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Michael Deacon

Michael Deacon (1933 – 2000) was a Scottish actor.

Dan Brown John Crace

See why Devin Nunes is desperately tryin' to stop the probes. It's cause he's right in the thick of it!. http…
Put some on it‼️‼️. We putting the Music Circuit in a Chokehold 🆘 🆘.
.sets directorial debut with 'The Stars Beneath Our Feet'
Thank you Deacon Michael for teaching us about Baptism, we enjoyed acting it out for ourselves aft…
Binge watching classic Dr Who episodes, currently watching the sadly missed Michael Robbins brilliantly overact in…
In this episode of EWTN's the Journey Home Program, former Anglican priest Michael Ward, who is now a Catholic...
Thank you to Michael Conway Maureen Kelly Cora Guinnane Kevin Egan with Killaloe team including deacon-elect Martin…
I bet Michael J. Fox is good in bed.
.other fringe first round picks would be Paul Crewe (Adam Sandler) and Deacon Moss (Michael Irvin) from The Longest Yard
My grandma cut a Michael Deacon article out of the Telegraph to show me, does she not know me at all
This is very good news for all of us who want vision injected into the Brexit process
Congratulations to one of our colleagues Mr Donnan who got ordained by Bishop Michael Campbell as a Deacon last...
Ordination of Deacon Michael Guirguis, candidate for presbyter. May the Lord bless his service.
“Rabbit in the Moon is, without a sliver of doubt, the most bonkers restaurant I’ve ever reviewed,”
This weekend all paywalled Telegraph articles are free. So here's my review of the weirdest restaurant of the year
telegraph: 'Michael Deacon reviews Madame D, London: a Himalayan that's too hot to handle'
Little Giant Ladders
The Rev. David Crabtree, Saint Michael's Episcopal Church deacon and WRAL news anchor, preached at today's SMS All…
Something Deacon Michael that really stood out today was that God is always present in our lives especially through bad situations. 💙
Last week we posted a Fish and Chips from Betty's in Deacon's Farm, St Michael. This week we are…
Reckon Michael Deacon was involved in Danny Dyer's lad mag columns. Just cos he goes very quiet when you ask him about them
Hello Michael. Note that Hollard needs to adhere to the LEGISLATED ACT when communicating…
His restaurant column this week is particularly great:
Michael Deacon, The Telegraph: "On and on they drone. Time drips by. I can feel my soul seeping out of me, gram by…
lee nelson AND michael deacon in manchester... my my... the bon mot lovers of that fine city must be positively SQUEALING with glee
Michael Deacon on that speech is the closest I will ever get to subscribing to The Telegraph. Alas, not quite enoug…
Michael Deacon keeps red lining Theresa May.they will soon come for him😂😂😂
This is the moment Michael Deacon was born for. Cometh the hour, cometh the commentator.
Michael Deacon on Dan Brown is always a treat...
As an TV producer with 25 years experience, I'd hire a fetid squirrel corpse ahead of Michael Deacon
Michael Deacon judging the mood well I see
Michael Deacon on the front page, a pitiable fate.
Michael Deacon is by far the best thing in the Brexit Gazette. I honestly don't know why someone hasn't poached him away.
This guy who was pictured as nutter by media (including the appalling Michael Deacon) is actually v articulate and…
.say victim of fatal hit-and-run on Deacon Blvd, Michael Jason Curl, 41, was a worker at…
Deacon Jones would pull the equipment managers head off
Special thanks to Deacon Michael Ryba for in remembrance of of Assisi's love fo…
mfw michael deacon ridicules my precarious employment but a year later I have a column 😋
*Don't Forget!* . The Dynamic Deacon is coming to St. Michael the Archangel THIS coming Sunday (10/8 and Monday...
Priest. Deacon. Acolyte. Fr Joseph F. Wilson was the preacher for the Mass on Saint Michael and All Angels...
Michael Deacon's walking tour of Manchester was lols
I see political sketch writer Michael Deacon has been doing a bit of his patented wit and snark again.
