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Michael Gove

Michael Andrew Gove, MP (born 26 August 1967) is a British politician, who currently serves as the Secretary of State for Education and as the Conservative Party Member of Parliament (MP) for the Surrey Heath constituency.

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Hang on, isn't that Boris Johnson and Michael Gove?
I have no faith in something promoted by Farage, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Jacob Rees Mogg, George Galloway & (if he c…
Lord Harris has said Michael Gove has 'no personality'. He could show a bit more gratitude for all those schools he was given
Why next leader? I'd never heard of him before the election? Boris Johnson? Philip Hammond? Michael Gove? Surely…
Now have the "A" team with Nigel Farage Jacob Rees Mogg Liam Fox, Michael Gove and Boris Johnson. No need for…
Unlike public school educated Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Nigel Farage, who have their finger on the proletariat pulse.
People in this Country have had more han enough of lying charlatans like Michael Gove, Boris Johnson and Nigel Forgery.
Michael Gove wasted tens of millions of £s of taxpayers money on Free Schools - 'deeply inefficient'.
I’m not saying Michael Gove is a bit of an animal... | Stewart lee
Can they please interview Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Michael Gove & the rest of the clueless, snivell…
Campaigners say Michael Gove needs to do more to tackle air pollution in Surrey Heath
Michael Gove 'fiddling while Rome burns' as further 'illegal' levels of nitrogen dioxide uncovered in Surrey Heath
Ian Hislop urges investigation into Michael Gove and Rupert Murdoch via
Michael Gove and Rupert relationship should be investigated, says Private Eye editor Ian Hislop ..…
Thanks to Nigel Farage, Boris Johnston, Michael Gove, kippers, Tories and *** for that.
Is Georgie Porgie about to help the help Michael Gove become PM after is booted?
All slaughterhouses in England will have to be monitored by CCTV to safeguard animal welfare, says Michael Gove
Lord Sugar has said Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be thrown in prison for the “lies” told during the EU ref…
Hard Brexit will see Britain's favourite brands 'ripped off abroad', food groups warn Michael Gove
Lord Sugar says Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should be in prison over Brexit 'lies'
Michael Gove has told European fishermen they will be able to catch “large amounts” in British waters after Brexit
6. The new "Marr" experiment begins by asking Michael Gove a question in front of a much larger audience.
Michael Gove sparks furious backlash by suggesting foreign trawlers will still have access to British ...
Michael Gove hosting his flop yuppie TV show 'Stab in the Dark' 🐒.
The Conservative Party is stabbing the British people in the back as usual.
Michael Gove starts to break Tory election pledge on fisheries by telling Denmark UK can't fish UK waters by itself
Have a surprise for you. The same article in "express"... Gove says:. "... even…
Is this the start of building new homes in environmentally sensitive areas?
"Yet another lie of the Leave campaign has been exposed" responds to Michael Gove on fisheries
Well Michael Gove has really done a job on us. So much for the Tories.
He's generous to a Tee that Michael Gove. Either that or East coast Scots fishermen have been taken for mugs.…
All purpose parts banner
.CEO says Michael Gove's plan to put the environment at the heart of British politics "is critica…
Danish fisching organisations optimistic about future access to UK waters after meeting with Michael Gove
UK does not have the capacity to catch and process all fish in UK fishing waters, Michael Gove said in Denmark
Michael Gove tell Danish fishing representatives their fleet will continue to have access to UK waters after Brexit https:/…
Michael Gove ,more to be pitied than blamed .Out of his depth , should never be in Politics . Far too nice . Respect our Seas.
This by is both depressing and excellent:
Tory sell out of British fishermen as Gove promises that EU nations can fish in British waters after Brexit.
About Fish Brexit with quotes from Dale *Rod*mell and Mike *Hook*em:. From and .
Michael Gove accused of changing stance on fishing rights after Brexit - Daily Mail: Daily Mail… News UK Nation
What a little toad Michael Gove is.
