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Michael Bradley

Michael Bradley (born July 31, 1987) is an American soccer player who currently plays as a central midfielder for Roma in Serie A as well as the United States national team.

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Raise your hand if you'd let Michael Bradley.
Michael Bradley's pep talk is something along the lines of, "I apologize in advance for the 100 back passes I'm about to ma…
Just road our elevator with Michael Bradley, Jesus Christ
The U.S. soccer team looked great tonight. But give it time, they always seem to disappoint. Mostly, Michael "trash" Bradley. But still
Michael Bradley with go ahead TD. Vikes up by 6! 7 minutes left.
Playing with Michael Bradley is like playing with 10 men. 😂
Defense was scattered because we don’t have a great defense and only had Michae…
great call tonight for a great win, I feel Michael Bradley was a bit complacent at times tonight...thoughts?
Michael Bradley's dad isn't the coach anymore...
Is USMNT bad for soccer?!? . Care to come on the podcast to discuss Michael Bradley?
I don't know what Michael Bradley said but I just ran through a wall next to me.
So where does everyone stand on Michael Bradley? Are we all in agreement that he's terrible? Every touch turns into a turnover
I would’ve turned into Michael Bradley if I was good; playin a bunch of reserved, borderline suicide balls all game that somehow work out ok
Michael Saltouros-Bradley University. Nothing like a day out watching you're kid's baseball game
If his name was Michael Bradley half of the country would be killing him for his performance.
I call Michael Bradley the 24-hour bakery, cuz he's always making turnovers
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
is cruising and Michael Bradley still belongs in the rubbish bin.
This has been a really good Michael Bradley performance as well, showing his importance to the team.
Why is is Michael Bradley still taking free kicks?
Michael Bradley starting tonight just because he's the coach's son is exactly why we'll never win a World Cup
No. Thomas, Brian Skinner and Corliss Williamson for Webber, Matt Barnes before he was good and Michael Bradley.
Michael Bradley's pass map in the 1st half of 3-1 win over MTL vs today. Complete contrast in linking w/ attack.
Michael Bradley on Christian Pulisic: "He has surprised me, just in terms of how good he is & how quickly he's been able t…
Michael Bradley on Christian Pulisic: "I can remember watching him with the Under-17s at the World Cup, you could see his…
Good stuff from SI's on Michael Bradley, Tim Howard & the USMNT's resurgence ahead of World Cup 2018
Also fun: TFC coach Greg Vanney played on the 1998 Galaxy. They lost in the conference finals to Chicago, coached by Michael Bradley's dad.
Match of the weekend: Michael Bradley beat Andrew Cisternino at TC Williams HS: 6-4, 4-6, 7-5.
The breakthrough!. heads home the opener as Michael Bradley ties for second on 🇺🇸's all-time assist…
Michael Bradley's first-half goal helps the get just their third point all time in World Cup Qualifying in Mexico.
Michael Freaking Bradley! 🇺🇸. The captain strikes in the 6th minute to give the a huge 1-0 advantage in the sixth minu…
Michael Bradley just scored this screamer:
Update your maps at Navteq
Michael Bradley opens USA/Mexico World Cup qualifier with the goal of his life via I'm dead bruh
Goal. Michael Bradley with the creakiest chip of all time. 1-0 USA
Michael Bradley just scored this UNBELIEVABLE chip against Mexico!!!
I thought was MOM and the Michael Bradley goal was the best I've seen in uniform, all factors consid…
That is one bad man. Michael Bradley from DEEP!.
The chip: How Michael Bradley scored his stunning goal for US vs. Mexico
That is one audacious chip by Michael Bradley 😳
You dream of scoring a goal like this at Estadio Azteca!.
World Cup qualifier: USA draw with Mexico after Michael Bradley wonder goal
U.S. Soccer picks up a huge point in Mexico City, thanks to a fantastic first-half goal from Michael Bradley.
A bit of Michael Bradley magic and 90 minutes of inspired defending. Relive every moment from another classic http…
Hope you didn't tune in late to Rewind to Michael Bradley's incredible strike. Caught 'em sleeping 😴.
