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Michael Douglas

Michael Kirk Douglas (born September 25, 1944) is an American actor and producer, primarily in movies and television.

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Michael Douglas says has cancer and 'things don't look too good' | Val Kilmer
Michael Douglas says Val Kilmer is battling tongue cancer:
Michael Douglas spoke highly of his Ghost and the Darkness co-star Val Kilmer this weekend, but also revealed he has tongue ca…
Michael Douglas gives health update on Val Kilmer: "Things don't look too good."
Michael Douglas says Val Kilmer has cancer via
"Things don't look too good": Michael Douglas says friend, fellow actor has oral cancer…
Michael Douglas reveals heartbreaking news that Val Kilmer is battling cancer via /r/movies
Michael Douglas says Val Kilmer has cancer: reports
Michael Douglas raises concerns about Val Kilmer's health, but Kilmer insists he's conducting business as usual.
Michael Douglas reveals Kilmer is battling via
Why is Michael Douglas talking about Val Kilmer's health?
Val Kilmer is battling cancer, says Michael Douglas: 'Things don't look too good for him'
Michael Douglas reveals Val Kilmer is battling cancer
Michael Douglas reveals secret to his marriage with Catherine Zeta Jones
Hey, remember when Michael Douglas said he got mouth cancer from Catherine Zeta-Jones's *** That was a hoot.
Michael Douglas: His acting mentor and best friend, Karl Malden, died on July 1, 2009, at age 97.
I liked a video Charades with Michael Douglas, Kat Dennings and Jon Cryer
Movie Night Monday this week is 'Wall Street: Money Never Sleeps' starring Michael Douglas and Shia LaBeouf.
"Rich enough not to waste time" Michael Douglas to Charlie Sheen in _Wall Street_
Michael Douglas from Miracle on 34th Street stars in Grown Ups about a silly Soldier named Cepeda
Tonight: Falling Down. His Oscar's for Wall Street, but this is Michael Douglas' best role. And my 2nd favorite Joe…
Yeah. You can tell I like liked Michael Douglas in Wall Street.
Yeah. Gordon Gekko, from the movie Wall Street. Played my Michael Douglas.
So doesn't have Parkinson's but probably has that cancer that Michael Douglas got.
‘We’re closer than ever’: Michael Douglas opens up about Catherine Zeta Jones’ mental illness…
Fortune magazine used Michael Douglas' image to invoke Gordon Gekko, the trader of 1987's film “Wall Street” for a…
I wish every movie of the week had Michael Douglas coldcocking Ben Gazzara
So, if I'm correct, we've heard Michael call once while Ben Gazzara was in the room, and once while Michael Douglas was.
True: a Pitfall-me-up for Saturn. Max is Danny Devito, Ben is Michael Douglas, Paul is Kathleen Turner; Nathan is Bad Hom…
Catherine Zeta-Jones celebrates her shared birthday with Michael Douglas on Instagram:
Congratulation to supporters Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas on their joint birthday!
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Catherine Zeta-Jones Shares a Sweet Photo with Michael Douglas: ‘Happy Birthday to You and Me’ via
Catherine Zeta-Jones shares birthday snap with Michael Douglas
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas are too cute together!
Catherine Zeta-Jones posts a sweet snap to celebrate her and husband Michael Douglas's birthday
Happy 72th Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone in Basic Instinct, 1992, directed by Paul Verhoeven.
Will Smith, Donald Glover and Michael Douglas also have a birthday today! (((
Just saw this on Amazon: The Game by Michael Douglas for $3.99 via
Kim Basinger, Russell Crowe, Michael Douglas, and Cameron Diaz come to mind right away.
Michael Douglas from The Social Network stars in Harry Potter about a sincere Baker named Audie
The Jewel of the Nile (1985 film). inferior to the original, but it's nice to see Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner. together in their prime !
Just re-found this gem. That time Kathleen Turner, Danny Devito & Michael Douglas "sang" in a music video
remember when Michael Douglas claimed he got throat cancer from eating fanny
It must be good to be Michael Douglas! LOL!