Gove even campaigned to take back total control of our waters, disgrace.
Michael Gove. Do not undo the good you started. Only British will fish in our waters.
What is this foolish, irresponsible government playing at? Have they no common sense?
fishing boats will still be able to access British waters after Brexit, Michael Gove confirms
Michael Gove tells Danish fishermen they'll still have access to our waters after Brexit ...
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Michael Gove says European fishermen can cast nets wide in UK waters after Brexit
31. Regardless of you attempting to repeat it, can you on, the show, now clarify Michael Gove only…
28. Nick Clegg can be accused of being undemocratic if he won't admit Michael Gove said what Andrew said he sai…
27. Andrew can repeat what Michael Gove (didn't) say to people in the Newspaper segment
Look, "Michael Gove on Andrew Marr" sounds to me like a private matter.
25. May I suggest you attempt to repeat the test based on the fact Michael Gove also argued for £100 million a…
19. He said "In particular" Michael Gove made it clear that leaving the EU meant leaving the Single Market
tRuthLess Davidson pulled the wool over NE Fishermen, she used them to obtain votes . But the truth is now revealed
17. Andrew claimed Michael Gove CATEGORICALLY said "A vote to leave is a vote to leave membership of the single…
Michael Gove confirms foreign trawlers will have continued access to UK waters.
Michael Gove has told Danish fishing industry they'll have access to UK waters post-Brexit. What *** is going on? http…
12. A third time, the question and Michael Gove's phrase has changed again
8. Michael Gove answers "No, we SHOULD be outside the Single Market."
.tells LBC Boris Johnson and Michael Gove should face criminal charges over “£350m for NHS” bus claim
David Davies, raised by single mother on council estate. Michael Gove, given up by m…
So, Brandon Lewis contradicts Amber Rudd on immigration and Michael Gove contradicts Liam Fox on chlorinated chicken.…
Wow. That's like the same as Michael Gove got for being sacked then re-hired. Gross.
That 5% is probably made up of Piers Morgan, Katie Hopkins, Michael Gove, Nigel Farage and Tony Blair ..etc
"Michael Gove is the Environment Secretary"
Remember, Michael Gove is how Harry Potter turns out in a world where Voldemort wins.
Michael Gove states he is an Environmentalist after spending a career campaigning against EU Environmental policy?
Microbeads will be banned this year, Michael Gove announced in his first speech as Environment Secretary
Michael Gove sets out his vision on the future of our natural environment...
Jay Rayner was asked to share his expertise with Michael Gove - instead he wrote this brutal open letter
Pity my DUP colleagues today who met agriculture minister Michael Gove, it's as close to swamp-life most of them get
Michael Gove accused of causing cabinet chaos as Philip Hammond feud reaches fever pitch
Eddie Grant. 'I don't wanna David Davis' . 'Michael Gove with you baby no more'
What should we make of Michael Gove's 'Green Brexit'? His plan for supporting farmers to improve the environment...
UK Chemicals Industry exports £14bn to the EU. Michael Gove has no answers about the future of this vital industry. https…
About time as well. Love him or loath him, Michael Gove has got it right this time.…
Teachers will however still find a way to be enraged about this because Michael Gove.
Ambitious words from Michael Gove - but Defra cut by more than a 1/3rd and staff hit by pay cap need means and…
My interview with on Michael Gove's apparent environmental enlightenment.
Where can we see a stream of the Michael Gove speech please Lang?
'Gover the moon'. Michael Gove is fired beyond Earth orbit from a giant cannon... er... ...that's it.
Looking ast this pic, I can't help thinking of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and David Davis ... jostling for positio…
While the likes of Michael Gove & Jacob Rees-Mogg plan to make a bonfire of Green regulations, France plans to lead…
Sir Alan Meale says Michael Gove as Secretary of State relied on experts every day
Interesting that Michael Gove is cosying up to Boris Johnson again. Perhaps this time he's going to stab him in the front
Still, it's good of Michael Gove to state so clearly his position that if you didn't vote to leave the EU, you shouldn't…
Amused Nicola that you could think the empathy devoid Michael Gove could actually give a *** about society
Spotted that Michael Gove was trending and assumed the worst. I was right. He's fine. .
