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Michael Cera

Michael Austin Cera (born June 7, 1988) is a Canadian actor best known for his roles in Arrested Development, Youth in Revolt, Superbad, Scott Pilgrim vs.

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Edgar Wright was very gracious when he visited Toronto for the making of Scott Pilgrim. . Michael Cera wa…
Okay but imagine live action Rick and Morty but Rick is Danny Devito and Morty is Michael Cera.
I feel like every character in Justice League talks like Michael Cera with that "Oh, that's really weird but I'm talking like it wasn't."
Michael Cera wakes up feeling a little off today
I hate being sick because on my worse days i sound like michael cera and no one takes me seriously
Was Morty based off of Michael Cera? Just a thought
Does anyone actually believe Michael Get a will be 30 in less than a year? Because it's true. Michael Cera is actua…
i hope Michael Cera is having a good morning
On this talk show, Michael Cera delivers ideas, people, and scorpions that fascinate him, all in his pugnacious style.
Getting high with me is like getting high with michael cera. Like u think I'd be chil Seth Rogen but no I'm michael cera…
The video of the jersey shore cast making Michael Cera a *** is a cultural treasure to my people
Gimme Jim Carrey and Michael Cera for a live-action Rick and Morty movie
I'm disappointed that no one has asked David Lynch about a possible spin-off starring Michael Cera's Wally.
I need a picture of Post Malone and Michael Cera holding hands or something to save my life
Film 3 is with Michael Cera. Not my ☕️ but worth it for Tavi Gevinson
Also seeing Jason Bateman about to adopt Michael Cera's kid feels like a weird episode of Arrested Development
can we get Michael Cera on a festival lineup for his 2014 album true that
GuyKawasaki Michael Cera loses his cool at director
Michael Cera loses his cool at director
Michael Cera is the man of my dreams
the part in Superbad where Michael Cera sings "These Eyes" in a room full of people all on coke
I feel Jesse Rosenberg is the more evolved version of Michael Cera
A lot of people forget that Michael Cera was in Arrested Development.
David Schwimmer would do Rude Boy by Rihanna and Michael Cera would do Jeremih&50cent Down on Me.
Dude I just walked infront of Michael cera in sutherlin. we made eye contact
Michael Cera was just at the pump next me to at the gas station
"If they did Michael Cera vs. David Schwimmer on Lip Sync Battle, I'd have to wear a tenor lady for that one"
would you swipe right on Michael Cera
I hope Michael Cera is having a good day
I finally got DVR so I looked up all the Michael Cera movies and recorded them. Im really enjoying summer all the way thru.
brb jacob and I are crying because michael cera is iN Twin Peaks
When Jonah Hill and Michael cera in the mall at the very end
I want a tim burton version of Willy Wonka with Michael Cera as Willy Wonka but also Michael Cera as Charlie Bucket
Rick & Morty movie with Johnny Depp as Rick & Michael Cera as Morty
a dn adaptation where kira is pronounced "see-rah" staring Michael cera
I can't believe michael cera's voice didn't even remotely change by the time he was a full grown adult in season 4 of Arrested Development 😳
this is weird but I'm watching superbad for the first time and I wanna know if michael cera and Jonah Hill are gonna kiss
Aesop rock. Michael Cera . One of the blue men from the blue man group
Michael Cera is the real life version of Morty
Michael Cera isn't an actor. He just exists in movies as himself.
Ice Cube on a Friday, Chris Tucker on a Friday. Michael Cera on a Friday, Jonah Hill on a Friday
10 years ago...Michael Cera said it first
If anyone gets a tinder match with Michael Cera it's me. This is what I do for fun don't judge me.
I want to marry Michael Cera for many reasons but quite a prominent one is so that my name would be Sarah Cera lol
I've fallen into a hole of watching American 1950s edutainment videos and Michael Cera just popped up in the relate…
I want to live a life where I do blow at shady house parties and Michael Cera sings These Eyes to me is that so much to ask
And so many people are in it: Chris Evans, Brie Larson, Aubrey Plaza, Mae Whitman, Johnny Simmons, Michael wow
Just found out that Michael Cera was in Rolie Polie Olie and am honestly SHOOK
I just found out Michael Cera was Gizmo on Rolie Polie Olie. What was my childhood?!
I can't believe, that no one has said Year One w/Jack Black & Michael Cera. Funniest movie ever. Feel the wrath of my short spear!