This Michael Bradley needs to stay around for a while!!
That was Michael Bradley's 5th goal against Mexico tying him with Landon Donovan for most by a US player against El Tri.
GOAL, Michael Bradley chips Ochoa from distance to put the U.S. up 1-0!
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Gonna be totally honest, but Michael Bradley is the worst center mid in all of Make him finally disappear! .
Specs and Will Johnson were the two Lions in this U.S. Youth side along with Michael Bradley, Robbie Rogers, Danny…
When Stefan Frei shook Jozy Altidore and Michael Bradley's hands at USMNT camp in January, Chad Marshall introduced Frei as "MLS Cup MVP."
Kevin Bradley is in GS and a minor leaguer. He's also star Michael Bradley's cousin. Here is Kevin's story.
Reminder to always shoot your shot! Michael Bradley tucks it in far post from distance. recap:
Remember my 1st trip to Bradenton some 14 years ago to do series of stories, was 1st time I met Michael Bradley, Freddy Adu, Spector, Gaven
Secretly wishing Bradley will buy me a Michael Kors purse w/ matching wallet😍
Kermit the type of man to keep secret that he picked up Michael Bradley
Congratulations to The Bradley Braves Golf Team on Winning the Texas Tournament, and Michael Mounce being Individual Champion !!!
has seen Michael Bradley set a new U.S.A. international record after earning a 165th cap.
When you bump into Michael Bradley on the ttc you know it's gonna be a good day 🏆
Peter Bradley Adams' the best thing that happened to my playlist so far.
He was like a little Michael Bradley. Alas, we will never know what might have been.
Bradley Beal has a strong case for why he should win the NBA's Most Improved Player Award https…
I'll be honest Michael I don't know if I've done the right or wrong thing but I made a decision and voted.
Here's my review where I try to explain the Michael Clark aesthetic & fail horribly
President Michael D Higgins wasn't the only person to have a chat with Stephen Bradley after win in…
Chicharito been taking hair lessons from Steve Austin, Dr. Evil, Charles Xavier, Michael Bradley, and Lex Luthor lol
that.seems extreme. casting Bradley Cooper over Michael Pena in a romantic comedy perpetuates white supremacy?
The late Ed Bradley knew about the lies said and printed about Michael Jackson.
Fury of firm can't stop clients leaving too, writes Michael Bradley of
On top of the $220 In my Vera Bradley wallet the money in my sisters Michael kors wallet my Steve Madden purse. The list goes on 😒
I'm sitting in the west catholic parking lot waiting for michael & counting the matching Vera Bradley backpacks and lunch bags
Find out where to "hook" the most fish in Cherokee from local fishing champion & Team USA member, Michael Bradley.
Michael Bradley can't overcome the love he has for a girl in a brothel storefront. THE LIGHT OF DAY by Loretta Moor…
Previously-unreleased surveillance footage of Michael Brown sparks protests in Ferguson, Missouri
Once a Blue... 🔵. Michael is looking forward to tonight!
Our Jae flying high at the Otaki pre-season! Great shot Michael Bradley Photography!
I'd rather have that than the complete works of Michael Bublé/Robbie Williams/Bradley Walsh
Traenkle,. Took many risks in the draft including Trea Turner, Michael Bradley, and Zach Greinke. Will be a fun team to watch.
can I get a pic of my genius husband, Dr. Michael Bradley. Always there for his students and family.…
Jae finds Bradley on the fade route...
Kane Bradley Ferguson, precious baby boy of Michael Bradley and Brandi Michelle Ponder Ferguson was born into the...
Larentowicz today, Michael Bradley in Philly last night. Hard Men wearing regular kit with no gloves.
Everyone is healthy in Celticsland; no minutes restriction for Avery Bradley. What the Celtics have endured so far this s…
Michael Bradley reminds that MLS doesn't "hand out awards in March."
Wanted actors and actresses!!!. who wants to act as . justin . calum. luke. michael. tristan. ashton. bradley. manu rios...
