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Michael Cremo

Michael A. Cremo (born July 15, 1948), also known as Drutakarma Dasa, is an American freelance researcher who identifies himself as a Vedic creationist and argues that humans have lived on the earth for billions of years.

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Check out this book - 'Forbidden Archaeology' by Michael Cremo
Is life on the planet, DEVOLVING rather than EVOLVING? -Michael Cremo
I added a video to a playlist Michael Cremo: "Forbidden Archaeology" | Talks at Google
I added a video to a playlist Forbidden Archeology & Human Devolution - Michael Cremo
2) Plus Michael Cremo said 'humanity has been at this stage several times before' and we've failed to progress to stage1
I added a video to a playlist Ancient Aliens Radio - Michael Cremo - Forbidden Archaeology
I liked a video The Lost Age of Mankind (Part 1 of 2) - A conversation with Michael Cremo
Michael Cremo can prove that the school system is lying about where humans actually came from. religion and evolution is a lie
Ep. 354 FADE to BLACK Jimmy Church w/ Michael Cremo: the Forbidden Archeoligist via
Transcendental update: Michael Cremo (It's Really Me) I have wanted to visit the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia...
maybe they should read Michael Cremo's Forbidden Archaeology. Although that probably is forbidden in those circles..
ah yes, that well known scientist Michael Cremo.
did you ever bother to check Michael Cremo's credibility as a secondary source?
posedly anyway).But the tools prove this can't be true.Source The Hidden History of the Human Race by Michael A. Cremo p.xvii, 95
Forbidden History Radio - The Hidden. History of the Human Race - Michael Cremo
Hosted by George Noory Guest(s): Michael Cremo 'Forbidden archeologist' Michael Cremo will discuss the latest DNA discovery showing that humans like us have existed far longer than the general scientific community will acknowledge. He'll also update his work on Ancient Aliens, and catastrophes in world history.
heard of Forbidden Archeology? Michael Cremo has some interesting evidence to support an extremely old date for human origins.
I just taped a 30 minute interview with Michael Cremo for The Russel Scott Show :) I was a guest host. Cool!
Vedics not = Hindus !   What does that mean ? !  Isn't India = Hinduism   =  Vedics ?  No   According to me, Hinduism was born approximately 50,000 yrs ago !   So what's this "vedic" all about ?   "Veda" is Sanskrit for "knowledge". "The Vedic universe is a consciousness-based universe" (Michael Cremo)   According to me, the Vedic people have an uninterrupted history of nearly 2 million years through 3 continents down to the final migration to the Indian subcontinent    This final antiquity India extended from the Mediterranean upto the Laos region and upto Kazakhistan in the north The Indian peninsula was separate from the landmass called asia today -  to which it joined much later - around 95,000 years ago.  What we can call the eternal  ‘vedic’  consciousness has always existed  and will always exist – on our planet earth it first manifested in the most ancient ancestors of the present day so called Hindus , who were also the ancestors of most civilizations that ever existed in th ...
The List of Celebrities who accepted Hinduism # Chantal Boulanger - French anthropologist who wrote widely on Tamil culture # Russell Brand - British actor and comedian. # Claudia Ciesla - German model, actress, and singer embraced Hinduism and believes in Karma. # Job Charnock - British trade agent who has been controversially described as the founder of Calcutta # Ilan Chester - Venezuelan singer, keyboardist, arranger and composer # Alice Coltrane (raised Baptist but became a follower of Satya Sai Baba) – American jazz pianist, organist, harpist, and composer # Michael Cremo - American creationist, author, and editor # Bhagavan Das (born Kermit Michael Riggs) – Western Yogi and former born again Christian # Roy Eugene Davis - American Kriya Yoga teacher # Krishna Dharma - British author and convert to Gaudiya Vaishnavism under ISKCON # David Frawley - author on Hinduism, Yoga and Ayurveda # Elizabeth Gilbert - author of Eat Pray Love # George Harrison - popular English musician, best known as a mem ...
“They are discovering evidence all over the world, up to the present moment findings that suggest 'modern' humans existed in ancient times. Recent reports of footprints from Kenya match the contemporary human foot, found in layers of rock about 1.5 million years old. Unfortunately, instead of acknowledging the amazing find for what it is, scientists have tried to fit it into pre-conceived notions of human evolution. This is a perfect example of how this knowledge filtering process works.” -Michael Cremo
Are humans violent and intolerant by nature? How did our species originate? Were we actually created in the image of the Gods or have we evolved from nothing? These are some fundamental questions that are often asked by people across the globe. If we look at the violent, chaotic and intolerant state of affairs across the globe, we will realize that we might have not been created by a "Loving God". Also, Darwin’s Theory of Evolution also fails to explain why are degenerating as a species, rather than using our knowlege to care for each other more, and be better custodians for our planet Earth, which is vital for the continuation of our species. According to Scholars like Dr. Michael Cremo and elders like Credo Mutwa, Creation and Evolution are two sides of the same coin. These theories have been implanted by the regressive aliens called Archons, as part of broader systems of alien implanted systems of organized religion; politics; economic development from capitalism and so-called "communism"; the enter ...
Most scientist believes, that human beings like us came into existance only in the most recent geological times. Michael Cremo speaks about evidences showing...
The premiere episode of Johnny Kashmere's Wake UP Call with Big Brother 14s Ashely Iocco and Ancient Aliens star Michael Cremo is here, click this link:
Ancient megalithic structures & stone calendars are found all over the planet. Check out Graham Hancock & Gregg Braden, Michael Cremo, Klaus Dona, Michael Tellinger. Watch the Show "Ancient Aliens"
Michael Cremo has written about hese in Forbidden Archaeology.
George Noory Event with Michael Cremo and Stanton Friedman: The familiar electronic theme music for Coast t...
Just back from Toronto, seeing George Noory, Stan Friedman and Michael Cremo. Great time, but as always, it's good to be home! (And the dog is insanely happy to see us, lol...)
Michael Cremo is interviewed about his archeological discoveries and the cover up of the scientific community.Cremo gives several examples of archeological e...
very Michael Cremo "Forbidden Archaeology"...some is very dry but very interesting Proof of ancient intelligent life products etc...i didn't say it is all human..
I am a fan of Thomas Sheridan as well as Michael Cremo. He has the phrase "knowledge filtration" to describe theoretical preconceptions often influencing how scientists respond to evidence. From Anthony Wile of the Daily Bell: What we do know from our own observations (and that of our intrepid feedbackers) over the past two years, is that modern history as Henry Ford once said, is bunk, a series of fairy tales spun for the benefit of the ruling elite. All human knowledge, so far as we can tell, is basically winnowed out by those in charge and reconfigured to promote power elite interests. If it doesn't do so, it doesn't get presented, at least not on a mass scale. It is only at certain times in history (this era being one) that some hitherto suppressed truth is suddenly – however briefly – in evidence. Not everyone can see it, though. Billions haven't bothered to look. And yet, those who do are surely rewarded by this greatest of all pleasures – which is to know the reality of one's own observations ...
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