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Michael Carter Williams

Michael Carter-Williams (born October 12, 1991) is a college basketball player for the Syracuse Orange.

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Michael Carter Williams is a 2K great on the lowest of keys
Bucks wanna trade Greg Monroe and Michael Carter Williams and a future 1st round pick for Brook Lopez
Michael Carter Williams is like the not as good Shaun Livingston
So is nobody gonna make a deal for Michael Carter Williams?
Sixers already had a passer who couldnt shoot and get close to a poor man's triple double each night? His name was Michael Carter Williams..
nah he ain’t any good yet. He’s like Michael Carter Williams putting up those rookie numbers.
IMO, 76ers got Michael Carter Williams again in Ben Simmons.
Dude said Ben Simmons and Michael Carter Williams the same player 😭😭😭
Kyrie Irving, Paul George, Jeremy Lin, Michael Carter Williams, Serge Ibaka and Derrick Rose are like the sexiest *** in the NBA 😍
Spurs fans who would yall rather have if the opportunity presents itself... Michael Carter Williams or Conley?
Michael Carter Williams that jumpshot is forever broken
FA back up PGs. Trey Burke, Michael Carter Williams, Rodney Stuckey, Jeremy Lin, Mo Williams, Ty Lawson, Pistons go get some help.
sixers will rebuild sooner or later from draft picks but they should of never traded Michael Carter Williams
Michael Carter Williams smokes the most weed
Or passing on Giannis Antetokounmpo to select Michael Carter-Williams.
"I put my best foot forward and had to pull the trigger on this trade,Michael Carter Williams has some big shoes to fill"
Greg Monroe, Michael Carter-Williams and our Lottery pick for Jimmy Butler. Too silly?
Would Michael Carter Williams be okay long term if he played on a team with adequate spacing?
Draft Michael Carter-Williams, he wins rookie of the year, then trade him
Michael Carter-Williams was drafted 11th overall in 2013. Since 1989, he is the lowest drafted player to win NBA Rookie of the Year
Since the NBA draft went to 2 rounds in 1989, Michael Carter-Williams is the lowest draft pick to win ROY
Went on to win the Championship. Finals MVP? MICHAEL CARTER-WILLIAMS! LMAO!
Michael Carter Williams, John Henson and Rashad Vaughn would disagree. All NBA Millionaires and MY Clientele. HRC/2016
I thought Hinkie was right to sell high on Michael Carter-Williams.
he isn't my favorite player and I dislike him but y'all sleeping on okafor idgaf bout his team look at Michael carter Williams 😂
Michael Carter-Williams is dancing in the street with his boys around a car near the Greatest Bar right now. If anyone wants an autograph
Chillen with Evan Turner, Michael Carter Williams, and Giannis Antetokounmpo in Boston at MCW Future Starz 1st Annual Fundraiser
i thought he was Michael Carter Williams from the sixers
And who can forget when Sam Hinkie wrote a heartfelt letter to Michael Carter Williams' younger brother?
Just hit me that Michael Carter-Williams will get to be on the floor at the very end of this whole ordeal/season in Philly Sunday. Fitting.
but don't forget, Hinkie drafted all time greats Michael Carter Williams, Joel Embiid and Nerlens Noel.
Furthermore, only Michael Carter-Williams's value was ever artificially inflated, even though more guys theoretically should have been.
One of Sam Hinkie's first moves was acquiring Michael Carter-Williams. Please spare me the tears Hinkie zealots
true I forgot about him I was hoping you weren't talking about Michael carter Williams
D. Russell for Beverly & 1st round, KD comes to Houston along with Michael Carter Williams & Howard stays. Daryl Morey is the man
At this point, mentioning liking Syracuse is sounding like bandwagoning, but I've liked them since Michael Carter Williams, (and MCNABB!) so
my mantras are always basketball players with three names. "Michael Carter Williams". "Karl-Anthony Towns"
oh and forgot Michael Carter Williams 👐🏻psh
BREAKING:. Michael Carter Williams is done for the season after opting to undergo surgery to repair the torn labrum in …
Why does Jason Kidd have Greg Monroe and Michael Carter Williams coming off the bench? 😕
Mo Williams would be ok. He's getting no pt. Michael Carter Williams. Darren Collision.
