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Michael Grimm

Michael Gerard Grimm (born February 7, 1970) is the U.S. Representative for , which consists of Staten Island and parts of Brooklyn.

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Loretta Lynch did the same thing to Rep Michael Grimm who unfortunately brought it upon himself.
context: AH playing grimm eclipse and michael playing yang so CONFIRMD
Two NYC reps named most corrupt in Congress
I defeated Michael Richmond. Join me in the battle against Wesens! Download Grimm at"
Go with me on this: The man in the mirror is Michael Jackson, & he needs to fill out his wesen montage.
Four new Grimm Eclipse DLC costume packs are live right now on STEAM! Gear up here:
Lots of big moments in losses...Grimm DP, KB tying HR in SF, Schwarber double in 1st game, Hendricks Game 3.
Livin' On Faith - Michael Grimm - the Offical video from Americas Got Ta... via
MICHAEL GRIMM and his fabulous Delta Bound band at Club Madrid/Sunset Station this FRIDAY, MARCH 10th!! Great...
Why not? Trump is better than any soap opera, cartoon, or E entertainment.He have an imagination.Better than Grimm bros
I had forgotten the fight over tanning salons in ACA!.
Supreme Court announced Monday that it would vacate a lower court’s ruling in the case of Gavin Grimm, sendi…
where was the justice for senator Michael Grimm? Hired undocumented,and went to jail,Please stop propaganda
"Gavin Grimm" FINALLY - TRANSGENDER IS AN ILLNESS...stop pushing it on our kids!!!.
"Dante, Michael Angelo, and Raphael will forever unite the German people in spirit with the Italian.” . Herman Grimm 1886
BREAKING Gavin Grimm NEWS! Defeat for libs advocating men in wigs pooping in lady's rooms! flushes dow…
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I used to love the Sisters Grimm series -Michael Buckley, Okay for Now-Gary Schmidt, and Notes from the Midnight Driver- Sonnenblick
I assume the Michael Jackson look is big this season with culturally ignorant Covergirl *** James Charles
Happy birthday to lead singer of The Fall and Leigh Bowery and Michael Clark Dance Company collaborator Mark E Smith
Demand for off-grid solar electricity – Experimental evidence from Rwanda: Grimm, Michael; Lenz, Luciane
Can't remember the exact wording but it was something like the district that Michael Grimm represented.
New York Rep. Michael Grimm pleads guilty to *A really bad yeast infection.*.
Congressman Michael Grimm went to jail for hiring undocumented immigrants and lost his lawyer licence
We have advanced three wrestlers to district action next week at Heath - Michael Grimm 4th, Miles Mazik 2nd, and Sam Robinson 2nd. (cont.)
Ugh really? Michael Grimm is an incredible man and was an amazing Congressman. Shame on you.
are you in jail yet? . Michael Grimm, William J. Jefferson, and Jesse Jackson Jr. were!
Michael Grimm and Greg Howe take you on their soulful journey down "Shady Lane" and tear up the stage with this...
Prettyboy scumbag & felon ex-Rep. Michael Grimm is out-of -jail; with the promotion of S.I. Advance, he is plotting his political return.
Felon Michael Grimm says the media 'demonized' him and claims he wasn't corrupt
David Vitter knows how to party. So did Michael Grimm. Unfortunately their parties are doing illegal things!
'I am only human': Michael Grimm pens letter to Observer.
When will RWBY Grimm Eclypse make it dabute on consoles?
'I am only human': Letter by Michael Grimm says he 'learned the hard way'
Former Rep. Michael Grimm: "I learned the hard way that I'm human."
What I'm guilty of is trying the hardest and giving 100 percent of mys...
Two great artists, singing a Bee Gees classic. Michael Grimm performs an acoustic set on Tuesdays from 4;00 to...
Grimm was railroaded. Plain & simple. Progressives love to h back mass murderers in prison. I'm ok backing Michael Grimm!
Also, remember when Michael Grimm told the judge he broke the law because as a Marine he was afraid to fail?
All right, what office is Michael Grimm setting himself up to run for here?.
.What about threatening to throw a reporter off a balcony?
So, Michael Grimm wrote an op-ed for the The My Penance and Discovering That I’m Human
Michael Grimm, disgraced Staten Island pol, in op-ed for "It's not easy going from hero to villain." 🤔
My Penance and Discovering That I’m Human: Staten Island Congressman Michael Grimm, exonerated on 19 of 20 ch...
