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Michael Crabtree

Michael Alex Crabtree (born September 14, 1987) is an American football wide receiver for the San Francisco 49ers of the National Football League (NFL).

Amari Cooper Derek Carr Doug Baldwin Graham Harrell Richard Sherman Allen Robinson Larry Fitzgerald Kelvin Benjamin Antonio Brown Frank Gore Mike Evans James Jones Latavius Murray Texas Tech Jeremy MacLin Vernon Davis Patrick Willis

Fabs I don't understand the Crabtree correction can you please elaborate? Our 🏆 was decided by .04
"Major" here means if you have Derek Carr/Amari Cooper/Michael Crabtree & won/lost by a point, it's worth checking…
Can you afford to play Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree?. See my full rankings here:
still waiting on the next Michael Crabtree type wide receiver under Leach...
I always think of Michael Crabtree of that signing that you can aim for, I real talented before who had a down year on a bad team
Should I start Michael Thomas, Tyreek Hill or Michael Crabtree for week 17? Thanks so much!
Recommendation by :Michael Like fellow star rec...
Exactly, waive me so I can be a free agent like Michael Crabtree & leave the 49ers (her) to go to the Raiders (her…
Michael Crabtree was incredible to watch, I really thought he was gonna be the next big thing. Took him until now to do it
Derek Carr Hits Michael Crabtree for 35 Yards & Clive Walford for the TD! | NFL Week 16 Highlights…
The incredible 25-yard touchdown from Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree
Michael Crabtree somehow got both feet inbounds on this touchdown. Absurd.
The Michael Crabtree 2-point play to take the lead from the great call
Raiders counting on to fight through injuries
Matt Bryant, a kicker, had more fantasy points than Julio Jones, Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, Demaryius Thomas, Lam…
Jordy Nelson, Devante Adams, Michael Thomas, Doug Baldwin, Michael Crabtree = my rec core. Who would you start? 2+Flex.
Michael Crabtree didn't make the Pro Bowl that's cool
You have Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, Andre Holmes, even Seth Roberts. Murray already got stuffed. This playcalling is ***
Eric Berry had fun telling Michael Crabtree all about how weak he looked alligator-arming that ball.
Man. Michael Crabtree deserves a good elite card in Easily the best hands in the NFL today
At 4PM, Latavius Murray & Michael Crabtree should be good to go for Raiders. Watkins likely active but very risky. Jorda…
okay if Michael Crabtree can drop 42.8 points then you win but I doubt it
how do you have a elite Chris Conley and no Michael Crabtree?
🚨TRADE ALERT🚨. has agreed to trade WR Michael Crabtree to in exchange for RB Isaiah Crowell!
- Michael Crabtree still Derek Carr's go-to WR over Amari Cooper
Here's what I didn't expect: Michael Crabtree = 0 catches. Thank goodness Seth Roberts and Andre Holmes have stepped up
Torn between Michael Crabtree and Corey Coleman for my Fantasy Football lineup today... Coleman will be boom or bust, tough game for Crab...
Edges of Twilight trades Thomas Rawls & Michael Crabtree to Sweet Caroline for CJ Anderson & Cameron Meredith
To cap off a 75-yard drive, Derek Carr hit Michael Crabtree in the end zone for a two-yard score. . That's the Play…
Antonio Brown and Michael Crabtree also have 5, but the Nelson/Fitzgerald correlation was worth mentioning.
.Amari Cooper & Michael Crabtree have combined for the most receiving yards (950) among any teammate WR duo in 20…
this week at flex in standard cj Anderson, ty Hilton, Jamal Charles or Michael Crabtree
A fade to the right corner of the end zone happened for Michael Crabtree again.
I've got Hopkins, John Brown, Michael Crabtree, Will Fuller and Kelvin Benjamin. Need three help
Will Fuller passes the Perrish Cox baton to DeVante Parker this week. Michael Crabtree passes the Shareece Wright baton to Desean Jackson.