Why kam look like Michael Carter Williams lol
What bucks fans dont realize about MCW
Don't judge me but my favorites not by order is Michael Carter Williams Gordon Hayward boogie cousins victor olidipo and Jae crowder
The Nuggets are my League Pass team this season, hopefully they don't pull a Bucks and trade away their fun for Michael Carter Williams
Just Realized that Michael Carter Williams and Earl Sweatshirt look exactly alike tf
look up Michael carter Williams. he was on the 76ers. won ROY. one of the worst point guards in the NBA now
T.J. McConnell, with 216 assists this season, is just 3 assists behind Michael Carter-Williams.
Would you trade the 7th pick for Michael Carter-Williams?
he's stat padding. If you don't win games, these stats are suspect. Example? Michael Carter Williams. He's trash, but won ROY
Filed to IFBA: Naveed trades to Ahmed in exchange for Michael Carter-Williams
Ish Smith looking like Michael Carter Williams Rookie Year playing for Philly
- not a fantastic finisher thankfully. See: Michael Carter Williams
Shaun Livingston is doing Michael Carter-Williams things to Aaron Brooks offensively.
Why did they trade Michael Carter Williams a couple years ago
They said the same about Michael Carter-Williams. I am the most evilist person
Michael Carter-Williams with a turnover. Sponsored by -Plugin . Sponsored by
VIDEO: Michael Carter-Williams blows by Heat's Josh Richardson on way to 2-handed slam.
NBA. MIA 39 - 45 MIL. Michael Carter-Williams just got an FT. Sponsored by
Josh Richardson takes flight over Michael Carter-Williams for the one-handed slam.
No way I would ever want Dion Waiters or Michael carter Williams on my basketball team.
Michael Carter Williams puts effort in. He's just so trash man. Lmao
We like Westbrook, but Michael Carter-Williams offers us far more value tonight.
Michael Carter Williams of the Milwaukee Bucks practicing his new technique called "hovering"…
It's funny how Michael Carter Williams can't take advantage of AB guarding him
Michael Carter Williams still looks like a giraffe-weasel but whoever his barber is that man needs a contract
I hate Michael Carter Williams, man. Dude single handedly turned the Bucks into a lotto team. Garbage *** player. Trash
...MVP of the Select Division in the has some Michael Carter Williams to his game...
right, he couldn't even hold Michael Carter Williams
Milwaukee finna go to Oakland & bless the Warriors again. The Bucks just a long *** team. Michael Carter Williams posedta have 30 on Curry.
Chris Copeland and Michael Carter Williams have got to be some of the dumbest and worst players in the NBA I've ever seen
Michael Carter Williams just dunked on curry. Bet won't show that?🐸☕️
Michael Carter Williams is the greatest point guard of all time
Remind me again why the Bucks traded Brandon Knight to acquire Michael Carter Williams. That deal is officially awful.
Anyone who think Michael Carter Williams is better than Brandon Knight either knows nothing about basketball or isn't paying attention
Thinking back on when the Bucks traded Brandon Knight (who should have been an All-Star) for Michael Carter Williams. Always a good laugh.
Jordan Clarkson, Michael Carter Williams, Damian Lillard, Kyrie Irving, Blake Griffin, John Wall, in the last 5 years.
I think would vote for Michael Carter Williams for president
Michael Carter Williams first game in the NBA... Anyone remember those stats? ...Oh just 22 points, 7 rebounds, 12 assists, 9 steals.
Michael Carter Williams first game was more impressive IMO.
Michael Carter - Williams came to Lids today. That was cool.