Britain withdrawing from fishing agreements: good news for fishermen, but not so great if you're a fish, says
The very existence of Michael Gove is a cruel and unjust tax on us all.
A reminder that Michael Gove doesn't understand averages.
I get literally no benefit from Michael Gove so can you please stop spending my taxes on paying his salary
Michael Gove talking about "the policies that are generating growth". . The UK currently has the lowest growth of any G2…
While the Tory Party finds it acceptable to have Michael Gove in frontline politics we know that they don't understand…
Michael Gove absolutely right - those who benefit from a university education should not have their fees paid by those…
UK to 'take back control' of waters after exiting fishing convention
Every time I hear: Michael Gove Environmental Secretary: I fully expect the hidden camera crew to come out and tell me this a joke
Michael Gove, Richard Burgon, Vince Cable and Owen Smith are in our round-up of today's political interviews:
"Michael Gove's father denies his company was destroyed by EU policies". An old one but one that needs recirculating ht…
I have no use for michael gove, so I don't want to contribute to his salary
If you really want to see just how stupid the Tories think you are. tune into Michael Gove on Lying is just a way of l…
I'm agog with anticipation waiting for Michael Gove to retrospectively pay his university fees to back up his statement.
I had to pay to go to Uni. Michael Gove is right. Why should anti-globalist working class pay for leftist middle-class…
Michael Gove tells he always listened to public sector pay bodies, did he forget he abolished them? http…
Is Michael Gove's cabinet reappointment a sign that the Tories are desperately scraping the barrel:. Yes: 97%. No: 3%. YouG…
Michael Gove should go back to where he came 3 of the Beano...another ace negotiator.
Michael Gove hints that the Tories might be about to end austerity
If you didn't benefit from the use of Michael Gove's £702 fridge freezer then you shouldn't have had to pay for it.
Argument from UK government that this will help environment is farcical - don't recognise borders.
Michael Gove says £1 billion ‘bung’ for DUP is good for everyone because it keeps the Tories in power
Michael Gove just dodged saying if the DUP's £1bn 'bung' will get even bigger.
only the 1% benefits from a Tory govt but for the last 7 years we've all paid for it.
Michael Gove says £1bn Tory-DUP deal is in national interest. Was it in national interest for Tories & DUP to block pub…
60% of UK catch is sold to EU. W/o a tariff-free deal (by no means certain) UK fishing will be decimated. Control?
UK will ban foreign fishing after leaving EU, says Gove – video
A modern-day "There's no such thing as society" from Michael Gove, an astonishing denial of the public goods & collective…
I genuinely believe that if I don't benefit from Michael Gove being an MP I should not have to for his salary. Ref…
I don't benefit from Michael Gove's £130 elephant lamps but he still thought it important that I paid for them
Gove wants environmental policies that would not have been possible whilst we were in the EU. I bet you do, Michael. htt…
Michael Gove, responsible for denying money to existing schools to fund free schools, now denying public spending involves…
On whether Michael Gove's obvious lying means his career is over:. Yes: 34%. No, it means he's Tory leadership material: 66…
Michael Gove talks about money for notthern ireland not dup, yet fails to answer on money for public sector or rest of uk
Michael Gove rushed into A&E after being accidentally sprinkled with salt
1 Theresa May 2 Andrea Leadsom 3 Michael Gove 4 Boris Johnson The more we know the more very Conference North quality
The tories haven't the skills to be in power,and David Davis is not the only one:Jeremy Hunt,Michael Gove,Philip Hammond... x
Could he actually be much worse than Michael Gove or Jeremy Hunt though?