34 years ago. Now that's a throwback. Looking forward to seeing these guys at Michael Grimm's birthday party in...
me w/ my friend Michael Bailey Smith (Super Freddy and Corman's Ben Grimm).
Warren, Grimm, Strop, Rondon, Wood have combined for 6.0 scoreless innings and just 1 hit (and 5 BBs, but shh..).
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A soulful gentleman he is, Michael Grimm with just Ac Gtr can sing anything and make u feel it! Pleasure 2 jam with!
I play one of your cd's on repeat at work and get SO many compliments. only I gotta get a new CD
The only thing I'm ever sure about wearing on stage is a smile. .
Sing your heart out my friend. Hugs always
See you then! . If you're in Las Vegas come on out. .
Grimm is kinda in that Michael Wuertz 'won't throw anything but a slider' with his curve right now
ICYMI here's the link to my appearance discussing frmr Rep. Grimm's future w/ &
I don't think it's good for economy to have a broken immigration system.
Sunday's Dose: on Michael Brantley's DL return, streak and more. https:…
This is why we need Michael Grimm back in office representing Staten Islanders, Brooklynites, and Super Storm...
to when Hancock County's own Michael Grimm performed at Silver Slipper!
You know what book series doesn't get enough love? "The Sisters Grimm" by Michael Buckley. Those books were and are some of the best.
It took a whole year to finally own the 2 best Halloween movies! I just love the whole story about Michael's niece!
New York New Years is not gonna be the same with Michael Grimm in prison
Crying because of playing Grimm Eclipse with and Best video ever.
Beautiful original by Michael Grimm!! Michael Grimm - Black and White - Watch:
The Scandals of the Year are: 10. The UK MP's Sex Bus. 9. Rep. Chaka Fattah Under Fire 8. Ex-Rep. Michael Grimm heads to the slammer...
I added a video to a playlist You Got Me Hummin' - Michael Grimm
I added a video to a playlist MICHAEL GRIMM (All Performances!) Finalist on AMERICAS GOT TALENT 2010
Michael: Wanna hear a lie? . Toby: What?. Michael: I think you're really great. You're my best friend.
Does it include the reflection of Michael Grimm?
... and had numerous individual placers, including: Jacob Finogle, 5th at 106; Michael Grimm, 5th at 113; Brayden Starkey, 4th at 120...
Wesens are the Michael Jordan of cleaners.
broad ranging implications for certain combinations in both liquid and solid tumors," stated Michael S. Weiss,
that deserves an honor. Get well soon Michael!
-- Oh no! Feel better soon, Mr. Michael! Thanks for everything you do for us fans!!! ❤❤❤.
Grimm: Scoop on the future of the search for Adalind's daughter (Diana) from TVLine's Michael Ausiello -...
Did you know that Michael's independently released album "Leave Your Hat On" was on the Billboard top 200 with no marketing efforts?!
On my list for tomorrow Michael Grimm has a show on 11/06/2015 in Luzern
Michael McMahon (D) wins the Staten Isl DA race. Another domino from the Grimm conviction via
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Had a great night yesterday... Got there just in time to see perform his songs at https…
It is nearly impossible to find a hard copy of the Epic released Michael Grimm album that was out following his win on A…
The final week of Michael Grimm Switzerland Tour is hitting Lugano, Luzern & Thun! Switzerland fans - don't miss it https:/…
MICHAEL GRIMM ***Angel Eyes*** via · Who did the original Toks, Hint no drums 4 wife
MICHAEL GRIMM ***Angel Eyes*** via Know U Luv this song, Hope U like this version
By Michael O'Connell 'Supergirl' also sees its first DVR gains, and 'Grimm' returns slightly softer. read more...
People are outside NY City Hall throwing a party to celebrate the greatness of Nathan Hale today. Also, Michael Grimm is reporting to jail.
Listen to The Sound of Your Name by Michael Grimm on
Check out Michael Grimm from 8/28 - 8/30 all weekend long at Bar At Time Square starting at 4PM! Share you're...
Grimm or Sleepy Hollow Funko Pops would be awesome. Or Michael Schofield and his tattoos from . Prison Break.
Are you at Bar At Times Square? Michael Grimm is here with some tunes this weekend!
