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Michael Bay

Michael Benjamin Bay (born February 17, 1965) is an American film director and producer.

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Based on the way Julie White is behaving after having weed, I don't think Michael Bay has ever had weed in his life.
Imagine if it were Michael Bay instead of Mann...
Michael Bay got to make a fifth Transformers, but Nicole Kidman & Sandra Bullock only got to make one Practical Magic.…
See, Michael Bay is smart. He pumps out TRANSFORMERS movies to make bank then does stuff he actually wants to do, 13 HOURS…
Anthony Hopkins just compared Michael Bay to Martin Scorsese -> pass the pipe please
I'd agree with Hopkins if and only if Michael Bay gave me a job
Hack directors. Michael Bay. Zack Snyder. Shane Black. more to come...
As long as its kept away from Paul W. Anderson, Michael Bay & Uwe Boll.
Anthony Hopkins Co-starring with Marky Mark Walberg in a Michael Bay movie. I quit.
Broken Flowers, starring Clive Owen and Tobey Maguire. Directed by Michael Bay, music by Slipknot. Budget: $100,000
This picture looks like Tim Farron has just saved the earth from a giant asteroid in the worst Michael Bay film ever https:/…
Snakes on a Plane, starring Tom Waits and Kevin Durand. Directed by Michael Bay, music by Pitbull. Budget: $200m
~A guy walks into a bar~. Guy: Why are you narrating my actions?. Morgan freeman:. Guy: . Matthew McConaughey: Alright. Directed by Michael Bay
As it is, the worst thing to happen to Michael Bay was success, as it gave him…
Michael Bay's entire career are crappy blockbusters
Like having Michael Bay direct a trailer for an Ang Lee movie.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Mystery Men is the only film in existence that unites Pras, Dane Cook, Lena Olin, and Michael Bay. Just FYI.
Anthony Hopkins has stated that he thinks 'Transformers' director, Michael Bay, is a genius in…
Michael Bay's new three-hour action epic pits Glenn Beck convulsively vomiting as a brood of crab spiders hatches in his brain and...
Tokyo Drift was fun but after the plots and Michael Bay explosion trope every 2 seconds. Just... no
Cool profile of how Michael Bay champions the theater experience With Transformers 5 and
Michael Bay saying he is done with Transformers and meaning it this time. It seems like a pretty long shot at this point.
Michael Bay hypes massive scale of at
hey man if Michael Bay would have directed Medellin it would have been a hit, screw Billy Walsh
have you ever thought of doing everything wrong with The Island... I mean its Michael Bay! There's got to be lots wrong with it!
Roland Emmerick made Michael Bay look like David Fincher with Independence Day Regurgance
Contact Music - Michael Bay calls police over intruder fears
I hear Whoopie Goldberg is attached to Godzilla is a Turtle - directed by Michael Bay and written by "somebody on Reddit"
Wrote a new History of Violence on The Rock, the only good movie that Michael Bay has ever made/will ever make:
Strong agree. 'The Rock' is great and Michael Bay's only good movie.
I like AAA games that are not trying to be Michael Bay flicks, just hoping trailer is a false positive
"The Rock is Michael Bay's only really good movie" is a correct opinion from
A History Of Violence: Cage and Connery bust into The Rock, the one good movie Michael Bay ever gave us…
Yeah. I'd rather Michael Bay not join the DCEU.
Directed by Michael Bay from a script by Richard Curtis, with "additional dialog" (read: Americanization) by David…
Peter Berg's Deepwater Horizon has a serious tone, not your typical disaster film *ahem Michael Bay*; a technically…
📷 Movies 2017 - 39. Transformers: Dark of the Moon (written by Ehren Kruger; directed by Michael Bay)...
Note to Warner Bros. Let Michael Bay direct the Batman movie. The bat mobile transforms and the Joker becomes a giant r…
.is turning Michael Bay's 'Armageddon' in to a roadmap. Rockets, Asteroid mining, and now Tunnel boring.
Roland Emmerich makes the silliest movies ever. Except for Michael Bay.
Maybe Tyler Perry and Michael Bay should get together and make a Madea/Transformers mashup to get both of their annual movies out of the way
Speak Like a Pro: How to Prevent Panic (5 Takeaways from Michael Bay's Freak-out) -
Michael Bay to produce movie about Trump-like dystopian America – Hot Air
Never thought I'd be applying Aristotle's Poetics to Michael Bay movies in class.
