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Michael Caines

Michael Andrew Caines, MBE (born 1969) is an English chef, born in Exeter, Devon.

Michael Caine Saturday Kitchen Matthew Norman Executive Chef

Bush, i'm a florist and had to deliver a huge basket of orchids to Michael Caines house...he wasn't home tho x
The larder in is one of the very best in Europe and helps make so exceptional
Michael Caines' brain is the size of a four year olds' own brain
Michael Caines hails Devon produce as 'best in Europe' ahead of launch night
Show us a picture of your home-cooked meal tagging and you could win a stay at…
I put some thought into the glimpse of what was meant to be Michael Caines' mutation and it turns out his brain is going to age in reverse
Have you seen Dorothy Caines, 84, who is from
Michael Caine's story about being mistaken for a drug dealer is glorious -
Great video masterclasses from WATCH and LEARN. via
The best Michael Caine impression, according to Michael Caine
Lovely vibes this afternoon at The Coach House by Michael Caines
Michael Caine voted for Brexit and everyone is making the same joke
in his prime, but Robert De Niro has lost...
well, I've not been for ages, but Michael Caines at the Adobe was always good
I get that but she was bang average then . Check out that film where she's Michael Caines daughter
Hollywood start Samuel L Jackson invited by to opening of his new hotel near Exeter.
Chef Michael Caines is hoping Samuel L Jackson will join him for hotel opening near Exeter.
Make sure you enter business awards partnered by top prize £10k! Listening to Michael…
Michael Caines MBE will be opening the fantastic new Lympstone Manor, win the chance to enjoy an exclusive lunch.…
The bottom floor of the hotel was a Michael Caines Restaurant. He's one of the best chefs in England.
also since Cob couldn't enter the US why didn't Michael Caines character just fly the kids to him😐🙃😂
📷 The ‘Elephant’ in the room: Michael Caine’s second autobiography adds depth to Hollywood heavyweight
The ‘Elephant’ in the room: 2nd adds depth to Hollywood heavyweight!
Our latest awards proudly on display at The Coach House by Michael Caines.
Michael Caines's lamb and lentil curry | Food | Lorraine
I would vote for Steve Martin and Michael Caine in a heartbeat even though Michael Caines not a US citizen
Michael Caines - Snowdonia National Park, he has partnered with Alan & Angela Harper for the venture at the grade II-listed Palé Hall Hotel.
Sir Michael Caine's former London home is for sale for £5M  -
HELP Manchester Tweeps! We wanna have a lovely gourmet dinner - and have already been to Michael Caines, Rosso, Room - which should we try?
Michael Caines character is telling Diesels that to not shack up with a woman is to waste your life...he's a priest...
Q for Michael Caines. Opening any new restaurants? From Tim in Shropshire
Michael Caines performance of Alfred in the dark knight trilogy is inspiring
Another favorite -- this painting is by Michael Caines.
Beware the smoking Wait, is that a smoking cat?
Great Michelin star food by Michael Caines at The Grove in Narbeth West Wales
I like to hope they're just paving the way for the next generation of Courtnays, Finneys, Stanley Bakers and Michael Caines
Michael Caine's favourite love scene was with...Batman
Safe to say that Muppets Christmas Carol is Michael Caines film 😂👏🏼
Michael Caine as an aging retired musical composer and Harvey Keitel as a filmmaker stars in Caines finest...
get yer candy Caines out in the words of George Michael its Christmas
btw Jason Bonham is a Foreigner and his auntie Debbie still rocks (& Jimmy Page once owned Michael Caines old house)
Merry Christmas from all of the team at Kentisbury Grange and The Coach House by Michael Caines.
'Take criticism constructively, not personally and see it as an opportunity to improve yourself' - Michael Caines,
A stroll around the grounds is a fantastic way to walk off your festive lunch at The Coach House by Michael Caines
Has there ever been a televised meal where chefs ate that Michael Caines did not attend?
J keeps telling me Michael Caines only has one arm. Is this true?
Mrs Wag: Why is Peter Andre on What does he know about food? . Me: That's Michael Caines.
How many of those names did you recognise? I thought I knew one but it turned out to be Michael Caines not Caine.
I wouldn't mind a few Michael Caines while we're asking
Is that Michael Caines the celebrity chef who pledged?
so what happened to Michael Caines 1st wife and child? Did they reconnect? How could you not address that?
