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Michael Rueben Egan AO (born 21 February 1948), a former union official and former Australian politician, served as Treasurer of New South Wales between 1995 and 2005. Egan is currently the Chancellor of Macquarie University and sits on a number of government and non-government advisory boards.

Bryan Singer Gary Goddard Anthony Edwards

Michael Egan who accused Bryan Singer and Gary Goddard (Anthony Edwards also accused Gary) and others of rape ended…
Anthony Edwards,who has absolutely no reason to lie,now gives credence to the allegations by Michael Egan!
Please do a video about Corey Feldman allegations. Did you see Michael Egan case? He accused Bryan Sing…
Given Anthony Edwards statements, Michael Egan deserves another day in court and an apology from the press that pai…
Stop trying to discredit Michael Egan. Anthony Edwards came forward today about Gary Godda…
Gary Goddard is same man named in a '14 teen sex abuse lawsuit filed by Michael Egan, who also accused Bryan Singer
I feel Anthony Edwards decleration about Gary Goddard is vindication for Michael Egan
this is about Michael Egan who is also in people read it. he is not a liar
This is very good, only up for another week. Mostly about that Michael Egan "DEN" stuff.
Accuser is now in jail & his lawyer had to issue apology to the accused after charges were dropped
Now that has fallen, can we finally address the 🎬.
Michael Egan a true American hero! Unrelenting Truth always out powers pedo's with money and power.
Bryan Singer Accuser -- Sentenced to 2 Years in Prison via
Producer Gary Goddard denies allegations he participated in a Hollywood sex ring that victimized young boys
Michael Egan 'Film moguls passed me around like piece of meat' via
“Making behavioral finance work for your practice” webinar: Victor Ricciardi, Don Egan, Michael Pompian on Oct. 23rd h…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Michael Egan, the one that exposed Brian Singer is in jail for fraud. A…
Really sad,the CHARGES WERE PROBABLY LEGIT but dropped bc of the powr welded by corrupt pedophile elites/powerplayrs.
Kinda love/hate Michael Bisping. This is gonna be a REALLY good card.
If Michael Phelps and Katie Ledecky had a baby, it wouldn't be human. It would be a dolphin. — University of Texas at Austin
Honestly gives Richie Incognito a run for his money when he bullied Michael Egnew, and thought he was the man for doing so.
Odds Michael Phelps is a woman by the time I'm 50?
Michael. Tearing Up my Heart. He performed it during talent show, ripped tech vest off sexually. We were 11.
The Revs and Michael Phelps won. Egan lost bc he googled the wrong show.
Michael Phelps may or may not be a shark idk
Michael Phelps' advice to teammates: “...It is OK to sing, and it is OK to cry”
selling the power corps in NSW was Michael Egan/Bob Carr's baby & followed up by John Robertson
Anybody question Ken Egan on his ridiculous Indo piece about Michael O'Reilly?
Best of luck to Michael O'Leary, Stevie O'Sullivan, Ronan O'Donovan and David Egan and the rest of the Kerry U21...
Kenneth Egan: It would be tragic if people were to start doubting Irish boxing
'There's just no way Michael was taking a performance-enhancing drug. I am certain of that,' says
Pete Carroll confirms he threw DE Michael Bennett out of end of practice, basically because he was too mad at offensive l…
We've got Kenneth Egan and Sean McGoldrick with us right now to talk about Michael O'Reilly.
MRFF Chairman, Michael Egan, Promising irrigation season hampered by lack of skilled staff
"I would love 5% of his talent" - Kenneth Egan on Michael Conlan. Egan's with us in studio now.
Michael Phelps has been selected as Team USA’s Flag Bearer for the Rio Olympics. Opening ceremonies are Friday.
"This video was made by Michael Egan, who thinks the tune is very good".
Michael Egan won the Roscommon Minor 60x30 Handball title on Sunday:
great job challenging Timothy Egan. Need more people calling out publishing misinformation on
In 1844, Michael Egan of County Cork, Ireland got on a ship to America. And here I am today.
Thanks to Michael Egan from the panel of chefs for helping out with the food at Ronald McDonald house with the Crumlin ventures
What makes a Bottling one of the most counterfeited types of wine? Michael Egan discusses this week on
.Bryan Singer may have settled with 5 others claiming abuse do you care?
.Dis you settle with 5 other accusers. It was reported you did
For the weekend that's in it a pic from my archives Enda Kenny with bust of Michael Collins, Merrion Sq.
Tonight Adelaide Comedy at Rhino Room featuring . Dilruk Jayasinha with host Michael Bowley. with Marcel Blanch-de...