Jabari has longer hair now, as well as Michael Carter-Williams. Could you guys add Jahlil Okafor's (76ers) 2K hair to Jabari.
Why 2k16 violate Michael Carter-Williams. "His shot isn't where it should be, he couldn't throw a rock into the ocean." 😂😂😩😩
He reminds of Michael Carter Williams so much.
we got rondo on a deal mason plumme Michael Carter williams
76ers should have NEVER traded Michael Carter-Williams
I added a video to a playlist Michael Carter Williams mix - Now ᴴᴰ
Boi Michael carter Williams lookin like god on 2k kmsl
Khris Middleton a cutting Michael Carter-Williams scores the layup in traffic.
Michael Carter-Williams finds Khris Middleton with silky no-look pass
No Looker Michael Carter-Williams gets into the lane and makes the no-look find to Khris Middleton for the backdoo…
And if they didn't trade michael carter williams
I think Michael Carter Williams just took my order.
I say, thank you! MCW has a high ceiling with his ability to dish out the rock. Now if he could only get a jumper..
Don't get all the hate, trading Michael Carter-Williams for what will probably wind up a top 5 draft pick is a no-brainer
ICYMI: posterized that guy who wrote a Sixers piece for SI's The Cauldron.
much of this is untrue. LB did a breakdown of the entire article.
I still to this day don't understand the Michael Carter-Williams trade.
"Why would you even draft Michael Carter-Williams if you're just going to trade him for equal or better value?"
The have drafted Joel Embiid, Nerlens Noel and jahlil okafor in the last 3 drafts and traded away Michael Carter Williams. ***
We're sure you've read The Cauldron's Sixers Exposé. did, and had some thoughts. h…
.looks for the truth behind Joel Embiid's reported rehab woes
My favorite part of the report was all the wrong stuff.
Greg Monroe. Giannis Attentokumpo. . Michael Carter Williams. and Oj Mayo. Yes bucks are amongst the top 6
Should have known this was going to be tough night at Miller Park when Michael Carter Williams drilled a cameraman with er…
Yolodipo didn't have to do my dog Michael Carter Williams like this
Michael Carter Williams off the glass to Blake!
The Heat should turn Josh Richardson into a Point Guard.Like a Michael Carter Williams that can shoot.I'm tired of Chalmers.
Michael Carter Williams cool af in person man!!!
Mike Dunleavy is the Tonya Harding to Michael Carter Williams's Nancy Kerrigan. If you get that reference we're soulmates.
"Michael Carter Williams will make his return to Philadelphia tonight." triple double Alert
Michael Carter Williams is way better than Stephen curry. FACT
Maybe Jason Kidd knew the point guard trade market better than Donnie Nelson by acquiring Michael Carter Williams
the proud owner of a jersey of:. Lesean McCoy . Brian Westbrook. Jrue Holiday. Michael Carter Williams. Samuel Dalembert . A…
This is Michael Carter Williams debut for the Milwaukee Bucks in the Starting PG position after the trade for Brandon Knight.
I think that Michael Carter Williams has more potential than Brandon Knight
Bucks just made it official. Michael Carter-Williams joins MIL from PHI. Miles Plumlee and Tyler Ennis come in from PHX. B. Knight to Suns.
Michael Carter-Williams is officially a member of the
Michael Carter-Williams not expected to play for Bucks right away due to sprained toe. May be out 7-10 days.
How is Michael Carter Williams getting traded not the biggest trade story today?
Michael Carter-Williams, Jabari Parker and Giannis Antetokounmpo all together in Milwaukee. The Bucks just became flat out t…
The Bucks just acquired the next Jason Kidd in Michael Carter-Williams.
Sixers dumb for giving up michael carter-williams
TRADE COMPLETE: The Bucks have acquired Michael Carter-Williams, Tyler Ennis and Miles Plumlee in three-team deal »
Bucks acquired former ROY Michael Carter Williams to run a Milwaukee squad that has already exceeded expectations
So much 4 ROY last year. Michael Carter Williams to 4 Isiah Thomas and picks. Phoenix appears to be involve…
Michael Carter Williams has been traded to the Milwaukee Bucks.
