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Michael Floyd

Michael Floyd (born November 27, 1989) is an American football wide receiver.

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Michael Floyd went from DUI to World Champion in the same season. Life is unpredictable
Matthew Slater and Michael Floyd have both been helping prep the Patriots defense for Julio Jones:
Michael Floyd,Chris Hogan, Edelman, Bennett and Gronk are all above average and can start anywhere
Randy Gregory smokes pot. Suspended a yr. Michael Floyd has a .20+ DUI, falls asleep at the wheel, & is catching Tom Bra…
Cleveland Browns plans in 2016 should be to: Sign Tyrod Taylor. Bring back Pryor. Sign Kenny Britt/Michael Floyd (cheap). Sign Doug Martin.
Michael Floyd is inactive for the Patriots. Coleman, Waddle, Brissett, Cy Jones, Foster and Richards also inactive.
Pats are hard to judge, like usual, but I would guess Michael Floyd - should have included him in the list
We live in a world where Michael Floyd gets to win a SuperBowl ring while Eric Berry watches the game from home There is no God
Players who'll get a ring if NE wins SB: Michael Floyd, Bark Mingo, Eric Rowe, Chris Long, Jabaal Sheard, Shea McClellin, Martellus Bennett
but with Martellus Bennett and Michael Floyd they have a great chance if they had gronk I'd hand them the trophy
Michael Floyd-asleep in his car w/a .217 BAC. Randy Gregory smokes weed & wont play in 2017. Floyd will play in
Gonna channel my inner Michael Floyd when someone unironically says "new year, new me.".
And to think the were the only team willing to give Michael Floyd a shot. Belichick always makes the right moves.…
Michael Floyd snap tracker: He was charted on the field for 50 of 69 offensive snaps (including penalties). It was his 18th…
I'm really digging this Michael Floyd character. He's playing hard!
Michael Floyd sure is, lucky af for jumping on the Pats! Lol bout to get that SB ring for LarryFitz & Palmer! 😂🏆
Michael Floyd just didn't like Carson Palmer. That boy alive and living his dreams out at New England
*** Michael Floyd went from Carson Palmer to Tom Brady TD passes. . His 2017 glo-up is real af 💅🏾
Nice block by big Michael Floyd on the edge to help spring Dion Lewis (who's good, btw)
Michael Floyd had to drink to cope with Carson Palmer being his QB this year and got a DUI. now this dudes on THE super bowl contender. Smh.
Michael Floyd powers his way into the end zone for his first touchdown with the the 65th player to catch a TD from…
Michael Floyd recklessly tearing through the Dolphins defense like a speeding car with a driver asleep at the wheel ht…
WR Michael Floyd credits rookie QB Jacoby Brissett for working OT to help his transition to Patriots.
With Mitchell out on Sunday I feel like its almost inevitable that Michael Floyd eats, 5 grabs/2 TDs/60 yards? Hogan too.
Could Kamar Aiken, Michael Floyd, Markus Wheaton or Kendall Wright end up being steals in FA this offseason?
Hi Sully. We've got Dont'a Hightower, Martellus Bennett, Chris Hogan and Michael Floyd as the big-crowd group.
If Malcolm Mitchell doesn't play Sunday, it would thrust Michael Floyd into the top-3 WR mix with Chris Hogan and Julian Edelman.
AUDIO: Mut & Curran - Evaluating where we stand on Michael Floyd after hearing Bill Belichick & Tom Brady -…
After the Michael Floyd video was released showing him hammered drunk behind the wheel of his car, Bill Belichick...
Patriots did not know severity of Michael Floyd's DUI arrest .
Bill Belichick says Patriots didn't know Michael Floyd's BAC level when claiming him on waivers
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Bill Belichick says he wasn't aware of Michael Floyd's BAC level until it was released Wednesday.
'Bill Belichick: Patriots did not know severity of Michael Floyd's DU...' via
why they put the video of Michael Floyd out? lmao
Your take on Michael Floyd was incredible man. That was the best take I've ever heard on a player struggling. I had the same
Do you think Floyd will help or hurt the Rich?
Michael Floyd had a 0.217 blood alcohol level, could be jailed for 'super ...
Michael Floyd refused breathalyzer and blood test, a move that usually does more harm than good.…
JUST IN: Body cam footage from the arrest of former WR Michael Floyd has been released. FULL VIDEO:
Bill Belichick wouldn't say if he'd seen the arrest video of Michael Floyd before the Patriots picked him up.