Senator Mitch McConnell looks like someone made a muppet of Michael Cera and then left it too close to an open flame.
you clearly missed Michael Cera in Twin Peaks...
Jessie Eisenberg is Michael Cera's slightly more sophisticated and respected brother.
Happy Canada Day to Canadian GFOPs. We are grateful for Neil Young, Mike Myers, Margaret Atwood, Michael Cera, and
Eric Trump looks like Voldemort crawled inside Michael Cera.
Juno. -I love Michael Cera part 3. -this movie is weird but fantastic. -ellen page is an icon . -lowkey underappreciated
that being said Mary Elizabeth Winstead is wonderful. and would obviously never go for Michael Cera.
He's alive. Scott Menville is Robin. Michael Cera is good too.
Manos: The Hands of Fate, starring Noomi Rapace and Michael Cera. Directed by Rob Reiner, music by Wyld Stallyns. Budget: $300m
BFF. Don't miss Michael Cera on the big screen in SUPERBAD at July 29th, Hollywood Forever Cemetery
no actually i caught Michael Cera , Christopher Plasse & Jonah Hill at the annual Barmit…
Can we have a special event where a bunch of actors try their best Jared Kushner impression? Michael Cera, JGL, John Francis Daley.
Of course Lucy and Andy's son would be Michael Cera
Episode 4 of the new then. . Michael Cera impersonating Marlon Brando. . Kyle MacLachlan trying to *** . Dave Brubeck. . Dog leg.
Tough choice between Atticus Finch and Michael Cera's character in Twin Peaks as my favorite fictional character of all time
Pauly D died in 2010 and was replaced by Michael Cera: a conspiracy thread
Listen to Michael Cera - Clay Pigeons by Michael Cera Music on
Okay but a live-action Rick and Morty starring Michael Cera waitforit directed by Edgar Wright!
Rolie Polie Olie. If you had a kid between '99-'02, you know it was the best. And TIL that Michael Cera was the voi…
I hope all those guest stars (Laura Dern, Michael Cera, Jim Belushi) are in INVITATION TO LOVE.
More like John Wayne or Gary Cooper or Clark Gable. You bring up Michael Cera. He's the 21st centu…
Chris Evans and Michael Cera will star in Kenneth Lonergan's
.and Michael Cera will star on Broadway together!
Chris Evans and Michael Cera on Broadway together?!? I'm here for this.
Why did no one tell me directly that Chris Evans and Michael Cera are doing a play together next year? Scott Pilgrim reunion! You all fail.
.to make his Broadway debut in Lobby Hero alongside Michael Cera
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
thread // Michael Cera as Evan Hansen: a concept.
This is so insulting to Michael Cera on so many levels 🤣 I mean, at least he gave the world George Michael Bluth.
Me with only a mustache: Michael Cera in Youth in Revolt. Me with no facial hair at all: Michael Cera in literally everything else.
Youth In Revolt is by far the best Michael Cera film don't even argue with me
One Piece with Michael Cera as Luffy and Megan Fox as Nami (kill me)
honestly though if you send me pics of Demo, Marisa, Michael Cera, Tai Lopez or the oat pigs I will love you forever
Judy Greer, Michael Cera, Nia Long, Shiri Appleby, Jon Daly, Rhea Perlman and Gillian Jacobs are among the ensem...
so... you're trying to tell me that Michael Cera didn't play Mark Zuckerberg in the social network?
a reshoot of LaLaLand where Jonah Hill & Michael Cera play 2 yt people who fall in weird yt person love
I'm still in love w Michael Cera, help
I feel like Michael Cera, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse from Superbad would have been my guy friends in High School.
that quote is a direct representation of the whole movie, Jonah Hill, Michael Cera, Seth Rogan, Bill Hader
It's agreed:. I am Mclovin . Morgan is Michael Cera. Alex is Jonah Hill. We've never related to characters more than n…
And a Michael Cera movie is merely a Zach Braff movie recycled.
okay, i did not know Michael Cera is in the Lego Batman movie. so, i need to see it.
I was just thinking if anyone in Hollywood will take a stand and make Kangaroo Jack 2 with Jack played by Michael Cera.
I like Michael Cera more than Jesse Eisenberg, fite me
Additionally, I hope both Larry David and Michael Cera have a good day today.
