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Michael Bloomberg

Michael Rubens Bloomberg (born February 14, 1942) is the current Mayor of New York City.

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Michael Bloomberg attempts to suppress writing by The Wall Street Journal in hysterical rage over hard yacht directions
Michael Bloomberg has given $75 million to the Shed, an arts center under construction on the Far West Side of New York City.
Costs less than this to get yourself elected mayor of New York (unless you're Michael Bloomberg).
Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope launch ‘Climate of Hope’ at BNEF Global Summit 2017
Somehow wealth has got to former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg's head. He seems to think every African American is his property.
New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg urges world leaders not to follow Pres. Trump's lead on climate change
NEW YORK (AP) — New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg urged world leaders not to follow President Donald Trump'...
Bloomberg to world leaders: Ignore Trump on climate - NEW YORK (AP) -- New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg u...
Michael Bloomberg to world leaders: Ignore Donald Trump on climate
Except Michael Bloomberg would have entered the race as IND. Bloomberg indica…
Everyone forgets Michael Bloomberg, who promised to enter as IND if the general election wer…
I honestly think that unless Trump literally becomes a Michael Bloomberg and alienates his entire base, he'll win reelection.
The demonizing of wealth accumulation continues but wealth via legit means is a wonderful thing. Just ask Michael B…
Every dollar makes a difference. Warren Buffet's remarkable $31 billion pledge or my father's $25 check to the NAAC…
Interesting account of Berlin reaction to snap election "strengthen mandate" argument:
Lawsuit Goes to 11: creators of This is Spinal Tap paid almost nothing
Joe Biden hit Donald Trump in the head, Michael Bloomberg drug the body off stage... And Barack just set it on fire. L…
"putting more women on boards leads to better decisions". Interestingly this was also stated in Michael More's...
There is a misquote circulating about Trump, credited to Michael Bloomberg, Mayor of NYC. He said this :
“Don’t be afraid to assert yourself, have confidence in your abilities and don’t let the *** get you down.” – Michael Bloomberg.
Andrew Cuomo is in the Bullpen for his 2020 Presidential Run. this guy literally a liberal michael bloomberg.
VW gears up to take on Tesla with plans to roll out 4 affordable electric vehicles
Wise words from Michael Bloomberg, an American business magnate, politician, and philanthropist, keep grinding.
Does agree with her boss blaming “95% of murders" on black Americans and thus should be disarmed?
“Massey has far distanced himself from he wrote in Michael Bloomberg for president rather than cast his ballot…
Michael Bloomberg's center of innovation (iZone) misses target: .
An excerpt from Michael Bloomberg and Carl Pope’s new book - released today
Michael Bloomberg says cities must now lead the way on climate change.
Cities must now lead the way on climate change, says
COMING UP: Irish Finance Minister Michael Noonan joins to discuss the Eurozone and Brexit…
Superman isn't coming! We the People CAN tackle with smart clean innovoation
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Opinion: We can win the fight against climate change, with or without Trump, writes Michael Bloomberg
How did Bill Gates, Jeff Bezos, & Michael Bloomberg become billionaires? New book available.
“No place epitomizes the American experience and the American spirit more than New York City.”― Michael Bloomberg
you are a very rare breed: someone under the age of 40 defending Nancy Pelosi & capitalism. You gonna su…
Watch Michael Burke call for a bipartisan infrastructure package:
Michael Bloomberg on How to Succeed in Business ~>
Life is too short to spend your time avoiding failure. -Michael Bloomberg.
Michael Bloomberg is what a looks like... Learn more @
Michael Bloomberg on the practice of separating immigrant children from their mothers:
Michael Bloomberg with moral clarity on DHS proposals to separate families at the border:
Michael Bloomberg, Paris Mayor Anne Hidalgo meet with French Pres Hollande re progress in US, other cities on change.