HUGE BLOCKBUSTER taking place...three team trade...Michael Carter Williams is being sent to Milwaukee, Brandon Knight t…
What's wrong with Casey?? Michael Carter Williams blew right by Vasquez. Where was James Johnson!! That was lucky
The lakers must try and trade either Lin, Hill, or any others for a young pg like Michael Carter Williams or Reggie Jackson
Michael Carter Williams new year resolution: shoot above 40%
Age don't mean everything when it comes to sports, younger players like Michael Carter Williams & Anthony Davis schooling older Nba players
Perfect physique point guards: Magic Johnson, Derrick Rose, Russell Westbrook, and I hate to admit it but Michael Carter Williams
Michael Carter Williams would look good in a Knick Uniform
Hungout with Michael Carter Williams at the mall and then with rat and puff from q102 and brought toys. Couldnt of been a better night😊
Michael Carter Williams *** near has a triple double in every game. Ain't nobody been peeping though
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Michael Carter Williams my favorite point guard period
thats NBA superstar Michael Carter Williams on the right! Wow!
If yall think Michael Carter Williams is nice then Josh McRoberts will be most improved player this year. MCW is not like that.
Ellen could have found a better picture of Michael Carter Williams when she talked about him on her show.
Even at 1am, you just can't stop Michael Carter Williams from being a great kid! Signed 3 of my SI's tonight.
would anyone blame Michael Carter Williams for going all Jim Everett on Stephen A Smith if they ever crossed paths?
Michael Carter Williams gave Stephen A Smith what he deserves... Good for him
I'm ridiculously and unreasonably excited about the unintentional comedy prospects behind this Stephen A Smith-Michael Carter Williams feud
Ohh naw chill, that PG Michael Carter Williams will get smashed 😂
Kenneth faried and Michael Carter Williams for Tony Parker and nick young, who wins that trade? ☺
The black Jay Baruchel is the white Michael Carter Williams and vice versa
it's no dribble zone when Michael Carter Williams stealin from you lol
Ben do oyu know about Michael Carter Williams
Just met Nerlens Noel and Michael Carter Williams at beach bash in South Jersey👍
dude said he looked like a mixture of Derrick Rose & Michael Carter Williams 😂   10% Off
So far out of NBA Summer league I got that Dante Exum is a similar Michael Carter Williams & Aaron Gordon is kinda like a weak Blake griffin
2016 Darren Mccauley with Nba Rookie of the year Michael Carter Williams
Michael Carter Williams too good to play in the summer league?
Bruh I just saw Michael Carter Williams at work
Michael Carter- Williams Philadelphia 76ers Point Guard. My bro loves that hashtag by the way lol
Start one bench one trade one. Michael Carter-Williams. Trey Burke. Reggie Jackson
Why isn't Michael Carter Williams not in the summer league. *** you not that dam good not to play
lmao true story. WILL look like Michael Carter-Williams
Michael Carter from the Alouettes, not Michael Carter Williams lolol
Embiid, Noel, and Michael Carter Williams will be running this league in a few years babe!
Michael Carter-Williams looks like he's been licking his lips for the past 15 years and never put on chap stick and lots of red kool-aid.
Swear I don't think anybody will ever have the best rookie debut like Michael Carter-Williams 💯🏀
He's not like Michael Carter-Williams at all, but same basic situation.
Jersey Swap of Michael Carter Williams on the Heat. What do you think?
Philadelphia Michael Carter-Williams has surgery day after winning NBA ... - The Express-Times
At the airport and just met the Michael Carter-Williams
So was/is Michael Carter-Williams and he far exceeded expectations. I don't think the Heat are in that bad of shape.