Watching Le Femme Nikita and a very young Michael Cera popped up
Even though Knives Chau is five years younger than Scott Pilgrim, Ellen Wong is like four years older than Michael Cera.
no, mom, listen, it's not a phase this time I promise I really am in love with Michael Cera & I know I'm young & love is crazy…
is that Michael Cera talking to Carson Daly?
A fun activity I'm doing is picturing Michael Cera as the lead in movies he wouldn't belong in like the revenant or coac…
Me and Kim, Michael Cera and Jonah Hillin' it on Abbey Rd.
I just realized that if someone ever is going to play a young Bill Gates, it has to be Michael Cera!.
Writing YTV segments for is getting me so hyped for the film. It's about time we get a Michael Cera and Will Arnett reunion
i will pay one dollar of real cash money to anyone who can give me a good explanation as to why Michael Cera was cast as Scott Pilgrim
oh yeah MEW herself is enough to win me over lol. Michael Cera is always good too
I bet the script writers for movies that star Michael cera already have him in mind to play the role
Michael Cera has stayed in character since season 1 of Arrested Development
I love having a blonde afro wig because I can be 3 people. Michael cera, napolean dynamite AND buddy the elf it CANT get better than that
thot Michael Cera died bc his Arrested Development character is GeorgeMichael & she didnt kno who the real George Michael was
top 4 celebs I've been frequently told I look like: harry potter, audrey hepburn, natalie portman, michael cera
Michael Cera made an album and no one told me ???
Paul, I specifically expressed my love for Michael Cera, I do not appreciate the hate.
Michael Cera, too timid to send his food back even though he's allergic to almonds, eats a meal and politely goes into an…
Still obsessed with this movie. Still obsessed with Michael Cera ❤❤❤
if I put Michael Cera in a box and shake it, I'll set him on you.
Michael Cera is such a chicken little 🐣
Michael Cera, Gene Kelly, and Alex Turner mixed together as one is the ideal man for me
Do Michael Cera next. He still looks like he's 17.
I seem to only attract Canadian passersby. Hopefully the next one will be .
I would trust michael cera with my life
Michael Cera is seriously so precious & awkward. I love it.
kinda wish Franco, Jay Barachel or even Michael Cera had the Gordon-Levitt role. He kinda sticks out
Peter looks so much like Michael Cera I'm dying
I wanna shake the hand of the individual who gave the world Michael Cera
Jonah! Settle a bet for me. Is Michael Cera the voice of the actor who played Jesus in Hail Caesar!
I'm just glad 2016 didn't take Michael Cera away from me.
Don't forget, Michael Cera released a folk album no one talked about in 2014 and it's not the worst thing I've ever heard
In the movie Splash, is as old as Michael Cera is now.
The best squad goals is Jonah Hill, Seth Rogen, James Franco, Michael Cera and a whole bunch of guys, they are untouchable…
Whenever I'm sad/stressed I just think what it would be like if Michael Cera was Christian Gray and I'm happy again.
A power ranking of my favorite mustaches of all time. 1) Zain (duh!). 2) Jonah Hill. 3) Oscar Isaac. 4) Donald Glover. 5) Michael Cera
Batman needs to have a family again. See more of Michael Cera as Robin & as Barbara Gordon in a new
When Mattie comes home we're having our annual Michael Cera Movie Marathon. Someone let Michael Cera know he's invited. We have snacks.
Michael Cera and Johnny the same person
I want Michael Cera to come to Iowa State and have to go through a Q and A cuz I love his awkward goofy ***
The only thing getting me through finals/just life in general is seeing michael cera palin next Saturday
my first thought when reading this was "I bet Michael Cera would love to get caught in a time warp"
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Nick Barno most likely to be Michael Cera
PSA: Michael cera has an album on Spotify and it's great.
lmao I saw that.they should've had Michael Cera play L
Michael Cera pinned to the floor by his new Liv Fit
I just saw a video on YouTube that claimed Michael Cera is a time traveler so that's how my day is going
Michael Cera is the hero this world deserves
Legit can't concentrate on my essay because I can't stop laughing at Taran Killam's Michael Cera impression
Wow, Michael Cera is a little indie dreamboat isn't he
I don't get it, why was Michael Cera in the kitchen using his Note 7 on a selfie stick
Laura Dern, Monica Bellucci, and Michael Cera honestly. I can't wait to see how they come into this story...