The French President & Mayor welcomes the former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg who is now a Special Envoy…
US Mayors are ready to lead the fight on & deliver on the
You know how Trump lied about making your healthcare better? He lied about not meeting any Russians too
C40 Chair on the importance of strengthing leadership of cities in the fight against climate change:
All purpose parts banner
In the face of national uncertainty, cities around the world remain strongly committed to the Paris Agreement:
Michael Bloomberg on immigration: Breaking up families is a terrible — and un-American — idea via
Michael Bloomberg may have been the education mayor, but Bill de Blasio is spending a lot more money on it.
Michael Bloomberg, Warren Buffett, Pierre Omidyar, Tom Steyer and Jonathen Soros fund the leftists.
Tony Blair is starting to look like Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of New York City, not Governor of New York state. Thats like Local Govt Chairman. Imagine Dangote as one in Kano
Michael Bloomberg (wants to take away our guns). SMOM Knight of Malta. Media Mogul. Mayor of New York
Forex and the influential hand of regulation | Foreign Exchange, Regulation | Bloomberg Professional
MICHAEL BLOOMBERG : Explore more news and get analytics
Pioneer Wants to Build the Renaissance Machine of the Future
Just schooled myself on Michael Bloomberg and like my mind is blown. Mind you I only knew him as a mayor so...
And the 2 mentioned in the article? Bill Gates and Michael Bloomberg. I thought Republicans were the greedy ones
Mark Carney: businesses must come clean about climate change risks to avoid "tragedy"
Michael Bloomberg financially ruins Harper's in anger over unfunny comic strip
Michael hates He's committing $360 million over next 5 years to curb use in low/middle income countries.
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Michael Bloomberg and Mark Zuckerberg 2 of 8 Wealthiest Men Worth as Much as……
Soros and WHO? I know that Michael Bloomberg, one of the 8 billionaires, now involved in WHO.
Remember that 'Bloomberg Business ' belongs to Michael Bloomberg, a supporter of Obama, Hillary and Obama…
Coal’s recovery too good to resist for world’s biggest exporter | Commodities, Emerging Markets
Strange bedfellows you keep, But i suppose Michael Bloomberg is a handsome feller if you into that st…
This message was brought to you by George Soros
Audio: Michael Lewis interview with discusses CDOs, and his writing career
😦 Bill Gates Yes, Bill Gates really compared Donald Trump to JFK &and said ... ⚡🌟
Bernard Arnault of has knocked Michael Bloomberg off the top ten billionaires list.
You don't need to be an expert in something to try it. ~Michael Bloomberg.
Let's recap the events of the past 12 hours, which saw the pound sliding below $1.20
Bill Gates, Warren Buffett, Mark Zuckerberg, Larry Ellison, Michael Bloomberg and 3 others own more wealth than 3,750,000,000 people.
Trump tells Bild NATO is obsolete, slams Merkel and threatens BMW with 35% import duty
Michael Bloomberg urges the new generation to challenge both market and tradition for a……
What 'expertise' on Trump does Gove have?: Michael Bloomberg: I'm a New Yorker, and I know a con when I see one
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Edelman highlighted how “the emergence of a media echo chamber” that reinforces personal beliefs while shutting...
More MSM gloom and doom from biggest Hillary supporter...Michael Bloomberg.
He's basically just Michael Bloomberg with less class.
8 men, from Bill Gates to Michael Bloomberg, owning as much wealth as 3.6 billion people - Oxfam.
'It's obscene': Eight men own half the world's wealth, says Oxfam study
Michael Bloomberg and Rupert Murdoch are part of the New World Order Illuminati they do not want Donald Trump to deport any illegal aliens.
GREAT ! Now you just need to convince Shannon Watts, Michael Bloomberg, Josh Sugarmann and the rest to STOP LYING!
"What Trump can learn from Michael Bloomberg on conflicts of interest"Errol Louis says all signs -- and a recent p…
we never questioned Michael Bloomberg about his biz dealings.His friend kept on eye on his billion dolla…
I don't think Michael Bloomberg would say that his greatest skill is d...