Andrea Leadsom, Chris Grayling, Jeremy Hunt, Michael Gove... It's the dream team! . (If you dream mainly of gruesome car…
Piers Morgan lays into Michael Gove over Gove visibly shaken and has no answers
Piers Morgan in angry clash with Michael Gove over Grenfell victims: 'They are being moved up to Manchester' 
All power to Piers Morgan. Not a man I usually agree with but listening to him giving it both barrels to Michael Gove was…
Michael Gove roasted by Piers Morgan over Grenfell residents’ treatment [VIDEO] via
She is the PM not a soap star Michael Gove was great to go on the programme pity I don't watch it
Gove is an indescribably offensive sycophant and a primitive chromosome deficient sadistic hippophilic necrophile!! https:/…
The piece about Michael Gove was intended to have a comment: the flying pigs will be especially well protected.
.and to represent the UK government at the .
David Mundell and Michael Gove to represent UK government at the Royal Highland Show - Scotsman Food and Drink
Hamilton Collection
today's blog. Michael Gove and the Neoconservatives.
Michael Gove does what every Tory *** does, ignores the question and reads a prepared answer.
Michael Gove confronted over plans to move Grenfell tower victims to Manchester or Birmingham
Michael Gove and the DUP getting into bed? Now that’s sordid | Stewart Lee
Grenfell Tower fire: Michael Gove confronted over victims being moved to Birmingham in TV interview.
Now I know what it would take for me to approve of Piers Morgan - Michael Gove.
Michael just said on will lead to cheaper food, making him a cereal fantasist.
Crucial article by about Michael Gove's very alarming Transatlantic activities and beliefs:
Piers Morgan tears into Michael Gove over Grenfell Tower disaster  via Easy for Piers/arm…
Today's Blog: Michael and the American Neoconservatives. What might his ideology mean for the Environment?
Anyone remember political cleansing of Westminster back in the 1990s?
Piers Morgan loses it with Michael Gove on Good Morning Britain
The look on Michael Gove's face when tells him to stick his "coolness" about Grenfell "where the sun don't shi…
Michael Gove admits that food will not get cheaper after Brexit, contradicting his claims during the referendum (£). http…
Terry the John Goodman tribute act loves everyone. Even that *** Michael Gove.
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Meurig Raymond, NFU President, and members talking to Defra SoS Michael Gove.
Nice cartoon from in on the return of vanishing Brexit campaigner Michael Gove, named new UK…
Michael Gove just sworn in holding a Times and pledging allegiance to Rupert Murdoch
Ian Hislop wants an investigation into Rupert Murdoch's relationship with Michael Gove
.takes down Michael Gove live on air, calls him "uniquely unqualified" for Environment Secretary role https:/…
Michael Gove 'entirely unfit' to be new Environment Secretary, says Caroline Lucas
I've discovered I can't listen to Michael Gove on without shouting "f*** off Grima Wormtongue" at the radio.
Tom Watson writes to Theresa May to ask if Rupert Murdoch is behind Michael Gove's appointment
Left Foot Forward - Did Rupert Murdoch ask Theresa May to put Michael Gove back in the cabinet?
Tom Watson has written to Theresa May asking whether "Rupert Murdoch ever suggested to you Michael Gove should be given…
Don't be distracted by the Tory turf war – Michael Gove has questions to answer | Tristram Hunt
Michael Gove is back in government, and the Environment brief now includes shooting down aliens.
UK Trump equivalent Michael Gove returns to Cabinet as Environment Secretary (my god)
USA bringing on Jozy Altidore against Mexico like Theresa May restoring Michael Gove to UK government cabinet.
Michael Gove is a quivering bowl of spineless traitorous sh!t. How is he possibly back in the cabinet??
Whose man out here saving contact names with an MP at the end tho? Like how many Michael Gove's you know?
Theresa May’s reaction to losing her majority: wheel out the real crowd-pleasers like the DUP and Michael Gove
It is truly beyond me how Michael Gove failed to detect that this is a parody.
Michael Gove pushed for global warming to be removed from the national curriculum.
