel also featuring David Steel, Roy Hattersley, Mr Blobby and the late Queen Mother
We have also just spoken to Michael Heseltine about - hear what they both have to say from 1700
.. are little more than 21stC Michael Heseltine clones. All talking the talk but none will walk the walk to 'prize'
The one on the bottom left looks like an frankenstein mix up of Michael Heseltine and Boris Johnson
The International Images for Science Exhibition (2013) is now on display at the Michael Heseltine Gallery,...
Now at a station called Haymarket. (Perhaps it's owned by Michael Heseltine?) The rain is fierce, the sky is black, but I have a triple-shot
groups of people yet say that "Michael Heseltine is wrong about everything". This kind of pathetic, immature
,Hope Michael Heseltine reacts to Zoe Williams attack on him!
"Michael Heseltine is wrong about everything." being hilarious and true on
We shouldnt apply Zoe Williams' comments about Michael Heseltine as current viz today because he's been out of politics a long time
Rather felt Michael Heseltine was picked on a bit there Poor chap couldn't defend himself
Michael Heseltine is wrong on everything? You really are not very bright are you. Just another bitter, rage fueled leftie.
Maybe, I think if he spoke like Michael Heseltine no one would be batting an eyelid...
This is untrue. The Govt committed to protecting forests.
The Government is committed to protecting our forests.
Hope Lords Do what is right for the country - this is a terrible Bill.
Hope Lords vote to exempt forests from sell-off today. Debate is at 3pm!
You might like to read my books on Arthur Scargill, Jeffrey Archer, Michael Heseltine and Michael Howard
Line from piece in Economist: "Michael Heseltine on the right and Lord Adonis on the left". Wonder why Scots want something different.
Nice to see Michael Heseltine join the growing Tory calls to remove international students from immigration figures
Excellent, like Michael Heseltine supposedly writing on back of an envelope '1960s Millionaire, 70s MP, 80s Cabinet, 90s PM'
an ancestor of Michael Heseltine perhaps??
After 25 years as a Tory, has finally discovered Michael Heseltine. It's almost as if he's on manoeuvres for the leadership.
About to do the BBC RADIO MERSEYSIDE BILLY BUTLER SHOW to talk about tomorrow's live interview with Michael Heseltine.
British values are what lead Leon Brittan to take the blame for Thatcher's leak that lead to the resignation of Michael Heseltine.
Ha ha! Michael Heseltine has injured by Venice, after French foreign legion parked it on a hill!
Same old, same old. Michael Heseltine, Tony Blair and Ken Clarke promote the EU, the €, and/or have a go at UKIP. Repea…
Starring Neil Kinnock, Shirley Williams, Sean Connery and Michael Heseltine as the meteorite.
As if Nick Clegg hadn't made a big enough laughing stock out of the pro-EU case, along comes Michael Heseltine taking europhile buffoonery to an entirely new level
Boris Johnson, Michael Heseltine, George Harrison, Philip Schofield, your 3rd team (Henley) took one *** of a beating. Well I say beating 17-15 in the last minute, and I rugby...never too old.Karl Kempton Byron Richmond Ross Evans Jason Townsend Seth Munn and of course hero to zero Rupert Erskine.
Michael Heseltine coming across like a wise old man; David Aaronovich, whose writing I like, is a bit of a ***
Michael Heseltine is slowly turning into Margaret Rutherford.
could it be the same word used for when you find yourself agreeing with Ken Clarke or Michael Heseltine?
After all she had Douglas Hurd, Ken Clarke, Michael Heseltine and Geoffrey Howe in her cabinet.
22nd November: 1990: Margaret Thatcher announced that she was to stand down as prime minister, after her Cabinet refused to back her in a second round of leadership elections, against Michael Heseltine . The prime minister said pressure from colleagues had forced her to conclude that party unity and the prospect of victory in the next general election would be better served if she stepped down. Downing Street issued a statement at 0930 GMT after Mrs Thatcher had informed her Cabinet and the Queen of her intention. By 1200 GMT, Chancellor John Major and Foreign Secretary Douglas Hurd had announced they would now stand against Mr Heseltine in the next stage of the leadership contest.