We can't allow anti-gun ideologues like Michael Bloomberg to buy anti-gun legislation by fooling voters
Clinton team considered Michael Bloomberg, Tim Cook, Bill Gates for VP pick via
Thinking that the bet I put on Michael Bloomberg being president is becoming a long shot!
Clinton considering Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jeff Immelt for Secretary of Energy, Michael Bloomberg for EPA.
Alternate reality me would be too busy at the Michael Bloomberg convention to notice.
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If you don't face setbacks in your career, if you don't have doubts and disappointments, you're not dreaming big enough. - Michael Bloomberg
The World Health Organisation has appointed Michael Bloomberg as ambassador for non-communicable diseases.
Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg has a new gig with the WHO as the organization’s Global Ambassador for Noncommunicable Diseases.
To bad Michael Bloomberg was never a governor of the state of New York. Just Mayor of NYC. What he says is correct though.
The Organisation has appointed former mayor Michael Bloomberg as a health ambassador.
Forgot to mention the rest of my top 5 DNC speeches, Michael Bloomberg and the former Governor of Michigan.
Michael Bloomberg says Trump games visa system to hire foreign workers
Hillary Clinton now has the support of Warren Buffet, Michael Bloomberg, Meg Whitman & Mark Cuban. Donald Trump? Phil…
So in the past week Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, and now Warren Buffett have gone after Trump.
Anyone else notice the only 3 people Trump didn't "retaliate" against is Michael Bloomberg, Mark Cuban, & Warren Buffet?
Warren Buffet and Michael Bloomberg have both endorsed Hillary. If he can't even win the white billionaire demographic, Tru…
"Little" Michael Bloomberg, who never had the guts to run for president, knows nothing about me. His last term as Mayo…
"Little" Michael Bloomberg abused his own ultradox Jews in his state of New York. And run a 3rd term against NY law.
INDEPENDENT VOTERS: Michael Bloomberg's full speech at the 2016 Democratic National Co... via
Here's what you missed last night at the DNC: President Obama, VP Biden, Michael Bloomberg
Progressives don't make common cause with Michael Bloomberg and Leon Panetta. Full stop.
Take it from Michael Bloomberg, Donald Trump is a con man! Unite around Hillary!
lol Michael Bloomberg knows a con man when he sees one, because he is one!
Insane in the Membrane?. . elect a "sane, competent person". real billionaire. Michael Bloomberg. yes is
"Trump says he wants to run the nation like he’s run his business. God help us!” -Michael Bloomberg
Charles Ramsey, Leon Panetta, Michael Bloomberg, Tim Kaine.. I feel like I need a shower after watching this convention
Sort of amazing that Leon Panetta got more static from the audience than Michael Bloomberg.
I met Michael Bloomberg twice when he was Mayor-both times he asked if I could really make a living as a comedian. He mus…
Former NYC mayor Michael Bloomberg makes a case for Clinton you won’t hear from anyone else at this convention
I wonder if Michael Bloomberg will talk about his NYPD program that spied on Muslims in neighborhoods/places of worship wh…
Michael Bloomberg was a complete disaster as mayor of New York! He has no room to talk about Trump!
Michael Bloomberg was originally elected mayor as a Republican, supported GWB at 2004 convention (in NYC), threatened to run…
Michael Bloomberg on Donald Trump: 'I know a con when I see one' via
"Vote for Hillary not for love of Party but for love of country." Thanks, Michael Bloomberg. 12-year mayor of NYC...
Michael Bloomberg is taking a surgical knife to Donald Trump’s inflated ego and it is delicious.
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Michael Bloomberg: "Trump wants to run the nation like he's running his business? God help us!"
De Blasio is speaking at approximately 4:30 pm tomorrow. Michael Bloomberg is delivering the keynote address.