If these fools would've drafted Nerlens or Michael Carter-Williams instead of Anthony Bennett.
The way the 2014-15 draft board looks now, MCW and Noel have a lot to prove in 2014-15. Read why--> via
Breaking news in the basketball world! Michael Carter Williams is staying with the sixers!
Michael Carter Williams and embid watch bro
WATCH: talks about what he saw from & the rest of his teammates at summer league –
Michael Carter-Williams Named Rookie of Year Despite the Losing Ways of ... - Rant Sports
Jeremy Lin & Steve Nash for Michael Carter Williams? I can see that happening
Case for Michael Carter-Williams as the Next Penny Hardaway - Dave Zanine-USA TODAY SPORTS. The Philadelphia 76ers...
Imagine if Cavs had drafted Klay Thompson in 2011, Andre Drummond in 2012, and Michael Carter-Williams in 2013...
*** talkin crazy now *** said Michael Carter Williams and Isaiah Thomas better than kyrie y'all need to stop the nonsense lol
well we do have our own Michael Carter [Williams] so there's that.
why? That's dumb. They already have Michael Carter Williams.
If the Pistons woulda drafted Trey Burke or Michael Carter-Williams, I wonder if Lebron and/or Melo woulda considered Detroit
Even Michael Carter Williams know that all the Heat fans are about to be Cav fans
Is Michael Carter-Williams serious right now? You're a professional athlete. Grow up.
"How many Miami fans are there in this world that are now Cleveland fans?" Michael Carter-Williams has no chill
Then again Michael Carter Williams is trash compared to Shump. 😩😫😩
Michael Carter Williams on the come up tho, sleep
Jeremy Lin still won't be that player with Michael Carter Williams on the team
Michael Carter Williams, Dion Waiters, decent SF, Nerlens Noel and Joel Embiid would be a great starting 5
the thing that gets me mad, Reggie Jackson, Victor Oladipo, Michael Carter Williams, Jeremy Lamb should be playing lol ain't fun
Feel horrible for Pierre Jackson. As for healthy players: Remember that Michael Carter Williams was horrible last summer but then won ROY.
should've won last year in the not aka Michael Carter Williams
Where's Michael Carter Williams?? He dont gotta play Summer League because he won Rookie of the Year?
I'm working and Elfrid Payton vs Michael Carter Williams bout to start in 13 mins
Sloppy start for Napier so far. But it's summer league. I saw Michael Carter Williams get 10 turnovers in summer debut last year.
Swear Tim Hardway Jrs looking alike plays for eastern! Along with Jr Smith and Michael Carter Williams!
Are rumors true about willing to trade Michael Carter Williams? Drafting Elfrid Payton makes that more of a possibility now. Wow!
Michael Carter Williams has Edith Bunker's hair on. Why is he at the draft, again?
Then with our max deal, go after Love or Melo!.. Michael Carter Williams. Kobe. Thad Young with Melo or K Love would be niceee!
I think my Lakers should go ahead and take the 76ers deal! Trade our 7th pick for Michael Carter Williams and Thaddeus Young!
did I tell ya'll?? MFI Law will be giving away an autographed picture of Michael Carter Williams from the Sixers during one of the raffles at the MFI Law Group Community Appreciation Day More free giveaways will be announced throughout the week. Come to the free event and join the event page. follow our activity this week
The 3 Kings that played for the Flyers won are about to win their 2nd Stanley Cup? MICHAEL Richards Jeff CARTER and Justin WILLIAMS. Michael Carter Williams. Sixers PG. Rookie of the year. Sign that god has been trolling Flyers fans since the late 70's.
and me chillin with Michael Carter Williams last night.
not enough, add Michael Carter Williams and it's a deal.
are open to trading ROY Michael Carter Williams.