At the DfE, Gove tried to remove climate change from the curriculum. Now he's Environment Secretary. https:…
Michael Gove says he is "delighted", "flattered" but "surprised" to have been made Environment Secretary by Theresa May https:…
Michael Gove is made Secretary for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs. Good to see Theresa May can keep her sense of…
Looking forward to Michael Gove in environment, I think I can trust him to do the right thing.
Ladies & Gents, Michael your new Environment Secretary.
Michael Gove is your dad you big Tory
broadcast by British PM Theresa May reshuffles cabinet before Brexit talks
Introducing Michael Gove as your new Environmental secretary 👏🏼👏🏼
Theresa May calls in Michael Gove in reshuffle to save her from leadership challenge 
didn't know Michael Gove was an environmental expert. 🤔🤔
May's arch-nemesis Michael Gove returns as Environment Secretary - a mark of how weakened she is.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
A reminder that not keen on mandatory reporting of child sexual abuse
Michael Gove has just been appointed Environment Secretary - he said in March he wants to slash wildlife protection
Imagine things being so bad that more Michael Gove is somehow the solution.
The new Minister of the Environment, Michael Gove, with his chief climate change advisor
Theresa May is asked about the Cabinet reshuffle, Michael Gove and how she is feeling after by Sky's https…
Remember when Michael Gove tried to get climate change removed from English school curriuculums? Now he's Environment Sec…
Environment Secretary Michael Gove called for EU regulations on wildlife protection and drug safety trials to be cut https…
Michael Gove back in cabinet. Just what the country needs, a man of proven integrity and loyalty. . His word is his bon…
To all farmers and fishing folk who voted Tory - how thrilled are you to have your lives in Michael Gove's hands?
Gove tried to have climate change dropped from the geography curriculum
Theresa May has carefully reflected on the election result and decided that the British public were telling her to reappoint…
There can be no crisis that the appointment of Michael Gove and Jeremy Hunt can't make worse
Michael Gove wrote an extreme right-wing pamphlet against NI Peace Process, labelling it a moral stain ht…
Michael Gove's post-Brexit vision for UK farming makes interesting reading in wake of appointment as Defra secretary http…
Michael Gove is similarly ill-equiped as environment Secy as he was Lord Chancellor. Another Tory who'll do/say any…
Christian Zionism & Celsius 7/7 United? . Michael Gove poised to make shock return to frontline politics
If we ALL vote tactically today, we can stop Theresa May, Iain Duncan-Smith, Michael Gove in their tracks.
Please then we can stop funding you and let you keep . Michelle Mone and Michael Gove.
Among others, Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith, Douglas Carswell. Check if your local mp is on... ht…
"Michael Gove wanted to privatise it, Boris Johnson wanted to charge people for it, and Iain Duncan Smith advocated a insur…
Any comment on Phil Hammond, Michael Fallon, Karen Bradley, Michael Gove car crashes or do you only criticise black…
Michael Gove & Ian Duncan-Smith rumoured to be returning to front bench duty. Philip Hammond rumoured to be going. Theresa ha…
This article directly contradicts statements made today by Michael Gove, Theresa May and Karen Bradley
We now have Michael Gove lying through this teeth Trying to avoid Tory legacy. Pitiful.
Boris Johnson and Michael Gove 'deliberately lying to voters over Turkish migration', Yvette Cooper says | The In
And I suppose Phillip Hammond or Michael Gove would be a better alternative? Sweet Jesus.
Phillip Hammond gets his numbers wrong too, says audience member. And Michael Fallon, and Michael Gove, and Amber Rudd...
Michael Gove to comment on this very soon, as he made a big deal out of this in the House and tried to blame the local…
Michael Gove just suggested we call Theresa May a Glambucket, in the Hyacinth Bucket pronunciation!