RINO Michael Bloomberg will endorse Clinton during Democratic na" on Tea Party Command Center:
Former mayor Michael to back Clinton, address convention via
Michael Bloomberg endorsing Hillary. Hard to understand. I know he's a liberal but I thought he was a straight shooter.
Michael Bloomberg will endorse Clinton and speak at a Clinton official tells CNN https:…
Michael Bloomberg, 74, was a lifelong Democrat before he switched parties in 2000 to run for New York City mayor as a…
Breaking: Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary Clinton for president
Seeing Donald Trump as a danger, Michael Bloomberg will endorse Hillary Clinton
Michael Bloomberg will endorse Hillary Clinton in a prime-time address at the Democratic convention
⚡️ “Michael Bloomberg will endorse Hillary Clinton at the DNC”.
Michael Bloomberg will endorse Clinton during Democratic national convention
Total *** bag, who started soda tax initiatives - Michael Bloomberg plans to endorse at the .
Michael Bloomberg to endorse Hillary and he's actually worth what he says he's worth. ht…
An honorable man. If you're appalled by Trump but won't endorse HRC, you share blame for potential disaster.
Respect to Republicans crossing party lines to endorse/vote for Clinton. That's actually putting America first.
Source: Michael Bloomberg will endorse Clinton and speak at the convention
Dismayed by Donald Trump, Michael Bloomberg is expected to endorse Hillary Clinton this week
Hillary Clinton keeps Michael Bloomberg, who set up a police state targeting nonwhite people, as a close confidante and fri…
Fantastic. We need more of this. N.B.A. Lends Its Name and Its Stars to Campaign Against Gun Violence
You massage Michael Bloomberg's shoulders at night? Sure seem to have adopted much of his language. Scary!
Mike Milken...just your average hedge fund investor:
Mike Regan: Michael Milken is just your average hedge fund investor
What are you doing in town? ;-). —And why are you visiting Michael Bloomberg?
THIRD PARTY PRESIDENT POLLS with Michael Bloomberg. For whom would you vote to be the 45th President of the US?
Michael Bloomberg's dream is alive in Philadelphia: The Pennsylvania city just became the first in the nation to enact a tax on sodas...
No policy takes more direct aim at obesity and poverty than sugary drink tax:
Michael Bloomberg attempts to smother Time Magazine in hysterical rage over unfunny comic strip.
Philadelphia's new soda tax is a significant step for that can inspire other leaders to take action:
Philadelphia Passes Tax on Sugar Sweetened Beverages via Thank you Mayor Jim Kenney for your courage!
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Congrats to Philadelphia’s city council and Mayor for standing up to the beverage industry.
advice Warren Buffett, Jillian Michaels and Michael Bloomberg would give as your mentors via
Advice for small business success from Warren Buffett, Jack Dorsey and Michael Bloomberg...
・・・. CEO of Bloomberg LP and former mayor of New York City, Michael Bloomberg addressed the…
Gun-grabbing billionaires like Michael Bloomberg and George Soros are sparing no expense to obliterate our Second Amendment rights.
They're rich, and the rich are destroying America! Some other of the worst offenders are: Mark Zuckerberg, Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg: Leaving Europe is a risk the UK shouldn't take vía
Michael Bloomberg, former Mayor of New York City, and founder of Bloomberg LP, being interviewed at ICI GMM 2016.1
Stop coddling intolerance for controversial ideas on campus, Michael Bloomberg and Charles Koch write in
Charles Koch and Michael Bloomberg agree on this: Seth Waxman and Ted Olson agree on this:
Michael Bloomberg: Why Safe Spaces Are Terrible Mistakes— Great speech by one of our age's independent thinkers
A real battle being fought in Indonesia against Big That man Michael Bloomberg gets some of the credit.
Thank you, Michael Bloomberg, for standing up against "safe spaces" via
Michael Bloomberg: "An open mind is the most valuable asset you can possess"
I call it the Michael Bloomberg tax. And I agree with Bernie, this is wrong. Soda should not be a sin tax!