Little Giant Ladders
Last chance to vote for Michael Egan for the Men's contest. http…
Hey, was great chatting to you! Would love to chat more about MSFT 1Note and other projects :)
Throwback to when the guest speaker, and I founded . Glad to have you back, Michael.
Hey Michael Egan, the gang from the rickhouse thanks you for the follow, and commends your fine taste, and desire to stay current on the wo…
CEO Of Spark Networks To Speak At iDate: WEBWIRE - Jan 13 - Michael Egan, the CEO of Spark Networks, will be i...
Timings are not confirmed as of yet. Expect 7pm doors+DJ Rusty Egan - 8:30/45pm Michael Rother - 10:30/11pm curfew
I’ll remember him most for bringing Eamon de Valera to life in Michael Collins. RIP.
Well Done to our S1s who completed Connect 4 Reading with 24 hours to go!. James Baigan, Michael Egan, Aya Eltom, Amber Grozier, Jack Swan -
Michael Egan, Bryan Singer’s Accuser, Sentenced to Two Years in Prison for Investment Fraud
Barry Plant Awards Night 2015.. Congratulations to Michael Egan and Loretta Khoo on being a member of the Diamond Club! We also were...
Good luck, Mike Egan. I voted for all the vets like he asked us to. You captured a good man, Michael Stokes.
Phil Egan at 3121 brilliant! Yarn about Michael Mitchell. challenged him to 30 stair race for night off. KB won by 3 steps!
I added a video to a playlist Michael Canitrot - Chain Reaction (Audio)
“Corporal Michael Egan -- Thinking of some of our amazing heroes for the 4th of July!
Michael Egan of BNI BNI Business Exchange, welcome back for another year. Let's continue to grow your law practice.
Update your maps at Navteq
Michael B. Jordan gets in the ring in the first trailer for ‘Creed’:
Michael Cuddyer says he's "definitely concerned" about the knee injury that KO'd him tonight. Waiting on an MRI tomorrow…
Northern States Threaten to Secede and Join Canada - By Michael Egan, Humor Times. via
We hope to see you tonight at the St. Michael's Fair!
Michael Lyster is hoping to be back on d Sunday Game by the end of July. he's as much a part of the Sunday Game as the matches themselves
Executive David Neuman, left, had been named last April by aspiring actor and model Michael Egan, insert, as one of a number of men who he
Bryan Singer sex abuse case dropped: Michael Egan, 31, withdraws lawsuit against X-Men director after his lawy...
The man behind the lawsuits against Bryan Singer and others in Hollywood - Michael Egan came to...
News: Zachary Quinto, The Moon, Demi Lovato, Cupcakes says it won't support ENDA because of religious exemption. Researchers claim to have found evidence of the planet 'Theia', which crashed into Earth billions of years ago to form the Moon. VIDEO: Demi Lovato knows that aliens and mermaids are real. Don Lemon: So the question is, if you want people like Justin Bieber to stop using [the N-word], shouldn't you do the same? ToonSeum: Pittsburgh museum faces backlash for supporting PrideFest. Zachary Quinto and Matt Bomer will present a Tony Award together. 'Hollywood sex ring' accuser Michael Egan voluntarily withdraws his suit against former Disney executive David Neuman: "Egan’s case against Neuman appeared to crumble three weeks ago when Neuman filed a motion to dismiss that attached a 2003 declaration in which Egan said he’d 'never had any kind of physical contact' with Neuman other than non-sexual social contact and that Neuman 'never acted improperly.' A sanctions motion served by Neuman’s couns ...
X-Men: Days of Future Past director Bryan Singer has filed a motion to dismiss the sexual abuse case against him at the federal court in Hawaii early Wednesday (May 22). The 48-year-old director was accused by Michael Egan of sexual abuse between August, 1999 and October, 1999, Variety reports. “The
Bryan Singer has been accused of molesting a British teen. The director already faces similar charges from a former child actor named Michael Egan.
Hollywood's Sexual Predator Problem Hollywood is sick, sick, sick. Behind its curtain of holier-than-thou progressivism, the entertainment world's top A-list stars have engaged in the most depraved sexual abuse against vulnerable children and teens, according to a growing number of victims. After years of cover-up, the institutional scandal is exploding. Finally. The latest alleged atrocities involve "X-Men" director Bryan Singer and at least three other power players in the business: veteran television executive Garth Ancier, former Disney executive David Neuman and producer Gary Goddard. Last month, former child actor and model Michael Egan filed civil suits against the men, alleging that they passed around underage boys "like pieces of meat at sex parties" in the late 1990s. Egan's X-rated lawsuit exposes a cabal of alleged predators who plied young boys and teens with hard drugs and alcohol before sexually assaulting them. Egan was repeatedly molested, raped and beaten from the age of 15, he says, at ...