Last 16 games ... Michael Crabtree has 28 more fantasy points than Amari Cooper
Amari Cooper overshadowed by Michael Crabtree's big day via
and Michael Crabtree got him 29.5 on the bench
My low-risk, high-ceiling guy this week is Michael Crabtree. If he is matched up with Perrish Cox, it's going to be so good for fantasy
Robert Alford getting cooked by bum *** Michael Crabtree lol
Doug Baldwin or Michael Crabtree at flex? And Russell Wilson or Derek Carr?
Spencer Ware, Michael Crabtree, Frank Gore, Emmanuel Sanders and Melvin Gordon. Two spots to fill on my decimated roster. Which guys?
I still miss all my old vets Patrick Willis, Anquan Boldin, Michael Crabtree, Vernon Davis, and Frank Gore!! My dream team 😭
what ya think ppr Should I sit Crabtree and play Christine Michael
better flex option in PPR league: Crabtree or Christine Michael? Also, can I trust Graham or stick w/ Zack Miller?
Between Kevin White, Desean Jackson and Michael Crabtree who should i drop in fantasy to pick up a TE
Graham, Rawls to play vs. Miami. Michael to start at RB. Webb expecting to start at RG. Story:
Should I start Michael Crabtree or Spencer Ware in the WR/RB slot? Thanks
Who should I start at my flex spot, Crabtree @ New Orleans or Michael Floyd @ New England??
fabs, you have Maclin as a must sit. Would you start Crabtree, JMatthews or Dorsett over him? NONPPR
Crabtree. If we knew for certain Michael would get more touches than Rawls, answer would be Michael
Until they come clean. I must know now. How the heck did 49ers lose to Seattle, THEY HAD MICHAEL CRABTREE!
Yeah, Jake. Did you try throwing to Michael Crabtree three times inside the 10 in the closing minute?
For a PPR league, do you like Forte or McCoy more? Also, do I go Moncrief, Crabtree, or Keenan Allen as WR2 and Flex?
Christine Michael or Crabtree in a standard league??? Please help!!!
Carroll said he expects Jimmy Graham to play on Sunday. Said Christine Michael will start at running back.
who should I flex: Ryan Mathews or Michael Crabtree?
need two players to start at flex out of these four: landry, crabtree, gio bernard, and michael floyd. Who do you flex?
Hey who do I start week 1 Flex, Michael Crabtree, or Jeremy MacLin
TRADE: acquire WR Michael Crabtree from in exchange for RB Ameer Abdullah.
b/t crabby and Matthews, PPR has me leaning Crabtree.
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who do you think I should start in a Ppr league , at flex Crabtree, Jordan Mathews , Jeremy Langford , or Christien Michael
who should I start for my WR2, Brandin Cooks or Michael Crabtree?
who should I start at flex Michael Crabtree, Jordan Mathews, Jeremy Langford, or Christian Michael?
Scott I need help at my flex should I start Michael Crabtree , Jeremy Langford , or Christian Michael
Gonna replace him with Michael Crabtree, so then I'll have Landry, Benjamin and Hopkins
Please help me. Who should i flex this week Doug Baldwin,Michael Crabtree or Juilan Edelman? My WR1 is OBJ and WR2 is Jordy.
Who do I start in my flex spot, full PPR - Crabtree, Ryan Matthews, or DJax?
Matt Forte or Michael Crabtree for flex in PPR league?
I need to find that white Michael Crabtree jersey
You called it! I went old school in my NFL prize League. RBs Gurley/Miller and Anderson as flex week 1. WRs Allen/Crabtree
need some help fellas! Melvin Gordon or Michael Crabtree.
Who would you start? Pick 3 from AJ Green, Jordy Nelson, Donte Moncrief, Marvin Jones, Michael Crabtree, Torrey Smith
Matt Jones, L Blount, and Michael Crabtree. Have to pick 2 of 3. Thx!
Who do I put in the flex, Larry Fitzgerald or Michael Crabtree?
Doug Baldwin. Michael Crabtree. Larry Fitzgerald. If y'all don't show out Sun, blame me. Kelvin Benjamin sittin on my bench
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decided to start Michael Crabtree over Kelvin Benjamin this week 😁 hopefully it pays off
Spencer Ware, Michael Crabtree, or Carlos Hyde? I need two of them.