Hoax? Michael Heseltine has survived an incredible nine million days buried Chris Moyles.
Michael Heseltine's mags new digital ad buys into the knowledge engineers congrats Niall another lastminute alumn
 For anyone who ever wondered what David Cameron`s inspiration for being in polical life was they only needed to watch the repulsive spectacle of Michael Heseltine appearing on our TV screens during the Tory conference.His smug, conceited approval of Cameron and his style was very similar to that of a father watching his son following in his footsteps. The pompous attitude was that of a man who appears convinced that he and his protege were born to rule and the rest of us are rather foolish not to simply accept it.Over the years Heseltine has played a major part in British public life. He challenged Mrs Thatcher for the Tory leadership, presumably thinking she was better suited to act as his housemaid than leader. He then campaigned for Britain to adopt the Euro showing a breathtaking lack of economic competence or national pride and now he has a new contribution to make. Just when we thought his odious pompous presence could not be on the wrong side of any more arguments he has decided its time to suppo ...
Michael Heseltine takes a swing at the mail on "It has demeaned the political process."
Must be time to re-air this: Michael Heseltine not Brown but Ed Balls - Tory conf '94 Via
0202 Hrs GMT London Monday 10 June 2013 THE arch Neo Cons Agenda platform the DAILY MAIL had given Michael Heseltine space in 2012 to promote this: "Listening to Ed Balls on economic policy has all the coherence of consulting the undertaker before the doctor has called." The arch capitalist opportunist Heseltine's words are now coming back to haunt all the innocent Labour Party supporters who are stung by the dismal, motormouth lightweight Balls again! What Balls does is to remind all that under this grotesquely Right-wing cabal called Labour front Bench in the Westminster Parliament, the woes of Society will not likely get resolved! And this is being seen in the absence of scrutiny of Tower Hamlets Council from the official, "Labour" Opposition councillors. They defer to "the Party". And "the Party" is sinking in the mire of stupidity, timidity and servility to the Neo Cons agenda. Why Tower Hamlets? Because it is still one of the if not the most deprived b boroughs in all England. [To be continued] The ...
There are some Tories I like, Nick De Bois,Ken Clarke, Michael Heseltine & William Hague
I hope 's next picture is a pic of Michael Heseltine after washing his hair. It would be good fun on so many levels.
Alan Davies is one of my 10 most hated men of all time, in between Pol Pot and Michael Heseltine!
Does this mean that John Major is Dorothy and Michael Heseltine is a bucket of water?
Interesting that we've not yet heard any reaction to Thatcher's death from Michael Heseltine
Whatever you think of Hezza he's definitely a character - still going strong at 80
Michael Heseltine is an evil eurocrat stooge. He also eats kittens.
To be fair, the very last person in the world Mrs Thatch wants to see in her dotage is Hezza:
Hezza compares to Le Pen, says Ukip are 'extremists', and won't visit Lady T. His interview
Ignore Odone's snippiness and read the Heseltine interview in
Michael Heseltine has sunk to a new low. He's compared Nigel Farage of UKIP to Le Pen in France. What an utter disgrace.
As Heseltine's Greatest Hits top the charts, this is worth a read: Michael Heseltine at 80 via
Michael Heseltine I suggest does know uk as it is - go to Hackney Michael see how English are the minority - school hardly English spoken
Michael Heseltine on Boris, Ukip and why he won’t visit Lady Thatcher via Shows lack of judgement re:UKIP
Michael Heseltine makes a choice that UK can't afford the welfare state. Interestingly, he doesn't promote a living wage.