Michael J Bradley needs a train ticket out of cloud cuckoo land
seems to be Michael Bradley and riding the youth ship of Pulisic and Nagbe going forward, Zardes and Altidore will get time
Michael, hear Timothy Ray Bradley speak about USANA.. What do YOU think? Dr. Pinto
Check out what former BuLi players Wiliam Kvist, Leroy Sane, Michael Bradley and more are up to this weekend…
Ale, you stood on Michael Bradley today took the sir right from his lungs. Missed PK- Eh... won't beat u up too bad. :)
I just want one of our guys to pull the Michael Bradley "No. I do not f***ing need long sleeves or gloves. Now let'…
Way to cold to wait for autographs but Shawny did snag a photo of Michael Bradley. @ Talen…
GOAL: Justin Morrow scores after a deft Michael Bradley re-start
Landon just said Michael Bradley looks rejuvenated under Bruce . Umm how so? All he does is short backwards passes
Michael Bradley adds to the comments he gave earlier re: Trump. This is much better, though I thought his initial re…
Michael Bradley speaking about current events recently here in the 🇺🇸.
US men's national team captain Michael Bradley adds to his earlier comments on Trump's
US men's national team captain Michael Bradley on Trump's
If Sam Cronin indeed is ranked higher than Michael Bradley, why isn't half of Italy coming in for him?
dawg go to the doctor to check your're saying Michael Bradley is superior to Adam Lallana or Raheem Sterling?
Michael Bradley is doing a Perry Kitchen impression. It is a scientific fact that Kitchen has never been cold.
Michael Bradley out here with multiple giveaways that'd see Lucas hung by his toes from the Shankly Gates
“We all thank Jurgen for his efforts.” . Michael Bradley & reflect on coaching change.
Toronto's central midfield is embarrassing. But I'm sure Michael Bradley will do what he does and blame everyone else but Michael.
When you start Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones, and Timothy Chandler, you deserve to be fired.
"Australia's long, proud tradition of ignoring the Refugee Convention we created" ($) Michael Bradley:…
I want to feel joy like Michael Bradley
well there's perry kitchen there's Geoff Cameron and there's Michael Bradley and Danny Williams...
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United States captain Michael Bradley wears Puma on and off the pitch. Get your Puma gear here!
Nice. Now how much will Michael Bradley cost?
John welcomes former player Michael Bradley today
Goals from Jozy Altidore, Michael Bradley and Jordan Morris, saves from Tim Howard and David Bingham, and Lan...
It's nice to see Tim Howard and Michael Bradley sharing grooming tips.
Happy birthday to 2 of The Undertones Feargal Sharkey & Michael Bradley - a long way from Teenage Kicks!
First it was Dempsey, then Michael Bradley, then Jozy Altidore, then Tim Howard, and now Alexander Bedayo...Like *** is wrong w/ y'all
Michael Bradley appears to be the only TFC player in the central midfield? That could bode well for who thrive when MF thrives.
My three would be Tim Howard, Michael Bradley, and Clint Dempsey.
If 1 Evertonian has put money on us signing Messi we deserve to sign nobody but Michael Bradley and Davor Suker
"Im playing with 10, actually make that 9 men since Michael Bradley is on the field"
Scotty Bradley of Mystic is the son of Princeton coach Scott Bradley and the cousin of U.S. national team soccer player Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley would not start for or play for 75% of PL teams.
Andres Guardado and Michael Bradley feature in our Worst XI. .
England's passing is an uncomfortable combo of Michael Bradley and Everett Golson
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Sanchez was named MVP of ? But what about Guzan? Michael Bradley? Landon Donovan was probably holding out hope for himself.
Besler over brooks? No Fabian? And Michael Bradley, jezz why not start Wondo too! bracing for a long night
Michael Bradley is playing but so is Tim Howard. So I don't even know what's going to happen. No John Brooks? Oh. We lose.