My best friend from high school took Michael Crabtree over Kelvin Benjamin in our fantasy draft
who should I start at the flex, Michael Crabtree or Tyler Lockett?
PPR league, Jeremy Langford or Michael Crabtree at flex
when you start michael crabtree over Kelvin Benjamin you're asking for an L
Chris Harris Jr cant even lock up Michael Crabtree
Feel bad for the Jets' Brandon Marshall. It's going to be like that time people thought was Michael Crabtree. 😂😂
Only WR's I got on my bench are Stefon Diggs and Vincent Jackson. My 2 starters are Desean Jackson and Michael Crabtree
hey man huge favor for week 1. Given the matchup I'm nervous on aj green. So who would you start aj green or crabtree? Help
. Hey guys, need help with WR2 Michael Crabtree or Jeremy MacLin?
would you start D Thomas against Carolina tonight or Michael Crabtree at the saints? Ppr league. Thanks!
Desean Jackson or Michael Crabtree in the flex position? (Standard league)
.5 PPR I need one of these three for my flex. Crabtree, CJ Anderson, Michael Floyd.
Hey and should I start Allen Hurns over Michael Crabtree for my flex?
Michael Floyd or Crabtree as flex in ppr? Thanks!!
don't really need either cause of Crabtree and Henry. Ya boy Michael is head honcho for the Seahawks as of right now
if you think Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell were 🔥🔥🔥 back in the day
unless you're Michael Crabtree. Then maybe you did.
is Michael Crabtree still mediocre at best?
Just wanted to let everyone know that drafted Michael Crabtree and Antonio Gates in the first 5 rounds😂
don't know why you surprised!! UNC is Jordan! earl thomas Dez Bryant michael crabtree joe haden all is apart of Jordan brand
The only Oakland Raider I will ever support is Michael Crabtree! He will always be my favorite player👌
Michael Crabtree is a good player i agree, but not a legend🤔😂
why is Cooper so much higher than Crabtree? Michael proved himself as the red zone target
Derek Carr with a brilliant pass on cross to Michael Crabtree for TD. David Amerson was all over him. Had to be perfect pass.
Michael Crabtree, shines in second camp practice
After yelled @ Michael Crabtree on camera next to Erin Andrews, white supremacists dragged him. Now he's their spokesman.
Can the get Willis, Aldon Smith, Frank Gore, Iupati, Anthony Davis, Michael Crabtree and Jim Harbaugh back?.
I haven't rooted for since Michael Crabtree was catching passes against Texas.
First Von Miller, then Michael Crabtree, and now wade Philips ? Coach you're are extremely blessed to have met them
hmm Dominique Ziegler and Michael Crabtree or Jeremy MacLin and Deshaun Jackson. wow thats a tough one
His trainer has worked with Michael Crabtree, Dez Bryant and Sammy Watkins. He says Duke is "right up there" with them in terms of ability.
I like my whopper angrier than Richard Sherman towards Michael Crabtree.
on offense Derek Carr, Amari Cooper , Michael Crabtree, Latavius Murray. are going to be dangerous.
Derek Carr, Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree will develop even more and that o-line will be perfect for the running game.
Derek Carr, Calvin Johnson, Chris Ivory, Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree. that would be deadly
Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree. Carr in his 2nd year. Makes sense for 4th or 5th option to not play well.
Mind blown... two new 99s in this Campus Hero batch: Michael Crabtree and, wait for it, Timmy Tebow.
Michael Crabtree has an interesting response to Kaepernick questions.
Niners Nation > Michael Crabtree hopes Colin Kaepernick 'gets better, and I hope he get in those books, and wa...
get some football players in, Navarro bowman,carlos Hyde, anquan boldin, Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree would be sick
no. Michael Crabtree was. But u know my life story so keep telling it
Michael Crabtree is still a sorry receiver
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Yes it is still clear, Michael Crabtree is a mediocre receiver 😂😂😂
I liked a video from Michael Crabtree | Oakland Raiders - Mid-Season HIGHLIGHTS
Seahawks get of the field as throw from Newton goes off Michael Bennett's helmet and incomplete.
