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Michael Clarke

Michael John Clarke (born 2 April 1981) is a professional Australian cricketer and captain of the Australian cricket team for both Test and ODI cricket.

Michael Clarke Duncan John Buchanan Chris Rogers Steve Smith Brad Haddin Ryan Harris Shane Watson Glenn Maxwell Simon Katich Australian Test Philip Hughes Graeme Smith Virender Sehwag Kumar Sangakkara Ricky Ponting Former Australian

It's time for Gary Clarke Jr. to be recognized for how great he is!
Michael Clarke was hit all over again and again by Morkel few years ago he toughed it out and made a 100 I think
😂😂mannn I agree with Wesley but the rest *** RIP to Michael Clarke tho
Michael Clarke Duncan [Real Facts] For his role as the criminal...: via
Family of R.I.P Michael Clarke Duncan is investigating Omarosa Manigault-Stallworth, she was the beneficiary of...
You wake up sounding like Michael Clarke Duncan.
Congratulations to Michael Clarke Scholarship Graduate, Lauren Cheatle, on winning the NSW…
📷 Michael Clarke (from UK) was born in the UK but living and working around the world, Michael Clarke...
Depressing piece on our screen culture being conducive to draw of Trump. So much ignorance and apathy to overcome. .
birthday will be on 4 Sep,But I'll not request for birthday wishes from Michael Clarke.
Cricketec news update Lehmann shrugs off Michael Clarke's criticism of Steve Smith's captaincy
Stand up and Fight. The Challenger is now on DVD!
Haigh: It was interesting Michael Clarke came out in criticism of Steve Smith. It's the first time he's really kind of broken cover.
Still really sad about Robin Williams, Heath Ledger, Michael Clarke Duncan and Phillip Seymour Hoffman. 😢😭
ain't no Michael Clarke Duncan around to grab nuts and suck out that black rot chief.
I should be out in the nice sunshine right now, but once AGAIN glued to RIP Michael Clarke Duncan.💔
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I absolutely LOVE Vincent D'Onofrio as the Kingpin, but casting Michael Clarke Duncan in 2003 was a great decision
And a room of books, all block bleached by the sun.
Michael Clarke heads the corner away before being barged over, well defended. free-kick.
I really hate that Michael Clarke Duncan is dead.
Michael Clarke Duncan and I met at a music festival that was honoring films, and we happened
Michael Clarke asks why captain Steve Smith was sent home early from tour of Sri Lanka
My sister used to say I had a frail chest and she 'd beat me up all the time.
Michael Clarke will make a call within the next month whether to pursue a stint in the Big Bash League this...
I gave it to him he promised to get me to see Michael Clarke Duncan
I'm an emotional person, a very emotional person.
considering whether he'll have a lash at Big Bash
Michael B Jordan. a blessing to all of us.
: Michael Clarke considering Big Bash League Michael Clarke will make a call within weeks on whether to…
Michael Clarke Duncan was nominated for best supporting, and was beaten by Michael Caine for The Cider House Rules a long forgotten film.
Never cried at a film, and although i feel he doesn't get enough development, Michael Clarke Duncan does such a good job, you will cry.
Cook did what Ricky Ponting did and Michael Clarke did in similar situations in games Cook's played in.
Howzat! Australian cricket captain Michael Clarke and wife Kyly open the doors to their...
Hong Kong makes big impression on Michael Clarke despite rained-out T20 Blitz
Top Stories today revolved around - Charlotte Edwards, Tony Cozier, Michael Clarke, Aaron Finch and more.
Last but not least, we have cricket superstar Michael Clarke!. Captaining the Australian Cricket Team, Michael...
Yeah. But, even if they had, it would've ended that year anyway. Michael Clarke Duncan died that September.
When Michael Clarke Duncan says "I'm tired boss", everyone weeps. When I say it, I'm told to quite griping & get on with it. ;-)
I think I'd do pretty good on 'Glee' singing.