Our expectations of Michael Bradley are just too high. He's just not that good & apparently there are no qualified successors
Chris Wodolowski is awful. Michael Bradley is awful. Dempsey is useful, but old & limited physically. Awful vs meh
Missed this but so cool. captain Michael Bradley wore a rainbow armband for Orlando: https:/…
Read the fascinating story of Michael Bradley's captain's armband:
92+ Michael Bradley steals the ball and finds a way to waste time.
Michael Bradley with lovely hair here
I swear Michael Bradley if you don't stop giving the ball away in your defensive third...
Guess what, friends: People going in Michael Bradley. Granted, that late ball for Brooks was Still:
"oh wow what a terrible giveaway in a dangerous position" *80% of commentators reaction when Michael Bradley is on the ball.*
Michael Bradley always turns the ball over in dangerous areas! We got lucky Ecuador didn't score.
Michael Bradley looks like he used to play for one of the best passing teams in the world (Roma) and can't adjust to this football.
I seriously hate Michael Bradley right now. Will he ever pass a ball forward ever again?
Why is Michael Bradley passing the ball backwards tho? He’s very questionable.
Michael Bradley is the single most useless US soccer player. Ever. Who clears a ball backwards when you have nobody back?
It would be great if Michael Bradley would STOP dropping the ball, especially when ECU is there to pluck it#
Imagine that. Michael Bradley with a horrible ball that almost resulted in a goal for Ecuador. Why is he our captain again?
Michael Bradley just gave the other team a through ball
Michael Bradley has turned the ball over twice as badly as possible. Not one mention of it by the announcers
Michael Bradley giving a through ball for ECUADOR. Nice going Mike.
That was a near perfect through ball Michael Bradley just played for Ecuador.
That was all Michael Bradley's fault. Continues to be completely loose with the ball. Way too many turnovers.
Honest ???...does Michael Bradley know how to move FORWARD with a pass?? Even when we win the ball at half he drops BEHIND it!
Michael Bradley doesn't know how to kick a ball
Theres only two plays Michael Bradley ever makes. Turning the ball over or passing it backwards to the defenders. Why is he on the team?
Every time i see Michael Bradley on the ball, i just wait to see what kind of "amazing" pass he TRIES...
New rule: Don't pass the ball to Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley gives the ball away entirely too much
How many times are we going to let Michael Bradley just give away the ball like a Sunday league bench warmer before we pull him?
Michael Bradley does such a good job of giving the opponents the ball in his half
Someone tell Michael Bradley that giving away the ball in his own third is not a sound winning strategy.
Good to see Michael Bradley put his fire out after giving that ball away. Geoff Cameron, ***
I just wanna see Michael Bradley get kicked in the face by the ball
I do not like Michael Bradley and I never trust him with the ball. Give the captain band back please!
s/o to Michael Bradley for the rainbow captains band
Michael Bradley wears rainbow armband in honor of Orlando shooting victims
Read on Michael Bradley, who will always be the coach's son
Wasn't Alexi Lalas talking about how much he hates the role Jürgen Klinsmann has Michael Bradley play last week? But today he loves it?
Can we give Michael Bradley's brain to Bobby Wood? Or Bobby Wood's body to Michael Bradley. Might be a halfway good player there.
Us should really consider dropping Michael Bradley and throwing Bobby Wood up top
Christine Sinclair and Diana Matheson pulling a Michael Bradley, checking out the pitch before vs Brazil.
Well the U.S. was thought to have had promise, but after seeing Bobby Wood's true colors and Michael Bradley slowly declining, C. Rica -> US
I'm so done with Michael Bradley. He's lost all his creativity and his touch is garbage.
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Michael Bradley is very off tonight
Injuring James Rodriguez may be Michael Bradley's greatest contribution to the in years.
Watch all of your stars in the Brad Guzan, Jermaine Jones, Michael Bradley lead the
Credit to go to past coaches - Eric Elwood, Michael Bradley, Dan McFarland.
what an awful foul by Michael Bradley
Bobby Wood, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Fabian Johnson, Kyle Beckerman, Geoff Cameron, Deandre Yedlin and all of USA. Feel me?