Michael Floyd had a blood alcohol level of .217 and was driving so drunk he passed out behind the wheel of his car. Absolut…
That Michael Floyd arrest video then cutting to video of Floyd practicing is just about the most ridiculous thing you'll see t…
Weird hearing Dale rail against the and Michael Floyd today when he defended his friend's "mistake".
Michael Floyd had .217 BAC, could face mandatory jail time for 'super extreme DUI'
Bill Belichick on Michael Floyd DUI video: 'We were aware of his situation when we claimed him'.…
Michael Floyd was asleep behind wheel before DUI arrest. Police videos below (via | .
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do you mean the same type of empathy the media is showing Michael Floyd by airing his arrest every 30 minutes?
I just pulled a Michael Floyd at the stop light!Scared me when I woke up&everyone had driven away.Thank God that same cop wasn't behind
And we're party rocking 🍻Michael Floyd heads to the Patriots after being waived by the Cardinals.
Officer: "how big was the glass of wine you had tonight?" Michael Floyd: "house cab."
Michael Floyd was smacked in that DUI video 😂
Michael Floyd focus aint been there all season. He went from one of the more sure handed WRs to a free agent with a DUI in less than a year.
Michael Floyd out here tryna kill people.
Michael Floyd was so gone man I see why the cardinals released him
Has anyone seen the Michael Floyd DUI footage ? Lol dude was slep smh
Dam Michael Floyd gonna have to do some time is AZ jail.
Should've traded Michael Floyd to the patriots for Jimmy G.
That Michael Floyd arrest video. Oh. My. God. That is some ugly stuff.
It'll be very interesting to see how big of a role Michael Floyd has with the Patriots going forward.
Michael Floyd got a SUPER EXTREME DUI lol. I didn't realize that was the actual name. Good quality guy...
Michael Kelly and Shea Owens in NY premiere of Carlisle Floyd's Prince of Players...
Re: Michael Floyd. Stop lumping having alcohol in your system while not having been alive for 21 year…
Michael Floyd had BAC level of .217 after arrest.
I'm trying to get michael floyd wasted friday
my face when I see Michael Floyd's DUI video
Crap. Pretty sure Michael Floyd is my Uber driver.
The Scottsdale Police department has released video of Michael Floyd asleep behind the wheel of h... - via App
Just saw the Michael Floyd video need to show that all across the country. That officer showed tons of restraint. Wel…
Funniest part of Michael Floyd video... Cop: "When did you finish (drinking)?". MF: "Before I got done"
Floyd had of .217, faces jail time for
*** that video of Michael Floyd getting pulled over is crazy. Bull was really lit 😂
Does the New England Patriots' Decision to Sign Michael Floyd After his DUI Highlight the Callousness of NFL?...
Report shows Michael Floyd with a .217 blood alcohol concentration which is an super extreme DUI - automatic months of jail t…
Michael Digiovanni, William Floyd '17, has just committed to Mount St. Mary's
If WR Michael Floyd is convicted of super extreme DUI (over .20), he will have to serve at least 45 days in jail per Ariz…
Michael Floyd had BAC of .217 when he was arrested for DUI, police tell ESPN:...
Watching Jeff Saturday talk about Michael Floyd on ESPN reminds me how glad I am that he was a Packer.
Michael Floyd possibly facing jail time after being charged with Super Extreme DUI:
Michael Floyd blood alcohol level or percentage of Brandon Marshall targets this weekend, which will…
No Trey Wingo, Michael Floyd's BAL was not 2.217. I'm no doctor but I'm pretty sure he'd be dead.
Bill Belichick defused the Michael Floyd drunk story as only he can
as someone who gets sleepy after three beers, i would probably die if my BAC was at Michael Floyd levels.
Patriots: Video of Michael Floyd's DUI arrest last week will not impact his status with the team, says Bill Belichick (ESPN) …
one contrarian play would be Michael Floyd if active, played for Charlie Weiss and knows 75% of the Patriots playbook
Belichick on Michael Floyd video: "We were aware of the situation before we claimed him."
Sad to see Michael Floyd like that. Thank you for baracading his car in and taking him off the road. For his own safety even.