"Michael Deacon's beard looks like it was drawn on with a pen" - The Canary
Michael Deacon had all his critical faculties scooped out and replaced with the contents of a jar labeled "obnoxious smarm."
'My main was a hearty wedge of grouse'
Michael Bennett, we need you in CONGRESS!. ROBESON Brown B4 Dementia. Willia…
Could you rank the following as 1,2, 3 in terms of musicality- "Deacon Blues", Aja & Gaucho, Babylon sisters & Black cow!
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
And this time it'll be Deacon Moss (Michael Irvin) throwing the game instead of Paul Crewe.
Michael Deacon reviews Sugar Boat, Helensburgh: 'the pudding would be worth getting fat for'
Deacon Michael led us in prayer at the end of our first Assembly
Both the album and title track. Deacon Blues and Peg are on the album too. Michael MacDonald makes…
Michael Irvin look like that shady deacon at the black church.
I wish I was like Justin Trudeau, whose dark hair is a color found in nature. mine is a forbidden color our rods and cones c…
But who's that old man staring at Henri Matisse?
Love a restaurant review. Read about his oral bonfire here
5 years ago today was the Olympics opening ceremony. Mad that the people who thought it offensive are now in control of…
Whatever the *** Kix is, I'm concerned it's developing sentience and this is a cry for help
This is astonishing and terrifying. British history, especially local history, won't survive this kind of policy. http…
HMS Queen Elizabeth R08 alongside the USS Enterprise NCC-1701-D, if you're into that sort of thing.
Best explanation of Brexit, by the (via
While Phil Jackson was helping Michael Jordan work on his game, guru George Mumford encouraged the NBA legend work on his m…
Welcome to Detroit, Canon Michael Stein and Deacon Fehrenbacher! May the Lord bless your ministry at St. Joseph.
The first clause shows that he is giving serious thought to pardons, the second contains the wonderfully revealing qua…
Worst job in America: The kid who has to drop a ball in the cup and yell "Hole in one, Mr. President!" every time he sli…
The shark will beat Michael Phelps because the shark has better work ethic becayse it didn't smoke wacky tobacci that one…
This is hilarious, and please Michael Deacon, satirize Trump
Circuit farewell for Revd Michael Payne and Deacon Maureen Spinks. We give thanks for their ministry and wish them both well
Bob Mortimer’s stories on WILTY are about as funny as TV gets and someone has compiled them.
Absolutely!! 4 EOEM for a Church full of 35 people for the early Mass? The Priest & Deacon could giv…
Maybe today has taught us that there are two kinds of American Presidents.1/3
I have discovered a planet. Speedily, strongly, its moonlight gleams. A blazing sea hisses on its early shores. We need…
From a Lois and Clark episode about frozen Nazis coming back to take over America.
I saw this the first time around. Wonderful And is such a great host.
This is giving me the closest thing to homesickness I've felt in years.
Philip Pullman just called Farage a "bollock faced foghorn of ignorance." Which is why he's one of our greatest writers. *sal…
I have discovered a planet. It is not far. A mountain sits oddly amidst the lone seas. Something about it reminds me of…
This John William's has given me the shivers five times and we are 15 mins in.
Maybe tmw - but can I also politely mention the £1 for 24 hr access to all the Telegra…
The Kop singing 'She Loves You' here is fantastic.
it's not...super clear to me...that Donald Trump knows what insurance is.
1969: American astronaut Neil Armstrong, 240,000 miles from Earth, became the first human to walk on the surface o…
I live abroad now and miss it. Would happily pay for the access from here!
Its not the BBC that's the problem. They can still make documentaries without paying people £2 million pounds.
You can millions don't watch it and threatened with jail if they don't pay
"So it's come to this," he muttered, his face drained of strength. He steeled himself and growled the ord…
Well lived without it abroad for a while, would happily pay more for it now. Undervalued, world-beating, thing of wonder.