How a TV commercial changed Michael Caine's life
How a TV commercial changed Michael Caine's life: Michael Caine explains that he first spotted his wife on a M...
How a TV commercial changed Michael Caine's life -
Chef and Michael Caines serves up his top for a successful business: https:…
For me, Jimmy Hills greatest moment was putting his head through Michael Caines bedroom wall when he was having sex next door.
It looks so toasty and warm inside The Coach House by Michael Caines
Great talk from Michael Caines breakfast today
Highlights of my year in visuals. Michael UnrulyGeneral Pilgrim Johan John Polanco Shirmon Caines Sandor Molnar
In case you missed it is set to leave in Jan for solo venture
One of Britatin’s highest profile chefs, Michael Caines is the Executive Chef at the prestigious 2-star Michelin...
Michael Caines leaves Gidleigh Park to new exciting ventures Need to book a visit to ABode Manchester soon.
Catching up with the Michael Caines Academy students at Walronds house first food fest. They have a fab menu
BREAKING: Exciting times as leaves for new exciting ventures -
Michael Caines to leave after 21 years from
This is an old recipe...but still a goodie! It got me through to cooking for Michael Caines!
Michael Caines to leave after 21 years -
Michael Caines is set start his own venture, after being at Gidleigh Park for 21 years he has decided to leave...
After 21years, is set to leave to pursue his own venture!
21 Years done! Leaving in January 2016 after an amazing time … to open my own venture Lympstone Manor
Best of luck who is stepping down as exec chef at Gidleigh Park to pursue a host of new ventures
A great shame.gone. but I look forward to visiting the new adventure
Did you know Michael Caines no longer involved with abode from next spring
Michael Caines academy will be using the real thing! Oct 10th Cullompton.
So no more Michael Caines abode manchester from next spring.
Michael Caines to leave after 21 years
Michael Caines to leave Gidleigh Park in January via
Michael Caines Academy students at Cullompton food festival
Congratulations -- and amazing achievement and legacy
Michael Caines is to hang up his apron at Gidleigh Park after 21 years of service. He is to pursue new ventures in the…
Michael Caines will leave in January after 21 years there.
The Michael Caines Academy will be at the this Saturday, 2pm. See what our young chefs are cooking up ht…
It's a full house for Michael Caines at our Live Cook Stage at Summer
Looking forward to the in flight food as Michael Caines is on board
Michael's great advice. very funny as I am catching up the Trip shows with the two comedians going around...
The Coach House by Michael Caines - what a talented team of cheeky chaps!
Breakfast at Michael Caines... A perfect ending to a great holiday! 😀
Excellent commentary on the Griffiths Affair by Michael Caines
Read an interesting fact in Michael Caines Bio,he claims there suppose 2 B an Italian job 2
Demo-ing at the today as a part of the Michael Caines Academy😋
Michelin-starred chef Michael Caines on learning at in -
"Youth" is one of 19 films competing for the Cannes Film Festival's top prize - the Palme d'Or.
Youth at Cannes: Michael Caine's humorous take on getting old
Moving story about celebrity chef adoption on site. Inspiring!
Steak & Chips with Michael Caines and Tom Kerridge - Mouth is watering!
Money tip from Michael Caine - don't worry about the little things
Michael Caine's close call with the queen almost got him in trouble.
Michael Caine's triumphant Cannes return. Michael Caine returns to Cannes after nearly 50 years and makes up for l…
Watching the hotel restaurant staff rush around and look stressed as the 2 star Michelin chef Michael Caines is in.
At Michael Caines at the Abode in Manchester round table event with AXA on SMEs looking at what needs are over next few years .
Michael Caine's advice for a bit more peace of mind: stop checking the bill so dang much:
Just leaving for guildligh park food presentation with the great Michael Caines for royal Ascot 2015 happy days
Want to know where top chef Michael Caines eats out in Devon? Read our interview
Did you know about Michelin star chef Michael Caines at Kentisbury Grange near Croyde? Find out more>
Michael Caines and Phil Howard to head up Royal Ascot 2015 - Acclaimed chefs Michael Caines and Phil Howard are bo...