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I’d like to add two: Rahm Emanuel and Michael Bloomberg! Other suggestions invited! April 24, 2016 at 09:01AM
A message from Michael Bloomberg and the Bloomberg Philanthropies.
Amazing how different Charlie's tone is with Bernie Sanders versus Michael Bloomberg (last time he was on). I wonder why?
Michael Bloomberg & other philanthropists are donating $125 million for cancer research:
Trump also praised gun-grabbing mayor of New York, Michael Bloomberg as recently as 2012:
Former New York mayor and financial data baron Michael Bloomberg is leadin… via
Michael Bloomberg and others pledge $125 million to Johns Hopkins University to fight cancer
A formidable group, led by billionaire Michael Bloomberg, is pushing for more transparency.
.and Michael Bloomberg unveil Hopkins cancer research center
Sheldon Adelson, George Soros, Penny Pritzger,Michael Bloomberg,Paul Singer have bought r leaders and don't represent us
Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg says he will not run in the US presidential election.
"A political consultant who stole $750k from Michael Bloomberg's 2009 campaign has joinedTrump's team in New York" https:…
SEC primary update: Mark Cuban wants to see fellow billionaire Michael Bloomberg run for...
Michael Bloomberg is a true inspiration. I love this guys attitude towards life! What an amazing role model:
For the Record: Less popular than Clinton and Trump: Michael Bloomberg isn't running a third-party candidacy, ...
The only adult left on the American right, Michael Bloomberg, has ruled out a run at president
Michael Bloomberg decides not to run for POTUS...when was Mike even a contender or a relevant issue? *** off
BREAKING: Michael Bloomberg, billionaire former three-term mayor of New York City, has decided against mounting a 3rd-part…
When someone who lives in NYC says they want Michael Bloomberg back they mean they want illegal stop-and-frisk & homeless p…
In the 2016 election, Michael Bloomberg sees a risk too high to take via
‘I could not win': Michael Bloomberg rules out a presidential run
Former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg says he won't run for president: 'It's clear to me ... I could not win.'
George Bush,Rupert Murdoch,head of the CIA,Tony Blair,Michael Bloomberg,Queen of Egland.All members of Kinghts of Malta.
Michael Bloomberg (former mayor of New York City) may run as an independent who could actually do well in the polls
Would you like to see Former Mayor of NYC Michael Bloomberg mount a run for the Oval Office?
Poll out shows a Michael Bloomberg candidacy would help Republicans. Remember Ralph Nader in 2000? He put Bush in the White House.
Did you know that Michael Bloomberg the former New York City mayor is Jewish
Michael Bloomberg would expand amount of H-1B visas to the US, as would Sanders and Clinton; Cr...
We need Michael Bloomberg for his competence and values. Dave us from the R & D lightweights.
Michael Bloomberg,Nick Hanauer,Paul Allen,& Bill Gates should be allocating more of their billions to heart disease research,cancer research
Michael Bloomberg 'spent $650 million of own money' as New York mayor - via
Dr James, is there a case for her being told stand aside for Michael Bloomberg even though he not democrat, better than Bernie!
In Vegas right now, there are higher odds for Mitt Romney, Michael Bloomberg, and Paul Ryan becoming the nominee than Ben …
so as long as you register Dem you're authentic? Like Zell Miller or Michael Bloomberg?
(Reuters) - Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire former mayor of New York City, said he is considering running for U.S. president in 2016,
Michael Dell, Michael Bloomberg, Dell executives and customers discuss innovation and being future-ready
Michael Bloomberg could be the one to stop Trump: Wells: Former New York City mayor Michael Bloomberg is consi...
Would Wall St. prefer Michael Bloomberg in the presidential race? We discuss, watch:
Jackie Mason: Why doesn't anti-gun Michael Bloomberg use rabbis with pastrami sandwiches as his bodyguards?