Seminarian Deacon James Malik IV will spend the next year at St. Michael Parish!
Best Wishes to Deacon Michel Michael Hodge on your Ordination June 17, 2017, at St. Patrick's Cathedral - NYC.
in Michael Deacon's world, the possibility of Michael Deacon being wrong about anything at all doesn't exist
Did sanity, his liver and his stomach survive?
Michael Deacon reviews Market Bistro, King's Lynn: 'sneak a starter into your pocket and flog it to Charles Saatchi'
Anyone who goes to Dirty Frank's is missing Michael Leland, the good dude who stars in this Dan Deacon video: .
Pope names EWTN’s Michael Warsaw and Fr. James Martin as communications consultants to Vatican Secretariat.
"Sorry, sir. The deacon needs this seat!"
Coming up this hour 🕓. Michael Carpenter. Elbow. Ingrid Michaelson. Rachael Yamagata. Deacon Blue. and more!.
"This year's prize for not being Michael Deacon goes to my friends."
Teehee it's from this but there is a paywall :(
Michael Deacon and Helena Horton out to dinner. Two legends, one table. The takes? Wry. The eyebrows? Arched. The banter?…
How our political sketch writer *** restaurant reviewer fared in his first year
'During parliamentary recess, I've once reviewed two restaurants in a day' .
Happiest of birthdays to the Ghost of Christmas Present to my Michael Caine.
Michael Deacon: from Parliament to pigging out, my first year as a restaurant critic.
Michael Watts, a deacon candidate in the Arlington diocese helps carry the Cross at Precious Blood Church
Fr Michael, Deacon Paul and Catechist Barbara have visited the Greek Orthodox Church.
Great to see in at number 3 in Michael Deacon's top five favourite dishes in today's Telegraph Maga…
Inside today's Michael Deacon's digest, we meet cocoa-farmers in Saint Lucia and Easter food favouri…
While the world wobbles on the brink of disaster, there I laze, gorging on rich, complacent puddings
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
In today's Telegraph Magazine: my year as a restaurant critic. PLUS: exclusive pictures of my fat bilious face…
A year in the life of a food reviewer
Michael Deacon reviews The Oxford Blue, Old Windsor: 'an awful lot of fussing and hovering and pacing'
Notre Dame to honor Pence, not Trump, as commencement speaker
Agreed. The white is cool and a throw back to the Deacon Jones days, but the gold has to go now.
'The peppers tasted tart and sour. Imagine biting into a sulky teenage jellyfish'
Michael Deacon: “John McDonnell wants to call a truce. Can his Labour foes believe him?” .
Seeing Rev. Mark, Rev Michael, Deacon Carol, Rev. Rochelle, and Rev. Carmin so lovingly dispense ashes has relieved spirit.
Muriel and Michael Deacon joining in. I wish they all realised the type of politics they align themselves with on this
Michael Deacon: How emotional peers spoke up for ‘a bullied and beleaguered minority’... Remainers
They tried to compile a Michael Deacon joke book but it was considered so wry and sideways glancing it was too dangerous to…
The Telegraph's Michael Deacon now RTing threads about Labour's achievements in power. 🤔
WOW! Deacon Liput sends a line drive to the mound, but shows off his reflexes.
Nashville: Juliette and Deacon related spoiler on the aftermath of Rayna's death from TVLine's Michael...
in 1981 - Mr. & Mrs. Wuf wed at halftime by Demon Deacon. Happy…
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
if you weren't so obviously consumed with jealousy and a desire to hurt him this'd be funny, Failing Michael Jealous Deacon
'This isn’t background music. This is foreground music'
Media release: Former Bloemfontein principal joins FEDSAS in the Northern Cape - Michael Barker…
you've just reminded me of that time Michael Deacon read some Corbyn poetry on Sky and now I'm giggling
Deacon Devlin of St Michael parish & tells us what "Living Lent with Joy" means to him.