Michael Clarke's fan? Go to and join Michael Clarke fans
emilia clarke literally looks like a different person with blonde hair I didn't know it was her till michael started stanning
AUDIO - 's Michael Ryan and players Niall O'Brien and Aonghus Clarke on today's win over
still side-eyeing her over Michael Clarke Duncan. she did say 'Trump was her brother and her father'
as well as Coach Matt Clow, James McKee, Michael Barrie, Mike Cairns, Ken Reardon, and Mark Clarke. Thank you so much!
I tell people, 'It's just like a cliche, but it's true: In Hollywood, dream...
for Jordan Clarke and Michael Zaslow to win is just mind blowing. What happened to Susan Lucci was just mean.
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also when it took forever for Jordan Clarke and Michael Zaslow to be nominated and win.
Michael Clarke used to throw the ball with both hands, if I'm correct.
Check out list of companies and businesses related to CLARKE MICHAEL JOSEPH.
Loving cosplay as Michael Clarke Duncan in Daredevil on
Michael Clarke Duncan has to be my favorite actor of all time
64' Jordan Clarke is next in the book after a clattering challenge on Michael O'Connor. (1-0)
People always have an opinion. Doesn't mean it's right, doesn't mean it's w...
And Michael Clarke 2004. I quite like this sense of it.
this person is the reason Michael Clarke Duncan is no longer around. He was trying to please her by losing weight.
If Michael Clarke Duncan ever yelled at me the way he does at Will Ferrell in I would pee my pants. And his pants.
WCSD Michael Clarke visits Ms. Scalzo's class to share some 4th grade songs with us! @ Fishkill…
Thrilled for the Netflix punisher series though, want to see how they'll bring barracuda in, if he was alive, Michael Clarke Duncan would--
moved down on INQUIZIE celeb ranking by "-13". know Y? Goto & tell “Michael Clarke's fans
WE LOVE MICHAEL BEACH. It'd be cool to see him teaching Clarke Earth Skills, I'm intrigued 😂
I'll always respect Michael Clarke for this
When she made Michael Duncan Clarke introduce the J. Lo video on 106 >
I think as an actor you want to keep being challenged.
On the flip side, Michael Clarke Duncan was pretty great.
Minister who do you report to? Michael Lee Chin? Amb. Nigel Clarke? Why have to be appointing so many people?
Hmm, an honour? Dublin's ugliest, least pedestrian & cycle friendly bridge (& forget about the mobility impaired)
to when I worked with Michael Clarke Duncan on the FOX tv show The Finder. What a great…
Michael Roberts on Fred Moseley's "Money & Totality" (& his approach to the 'transformation problem' in Marx): https:/…
Michael Clarke It's important to look at things from a different perspective.
Watching Michael Wacha against the Dbacks. Mike Bell, AZ farm director, told me 2015 Hop Taylor Clarke reminds him of Wacha. Can see it.
At my daughters school play and someone's grandma look like Michael Clarke Duncan 😂😂😂😂
BOTH Michael Clarke Duncan&Samuel L. Jackson were AMAZING ACTORS in their own right,but just like Mr. Elba, WRONG FOR THE PART!
Casually having a wee beer with Chris and Michael Clarke and Anthony Minichiello are next to us having a drink! Bit star struck! 😊
The very talented Michael Clarke, headliner of SlamDunk pt5
Michael Clarke confirms plans to return to competitive cricket | Wisden India
Pearl Harbor, starring Michael Clarke Duncan and Gregory Peck. Directed by David Lynch, music by Budget: $2000
Website Builder 728x90
Maxwell’s honest verdict on captain Clarke via
do you guys have the original "Deepthroat" on air today? Dude sounds like a mix between James earl Jones and Michael Clarke Duncan
Michael and Kyly Clarke's little cherub has grown into her daddy's mini-me! More here:
Need a few more votes to get up mate
The Michael Clarke Show returns this morning!. Here's a sneak peek at some of the songs kicking off the show at...