Whatever your political persuasion, this is an interesting and informative interview with Michael Heseltine:
Tarzan at 80 on Boris, Ukip ... and why he won't visit Lady Thatcher: Michael Heseltine, still politically act...
- Michael Heseltine sounds like my dad.
Lord (Michael) Heseltine says on questions that we need nuclear weapons because we can't trust the Americans
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
.Michael Heseltine speaks in Bristol 15 May in festival conference.
Michael Heseltine and Peter Hitchens should mud wrestle to sort out their differences.
Michael Heseltine 'forgets' the cost of children. Why not raise minimum wage? The 99% can't afford profiteering parasites!
Michael Heseltine says we can't afford welfare state? Capitalism can't afford it. The 99% can't afford those profiteering parasites.
You'll just have to resort to R4's Any Questions? Michael Heseltine, Norman Lamb, Diane Abbott, Peter Hitchens on this Friday.
Here you go Para 4. Now, who are you?
Keynote Interview with Michael Heseltine & CIH President very good speaker social housing
Exclusive: Lord Heseltine fears British people are 'too rich to push' for economic recovery reports.
Related to Michael? 'The movements for self-government in Western Australia from 1882-1890' by William Heseltine.
Future President of England Michael Heseltine has vowed react 'without hesitation' if violates space.
Bertie looks like a Pixar animated James Nesbitt voiced by Michael Heseltine.
Comes to something when Michael Heseltine and Ann Widdecombe sound impressive.
Michael Heseltine says the rich are complacent and the poor resigned to their fate
I think that there is in the nature of most people a desire to do something and to do it better - Michael Heseltine
Anthony Hilton: Trading up - Michael Heseltine's brainchild matures
Is London sucking life out of rest of UK? Yes says Michael Heseltine and John Lanchester, author of Capital. Boris' econ adviser replies 720
I've written "Michael Heseltine and the Greater Birmingham Project" too often today. Sounds like a bad edition of the Old Grey Whistle Test
Idea for a sitcom - Michael Heseltine and Diane Abbot in space..
Mum listing the handful of Tory politicians she can stand: Michael Heseltine, Michael Portillo and "the one married to the old woman".
Is it Michael Heseltine, or is it Mary Berry in a suit? These are important questions and I demand ANSWERS!
Wow, with all the Peter Hitchens bile and the Michael Heseltine telling offs I've only just realised Vince Cable is on the panel.
At the end of Question Time, Michael Heseltine will regenerate into Patrick Troughton.
Michael Heseltine hits out at transport spending 'bias': Lord Heseltine, the Government's economic adviser, has ...
just bought the autobiography of Margaret Thatcher, Michael Heseltine and Anthony Mayer on Amazon...
Top story Heseltine has coated a disgusting thought pewter.
the TUC agree with michael Heseltine.
That is superb :) Another ideal Network release...mine was slack in comparison - a TV Times advert fronted by Michael Heseltine
If regular readers of my CovTel column have noticed considerably less prominence given to folk of late, this is probably because the piece is now subbed by someone at Trinity Mirror in Birmingham who doesn't appear to regard folk news in Coventry as particularly important (unless of course it involves Alice Cooper!). The following 66 words were cut from my article for today: "Thursday sees the long-awaited return of The Clarksville Mountain Band in Coventry’s Tump Folk Club. With a line-up that includes ex-Gravelly Hillbilly Richard Heath and Davey Arthur Band guitarist Steve Layton, their lively, foot-tapping country folk sound was a popular highlight in the Godiva Festival folk tent nearly three years ago. "Thursday’s show takes place at the Humber on Humber Road, from 8.30pm, Details 02476 714370." Thought I'd at least spread the word here. Should be a brilliant night!
OK, Dave again, I'm back, what did I miss?
Michael Heseltine book mentioned on - looked (not read it) & it's free ebook to download:
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Because Michael Heseltine stole all the hairspray.
Now Spencer's leaking like a Michael Heseltine's bladder. Ya can't beat it.
