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Michael D Higgins

Michael Daniel Higgins (born 18 April 1941) is an Irish politician, poet, sociologist, author and broadcaster who has served as the ninth and current President of Ireland since 11 November 2011, following victory in the 2011 Irish presidential election.

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The Irish President Michael D Higgins has called for an urgent resolution to the four-year trial in Egypt of an "Irish citizen"
Is Michael.D Higgins putting up the SDLP posters on the Falls? They're about 2 feet off the ground!
Michael D case needs 'urgent resolution'
I need to be in college cos i have a thesis on domestic abuse that michael d higgins himself needs to read
President Michael D. Higgins will meet Pope Francis in Rome on Monday
President Michael D. Higgins has today signed two Bills into law. See
In other news, President Michael D Higgins has just signed the Companies (Accounting) Bill 2016.
Michael D. Higgins President of Ireland speaks to the Scottish parliament ..Excellent erudite speech 👏🏽.
Put me in charge of Eurovision. I want to enter Michael D Higgins with a pair of heavy shoes and a fiddle.
Rwandan ambassador Karitanyi presented her credentials to President Michael D. Higgins yesterday followed by a rece…
No. Michael D Higgins is the Irish president. Enda Kenny is the Irish T…
BREAKING: Irish President Michael D. Higgins has been arrested in Temple Bar Dublin after display of public disrespect.
President Michael D. Higgins has considered & signed the Misuse of Drugs (Supervised Injecting Facilities) Bill 2017…
Bealtaine​ fire festival at Hill of Uisneach, ancient centre of Ireland. Fire lit by Pres. Michael D Higgins.
The Plaque from President Michael D. Higgins for the Washington Monument being handed over this week
RTE News report from this day in 1991; Jack Charlton, Michael D Higgins & the FAI Cup winning team .
Michael D. Higgins for the opening of 2016. great memories. ://
Just Irish President Michael D Higgins starting an illegal gorse fire after a rake of cans with some lads
PIC: President Michael D Higgins stars in probably the best Irish photo of 2017 so far
A Wales team shirt is presented to the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, in memory of captain Ryan McBride…
Today, we welcomed President Michael D Higgins to Liberty Hall to commemorate the ratification of the constitution…
Compare this green president's message with the orange president's pronouncements. Proud to be American but even...
Wise up to leaders who see no evil: President Michael D Higgins shocked many people last year when he expressed…
So proud to chat with our President, Michael D. Higgins, this evening. He's a truely an amazing person.
As seen on Gogglebox Ireland, the President Michael D Higgins Tea Cosy. How the world needs Heads of State that are cosy &…
didn't effin try hard enough to get mucky. It was The Higgins Effect that did it. Michael D is just an inspiration
Edna Kennedy is the Taoiseach, Michael D Higgins is the President Of Ireland.
can anyone confirm Michael D. Higgins whereabouts?
Home with 8 minutes to spare. Gin poured. Michael D Higgins on the pitch. Let's do this 🇮🇪🍀
And now, everyone's favorite moment of home rugby internationals, President Michael D. Higgins meets Devin Toner.
Michael D. Higgins looks like old Bilbo Baggins he makes my day man
Michael D Higgins retired as a leprechaun to become president of Ireland
Michael D Higgins meeting massive rugby players is my new favourite thing
The difference in height between Michael D Higgins and the Rugby players will never not be hilarious to me
President Michael D. Higgins & his wife Sabina have arrived to O'Connell St ahead of the Parade https:/…
'Science and art have always lived together' - Irish President Michael D Higgins at a reception celebrating promoters…
Art and science have always lived together - President Michael D Higgins
Me and my parents with President Michael D Higgins yesterday
A fantastic atmosphere at a packed Donnybrook this evening & wonderful to have President Michael D Higgins in attendanc…
For €250k/yr I'd offer more. At least I'd identify failings in their defensive shape and vulnerability out wide.
Nice statement from President Higgins on the Irish Women's Rugby team >
is going green for St. Patrick's Day 2017. .
President Michael D. Higgins will attend this evening's Ireland v England rugby match.
Statement by President Michael D. Higgins on Irish women's rugby team:
If you missed the President's message, you can find it here: and here
A message on behalf of President Michael D Higgins (regarding today's tragic events. .
President Michael D Higgins wasn't the only person to have a chat with Stephen Bradley after win in…
you need to show her a photo of our president he's a leprechaun - Irish president, Michael D Higgins.
best things about Ireland are Spice Bags and Michael D Higgins!
