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Michael Flynn

Michael John Flynn (born 17 October 1980 in Newport, Wales) is a Welsh footballer, who plays for Newport County.

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Senate Intel Vice Chair Mark Warner says Michael Flynn should testify before panel.
Sen. Mark Warner (D-Va.) on Sunday said he wants to hear from former National Security Advisor Michael Flynn as ...
except if you're Jeff Sessions, or Kellyanne Conway, or Michael Flynn, or anyone else in Hitler's cab, right?
Jared Kushner and Michael Flynn met with Russian envoy in December, White House says
Michael Flynn led "lock her up" chants at the Republican National Convention
Donald Trump advisor Sheriff David A. Clarke was in Russia while Michael Flynn dined with Putin https…
Rep. defense of Michael Flynn raises Nunes' national profile, but also increases the criticism.
In 2015, Michael Flynn was paid about $40,000 by RT, a Russian TV channel, to attend its 10th anniversary gala:
House Democratic Leader thinks Kasich is the Gov. of Indiana, that "Not Michael Flynn" is really Michael Flynn & "scapegoat" lessons!
. Why isn't anyone investigating Michael Flynn's calls to Lord Voldemort before the inauguration
Updated with quotes from Jay Johnson, Michael Flynn, and Mitchell Morimoto:.
Kremlin paid $40,000 to Michael Flynn just before he joined Donald Trump campaign
No, he doesn't want to waste the public's time on idiotic questions about, e.g. Michael Flynn & transgender bathrooms. http…
Michael Flynn, Jill Stein, and Sheriff Clarke were all in Moscow to meet with the Russian government at the same time.…
Senate Intel Committee forcing Michael Flynn to testify over Trump-Russia scandal.
Michael Flynn is gone, but a proposed peace plan for Ukraine and Russia remains, along with those pushing it
Donald Trump attorney, accused of negotiating Russian blackmail, was colluding with Michael Flynn via
Rand Paul rejects John Bolton to replace Michael Flynn: 'He still believes regime change was a good idea'
Michael Flynn, General Chaos via all you really need to know about Flynn
How did Michael Flynn go from being a talented military general to embracing conspiracy theories on the Internet?
Michele Kearney's Snuffysmith's Blog: Michael Flynn has absolutely nothing to fear from ...
Most Americans want Congress to investigate Michael Flynn via
We need answers to these 6 questions about Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn resigned from being the National Security Advisor of USA so he could follow his dream and become an Avon rep!
Rep. Glenn Thompson calls for further insight into Michael Flynn resignation | Centre Daily Times
Robert Standing Eagle Marshall. Just now · . ARTICLE~. //"It turns out Michael Flynn is far from the only one who...
Donald Trump holds a press conference to talk about Russia, Michael Flynn & fake news:
Congressman’s unprecedented refusal to investigate Michael Flynn due to executive privilege is wildly out of order https:/…
As said tonight: raise your hand if you think Jefferson Sessions will prosecute Michael Flynn for lying to the FBI.…
President Trump says he didn't direct Michael Flynn to discuss sanctions with Russia, but he would have
Reports: Robert Harward, Trump's pick to replace Michael Flynn, turns down offer
Michael Flynn's interview with the FBI potentially puts him in legal jeopardy, as lying to the FBI is a felony
Just how much trouble is Michael Flynn in? FBI investigation into Flynn's contacts with Kisylak i…
FT Exclusive: Donald Trump's choice to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser has turned down the offer
It's a small step from Michael Flynn to Ward Cleaver. Think about it.
JUST IN: Rand Paul says leaks that brought down Michael Flynn threaten "free society"
where is Michael Flynn. Washing dishes in the kitchen?
Donald Trump minister of spies Michael Flynn resigns after being unmasked as Russian agent. All DPRK agents in Trump cabinet…
TODAY: Marcy Wheeler (on what Michael Flynn's exit means for national security
Gen. Michael Flynn was sacrificed by globalists in the White House. He in no way violated the Logan Act. This is such b.s.…
Russian lawmakers cry foul over resignation of White House national security adviser Michael Flynn.