Michael Caines wows More 4's with Boudin of John Dory with vanilla. Best vanilla range available now
Well done to South Sixteen - Braunton for being shortlisted in the North Devon Journal Food & Drink Awards 2014! A panel of judges will now visit each shortlisted establishment and a winner will be presented with the award at Foodfest on Sunday, October 19 in the Queen's Theatre, Barnstaple by celebrity chef Michael Caines, MBE.
I am rolling on the floor over Coogan and Brydon's dueling Michael Caines in I am also drooling over the food.
TV chef Michael Caines, who grew up in Exeter, is famous for bringing multi-stardom to Gidleigh Park Country House Hotel on the edge of Dartmoor. His culinary journey began in the humble surroundings...
Just managed to wangle a table at Michael Caines tonight! Woohoo, how exciting! :)
Is pleased to be working with 2 Michelin starred chef Michael Caines at Gidleigh Park. Looking great in attire provided by MBroid
Just got Michael Caines new cook book and it's prob the best one I have seen for a while
Michael Caines, Excutive Chef at ABode Hotels and Gidleigh Park cooks venison with autumn vegetables and red berries. For more information visit
Join Antonio Carluccio, Michael Caines and Julian Baggini in conversation with Donald Sloan at the Oxford Literary Festival as they explore our relationship with food. Click on the link below for more details!
Patricia and I are looking forward to our Alex Hall Art Fund of the Christie fund raising event new Tuesday, March 11 at the Virgin Active Gym in Didsbury, Parrs Wood. We especially would like to thank Paula Close of Virgin Active and Rachel Steele of the Christie Appeals Team at The Christie for all their hard work taking over after my stroke. All are welcome on the day, Thanks also to our supporters including:Annies,Barbakan Bakery and Deli, Cast Iron Claims Management, Cheese Hamlet, Damson, Heaton Moor, Didsbury Lounge, Evans of Didsbury, Felicini City Centre, Green's, Jem&i Lime Tree, Michael Caines,Piccolino Manchester, Red Star Wealth Management, San Carlo. Tom's Champaign Bar, Victorian Chop House Company, Warr&Co, Yang Sing. We also want to thank Vicky Hunter, General Manager of the Virgin Active Gym,Didsbury and all her staff for their enthusiastic support and Rowina Finn and others at Christie Appeals. Finally, we want to thank our friends who took the time and effort to sell the raffle books . ...
Has had an enjoyable day - some horsey retail therapy in the morning, a good session on Cindy this afternoon and then a delicious dinner at Michael Caines Restaurant in Canterbury! 🍸🍹🍷🍴
Best thing this trip trip: Taj foods in Hove. Disappointing:- Michael Caines cafebar Exeter. Bit of a surprise that
Michael Caines name isn't really Michael Caine and now my life is ruined
Watching Harry Brown for the umteenth time, one of Michael Caines best movies movies l think.
Michael Caines steps in to rennovate kitchen at Kentisbury Grange Coach House -
How good a chef is that Michael Caines ??? The dude with only one arm, can only imagine how good he'd be with two arms , would be the best chef in the world
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My fav chef, Michael Caines on Saturday Kitchen. Great weekend off!
Michael Caines makes an omelette quicker with one arm, than I can open a bag of crisps with two.
Michael Caines has been eating too much food!
Michael Caines has got big, hasn't he?
Michael Caines food as always spectacular on Saturday Kitchen x
Super recipe inspiration from chef Michael Caines in "Michael Caines At Home":
Utmost respect for Michael Caines. Love to taste that dish
Loving the show this morning. Michael Caines rocks.
Great Sat Kitchen Welcom Back and Michael Caines is so talented like you.
Chef Michael Caines on Saturday Kitchen right now - I've met him & ate his food !!
I never knew Michael Caines had one arm! I've got two and can bearing boil an egg!
Michael Caines got 2 Michelin stars, single handedly!
I enjoy the way Michael Caines pronounces "salt" almost as much as I love hearing Ken Hom say "water". SAU-EHRT.
What has happened to Michael Caines' hand?
Had no idea that chef Michael Caines has a false arm. Can't help but feel he's missing a trick not having a whisk attachment on it though.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
So much respect for Michael Caines. Still able to cook all the great recipes. An inspiration.
2 star Michael Caines calls it 'choritzo'.
Michael Caines on Saturday Kitchen, he still hasn't replied to my 3000 word letter of complaint about his Manchester restaurant...