I haven't been this anxious on pins and needles to see if my favorite wins since my favorite
First look! Michael Fassbender is a new character in the upcoming movie. Go to http…
Did you know? Michael is not just a singer and songwriter but also an artist! Michael didn't like any of the font for the "Grimm" album so..
Michael Grimm sings the Etta James classic "Dam Your Eyes" back in 2010 in Kiln Mississippi. Video credits...
Michael Grimm performing at at Bar At Times Square Aug.28th,29th,30 4pm- enjoy great music,food,fun!
Or they'd get attacked by Grimm/a dark guild and they'd have to fight together using their blazing manly spirits
Join Michael at the Bar @ Times Square at NYNY Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas for an intimate acoustic performance this Fri, Sat & Sun 4-7pm!
S.I. Republican bosses [sic Don Molinari] - that gave us pretty boy felon Michael Grimm - are now pushing Joan Illuzzi-Orbon for DA...Nope!
awesome customer service from call center resource Michael Grimm.
Michael Grimm."Simple Man" now airing on my Variety Online Radio Channel.
This Saturday, following his acoustic appearance at NYNY, Michael heads to Vinyl for his last August performance! Join us around 11pm...
October third. Come See Michael Grimm Season 5 winner of Americas Got Talent with Tim Huston Project and Ten...
I'll give the Tim Story films one thing: Michael Chiklis is pretty awesome as Ben Grimm
Thanks for always rockin Slant ,come see us live this Friday in LA
Now Playing on Indie Brew Radio: Michael Grimm - Black and White -
Catch Michael Grimm ~ up close and personal ~ at his acoustic performances at the Bar at Times Square http:…
their version of rep. Michael Grimm
I remember attending a presser where Michael Grimm was calling for a probe into whether Jon Corzine perjured himself. And here we are today.
The court's.naturalization ceremony is getting out at exactly the same time as Michael Grimm's sentencing: welcome to US citizenship!
Michael Grimm's song about life in color/life in "Black and White"~NEW album!
Vinyl spins with Michael Grimm; new CEO taking over Downtown Grand
Michael Grimm, winner of season 5 of America’s Got Talent, has just released his latest album “Grimm”!… via
"Grimm is a five star performance from beginning to end.". Read the full review on Michael's new album here:.
Michael Grimm of season 5 has released his video for "Black and White"! Check it out here:
Season 5 winner Michael Grimm has a new music video out! Check out "Black and White" here:
Will Aaron Schock be living in a state pen when his pal Michael Grimm arrives? Misappropriating tax $$ is a no-no
Staten Island Rep. Michael Grimm hit with 20-count indictment on federal fraud ...
Michael Grimm and the GRIMM band make their first stop on the ~ Friday, July 10th at the Hard Rock...
I still think Michael Chiklis was ultimate Ben Grimm.
New York Congressman Michael Grimm's fraud case to start December 1 via
Michael Grimm statement on grand jury (no need to brace yourself for shock)...
Editor's note: Rep. Michael Grimm, a Republican who represents the New York City borough of Staten Island, won..
Songwriting is so important & makes some of the best work! Here's the latest from Michael Grimm
"Generation Next" was written by songwriter Michael Grimm! I hope you like it as much as I do!
Michael Grimm, winner of America's Got Talent season 5, just released his new video! Check it out!
Michael Grimm of America's Got Talent just released the "Generation Next" video! A real songwriter!
Michael Grimm just released his song "Generation Next"! I hope you love it as much as I do!
Here's some songwriter news: Michael Grimm's video for "Generation Next" is here!
Love that your org supports songwriters! I support Michael Grimm & want you to see "Generation Next"
Michael Grimm shows his songwriting skills in his song "Generation Next"! You can see the video here:
Love the vibe and the message in Michael Grimm's "Generation Next" video!
LOVE the vibe and message in MICHAEL GRIMM's video "Generation Next"! New CD 6/15!!
LOVE seeing PHOENIX and local celebs in Michael Grimm's "Generation Next" video!
3 DAYS AWAY! See you there Few tix still available:
Catching up with Michael Grimm as he drops a new album and starts Hard Rock residency: Catching up with the…
Michael Grimm and the band today on Valley View Live! GREAT performance!!!...
You can now catch performing right here in Here's the details:
, Michael is a talented artist.People can see him at Hard Rock,The show is amazing - Thank You!!