Glenn Maxwell believes Michael Clarke didn't have that same personal side as Steve Smith -
Maxwell: Michael Clarke 'didn't have that personal side' when Australian captain (Sport)
ye aswell Michael Clarke Duncan passed away at like age 56 , my grandparents eat meat and are approaching 90..
Clarke the ultimate professional, but Smith's more laid-back: Glenn Maxwell .
Maxwell’s honest verdict on captain Clarke (Sport)
: Maxwell’s honest verdict on captain Clarke Glenn Maxwell has opened up on the “disaster” that was Aust…
Maxwell reflects on homeworkgate saga
Maxwell reflects on 'homeworkgate' saga -
A must for a Pynchonian! Brilliant mind. But read Michael Perelman's The Invention of Capital as palate cleanser.
Glenn Maxwell opens up on how Steve Smith and Michael Clarke differ as captains
Glenn Maxwell offers a candid insight into the different leadership styles of Smith & Clarke
Cracks in China’s New Silk Road. Michael Clarke on economic devpt, terrorism and the
that just made me think of Michael Clarke Duncan playing Kingpin in the movie & then I remembered he passed away. 😕
It's Clarke with the narrow lead over Jones in their match-up! Vote here:
doesn't know who Michael Clarke Duncan is!
quick Daisey. To Degobah. . Or just back to Skellig Michael 😂
in MN+HD 1 of d best performances of black actor Late Michael Clarke Duncan & of course of Tom Hanks, David Morse
I bet you all of the money that Michael Clarke Duncan wins this fight.
Celebrity death that got me in the feels .. Michael Clarke Duncan
could it get any better Michael ball interviewing perfect!!!
Phillip hughes eulogy by Michael Clarke.. :'(
Three years ago Greg Shipperd anointed him the second best player of spin in Australia behind Michael Clarke!
in 2015, Daniel Vettori and Michael Clarke retired from International Cricket.
Michael Clarke opens up about chronic pain - watch now
Impressive highlights on show in the 2004 Sussex-Hants T20 game Sky are showing. Mainly in the hair of Watto, Michael Clarke & Luke Wright
TOUGH INNINGS: Australian cricketer Michael Clarke talks with Stuart Bocking about managing pain. Coming up.
This day, 2014. Michael Clarke refuses to budge
I want to say Michael Clarke, Old Trafford 2005, Simon Jones the bowler!
did Michael Clarke Duncan ever get an ? He is(was) a guy that really deserved one
Thought Talladega Nights would cheer me up, but it was just a reminder that Michael Clarke Duncan is dead.
losing out is really just Michael Cane beating Michael Clarke Duncan in 1999 all over again.
Look, I'm still angry that Michael Clarke Duncan, in the role of a lifetime, lost to Michael Caine in 1999.
Every year thr best male supporting actor should be - Michael Clarke Duncan - Bear in Armageddon
Michael Clarke Duncan: "Whenever I'm having a bad day and have an attitude, I stay home. I keep it at home."
I didn't actually see it happen, but did Mark Ruffalo do a Michael Clarke Duncan for a second?
Still makes me sad that Michael Clarke Duncan didn't win for The Green Mile
I'd rather see Woody from Toy Story play with a Michael Clarke Duncan doll.
i wish sunrise ruffalo had opened her mouth to speak and sounded like Michael Clarke Duncan (RIP). sunrise ruffalo for prez!
Of course, people told me, 'Mikey, you will never be an actor. You don't ha...
Quite a compelling trailer for this upcoming documentary.
Are you sure that isn't Michael Clarke Duncan?
Josh Brolin, Jason Clarke, Michael Kelly? It's like a parade of the North Face wearing dads I hope to be divorced from in 30 years
Whatever God gave you, you have to work that to your best ability - especia...