And I'm definitely intrigued that Michael Cera is in there. He's got to be Lucy and Andy's son, right?
I know a few are bothered about Michael Cera but it should be cool - he'll either be young cast or something really weird
*Michael Cera breaking a tooth on a marshmallow*. Michael Cera: "Oh no. Not again."
endorsed by literally Michael cera, who I am
Michael Cera is the perfect human being - that's a fact
Can we please talk about how much I love Michael Cera
Had a dream that Michael Cera was exposed for being a fraud and everyone hated him😶😶
SUPERBAD: Jonah Hill was so great and Michael Cera was so awkward and the cops were reat and wowowo
On the bright side I've been watching movies staring Michael Cera for hours on end and that's about as good as it's gonna get for me.
A R&M episcode where they go to a microverse that's real life and Morty is played by Michael Cera
reality show idea - Michael Cera and Michael Gira switch places for a year
If you see a picture of Michael Cera with a tanned girl holding a half eaten pizza, then you're colour blind!! (REA…
From we bring you the worst Bruce Willis/Michael Cera vehicle ever contrived!
For Halloween next year I'm going as Michael Cera going as Pitbull
Michael Cera is super good as Robin!
Michael Cera dips his apple slices in mild-flavored apple sauce. Another Michael Cera walks in and softly gasps at his…
Channing Tatum as batman. Michael Cera as Robin. Coming soon.
Who wants to join my Michael Cera podcast Levi and harambe both in heaven rip I'm emo Daddy Deactivate
I can't look at orange tic tacs and NOT see Michael Cera's face
The Right Stuff, starring Ingrid Bergman and Michael Cera. Directed by Michael Mann, music by John Foxx. Budget: $75m
still holding out for Michael Cera as Shaft
Jack White looks like Michael Cera, if he went as Johnny Depp for Halloween.
[Michael Cera on all fours as a light drizzle pummels him into the ground]
Monica Bellucci, Amanda Seyfried, Jim Belushi, Michael Cera, Julee Cruise, Laura Dern, Ernie Hudson, WTH has David Lynch been up to?!
Michael Cera might be a gift to humanity, but can we appreciate Michael Pena too. I MEAN HIS ANT-MAN NARRATION SCENE IS THE BEST SCENE EVER
I heard that Michael Cera did all his own stunts in Scott Pilgrim vs The World.
Star Wars AU where everything is the same but Kylo Ren is played by Michael Cera.
Michael Cera is just like known fake goth Cathy Brennan.
Count me in. Wait, you WILL do one about bridges, memes and Michael Cera facts right?
Post credits scene, Jonah Hill adopts Michael Cera, leading to the events of the Lego Batman movie
Jonah Hill is fat again. Did he finally eat Michael Cera??
How Seth Rogen and Michael Cera got away with showing an orgy in 'Sausage Party' - Los…
“Sausage Party” could be Seth Rogen and Michael Cera's filthiest movie. And they know it.
Young John Cusack looks like a fusion of Shia LaBeof and Michael Cera
Can Evan Peters and Michael Cera be brothers in a movie
if u eat breathe and sleep Michael Cera
Such a good question omg um either Michael Cera or young Brendan Fraser
Every time I see I am reminded of actor Michael Cera, the jogging, reluctant teen dad in movie
I love Michael Cera an unhealthy amount.
Carrie, starring Haley Joel Osment and Michael Cera. Directed by Danny Boyle, music by Television. Budget: $90m
Justin Wade Grant is best known for playing jock Steve Holt -- opposite Jason Bateman and Michael Cera -- in the...
Does anyone else get Jessie Eisenberg and Michael Cera mixed up sometimes? I used to do the same with Tom Sizemore and Michael Masden, too.
Scared that he will appear foolish by answering incorrectly, Michael Cera never buzzes in and earns $0 on Celebrity Jeopardy.
Phoebe Tonkin is coming v close to overtaking Michael Cera as my most fave person
Listen: Willow Smith has a new song and it was produced by actor Michael Cera - hear it now
Willow Smith joins forces with Michael Cera for a song, develops a crush via
I feel like Arrested Development would be more up my alley because I like Michael Cera and Jason Bateman?? I'll see. :))
Is there a movie with Jennifer Lawrence and Michael Cera? Because there should be
I like Michael Cera, but he doesn't get the tone the same way Beth Grant doesn't get the tone of NO COUNTRY FOR OLD MEN.