.is about to perform LIVE on Ch. 13 so tune in now to hear their amazing sound!
CD Release Party for MICHAEL GRIMM's new album~Sat 5/23~Hard Rock Las Vegas!! Be there!!! RT
CD Release Party for Michael Grimm's new album~Sat 5/23~Vinyl at the Hard Rock!! Gonna be a blast!!!
Michael Grimm has a show on 04/25/2015 at 05:30 PM @ Viva Las Vegas Event ... in Las Vegas, NV
Who told you that The brothers Grimm.Or was it the fantasist Michael Green
Wondering when Congressman Michael Grimm is going to release his shirtless selfies.
Michael Chiklis was born to play Ben Grimm. Sadly the rest of the cast was not as ideal. Even Chris Evans was only adequate as Johnny.
for an appearance at Teplice Theatre tonight in
We flew all the way to Czech Republic to spend with my wonderful Mother-in-law!
Judge refuses to reconsider jail term for ex-girlfriend of former Congressman Michael Grimm
Sat behind Michael Grimm in church today 😍
Michael Grimm has submitted their volunteer pre-seminar forms! We look forward to with you. @ pianomanmichael
But that's b/c conservatives won't tolerate it. It's normal for liberals.
Rep. Michael Grimm pleads guilty in tax case, refuses to resign
Grimmsters are an awesome lot of people !! Thank You Michael !!
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Watching be depressed that a Republican held Michael Grimm's seat despite their best efforts.
. This is very cool, especially since my dad finally "saw the light" and compared you to a modern day Janis Joplin.
when Kris wrote that song we were just a sparkle in our grandmothers eyes yeah.
"Hey, Bobby shared the secrets of my soul. Through all kinds of weather, through everything ..." ~ 📝 Kris Kristofferson
Guitars are flyin' !!! ~ Michael Grimm, Carlos Guererro, and Colin Hotchkiss backed by Drew Masterpole's steady...
Rep. Michael Grimm refuses to resign after guilty plea in tax case
Rep. Michael Grimm says he won't resign after ...
Dan Donovan, the guy responsible for the cover up of the murder of was elected to Congress on Tuesday.
Jewel you made me think of Janis at Woodstock in '69, I have tears in my eyes sound just like her, Great!
Loved you too together.So much soul! How about a duet on your next CD Jewel. Would be amazing!
Hello, my dear friend. Could you help me go to my website Shop | FG-Z1. . Thx!
It was awesome seeing this duet again ~ reminds me how amazing Michael is and why fans love him!!
to 2010... performing "Me and Bobby McGee" w/ the amazing on the season finale of
Excited to kick off residency with his CD Release Party on 5/23:
Michael Grimm sighting at Staten Island Borough Hall - asked if he has been in touch with "I'm not giving any interviews."
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Today's a kind of day! His music makes me so happy! "Old Biloxi, please take me there. I've got a song…
Staten Island district attorney from Eric Garner case wins Michael Grimm's congressional seat:
It's it's Tuesday, America's voting. Today it's to replace Michael Grimm. Follow House races reporter.
Let's talk about with on Highway Radio 😘. Listen here Get it June 15
awesome our Trubels coming back !! Nicely written episode too Michael !! Thanks !!
I put in request for Michael w PR a few weeks back! I WOULD LOVE TO HAVE HIM ON. Let's make this happen!
Always enjoy how you have evolved as a performer in both musical genres and also your persona. Always well done!
A taste off my new album NEW SONG . Listen here Album release June 15
9. When asked by if disgraced Michael Grimm was a good Congressman, Donovan said "yes"
Did Dan Donovan not indict anyone because he knew it would be be a political albatross in replacing Michael Grimm's congressional seat??
is waiting for you Bart man! Such a sweet man and awesome voice! 🎤🎶🎶🎶
... Beautiful night for fabulous music If you're not here ... dang you're missing it
If you have never been to a show go!
Exciting shows coming up, including our new reisident
NYT story on special election to fill vacated seat of felon Michael Grimm; rues lack of Eric Garner "race baiting".
Why not start the weekend early? Michael Grimm FREE concert at the LINQ promenade. Tonight at 7. I be there!.
Meet the Staten Island DA running to replace Michael Grimm in Congress:
Michael Ruddy is fundraising for on Show your support
Why the Eric Garner has been a mere footnote in the special election to replace Michael Grimm
Heads up! Today at 7pm of performs LIVE on our Fountain Stage!