Michael Caines on Saturday Kitchen now! Fine dining with chef Michael Caines.
Oo Michael Caines from our lovely Abode hotel is on Saturday Kitchen live xx
Saturday Kitchen Live. BBC1 10am today. James is joined by chefs Peter Weeden and Michael Caines.
Hi Lee Johnson Make sure you watch Saturday morning kitchen on bbc1 today from 10 and see Michael Caines in action!
Don't miss on tomorrow morning, cooking a recipe from his new book, Michael Caines at Home!
Picked up from the airport, lovely thoughtful valentines presents, now being whisked off to Canterbury and have had Michael Caines restaurant booked for tonight. I have the best boyfriend :-)
The Michael Caines Academy at Exeter College aims to nurture the region's future generation of talented restaurateurs, chefs, restaurant managers, waiters and front of house staff. Working with Michael Caines MBE, the Academy combines practical, professional catering and hospitality qualifications w...
A selection of our favorite photos from recent event, An Evening With Michael Caines
and lunching in Michael Caines I think. Must've been child2...
you need them. Michael Caines the chef has his place in The Royal Clarence on Cathedral Green, gorgeous !
Did you catch us in this week?Our event with was a huge success with very
Had a good day! Had my college interview and said I can interview for Michael Caines in June and went on a shopping spree with my fav girly😄
is the answer Rodney marsh and George best rolling around on the floor fighting over Michael Caines chips?
“.backs initiative to give city's young businesspeople voice Great!
We have also covered the event, both online and in tomorrow's paper:
We are delighted,our recent with has been covered in
We were delighted to host last weeks launch of the new Exeter Junior Chamber
He could pull top line-up together. I know Michael Caines, Simon Rogan, Nigel Haworth & Paul Heathcote all looking at similar.
Happy Valentine's Day from the team at Michael Caines at ABode Manchester .
Journal reporter discovers fine dining with chef Michael Caines at Kentisbury Grange
Michael Caines at ABode. Vanillla Pannacotta with poached & rhubarb parfait
Trencherman's chef cooked a special dinner with head chef Thomas Carr last week:
Our next Evening with Michael Caines event is on the 28th May, book now to reserve your place!
Gantry in the making for home to executive head chef and celebrity chef Michael Caines MBE
Fantastic wine event in the Michael Caines Restaurant on the 19th March. Book now to reserve your place.
Here's our lovely Cafe Bar all ready for it's valentine's day couples.
He really does and in a world full of Michael Caines, it's no wonder he ends up nutso.
Lobster salad from my new cook book Michael Caines at home
Want to learn about Wine? Want to enjoy an amazing Michael Caines lunch Book a 1 day wine school class ht…
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‘Fancy seeing our chef Michael Caines in a new TV food show filming today in London? Email: cookingfor info’.
Join us at ABode Exeter on either Monday 16th December at 12noon or Thursday 19th December at 3pm in our Cafe Bar and Grill for a Michael Caines book signing.Purchase Michael's debut book 'Michael Caines at Home' which is full of original dishes that have earned him two Michelin stars along with num...
Michael Caines new book & Eat by Nigel Slater will do me nicely
Book lists, despite what younger readers born into Buzzfeed’s ruthless listsicle monopoly may think, have always been popular. Some, like David Bowie’s Top 100 Books, give us a sense of the artist’s development. Others, like Joseph Brodsky’s List of 84 Books for Basic Conversation, provide a Nobel prize-winning benchmark for knowledge. Even though the books are within the reach of most readers, systematically digesting such lists often tries one’s patience. Despite the lack of will or interest in working through someone else’s literary education, however, glancing through such personal anthologies provides us with a glimpse into the maker’s life—be it their private tastes, or their social mores. In late October, The Times Literary Supplement’s Michael Caines unearthed another Top 100 list; this one, however, has the distinction of hailing from 1898. At the turn of the 20th century, a journalist and author of numerous books on the Brontë sisters named Clement K. Shorter tried his hand at ...
Food at ABode ranges from ABout Average to ABysmal. Matthew Norman rips apart Michael Caines' restaurant
Matthew Norman is unimpressed by Michael Caines at ABode, Canterbury
Shame Matthew Norman gave a bad review to Michael Caines. Michael is a role model to many and a top chef.