“The 76ers are stupid for looking to trade away Michael Carter Williams.”RFT
What's up people! We are doing a contest for 5,000 likes! First off thanks to everyone this is awesome! We have been given the opportunity to get a autographed jersey by an almost rookie player (Andrew Wiggins, Jabari Parker ETC.) Vote whos jersey you want and you will be automatically entered to win it! You can also choose sophomore players (Trey Burke, Michael Carter Williams, Victor Oladopo) Good Luck!
Michael Carter Williams looks just like earl sweatshirt
Jabari Parker, Nerlins Noel, and Michael Carter Williams has a much better ring to it than the projected Cavs lineup
Michael Carter Williams, Noel Nerlins AND Andre Wiggins in Philly? Future all-stars under 23? Should be fun to watch for years!
Why not a special Michael Carter Williams card since he won rookie of the year??? Common what will it hurt u any accept hype game
I feel like they announced Michael Carter Williams won rookie of the year like 3 days ago
Michael Carter Williams did not deserve the rookie of the year
So, is this new recruit a much smarter but poor man's Michael Carter Williams?
Just saw Michael Carter Williams at a gas station, he knew my dad as "coach Davis"...
I'm more of a Michael Carter Williams type of player
Rookie of the Year = Michael Carter Williams and Coach of the Year = Gregg Popovich. Agree?
Thaddeus Young, Henry Sims, Michael Carter Williams... Nerlens Noel? exactly for you didn't say they had to play.
Michael Carter Williams might be terrible, but he also knows how to win
Michael Kidd Gilchrist blocks a Michael Carter Williams shot. That just makes me smile.
Victor Oladipo? Michael Carter Williams? My baby Shane!? “Trey Burke should get rookie of the year”
Michael Carter Williams will be a NBA Superstar in the future!
Michael Carter Williams went from winning college team to a horrible NBA team
Michael Carter Williams is the goods though
It's hard to beat a team w/ them Seniors. He one and done. He better then Michael Carter Williams & Oladipo.
Keys on winning tonight - let Michael Carter Williams do his normal. Don't focus around him. Play good 5 man defense. Play your game.
Lmao he pulled the Michael Carter Williams travel
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I honestly think Tim Hardaway Jr should win rookie of the year over Michael Carter Williams
So the Sixers are envisioning Michael Carter Williams at the 1, Jabari Parker or Andrew Wiggins, and don't forget the Nerlens Noel is sitting out the they will have a really young nucleus .
Michael Carter Williams looks like a ventriloquist dummy.
So in talking to a friend today who suggested that we should package Michael Carter Williams ( who i love) one of our two 1st round picks and 2 of our 7 second round picks to get Chris Paul. It is known that Lebron wants to play with Chris Paul. We are way under the cap and then lure Lebron. This is the way to go.we would have to be sure we could get king James before the TRADE. I like that! What y'all think? And MCW is more of an asset than Jrue would have been for all y'all that was crying bout that trade.
I guess Michael Carter Williams made the wrong decision going to Syracuse
Vogt day at the Sixers was great got to play on the court and see Michael Carter Williams do his thing
Victor Oladipo shooing Michael Carter Williams who the Rookie of the Year title belongs to. Lets do it again Sunday, yes?
This *** really said Michael Carter Williams is better than Dwayne Wade!
It's crazy how much Michael Carter Williams looks like jay baruchel
My mom was just in the same elevator as Michael Carter Williams and now is eating at the same restaraunt a booth away. Are u kidding???
Lorraine Hansberry looks like the female version of Michael Carter Williams.
fuk u Vince he was throwin an oop but his teammate didn't read it. Michael Carter Williams is a baller son dont h8
Jabari Parker, Michael Carter Williams, and Nerlens Noel and whoever they take with the New Orleans Pick.Philly may be back to prominence real soon!
Michael Carter Williams with 19pts 12rbs 7ast. I dont get why people are saying Trey Burke and Oladipo could win ROY. MCW been putting up these numbers up consistently since Day-1 against the Heat where he almost had a Quadriple-Double. Lol, yall buggin forreal. MCW winning Rookie of The Year by far. I been right the past 5years on this.