Quick-hit thoughts/notes around Patriots (Deion Branch on Malcolm Mitchell, Michael Floyd, back to Denver in '17).
Michael Floyd traveled to but won't play for the Sunday.
Via WR Michael Floyd's BAC will affect NFL punishment in 2017.
WR Michael Floyd's blood-alcohol content will affect his NFL punishment next season:.
New England WR Michael Floyd will not be active today vs. Denver, per source; his Patriots debut will have to wait.
Patriots WR Michael Floyd will not be active against Denver
Seeing a lot of Steve Grogan references when folks see Michael Floyd in No. 14. fans don't seem to recall…
.Michael Floyd was a Charlie Weiss guy at Notre Dame.
Charlie Weiss saying Michael Floyd already knows the Patriots system. I'm sure BB talked to him this week. Hmmm...
Charlie Weiss tells that Michael Floyd is "hiding from me right now"
I have Michael Floyd reaction from Bill Belichick, Logan Ryan, Julian Edelman and Malcom Mitchell all here:
Michael Floyd's punishment for drinking and driving is getting to play with Tom Brady.
how much of an impact do you think Michael Floyd makes this week? Do you think this is a big boost for Brady against Denver?
I've been calling Michael Floyd, "Malcom Floyd" since I first discovered him ... idk why .
The Patriots claim former Cardinals WR Michael Floyd off waivers, 3 days after being arrested on DUI charges.
Congrats to Michael Floyd in advance for catching the game-winning TD in the Super Bowl
Michael Floyd, your punishment for DUI arrest: Go play with Tom Brady and chase a Super Bowl ring and showcase yourself on a…
Michael Floyd will go through the car wash outside Gillette and the stink will be gone. Watch.
Michael Floyd was a great pick up by the Patriots. He was in the Patriots offense at Notre Dame under Charlie Weiss.
Michael Floyd getting a DUI isn't worse than than Russel Wilson claiming he has miracle water that heals concussions. But he got a pass...
Bruh I was just getting comfortable with starting Malcom Mitchell and now they get Michael Floyd and idk what to do
nah Michael Floyd is too inconsistent he won't get much playing time in bills offense. Gonna be an ocho cinco situation
The Patriots claiming Michael Floyd was more predictable than Russell Wilson mentioning God in every interview EVER.
The have claimed WR Michael Floyd, source said. That’s a big-time addition.
Pats felt comfortable taking Michael Floyd, but the clearly didn't since they passed. We'll see who ends up be…
Source: the Patriots have claimed WR Michael Floyd off of waivers.
Larry Fitzgerald said he's taken calls from GMs and coaches asking about Michael Floyd:.
Interested to see if any team claims Michael Floyd today
Wow, Cardinals just straight cut Michael Floyd. Did not expect that.
WR Michael Floyd was scheduled to become a free agent after season. Now cut, weeks before that happens. Troubling situati…
Claiming Michael Floyd through waivers will cost a team $1,291,765 (3 weeks of $7.32M base salary).
IS Michael Floyd a Texans yet.. Please let me know tomorrow once he clears waivers.. pretty tired of going into an NFL game with only 3 WR
The do they right thing by cutting Michael Floyd after DUI arrest and the media is against the team.
Michael Floyd getting waived comes at a interesting time, as he currently has no agent representing him.
Michael Floyd is very talented, never came together for him in Arizona. Would love to see him in NE next year to rebuild his value.
I swear to God yall better place a waiver claim on Michael Floyd
If the Eagles claimed Michael Floyd, they'd have to pay him almost $1mm for 2 games in lost season. And then he's a FA.
president Michael Bidwill is the chairman of the NFL's conduct committee. He is making a statement by cutting Mi…
Should the sign newly released Michael Floyd?. He might be a good fit…. |
Texans not smart enough to pick up Michael Floyd. We signed Osweiler
Cardinals Owner Michael Bidwill said the team's decision to cut Michael Floyd was "disappointing" but unanimous https:…
Throwback to better days for me and Michael Floyd
The should aboslutely, 100% put in a waiver claim on Michael Floyd
The should put in a claim for Michael Floyd.
Guys I'm bummed 🙁 didn't see the Michael Floyd song posted anywhere, lawyers say "no?"
Cardinals have released Michael Floyd two days after he was arrested for DUI. by via…
Dear Michael Floyd, You'll be missed. Thanks for the memories...