Cuomo says he's not endorsing in race to fill Michael Grimm seat. More
1 person choose the Republican candidate to run f/ the seat vacated by felon Rep. Michael Grimm. I'm writing-in the name: Nicole Malliotakis
Michael Grimm says in the Bronx last night are in custody.
Wonder what Michael Grimm is up to these days? We got answers:
Michael Grimm has the long arms to speed-run “Earthworm Jim”, but scouts say chihuahua ownership could be an issue
Michael Grimm and his band ~ April 30th from 7:00 to 10:00 pm at the Fountain Stage ~ Linq, Las Vegas!...
Michael you have a GOD given voice and talent, so thrilled great things are coming.!!
Coming Thursday night to see Grimm & his band. They are totally awesome!!
NYDN: Democrats all but concede Rep. Michael Grimm's Congress seat to Republican Dan Donovan
New York special election set in race to replace ex-Rep. Michael Grimm via
Double take alert: Michael Grimm, who resigned in January from Congress amidst federal indictment, just walked onto the ***
Michael Grimm, former Rep who pled guilty to federal tax evasion, is on House floor talking to chair walden
Am I alone in thinking Sheldon Silver and Michael Grimm should share a cell?
New York Rep. Michael Grimm pleads guilty to a felony charge of tax fraud, but says he won’t resign from Congress
GOP leaders refuse to weigh in on Grimm - Politico:
is to what Christian Bale is to Michael Keaton. DARK
Rep. Michael Grimm is resigning from Congress, after guilty plea - The Week Magazine
NY Rep. Michael Grimm to resign over tax evasion - Los Angeles Times
Rep. Michael Grimm says he wont resign after pleading guilty to tax evasion - Los Angeles Times
Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) on resigning from Congress if found guilty - C-SPAN
This Saturday! Michael's at Ron DeCar's Event Center for his intimate show! .
was so honored when THE Alan Hahn wrote lil ol me a message! Had the equivalence of the time I met Michael Grimm LOL
Happy one year anniversary of the Michael Grimm incident
NYCF calls for federal legislation to ban convicted felons from congressional service.
U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm said that he would not resign from Congress after pleading guilty to tax fraud. He has since changed his mind. featured in NBC s Science of Love
Congressman Michael Grimm once vowed to fight charges against him but today pleaded guilty to tax evasion
Michael Grimm has decided to resign from Congress: sources - New York Daily News
Report: Rep. Michael Grimm announces his resignation from Congress, effective ... - Washington Post
Michael Grimm plans to integrate apple pay at pump by early 2015.
NY Rep. Michael Grimm expected to plead guilty to tax evasion - Washington Post
Michael Grimm resignation: why Speaker Boehner is cheering - Christian Science Monitor
A felon serve in Congress? Michael Grimm will test House Reporter threatened ... - CNN
Staten Island DA Dan Donovan — the prosecutor in the Eric Garner case — was picked Saturday as the GOP nominee for the seat vacated by disgraced Rep. Michael Grimm. Staten Island Republican Party Chairman John Antoniello selected Donovan over state Assemblywoman Nicole Malliotakis following candidat…
DA Dan Donovan announces run for Congress to fill seat vacated by Michael Grimm:
Eric Garner Prosecutor Tapped To Run for Seat Vacated by Michael Grimm via Oh this makes sense!
Staten Island, N.Y. -- District Attorney Daniel Donovan will announce his intentions to run for former Rep. Michael Grimm's congressional seat, according to multiple reports. Both the New York Observer and NY1 are reporting Donovan will make his intentions known Friday...
Rep. Michael Grimm pleaded guilty to a felony tax charge in arguably the highest-profile public corruption case in New York in decades.
Daniel Donovan, who oversaw the Eric Garner grand jury investigation, vying for Michael Grimm's Congressional Seat
In the wake of a guilty plea on felony tax charges, New York GOP Rep. Michael Grimm resign...