Quick Question: Who do you think will be the ROY (Rookie Of The Year) from these young talents :1.Victor Oladipo 2.Michael Carter Williams 3.Trey Burke or 4.Giannis Antetokoumpo -DrBaller
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YOU HAVE TO WATCH THIS!!! called this WIN!!! & pull together for the with seconds left on the clock with a great for the was there to witness a great game. Michael Carter Williams is a great point guard, he's aggressive. Tony Wroten is good as well, he made a poster out of Michael Gilchrist!
Jus chillin wit Michael Carter Williams at the Magna Carta World Tour.
For me Rookie of the Year this NBA 2013-14 season is, Michael Carter Williams a.k.a (The Nxt Magic Johnson) from .
see you dont like it either right ?" Michael Carter Williams made two half court shots on me im never playing again
Everyone who has been injured in the past year- Marc Gasol, Andre Igoudala, Russell Westbrook, Derrick Rose, Kyrie Irving, Andrew Bynum, Kobe Bryant, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, Brook Lopez, Jason Terry, Andrei Kirilenko, Danilo Galinari, Javale Mcgee, Jeremy Lin, Matt Barnes, J.J. Reddick, Mike Conley, Amare Stoudemire, Tony Parker, Pau Gasol, Dwght Howard, Steve Nash, Kevin Martin, Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, John Wall, Trey Burke(before season even started!), Kyrie Irving, Dion Waiters, Dirk Nowitzki, Ty Lawson, James Harden, Danny Granger, Tyreke Evans, Rudy *** ,Michael Carter Williams, Stephen Curry, Harrison Barnes, David Lee, Andrew Bogut, and Tyson Chandler!!! I mean holy crap no time in history has the NBA seen so much injury in just one year and these are just the big names/starter!! The majority of these are young athletes who should be the epitome of health!! This is sad.
Who caught that Portland-Cleveland game las nite? Lilliard an Kyrie put on a SHOW!! *** .Westbrook, Curry, Lilliard, Kyrie, Wall, Teague, Holliday, Isaiah Thomas, Lin, Rubio. Michael Carter Williams..not to mention CP3, D Will, Parker an D Rose..look like we in the next era of great PG play..all that an Dante Exum ain't even in the league yet!! Ok ok ok ok..I'm a lil biased to PG's
Michael Carter Williams is most definitely rookie of the year.
Michael Carter Williams has been impressive so far
So this Michael Carter-Williams is way better than I anticipated. Shouts out to for having him so high on his draft board.
Michael Carter-Williams putting in work, too many ppl sleepin on him
saw that.. Michael Carter-Williams almost had a quadruple double tonight..
now in complete meltdown. up 7 in OT w/o Michael Carter-Williams. 76ers were so close to entertaining but much needed loss!
Spencer Hawes killing Made game tying 3 w 2 seconds left to take to OT after Michael Carter-Williams fouls out. up 5.
Philadelphia and Milwaukee are going to overtime tied at 102. Michael Carter-Williams is 2 rebounds off a triple double. Incredible.
Michael Carter Williams gotta D up and stop beggin the refs for fouls...they had this game
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Michael Carter-Williams with the 5×5 -- 12 points, 11 assists, 8 rebounds, 5 steals, and 5 turnovers.
Michael Carter-Williams filling up every column on the stat sheet late in gm tonight: 11 PTS, 10 AST, 8 REB, 5 STL, 5 TO, 5 fouls for
I strongly believe that Michael Carter-Williams is the best point guard in the NBA
Michael Carter-Williams is the real deal!!! Talk about an all around good player!
Michael Carter Williams is blessing me sooo nicely in fantasy
Michael Carter-Williams has been a fantasy godsend
Michael Carter Williams is the real deal
Michael Carter Williams bout to get that Triple Double!!!
Michael Carter-Williams has 11 points, 9 assists, 8 rebounds. 5 steals too. 4 mins left.