Impressionist love with Brennan and Aka George Clooney and Michael Caines.
If you say the words 'My cocaine' in Michael Caines voice its the same as Michael Caine saying his own name in his voice.
Fascinating debate at the LSE last night, hosted by Michael Caines with D J Taylor, Ewan Morrison and Martin Rowson. Look for podcast soon!
The North West Young Chef 2012 Winner has been awarded a national scholarship valued at over £7,000.   21-year-old Lewis Gallagher, commis chef at Stanley House, won the prestigious Acorn Scholarship 2012 and will now be guided by the likes of restaurateur and acclaimed chef, Michael Caines.   Blackburn-born Lewis wowed judges with his raw talent and passion at the final, which took place at BMA House, London on November 26.   The young star – the only representative from the North of England and the youngest ever winner of the scholarship – pitched to a panel of 15 judges which included; Michael Caines, Christian Armstrong, operations planning director, Guoman and Thistle Hotels, William Baxter, non-executive director, BaxterStorey and Nick Green, national sales manager, Villeroy and Boch.   Earlier this year, Lewis entered and won the Lancashire Heat of the North West Young Chef Competition, sponsored by Essential Cuisine. He then went on to compete in the final in June, where he demonstra ...
Hi to all. Do please have a look at this. There are a few tickets left for this fabulous evening Local culinary heroes (& 2 of our fabulous chefs) Jonny Evans and Billy Pallet will cook a delicious 5 course dinner for guests at Dewsall Court on Saturday January 19th Billy trained at Gidleigh Park with Michael Caines and Jonny at Jamie Oliver's Monty's. I think that this may well be the best supper club ever - the menu is spectacular - take a look below Hereford Hock Particular with Loveage & English Truffle Scallops with textures of Parsnip, Chicken Vanilla & Ginger Jus Loin of Venison, Venison, Neep & Haggis Pithivier, Savoy, Poached Winter Fruits & Port Sauce Once Upon A Tree Apple Sorbet Chocolate Truffle Cake with Absinthe & Tarragon Ice Cream. If anyone is interested do please contact us or go directly to Dewsall Court ( We would love to see you there.
There is an AMAZING smaller Hotel in Dartmoor National Park, Devonshire England, which is winning ALL of the top standards Awards in all categories of Hotelkeeping in Great Britain, including Culinary, Guest Satisfaction and related. A beautiful privately owned mansion set in magnificent Grounds and well known for Banqueting and Weddings. The Executive Chef, Mr. Michael Caines has been awarded the MBE, Member of the British Empire, an extremely high recognition. The Property is GIDLEIGH PARK in Devon, which I know well in boyhood days, and is surrounded in magnificent Peace, Calm and Tranquility and simply glorious surroundings. Continued Congratulations to all the marvellous Staff there . The Best will survive forever.
Michael Caines, Phil Howard, Sat Bains, Michel bras and Got to be the one that stand the test Of time Ferran Adrià creativity
When I originally planned this character, he had Michael Caines voice, but now that I'm actually writing him, he sounds like John Cleese...
Watched the original Italian Job-made in1969- last night,starring Michael Caine and it is so bad/corny that it is hilarious! The highlights :1; Michael Caines character is basically Austin Powers! 2; another character called Camp Freddy who walked around in a pink suit, filing his nails and looking worried. But the true gem was Benny Hill,playing a slightly retarded,probable paedophile,computer expert named Professor Peach, who had a weakness for,how do i say it nicely, large ladies! AWESOME MOVIE!
(Don't think anyone understands how much I love James Bond films. Probably the only time I've been happy Michael Caines not got a part.)
i would say it's my favourite film, Michael Caines performance is almost as good ad you in mike bassett England manager
My headshave for Michael Caines' Charity PORT-ER on Saturday We make life better for amputees Pse RT
In Canterbury Cathedral yesterday to watch Rosie collect her MA. Aw shucks! Lunch after at Michael Caines' Abode. Tasty!
Fine G.H. Mumm Dinner last night at Michael Caines at Abode Exeter Hotel great location opposite the cathedral.
From breakfast with Michael Caines to dinner with Levi Roots.
Have now checked in at hotel, and may sample some of Michael Caines menu. That is Michelin chef Michael Caines, NOT the actor Michael Caine !! . Not a lot of people know that !! Lol
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