The have released WR Michael Floyd, a few days after his arrest on a DUI charge.
Disbelief? In a season filled with a disappointment. Michael Floyd was one of the biggest.
Cardinals release WR Michael Floyd after DUI arrest in Scottsdale. More soon.
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Michael Floyd makes more sense for the than DeSean Jackson.
Cardinals' passing game will feel loss of Michael Floyd
ties, how about Michael Floyd, despite troubles could be a good fit.
Michael Floyd easily cost himself millions of dollars with this DUI, he was already an average receiver as is
If the Patriots pick up Michael Floyd, I will root against them.
'Disbelief' spread through Cardinals locker room in wake of Michael Floyd's release
Cards cut WR Michael Floyd after a DUI arrest. My reaction as an Eagles fan
Cardinals WR Michael Floyd was arrested on DUI charges after allegedly falling asleep behind the wheel
Moving from Tyrell Williams to Emmanuel Sanders & from Michael Floyd to Taylor Gabriel in my DraftKings lineup! .
Guy gots Larry Fitzgerald and David Johnson but he keeps throwing it to skillet hands Michael Floyd
Hope Howie signs Trumaine Johnson and Michael Floyd in FA draft Mike Williams or Corey Davis in the first
just remembered Woods got injured so scratch him off. I like Michael Floyd next week Vs Falcons. Getting more 🎯 recently
its Michael Floyd from Arizona...Malcolm was on San Diego and retired.
member when I traded Michael Floyd and Travis Benjamin for C Mike? You thought you took me on that trade
give me sproles and Nelson. If John Brown and/or Michael Floyd play I may consider humphries in a PPR but I like jj
forgot to flex Austin. Now I'm stuck with duke Johnson or Michael Floyd. .5ppr, thoughts?
Start Charles in Flex? Or drop Michael Floyd and pick up Mike Davis?
flex is Michael Floyd and Martellus Bennett is TE what you got kid
It would be really cool if Carson Palmer could make some throws to John Brown and Michael Floyd. I think David Johnson has had enough work
The Cardinals offense is filled with the most accountant names in the world. John Brown, David Johnson, Michael Floyd, Earl Watford etc etc
I'm going to go out on a limb and say this is the last season Michael Floyd plays for the Arizona Cardinals.
Week 5 DR. W Dissapointing Player of the Week is a tie between Torrey Smith and Michael Floyd ! Zeros all around. Really guys ?
Garcon, D-Jack, Michael Floyd, Pryor, Codarrelle Patterson and I think Kendall Wright. Boldin and Vincent Jackson t…
Cardinals coach Bruce Arians thinks Michael Floyd is "pressing" in a contract year.
Shoutout to David Johnson for getting me 32 points last night 👌 making up for Michael Floyd only giving me zero ☹️
that moment you realize you forgot to take Michael Floyd out of your lineup before
pick two from: Michael Floyd, DJax, and Chris Hogan
you won't believe this: green, Cobb, John Brown, Michael Floyd, and Michael Thomas... This is a 12 team league
Travis Benjamin and Amari Cooper didn't do much today, unfortunately. Michael Floyd and Carlos Hyde on the bench with the points needed...
I got Michael in a 1/2 ppr keeper league for Latavius Murray and Michael Floyd. Did I give up too much?
Michael Floyd, Evan Mathis return to practice for
Michael Floyd and Evan Mathis to return to practice for ahead of Week 4 clash with the
NFC West: Michael Floyd, Evan Mathis return to practice for Cardinals
Michael Floyd, Evan Mathis both return to practice for Cardinals
During the open portion: Didn't see Frostee Rucker... RG Evan Mathis, WR Michael Floyd & LB Kareem Martin all in uniform.
tough AZ question. Would you drop Michael Floyd to pick up Jon Brown?
In open part of work, WR Michael Floyd was in uniform ready to practice. LB Kareem Martin, G Evan Mathis also. No Rucker.
Michael Floyd and John Brown are both on waivers, who would you claim?
Someone convince me that BA will do the right thing & start Jaron Brown over Michael Floyd.
I wouldn't. I'd sit tight with Michael Floyd, but monitor the situation with Jaron Brown.
The Arizona Republic's Kent Somers believes Jaron Brown needs to "play more" at the expense of Michael Floyd.
Jaron Brown has to play more earlier in games. Producing. Michael Floyd isn't.