Derek Carr, Kahlil Mack, Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree-all good personnel since Al is gone.
Somewhere, Michael Crabtree has his feet up and is having a terrific day.
I miss the days when all I had to worry about was Michael Crabtree.
Latavius Murray and Michael Crabtree at peach tree in kc. Off Eastwood trafficway. Lol.
Rodney Hudson (best center in NFL), C wood, Michael Crabtree, L Murray, Dan Williams, Malcolm smith. We have talent
Michael Crabtree gets security, new contract with Raiders - FOX News
Michael Crabtree and Andre Holmes can kick rocks for mushing the Over with their endzone drops.
Raiders take the lead for the 1st time in the game! Derek Carr finds Michael Crabtree for the TD & Oakland goes for 2. Ra…
End zone fade to Michael Crabtree for the go-ahead touchdown. Raiders lead.
Amari throws a 25-yard pass to Carr ✔. Carr laterals to Michael Crabtree ✔. Yep, it's the last play of the half. .
Who should I start this week? Desean Jackson or Michael Crabtree! someone help!
Good on Amari Cooper + Michael Crabtree, who teamed w/Willie Brown to give bikes to low-income students in the Bay Area for th…
No easy task when you have to cover Amari Cooper and Michael Crabtree.
Not only did Michael Crabtree sign a lucrative extension this week, by catching 4 passes today, he's earned a $400,000 ince…
The raiders offensive squad is Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper, Seth Roberts,and Derrick Carr and some what Mychal Rivera
Do I bench Michael Crabtree or start Rubén Randle as 2nd WR? Already have a poor Megatron at flex?
Raiders and Michael Crabtree agree to a four-year, $35-million extension.
We have signed wide receiver Michael Crabtree to a four-year extension. Read:
I picked Antonio Brown 1st Round, ended up with him, Larry Fitzgerald & Michael Crabtree!
TOOUCCHDOOOWN RAIDDERRRSSS!. Michael Crabtree hauls it in from Derek Carr!.
better flex play in a ppr, Dez Bryant or Michael Crabtree? And in another ppr, Larry Fitzgerald or Allen Robinson?
Who should I start this week? Travis Benjamin or Michael Crabtree!
Would you start Randall Cobb, Travis Benjamin or Michael Crabtree at WR2. Hopkins is my RB1. I am thinking Cobb.
Antonio Andrew vs Jax or Michael Crabtree vs KC at the flex this week?
Richard Sherman has been a mediocre corner this season, and Michael Crabtree has been a very good receiver. Oh, the irony.
When you have a receiving core of Julio Jones, Antonio Brown, Pierre Garçon, Michael Crabtree and Emmanuel Sanders in your fantasy team 🙌🏻
Colin Kapernick plays for Eagles and Michael Crabtree plays for the raiders... Now I'm no longer a 49er fan as much as I used to be :-(
Chris Ivory, Demarco Murray, Larry Fitzgerald, Michael Crabtree, and the Seahawks defense combined to give me a whopping 28 fantasy points😐
Who should I start this week? Michael Crabtree or Brandon Marshall!
Who should I start this week? Brandon LaFell or Michael Crabtree!
in a two WR league, who should i start today: James Jones, t.y Hilton, Brandon LaFell or Michael Crabtree?
Jakeem Grant is also 136 yards away from passing Michael Crabtree on career receiving yardage list. Would be a huge milestone.
We suggested Antonio Brown, Aaron Rodgers, Michael Crabtree, DeMarco Murray and more for you this past week. …
I just wanna shout out Michael Crabtree and Aaron Rogers... For putting up BIG POINTS! For me in fantasy ! You're the real MVPs
Comeback kids?. Derek Carr finds Michael Crabtree for a 38-yard TD to tie it up in Pittsburgh!
WOW Derek Carr's 5th TD pass, 38 yards to Michael Crabtree, ties the game with PIT at 35. (1:15 left 4Q)
Michael Crabtree has a unique talent 🙊😂.
announcer said: “Michael Crabtree has an amazing ability to suck in these balls” 😂😂😂
“…and his ability to suck in these balls.” - CBS Sports announcer in regards to Michael Crabtree taken completely out of context.