Michael Bradley, Jozy Altidore pairing blossoming with Toronto FC, U.S. team
Steven Gerrard making more money than Andrea Pirlo is hilarious but Michael Bradley making more than both is just sad
Michael Bradley & Will Johnson completed 68 of 74 passes in the 1st half. Johnson: 32 for 32 via htt…
Good discussion today of Frances Cress Welsing/"Isis Papers." On deck for Monday, "The Iceman Inheritance" by Michael Bradley.
Pulisic cant SUCK any more than Michael Bradley and Bradley's the Captain.
"robust in the spine with captain Michael Bradley" Are u nuts? Bradley *** Every where and no where Bradley.
Well done First to find Michael DUFF in our Burnley
"too tall for his body, awkward athlete, no feel." He's just going to read his Shawn Bradley scouting report
bradley cooper news Kelly Ripa prompts Michael Strahan to discuss his divorces on air: Talk ab...
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Dear Lloyd Pettit and Jane Bradley Pettit:. We're sorry about what happened to your gift. Sincerely,. Thinking People Who Love Hockey
I have this backlog of stuff. Reading list. This is great - The story of Teenage Kicks: how a punk classic was born
Landon Donovan, Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, Beasley. Oh, sorry no Messi or Ronaldo yet. That will take cultural change.
bradley cooper news Who is Kelly Ripa's next partner on 'Live'?: Michael Strahan will co-host ...
When a man says Michael Bradley is world class, that should tell you everything about his "expertise"
bradley cooper news Phelps: Don't know if I'm alcoholic: 18-time Olympic gold medalist Michael...
Julian has the solution. Sell both and bring Michael Bradley back
So on my FM15 said Christian Pulisic is the next Michael Bradley . What an insult to Pulisic that is . 😂🙈
Best wishes to club men Mark Minehane , Danial Murray , Michael Veale and Bradley Okadjia who are in this years...
Best of luck to Minnie, Daniel, Michael, Bradley & rest of lads in Brock final this eve...
not using Voyageurs Cup in promotion = Michael Bradley talking about the Canada Cup, whatever that is. ;)
oh I'm sure Michael Bradley knows al about it.
Michael Vick ? Do you see that big picture lol are you tripping
As current RCLN President Bradley Salerno says farewell and goes to RFED, Gen. Michael K. Rier will stay for one month extra then go to RFED
Brinkman scores in an RBI single from "The Cat"!!! Sophomore Michael Bradley in to run for him
"New Line Cinema & De Line Pictures picked up Michael Gunn’s The Virginian last year, with Bradley Cooper circling the role of Washington."
He a DM/CM very similar to Michael Bradley, tbh I think they needs players to complement Giovinco
Bradley Walsh brushes off Michael Barrymore's jibe about that clapping routine
bradley cooper news Will Anderson Cooper replace Michael Strahan on 'Live?': Who is the front runner?
Floyd 4, Brentwood 1. . WP: Marc Labroy. Hunter Kaucky went 3-for-3 with a HR and Michael Bradley went 2-for-3 with a HR
I liked a video from Michael Bradley talks PUMA Tricks and Copa America Centenario
Not sure which is crazier,Klinsmann cutting Landon Donavan or Klinsmann not cutting Michael Bradley.
Michael Bradley's accent is getting as mixed and confusing as Brad Friedel's
It is mind blowing how fast Michael Bradley and Jozy Altidore have regressed since 2014. Maybe something to do with the club they're at.
Exciting news! AIMS welcomes Dr. Michael Bradley to headline our annual Summer Splash event. June 14 @ Central MS in Tinley Park, IL.
Spieth and Day are also previous runners up in Puerto Rico, Spieth lost to Scott Brown, Day beaten by Michael Bradley
Bob/Michael Bradley gets us started with the 2nd half
even sales can only be learned from experience. but read books by Michael Masterson.
Not true, Michael. If Manchester United win 4-1, they go through.
Nice michael Bradley getting some game action today
you get through the tough seasons though. may take a wee while but you will! we're slowly getting over the Michael Bradley era!
australia: Casinos, lock-out laws, and the unravelling of Mike Baird - Michael Bradley
Even Michael Jordan would want Bradley Bannon to shoot the game winner.