.offered varying explanations as to why Michael Flynn resigned from the top national security post. re…
Senate Republicans alling for ousted national security adviser Michael Flynn to testify before Congress.
Even though Michael Flynn is out, critics question whether he violated the Logan Act, a law dating back to 1799.
Pepe the Frog named as acting National Security Advisor after the deceitful treason of Michael Flynn.
Michael Flynn's political assassination by the deep state sets a terrifying precedent for democracy
Oh, Michael Flynn is basically Roddy McDowall. You people could not see it, funny!
Michael Flynn is traitor and soon u will find more traitors. Benedict Arnold was a traitor in US, hero in UK. Perspective.
President Trump slams "fake media" in reporting on Michael Flynn, Russia ties
President Trump says Michael Flynn treated 'unfairly'; that leaks to media are 'criminal act'
WATCH LIVE: President Trump says Michael Flynn has been treated “unfairly” by the media
Who told Michael Flynn to call Russia? via
Michael Flynn has resigned who will they putin to replace him?
Michael Flynn suffered death by a thousand leaks
Michael Flynn is reportedly in the running to be the Los Angeles Rams new head coach...oh wait, that's Mike Shanahan.
The lifespan of a dragonfly and shelf-life of milk? Just a few things that can outlast Michael Flynn's tenure
Hey, Any truth to the reports by BOTH Trevor Noah and Stephen Colbert that Michael Flynn will be working for you?
Sean Spicer's explanation of Michael Flynn's resignation doesn't make any sense
The Trump team still hasn't explained why it took 18 days to fire Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn didn't resign because he broke the law. He resigned because he got caught. This is why fourth estate is critic…
Michael Flynn has resigned after days of uproar. Babachir Lawal is still there acting like he didn't cut any grass with N200m.
Top GOP investigators on the Hill say they won’t investigate Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn leaving the administration isn't enough to clear up questions that many of us have about the Trump team’s tie…
Russian spy ship spotted 70 miles off Delaware! Russia says “Don’t worry we’re just picking up Michael Flynn.”
Rep. Jason Chaffetz says he won't investigate Michael Flynn. Evidently he's too busy investigating The Case of the Missi…
Outstanding article What a fall from grace for Michael Flynn.
NYT: Paul Manafort, Roger Stone, Michael Flynn, Carter Page & others close to Trump are under investigation by FBI for Russ…
Michael Flynn's downfall sprang from an "eroding level of trust"
Sen. Chuck Schumer calls on Attorney General Jeff Sessions to step aside from the investigation into Michael Flynn https:/…
Thank you Michael Flynn. Thank you for your service to our country & for helping to get DJT elected!. Wishing you all t…
We wrote about Michael Flynn in October when he called out ESPN after being duped by a 5 year old story.
Martin Rowson on the resignation of Michael Flynn – cartoon Another classic historical revisited
Valentine's thought unrelated to Michael Flynn: There is SO much smoking in Reality Bites. There's also one cell phone: Ben Stiller's.
Michael Flynn resigns for lying exactly two weeks after Sally Yates is fired for telling the truth.
Is congress going to open an investigation on who instructed Michael Flynn to assure Russia *Trump* was on their side?…
Trump Administration 'officially putting Iran on notice', says Michael Flynn | World news | The Guardian
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Michael Flynn was in trouble from Day One via
Keith Kellogg will be interim national security adviser, sources tell CNN, following resignation of Michael Flynn
begins search to replace Michael Flynn as questions mount
.begins his search to replace Michael Flynn as questions mount.
There's no indication that Michael Flynn would be gone if Washington Post hadn't exposed the scandal. WaPo says White Hous…
Steve Rosenberg: Washington resignation ruffles Russia: But is Michael Flynn's departure all bad news for the Kreml…
Julius and Ethel Rosenberg were executed for conspiring with Russia; what about Michael Flynn?