Derek Carr created an almost legit wr out of the lump of crap & clay that was Michael Crabtree
should I start Michael Crabtree, James Jones or Allen Hurns as my number two wideout (Eldeman is my number 1)
should i trade John Brown and Michael Crabtree for DeAngelo Williams?
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Can't believe I just traded Randall Cobb for Michael Crabtree...who would've thought Cobb would be so down.
1) So, , since the end of last season we have lost Frank Gore, Patrick Willis, Chris Borland, Michael Crabtree, Aldon Smith,
TOUCHDOWN Derek Carr to Michael Crabtree for the 25 yard score. Oakland dominating in San Diego 37-6.
I need 2 wrs out of these 4: Michael Crabtree, Golden Tate, Mike Wallace or Jeremy MacLin?
Just offered Sammy Watkins and Michael Crabtree for OBJ. I hope it goes through.
Should I start John Brown , Michael Crabtree , or Matt Jones at Flex this week ?
Michael Bennett sacks Colin Kaepernick to open the second quarter.
League figured Kap out bruh. Got him throwing to Michael Crabtree tonight lmao
What ever happened to michael crabtree 😂😂
Charlie Singerhouse scores his first in the NAHL to give Amarillo a 1-0 lead from Brady Crabtree and Michael...
Seahawks-49ers has historically produced some great Richard Sherman trash talk:
‘Michael Daugherty, on Security Concerns w/ CIA & Benghazi Hearing’ on
Dion Lewis is on the SIT EM list.I have Ameer, Crabtree, LaFell, and Rishard Matthews should I bench Lewis for one of them?
Who would you start crabtree or michael floyd?!
. PPR league should I start Jordan mathews or Tavon Austin or Michael Crabtree?
In the 2015 season Michael Crabtree ranks 31st in receiving yds with 61 avg Yds per game.
Crabtree. Not sure of the role Michael will play.
is showing the 2007 vs game. Michael Crabtree was kind of a beast
Do i start Brandin cooks and grab another TE or play M crabtree and Ben Watson?
One of the best rivalries in the Seahawks vs 49ners. Why? Richard Sherman vs Michael Crabtree. That's why.
Michael Crabtree is priced as WR35 ($4300), avg nearly 10 targets a game. Has out-targeted Amari 48-44 on the year. Cash game consideration
Raiders OC wants to get ball to Michael Crabtree even more.
when Michael Crabtree did it to Texas 😂😂😂
who should i start in my flex, Ben Watson or Michael Crabtree?
would you start Michael Crabtree or Mike Evans this week. I also plan on starting Amari Cooper and Torrey Smith.
as much *** Texas is right now when is the last time we lost to Tech? Like Michael Crabtree days?😂
Working on setting up lineups. Michael Crabtree looks like a real good value for both cash and GPP formats.
best flx play in 0.5 ppr Christine Michael, crabtree or moncrief
best flex play in half point ppr: Christine Michael, crabtree or moncrief?
In the 2015 season Michael Crabtree ranks 24th in receiving TDs with 0.3 avg TDs per game.
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I wanted to marry Michael Crabtree in high school 😂
No Michael Crabtree college slander will prosper that *** was the truth I became a Texas Tech supporter because of him lol
Michael Crabtree addition paying off for Oakland Raiders - Oakland Raiders Blog - ESPN
I think we can all agree the Chargers have a real problem on their hands of Flowers can't run with Michael Crabtree this week. BIG PROBLEM.
God help him if he can't run with Michael Crabtree.
trying to decide between Christine Michael and Crabtree for the flex of my bye stricken team this weekend. Little help?
Chris Johnson or Michael Crabtree at flex? 0.5 ppr
On life look like Michael Crabtree lmao
theo riddick or michael Crabtree at flex? PPR league
Michael Crabtree addition paying off for the
drop one of Kendall Wright, Brandon Lafell, or Michael Crabtree to scoop up Stefon Diggs in either a 1pt PPR or non PPR league?
ICYMI: ex receiver Michael Crabtree on pace to have best season of his career
In the preseason for the Oakland Raiders, Clive Walford was making a name for himself as a potential big...