Everything is gold. President Michael D Higgins on the special significance of the 1991 cup final
Performing at the International Women's Day reception hosted by President Michael D Higgins, Áras an Uachtaráin. Ma…
And the winner of the academy award is. Michael D Higgins for, 'President Getting Hit in Groin with Football!' 🎉
I've just realised that Michael D Higgins is our Hans Moeman.
What a wonderful afternoon on Another inspiring speech from President Michael D Higgins.…
Revelations of Tuam mass graves blows open 'the locked doors of a hidden Ireland' - President Michael D Higgins
In a few moments, Michael D Higgins will present to George Morrison the Torc to signify his election…
Eradicating violence is the greatest challenge of our time days says Irish President Michael D Higgins
powerful speech by our President Michael D Higgins - we have to end the violence to end interge…
Michael D Higgins opening the day with a visionary speech on the EU.
Letter to Irish President Michael D Higgins on his visit to Cuba: help & David Mauri
After praising Fidel Castro, Michael D Higgins becomes first Irish statesman to visit Cuba today
Was certain for a short moment Michael D Higgins had joined campaign! On 2nd look it's the great stalwart Jim Sheridan
Irish nun honoured by Michael D Higgins for work in via
Michael D Higgins calls on Government to tackle homeless crisis as he backs Apollo House occupation…
"I have conveyed to the Turkish Ambassador the deepest sympathy and solidarity of the Irish people." .
Actually, Ireland's head of state is President Michael D Higgins. Long live the Republic ;-)
Two out of three want Michael D Higgins to continue as President.
5 years to the day President Michael D Higgins invited me to join the Council of State. Huge privilege & honour. Time seems to be flying by.
President Michael D Higgins wishes people across the world a peaceful & happy Christmas & New Year:
In Sunday's we speak exclusively to Michael D. Higgins in a wide ranging interview.
Gosh our President Michael D Higgins just is just hypnotic, a powerful speaker and Claire looking stunning
I absolutely love Michael D Higgins but New Years Eve talking about world wars! Come on RTE
Listening to Michael D. Higgins on the TV. I won't have a bad word said about him
OK... President of Ireland Michael D Higgins used a term 'a sense of fane vas'.. left me wondering what he's talking about?
The integrity & intelligence that oozes from Michael D Higgins gives our country something to truly be proud of. A scholar & a gent
I do have the greatest respect for Michael D Higgins. As good an ambassador to Ireland as you’d ever find. Great intellect and articulate.
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Michael D Higgins is actually my favourite person in the world
President Michael D Higgins has a cosy secret and we finally have proof
Yes, all in all, Enda will probably remain as Taoiseach, until he takes over from Michael D Higgins, as President of Ireland, in 2018.
Sunday Times News: Two out of three voters want Michael D Higgins to get a second term unopposed, according to Behaviour & Attitudes survey
The mandate I have received and for which I will speak with hear...
"It is my pleasure to send you my warmest wishes for a peaceful, as well as a happy Christmas and New Year.".
President Michael D Higgins among those in attendance at funeral of the poet, writer and critic
We have the best fans in the world & the best president Michael D Higgins the legend!
Man of the people! The President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins with the team and staff in their dressing room…
President of Ireland / Uachtarán na hÉireann Michael D Higgins is this week's Limericks Most Loved!
Statement by President Michael D. Higgins on the death of Anthony Cronin: .
Our own Joe Gahan talking about Michael D Higgins message of sympathy upon the death of Castro on blog
Just watching POI Michael D Higgins on learned more from him in 5 min than 5 weeks of reading the news. Incredible stuff
Irish President Michael D Higgins on the importance of philosophy to democracy.
Michael D Higgins hosts reception for delegates from the World Jewish Congress
Death of Irish writer William Trevor ‘an immense loss', Michael D Higgins says
Death of Irish writer ‘an immense loss', Michael D Higgins says.
BREAKING: Michael D Higgins has started building a wall around Ireland to keep Donald Trump and Brexit away from Ireland...…
Speech by Irish President Michael D Higgins at IBMT annual general meeting in Dublin on 15 Oct https:…
Michael D Higgins says his Colombian counterpart is a "welcome" winner:
Have a read it's by the Irish President Right Honorable Michael D Higgins
Zambian President Michael D Higgins to meet Cameron on ISIS: "These people want to kill us."