These are Predictions/Prophecies that The Holy Spirit inspired Dr. Michael Hunter to write in December 2014 for the upcoming year 2015. Some of these predictions/ prophecies started coming to pass on the very first day of the year 2015 and can be confirmed by many news media outlets.      Predictions for the United States of America   The American economy will soar in 2015 in the first 6 months. Minimum wage will increase to $8.05 in Florida in 2015. Minimum wage will increase in Chicago to $10.15. Steve Calis, 3rd highest Republican in the House will be accused of racist affiliation and will have to resign in 2015. Two women will lead the justice department in 2015. Sally Quillian Yates will head the justice department in 2015. She will be appointed by President Obama. U.S. government will end combat role in Afghanistan, there will only be advisors left behind to train Afghanistan troops. New York Congressman Republican representataive Michael Grimm will go to prison for tax evasion and will resign. ...
The district attorney in the Eric Garner case is the leading contending to replace disgraced Rep. Michael Grimm.
Bob McDonnell, Chris Christie, OopsRick Perry & Michael Grimm shld all be in jail with Teresa Giudice! And to think the…
Staten Island Republican Party Chair John Antoniello said he will endorsed District Attorney Daniel Donovan to replace Michael Grimm.
1 week after vowing never to quit, NY Rep. Michael Grimm today announced he would resign from Congress. Story
Wow. After being reelected handedly, Michael Grimm is set to resign: via
Why does Michael Grimm have to resign, but not Charlie Rangle and Alcee Hastings?
Rep. Michael Grimm resigns seat after pleading guilty to tax evasion
VIDEO: Staten Island residents react to Rep. Michael Grimm's decision to resign from Congress after guilty plea:
Skimming the news headlines like, . Oh, another republican congressman is resigning for tax fraud. At least Michael Grimm got caught.
Michael Grimm slammed by Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee for lying.
Michael Grimm, convicted Republican congressman, to resign - Newsday -
Michael Grimm, convicted Republican congressman, to resign - Newsday
New York City Congressman Michael Grimm announces he will resign after pleading guilty to felony tax evasion
They want the felons like Republican Congressman Michael Grimm. Happy Holidays!
Republican Congressman Michael Grimm who wanted to throw a reporter off a balcony resigns after admitting tax evasion.
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New York Congressman Michael Grimm to resign after tax evasion guilty plea
Michael Grimm to resign following felony guilty plea Still waiting on Charlie Rangle to do the same
"Michael Grimm, Staten Island Rep, Will Resign. May be replaced by DA who got no indict. …
Republican Congressman Michael Grimm, who won reelection in the fall despite a tax evasion charge, is resigning.
NY Congressman Michael Grimm, who pleaded guilty to tax evasion, says he'll resign Jan. 5:
EXCLUSIVE: Staten Island GOP Congressman Michael Grimm has decided to resign, after speaking with House Speaker John Boehner.
Michael Grimm, who previously threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony, is now resigning from Congress in shame.
Rep. Michael Grimm, R-NY, confirms he will resign, effective next Monday -
Breaking: U.S. Rep. Michael Grimm (R., N.Y.), will resign, according to a person familiar with the matter
Rep. Michael Grimm (R-NY) makes it official, resigning as of Jan. 5
JUST IN: Rep. Michael Grimm announces intent to resign from House after pleading guilty to felony tax fraud.
Asta la vista, don't be threatening to throw anybody over a balcony on the way out.
Michael Grimm has issued a statement confirming that he will resign from Congress
"Prosecutor in Garner case seen as prospect for Grimm seat". Staten Island is the absolute worst.
Around this time last year, Rep. Michael Grimm of New York was asked about his campaign finances. He responded poorly. Grimm told the reporter, ...
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Rep. Michael Grimm set to resign after pleading guilty to tax felony
Rep. Michael Grimm to resign after admitting to tax evasion - Fox News: Fox NewsRep. Michael...
NYC Rep. Michael Grimm resigning after admitting tax evasion; Staten Island lawmaker had insisted he'd stay in office
WASHINGTON — Embattled New York Rep. Michael Grimm will resign his seat in Congress following his guilty plea for felony tax evasion, a House leadership aide...
NYC congressman quitting after admitting tax evasion: Rep. Michael Grimm had insisted he'd stay in office desp...
BREAKING NEWS. Rep. Grimm, who threatened to throw a reporter off a balcony, will resign. htt…
Remember how Michael Grimm threatened to break a reporter "in half" or throw him over a balcony and was allowed to remain …
A GOPer guilty of tax evasion...and avoiding payroll taxes by paying cash to illegal immigrants. Other than...