Michael Bay backed 'Little America' Script picked up by Universal
Michael Bay making disaster movie about Trump-like president whose China trade war bankrupts U.S.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
idk probably directed by Michael Bay
look, if we go too far we have a Michael Bay movie. We need to add some drama...How can we tie the Stranger in?
New Hollywood CRAP movie about Trump-like dystopian America... via
We’re live, discussing Michael Bay’s Trump film and the late Mary Tyler Moore
MICHAEL BAY producing action movie set in "TRUMP-like" America!
Michael Bennett says he never wanted to leave the
I wouldn't trust Michael Bay with anything TBH
Michael Bay to produce dystopian film with Donald Trump-like President who bankrupts America via
Was that man Michael Bay? Was he shouting "YOU NEED A WITWICKY, CURSE YOUR EYES" at the time?
Former DE Michael Bennett says he never wanted to leave Tampa Bay
Top things to do in Tampa Bay for Jan. 27
This isn't the official site for transformers, you just posted that TF5 trailer as Michael bay sent it out, you just go on his site to look.
If Michael Bay has taught us anything, and I'd like to think he has, I'm fairly certain Bruce Willis and Ben Affleck are on it.
Who needs a movie? Haven't we just lived through this already?.
New Michael Bay movie will show America in ruins in the aftermath of Trump-esque president.
Electronic Device Insurance
Michael Bay to point camera out window
unfair. There’s a vastly greater chance Michael Bay will make a great movie than Trump will make a great P…
Whoever says Michael Bay doesn't shoot coherent action needs to be shunned and ignored.
I think Michael Bay is directing the slowmo cam that keeps catching Russell Wilson's "I look super high" face
It's kind of like Straight Outta Compton but with Michael Bay sound effects and a little less sexual tension.
Did I just watch a darker&grittier Michael Bay-influenced trailer for a Cars sequel ripping off Rocky Balboa? Pixar, that's a shark jump.
Also...Michael Bay's spirit animal is an oceanic whitetip shark. It had to be said.
You were Awesome in Hudson Hawk. Much better than Michael Bay's Armageddon!
Ridley Scott, Alfonso Cuaron, and David Fincher all know how to use special effects, IMO ... Michael Bay, Zack Snyder, and Tim Burton don't
2016, written by George RR Martin and directed by Michael Bay and produced by Zach Snyder.
Trailer: Optimus Prime goes dark in the new teaser to Michael Bay's
I just hope in 5 years when they do reboot it, I pray they keep Michael Bay's cold unfeeling executive producer hands away from it
Transformers The Last Knight is actually the last Transformers movie for Michael Bay.
Michael Bay directs this flick about an alien invasion of Killer Clowns on Christmas Day.
the Michael Bay signature edition. Every button has a 3 second sound effect…every movement has a st…
is an amazing art-house film. Pass it on. "These are art films with Michael Bay budgets" .
Nicholas Winding Refn and Terrance Malick are both FAR worse directors and storytellers than Michael Bay and George Lucas. THERE! I SAID IT!
Michael Bay is just Uwe Boll with a budget.
Has this person not seen a Michael Bay movie?
I have faith since it's not a Michael Bay or Roland Emmerich production but I still don't think it's necessary.
What do they mean by hollywood level? Michael Bay and Nolan both belong to Hollywood and both use superior technologies.
It's not a Michael Bay movie, it's theatre. Shakespeare, Moliere, even Gilbert and Sullivan had political themes
'Man of Steel 2' officially in production. Will be directed by Michael Bay. David S. Goyer in talks to write
Seriously though, over sell Bryan Cranston's involvement and then give us a horrible, Michael Bay-esque storyline after? . Crying
It might sound odd, but I want to thank Michael Bay because he's been saying how important
Michael Bay may be a bit dim. Winston Churchill would be 😃 at the thought of giant robots rampaging thru Blenheim. Really?
Michael Bay: Jesus! Put some commas in his lines! . Shia LaBeouf Script Writer: I did! I put commas, ellipsis and huge spaces!…
Nobody really knows but Michael Bay and the Execs at Paramount Pictures do
Personally I think Michael Bay may have finally lost his ever-lovin’ mind making Transformers 5.