Michael Floyd demonstrating delayed concussion symptoms. More John Brown if he sits Week 4
12 team ppr.was offered Aj green and DT for Antonio Brown. My other wrs are landry...Michael Floyd...Chris Hogan...tajae
Anyone wants to trade for some Black Gold cards? Autographed John Brown,Michael Floyd,Andre Ellington...
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Michael Floyd in concussion protocol. Perhaps John Brown can finally become fantasy relevant now.
Michael Floyd in the concussion protocol - good job there's some guy called Jaron Brown who can step in...(and probably be better than him)
Who to start at flex position in standard scoring league Crabtree, Latavius Murray, Spencer Ware, or Michael Floyd?
if you have Brandon Marshall, Tajae Sharpe, Michael Floyd & Sterling Shepard alongside Ryan Mathews which 2 you seat?
would you consider starting Corey Coleman, Devante Parker, or Sanu over Michael Floyd as my WR3?
good idea to sit aj green vs Denver? I have d Parker, shepard & Michael Floyd on bench? 10 pt bonus for 100 yards.
The guys picked before him? Justin Blackmon, Michael Floyd, Kendall Wright, AJ Jenkins, Brian Quick, and Stephen Hill
Jonathan Stewart/Spencer Ware/DeMarco Murray or Michael Floyd for my flex position?
who should i start this week as my flex? Devonta Freeman, Michael Floyd or Jeremy Hill?
Should I start Tyrell Williams over Michael Floyd or Marvin Jones? Jordy has 1 spot locked up for me. Thanks
going all in on Michael Floyd and Marvin Jones in cash. Crazy?
Jeremy Langford or Michael Floyd in the flex this week?. You guys are doing a great job
Who should I start at my flex spot, Crabtree @ New Orleans or Michael Floyd @ New England??
.5 PPR I need one of these three for my flex. Crabtree, CJ Anderson, Michael Floyd.
Michael Floyd or Crabtree as flex in ppr? Thanks!!
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with Odell beckham Jr., Michael Floyd, Jordan Mathews as my top 3 wr and T Benjamin M Thomas on bench am I in trouble?
Antonio Brown. Keenan Allen. Michael Floyd. Kelvin Benjamin. Josh Gordon. Marvin Jones. Chris Hogan. My WR's are going to dominate this year
who wins this trade? .5ppr. Phillip Dorsett and Latavius Murray for Michael Floyd and ameer Abdullah
question... My buddy wants to trade Dak Prescott and Michael Floyd for Sammy Watkins... (I have Watkins)
Shane Vereen has 112 catches over the past two seasons, which is more than Donte Moncrief (96), Michael Floyd (99) & DeSean Jackson (86).
One more if you don't mind: Jeremy Langford or Michael Floyd, .5 PPR -- thanks so much!!
Carson Palmer - Michael Floyd & Chris Johnson. All the usual suspects all in one shot.
Larry Fitzgerald blows up Vikings safety to help Michael Floyd score
Alshon Jeffrey, Vincent Jackson, Pierre Garçon, Kendall Wright, Desean, Michael Floyd. Doubt they all reach the market
Being higher on Michael Floyd, I have L Fitzgerald considerably lower than most. Fitz will be useful but in an Anquon Boldin kind of way
Who would you take first? Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd or Jon Brown
Gurley and Bell at RB, Russ Wilson at QB, Watkins, Josh Gordon and Michael Floyd at WR, Greg Olsen, Jets Defense and Gostkowski
“I’m trying to draft Michael Floyd and John Brown in as many leagues as possible this year.”
best, Tim Brown or Michael Floyd toss up.most clutch Samardzjia, Michigan St. game was incredible
Michael Floyd isn't Larry Fitzgerald , and that would be a huge leap for us
I would trade the 29th pick and Michael Floyd to the san Diego chargers if im . What you think ?
Martavis Bryant isn't bad. Any version of Hopkins is cheese. Michael Floyd is the best budget WR out there
Put Floyd, Larry Bird, Gary Payton and Michael Jordan in a room. Give MJ a bottle of Henny.
Adrien Broner calls out Floyd to his face: "He got to come see me. We got to get it on.” (via
Floyd laughing at you bro, just stop. .