But American national security demands that we not allow Michael Flynn to become a scapegoat for this Admin's disturbing tie…
Question to consider, Why didn't Mr. Trump fire Michael Flynn instead of allowing him to resign?
Steve Doocy is deeply worried the report about Sally Yates and Michael Flynn was made public. Kellyann…
Read my Feb 14 Newsletter featuring “Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser”
tomorrow:. Q: any comment on Michael Flynn?. PAUL RYAN: look guys, I'm not going to comment on every scandal-plagued resignat…
If you need your faith in karma renewed, here's Michael Flynn accusing Hillary of being a security risk and leading a…
First bit of good news of the administration Michael Flynn resigned!!!
A reminder that Trump *did not* fire Michael Flynn, but fired interim AG Sally Yates because she contested against his Mus…
Hamilton Collection
Breaking News: The gentleman replacing Michael Flynn as National Security Adviser will be relatively unknown newcomer Pladimir…
BREAKING: National security adviser Michael Flynn has resigned.
Source: DOJ warned the White House last month that Michael Flynn was potentially vulnerable to blackmail by Russia https:/…
It is not good enough that Michael Flynn resign. He must be charged with treason and testify under oath about what Trump a…
*has dream where Michael Flynn resigns*. You there, boy, what day is this?. Why it's Christmas Day
7 things that lasted longer than Michael Flynn as national security adviser
I guess Michael Flynn is off the Christmas card list?
President Trump has "full confidence" in national security adviser Michael Flynn, top adviser Kellyanne Conway says.
David Petraeus among contenders to replace Michael Flynn as national security adviser
David Petraeus was court-martialed for telling mistress secrets, Michael Flynn intentionally colluded with a foreign gove…
RIP Michael Flynn, who led "lock her up" chants and then literally committed treason
Michael Flynn: "I wished him Merry Christmas and we talked about some other things.". Mike Pence: "Sounds good, did you try the shrimp?"...
Don't forget comrade Michael Flynn. It's like Christmas today, must be how you ppl felt when trump won.
In his resignation letter to Trump, Michael Flynn defended his conversations with the Russian ambassador
Michael Flynn just resigned—ONE MONTH after Justice Dept. told he might be vulnerable to Russian blackma…
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Justice Dept warned a month ago, but the WH still had "faith" in Michael Flynn. What did 45 know and when did he know…
Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser via
Justice Department warned that Michael Flynn could be blackmailed: official
BREAKING Michael Flynn resigns as national security adviser - Here comes the Dems BS via…
Live look at Sean Spicer ahead of tomorrow's press conference after Michael Flynn news...
If I poop in the pool repeatedly and then remove one turd, I should get no credit. The pool is still ruined. Michael Flynn i…
Trump's assistant for homeland security, Michael Flynn resigned
Kim Kardashian and Kris Humphries' marriage lasted longer than Michael Flynn's stint in the Trump Administration
Michael Flynn said Islam is cancer. Glad to see he was surgically removed from the Trump Administration.
Michael Flynn resigns as National Security Advisor, basically due to treason. This is the Trump Administration for…
Michael Flynn has resigned, but we still don't know what people in the Trump Administration knew about his actions
Michael Flynn just resigned from the Trump Administration. What should be his next job?.
With any luck, the resignation of Michael Flynn will just be the start of a complete Trump Administration collapse. ht…
Reince Priebus + GOPe betrayed us and Gen. Michael Flynn. They leaked this stuff.
Live look at Sally Yates after news of Michael Flynn resignation ...
“Michael Flynn was a paranoid nutcase, and National Security Advisor is the last place in the world for a nutcase.” https:…
One down a whole basket to go. . Michael Flynn resigns. .
Michael Flynn has resigned. President Trump named Retired Lt. Gen. Kellogg as the acting national security adviser.