on Charges: "Super Disturbing": Actress Ellen Page has spoken out about allegations that director Bryan Singer molested Michael Egan while the latter was still in his teens. * * In an interview with The Hollywood Reporter, Page described the charges as "super disturbing," adding, "I guess the truth will come out in the way that does, but it's hard to hear about someone being in that position, someone you like working with." Page, of course, reprises her role as Kitty Pryde in the upcoming film X-Men: Days of Future Past, which was directed by Singer. "Whatever comes of it," Page says. "I do think there's a systemic issue of people in places of power manipulating and abusing young people." The actress recently made headlines of her own for unrelated and very different reasons. Page came out as *** in February and has since gained legions of new fans and become a sort of representative for the LGBT community in Hollywood. Though she's probably best known for her role as a pregnant teen in the 2007 film Juno ...
Had once a chat with & but ran away cause of the monsters he was hiding. Nice guy but I couldn't help n…
So Disgusting,Bryan is a good person.The Michael Egan´s lawyer is a big liar,after 15 years.Is ridiculous.
For students enrolled in EDU 502 with Dr. Michael Joyce beginning tomorrow, you will be meeting in permanently in Egan 122!
Jeff Herman, the attorney representing Michael Egan and a man known only as John Doe in sexual abuse lawsuits against Hollywood executives, revealed evidence today that he says details the predatory relationship between X-Men director Bryan Singer, producer Gary Goddard and a then-14-year-old John Doe.
By Dana Feldman LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - A British man who accuses "X-Men" director Bryan Singer of sexually abusing him as a teenager was spurred to bring a lawsuit against the filmmaker after Singer was sued by another man on similar allegations, the plaintiff's lawyer said Monday. The lawsuit in federal court in Los Angeles said that Singer, 48, and entertainment industry executive Gary Goddard, 59, coerced the British man into sex acts as a minor with the promise of helping him in an acting career. A lawyer for Goddard also denied the allegations, calling them spurious. The plaintiff's lawyer, Jeff Herman, also represents Michael Egan, who last month sued Singer, Goddard and two other entertainment executives over allegations that they abused him as part of an underage sex ring in Hollywood.
Attorney Jeff Herman today said Bryan Singer's new anonymous accuser was "inspired" by Michael Egan.
Less than a month after Michael Egan filed a sexual abuse lawsuit against Bryan Singer, the X-Men director is facing a similar accusation. The new lawsuit is being brought by attorney Jeff Herman, ...
Jeff Herman says the new client came forward after hearing the 'very aggressive denials' in the Michael Egan cases
Michael Ginsberg is most definitely Dan Egan's grandfather.
(The Daily Beast) Bryan Singer, director of X-Men and other Hollywood blockbusters, has been hit by another legal suit alleging he sexually assaulted a minor, The Daily Beast can reveal. Singer was already accused by the lawyer for Michael Egan, 31, of… [ 413 more words. ]
Bryan Singer may have dropped out of all public appearances to avoid allowing X-Men: Days Of Future Past to become overshadowed by the charges against him, but his silence definitely hasn’t quieted that story any. In the weeks since Michael Egan first accused the director of drugging and sexually as
Want to hear from Michael Hasenstab, Bill Gross, Cliff Asness, Stephen Yacktman, Michael Falk or Mark Egan?.
In 2014, you can survive a child rape charge a lot easier than saying bad things about blacks:
Bryan Singer is being accused of forcing himself on a British teenager after the "Superman Returns"...
Stephen: They’re already fighting a lawsuit claiming they sexually assaulted Michael Egan when he was a teenager...
Hollywood and Media in Denial: Jeff Herman, the Florida attorney representing Michael Egan, the 31 y
"You were a piece of meat," said Michael Egan, who alleged Bryan Singer and others sexually abused him as a child. His attorney said there are Hollywood "pedophile rings," and h...
Michael Egan has filed a lawsuit against director Bryan Singer, saying he abused him when he was 17 years old in Hawaii and California.
INSIDE EDITION's Victoria Recano spoke to former child star Michael Egan who is claiming director Bryan Singer sexually assaulted him when he was younger. Singer denies the claims.
Just days after Michael Egan, now 31, filed a civil lawsuit against famed “X-Men” director Bryan Singer with allegations of drugging and sexual abuse when he was a teenager, the former child actor has filed three more suits – highly graphic and detailed – against major Hollywood power players Garth…
Michael Egan accuses 3: Garth Ancier, David Neuman, and Gary Goddard- of a series of sexual assaults
So I guess Michael Egan's cocksucking skills weren't up to par with Dan Harris and Mike Dougherty's?
"Michael Egan" is one of the partners of the Boston Red Sox. Too bad it isn't OUR Michael Egan.