Free lecture on Eva Gore-Booth, Irish Revolutionary, by Michael D Higgins, Irish president, on Fri 14 Oct
President Michael D Higgins on giving sartorial tips to Mel Gibson
Irish President Michael D Higgins slams Trump inciting racism if our president speaks out you may be sure of right
President Michael D Higgins slams for inciting racism
oh don't worry , leftist *** like Michael D Higgins will do their best
Listen to Joe Jackson interview: Michael D Higgins, Gabriel Byrne, Bono by The Irish Times on
Phil Coulter and Michael D Higgins among mourners for funeral mass of Bishop Edward Daly
And good to see Irish President Michael D Higgins, himself a poet, take interest in this Connolly piece of art.
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Every age, after all, must have its own Aisling and dream of a better, kinder, happier, shared world. - Michael D Higgins .
Ireland pushes Michael D Higgins to take 2nd term as President (IrishCentral)
"Here did you see Michael D Higgins in BCM last night" - Danny Creedon
IT: Nice attacks: Books of condolence to be opened for victims: Michael D Higgins to pay respects at Mansion...
First Person to catch the rare pokemon named Michael D Higgins gets a free bar for the night BOGOFF: I Choose Two...
IT: ‘Cowardly’ Nice attack must not undermine our way of life, says President: Michael D Higgins leads messag...
President Michael D Higgins says the Nice attack "will be received with revulsion by all those who value democracy" http…
One for the speechwriters: Irish President Michael D Higgins' address to the Scottish Parliament:
President Michael D Higgins lays a wreath on behalf of the Irish people:
Famine memorial in Glasgow can be force for good, says Irish President Michael D Higgins
Michael D Higgins citing Foucault, Derek Walcott and MacDiarmid addressing now. Doubtless Sean Gallagher would have done same
Michael D Higgins' joyful celebration of Brady's goal sums up just how Ireland is feeling
Donegal Rose Zoe McGettigan meets President of Ireland Michael D Higgins today in Letterkenny with Mayor of...
Aaron from Co. Offaly talks about the with President Michael D. Higgins:
Delighted & honoured that President Michael D. Higgins will open on Bloomsday, June 16th. See you in Dalkey M…
Michael D Higgins, has just arrived at
I want to say a very sincere thank you for this welcome home - it is a...
President Michael D Higgins calling into for lunch today pleasure to meet him again
We were honoured this year to welcome President Michael D. Higgins to Food Fayre
A highlight from this year President Michael D. Higgins visited Food Fayre.
Michael D Higgins on 'narrative hospitality' (Paul Ricoeur) - "an openness to the perspectives of the other"
our Jim looking very presidential. Like a taller version of Michael D Higgins. Or de Gaulle without the hat.
I think the important thing now is to have a celebration and then with...
Through the inspiration of Vaclav's words, the courage of his dissiden...
📷 Presenting my record of Michael D. Higgins speak to Corrymeela, June 4 2016. The Living Well together...
President Michael D. Higgins today signed the Proclamation summoning Éireann -
no stop and Michael d Higgins presented u with an award and personally drove u to trinity for medicine
The reconnection of society, economy and ethics is a project we cannot...
"Honesty and the day which becomes a better to go, what you'd do" - Michael D. Higgins
Politics: suggestions that Michael D. Higgins will be given key to eternal life & made Ireland's permanent president a…
We need to discuss the basis of a new form of trust built on a meaning...
I will be a President for all the people, whether they voted for me or...
Our out today for 500 people at fun day with VIP guest Michael D Higgins
Full text of today's speech by Michael D. Higgins in Co. Antrim:
"Football and hurling looks pretty rough to me"- Rare video of Muhammad Ali visiting Ireland htt…
Irish President Michael D Higgins praised Glentoran FC for their work promoting football for all today at the Oval 😊 https…
President Michael D Higgins talking about ethical remembering at Corrymeela.
Praise today from President Michael D Higgins for work done by and for youth football 👍 htt…
enjoying a chat with President Michael D Higgins at Bloom yesterday
President Michael D Higgins pays tribute to for his sporting prowess and his opinions.
President Michael D. Higgins speaking on the death of . (photo: Ira Rosenberg) http…
President Michael D Higgins (seen here at at Slane Castle in 1984) turns 75 today:
Liam Neeson celebrates receiving his IFTA16 honorary award with President Michael D Higgins
Just had the pleasure of hearing President Michael D Higgins do the "very particular set of skills" from TAKEN. Can die happy.