Floyd Mayweather responds to Adrian Broner saying "It is April fools, that was the biggest joke of the night" 😳😂
Michael Gove orders Pink Floyd's 'Another Brick In The Wall' to be banned. Teachers shouldn't be encouraged to leave k…
Floyd retires and every boxer tries to act hard by challenging a retired boxer to a match???
I've always loved the *** athletes more than others from Kobe Bryant to Floyd Mayweather to Michael Jordan, I don't know why.
Over the final 7 games of 2015 (playoffs included), Michael Floyd beat Larry Fitzgerald in targets 5 times.
youu know Floyd not bout to waste his time on youu right? ...if youu didn't know, ima just go ahead and tell yo…
Gervontae Davis is cold, we may very well be looking at the Kobe to Floyd Mayweather's "Michael Jordan" Goatness.
Mayweather blasts Broner: "One of my cars costs more than he made in his whole career."
I said Treadwell is Bryant and Thomas is Michael Floyd
Here's my boring comp for Mike Thomas. Michael Floyd. Boring but closer to a reality than OBJ! LOL
I see a ton of Michael Floyd! Same awkward gait and raw althetism. Glad someone agrees
Treadwell reminds me of Bryant. Thomas reminds me of Michael Floyd
Adrian called out Floyd. someone said Michael Irving boosted then said Jarvis better than Odell... Smh y'all off it tonight fr
I rather Adrian Broner fight Michael B Jordan then get his *** beat up by Floyd Mayweather lbs
Adrien Broner just said Floyd gotta see him.. Uh oh
Michael Floyd is traded to the Rams for Eric Ebron that was sent to the Packers
AB is to Floyd what Kobe is to Michael
How high do you think Floyd is on their board? Top 5?
I sold DT, a 17 1st and Langford this year for David Johnson, Michael Floyd and a 17 2nd. Market getting soft for DT.
Watch Michael Stipe, Pixies, Flaming Lips + more perform at the David Bowie Memorial Concert https:…
Wonder what the theme is at 5683 today?!? Can you beat this ???
Per Rotoworld: Cards shopping Michael Floyd for draft picks.
When your team trades Michael Floyd and John Brown for OBJ 😎👌
Michael Floyd and John Brown have a higher ADP than Larry Fitzgerald right now. Idk, either.
John Brown, Michael Floyd, and Fitz... I think that's pretty *** good.
But *** Patriots couldn't ask for John Brown or Michael Floyd?
It's awesome. Paxton is my draft crush. In same group as Michael Floyd, Ryan Kerrigan,JMatthews and Eric Rowe.
Other hand some very good players have been 13th overall in recent history:. -Michael Floyd . -Nick Fairley. -Sheldon Richardson. -Aaron Donald
I wrote that should fall somewhere between Robert Meachem and Michael Floyd.
WATCH: Michael Floyd catches go-ahead TD on tipped ball: The Green Bay Packers and Arizona Card...
I swear I would have had Fitzgerald and Michael Floyd both at safety on that last play. Natural catchers but I'm also not th…
Michael Floyd still a champ Idc what anybody say
Might rock with 94 Sammy Watkins, 93 Andre Reed, and 91 Amari Cooper starting with 89 Michael Floyd and 88 DGB backing them up.
Michael Floyd, Alshon Jeffery, Mike Evans, and Sammy Watkins all on the same level as AJ Green.
News Alarm: Michael Floyd (WR - Ari) Head coach Bruce Arians said the chances of Michael Floyd (knee) playing in...
Bruce Arians reportedly said WR Michael Floyd (knee) was limping on Friday. Notes on News page:
Many people dismissed Michael Floyd as a finesse receiver when he played w/ Harrison Smith at . Both are beasts.
out of Denard Robinson, Tyler Lockett, Tim Hightower, and Michael Floyd. Pick 3 of them
Can start two out of: Tyler Lockett, Michael Floyd, Eric Decker, and James White. Who should I go with?? Thanks!
Wake up ppl, it's Championship day. Cameron Artis-Payne v. ATL or Michael Floyd v. GB?
thanks for all the help this season. Artis-Payne or Lamar Miller and AJ Green or Michael Floyd? PPR
who do I start Julio Jones, Michael Floyd or Larry Fitzgerald please I need your help.
i have Matthew Stafford, Ben Watson and Michael Floyd left. Other team had David Brown and Tim Hightower.
Michael Floyd or John Brown? Up by 16 and they got Palmer and Johnson tonight. I got a flex spot open Tate, Floyd, or brown?