Thanks for highlighting loud music Very useful. Can now avoid…
Mardi Gras Dinner last night at St. Michael's Cathedral. Monsignor Connelly, Deacon Leo, Council King, me & Bishop…
If she would've called me this past Thursday Pastor Bishop Deacon Michael Preston would've picked up!. Praise the Lord 🙏🏾🤴🏾
Absolute monarchy and lots of Tanglefoot: bliss! michael p deacon
Never give up booze. From this week's restaurant column.
Thanks to Michael O'Neill for speaking to the deacon's in today. You're doing great work!
BREXIT IN A NUTSHELL: Daily Mail journalist mocks woman for believing an anti-EU myth she herself helped spread.
Just remembered this is how a REAL President rolls. (Thanks
Michael Vick officially retired and it wasn't with the Falcons. Debate over.
I'm going to see Harry Potter and the Cursed Child tomorrow and there's NOTHING Brexit or Trump can do to stop me. 😎
1/2"before I leave I shall ordain as deacon the Mandarin-speaking priest in charge of the new Chinese congregation…
they are the worst, I'll take 100 Polly Toynbee's over 1 John Crace/Michael Deacon. Their unwarranted smugness is overwhelming
I keep imagining Deacon as Bricktop from *** " and for some reason Volker is Michael Caine in my mind.
We welcomed our newest Chaplain, John Weist. John is also a Deacon at St. Michael the Archangel in Leawood…
Matt: only good thing left in ghastly, gutted ghost ship Telegraph. ( oh and Michael Deacon). And the sports write…
Sold it. We're coming: 'the waffle, an obscenely sweet wodge of artery-clogging wickedness' via
Frank's, West Malling: 'the waffle was an obscenely sweet wodge of artery-clogging wickedness'
Welcome Sage to Deacon Nation!! Big time WR from North Carolina. Great get for the Deacs!
The differences between the political coverage in Vogue and Teen Vogue right now is pretty stunning
Just to be clear, you're commemorating Black history by acknowledging a White man. Got it. Also, our history begins bef…
Brilliant cameo in Parliament today, Ms Huq. Your star shines in Michael Deacon's piece in the tomorrow...
1kjay_tv pulled up and said Deacon take a pic wit me! Real fan love "Call Me Michael Jackson" go…
Victuals and co...the sort of restaurant you want to keep secret
Those being Raintown by Deacon Blue and Mother Glasgow by Michael Marra.
The Jewish population of 1933 Germany was only 0.75 percent
Somebody needs to read out what Trump said about Diana and Kate to May in a televised interview/press conference.
NO NO NO!!! This isnt about exemption, this is about collective resistance! Christ, look what Brexit has done to us...…
This is known as the "I'm alright Jack" strategy... The Vichy collaborators got scraps from the Nazis table to turn a b…
2. I can't remember where I was going with that.
1. I used to work for a man who a colleague hated so much that at the end of each day he'd say, "We must never stop pray…
Not good enough Govt trying to negotiate exceptions to the barbarism whilst not condemning the barbarism
that's not the point. . That he thinks that is the point is indicative of the vacuum at the heart of the government. http…
Demosthenes rousing the Athenians against Philip II of Macedon ("he blusters and talks big... he cannot rest content"), 4th…
Dear - it seems that the US President doesn't want Sir Mo Farah to be able to train with you in Oregon. You OK with…
At 18 my father fled the Nazis. 2 strangers from a youth hostel put up £200 for his UK visa. They saved his life.
VIDEO: Mother from Iran, 5-year-old son reunited after he was detained for several hours at Dulles Airport:
Matthew Parris in The Times today on that horrible, depressing line from Teresa May's 2016 conference speech.
A formal petition has been launched against Donald Trump's state visit to UK over the
BREAKING: Jeremy Corbyn tells that Trump should not visit UK until Muslim ban is lifted. The clearest con…
Dan Deacon (announces the judge's hold on and plays George Michael's "Freedom"
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Videos like this must be shared. Visually crippling to Trump: totally counters their fear-based xenophobic message.