Michael carter Williams will win rookie of the year
Y'all just now getting hip to Michael carter Williams smh
Note: Michael Carter-Williams just needs 1 assist and 2 rebounds for a triple double.
Michael carter-Williams has 11 points, 9 assists, 7 boards, and 5 steals in 24 minutes thus far tonight.
Michael Carter Williams might be the best 3 name player we have seen in a LOOONG time. Chris Douglas Roberts didn't pan o…
Michael Carter-Williams is putting up video game numbers tonight: 11 points, 7 rebounds 9 assists and 5 steals
for the Philly rook Michael Carter-Williams... 11pts, 9ast, 7reb late 3rdQ. Oh yeah, he's got 5 steals, too.
ask them if they would take John Salmons back for Michael Carter Williams. Thanks
uhh Michael Carter Williams! And call Melo up and tell him to hit 30 more points!
white girls on my TL be like, "Who's Michael Carter Williams? Is that the name of Lil Wayne's new album?"
After watching , I admit that Michael Carter Williams seems like a likable player.
Evan Turner and Michael Carter Williams are going to combine for a great combo tonight, I see a win in phily future.
Michael Carter Williams looks like he could be Jurnee Smollett's brother...
By drafting Anthony Davis, Nikolai Vucevic & Michael Carter Williams that puts me ahead of everyone to be the GM of the year !
Shaun Livingston, Lebron, Michael Carter Williams, Tyreke Evans, the dude Exum from Australia entering the draft next year.. All big PG's
“Michael Carter Williams is a hottie. 😍” What are you feelings right now, Ken?
As a true Knick fan. I'm sorry to say but the Knick will be lucky to even make the playoffs this year. They are still playing that iso Melo again. Melo gets double teamed and then it's dished off but no one can do anything. Andrea was a waste of a pick up and I knew that from the start. This general manager screwed us which pickups. What I would of done as a General manager is no sign Pablo or the other point guard and rather pick up Michael Carter Williams in the Draft and have him start while Raymond Felton comes off the bench. Then I would of picked Lamarcus Aldridge cause he wants to leave. Your starting five are Melo, Shumpert, Chandler, Michael Carter Williams and Lamarcus abridge. Then the back ups are Felton, Kenyon Martin, Metta, Tim Hardaway and JR Smith. You still have Amare, Chris Smith, Earl Barron and Cole Aldrich on the bench. That's my team right there.
Michael Carter Williams got my vote for ROOKIE of the yr!!! He's playin outta this world to start his NBA career, beating the bulls n Miami, n puttin numbers on the board like Pusha T! Ha!
Michael Carter Williams is making Sam Hinkie look like a genius for trading Jrue Holiday
Oh snap Michael Carter williams the boul that used to be popping in summer league
Michael Carter-Williams leads Sixers win over Heat with amazing debut (Video)
Michael carter Williams had the best opening game! Or maybe even clay Thompson.
yo Michael carter Williams putting in work. I crossed this *** up in a pick up game and scored on him. but he in the l…
Michael Carter-Williams is a risk I'll just have to take in fantasy
still can't get over the debut Michael Carter Williams had for the Sixers!
Roy Halladay and Michael Carter-Williams spotted out together at a local bar.
Everybody's all ready on Michael carter Williams stuff ..the man had one good game ..
did you see Michael Carter Williams first game stats.
Tell me how Michael Carter-Williams gonna have more steals that our "Point God's# assist totals through two games.
"If Michael Carter-Williams continues this, he's gonna be AWESOME. ROY and whatever
On a realer note Michael Carter-Williams and the 76ers did the *** thing to the Heat. Great game y'all
Michael Carter Williams trying to be a better fit for the Sixers than Jrue Holiday.
Michael carter Williams was 3 rebounds and 1 steal away from a QUADRUPLE DOUBLE against THE HEAT
Still can't get over Michael Carter-Williams NBA debut last night.
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