If William Carvalho signs for WBA I'm done with football. It'd be worse than the time Michael Douglas married Catherine Zeta Jones.
There's an event happening at my mom's work in October and George Clooney,Hugh Jackman, Michael Douglas, etc are gonna be there DAMNIT
George Clooney, Matt Bomer, Hugh Jackman, Jane Lynch, Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas all together in the same room... I am fine
I think Glen Close in Fatal Attraction screamed "Allahu Akbar!" when attacking Michael Douglas.
*** I love Falling Down. Easily one of Michael Douglas's best performances, and easily Joel Schumacher's best movie.
Now playing: ""Greed is Good"" by Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko addressing Teldar Paper stockholders in "Wall Street". from ''
...and one is an absolute fascist intolerant bellend that thinks he's Michael Douglas from Falling Down 😁
it was Jewel in the Nile, Michael Douglas, Danny Devito and Kathleen Turner were in the video.
I would do very bad things for just one more Michael Douglas & Kathleen Turner movie.
1) plot involves Kathleen Turner spreading the ashes of Michael Douglas and Danny Devito and I'm in.
Did you know that Catherine Zeta Jones the wife of Michael Douglas suffers from bipolar disorder?
I do think I'm lucky I met Michael. Not just Michael Douglas the actor and producer wit
Catherine Zeta Jones has been married to Michael Douglas for 16 years. Is she ok?
Go watch the 1980s film "Romancing the Stone", starring Kathleen Turner & Michael Douglas and you'll understand. :)
Michael Douglas' son has a tattoo of Micheal Douglas on his stomach
Michael Douglas' son released from prison after serving seven years for drug possession
Tonight, Aug. 1st, join us at 8:00PM for Open Road with Michael Webb, Ronnie Guilbeau, Jack Sundrud, Rick Lonow...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
signed 8x10 with Michael Douglas from "Disclosure"
Michael Douglas' son Cameron is released from prison after serving almost seven years
Actor Michael Dougla’s son released from prison after nearly 7 years
Michael Douglas' son released from prison after seven years
Michael Douglas' son reportedly released from jail after nearly seven years [[
EXCLUSIVE: Michael Douglas’ son released from jail after nearly seven years
Michael Douglas' son has been quietly released from prison after seven years
Michael Douglas got throat cancer from oral sex... What did Hillary get from Bill???.
.Vic is looking like he joined the photo just after solving a case with Karl Malden and Michael Douglas
Co-stars Morgan Freeman Robert DeNiro and Michael Douglas reunite on the red ...
If don't extend Joe Allen's time at the club, I'm turning into Michael Douglas in 'Falling Down'.
My journey home has made me feel like Michael Douglas in Falling Down; except I haven't shot at a golf cart (yet).
Ugh. I can relate. Makes a feller want to go all Michael Douglas in Falling Down.
Watching again and I'm realizing that Michael Douglas is basically the Mr. Feeny to Paul Rudd's Corey Matthews. Dig it.
On a train filled with Geordie school kids. Feel like pulling a Michael Douglas in Falling Down.
Get your iPhone insurance today!
time to take it too far now. uh. Michael Douglas out the car now. uh
Michael Douglas (Hank Pym) has said that he would like his wife Catherine Zeta-Jones to play Janet Van Dyne, the...
the game with Michael Douglas and Usual Suspects with Kevin Spacey. Silence of the lambs
could you tell me what this watch is? Michael Douglas in Fatal Attraction as Dan Gallagher.
Michael Douglas in ROMANCING THE STONE and THE JEWEL OF THE NILE – tonight at 9ET on HS80:
spoiler alert: Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas hook up in Romancing the Stone.
Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas characters on War of the Roses were married 17 years. Can't compare to ridiculousness of Haydik
Tommy Lee Jones,Robert DeNiro,Al Pacino and Michael Douglas.those are my childhood legends.They still are.
Btw, can we talk about young Robert Downey Jr in CA:CW? That was uncanny, even better than young Michael Douglas in Ant-Man
a transgender actress & Michael Douglas .. How are their relevance to and Robert Shapiro?