Sunday Times is wrong: I was objecting to Michael Gove because he only wanted British history on the curriculum, not th…
Excellent news: Theresa May reportedly considering bringing Michael Gove and Iain Duncan Smith back to the cabinet. http…
Ignore them all. Labour policies have more acceptance. After all Michael Gove advised us all…
Sam Freedman, who was a senior advisor to Michael Gove while he was Education Secretary said people in...
May you all look like have the charm of Eric Pickles, the coordination of Michael Gove & the speech of BoJo
Michael Gove addresses an overwhelming Remain audience in Westminster Central Hall.
The original British version was amazing. (Michael Gove at Brexit time was PM Francis Urquhart to a tee…
David Davis, 'no one said a deal with the EU would be easy'. Except you, Nigel Farage, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Andr…
Surrey Heath MP Michael Gove with local County Councillors meeting residents at today's Chobham Carnival
Of course if your concept of orthodox Christian theology comes from Michael Gove, then you've misunderstood Christianity
He's like a cross between Danny Dyer and Michael Gove.
I had to think of Arsene Wenger, Theresa May, Michael Gove, Gisela Stuart, Boris Johnson, Liam Fox, David Davis...…
It wasn't actually Wilshaw, or now his successor. This policy started with Michael Gove and his successors at the DfE.
This person used to be one of Michael Gove's spads. Like Dominic Cummings & other noted monsters.
Michael Gove, oil and bird poo on wood.
Remember to leave a curved banana out for Michael Gove tonight.
no this is Boris Johnson, Michael Gove, Iain Duncan Smith and Jacob Reese moggy poison & doing.
03-18 EU referendum: Will Boris Johnson be the big loser if Michael Gove and George
With a hat like that and Michael Gove behind her with his new Ken Dodd ' tiggling stick' anything is possible!
Since last eve Michael Gove has a 'tiggling' stick from Ken Dodd show - if he gets behind they should be careful!. '
About to see Ken Dodd Live and I see Michael Gove in the foyer. Currently in shock at the irony of him paying for something in the arts.
Oh no! Michael Gove sitting in front of me at Ken Dodd show!
I mean, my God, George Galloway. Will Michael Gove do one? Marine le Pen? Rolf Harris?
I'd taken Mam to see the Turner Prize entrants. "You're right, it does look like Michael Gove.".
don't forget Michael Gove, Chris Grayling etc, 9 or so Tories
Surrey MPs include: Philip Hammond, Michael Gove, Jeremy Hunt, Chris Grayling, and Kwasi Kwarteng. Rotten to the core Tory.
Sadly that small group is Dan Hannan, Michael Gove, Boris Johnson, Dominic Cummings and Matthew Elliott.
Michael Gove says his anti-'experts' claim was taken out of context - but forgets what he said later
Michael Gove followed by Matt Ridley. you are spoiling us. Get Paul Nurse back on.
Michael Gove (a journalist) denounces experts because proper research and facts threaten to puncture the capitalist…
In my personal canon, Michael Gove is Steerpike and he's still trying to run the Gormenghast kitchen
Rupert Murdoch was in room for Michael Gove's Donald Trump interview | Media | Prince of Darkness controls the world
I'm relatively certain that Michael Gove is really a Rick Moranis character.
Michael Gove has just sidestepped questions on his £350m NHS pledge. Hang your head in shame
One of this guy's idols is Michael Gove. No joke btw.
But Michael Gove and Boris Johnson are in the government. It's not as if the pledgers are totally separate.
Would you like to be known as Labour's Boris Johnson or Labour's Michael Gove?
Michael Gove for one. Believes GFA was an act of appeasement and would have it torn up if poss.
So... calling Michael Gove a native of Edinburgh might be a slight insult to that city but not by much.
Interesting that Michael Gove, native of Edinburgh, doesn't represent relatively Toryish Edinburgh but had to run to England for a safe seat
What is the impact of Michael Gove losing his seat? All positive I'd say.
policies are those of Tony Blair, his Education Secretaries, Michael Gove, Tristram Hunt.
Would anybody be up for Flash Mobbing Theresa May, Michael Gove & Boris Johnson with renditions of 'Ode to Joy'?