Side note... this is why you have free and open media. To uncover stories like this and lead to a resignation of a Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn gonna be playing in the White Sox minor league system soon
I knew Michael Flynn was going to have to be replaced when he mislead Mike Pence. He didn't need to do that. There was no…
National security adviser Michael Flynn resigns after reports he misled White House about his contacts with Russia.
Trump is going to get Brett Michaels (yes, that Brett Michaels) to replace Michael Flynn. Calling it right now.
Michael Flynn was Russian to get outta there.
I wonder if there's any country that'd be willing to take Michael Flynn now that he's been revealed as a traitor and forced t…
Michael Flynn resigning is like Christmas morning or the day Matt Williams was fired
Michael Flynn resigns amid controversy over communication with Russian ambassador
NBC NEWS: Michael Flynn has resigned, sources say
Michael Flynn is currently transporting VX rockets to Alcatraz
Justice Department warned White House that Michael Flynn could be vulnerable to Russian blackmail, officials say https:…
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Why does Michael Flynn still have a job? Maybe because he's not the only one with a Russia problem.
Democrats on the House oversight cmte tell Chairman to investigate Michael Flynn or step down.
BOMBSHELL: Security advisor to Trump, quisling Michael Flynn may have used encryption to hide Russia talks from US https:/…
White House declines to back national security adviser Michael Flynn over Russia contact.
Michael Flynn, and ex-advisers Paul Manafort, Carter Page and Roger Stone are ALL under investigation on and have ties t…
Michael Flynn just appointed a Peter Thiel associate to senior National Security Council staff
Yes, it is amazing that Michael Flynn is being investigated for ongoing corruption. (Oh, sorry, were you trying to chan…
When it comes to his contacts with Russia, Michael Flynn has bigger problems than the Logan Act - Washington Post https:/…
NH Senator Jeanne Shaheen asks for review of Michael Flynn's security clearance. She's standing up for real American security.
We need to start casting Trump The Movie. Christopher Waltz as Michael Flynn...
Michael Flynn promised Russia he'd have more flexibility after the election.Wait a sec.Nope, that was Obama.
Putin's chill response to new sanctions triggered a hunt for what had happened — and led to Michael Flynn
Michael Flynn's discussion of sanctions with Russia was a violation of the Logan Act. How much lawbreaking is too much…
I wonder what the current "tough on crime" administration will do about Michael Flynn violating the Logan Act.
Follow this closely. Top Trump advisor Michael Flynn has likely violated the Logan Act — and may have committed treaso…
This is NOT okay. Wrong for Michael Flynn to mislead American public. Wrong for White House to cover it up. Wrong to violate L…
Here's your seat -- Jared Kushner & Michael Flynn get situated in advance of the Trump/Abe presser h…
Michael Flynn and Jill Stein at the same dinner with Putin, how much were they both paid??
State Councilor Yang Jiechi tells new US NSA Michael Flynn that China hopes to work with the US to manage disputes,…
China hopes to work with the USA to manage and control disputes ,China's top diplomat Yang Jiechi told Michael Flynn, who is NSA of Trump.
Here's an idea, put Russia on notice for it's actions in Ukraine
.Michael Flynn told press corp put Iran on Notice! with no explanation and Russia is taking down the ukraine..
White House advisor Michael Flynn puts Iran 'on notice' over ballistic missile test via
White House national security adviser: Iran is 'on notice' another Crazy
This piece on Dem letter asking for Pentagon probe re Flynn and Russia includes reps' names and text of letter:. https:/…
WH National Security Advisor Michael Flynn: Iran is 'on notice' - said financial, economic or miltary action
Democrats want Trump's national security adviser to be investigated for his ties to Russia Today
Michael Flynn, Trump's national security adviser, puts Iran on notice, but not Russia aggression on Ukraine.
Michael Flynn . . . you are a long long way from home. And way in over your head.
Michael Flynn blames Iran's missile firing on Pres. Obama's weakness. Odd that they waited til Trump was in office to…
National Security Advisor Michael Flynn says U.S. "condemns" recent actions by Iran: "As of today, we are officially putting Iran…
Doc:Letter sent urging investigation into Michael Flynn's ties to Today.