Does Theresa May seriously think she's going to get away with holding a state visit for Donald Trump after all this.
Ask to condemn Trump's ban on Muslims entering the US
This is unconstitutional, un-American, cruel, and wrong. History will not forgive us for facilitating these shameful actio…
Trumps discrimination extends far and wide -but not our problem eh Be good 2 know what he has 2 do for you…
Reminded of Desmond Tutu's warning that "if you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the o…
1. On his forthcoming State visit I don't think Trump should be invited to address both Houses of Parliament from Westm…
In this weekend's column Michael Deacon dines on the canals of Venice. Well, almost...
Be the Doctor you see in the mirror; maybe we'll all be alright.
Suddenly, drunkenly, stupidly bereft and, for all his illustrious career,it's mostly down to Doctor Who.
Agh, saddened by the loss of John Hurt: another Doctor gone from a world that badly needs Doctors.
Odds of being struck by lightning TWICE: 1 in 9 million. Odds of being killed by refugee terrorist: 1 in 3.6 billion
Oswald Moseley being shown the pavement in Gorton Manchester
The Erroll Garner bit of ...Sings Musicals on just now is completely breathtakingly amazing. Iplayer it.
Well, I'm certain I'd rather read Michael Deacon than Dan Brown, that was laugh out loud funny.
domain names
I want to hear all about it! Still hoping for a piece by Marina Hyde or Michael Deacon though.
The Michael Deacon Sideways Hour. (Each episode lasts 10 mins, the intro and outro are 3 mins long each)
I can't be the only one who thinks if Michael Deacon wanted to he could put together a podcast and dominate the politics iTunes chart.
anyone can be Michael Deacon simply by calling themselves Michael Deacon. Open your eyes
Blairite Kev tells a joke! Michael Deacon had better watch his back.
Please sign this petition asking for a fairer curriculum:
Deacon Michael is once again bringing bringing Thanksgiving to the good people at Family Services from St. Joseph Cupertino, THANK YOU ALL!
Somehow properly won the pub quiz tonight. It's largely random, but bizarrely remembering who played Cliff Barnes in Dallas was a highpoint.
Marvel continue to pick great lead actors who are also extraordinary ambassadors for the heroes they play.
😂😂😂 and if he wins I'm sure he'll dedicate his victory to Dan Jarvis and Michael Deacon
I've got a sense humour ... i just don't find Michael Deacon funny ..
Straight From London - Michael Deacon reviews Jikoni, London: 'Puddings were just straight-up, no-messing gorge
After Deacon Vicki's sermon this morning, everal people have asked for a copy of the Presiding Bishop's comments.
Michael McIntyre's Big Uber Show - Just written to the BBC to complain about the blatant advertising of...
Come celebrate with us today at the 10 am as Michael will be there as Deacon!
Michael Clifford Sahdev - a native son of St. Benedict's - is ordained a Transitional Deacon at
.'This is how we British like our dinners...'
loving this white privilege which lets me see Michael Deacon is not actually evil
Deacon Evangelist Michael Jordan gave the go ahead to Russell Westbrook so I'm campaigning for him to run for president in 2024
mansplaining is Just rude. As a man, the most likely cause of death is suicide. 30% of uk kids don't see their dads. Think.
I have to say, I do enjoy Michael Deacon's sketches in the Torygraph. Here on and negotiations.
Michael Bach and Mary Deacon discussing mental health in the workplace, moderated by…
"Michael Deacon, the most punchable form of Adam Buxton"
'This is how we British like our dinners: extremely filling and extremely brown' via
Proud to announce that the East Side Quickies starting 5 are; Michael Knox, Jacob Miller, Drew Cooke, Bradley Coverdale,…
Yes, still beating around the bush a bit. See Deacon Augustine's comment
Taking the liberty to remind my friends of the delightful 'Don’t make fun of renowned Dan Brown' (by Michael Deacon)
pastor Steve Miller, I'm a deacon in the church
Please pray for Michael Glenn who will be ordained a permanent deacon on Nov. 19 at St. William Parish in Round Rock. ht…
"Well done, Labour. You’re alienating both the Brexiters and the Remainers at once," writes Michael Deacon
Turns out that I too am Michael Deacon.