Greed is Good. Michael Douglas in Wall Street – New on HS80 9pm ET May 27th! Preview:
“People who say they are trying to quit are basically *** who cannot commit.” –Michael Douglas ‘Traffic’
right so believable. def can see him acting along greats like Michael Douglas, George Clooney, Sir Anthony Hopkins
Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones together again: Salute to two great ... via
reminds me of The Game w Sean Penn & Michael Douglas which was gr8
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As Sean Penn once said to Michael Douglas: I envy you.
cgi Robert Downey Jr in civil war gave cgi Michael Douglas from Antman & Cgi Jeff Bridges from Tron legacy for their cgi money.
Better than the de-aged Jeff Bridges in Tron Legacy! Loved the young Michael Douglas moment in the Ant-Man prologue too!
said "acting Presidential is easy." Now he's demeaning Mexicans, women, Harrison Ford, Morgan Freeman and Michael Douglas.
I wanna see a Marvel film flashback to 1993 for a scene with young Michael Douglas, young Robert Downey Jr and young Jeff Bridges.
Robert De Niro hilariously roasts Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman at the Chaplin Award gala
We had a ball at the Harlem Legends 25th Anniversary Gala with Michael Douglas, Charlie M. Douglas(mom), Angela...
Or a male version of Beaches starring Nic Cage and Michael Douglas. Yea.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas return to the romantic spot where he proposed ❤️
Maybe Suicide Squad is shooting a 60 minute montage sequence in Michael Douglas' house. That's the ticket to a fun ride.
Tom and I are remaking Jewel of the Nile. Tom( ) is playing Danny Devito's part and I'm Michael Douglas. is Kathleen Turner.
Hope I picked a good movie to watch this Easter. It's the one where Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner have a messy divorce.
WOW,...I loved the movie "American President" with Michael Douglas and Annette Benning (even though they were...
Just discovered this Billy Ocean video with Michael Douglas, Danny Devito, and Kathleen Turner. It’s incredible.
Cruz used a line from a movie the American President Michael Douglas. "She's out of his lea."
Free Deep Chocolate VitaMuffins on $79
Ted Cruz learns how to be president by watching Michael Douglas movies and practicing lines in front of the mirror.
📷 los-angelespeople: Michael Douglas in Paris for “CESAR HONOR” He speaks French for Thanks...
Ted Cruz borrows line from Michael Douglas movie "The American President"
Ted Cruz borrows line from Michael Douglas movie 'The American President': The reference Cruz made is way out ...
I noticed that also! Michael Douglas said those words about Annette Benning. How original
11th floor. Michael Douglas throws a Oriental Chia pet at Kevin Spacey. Dog Poo wishes for Andy Lanning in the corner.
I have a sexual appetite that'll make Michael Douglas Seem ***
sounds like Michael Max is only being picked up on mic at New Douglas Park
Can Michael Douglas act any more suspicious in “A Perfect Murder”?
Michael Douglas really liked having sex on screen in the '90s.
Remember that bit in "The Game" when They talk to Michael Douglas by synthesizing a live news broadcaster? Well...
Doing what you like is freedom. Liking what you do is happiness. ★ Michael Douglas ★
yes too confusing :P The chemistry of Michael Douglas & Sharone Stone is unmatchable
I got 9/10 in 'Match the movie villain to their nefarious practice'
are you Michael Douglas or Kathleen Turner in this War of the Roses gym?
Who did best? . Michael Douglas. Bruce Willis. Jeff Fahey. Jennifer Jason Leigh . Piece Brosnan. Cheers if you didnt have to Google
I'll say Michael Douglas was the only decent thing about it.
Coming 3/22 at 3pm ET. on The Douglas Coleman Show, Author and nutrition expert Michael Tamez https:/…
In the movie of "Donald and Megyn" Michael Douglas can play Donald. But should Glenn Close or Megyn Kelly play Megyn?
Cue up the Michael Douglas scene from American President. Calling out BS from the fake journos makes Bernie A+
I haven't seen it in years but Michael Douglas was in it. But remember it's been highly fictionalized.