Dreams do come true, Willow Smith made a song with her crush, Michael Cera
Willow Smith dropped a spoken word track produced by Michael Cera and it's actually amazing
Willow Smith and Michael Cera are the musical duo you didn't know you wanted:.
Working with David Gordon Green, and Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera, and...
.and Michael Cera just dropped a new track and it's absolute fire:
Michael Cera in Superbad + Nat Wolff in Paper Towns + Logan Lerman in Perks of Being a Wallflower = Matt Roy
Willow Smith made a song with her hero, the divine Michael Cera - by Tricia Gilbride
Love it. And although they look nothing alike, I would root so hard for Michael Cera as Wilmer Flores
*** cercato "you are so cool" su spotify e Michael Cera, You are so Cool di Papa Razzi and the Photogs ♫
Michael Cera - Clay Pigeons via The kind of song to start and end a happy day with
So has now informed me that her real name is Michael Cera and I dont know how to feel any more
Will Ferrell, Michael Cera, Catherine Keener lead vacation comedy and more from
industry insiders: Cannes: Will Ferrell, Michael Cera, Catherine Keener to Star in 'Captain Dad'
Password with Emma Thompson, Michael Cera and Jim Parsons mira esto!!
It's happening! new Peaks w/ Michael Cera, Monica Belluci, and the LOG LADY via
I have this weird idea of a film with Kristen Stewart, Ellen Page, Michael Cera, & Ralph Fiennes.
some precious knowledge I just wasted on Tony: I feel like Michael Cera is the Neville Longbottom to Shia Labeouf's Harry Potter
Bishop from Aliens and Michael Cera don't want me to have McDonalds breakfast from Best Buy at 3 am. They don't like the carbs I'll have
the fact that Michael Cera and Eddie Vedder are stunt-cast in it is made up by Tom Sizemore's inclusion.
I'm a combination of Cameron Payne and Michael Cera
Roth! Bellucci! Michael Cera! The complete cast list for the new is online.
Michael Cera, Monica Bellucci, Tim Roth and more have been confirmed for Twin Peaks Season 3
Michael Cera, Monica Bellucci and over 200 more have joined the revival
I really hope the characters played by Michael Cera and Tom Sizemore are buddies
Matthew Lillard was born to be a character as were Michael Cera, Tom Sizemore & Sky Ferreira
The cast list for this is crazy. Michael Cera, Eddie Vedder, Ashley Judd, Tom Sizemore, Trent Reznor, et al?
yeah Jessica Walters does a pretty good unimpressed parent. Just like Michael Cera does a pretty good George Michael.
Just saw Michael Cera driving a freight train towards Crewe. He looked happy in the cab, where no one could bother him
People keep talking about Elizabeth Banks as Rita Replusa, but when are we going to see Jonah Hill and Michael Cera as Bulk and Skull?
My spirit animal is if Michael Cera & Slim Jimmy from Rae Sremmurd was one whole person
I hope to find someone who loves me as much as Jay loves Michael Cera
You'd best not be lying, Jones Soda cap. I'd like either Michael Cera or Shaq to play me in the movie.
that picture looks like Nathan Fillion and Michael Cera beat and shaved a homeless man.
Landon Donovan is the Michael Cera of soccer
Magic Magic is not a very good movie. I wanted to love it because Juno Temple and Michael Cera but the writing is terrible
You either have a full understanding of what Michael Cera is doing in movies or you have no clue, there's no in between
Which would be worse - . Michael Cera as Wolverine or Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Starlord?
omg Rosario Dawson voices Batgirl in The Lego Batman movie THAT IS AMAZING. too bad about Michael Cera voicing Robin
They all did a SNL monologue once, Andy Samberg, Jesse Eisenberg, Mark Zuckerberg. I think Michael Cera feat but he isn't a Berg.
Lego Batman is going to be the best Batman film I just know it already. (Michael Cera as Robin?? Rosario Dawson as Babs??)
the fact that Michael Cera is playing Robin in this confirms this will be the best Batman movie of our time.
my taste is the dorky type (like Michael Cera, Christopher Mintz..) but man something about Christian Slater💦
I need a live action Sonic the Hedgehog film with Michael Cera as Sonic, Jonah Hill as Knuckles, and Christopher Mintz-Plasse as Tails.