Looking to start one WR and one FLEX. Which two of the following: Vincent Jackson, Michael Crabtree and Danny Woodhead?.
FSP Bill Williamson / Michael Crabtree addition paying off for the Raiders
Michael Crabtree has at least 9 targets in all 4 gms he's played full. OC Musgrave: "We just want to keep building his rol…
Raiders QB gushes about new weapons Michael Crabtree, Amari Cooper http…
That's Michael Crabtree in the background, I think. So I'm guessing Tender Mercies.
Taylor Mays is questionable, Michael Crabtree, Benson Mayowa and Ben Heeney are all probable.
Whom would you bench John Brown Brandon cooks Dante Moncrief or Michael Crabtree? Non PPR. Thanks
In a standard scoring FF league, how crazy would I be to trade Brandon Marshall and Donte Moncrief for Todd Gurley and Michael Crabtree?
Pick a WR for this week; Leonard Hankerson, Michael Crabtree, or Mike Evans.
How do you feel about a Karlos Williams/Mike Evans for T.J. Yeldon/Michael Crabtree trade in PPR? Which side benefits the most
Dude tryna Trade me. Julio Jones and Michael Crabtree for Demarius Thomas and Amari Cooper?
Allen Robinson or Michael Crabtree this week? Standard scoring. Real quick
10 man standard league flex spot: Chris Johnson, Michael Crabtree or Allen Robinson
Who should I start this week? Allen Robinson or Michael Crabtree!
Rodney Hudson, Aldon Smith, Michael Crabtree, J'marcus Webb, Lee Smith. Free Agency has been good to The this year
I have Michael Crabtree on my team, but Rishard Matthews is available. Should I stick with Crabtree, or go with Matthews?
Michael Crabtree should've been a cautionary tale for the That and Vernon Davis on a milk carton since Smith left.
She was so chill and unaffected by how amped he was.| Richard Sherman rips Michael Crabtree in Erin Andrews interview
Sunday night deep dives: I spent 25 minutes trying to find the PassOrCatch2008 videos for Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell.
Smh dropping Michael Crabtree after this tom foolery. Carr ain't even tryna help me prosper
Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell didn't graduate for this
They're gonna need some Graham Harrell-Michael Crabtree esque magic
Where's Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree when you need them
Texas Tech needs Graham Harrell and Michael Crabtree right now.
Texas Tech doin it for Michael Crabtree and Graham Harrell
Michael Crabtree would've caught that 3rd down heave! (Sorry
I remember watching Texas Tech dominate with Graham Harrell, Michael Crabtree and Danny Amendola. This is the best team they've had since.
Texas Tech ain't been good since Graham Harrell threw that pass to Michael Crabtree to upset Texas.
I'm torn on who to play this weekend. Michael Crabtree or Davante Adams? Don't see Jordan Matthews doing well with SB as QB
Michael Crabtree finished 18th in week 2 WR TDs with 1 TDs, tied with Doug Baldwin
Who should I start this week? Doug Baldwin, Stevie Johnson, or Michael Crabtree?
Dan Williams, Donald Penn, Michael Crabtree, Justin Tuck, bad at free agency?
Mike Evans, John Brown, Michael Crabtree, or Matt jones for my flex?
STeZ added Michael Crabtree, Oak WR from Waivers to Bench; STeZ dropped Cody Latimer, Den WR to Waivers for $1
My team is a dumpster fire at WR. Should I start Roddy White, Doug Baldwin, Michael Crabtree, or Ted Ginn this weekend?
INTERCEPTION. Will Hill picked off the pass intended for WR Michael Crabtree.
Huh? Raiders are desperate for WR help with Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree, Rod Streater? Uh, nah.
This just in: a 8.7 earthquake was just caused by Michael Thomas. Only injuries were Fuller's broken ankles
Anybody else see an extreme similarity between Braxton Miller at WR and Michael Crabtree?
If he would have broken that tackle it would have looked just like that Michael Crabtree catch against Texas.
If they do it for Chancellor. Michael Bennett, Richard Sherman, Earl Thomas, etc. can come asking for more too.