Michael Deacon of the & John Crace of are pretty thick, aren't they? Funny but dim! :-D calls it!
Thank God for John Crace (and Michael Deacon too). It's all so awful but at least they make us laugh for a while.
Michael Deacon reviews The Miller of Mansfield, Reading: 'I felt like the Very Hungry Caterpillar'…
Although... 'Stonehedge'; you can see that it might made sense to them.
And I discovered that UK UNESCO sites can suffer rather badly on French 'patrimonie mondial' displays.
Went to Pont Gard, an extraordinary Roman aqueduct in S France today. It's enormous and 2,000 years old.
if you like it) Color by me: The conspirators of Abraham Lincoln's assassination, 1865.
. No actually she was punched in the face by an angry Sun newspaper editor .
This is amazing, 1922 Mr Day and His headphones - colourisation on reddit, and I know when the original image is BUT https…
go for the michael deacon block to get the Serious/Smarm full house
I seem to be the recent new owner of such a water bottle! I'm away this week, but the legendary Michael Deacon will have it :)
In 1379, more than 600 years ago, a baby girl in Yorkshire was christened Diot Coke.
The indisputable mark of a really lunatic policy statement is when it proves too contrarian even for Simon Jenkins https:/…
Happy birthday John Deacon . Listening to – ♫Fat Bottomed Girls by from with LiveLyrics®
St. Michael Catholic Radio is excited to start a new weekly reflection series with Deacon *** Berberet from the...
how can you forget Deacon Moss from the longest yard? So good he was portrayed by HOF'er Michael Irvin!
Deacon Moss from The Longest Yard was a beast of a WR... But then again he was played by Michael Ervin.
This is a great review of a game many are disappointed with.
Larry gives his final plea on the election:.
Me: I think Michael Cohen's (Trump's Lawyer) video on CNN will go viral. Friend: Says Who?
Michael Deacon on Acorn Vegetarian Kitchen, Bath: 'My son rested his socked feet on the table, but no one seemed to…
The "the vast sums thrown at Team GB” for cycling in the four-year Rio cycle? About the same as 2 miles of motorway https:/…
The bells at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Sitka are ringing again after a temporary hiatus, thanks to a new deacon...
ha! ha! what an anecdote! LOL! worthy of political funnyman Michael Deacon himself
In a tiny French town marking the Assumption with an oompah band blasting "My Definition of A Boombastic Jazz Sound" in the Place de Rép.
When people ask why I stayed in UK I say “BBC.” Not kidding. 100% commercial tv leaves you with Fox News and Trump. ht…
Standing ovation at for Peter Kosminsky's impassioned defence of BBC &Channel4 from Govt attacks. http…
Quick reminder of why the first job of new governments is always redrawing constituency boundaries
'Five Alive' was such a positive name for a fruit juice. Although it was nearly called '140 Missing Presumed Dead'
Michael Deacon attempting to satirise Trump, utterly pointless and without real barbs.
Thank God. As with Academisation, Tory backbench is only effective opposition right now.
The oldest statute still on the statute book is, it seems, the Statute of Marlborough 1267
There is in fact no "Michael Deacon". It's just a pen name shared by six 30-something men with differing levels of beardiness
Does anyone know how Michael Deacon has a job, it blows my mind
Meet our new restaurant reviewer, how I weaned myself off Pot Noodles
Never thought I'd ever link to BuzzFeed, but these examples of handwriting are stellar indeed.
FREE in today's Telegraph: EXCLUSIVE poster of my face. (PLUS my new restaurant column:
Michael Deacon: best journalist in the game.
Well done to for their 4/5 from new kid Michael Deacon in Telegraph Mag today.