You eat at the Tagalog Flower with Donald Duck. You order Russian corn pie a la Michael Douglas.
Tonight on goes one-on-one with Hollywood icon Michael Douglas!
The winners have been drawn! The winner of the Guinness Jersey is Michael Douglas. The winner of the Retro bar...
"The most valuable commodity I know of, is information." - Gekko (Michael Douglas, Wall Street)
His sons are called Michael, Eric, Peter and Joel. There is no *** Douglas.
Michael Douglas one of the many rap artist on my friends list who music I listen to on the regular. go show some...
yo, remember when Michael Douglas got throat cancer from eatin the P??
Merrick Garland looks like a cross between Hank Azaria and Michael Douglas. Aand that's all the political commentary…
seriously looks like the love child of Michael Douglas, Eric Bana and Mark Ruffalo.
"Wicked is good." I already know that Michael Douglas told me that in Wall Street a long time ago.
Duo films: "Romancing the Stone" & "The Jewel of the Nile" staring Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner.
'War of the Roses' Kathleen Turner says to Michael Douglas, 'When I look at you, I want to smash your face in'. That.
it would be really cool for them to have them eventually jump to the 60′s as well and use John Slattery and Michael Douglas
Classic 60s and 70s TV Shows: Karl Malden and Michael Douglas “Streets of San Fr… - …
Michael Douglas endorses in Maryland House race: Actor Michael Douglas is lending his star power to a contende...
Very excited to have the endorsement of the great actor and advocate, Michael Douglas!
I love it when older actors join the Cinematic Universe like Michael Douglas, Robert Redford, Stanley Tucci, ...
I thought did a pretty good job but Michael Douglas is a bit of an over-actor IMO.
Film for tonight is Falling Down. So far it's been great. Michael Douglas is awesome as is Robert Duvall and the dialogue is superb :D
It's a shame Marvel wasted Michael Douglas on Ant-Man. If you're gonna use him as a prestige actor, save him for a better property.
It was the theme song for The Jewel Of The Nile and the video featured stars Michael Douglas, Kathleen Turner and Danny de Vito.
Michael Douglas won the Academy's Best Actor Award for the portrayal of Gordon Gekko in Wall Street (1988). https…
What does Michael Douglas, Robert Kennedy and the have in common?
Al Pacino, Jake Gyllenhaal, Michael Douglas, Ben Kingsley and More on the Best Advice They Ever Got (Video) -
dude should call his Michael Douglas impression his jack Nicholson impression instead
I like Paul Rudd in Ant Man but this movie doesn't work without Michael Douglas
If your work isn't exciting, doesn't stir emotions, where's the challenge? Where's the progress if you always play it safe?~Michael Douglas
Like Michael Douglas and his first marriage.
I really could watch Falling Down afterward, and watch Michael Douglas in all his proto-MRA glory, and still say... it was better than this.
Too late now, too far gone... you see Michael Douglas in Falling Down? The world will feel my pain...
Pitino reminds me of an actor like Michael Douglas playing a coach. You think that movie has a happy ending?
Michael Douglas is like that person you keep running into at the grocery store except it's all in my head
I'm watching The Game starring Michael Douglas while listening to The Game's latest album. Why do you ask?
Every time I travel the Naas Carriageway in peak hour...I Feel all Michael Douglas all of a sudden...
Every time Falling Down is on telly I always seem to flick it on to the same bit where Michael Douglas goes sick in Whammyburger
Falling Down’ is on and Michael Douglas has just walked into the fast food place and I can feel the rage building in me.
When will this air do you know the one of you and Michael Douglas hanging out together?
Michael Douglas is officially on my 'coolest people ever' list. Such a great guy! . Fun afternoon hangin out..
If the last train has problems, I'm gonna go like Michael Douglas in Falling Down.
If makes you feel better, why not do it? …
Remember Michael Douglas stated he had throat cancer from oral sex😿🙉
John reminds me of Michael Douglas in "Falling Down" the guys cracking up
"I've..gone 4..story, rather than worrying..about my part.." Michael Douglas honored
Sea of Love is in a sub-genre of thrillers that started with Jagged Edge and, er, climaxed with Disclosure. Michael Douglas is its patron.