Michael Clarke in talks with Sixers about launching Twenty20 franchise career -
that's awesome yea my business is doing pretty good it's just lonely during the day too Michael works all day and night
Former Australia captain Michael Clarke is returning to competitive cricket. Clarke retired from all forms of the game a…
TIL that Nathan Lyon averages more batting at No.3 that Michael Clarke does
Michael Lowry has been reelected. Google "Michael Lowry" Tipperary. Have a good think about what you've done
If the Syria ceasefire fails, Isis will be the least of the west’s problems | Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke and Sana Mir on the cover of ICC handbook 2015-2016
TIL: Michael Clarke Duncan is in the Music video for R. Kelly's "Down Low."
When I was coming up, I kept a ton of comic books, almost 300 comic books. ...
I liked the Michael Clarke Duncan Kingpin, he was big and Menacing.
Michael Healy-Rae is elected. He and his brother Danny combined for over 30,000 votes http…
Michael Clarke Duncan what a great actor he was
Kerry results: Complete recount of 78,000 first preference votes underway
Former Australian captain Michael Clarke will end his self-imposed exile from cricket with a club match next month, opening…
Michael Clarke dies 2 months after major heart attack! R.I.P. We was a great fan of the
Michael Clarke makes 'rusty' return to Sydney club cricket
Michael Clarke trains with cricket royalty.
Among those who played in the Under-19 WCs, Graeme Smith, Chris Gayle, Virender Sehwag and Michael Clarke have...
In the old days, everyone used to come over in a cold sweat as soon as Michael Clarke threw the ball to Xavier Doherty
Pup a no go for champions Thunder: BIG Bash champions the Sydney Thunder have ruled out a move for Michael Clarke,…
"Geez we could do with Michael Clarke back in this Australian Team".said no one ever. Please Michael, you're embarrassing yourself.
Tony Jones certainly didn't hold back when asked about Michael Clarke's comeback today
“Now this is an incredible stat featuring Michael Clarke, Alistair Cook and Apna .
Michael Clarke and Tony Abbott, I have the same advice for both of you.
Michael Clarke comeback: Ex-Australia captain to come out of retirement.
Hastings did not come back for the 2nd run and Michael Clarke saying 'great work from Hastings'
Michael Clarke comes out of retirement? Not really : Feature Stories , News
Would pay serious money to hear George Bailey's thoughts at a sportsman's night on Michael Clarke thieving his World Cup position.
what would be even better next years bbl is Adam Gilchrist and Ricky Pointing and Michael Clarke playing next years coz u still got it
Michael Clarke says if he was Steve Smith, he'd declare on 0-0 after bowling the Windies out.
I added a video to a playlist Annoying Orange HFA: Marshmalia (Ft. Toby Turner and Michael Clarke
James Brayshaw, Brett Lee and Michael Clarke followed by Mark Taylor, Ian Healy and Shane Warne ... . Clearly Ch9...
We all know that when Michael Clarke says "purchase" he's really thinking Versace..
Ricky Ponting finished 2005 and 2006 as number 1 batsman and Michael Clarke in 2012.
Sydney to Hobart: Michael Clarke spews, Anthony Minichiello says race was ‘like riding a bull’
Reckons that it took him 6 months to get the fake tan off his hands after grabbing Michael Clarke around the throat!
Simon Katich cracks jokes about Michael Clarke and defends Lara Bingle. via
The GREAT Simon Katich's biggest regret about his clash with Michael Clarke: "it took me a month to get that fake tan off …
Simon Katich gets the upper hand with fake tan jibe at Michael Clarke
captain . Former Australia captain Michael Clarke has confirmed he will not play in the 2015this year..
Where are Michael Clarke , Matthew Hayden and Glenn Maxwell.??? Adelaide test about to get decided inside 3 days.!!!
That funeral speech by Michael Clarke is probably the finest moment from a sportsman I will ever see.
All purpose parts banner
Australian Test cricket captain Michael Clarke models the new Australian Test cricket uniform beside... -
ICYMI | Michael Clarke's advice for Steve Smith in his role as captain
Michael Clarke and wife Kyly welcome a baby girl after model gives birth -
Michael Clarke should be inspired by New Zealand rugby captain Richie McCaw, feels John Buchanan
can no longer afford to sit on sidelines of terror threat from Michael Clarke comments
Buchanan hits back at Michael Clarke via John, that team u had, a trained monkey could coach.