Dom gave Michael Crabtree(!) a shoutout, very next track talked abt his Richard Sherman commercial. who slipped bath salts in his ganja??
Without a doubt With the way has been playing I honesty think he can become another Michael Crabtree at Texas Tech!!!
His position was no longer needed we have a real WR in and Michael Crabtree&others😁
Funny how a year ago Raiders fans would say Michael Crabtree was trash, now he's an "offensive weapon". Okay.
drop Crabtree or Michael Floyd for Denard Robinson or Christine Michael? PPR
he was posed to be the next Michael Crabtree 😕
Michael Crabtree is a recent example. Held out until the middle of his rookie season before he signed his contract.
thanks I dropped him and picked up Michael Crabtree
Michael Crabtree > James Jones but i think James Jones > Andre Holmes/Rod Streater at WR or
Seahawks trade Christine Michael to Dallas; sign seven to practice squad. Story:
it's not even that James Jones is bad it's that he is past his prime and Michael Crabtree is hitting his prime
If you think Michael Crabtree isn't an upgrade over James Jones there is no helping you, even if you are a Packers fan.
Essentially, the Raiders swapped Michael Crabtree for James Jones. Good luck with that.
Who should I start this week? Nelson Agholor or Michael Crabtree!
Seahawks also announce the trade of RB Christine Michael to the Dallas Cowboys for a 2016 condidional draft pick.
if Michael goes to the Cowboys lights it up what is the highest draft do the Hawks get in return
Michael Crabtree and Justin Blackmon were 2 of the best college receivers I've ever seen. I still can't believe it didn't work out.
And the seventh-rounder going to Seattle for Christine Michael is a conditional pick.
As for the NO claimed Obum Gwachum & Michael Mauti
would you drop Crabtree, Cobb, or Sproles for Michael?
I want to pick up Michael but would have to drop either Crabtree or Sankey. I almost want to drop Sankey. What do you think?
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Who should I start this week? Ameer Abdullah or Michael Crabtree!
if you remember this Michael Crabtree catch vs
Bruce decides to lock up the 49ers top receiver and keeps Michael Crabtree
When the MICHAEL CRABTREE comes into work😭💀
remember when you had Aldon Smith, Patrick Willis, mike upati, Frank Gore, Michael Crabtree, oh and a real coach
Also:. Malcolm Smith. Curtis Lofton. J'Marcus Webb. Nate Allen. Michael Crabtree. Lee Smith. all starters on this team.
Raiders! We had a solid offseason, additions like Curtis Lofton, Michael Crabtree, and Amari Cooper give me faith we will turn
Raiders' Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree should have fantasy im...
Raiders' Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree should have fantasy impact
Michael Crabtree and armoni cooper and that big TE out of Um
Now he has Alabama receiver Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree from San Fran and Clive Walford from Miami. Watch out 👀
Will Amari Cooper & Michael Crabtree be the weapons Derek Carr needs? joined Bob.
If both have a healthy season, I really believe both Latavius Murray and Michael Crabtree are passing the 1,000 mark.
Amari Cooper & Michael Crabtree are what the Raiders have lacked for a decade. By
Veteran wide receiver Michael Crabtree is hoping to make a big impact on the Raiders in 2015:.
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.had some great things to say today about and Listen:
Derek Carr discussed a budding relationship with wide receiver "I love the guy.".
unless you're name is Michael Crabtree lol
I added a video to a playlist Michael Dokes v s Bobby Crabtree
*unfollows Michael Crabtree cause he's not a 49er anymore
Quarterback Derek Carr on WR Amari Cooper: “His work ethic is second to none.” . Read More:
Michael Crabtree was on his way to a top ten wide out and then Richard Sherman ended his career
Greg Roman had: Kapernick,Gore,Vernon Davis, Stevie Johnson, Anquan, Michael Crabtree and STILL sucked. Lol good luck
Dustin Johnson walks around fairways like Michael Crabtree in the club.
Jim Harbough saying farewell to Colin Kaepernick and Michael Crabtree
bruh what??! Amari Cooper, Michael Crabtree and Josh Harper. With Derek Carr under center. we just need our O line to step up
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