Wise career advice from Michael Douglas. Follow for more coverage of its awards show on 2/8.
Liking the book of Behind the Candelabra so far, but wishing I could dispel the grisly mental image of Michael Douglas snogging Matt Damon!
In which Conan the Grammarian tries to ignore the fact that Michael Douglas has The Best Hair in Hollywood.
Check out some great pics of Michael Douglas through the years
No power in Douglas, MA and the outage page won't load. Any idea on ETA for restoring service out this way?
Road to Justice great panel with Jon Davies, Michael McMillan, Sokari Douglas Camp
Until the wee hours of Tuesday it's going to be "All Michael All the Time" here at Aging HQ...
Just finished a photo shoot with The Michael Douglas Photography! He's a very talented photographer. Make sure you check him out!!
Natan Sharansky & Michael Douglas The movie star and the intellectual icon JPost. - from Jpost
Our on "the weird eligibility calendar insist on using":
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Shout out to Michael Douglas for a good first day of shooting ' AYEAR OF COFFEE '
Watch: Natan Sharansky and Michael Douglas speak about their Jewish Journeys at UCSB:
After 15 years of marriage&hubby Michael Douglas,&Zeta-Jones has figured out the secret to a long-lasting
reflects on the honor of our Career Achievement Award.
New issue of featuring Michael Douglas out now! 📷 by
The movie star and the intellectual icon: Natan Sharansky and Genesis Prize winner Michael Douglas ...
AARP honoree Michael Douglas is 'proud to be a grownup'
"Behind every small business, there's a story worth knowing.". Michael Douglas and Gary Martell, owners of...
"You know, I thought you were like Bill Murray in all of his films, but you're more like Michael Douglas in all of his."
Leonardo DiCaprio, Hugh Grant, Ricky Martin, Michael Douglas, Rob Lowe - have never been People's Sexiest Man Alive!
Michael Douglas and Natan Sharansky make an odd couple on a pro-Israel college tour
This would be more entertaining if Michael Douglas appeared alongside Natan Sharansky as Liberace via
Michael Douglas & make an odd, but effective, couple on pro-road show
Seasoned Actors like De Nero,Michael Douglas,Morgan Freeman & all those from TV series are brilliant to the point of leaving you refreshed.
I'm watching "Fatal Attraction" Glenn Close&Michael Douglas . Glenn Close character that reminds me of a person
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
DailyMail - Michael Douglas and Catherine Zeta Jones say they are 'mellower and wiser'... following brief marr...
They need Michael Douglas and Val Kilmer to kill these things. (If you get this reference your awesome)
😂😂😂 nope. Look for it. It stars Val Kilmer and Michael Douglas
Oliver Stone awesome isn't he? I liked Wall Street! Are you a Michael Douglas fan? I am! His dad too! Michael Douglas was amazing in Wall St
Glenn Close framed the knife that her character used to try to kill Michael Douglas in "Fatal Attraction," and it’s hanging …
didn't Michael Douglas say a few years ago that he got throat cancer from doing the oral sex to Catherine Zeta Jones?
This is what Michael Douglas said abut Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Vintage photo of Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner performing. -
it's amazing Michael Douglas didn't die so many people die from it like Sammy Davis Jr.
there will come a time when Richard Gere, Hugh Grant, and Michael Douglas' obituaries come up on these news feeds.
Michael Douglas shares: "My father standing on top of the columns of the Jefferson Memorial."
Michael Douglas actor had throat cancer he said due to hpv infection via oral sex .
TIL Michael Keaton, the famous actor, was born Michael Douglas, but used a stage name to avoid confusion with the …
from the Oscar winning actor Michael Douglas at the 2004 WMAs in the Thomas & Mac Arena in Las Vegas. Bon Jovi received the Award from+
Film Fact Veteran actor Michael Douglas was reportedly in talks to star in The Force Awakens; the part eventually went to John Boyega.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Michael Douglas' character in Wall Street says "Greed, for lack of a better term, is good."
