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Michael Heisley

Michael E. Heisley (born March 13, 1937) is an American businessman who is the majority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies.

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Once mocked, the Grizzlies articulated a "three-year plan" at the behest of late owner Michael Heisley and sent the…
Michael Heisley told Vancouver that about the Grizzlies
well now that you're not a mod, I guess we can be friends. Screw Memphis BTW. Michael Heisley is my Clay Bennett
As we remember Don Poier... a nudge to and There ABSOLUTELY should be a Michael Heisley memorial in FedExForum
To think that many thought Michael Heisley was nuts for wanting 350 million for the Grizzlies just a few years ago.
Yep- he and Brian Davis actually had an agreement w/ Michael Heisley..they did a press conf, got a team gets better
No better time than now to promote my piece on Michael Heisley and his loyalty to Memphis:
Tonight at 8:30 on Sports Files with Greg Gaston: David Prather, a lawyer specializing in labor law, joins us to talk about the possible unionizing of student athletes that’s going on at Northwestern University. Plus, Michael Heisley, in his own words.
WKNO honors the memory of former Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley, who passed away recently. Check out this 2010 interview with him on Sports Files with Geoff Calkins: And tune in tomorrow night at 8:30 to Sports Files with Greg Gaston for a piece featuring Heisley, in his own words.
Michael Heisley former owner of the Grizzlies died just a few minutes before Adam Silver news conference. Its ironic that he is in Memphis talking about racism!
Seattle SuperSonics move to Oklahoma City The Vancouver Grizzlies were moved to Memphis, Tennessee after the 2000-01 NBA season. On January 25, 2001, it was announced that the Grizzlies would be sold by Orca Bay Sports & Entertainment to Michael Heisley, who originally intended to keep the team in Vancouver. However, the team moved, in part due to the weak Canadian dollar, lack of local ownership, and the unwillingness of some players to live in Canada. After a bidding war between Memphis, Louisville, Anaheim and New Orleans, Heisley selected Memphis as the relocation destination for the Grizzlies on March 26, 2001
gonna pull the veteran card here, Michael Heisley stole our team. Can't cheer for them no matter how much you like the players
I'm actually excited to watch NBA ball for the first time since watching Michael Heisley's gingivitis burn Vancouver. or ftw!
Grizzlies GM Chris Wallace tells us former Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley is in a coma in Chicago hospital. say a prayer for him
had the opportunity to sit courtside for a game! Photos: The view from Michael Heisley's seat...
And us Grizzlies' fans thought Michael Heisley was bad. is the devil.
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So…I’m sitting in Michael Heisley’s seats tonight. Right by the Griz bench.
I think they're what Michael Heisley saw when he tried to read the CBA.
Grizzlies owner defends trades, commitment to win
Before the tip tonight, chew on this article one more time.
Amen. Does Bill Simmons want to take back all those "Michael Heisley is cheap" barbs yet?
Well, the DON'T TRADE RUDY *** movement was short lived. Is it too soon to start a BRING BACK MICHAEL HEISLEY campaign?
Join us tonight at 10 for...a report about some 'ladies of the evening' busted at a nice downtown hotel...a story about a Dyersburg woman who's accused of ripping off nearly $2 million from her employer...A Memphis College of Art student making headlines for her unorthodox marriage attempt with a Twilight movie star...and Michael Heisley on how he lost 85 lbs. and gained a whole new appreciation for his former NBA Team.Join us at 10 for Action News 5!
Jim Buss is officially on my after what he did to Jackson. He joins Keith, Marchand, Michael Heisley, Stu Jackson and David Stern.
Michael Heisley brought the NBA to Memphis and built a winner. But he won’t be allowed to address the fans tonight. What a sad commentary.
Grizzlies sale from Michael Heisley to Robert Pera-led group poised for Board of Govenors approval Thursday. ESPN link:
Grizzlies players filed out of practice Wednesday afternoon looking grim, with little or nothing to say. They were grief-stricken after learning that Dana Davis, the team’s vice president of basketball operations and team programs, had been found dead in his home early Wednesday. He was 56. Memphis Police were asked by team personnel to enter Davis’ Downtown apartment when he didn’t show up for work. The cause of death is unknown. Foul play is not suspected. Davis, known affectionately as “Double-D,” was especially close to Griz owner Michael Heisley. “He was the most charitable human being I ever met in my life,” Heisley said. “I can’t handle it. It tears me up. He was almost like a son to me. I give millions of dollars to charity but he gave his life to it. When he wasn’t working for the Grizzlies, that’s all he thought about.” A Peoria, Ill., native, Davis was an only child to a white mother, Shirley Jean, and an African-American father, William “Mecie,” who was a musician. ...
Sources have confirmed to that Manning is part of the proposed ownership group led by Robert Pera, who agreed to buy the Memphis Grizzlies from Michael Heisley for about $350 million this summer. other co owners would include Penny hardaway and Justin timberlake. This is major in making sure the grizzles are a force in the NBA.