There's a poem in that she said looking at President Michael D Higgins.
Irish president Michael D Higgins lays a wreath at a remembrance ceremony held in the Republic of Ireland to mark the 100…
.has now added Michael D Higgins to the Iona dart board alongside Mary McAleese, Mary Robinson & just a few others 😄
Michael D Higgins pulling out of the Dinner in Belfast; sure didn't the holy Roman Church always advocate their brethren to pull out early?!
Irish President Michael D Higgins lays wreath in honour of those who died
President Michael D Higgins has issued condolences to families of victims in French, Dutch and English: https:/…
Wouldn't it be funny if Michael D Higgins appointed someone else as caretaker taoiseach? Shatter maybe. Bertie Ahern. Himself.
There are some theories that he is a projection of the combined minds of Mary Robinson & Michael D Higgins.
Flag ceremony to mark start of 1916 Rising events: President Michael D Higgins and Taoiseach Enda Kenny will a...
COYBIG. WATERFORD LADS John O'Shea and Daryl Murphy. Jonathan Walter and our President Michael D Higgins post game.
Not one for selfies after games but you can't miss one with the president Michael D Higgins ☘☘ have a bit of that! https:…
Myself, Massood from Eastenders and Michael D Higgins have been cast for Live action Post man Pat. Should be good!
At Google's HQ, President Michael D Higgins joked that none of them would be there if it were not for George
The narrator looks like a cross between Michael D Higgins and Marty Feldman
"The president cannot be ignored. Michael D Higgins cannot be written off and derided like others would be."
Listen to Michael D Higgins and cheer yourself up.
When did you become the president? Pretty sure Michael D Higgins is doing a decent job?
Am sure Michael D Higgins will sort any problems on his return from tree planting as he is Pres to all.
Imagine living to 100 and just getting a phone call from Michael D Higgins, what an anti climax
Amb Harrington meeting President of Ireland Michael D Higgins and his wife Sabina, in Dublin last week ht…
President Michael D Higgins meets Jerry Brown, governor of California, in Sacramento. (Photo:
Thanks President Michael D Higgins you've done us proud!
Delighted at the continuous references to the great work of Michael D Higgins in the area of the arts in his time in
The Marriage Bill 2015 was signed into law by the Presidential Commission as President Michael D Higgins is in the US
President Michael D Higgins meeting the great philanthropist Chuck Feeney at dinner in San Francisco https:…
Michael D Higgins promises plight of Irish undocumented will never be left aside (IrishCentral)
President Michael D Higgins planting an arbutus tree in memory of the Six near site of June's tra...
Michael D Higgins pays tribute to the Berkeley victims: (via
I think Michael D Higgins looks and sounds funny when he's doing his presidential stuff.There,I've said it 😊
No free speech in this state as Derek Byrne to be dragged through courts for voicing an opinion on politician Michael D Higgins
President Michael D Higgins to plant tree in California in memory of victims
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They'll have to put Michael D Higgins on soon if we get any more injuries
Michael D Higgins is the cutest thing ever i miss him awh
Michael D Higgins is possibly my new favourite person.
Cutting the camera to Michael D Higgins is the highlight of this rugby match
my mom just asked who Michael D Higgins is. Oh lord
President Michael D Higgins has contacted the Garda Commissioner to express his sympathies on the loss of a Garda in Co Louth this evening.
Michael D Higgins just isn't even 5 foot like lol
No wonder your kids running a fever
Pre order your copy of "Michael D Higgins Áras an BMX" for the PS4 now to avoid disappointment.
BC prof Rob Savage presents his new book to President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins:
Prof Rob Savage presented a copy of his latest book to President Michael D. Higgins this AM.
We were delighted to attend tea with President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins at Áras an Uachtaráin this morning.
meets an hUachtarain Michael D Higgins and his wife at
Read report on Michael D Higgins' historic visit & interview with the president in today's Herald
just kidding Michael D Higgins didn't say that
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
President Michael D Higgins on the 'Great distance to travel' to full literacy at conference
In Thursday's I speak to President Michael D Higgins. Lots of photos and coverage in tomorrow's paper ht…
Getting ready to go on Stage after president Michael D Higgins at the National Ploughing Championship! Great day...
"It's very important for the Irish public to support their team" - President Michael D Higgins on his love for Soccer
What can be done to make Michael D Higgins our president?
President Michael D. Higgins has come along to at .