How do YOU define associate professor, Michael Egan, aims to find out.
Now that it should have reached you all in the post, a BIG thank you to all who contributed to the latest issue of Under the Radar, with poems, reviews & short stories, including... Greta new poetry from David Andrew, Michael Askew, Alan Baker, Sharon Black, Alison Brackenbury, Mark Burnhope, David Clarke, Oliver Comins, Josephine Corcoran, Michael Egan, Cynthia Fuller, Eley Furrell, Shelia Hamilton, Chris Hardy, David Hart, Lesley Ingram, Terry Jones, Dorothy Lehane, Thyrza Leyshon, Aoife Mannix, Julie Maclean, Rosie Miles, Martin Monahan, Richard Moorhead, Marilyn Ricci David Seddon, Marion Tracy, Michael Wagg... Plus some brilliant short stories from Miranda Yates , Tom Murray, Miriam Valencia... And reviews on poetry books and pamphlets by our rapid-response team of verse-viewers, Deborah Tyler-Bennett, Charles Whalley, Matt Merritt, Michael W. Thomas, Simon Turner & Alison Brackenbury Cheers to everyone who has made Issue Eleven such a ***
Media Release Tasmanian Championships - Day 2 The second day of the Tasmanian Rowing State Championships greeted rowers with misty rain and flat, calm water. The day started with a strong win to Hutchins in the under 19 eight over North Esk by two lengths and Scotch Oakburn half a length back. Hutchins asserted dominance in the middle of the race and was never headed and will now take some confidence into their schools campaign at the national titles. In one of the feature races of the championships there was a strong line-up for the Mens senior single scull. Under 23 champion Max McQueeney got off to a strong start with lightweight champion Blair Tunevitsch (Tamar) close behind. As the race unfolded Sam Volker (Buckingham) worked his way through the field to take a one-length lead by the halfway mark. Challenges came thick and fast in the last half of the race with Tunevitsch, Ali Foot (Tamar) and Michael Egan (Huon) all trying to eat into Volker’s lead. A sprint to the finish saw Volker win by thr ...
Press Release The launch of the XL Challenge 2013 at the Abbey Court Hotel Nenagh on Friday 15th February was performed by Alan Kelly, Jnr Minister of State, and Lalor McGee, Lord Mayor of Nenagh. The XL Challenge 2013 will help raise awareness and much needed funds for ‘Living Links’ All monies raised will go towards providing training for volunteers in its 16 branches nationwide. ‘Living Links’ provide outreach and support to those bereaved by suicide, to increase awareness and understanding of suicide and its effects on individuals, families and communities, to liaise and provide families with information on health services available in the region, and referral pathways to such services should such professional counseling be required, to encourage the suicide bereaved and/or suicide affected to establish and foster an ongoing support group among themselves. ‘Living Links’ was founded in Cloughjordan in 2002. Also attending the launch was Michael Egan, National Coordinator and founder of . ...
An Excerpt from the Saint John's Prep Newsletter: Undefeated Mock Trial Team Moves on in Trial Tournament The St. John's Prep Mock Trial Team has completed the preliminary rounds of competition with an undefeated record, out scoring challenging schools in three trials held at the Salem Housing Court in Salem, Massachusetts. The competition is sponsored by the Massachusetts Bar Association and includes over 120 schools throughout the state, all of which prepare the same case in order to compete for points awarded by a judge for, among other skills, competency, preparation, demeanor, knowledge of the law and court procedure, presentation skills and the ability to think and react quickly to unexpected occurrences. Co-Presidents Matthew Brady and Carlvin Medar lead the team whose members include Christopher Hassapsis, Michael Egan, Alex Iorio, David Souza, Mark Haddad, Duncan Dietz, Will Hartnett as well as Peter Tsokanis, Caleb Yoken and Chris Fitzpatrick. Coach Gail Dennig is assisted this year by Attorney ...
The Guardian's Poetry Night - January 21, 8pm Leaf Club, Liverpool Biographer of the Mersey Poets, Phil Bowen, brings together a live show of the best in new Liverpool poetry. Documented by author and broadcaster Marcel Theroux for The Guardian, and with poets Phil Bowen, Michael Egan, Steve Regan, Eleanor Reece, Mandy Coe and Sarah Maclennan all ready to wax lyrical … we’re celebrating a tradition of Liverpool in lyrics. Invited Poets first then a limited chance to take the open floor. Free Entry
Had a GREAT time last night . It has been for ever sense I lafted that hard . Thank you Barbara Gunther Collins , Michael Egan, & Scott Hall . It had been to long.
Just read Peter Costello's reference from Michael Egan. Fits with all I know.
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