Sec Def Mattis prevailed upon Nat Sec Adv Flynn to "soften" language before statement. What was language before?!. https…
Good to see Trump admin put on notice. Why we need new sanctions on missiles.
"What a day: I read about Steve Bannon's certainty that we will be at war with China, Michael Flynn throws a (cont)
Jessica Mathews on Michael Flynn, a man “utterly out of touch with the real world at home or in the Middle East”
Michael Flynn threatens Iran. 'On notice'?. has no idea. Trump is going to get us all killed. Impeach this a**hole.
Trump said he would hire the "best people" to help him govern. Rick Perry, Michael Flynn, and Ben Carson are not the b…
Tulsi Gabbard joins Tom Cotton and Michael Flynn in Logan Act violations. Not good company.
I figure he means G Gordon Liddy and Michael Flynn.
4:00pm: Michael Flynn was sworn in as Trump's National Security Advisor. 8:30pm: WSJ reports Flynn under investigation for ti…
Michael Flynn had 1 job: ensure US is ready on Day One. No staff in place. Spent time on conspiracies and fighting inte…
Michael Flynn (who called Islam a "vicious cancer") might rep the US at talks next week. What could go wrong. https…
Did you feel this way about Michael Flynn and David Petreaus?
Carter Page, Michael Flynn and Tillerson all have ties to Mikhail Lesin:
Trump pick for national security adviser, Michael Flynn, draws scrutiny over call with Russian ambassador .
Top Trump adviser Gen. Michael Flynn exchanged texts and spoke with Russia's ambassador to the U.S. in December
Michael Flynn, who has connections with Putin, allegedly contacted Russia when Obama imposed sanctions
We should start referring to Michael Flynn as Mikhail Flynn. His actions are extremely suspicious.
Michael Flynn surrogate for Trump is the tie to Russia that makes John Lewis very correct in saying Trump is illegitimate.
Michael Flynn secretly called the Russian ambassador to the US the day before Obama imposed sanctions on Russia.
"John Lewis" What other Ambassadors did Michael Flynn call to wish a Merry Christmas?
By leaking Obama's plans to Sergey Kislyak, Michael Flynn has not only disqualified himself as Trump's NSA, he's violated…
Michael Flynn, Donald Trump’s top national security adviser, in frequent contact with Russia’s ambassador to U.S.
Tillerson & Michael Flynn - our soon-to-be top 3 International/security officials - all 3 friends with Putin. Worried yet?
.offers Michael Flynn National Security Advisor job. Flynn sees Russia as an ally and believes in G.W. Bu…
.When you were at that banquet table with Vladimir Putin & Michael Flynn, did you hear what they were whi…
Forgot 5. Michael Flynn presenting pivotal scene from the movie "Patton"
Michael Flynn is a joke,u can't really trust him
Wasn't Michael Flynn the one Trump said would get the daily briefings? PERFECT! The Putin Stooge Flynn, is telling Trump this is false.
We haven't even gotten to Michael Flynn. Flynn is literally on Putin's payroll as he appears regularly on Russia state…
Report: National Security Council facing staff exodus due to concerns over Michael Flynn:
Julia Ioffe is fired for making a joke about incest between two adults. Michael Flynn accuses Hillary of abusing childre…
Army records show that Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn violated the rules by sharing secrets with foreign military officials. Lock up the ***
UNIVERSE SAVE US FROM THESE NUTJOBS. I think his hat was crewed on too tight. . “Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn,...
Republicans need to step up and get Gen. Michael Flynn out of the White House via
I love that Mr. Trump went to the Army-Navy game with Michael Flynn (Army) & Steve Bannon (Navy) to support our troops! 🇺🇸.
Remember, Michael Flynn was one of the sources of Seymour Hersh:
At the Defense Intelligence Agency, Michael Flynn's shortcomings as a manager and strategic thinker became glaring. https:/…
Michael Flynn's son got fired from Trump's transition team today for spreading fake news. Look forward to seeing him reg…
Ryan needs to leave with Cheffetz, Cruz, Michael Flynn, Pence, Trump & the rest of the Conspiracy Theorists.