No need to wait . Announce your candidacy! . Michael Bloomberg, now is the time to jump in ht…
Michael Bloomberg would be the shortest president since William McKinley. Either Bloomberg or Sanders would be the oldest ever elected…
Really hoping Michael Bloomberg joins the race now though I think Howard Stern or George Clooney would also spice things up as candidates
Standby for Michael Bloomberg campaign.oh my.
I suspect Joe Biden will be watching New Hampshire result with regrets, and Michael Bloomberg with anticipation.
Michael Bloomberg confirms: I'm thinking about starting a new american communist party.
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Michael Bloomberg said cities should ban young minority males from owning guns, both as an effort to reduce crime and to keep males “alive.”
Want more Eminent Domain? Extensions to Term Limits or a Political Musical Chairs candidate? - Then support Michael Bloomberg. for President
Potential presidential candidates Howard Schultz and Michael Bloomberg just characters apart on that page
Michael Bloomberg confirms: I'm thinking about running for president
Michael Bloomberg may not have Donald Trump’s swagger; he could buy and sell him for lunch https:…
Debbie Wasserman Schultz: I think Michael Bloomberg will find he doesn't need t...
I propose a $10 fee on every gun background check to be paid by Charles Schumer, Barack Obama, and Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg is ALL IN to strip away your Second Amendment Rights! Are you ALL IN to stop him?
Maybe John Hickenlooper can resign and run with Michael Bloomberg on their Gun Control platform?.
Former Obama senior advisor Dan Pfeiffer reacts to reports that Michael Bloomberg is considering a presidential run and d…
Replacements for Trump who would still give Fox great ratings: . -Megyn Kelly. -Jim Gilmore. -Michael Bloomberg. -El Bloombito. -James Woods
Jennifer Rubin - Michael Bloomberg. Hmm..we can see the anti-nationalist connecting wire b/w you two.
if it's Sanders vs. Trump or Cruz, Michael Bloomberg might become the 1st non Democrat or Republican President since Millard Fillmore(13th)
And there's not enough Purell in the world for Michael Bloomberg to work the crowd at the North Carolina State Fair
New York's billionaire former mayor Michael Bloomberg might run for president in 2016:
Michael Bloomberg gave us Rick Snyder who gave Flint lead in their water. You've been generous enough, Mike.
Michael Bloomberg on starting a business during tough economic times (1982) Michael Bloomberg, Former Mayor of New York City, is Considering Presidential Run - Music Tim...
Michael Bloomberg showed up for jury duty, he was not chosen however
I Just heard on 710 WOR in new your that Michael Bloomberg former mayor NYC is thinking about running third party. Hired pollsters.
Rudy Giuliani was a better NYC mayor than Michael Bloomberg! And would be a much better Potus than Bloomberg!
Michael Bloomberg: NRA used to support more background checks
Why haven't the Feds rounded up Michael Bloomberg and Shannon Watts?
And I recommend he go back to Cuba where he came from - and take Shannon Watts, Loretta Lynch, and Michael Bloomberg with him.
de Blasio enjoys comical roast from Michael Bloomberg at Al Smith Dinner -
I like Michael Bloomberg good mayor and good business man
Michael Bloomberg is very much back at via
Lady Gaga & NYC ex-Mayor, Michael Bloomberg, pressed the button to drop the Time Square Ball at New Year's Eve 2012.
NBA stars join forces with Spike Lee, Michael Bloomberg to end gun violence:
This week the president met with Michael Bloomberg, former NYC mayor and gun control proponent. As the president...
Obama meets with Michael Bloomberg about gun violence via /r/worldnews
Governor Mark Carney appoints Michael Bloomberg to head a new Financial Stability Board
"Philip Morris banned smoking in their offices. I don't think you have to say anything else." - Michael Bloomberg, in Paris.