President Michael D Higgins talking at the livestock demo
President Michael D Higgins attended one of our livestock demos today
Delighted to welcome President Michael D. Higgins to our stand at
Michael D Higgins says he expects attendance at National Ploughing Championships in Ratheniska to top 300,000
President Michael D. Higgins and his wife Sabina arriving at
President Michael D Higgins has just arrived at
Wishing our Usher Fiona Kelly the very best of luck as she sings for President Michael D. Higgins today at the...
President Michael D Higgins has hailed the National Ploughing Championships as a 'celebration of rural Ireland'. More at 1pm.
About to go on stage at the National Ploughing Championships after President Michael D Higgins opening speech!...
The 84th National Championships is officially opened by the Irish President Michael D Higgins
President Michael D Higgins: "the ploughing championships are one of the highlights of the year"
President Michael D Higgins: 'It is critical that we aim for and achieve a day when farms are safe workplaces in this country... (1/3)
"Farming connects us to the most basic of human necessities, the safe production of food" Irish President Michael D Higgins
"There is a greater than ever need for safety awareness on our farms"-President Michael D Higgins
President Michael D Higgins: “We have to decide at certain times in our life to do what is right"
Michael D Higgins hits out at UN and EU for 'great failure' on refugees: President Michael D Higgins has said ...
President Michael D Higgins: Irish people willing to help in refugee crisis
Santa may arrive before first same-sex marriage: President Michael D Higgins may have signed the marriage equa...
Irish President Michael D Higgins speech to Amnesty international council is outstanding via
Full text of Michael D Higgins, President of Ireland, speech to Amnesty council worth reading!
President Michael D Higgins officially opening the Fléadh!
"It is more important than ever that keeps speaking truth to power" - President Michael D Higgins ht…
Tremendous speech from President Michael D Higgins to Amnesty Calls on us to be courageous, to not shirk from con…
President Michael D Higgins set to launch Fleadh Cheoil 2015 in Sligo
. Summit is not serviced by Irish Head of State (Michael D Higgins) but by Taoiseach/Prime Minister (Enda Kenny)
At the World Humanitarian Summit in UCD. Just heard a passionate opening address by President Michael D Higgins on Ireland's role.
"Reality of present situation has become obscured. Our common humanity must be the starting point." - Michael D Higgins at the
President Michael D Higgins delivers key note at Passionate, poignant plea for recommitment to common humanity in aid and relief
Just listened to President of Ireland Michael D Higgins speak at the Irish Humanitarian Sumit, pretty cool moment.
Ireland's President Michael D Higgins is a world leader for Campaign
Pres. Michael D Higgins: Humanitarian agencies need to learn from the communities themselves. We must harness local knowledge.
Pres. Michael D Higgins: "Our common humanity must be our starting point."
President Michael D Higgins addressing the first ever Irish Humanitarian Summit
President Michael D Higgins has informed us that with regret he will be unable to attend Saturday's game due to work overload.
It's sad to see our President Michael D Higgins attacked in such a vulgar way. Is this how low we've sunk?
President leads tributes to Liam Ó Murchú: President Michael D Higgins is leading tributes to former broadcast...
I feel like we need to get our good man Michael D Higgins in on this!
President Michael D Higgins: Victims of Injustices DEMAND PUBLIC INDEPENDENT Commission to Inquire in... via
Mom was shocked I asked Michael D Higgins for a pic but I'm a badass
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It was great to see President Michael D Higgins at the final today in UCD, Belfield supporting the girls...what a...
Good to see President Michael D Higgins at Belfield for World league hockey final.
Some of the sights and sound of Michael D Higgins visit to vs Second half soon!
President Michael D Higgins and IHA President Richard Kendrick currently being introduced to the players!
Michael D Higgins has 4 kids I bet it's never brought up
Miriam prepared to succeed Michael D Higgins as President of Ireland?. If Miriam, why not
why not the president of Ireland Michael D Higgins
It's my belief that will succeed Michael D Higgins.
President Michael D Higgins received a guard of honour when he visited his former School St Flannan's in Ennis.
public 'to President Michael D Higgins has urged the…
Michael D Higgins and Enda Kenny lead the tributes for Ireland's Six Nations heroes:
Up the RA, up Guinness, up Saint Patrick, up BO'D, up Michael D Higgins
Delighted + honored to announce that President Michael D Higgins will be attending final at 5pm this Sunday http:…
'Snowball' President Michael D Higgins goes back to his old school in Ennis | (RMC)
Michael D Higgins is to offer a national pardon for Thierry Henry if France help Ireland.