What is Anti-Semitism? A Quiz for Ken Livingstone. Michael Deacon. Are you Ken Livingstone? If so, my condolences.
Your CSAF Dollars at Work: A Testimonial from Deacon Michael Daly of The Saint Paul Seminary. The call to the...
One of these owls is deeply traumatised.
When Michael Vick kills the dogs instead of cooking them
On the benefits of reviewing as a consumer, rather than a critic.
The whipping stuff was fine. These comments are nowhere close to fine. Time for Whittingdale to get off the stage?. https:/…
Why 's former diet of qualifies him for being our new restaurant critic
Meet the Telegraph Magazine's new restaurant reviewer, | via
Lovely from on his new role as Telegraph restaurant critic. Coming to a Masterchef episode near you.
Meet the Telegraph new restaurant reviewer How I weaned myself off Pot Noodles >Good luck
NEWS: I'm the Telegraph's restaurant critic now. Here's me doing my Restaurant Critic Face
Meet the Telegraph's new restaurant reviewer, | via I think this is excellent.
Ok, let’s see if we can match the percentages to the votes
'An exceptionally good meal' says well deserved
Put your whole career in perspective with one anecdote
.is the new food critic (after weaning himself off Pot Noodle)
. is our new restaurant reviewer! Stay tuned for piping hot gourmet takes!
Michael Deacon reviews Oldroyd, London: 'an exceptionally good meal'
Michael Deacon: how I weaned myself off Pot Noodles
Can't wait for Michael Deacon and Dan Hodges to tell us how they once walked past a McDonalds on the way to the Groucho
What a powerful word brought today by Deacon Michael Tuggle. He reminded us that our God is a God of second...
This 30,000-year-old painting from Chauvet Cave is the the earliest known image of a leopard https:…
Congratulations to Deacon Casey Sanders and Deacon Michael Martin! We are so happy for you!
In new poll, Utah would support Democrat if Trump becomes Republican presidential nominee:
Showed it to my kids a year or two ago; they didn't get it at ALL. I'm still heartbroken.
Re: Apple Watches. The only acceptable scenario for a grown man to talk to a watch is asking KITT where the kidnappers are …
The British public are trying (and succeeding) to have a £200 million boat named Boaty McBoatface.
Deacon Michael Garrett joins the party Easter Sunday on the Catholic Cast. Don't miss it!
You told him you couldn't talk because you needed the loo? Whilst brandishing a Hoover attachment?
I think he may actually have been prepared for me to go to the toilet and then resume our discourse.
I politely outlined why I wouldn't be able to speak to him.
Stunned at IDS resignation letter. I was about to vote against ESA cuts when he sought me out - he personally and angr…
Feeling miserable and beaten by life? Read demolition of Duncan Smith, and joy will flood your world
Yes, I know there are worse things in the world, but this could be fixed so easily.
Perhaps Michael Deacon is freaked by cloak wearing people? Has he had alien abduction experiences? I wouldn't be surprised
Funny how they won't quite articulate it. We dislike civic institutions, we prefer a commercial model. …
No more parent governors on school governing bodies? This government really thinks business is the solution to everythi…
JESUS H CHRIST: Ukip candidate accused of 'shocking slur' with attack on Cardiff's ethnic minorities - Wales Online htt…
If I never see the word 'Millennials' again it will be too soon.
Michael Sean Freeman...Here she is again Moog. I'm gonna turn you into a Deacon before the night is over. LOL!
Delighted to welcome former JAs Michael Deacon and Jim Duffy to speak about their time at
Lovely short film - think opera's too posh for the likes of you? So did these guys. Give it a go:
It makes me cry hen you think you find the source you need for your essay, but it turns out to be a sketch by Michael Deacon
Today, we are so happy for Deacon August and his growing family as they welcomed Michael at 12:35 a.m. this morning!
Prank caller not even using the good Dr Who music- its this song! & then saying 'working for walt…
um whoever keeps ringing my phone from unknown number, playing Dr Who music into my voicemail, I'm not a fan & i'm not go…
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