The Grizzlies confirmed Davis' death in a statement Wednesday night without elaborating. The Commercial Appeal reported Davis had not been heard from since Tuesday, prompting team personnel to enter his apartment Wednesday with officers from the Memphis Police Department where they found Davis. Davis, who was nicknamed "Double D," oversaw player development programs for the Grizzlies and handled the travel schedule, accommodations and security on the road. Owner Michael Heisley said Davis was an original member of the management team when he bought the Grizzlies in 2000 and added that he would be greatly missed. Davis also had served on the board of the National Civil Rights Museum
Michael Heisley confident Grizzlies' sale will be completed - Memphis Commercial Appeal
Justin Timberlake may buy Memphis Grizzlies, Timberlake has committed to joining Pera's team of minority partners as the sale of the franchise from Michael Heisley to the 34-year-old technology magnate nears completion
Grizzlies brass like how team is coming together: LAS VEGAS — Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley sat courtside Tuesday in Cox Pavilion w...
Report from visit to Davis Wire workers picket line on July 1, 2012, where they have been on strike for seven weeks, protesting sweatshop conditions. Mike Plaid and I visited the picketers last Sunday evening, to contribute to their strike fund, show solidarity and listen to their stories. To give you some background on Davis Wire, they are the largest wire manufacturer in the US. Their headquarters is in Irwindale, CA and they have another facility in Pueblo, CO. The 100 workers at the Kent facility have been without a contract since December 1 of last year. Some of the company's major customers include Home Depot, Lowe's, and several major construction companies. Davis Wire is a subsidiary of Heico, which is owned by 75 year old Michael Heisley who has a net worth of 1.8 billion dollars according to Forbes. The workers have been picketing 24/7 in front of the Davis Wire factory for seven weeks now. There were about ten people when we arrived. Eight workers, their union rep from teamsters 117, and two fa ...
The Memphis Grizzlies have thrown their hat in the ring in hopes of signing Ray Allen . Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley told The Commercial Appeal that he'll allow general manager ...
Michael Heisley & Chris Wallace talked with local media earlier today. Watch highlights on
When Michael Heisley said, "If we'd known how good Marc Gasol was going to be we wouldn't have drafted Thabeet," I almost had a car wreck.
---> Michael Heisley made the bulk of the decisions there, so with the sale, that's going to change.
Upside. At least Clay Bennett and Michael Heisley still have 0 titles between them.
Ellison's Hawaiian island just a consolation prize for not being able to buy Warriors, Hornets, or Grizzlies. ht
@ 6 I'll talk with owner Michael Heisley about the sell of the team. Why he says he wonders if it was the right thing to do.
Griz Owner: ‘No other deal on the table’: Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley said today that a Forbes magazine repo...
Grizzlies owner has plan to sell team -
Grizzlies owner has plan to sell team
So... are we back to hating Michael Heisley again? Good! Thank God! It feels right.
Heard this: Michael Heisley loves money. Now starting at small forward for the Grizzlies, a $50 bill.
Michael Heisley needs to stop cuffing
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Michael Heisley wants to bring Pau Gasol back to Memphis to play with his brother
Headline: Michael Heisley yearns for the glory days of 2005!
Robert Pera's worth pegged at $800 million, as NBA analyzes sale ... -
I hope that some rich greedy billionaire does to Memphis what Michael Heisley did to Vancouver
The brothers Gasol? Memphis Grizzlies Owner Michael Heisley says he has always wanted to bring Pau back and pair him with Marc
Michael Heisley finds Grizzlies buyer while Michael Jordan still looks for someone to make Bobcats go away & make it look like an accident.
Majority owner Michael Heisley announces deal to sell Grizzlies to ...: Heisley made the announcement less than ...
Michael Heisley bought Grizzlies in 2000 for $170 million, now selling for $350 million. Nice return on investment.
Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley confirmed media reports that he’s found a buyer for his basketball franchise, and citing health concerns, the 75-year old Heisley says the decision was a no-brainer. From and Fox Sports: “Heisley has owned the Grizzlies since 2000, when the franchise w...
It's official! The Memphis Grizzlies are being sold. Last year I posted that Michael Heisley would sell thhe Grizzlies. On yesterday the NBA announced that Mr. Robert Pera, one of the youngest billionares in the world today, has purchased the Grizzlies for $350 million. Mr. Pera is a former executive with Apple Computer. At 35 years old, he has a passion for the sport of basketball. Unlike most armchair ball players, rather than purchase a roll out goal for the back yard, he purchased an NBA team. I think this guy is really interesting. Now the question is will he leave the team in Memphis. For those of you that think he has to leave the team here because of some contract with the City and the Fed Ex Forum, talk to the sports fans in Seattle. I predict that the Grizzlies will move within two years.
Michael Heisley has reached an agreement in principle to sell the Grizzlies to Robert Pera. Pera is a 34-year-old majority owner of Ubiquiti Networks and plays basketball several times per week. Sources say that Pera intends to keep the team in Memphis. The Grizzlies' lease at the FedExForum, furthermore, ties the team to the city until the year 2021. Pera splits his time between Taiwan and San Jose. Heisley didn't consider selling to Larry Ellison, who sought relocation from Memphis. Interesting...