Newsnight: Michael Heseltine and Ken Loach 6 October 2010 why Ken Loach is so great
he's being marked by Chelsea youngster Michael Heseltine
Has anyone considered sending a Lib Dem membership form to Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke after David Cameron's Eurosceptic speech today?
Menzies Campbell MP asks PM to invite Michael Heseltine to conduct investigation over pros and cons of Britain leaving EU.
not heard from Ken Clarke or Michael Heseltine yet
Read this; it's good: Though loathing Cameron's modernising disguise, after three defeats they were ready to try anything. But he didn't win, they detest the coalition and at 10% behind, sense little prospect of an outright sod-the-Lib-Dems victory. Failure is what always tears parties apart. Who are the haters? Provincials resent the Notting Hill-Eton clique. MPs excluded from power grumble that Cameron rarely glad-hands in the tea rooms. The Bernard Jenkin old-school, high-Tory right feels snubbed, while Michael Heseltine and Ken Clarke, wise old moderates, launch broadsides against extremism. David Davis, the leadership loser, never rests, reminding his party of its fast-dying-out Daily Express voters."
The people who play Michael heseltine and Geoffrey Howe in the Iron Lady look so like their characters
I find myself in hysterics whenever I remember Michael Heseltine is from Swansea
Douglas Hurd, Michael Heseltine, Norman Lamont, David Mellor, Edwina Currie - leave the bloody picture on screen when chatting
I too know the 1992 Tory politicians that I know via Spitting Image. Norman Lamont? Michael Heseltine? Douglas Hurd?
Michael Heseltine, always a refreshing voice. This time talking about growth, local government & the power of the State
Lord Michael Heseltine will be the key speaker at the Birmingham Chamber of Commerce Group’s 200th anniversary dinner …
It was foolhardy to change avatar and username at the same time, but I'm a maverick. Like Michael Heseltine. Jesus no, NOT like him.
I went to one when Tony Benn, Roy Jenkins and Michael Heseltine were three of the panelists.
No wonder Michael Heseltine is so pro-EU, he receives £100,000 pa in EU farming subsidies. Obvs he needs the money!
WATER FROM THE ELAN VALLEY RESERVOIRS TO THE MIDLANDS OF ENGLAND The current contract swindle between “Welsh Water” and “Severn-Trent” Water Authorities. I’ve just finished reading a book written by John Humphries – former editor of the Western Mail – entitled “FREEDOM FIGHTERS – Wales’s Forgotten War; 1963 – 1993”. It contains some very revealing facts concerning the present arrangements for the supply of water from the Elan Valley reservoirs to the English Midlands. The current contract was imposed on the Welsh Water Authority by the Thatcher Government in 1984, notably by Michael Heseltine (from Swansea!) who was Secretary of State for the Environment at the time. The contract dictates that “Welsh Water” must supply the Severn-Trent Water Authority with a quantity approaching 360 million litres of water daily (the actual figure was 356 million litres in 2002). “Welsh Water” gets the outrageously miniscule pittance of 3 pence per tonne (1000 litres) for this water. The .. ...
Michael Heseltine looks quite like Leslie Phillips if you don't look too closely.
is watching "The Iron Lady" and has a hard time taking Richard E. Grant as Michael Heseltine seriously. Jim Broadbent as Denis simply looks like Roy Hudd, and that bloke from the Gold Blend advert as Sir Geoffrey Howe is stretching credibility just a little too far.
Michael Heseltine: 'I would have liked to be prime minister'
Finding myself agreeing with Michael Heseltine ... I must be getting old ... I feel a critical glare from my 18yr old …
Just seen Singin' in the Rain. In the audience: John Major. When I saw Sunshine Boys: Michael Heseltine.
Monaco again.Ian Josephs of Monaco and Michael Heseltine. Has Heseltine been there at all?
Say what you like about but he did write the only good Christmas song about Michael Heseltine.