"Philip Morris banned smoking in their offices" - Michael Bloomberg on fossil fuel company strategies
Oh, are we going down that path? My favorites from Michael Bloomberg, a former NYC mayor: boo-dega, recLuse.
Chris Christie just spoke that we need less gun in this country, but sort of endorsed Michael Bloomberg as mayor. How?
Michael Bloomberg, Hank Paulson Tim Geithner said to participate in yuan working group:.
What can we do to help Chris fight Michael Bloomberg and the INDEPENDENCE USA PAC ?
Christiane Amanpour just said Michael Bloomberg was mayor of New York during 9/11.
Michael Bloomberg pokes fun at Mayor de Blasio in revenge - New York Daily News
Gun-grabbers’ like BILLIONAIRE anti-gun activist Michael Bloomberg and George Soros want to crush your second amendments righ…
is owned by former mayor of The Big Apple (New York City),Michael Bloomberg.
Outsider candidate= A democrat running as a republican because Michael Bloomberg told him to in a business deal.
Michael Bloomberg slams significant tobacco: &individuals consider to get rid of…
Michael Bloomberg slams big tobacco: 'These people try to kill for their own profits'
Order Miche Bag Online!
NRA and Michael Bloomberg square off over guns. So who's winning? - LA Times
Things are going to "come a cropper" -- Mike Moritz on the fate of unicorns
.Michael Moritz: Venture capital is "high-risk poker"
Use your influence to get Michael Bloomberg in there, Josh.
Kick Eli Broad in the shins. Blow a raspberry when Michael Bloomberg walks into the room. Love bioinformatics.
How Ray Dalio runs his hedge fund. A conversation with him and Michael Bloomberg
Michael Bloomberg is running ads against our PWC Republican candidates. Yet another reason to phone bank, door knock and vote!
That sentence makes no sense at all. Bloomberg Friday night staff.
There are no Jedi mind tricks in this week's news quiz: (Michael Nagle/Bloomberg/Getty)
Our NEW ad responding to Michael Bloomberg’s attempt to buy a Senate seat is out!
So there is a chance that Michael Bloomberg might run as an independent ?. *Gets out popcorn*
Joe Biden isn't running for president. And neither is Michael Bloomberg:
Michael Bloomberg slams big tobacco - Business Insider
Michael Bloomberg says big tobacco preys on the world's poor
Back to business: Michael Bloomberg via /r/business
Top story: Back to business: Michael Bloomberg - see more
Criminal trial begins of 2 ex brokers at Michael Spencer's for alleged Libor rigging
Winkler is Editor-in-Chief Emeritus of Bloomberg News, the global news service he founded with Michael Bloomberg in 19…
Looks like Michael Bloomberg's soda tax isn't making it to Washington
I communicate like Steve Jobs and Michael Bloomberg. What about YOU? » via
Q&A with Bloomberg Businessweek incoming editor Ellen *** on her predecessor, Michael Bloomberg's return, ...
As I keep seeing, with mounting dread, what the clown car of G.O.P. candidates blab, I keep wishing Michael Bloomberg was in the race.
Michael Bloomberg on CAGW: "Don't argue about whether it's true or not, just if it's possibly true, take precautions"
Weekly Round-Up: Bloomberg BNA Q&A With Michael Fatale of the Massachusetts Department of Revenue: In this wee...
By Michael R. Bloomberg and Margaret Chan:. "For the first time, the global sustainable-development goals being...
Michael Bloomberg-backed Everytown for Gun Safety called on President Barack Obama to take executive action in... http…
The top three places for afternoon tea in London by -my mate Vinesy and a pastry chef
Michael Bloomberg will not be a good president. NRA are you paying attention? Bloomberg for president is a Bad Idea!
Michael Bloomberg takes climate fight to cities:
Words to live by from Michael Bloomberg: "I am not smarter than anybody else but I can out work you."
Report that Michael Bloomberg is Thinking Seriously of Running for President as an Independent
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