Michael Clarke too ‘ruff’ on John Buchanan, claiming his dog could have coached Australia
Can't agree more John Buchanan, Michael Clarke grow up!
Michael Clarke too 'ruff' on John Buchanan claiming his dog could have ... - Courier Mail: Courier MailMichael Clark...
(7/3) John Buchanan smartest of them all re: Michael Clarke's criticism. . He used that to PROMOTE own business
Former coach John Buchanan has hit back at comments from Michael Clarke about his leadership.
John Buchanan tells Michael Clarke to improve his leadership skills
John Buchanan has fired back in his ongoing feud with Michael Clarke.
John Buchanan has reacted to the criticism by recently retired skipper Michael Clarke.
Michael Clarke still has a lot to learn about leadership, says John Buchanan
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John Buchanan to Michael Clarke: Get inspired by Richie McCaw Buchanan also insisted Clarke to learn some leadership skills wi…
Michael Clarke's comments about John Buchanan reveal far more about Clarke's character than Buchanan's.
Michael Clarke should work on his leadership: Former Australian coach John Buchanan (News)
Michael Clarke: John Buchanan did nothing special, my dog could have made Australia wor...
Michael Clarke slams Symonds and Buchanan ∞ 3
Michael Clarke slams Symonds and Buchanan ∞ 84
Michael Clarke lashes out at Symonds, Hayden and Buchanan * 53
Michael Clarke slams Symonds and Buchanan ∞ * 31
John Buchanan responds to Michael Clarke and it's awesome
Without clicking the link, I'm expecting John Buchanan's response to Michael Clarke to be like "I know you are but what am I?" Close?
Michael Clarke has just been saying what everyone thinks of Buchanan and Symonds, let's be honest.
Former Australian coach John Buchanan responds to comments from Michael Clarke
Michael Clarke: Darren Lehmann left me out of Brad Haddin meeting
Michael Clarke blasts coach John Buchanan in new book!
SYDNEY, Nov 20 (Reuters) - Michael Clarke has hit out at former coach John Buchanan for criticism levelled at him when he retired earlier
Don't blame Michael Clarke for his criticism of Andrew Symonds & Matt Hayden, those 2 always seemed like complete jerks, espesh Symonds
'Our little princess has daddy wrapped around her finger'. Kyly and Michael Clarke gush over baby girl
Brad Haddin, Michael Clarke, Shane Watson, Mitchell Johnson, Ryan Harris and Chris Rogers all retired from Test cricket this year.
-> Virat Kohli and Dominic Cooper. -> Alastair Cook and Henry Cavill. -> Michael Clarke and Chester Charles. Here...
And then blamed it on Shane Watson..who then thought Michael Clarke was out to get him
alternatively, Michael Clarke, Hussey and Kasprowicz played odi's together in 2005
It is strange listening to Mark Nicholas without him professing his love for Michael Clarke every other sentence.
After Michael Meacher's death, only Gerald Kaufman, Alan Haselhurst, Ken Clarke & Dennis Skinner remain in the Commons from the 1970 intake
The time Michael Meacher asked Ken Clarke about the Bilderberg Group:
One of my favorite films...still cry every time I see it. I so miss Michael Clarke Duncan. Great man. Anyhizzle, Percy?
Michael Meacher's greatest hits: when he was granted a question on Bilderberg Group and a drunk Ken Clarke responded
i love your acting in DD, it was magnificent, but i though you would show your muscles in your arms like michael clarke. ty
Pretty sure being "perplexed" by endorsing is extra reason to vote
Death of Michael Meacher leaves only three sitting MPs who were first elected in 1970: Gerald Kaufman, Ken Clarke and Dennis Skinner
You are right Michael Clarke. And most who challenge the Clintons massive egos wind up dead.
Hamilton Collection
Join director Michael Clarke for an introduction to 'The Greats', Sat 2pm http…
Talking to surgeon Michael Clarke from about gastro-oesophageal reflux disease now !