Michael Floyd, John Brown, Martavis Bryant, and Golden Tate.. Need two as Julio is a l
Calvin Johnson or Michael Floyd and Jeremy Hill, Larry Fitz, or Tyler Lockett for a flex play
Michael Floyd, Jeremy Hill , or Larry Fitzgerald it's half point ppr. Tough choice for me
my starting lineup for this week: Bortles, David Johnson, Shoelace, Hurns, Michael Floyd, Olsen, & Hightower. Let's get this W!
PPR Char west, bolden, or Ivory. Cobb or Michael Floyd. Wilson or Bortles? I have David Johnson. Opp has Palmer
Need to fill 1 WR and FLEX out of the following: Buck Allen, James White, Sammy Watkins, Brandin Cooks, Michael Floyd...
Chip Kelly called the Cards trio of WR's of Larry Fitzgerald, John Brown and Michael Floyd the toughest trio Eagles will face this season.
booked it to go grab him, I have alshon, Julio, DT, Michael Floyd, Marvin Jones, and now Edelman. I'm stacked at WR.
TOUCHDOWN! Michael Floyd goes 42 yds with the PANCAKE block from Larry Fitzgerald!. 17-10
Aiken, Hillman, or Michael Floyd in my flex? Standard scoring
should I start Alfred Morris or Michael Floyd at flex
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devante parker, Travis Benjamin, djax and Michael Floyd walk into a bar. Who makes it into my fantasy lineup this week?
donte moncrief or Michael Floyd at flex?!
Hey Brad. Who would you pick up? Michael Floyd, Keyshawn Martin, Chris harper, or Doug Baldwin for a playoff spot? Bad choices.
FSP Stephania Bell / What should owners do with Michael Floyd?
I need one in a PPR: Javorius Allen, Michael Floyd, Stefon Diggs or DeAngelo Williams
idk what to do? Start and flex Coleman,buck,L.Murray, Chris Johnson or Michael Floyd. I got hit with the injury bug
who would you flex (12 team. 1/2 ppr) - Chris Johnson, Buck Allen, or Michael Floyd??? Going crazy...
Flex spot Jordan Reed or Michael Floyd. Going against my fiancé - playoff spot on the line
Need one RB and a FLEX from this: Chris Johnson, Brandin Cooks, Antonio Andrews, Tevin Coleman, Michael Floyd. Leaning first 2
Michael Floyd or Brandon Marshall and Chris Ivory or spencer ware
Who do I start at my flex? Allen Hurns, Ronnie Hillman, Lamar Miller, or Michael Floyd
can't decide on my RBs and Flex: Frank Gore, DeAngelo Williams, Chris Ivory, John Brown, Michael Floyd and Emmanuel Sanders
Michael Floyd, Allen Hurns, Chris Johnson, Marvin Jones or Dwayne Harris for WR3 and flex? Ppr
Tonight was another example of the greatness of WR Larry Fitzgerald - he played big without Michael Floyd on the other side.
Could be a Larry Fitzgerald kind of night with Michael Floyd out and John Brown at less than 100%
flex play - Diggs, Ebron, Hillman, or Michael Floyd?
D. Thomas, James jones, Fitzgerald, Michael Floyd need to sit one
Standard scoring league , who do I play in the flex? Stevie Johnson , Michael Floyd , or Brandon LaFell?
last minute WR2 question, James jones, Michael Floyd or Vincent Jackson???
who's a better flex this week Kamar Aiken, Brandon Lafell, Gio Bernard, Michael Floyd, or Shaun Draughn?
who has the better in this trade?: Lamar Miller and Michael Floyd for Doug Martin and Randall Cobb
Carson throws off his back foot but still delivers perfect ball for Michael Floyd's 2nd TD
gio or Martin for RB2. And John Brown Michael Floyd or moncrief in flex. PPR. Thanks.
Bruce Arians said Michael Floyd pulled a hamstring in the fourth quarter and John Brown was "still struggling" with his h…
Cardinals are taking it to the Seahawks! Carson Palmer hits Michael Floyd for the duo's 2nd TD of the day. Arizona leads…
Michael Floyd is playing like he just decided to stick with Jerry Maguire.
Chris Johnson or Michael Floyd in the flex?
Michael Floyd or Shane Vereen as my flex in a PPR?
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