MEMPHIS, Tennessee – Michael Heisley, the majority owner of the Memphis Grizzlies, said Monday he had reached a deal to sell the NBA club to an entity owned by technology magnate Robert Pera.
Michael Heisley reached an agreement to sell the Memphis Grizzlies to Ubiquiti Networks Inc. Chief Executive Robert Pera, who won’t relocate the National Basketball Association team to another city.
Memphis Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley says the team is not shopping small forward Rudy *** according to a report in the Memphis Commercial-Appeal.
Michael Heisley finds California buyer for Memphis Grizzlies: Majority owner Michael Heisley has been trying to ...
Michael Heisley finds California buyer for Memphis Grizzlies: He became a billionaire in October 2011 when his c...
Robert J. Pera, a 34-year-old billionaire from California, agreed to buy the Memphis Grizzlies from majority owner Michael Heisley.
Heisley agree to sale Grizzlies to tech entrepreneur Pera
Memphis Grizzlies majority owner Michael Heisley said Monday that he has an agreement to sell his NBA team to a group headed by California billionaire Robert J. Pera. Heisley made the announcement after published reports that he finally had found a buyer for the team he moved from Vancouver to Memph...
Just got off the phone with Michael Heisley, who says prospective owner Robert Pera has not had "one conversation" w/him about moving Grizz.
majority owner Michael Heisley agrees to sell team
Report: Heisley may have found buyer for Grizzlies (Yahoo! Sports)
But seriously, Michael Heisley's a carpetbagging windbag, and he can go to ***
Michael Heisley is selling the Grizzlies for $350-million? So nice that good things happen to good people.
Michael Heisley: “I want to make this really clear. The league has not approved this (sale). This is at least a 30-to-60 day process.’’
Michael Heisley said 15 minutes ago: “It has happened in the last 30 minutes or so’’ that contract to sell Grizzlies to Robert Pera signed
I just spoke at length to Michael Heisley, Grizzlies owner. He confirmed a contract has been signed to sell the Grizzlies.
Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley has found a buyer for Memphis' NBA team, ESPN is reporting.
Tony Allen on Michael Heisley: "I got nothing but love for Mike Heisley. He gave me the opportunity for Grit & Grind, seasons one and two."
Going up online as we speak: Sources tell ESPN that Michael Heisley has found buyer for Grizzlies: Communications tech magnate Robert Pera
With reports surfacing of a potential Rudy *** trade, Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley stated that the Grizzlies don't plan on moving him. However, there's always a chance...
Michael Heisley always denies it. Said they weren't looking to trade Pau Gasol and OJ Mayo too.
Michael Heisley tells CA the Grizz have no plans to trade Rudy *** - sounds like when he said this...
Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley says there are no plans to trade Rudy ***
The article below is what I found on This guy who wrote this looks like a kid. It was his rant or opinion NOT mine about Lionel Hollins. Why can't you people leave this alone...Memphis fans should be ashamed of themselves... you did the same thing to Pastner, this year, about his coaching the Tigers... Cal left this town high n dry without any reservations. All the complaints are probably from the same group who complain to restaurants, stores., etc., etc. They are professional complainers. Too bad they don't get a salary for such.. Coach Hollins since he has been head coach, has done more for this team as a team and individually and also for this city, charitable, than any person ever associated with the Memphis Grizzlies...I guess since Michael Heisley is getting a rest from these complainers, Coach Hollins is getting it now. Shame on you.
Michael Heisley confirms that Grizzlies have no interest in going into the luxury tax
- Defeat did not sour Grizzlies' owner Michael Heisley:
Michael Heisley, the man who went against his GM to pick Hasheem Thabeet, is questioning playing rotations?
Seems Michael Heisley (owner) and Lionel Hollins (coach) disagree on the role Tony Allen should be playing for Grizz.
The Tony Allen Hype Machine has a screw loose:
Sportstime podcast with GM Chris Wallace AND owner Michael Heisley now posted, Heisley interview to be posted in featured soon
Just like the Red Sox had the curse of the Bambino. The Memphis Grizzlies have the curse of Michael Heisley.
Michael Heisley hasn't stopped talking to Jesse Jackson since the game started. I can't tell you how uninterested Jackson looks
Basically, Michael Heisley has promised not to be Howard Schultz. Reports had surfaced that billionaire Larry El...
Memphis Grizzlies won't be sold to Larry Ellison, Michael Heisley ends negotiations
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley has told Larry Ellison to stop calling. Ellison was trying yet again to buy an NBA t...
Of course Michael Heisley is in talks with Larry Ellison, things were going too well
Michael Heisley teams with Tony Ressler in Dodgers bid
Grizzlies owner Michael Heisley makes bid to buy Los Angeles Dodgers: The Chicago-based billionaire has one of 11...
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