Michael Bradley: Teenage Kicks. My Life as an Undertone – book review
Defense is about mentality! You must want to stop them more than they want to score - Michael Jordan
Just heard Michael Crawford on Radio 2 talking about stunt for Sport Relief in Velodrome with Sir Bradley Wiggins P/1
Michael Bradley At Tucson Festival of Books 2016 - A Flower in the Desert - Eighth Annual Event Outstanding...
Column: Clemson's Seth Beer, once compared to Michael Phelps, now compared to Todd Helton, Jackie Bradley Jr.
it's protected by the powers of the Bradley Hockey jersey and priceless horse painting.
The Captain speaks to the media following TFC's first game of the season.
All killer, no filler: The 10 best punk rock singles by
MB: EKU drops two from coaching staff .. assistant coach Michael Bradley and director of basketball operations Trent Angelucca
Dele Alli is a poor man's Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley set to take on new role with Toronto FC
Last call for my interview with b4?asks the tough questions tonight on
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
The 10 best punk rock singles, by The Undertones' Michael Bradley
Check out the SIRENS IN THE NIGHT by on
Michael Brooks was fired as Basketball (W) - Head Coach.
Check out the intriguing SIRENS IN THE NIGHT by on
The 10 best punk rock singles as chosen by
Kate Justice, Michael Bradley of the Undertones Listen to Sophie 2:22 promote
61 Magic Mike Grella faking out Michael Bradley to create something.
Awesome shot of John Wesley by Michael Bradley, Target Audience Magazine. . Taken May 12th 2014 on a night playing...
Read this as "Taylor Twellman replaces Michael Bradley as Pinhead" and was confused.
The idea that Michael Bradley couldn't start over Ashley Westwood or Mark Noble is hard to swallow.
Not only is Michael Bradley a world-class soccer player, he's also a really good ping pong player!
Michael Bradley was oh so close to scoring on a corner kick.
Did Stuart Holden just say Darlington Nagbe would have to beat out Michael Bradley for a starting spot ? that will be tough
Michael Bradley gets his 110th cap today, tying Carlos Bocanegra & Paul Caligiuri for 8th-most in history.
Michael Bradley was the most fielded player in international football with 1669 minutes in 2015.
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Retain Foley and bring in Eddie O'Sullivan for backs, Michael Bradley for defence and big Jim Williams as forwards coach.
Michael Bradley may be part of a revamped Munster coaching team next season:
As soccer grows in the US having a Michael Bradley or Tim Howard sponsorship should have impact for many years. Cheaper too.
Just saw this on Amazon: Iceman Inheritance : Prehistoric Sources of... by Michael Bradley for $14.44 via
SKC News: reflects on 2015 thinks will be Michael Bradley out on loan + Christmas
Can't wait to see the end to Michael Bradley, Jermaine Jones and Kyle Beckerman.
Have a look at my tactics charts: Michael Bradley can't complete simple passes because JK is playing Jones out of position beside him.
Imagine. Imagine Dax McCarty in place of Michael Bradley or Jermaine Jones. Imagine.
I wish more players were like Charlie Davies,Alejandro bedoya,Michael Bradley .Take what you can get in Europe then work your way up
Michael Bradley returns to the lineup after sitting out Wed night with injury. Jozy Altidore suspended. Hercules Gomez on the bench.
the more I watch the less I like Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley serves in a delightful ball to Geoff Cameron. We're even-steven, 1-1.
Michael Bradley and Geoff Cameron combine to get the USA right back in it against Mexico! Watch:
4 hours - Michael Bradley- with 4, has the 2nd most goals v Mexico all time.
These books offer the true depth of color of the contemporary teen experience. -Michael Bradley, Ed.D
Greg Vanney said today he doesn't know if and Michael Bradley will be back for Oct. 14 game vs. (1/2)
Team gets a new captain. Michael Bradley joins the team
torontofc ICYMI - Michael Bradley and JozyAltidore called to for CONCACAF Cup.