Michael Douglas did grueling workouts during the filming Wall Street so he could lift that phone. https:/…
''Visiting the Picasso exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art in NY'', Michael Douglas (actor)
Carrie, Catherine Zeta Jones, Michael Douglas. (Sorry, I do not know the other three.)
Today I saw a movie called Traffic. Acted by Michael Douglas, Catherine Zeta Jones, and Benicio Del Toro
Did you know Michael Keaton's real name is Michael Douglas? He took Keaton in honor of Diane Keaton when he registered at the actor's guild
A picture from 2002-Traffic, with Benicio Del Toro and Michael Douglas, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.
Movie tonight: 'Romancing the stone'. Starring Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas.
Wall Street, a film released by 20th Century Fox starring Michael Douglas as Gordon Gekko, was released on Dec 11, 1987.
That little girl is Ellen Hamilton Latzin and played Michael Douglas & Anne Archer's kid in Fatal Attraction =)
I just watched Birdman and didn’t see Michael Douglas even though you mentioned his performance multiple times.
The movie 'Ghost & the darkness' where two lions were hunting Michael Douglas & Val Kilmer while building the rail road was lit. 🔥
Michael Douglas imagines a safer world - -
Michael Douglas says cancer survival led to resurgence.
WALB: Michael Douglas says cancer survival led to resurgence featured in NBC s Science of Love
Michael Douglas says cancer survival led to a resurgence |
Michael Douglas says cancer survival led to resurgence
Tonight's Actor-Athlete Comparison features Michael Douglas and Pat Riley, of the Miami…
Since when did Michael Douglas turn into Jerry Springer?
Watching Romancing the Stone (1984) by Robert Zemeckis, with Kathleen Turner and Michael Douglas. Guilty pleasure! Liked it as a kid.
Catherine Zeta-Jones and Michael Douglas celebrate 15 years of marriage
I am in to an ANT-MAN poster signed by the cast incl. Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas thanks to
Michael Douglas got throat cancer from giving his wife (Catherine Zeta Jones) head. Would never forget that
OR The Game with Michael Douglas & Very Bad Things with Christian Slater - always good on repeat 😉
GREAT ACTORS CANDIDLY:. Jack Nicholson on the set of One Flew Over The Cuckoo's Nest, with Michael Douglas.
So more like Catherine Zeta Jones and Michael Douglas then?Or is it like Marilyn and Jack and Tony…
Is the de-aged Michael Douglas in Ant-Man the new high water mark for VFX? Did it only work b/coz of all his films they could draw on?
The top 3 Glengarry Glenn Ross with Alec Baldwin's ABC speech, Wall Street with Michael Douglas's Greed is Good...
Mine is probably "It runs in the family" with Kirk Douglas, Michael Douglas and Frederick Douglass :p
This 2007 documentary was narrated by Michael Douglas -
Michael Douglas hunts a deadly lion in Ghost & The Darkness tonon Movie Mix. Who are you rooting for?!
There are some wow moments in my job, yesterday was one. Hosting two icons, Barry Douglas & freeman Michael Longley.
Remake ‘Falling Down’ but Michael Douglas’ character spends the day arguing in a sub-Reddit
Yuck. Also, the fact that his father looks like a state fair Michael Douglas made me laugh and laugh.
Michael Douglas has 2 scenes in AntMan having Anti-Aging VFX. Can’t wait to see entire film on AntiAging VFX.
bro the Michael Douglas cgi in Ant Man is the best I've ever seen😳 the younger version of him looks so real!!!
who should I flex, Karlos Williams, Torrey Smith or Harry Douglas?
Ant-Man, the cg make up on Michael Douglas in the beginning is pretty sick.
It took an hour, but I finally realized the old dude is MICHAEL DOUGLAS!!! Ispent the whole time "who are you?!" and now I got it. Finally.
Zowie! It looks like Michael Douglas is leering at you on the left there.
I love great action/suspense movies. & MarkHarmon, Sean Connery, Michael Douglas & Chuck Norris are always great to watch!