These Days of Large Things: The Culture of Size in America, 1865-1930 - Michael Tavel Clarke
Happy Day!. If you're interested, here's what I had to say about meeting the legend, Michael J Fox:
Barber: what can I hook you up with?. Me: Michael Scofield
Michael Clarke 74 BALL BY BALL last one day innings
Hi Michael thank you for following. Check Out :-
Everyone please get behind MC and donate now. You couldn't find a better charity to support.
RUSI's President is HRH the Duke of Kent and its Director is Michael Clarke.
"a tremendous amount of innovation in the PC space" - Jeff Clarke "we are just at the beginning of innovation in PCs"
Would love to have a go on my old xl185
you've seen the results of the Waugh brothers and Michael Clarke..doing it as kids in Western Sydney
yes five years ago after watching Michael Clarke dancing to Bowie and Lou Reed
In-car video of pro driver Michael Bentwood as the hustles the new around
I've been a Yankee fan since Horace Clarke days Michael don't think I am casual fan.Went to MM day and PR day and many more.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Why use this photo? Clearly not from outside the trial - unless Michael Clarke just happened to drop by!
I spoke w/ 1 of my fav writers about what I feel a lot of people go through when starting over.
best of Virender Sehwag - when he sledge Michael Clarke ! . clarke have no idea what he said.
For a charity extremely close to my heart. Please help support this incredible cause.
Is Richie a morph of Brett Lee and Michael Clarke?
On this day in 2004, Michael Clarke made his Test debut v India in India, schooling Anil Kumble to make 151.
Between Oral B ads and Hugo Boss suits could Michael Clarke be the next Salim Mehajer?
Michael Clarke serving Breakfast to the fans during a Test mach at Brisbane, 2010...
What a summer for Alastair Cook, the man who stole Michael Clarke's clothes
The much-loved actor is joining the supermodel, Hollywood heavyweight John Travolta and local sports stars Adam Goodes and Michael Clarke
Aussies are in the Retirement mode nowadays..Michael Clarke, Rogers, Watson, Ryan Harris & now Brad Haddin!!
Ryan Harris, Michael Clarke,Shane Watson and Brad Haddin all in the same year
One summer and five retirements. Latest is Brad Haddin after Ryan Harris, Michael Clarke, Chris Rogers, and Shane Watson.
Ryan Harris, Chris Rogers, Michael Clarke, Shane Watson, Brad Haddin. Generational change in the Australian Test team
Shane Watson joins Michael Clarke, Chris Rogers and Ryan Harris in the list of the recently-retired Test cricketers. Miss U
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Poor from Steve Smith just as it was poor from Paul Collingwood seven years ago. Can't help think Michael Clarke would h…
Shane Warne couldn't find a spot in his best-ever Australian one-day side for Michael Clarke.
STORY - Michael Clarke to pull out of deal with and go on extended break:
Can we get Cam White back? Bloody useless Michael Clarke. Typical NSW action to sabotage a Vic franchise. Big stuff up by Ed & SKW
Michael Clarke given guard of honour by England players and pays tribute to Philip Hughes black arm band 👏🏽 http:/…
Michael Clarke was dismissed at 4.08pm yesterday - Philip Hughes' number for Australia
England give Michael Clarke a guard of honour on farewell as he pays tribute to Philip Hughes
Brad Haddin talks about his playing future, Michael Clarke's retirement and Steve Smith as Australian captain
Statistical comparison between Michael Clarke and Kevin Pietersen via
Michael Clarke: "Any team without Kevin Pietersen in it, I don't think is as strong"
Steve Smith will take over as Australia's Test captain following the imminent retirement of Michael Clarke. Clarke is stepping down and
"He never got me out but Andrew Flintoff was the hardest bowler I ever faced": Michael Clarke.
While Test Captain the following captains have retired:. Andrew Strauss . Graeme Smith . Darren Sammy . MS Dhoni. Michael Clarke . Yet he is going
Michael Clarke:. Won his debut Test vs India. Won his Farewell Test vs England.