Oh. I bought you a one with Michael Heseltine on it, as I though he was your type. I'll send it back.
"Government appears like villains, descending like Mongol hordes on the most vulnerable...” - Michael Heseltine. Quite.
Fantastic to see all them amazing sports personalities and Michael Owen in one place.
just in tatty divine and saw Michael Heseltine!!
if michael bublé doesn’t say hes going to have a bublé bath then he needs to rethink his choices in life
Cliff's original draft of lyrics said 'Christmas time, Michael Heseltine'.
Episode 2 of Pantheon Of Heroes is on at 6.30pm this evening. It features Michael Heseltine being beastly to a gnome.
Expert round up: is government holding back local economic growth?: Local economic success: Michael Heseltine's ...
I wanted to morph George Michael and myself then I saw chewbacca
George ferguson announces May 2013 conference 'what is local Government?'. Michael Heseltine to attend.
Robin Harris on why Michael Heseltine's proposals are a load of guff
Good article in Standpoint by Robin Harris on Michael Heseltine's misguided proposals:
Overrated: Michael Heseltine. Robin Harris on the illiberal corporatist author of the government's growth report
Stop him! Michael Heseltine has genetically modified American Revolutionary War
The leader of West Sussex County Council has said district and county authorities already drive down costs by working closely after former deputy prime minister Michael Heseltine called for them to be abolished in favour of unitary authorities.
Michael Heseltine lives literally round the corner from Margaret Thatcher...
Michael Heseltine is technically my boss; heres a story about his review and what it may mean for env regulators (£)
Michael Heseltine also using the wrong Model for his restructured British State.
Michael Heseltine: The tragedy of Britain is the lack of a governing class brave enough to make big ... via
Not sure of the political context, but this is a great image by Steve Bell
Steve Bell on Michael Heseltine's growth report - cartoon
Just read Michael Heseltine's growth proposals. Do we really need or want a new Thames Gateway Development Corporation - as he suggests?
He did a lot of good for the people of Liverpool, despite opposistion!
Today's column: Michael Heseltine is the Tory's true moderniser.
Love Michael heseltine, Tarzan still doing his thang. Lovely locks
What is it with people thinking it's a good idea to call Michael Heseltine 'Hezza' or similar??
Lib Dem Voice: Opinion: Heseltine is calling for return to cap in hand culture: I take my hat off to Michael Hes...
Found a dissenting voice re Heseltine's report: the Adam Smith Institute
My take on Michael Heseltine, after yesterday's ground-breaking report: In the post-Thatcher years, the (cont)
and we've managed all this without Michael Heseltine!
But the free market has failed? Michael Heseltine is wrong – govt can't plan success, it can only get out of the way:
It will be interesting to see how this situation plays out when Cameron goes to Brussells. Any decent reduction in our overpriced membership of this club could help go to Michael Heseltine's plans for growth, as well as cancel the need for introducing a two tier road tax plan.
Yesterday on TV Michael Heseltine came out with "No stone unturned" I'm beginning to wonder if this is a masonic call for help
What would Michael Heseltine say? Something like 'deregulation alone won't drive recovery' perhaps?
Michael Ray Dibdin Heseltine, AKA Baron Heseltine, has submitted 89 new proposals to the thick lot in charge, How about a Poll Tax?
you're so immature, why do you take such a negative attitude to your fellow leftists *writes gushing piece about Michael Heseltine*
thoroughly enjoying Michael Heseltine telling this government what a regional growth and industrial strategy actually looks like
The Heseltine review: Tarzan goes for growth | Editorial
Pleased to see Michael Heseltine recognising 'there can be more' in his report on UK growth yesterday. There can always be more Michael.
Peer’s economic report is welcomed by county: A CALL by Tory peer Michael Heseltine to giv...
You'd think at nearly 80 years of age, Michael Heseltine would have worked out by now that no one values his opinion.
read this article I'm still in shock
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