Michael Cera learns about the wonders of sex Ed.
*Michael Cera pretending to remove a stray hair from his tongue after his dad walks in on him trying to french kiss his own ha…
A coffee so weak Michael Cera asks it if it even lifts
Will Arnett and Michael Cera as Batman & Robin is still sounding like a brilliant idea.
need to have a Michael Cera movie marathon
Michael Cera is literally who I strive to be he's who I wanna be when I grow up
Michael Cera is a serial killer who targets women at independent bookstores. Zooey Deschanel is the cop who gets too close.
Michael Cera's grandmother makes a racist joke, but he wants to stay in her will
I love when people see Michael Cera and think of me
Emma Watson dramatically has affair with scandalous furries, just as Michael Cera is sucked
Michael Cera smokes some of the Dank Kush from his home plantation.
Michael Cera wakes up after a wild night on the town.
For the love of God please search Michael Cera gifs
why is Michael Cera me in every situation
I get the feeling Michael Cera is just tired of being alive.
barber: what do you want. Charlie Kirk: I want Michael Cera's haircut. barber: ok. Charlie Kirk: except sideways
Photos of Michael Cera which I relate to
Michael Cera with a moustache makes me so uncomfortable
Somebody just told me I sound like Michael Cera from Superbad 😑
Michael Cera looks like the kind of guy that has an unusually muscular little finger from opening bathroom doors after washing…
|| :-) Michael Cera is Barry. Jonah is Carl. Seth is Frank. My faves. Too much beauty.
A movie with Seth Rogen,James Franco,Jonah Hill, and Michael Cera is no doubt going to be great!
Michael Cera is so funny in wet hot American summer
Michael Cera, while out buying groceries for his children, remembers that he left the oven on at home.
Michael Cera has a long day at the office and finally gets to rest.
Sometimes you just gotta name a playlist after a Michael Cera quote
In the past 24 hours I've been told I looked like Lyle Lovett, Buddy Holly and Michael Cera
Can we please get Michael Cera to play James Bond?
the only way I can imagine Shapiro saying it is in Michael Cera "Mr Manager" voice
Michael Cera is on the tv Everybody shut up
Mood: Michael Cera at any given moment
[Michael Cera knocked backwards by ejecting toast]
I wanna make music with Michael Cera and Chester Watson
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Motorcycle Tires
Hear me out: Michael Cera, Jack McBrayer, and Jesse Eisenberg do a Beastie Boys Lip Sync video. Cera= Mike D. Jesse= Ad Rock. Jack= MCA
I can watch any movie with either of these actors in it.. 1. Shia Labeouf. 2. Michael Cera. 3. William Fichtner. 4. Seth Rogen. 5. Jason Statham
nvm she sent me pictures of Michael Cera holding a *** cactus
[Michael Cera struggling to get his sweater off as Coldplay Clocks plays in the background]
People are so mean to Michael Cera honestly he seems so sweet I wish I could give him a hug
Thrilled to power the social experience @ Sarah Silverman, Michael Cera, Reggie Watts + 30 more!
Michael Cera getting his lunch money taken by a newborn kitten.
thanks man. I think Matt can be Michael Cera.
Man what did Michael cera do to deserve this
Michael Cera is ready to fight because he didn't win a trophy tonight.
Michael cera (prolly lowkey exactly like his character in this is the end)
*Michael Cera presses too hard with a crayon and breaks his wrist*
[Michael Cera running a slice of toast under the cold tap to soften up the sharp edges before eating it]
I need me a Romona that I can fight for like Michael Cera fights for his girl
I love Michael Cera so much ohmy god
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
Would you let Michael Cera slap you in the face with his limp *** for 30k?
Michael Cera playing the guitar is soo ;gdgjvklkjnmv hng
michael cera. And the two main characters from pineapple express
I hope Michael Cera stars in the Arsene Wegner story
I relate to Michael Cera on way too many levels
Michael cera should have gotten an Oscar this year for Superbad
why does Everything in my life have to go wrong and not even in a quirky Michael cera movie way it just goes horribly wrong all the time
Michael Cera is so awkward it's cute
also has one of the best casts ever - Adam Scott + Brody, Kristen Bell, Joe Lo Truglio, Ryan Hansen, Michael Cera, Ben Stiller
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