Icc Congratulations to Michael Clarke on finishing his career as Australia's 4th highest Test runs scorer
Great summary of Clarke’s career by but Harris played three more Tests after Cape Town.
.has made a special video tribute for Watch HERE:
Michael Clarke retires an Australian Test hero, but why was he not loved by all?(Pic:AAP)
Hogg: "Michael Clarke to me was not a great captain. He was enthusiastic and adventurous"
Aussie skip to Zeal for life.. here is A to Z of .. Which is your fav ?.
Kumar Sangakara,Michael Clarke and Chris Rogers. As this legends took retirement, it feels like its end of n era. .
I never got my personally signed Michael Clarke photo :(
Hero? Villain? Michael Clarke leaves behind a trail of unknowables. by
AGNSW Introducing The Greats Lecture by Michael Clarke CBE, director of the Scottish National Gallery Image: Claud…
Michael Clarke has not ruled out another IPL stint as he ponders the next stage of his life:
Michael proposes gentler pitches to prolong Tests : Cricket, News
nno but forreal michael clarke AND sangakkara both lost from the game :(
Michael Clarke: 2015 Ashes marks end of my career ? video
Michael Clarke , thank you for the accomplishments and the entertainment...saw all your 16 years of service...magnetic to t…
Michael Clarke: 10 astounding records in Test cricket
With an incredible career coming to an end, check out some special Michael Clarke memorabi...
Well, it's official, is our Test captain. So what does he have to work with?.
Australia win in the fifth Ashes Test, the final chapter for Michael Clarke and Chris Rogers.
England coach Trevor Bayliss and Michael Clarke disagree on pitch debate
in the following Regal Cinemas Theaters on September 11th! Kent Moran Michael Clarke Duncan
ICYMI... Michael Clarke leaves Test cricket with parting shot at English pitches as Australia claim ...
Michael Clarke hugs his mother after playing his last test match
Sachin Tendulkar wishes Michael Clarke on his brilliant cricketing career
"England's Aussie coach has a parting shot at pitch complaints
Tbh sad that the ashes has finished! Well done England v proudFarewell michael clarke! greay captain for autrallia!
Who starred and who flopped? Our experts give their fifth Test player ratings:
Michael Clarke proposes batting friendly pitches for Test cricket
Michael Clarke feeling the love from the Aussie Fanatics after his final Test
Bayliss: Learn to scrap at the crease instead of worrying about English pitches
Bayliss’ parting shot at beaten Aussies: TREVOR Bayliss has hit back at Michael Clarke, saying Australia should worry more about lear...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Selectors yet to decide who'll follow Chris Rogers and Michael Clarke out of test team (Sport)
A great thanks for the great players that retired yesterday after their last test !!! Kumar Sangakarra , Michael Clarke and Chris Rogers !!!
Kumar sangakarra and Michael Clarke retire from cricket in one weekend
Any batsmen in the cupboard to replace Michael Clarke? Any youngsters with his talent? Rogers and Clarke leave a huge hole.
does see similarities between Michael Clarke with Mark Taylor and Steven Smith with Steve Waugh?
"I'm really happy to have played with fantastic players and Chris Rogers is certainly one of them.". Michael Clarke. *.Q. Sunny.*
Hats off to Chris Rogers and particularly Michael Clarke, followed a tough act as skipper and steered his nation though choppy waters
Kumar Sangakarra - Michael Clarke - Chris Rogers retired... Cricket is getting poorer with each...
Real loss for the fighting spirits of cricket. Chris Rogers, Kumar Sangakkara and Michael Clarke.
Thank you Michael Clarke & Chris Rogers you both are great players, Cricket Australia will miss you.
Chris Rogers, Michael Clarke and now Kumar Sangakkara. 2 days 3 big retirements.
Michael Clarke and Chris Rogers retire from international cricket
Ashes 2015: Chris Rogers confirms he will join Michael Clarke in retiring after series.
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