Please show us where Michael Gove or the Of Leave Campaign wrote that Britain would leave the European Single Market.
Best bit about the delightfully inventive insults throw about in this is simply calling Michael Gove an "alien".
I propose Rees-Mogg, John Redwood or Michael Gove, all three guaranteed to produce a "Yes" victory!!
domain names
"Michael Gove has said he does not want to be leader"
Is it really necessary for a 10 year old to know how a determiner functions?!
I like to think that USA looked at Michael Gove’s tenancy as Minister for Education, and thought, How bad can Betsy DeVos *really* be?
UK: Michael Gove set to be justice secretary in David Cameron's new government
Someone tell me where the justice is in Michael Gove becoming Justice secretary
Michael Gove moved to Justice, Chris Grayling now Leader of the Commons and Nicky Morgan retains Education
someone who actively avoided FOI oh and this: Why was it put off until…
it related to Michael Gove as well.
Shrek, Michael Gove & Trump - brand new comics by kids in the first of 2017
So did the bumbling toff sickbucket Boris Johnson, the alien Michael Gove and several other prolapsed Tory anuses. They loved that turd.
Michael Gove said people have had enough of experts. It turns out the Scottish Government is not too keen on them either.…
we'd never have luck like that, the best we'll get is Michael Gove's prolapse charging us into rioting
Michael Gove championed university technical colleges when he was education secretary
Here's Michael Gove trying to trip up Michael Russell ... and failing ... miserably. ... by via
Quelle Surprise! Boris Johnson and Michael Gove voted against bid to prove if the NHS will actually get £350m a week https:/…
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
267 v 330. Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and Co walked through the lobby to vote against their own promise.
Technical college backed by Michael Gove to close as no pupils receive grade C or above in GCSEs
Michael Gove is a purveyor of Alternative Facts.😉🇪🇺
- How I wish Michael Gove was merely a projection. We could switch the projector off.
Deputy speaker says Michael Gove should know better and has been " in this chamber far too long" loud shouts of "Agreed"…
Michael Gove's lies have moved from the side of buses and on to social media.
The people you describe dominate the teaching profession. It's a pity Michael Gove was reshuffled, just as he was g…
MPs who didn't go through Lobby with Michael Gove,Boris Johnson.. Thank you. via
I'm realistic and I can never be on the side of Nigel Farage or Boris Johnson or Michael Gove
New video on VTV: Bob and Roberta Smith Performance: Letter to Michael Gove
"Michael Gove and Sarah Vine – a Neil and Christine Hamilton for the Two Girls, One Cup generation.".
Westminster station, Michael Gove front of me on an escalator - a young guy said "hey its Michael Gove!", shook his hand. Not my reaction...
People I won't be interviewed by when I'm famous :- Piers Morgan, John Humphrys, Michael Gove, Jake Humphries, Donald and Davey Stott.
Michael Gove met your boss Rupert Murdoch a week before 'Queen backs Brexit' brok…
David Cameron has let slip just how much he hates Boris and Michael Gove via
David Cameron reveals he relaxes by killing birds for fun. And that he names after Boris Johnson & Michael Gove... https…
UNITED KINGDOM: Former PM Cameron says he names birds after Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, both Brexit supporters, bef…
"They put a dog into space but they couldn't get one up my *** Michael Gove (2016)
They're all out. Piers Morgan, John McDonnell, Michael Gove, Paul Nuttall & Diane Abbott to come. Nick Clegg seems positively wonderful!
Liam Fox, Michael Gove, David Davies and Nigel Farage all looking for the Alpha Male and got it in Trump
Michael Gove is writing a biography about his new friend Mr Trump. Top tip: the readers will prefer lots of jolly pictures and short words.
Michael Gove's cringeworthy Trump interview weasel's bowing to the new FUHRER-like Nigel F, Katie H etc -disgusting!
Michael Gove draws criticism for description of 'African-American lift attendant' in Trump Tower:
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