N.Y. Rep. Michael Grimm says he will resign over tax evasion (LA Times)
Admitted felon and Republican U.S. Congressman Michael Grimm, less than two months after winning re-election, will finally resign.
Michael Grimm, 44, is believed to be stepping down after admitting to hiding a $1million worth of wages and receipts from a Manhattan restaurant he part-owns.
OK so let me see if I have this one right.Republican Michael Grimm, who pled guilty to felony charges is still a proud GOP member of Congress...and you Republicans are all just great with that. But hold up a second. aren't you the same Republicans who insist that 5.3 Million Americans should be denied the right to ever vote again because of past felony convictions?? Seriously Repubs, you never cease to amaze me.
Rep. Michael Grimm pled guilty to a felony - tax evasion. If nothing else, Grimm should lose the privilege of serving the American people in Congress.
My Staten Islander and Brooklynites want to endorse and encourage New York State Assemblyman Joe Borelli to run for Congressman Michael Grimm's seat. I can personally tell you that Joe would have both Staten Island and Brooklyn in his heart and will fight hard for us. Assemblyman Borelli already is serving the 62nd district of Staten Island on a State Level! I have been at hearing and personally witness the will, fight and determination that Joe Borelli had shown on the floor of the State Assembly. I have also talked to all lot of residences from the 62nd district about Joe Borelli, they all have nothing but positive good things to say about Joe his leadership. They have said Joe has keep his promises, has been there when they call upon him, that he is honest, trustworthily and committed to his district, community, seniors, veterans, and the people he represents in the 62nd district! I have also called upon Assemblyman Borelli on some issues and concerns that I had and he was there offering his services, ...
APRep. Michael Grimm (R-New York)A source familiar with the situation confirmed to Business Insider on Monday that staff members who work for Rep. Michael
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Staten Island District Attorney Daniel Donovan has emerged as a clear front-runner to replace Congressman Michael Grimm.
i think i will have to give my 2014 award to the oddest politician to this guy...Michael Grimm threatened a reporter: 'I'll break you in half. Like a boy' We're sure that over the course of American history, a lot of nasty things have been said under the dome of the U.S. Capitol. But none have captured that peculiar "Paulie Walnuts" quality — that surreally unsettling blend of Mafioso threat and crazy non sequitur — quite like the words that Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) hissed at NY-1 reporter Michael Scotto on Jan. 28, 2014. The altercation started innocently enough. After President Barack Obama delivered his State of the Union address, Scotto corralled Grimm, a former FBI agent and Marine from Queens, to ask for his response. But then Scotto tried to squeeze in a follow-up about Grimm's possible campaign-finance violations and the Justice Department's ongoing criminal probe into his affairs. Grimm stormed off camera — before storming back on the second Scotto seemed to throw it back to the studio. ...
Well U know Repubs don't like Taxes so if Michael Grimm avoids Jail he's a Patriot! If not he's an incarcerated Patriot!
Michael Grimm wants the chance to throw one reporter off a balcony before he resigns.
Just in: Rep. Michael Grimm pleads guilty in to tax fraud charge
Michael Grimm to plead guilty to federal tax evasion, AP sources say:
Boehner won't say if Grimm has to go
Nothing says Xmas like a New York congressman pleading guilty to felony tax fraud.
WASHINGTON -- Rep. Michael Grimm (R-N.Y.) may be about to plead guilty to a felony, but there's nothing Congress can do to stop him from taking his seat in the H...
."Michael Grimm has been an effective congressman and I wish him well as he gets on with his life."
He isn't a Or known to push people around. Or make death threats. I'm sorry. Actually he is.
Rep. Michael Grimm will plead guilty to felony tax evasion on Tuesday, sources say:
Staten Island voted for Michael Grimm and deserves a felon of his ilk.
WOW an admitted crook sits in congress. Congressman Grimm to plead guilty
Michael Grimm (R). is a hoodlum. a gangster with a suit and tie. this is how fascism works. it's "politics with violence"   10% Off
HAa! GOP Rep M. Grimm will probably see jail time! Break him like a little boy!
Developing: Rep. Michael will reportedly plead guilty to felony count of tax evasion
NY's Michael Grimm expected to plead guilty via
NYT reports Republican Michael Grimm will plead guilty to one felony count of tax evasion. (Grimm angrily whisper-yell…
The end for Michael Grimm?: New York congressman heads to court.
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