.tells us on that Gen. Michael Flynn's son, who pushed false Comet Ping Pong story, has no role in…
Fake news, Gen. Michael Flynn, and a shooting::. "D.C. police arrest suspect with assault rifle at Comet restaurant" https:…
Michael Flynn, Trump's Nat'l Sec. advisor, shared false stories that nearly got people in D.C. killed today.
have you seen Fareed Zakaria's 2015 interview with Michael Flynn?
Michael Flynn in August: Islamism a 'vicious cancer' in body of all Muslims that 'has to be excised'
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, on a trip to Russia, said "who knows" whether the 2013 Syria gas attack was a "false flag" https:/…
Michael Flynn was fired from his last government job for incompetence, writes
PLESE READ report Michael Flynn, and how he sat in on intel briefings. Which was likely illegal.
Retired Army lieutenant general Michael Flynn has been an outspoken critic of President Obama.
Read review of Michael Flynn's book, "the Global War Against Radical Islam and Its Allies":
Michael Flynn will be a disaster as National Security Adviser | Richard Wolffe
Michael Flynn ran a company that lobbied for foreign clients while he received intel briefings
.Michael Flynn's controversial remarks mean "Muslims should not have religious protections in the US."
ICYMI: Donald Trump announced anti-LGBTQ Michael Flynn as his pick for National Security Advisor
President-Elect Trump Selects, Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn as Assistant to the President for National Security Affairs. http…
adalberto Retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who has been asked to serve as Donald Trump's National Security Advisor, has, on his verifie…
Good primer on Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Trump's pick for NSA, via
1/ Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn is Trump's pick for NSA. He served as Gen. McChrystal's top aide in Afghanistan. https:/…
Breaking: Sources close to Donald say Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn was offered job of National Security Advis…
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn will be President Trump's national security adviser.
has offered Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn job as national security adviser.
Remember Pig Pen in Charlie Brown? That's how Gen. Michael Flynn's former office mate Sarah Chase just described him on
attends a event with Trump foreign policy advisor Michael Flynn and Vladimir Putin.
BREAKING: Donald Trump offers Michael Flynn the position of national security adviser
"You either have a Country or you don't!". We are about to have a Country again. Congratulation: General Flynn. https:/…
Reminder that the most salient issue of the entire election was the importance of exemplary infosec practices.
Donald Trump has offered Michael Flynn the post of national security adviser, according to a top transition official
NBC: Trump to name Lt. Gen. Flynn as his Natl Security Advisor. Flynn is a paid lobbyist for the Turkish Government. https:/…
michael flynn would be a TERRIBLE pick for this post. obama fired him! that should tell you something.
"Fear of Muslims is RATIONAL" - Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. This is insanity
ISIS must be thrilled at prospect of Michael Flynn as Nat Sec Adv,Muslim registration in US. Dream of a war between West…
Donald Trump taps Michael Flynn for National Security Advisor (he led chants of “Lock her up!” during the RNC)
As Flynn is tapped as Trump's NSC chief, here is a review by of his book with neocon Michael Ledeen. http…
Michael Flynn, Trump's reported pick for National Security Advisor, sat in on intel briefings — w... via
Senior Official: Trump has offered General Michael Flynn job as National Security Advisor
Michael Flynn's son and chief of staff pushed conspiracy theories, obscene memes online
Michael Flynn's chief of staff and top aide, his son, frequently shared alt-right, and conspiracy theories;
It is just remarkable that Flynn would even be considered for NSA w/an ethical & security lapse like this:
Michael Flynn's son, who serves as his chief of staff, has pushed conspiracy theories and obscene memes online
Michael Flynn has dinners with putin. NSA appointment? Russian invasion on next week's episode of trump tv.