Five minutes in and Michael Douglas just made a rape "joke" I'm out. Nothing is worth this.
Well Michael Douglas is the birth name of Michael Keaton, who stars in The Paper *and* Spotlight, so...
Totally understand Michael Douglas in Falling Down now more than ever
The Michael Douglas movie or the MTV reality show?
Michael Douglas and his melted face
I wonder how Michael Douglas feels about this likeness
Am I the only one who thinks that music video was inspired by Michael Douglas' film "The Game"?
In The Game, Michael Douglas just walks around different buildings nervously for 2 hours in some really fabulous suits
De-aged CGI Michael Douglas in . Well done Marvel. Bloody good job.
"Kirk Douglas shaving with his son Michael Douglas. /padre foto
Michael Douglas tells all, trans resolution makes history, & shares about his pet rat? .
Im wearing a LiveStrong bracelet around my tongue in support of Michael Douglas.
I need a filler this week. Who should u start WR Dwayne Harris against the Bucs or WR Harry Douglas against the Saints
Today's : Joel Schumacher's "Falling Down". Michael Douglas best part ever, in my humble opinion.
It's Movie Day tomorrow (Thursday): I want a list of the best films of Michael Douglas, Natalie Wood, Will Smith and Gregory Peck.
Obviously in my tax credits twist on Fatal Attraction, George Osborne is Michael Douglas. Not sure who Glenn Close is...
This Mourinho meltdown is more spectacular than Michael Douglas' in Falling Down.
'The American President' (Rob Reiner, 1995), written by Aaron Sorkin, and starring Michael Douglas, and Annette Bening.
. In 40mins I'll be as wrinkly as Michael Douglas!!. *facetimes Catherine Zeta-Jones CBE
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Drakkar Noir = the "Michael Douglas" of fragrances. Ain't that so, Lizzie? *puts on best American accent*
Jim Webb quit the Presidential race because he was disappointed that SNL didn't get Michael Douglas to play him!
Even weirder is Michael Douglas has been replaced by Richard Hatch.
"Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone had to wear genital pads during the sex scenes due to the AIDS epidemic."
Jack Colton and Joan Wilder - Michael Douglas and Kathleen Turner - Romancing the Stone 1984.1 of my FAVE movie:
Webb is the lovechild of Michael Douglas and Anthony Michael Hall.
great movie not just for him but also Robert Downey and Michael Douglas
2 Inlaws movies, Michael Douglas in one and Peter Falk, ALan Arkin in one
Oh man it's Michael Douglas wearing a tunic. From '73. Truly this needs to come back to primetime.
David Bowie was born David Jones. Michael Keaton was born Michael Douglas. Both changed their names for the same reason.
Leftover Friday fun fact: Catherine Zeta-Jones was born on Michael Douglas' 25th birthday.
Mark Hamil, Will Smith, Michael Douglas and Christopher Reeve share today as B-day. This day should be a nerd holiday
although I love Michael Douglas because he looks like the slimiest dude so that's why Basic Instinct is more fun
Ant-man was a really fun movie. Paul Rudd was really good and can't wait to see him later but Michael Douglas killed it
Just stumbled across this. Michael Douglas and Paul Rudd with some unique Ant-Man marketing.
Ant Man reaches 400 million, great news for Paul Rudd and Michael Douglas, in one of the best roles ever by...
Trump is the greatest American debater since Lincoln vs. Michael Douglas.
that American actor and producer Michael Douglas began his film career with an uncredited role in Cast…
The rabbit in Fatal Attractions went on to make Michael Douglas's angora fashion knit in Basic Instincts.
Good AM guys, I think you were referring to the movie American President w/ Michael Douglas and Annette Benning.
Kudos to Michael Douglas for this powerful and well-written piece. Confronting and ending anti-Semitism
Happy 64th birthday, Michael John Douglas, better known by his stage name Michael Keaton, is an...
His third American Film was Basic Instinct (1992) a psycho thriller with Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone again I love U
I'm impressed with the people from Chicago. Hollywood is hype, New York is talk, Chicago is work. - Michael Douglas http…
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