ICYMI - Michael Bradley and called to for Cup.
Oh am glad you showed up. Reading "The Secret Societies Handbook" by Michael Bradley so ques for you. "the Hashshasin" T or F?
A warm welcome to Bradley, Beatrice and Hollie who join the cast this week in the roles of Michael and Debbie!
Jozy Altidore, wearing the captain’s armband in Michael Bradley’s absence, received a red card in the first half. [Mlssoccer]
Michael Bradley showed us in the World Cup he can't play the 10! I know someone that can. His name is Jürge…
two things game related- Michael Williams is huge he looks like Optimus Prime. Dion Lewis needs two steps for …
Michael and Bradley will be great Pupil Council and Eco Reps
Michael: I'll have the spaghetti, with a side salad. Waitress: Ok. Michael: If the salad is on top, I send it back.
R.i.p Michael Bradley Finnegan. Rest peacefully to all the victims of 9/11 and all the families effected are in my heart.
Before kickoff, captain Michael Bradley was recognized for his 100th cap which came during the Gold Cup July 7
We're told dropping bombs on Syria fulfils our legal, moral and practical obligations, writes Michael Bradley
Michael Bradley had a poor game against Brazil but is the amount of criticism justified?
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Michael Williams getting his chance with Patriots via
Just remembered Pats now relying on same ex-Eagle who got humiliated by Dez last yr: Bradley Fletcher, scorched again.
God *** This steelers secondary is making Cary Williams and Bradley fletcher look like all pro corners! Smhh.
Michael Williams is ACTIVE for the Patriots tonight, so he should make his NFL debut tonight.
I'm seeing this a day late, but Amen! There's not one. Maybe - maybe Michael Bradley. Def not Demps...
Bradley Cooper, Michael Keaton and Quentin Tarantino to get stars ...
"Jordan goes places Phil would never go." -- on playing with Michael Jordan.
I would take Jonathan dos santos anyday over Michael bradley.
Love the allusion to John McPhee and Bill Bradley.
Sprinting through yesterday’s segments. Noticed a caller demanded that Michael Bradley be dropped. Yeah that’ll fix it.
Corkchess AGM - Incoming Chairman Michael Bradley; Treasurer Steve Short ; Secretary Paul McSweeney.. website will be updated shortly..
Match with Brazil just the tune-up USMNT needs before Mexico clash -
australia: The slippery slope of justifying air strikes in Syria - Michael Bradley
Anyone who thinks the USMNT would be better without Michael Bradley, is delusional...
It's time to beg Landon to come back and cut the worst player in US history Michael Bradley
and little Luc's best buddy, his cousin Evan, who now lives there. Nous t'aimons bebe Evan! h…
I thought you might enjoy these pics of Michael and his family before the game. .
Bradley James in the new movie is all well & good (I'd prefer more but where's Michael? I need Michael! With Selene!
Bradley? Well even the famous Michael Bradley could be easily replaced by Radja Nainggolan. Good riddance.
Tim Howard or Michael Bradley are your best bets but I don't think either would be a guaranteed starter at the top level
Zardes has potential to hit it off. Michael Bradley can definitely make it up there
If Michael Bradley is any indication, we're pretty expressionless.
Roger has a great audience right now..Fallon, JT, Katie Couric, Bradley Cooper, Michael J. Fox, Alec Baldwin.. Who else is here
Someone trying to tell me Lee Nguyen is more creative than Michael Bradley.
Michael Bradley, Jordan Morris added to U.S. roster for Brazil match: United States head coach Jurgen Klinsman...
Michael Bradley, Sean Johnson and Jordan Morris added for Tuesday clash w/Brazil - Besler back w/
Matt Besler, Will Yarbrough to return to clubs; Michael Bradley, Sean Johnson, Jordan Morris into squad.
Michael Bradley: "It puts players in awkward positions, because people think we're the ones making decisions."
Clint Dempsey, Michael Bradley, & Sean Johnson will be added to the roster for Brazil game. William Yarbrough wi…
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