Trump's Nat Sec Adviser's son is also his chief of staff. . Here's what he thinks about stuff. (via .
Michael Flynn's chief of staff (and son!) pushed conspiracies about Rubio being a coke addicted secret homosexual . https…
Flynn, in line to be National Security Advisor, sat in on intel briefings while advising foreign clients
.Sarah Margon: "Michael Flynn has shown a stunning contempt for the Geneva Conventions and other laws prohibiting t…
Trump appoints anti-Semitic, Putin fan, Michael Flynn, as national security adviser. DOD and NSA must be reeling. http…
Tough statement from Rep. Adam Schiff, ranking Dem on Intel Committee, on Michael Flynn as Trump’s national security advi…
Please add to the list Michael Flynn. Seriously?? This man has access to national secrets and shady…
What Peter Bergen doesn't tell you about Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn:
Trump just appointed Michael Flynn, formerly head of DIA, as National Security Advisor. Here's my piece on him: https:/…
I guees he had meeting with Paul Manafort (Yanukovich),Michael Flynn (Putin) ,Carter Page (Gazprom ).
What did retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, a graduate of Middletown High School and URI, do after Donald Trump...
Russian connection, in more than one ways retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn. Hm
> "...retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn..." has also said this >
Michael Flynn: The terror threat is no longer 'over there'
Gen. Michael Flynn reacts to criticisms from Colin Powell
Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn on defeating terrorists: "We're not winning."
Rise of ISIS was ‘a willful decision’: Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn says of and
Oh look, Jill Stein and Gen. Michael Flynn having dinner with Putin at an event for state-run media
Trump supporters in last 24 hours: xenophobia from Scottie Nell Hughes, anti-semitism from Michael Flynn, & this.
You should know that ret. Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn once sat on the board of an anti-Muslim hate group. h…
You probably turned off the TV, but Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn just gave quite a performance at
Trump adviser on Clinton: 'Lock her up': Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn leads the GOP convention crowd in an ...
"Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn ... on Monday admitted that he is quite literally on the payroll of Moscow"
"Lock her up! Lock her up!" Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn says *** right" to crowd's chants to put Hillary Clinton behind bars.
crowd chants "Lock her up! Lock her up!" with Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
Retired Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn: “Wake up America. You cannot sit this one out”
There's your headline for tomorrow, "War is not about bathrooms." - Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn
Someone decided that Joni Ernst needed to speak one Michael Flynn after Melania Trump
Michael Flynn making a strong inadvertent case for Calvin Klein models as convention speakers
'Fear of Muslims is rational' ~ Michael Flynn. I hope after even stupid liberals will understand this!
Call it what it is Radical Islam! Gen. Michael Flynn: Chatter May Indicate Berlin Attack via
Larison: Michael Flynn suffers from severe delusions about the extent of Iranian influence.
I'd say out of all of Donald Trump's VP options, I like Newt Gingrich the best. Michael Flynn is my least favorite.
“Pro-life” Democrat Michael Flynn: If you’re going to decide the election over abortion, “just stay home”
Did you know the NYPD has caught Iranian "diplomats" taking pictures of bridges, subways, etc. six times since 9/11? https…
Iranian spies up to no good in NYC. on Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn revelations Reads like
I added a video to a playlist US Daily News - Lt Gen Michael Flynn takes on Trump VP buzz, new book
The self-reinvention of Michael Flynn. Claims: "The military fired me for calling our enemies radical jihadis."
Trump considering Ret. Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, who was forced out by Obama Admin, for VP
Donald Trump is considering a retired general and registered Democrat as his running mate http…
.Yep Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn, Ret. Fmr. Chief of the Defense Intelligence Agency said as such:
Gen. Flynn says he doesn't know if he's being vetted for VP Trump pick, but "honored" to be in discussion.
If Donald Trump does not pick him for VP; wants to work with the great General Michael Flynn
Gen. Michael Flynn talks new book, Trump's VP search via see for Trump2016
News via and Michael Flynn’s book reveals new info about al Qaeda-Iran connection: http…
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