President Higgins in St Patrick's Day message President Michael D Higgins has is
President Michael D Higgins has signed laws which will require cigarettes to be sold in plain packaging.
I think Michael D Higgins should give Eoin Morgan the Freedom of Dublin.
Was the President of Ireland, Michael D Higgins, called a windbag or a gasbag just now on
Just seen a pic of the Numpty who called Michael D Higgins a midget, ha ha , he looks like a fat Paul Murphy
Michael D. Higgins is really beginning to show his age.
The Anti-Semitic President of Ireland, Mr Michael D Higgins, supports Hamas who support terrorist murder in France.
that's it. Labour(Cruiser I think) brought it in and Michael D Higgins removed it decades later.
throwback to when Michael D. Higgins had a free gaff and got me invited
I always thought Michael D. Higgins packs a bunch for a small man (symbolic of Ireland more broadly?)
A fascinating speech by Irish president Michael D. Higgins in China this past December
"Culture is the last frontier. It is where the power to resist will be fought out." - Michael D Higgins
Checking the last time I'd seen Michael Berrer play tennis and it was against Dan Evans in Zagreb when Evans had that weird tourny run.
Here's the president of Ireland quoting Ernest Bloch and Zygmunt Bauman:
Michael D. Higgins needs to step down as 'Uacharain na hEireann. Spineless dictator.
Of ALL the amount of clips they could of used to show use 1 where he's chatting to Michael D Higgins! Well done
If you think this is ridiculous, imagine how they would have portrayed David Norris or Michael D. Higgins? RIDICULOUS.
President Michael D. Higgins urges understanding of legacy of civilization
Peace, hope, and celebration: Here's President Higgins' msg
kicking Michael D Higgins' *** in the world president cup of ping golf
Facts are to the mind what food is to the body. - Michael D. Higgins
he's like the Michael D Higgins of CoD
One of the highlight of my year was giving Michael D Higgins a copy of my Little Book of Limerick.
Who is the most famous person in your country? — Michael D Higgins tbh
President of Ireland Michael D. Higgins addressed members of both Houses of Parliament
Inez: A Challenging Woman to be screened on Thursday in presence of President of Ireland, Michael D. Higgins http:/…
From her comments on Michael D Higgins and on the 8th amendment, I'm guessing that constitutional law is not a speciality for
Michael D Higgins is a traitor for staying within his constitutionally perscribed powers. Right-o.
I hope our President Michael D Higgins takes on board the views of the Irish people and refers the Water Bill to a referendum
Apparently 58 TDs and 20 senators are backing petition to President Michael D Higgins seeking referendum on Water Services Bill
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Flying squad gig in the Forbidden city for President Michael D Higgins. Photo credit: Shane…
Chinese and Irish Presidents Xi Jinping and Michael D Higgins met on Tue pledging to boost partnership htt…
What a day!Flew to Beijing to dance with Sharon Shannon for President Michael D Higgins.http:/…
President Michael D Higgins names Brother Kevin from the Capuchin Day Centre as his Dublin hero. The Capuchin Day... http…
Michael D Higgins hails Katie Taylor as "the outstanding Irish sportswoman of her generation" http:…
Thursday 06 November 2014 17.21 President Michael D Higgins has said that a resolution to the ongoing conflict in South Sudan is crucial, if a major humanitarian crisis is to be halted. President Higgins was speaking in the capital of Ethiopia, Addis Ababa, following high level talks with Dr Nkosazana Dlamini Zuma, Chairperson of the African Union Commission. The commission represents 54 African states. The meeting between the President and Dr Zuma, which was also attended by senior ministers from African Union member states, took place as peace talks resumed in the Ethiopian capital, aimed at finding a solution to the conflict in South Sudan. The humanitarian situation in South Sudan has been critical since armed violence broke out in the capital Juba on 15 December 2013 and subsequently spread to several states in South Sudan. There are 1.4 million people internally displaced with almost 470,000 refugees in neighbouring countries. The dead and the wounded are estimated to be in the tens of thousands. Al ...
Met some wonderful people in Dublin yesterday, like Brian Quinn Michael D Higgins.
Double vomit, double puke! President Michael D Higgins said he learned of the death of Rev Ian Paisley “with sadness”, describing him as a man of “deep convictions”. Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern described Dr Paisley yesterday as “a big man with a big heart” whom he regarded as a good friend.
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