Michael Bay directed music videos before they let him make a movie, millions of dollars is a big investment
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Coming to a theater near you next summer from Jerry Bruckheimer and Michael Bay...
Hitler ties into the story of Transformers 5. That's 2 things Michael Bay is doing right.
I think this got his news from that Michael bay movie
There's going to be Nazis in the new Transformers movie omfg Michael Bay is outdoing himself
Sir Nicholas Soames continues to exercise good judgement
I tell you what Churchill would say, "Never has so few films given so little entertainment to so many."
Michael Bay defends covering Churchill's birthplace in Nazi flags. Says he would "Smile" about it…
Michael Bay defends turning Winston Churchill's home into Nazi base for Transformers 5
🚀. "You are a lot smarter than you look.". "That's what Michael Bay told me.". 😂😂😂😂.
Memories. A must read from The 30 most important Bay Area restaurants of the last 30 years. #
Imagine locking Michael Bay in a room & making him watch a 10 hr loop of this!
Michael Bay is fighting fire with gasoline
Michael Bay: 'Churchill would be smiling' about Transformers 5
THE PURGE: ELECTION YEAR grossed more domestically in 2016 than new films by Steven Spielberg, Todd Phillips, Michael Bay,…
tfw a Tory is actually right for a change | Churchill's grandson: Transformers 5 fallout is 'dismal, idiotic,'
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
The greater crimes Michael Bay has committed against at large, & my childhood more specifically, must be sto…
Transformers 5: Director Michael Bay Comments on Nazi Flag Controversy: The next Transformers movie is curren...
The worst filmmaker on the planet. Michael Bay turned Churchill's home into Hitler HQ for ”Transformers 5.“
Michael Bay thought it was a good idea to put Nazzi flags on Winston Churchill's ancestral home?
Michael Bay covered Winston Churchill's home in Nazi flags for "Transformers 5"
out of those choices, watchmen should be made into a tv show. That movie was Zack Snyder's equivalent of a Michael Bay movie
Zack Snyder is like if Michael Bay wandered into a Hot Topic and was inspired by the baubles.
DCEU fans talks about Snyder like if he is some kind of modern Andrei Tarkovsky, he's barely in the same tier of Michael Bay
After watching a few interviews of Zack Snyder I've realized he's just a pretentious version of Michael Bay. . All spectacle. . No substance.
If the Bible was turned into a movie Quintin Tarantino would direct Job and Michael Bay would direct Revelations
Movies directed by Woody Allen, Michael Bay, or Sofia Coppola >>
John McTiernan, Michael Bay, Steven Spielberg, are you guys taking notes?
Looking forward to Michael Bay's film 49 Seconds, a tale of heroic courage in the face of floodwaters & low poll num…
Jeremy Renner: "a hybrid of a Stanley and Steven Spielberg movie, and not a 'big Michael Bay alien movie'."
Sincerely they should ask Michael Bay to do Suicide Squad sequel. Or F Gary Gray
Michael Bay, Snyder, Shymalan, Tyler Perry & Adam Sandler form the Suicide Squad of Filmmakers. "Worst. Films. Ever." is the tag line.
1st prize in the Cruise Most Annoying Baby Contest goes to Michael Bay. 2nd place is Danny Dyer.
at this point you can't make this stuff up... Dude is cornier than a Lionel Ritchie song in a Michael Bay movie
Michael Bay will get an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay
Stephen Sommers, Louis Leterrier and David Yates were considered to direct this film before Michael Bay
The latest footage from the 5 set proves Michael Bay really likes explosions.
No, that's Michael Bay's fault. Possibly writer Chuck Hogan as well, but Bay doesn't really follow scripts.
Michael Bay's 13 Hours is so factually incorrect I am now question if Pearl Harbor was actually bombed.
Illumination are basically the Michael Bay of animated movies.
Today is Robert Atkins' Birthday!!! Hope you have a Michael Bay explosion level birthday!
Pretty sure Michael Bay was the DOP / Director of that video judging by the amount of lense flare
Michael Bay unveils Drift’s new look for Transformers: The Last Knight as Santiago Cabrera joins cast
You mean a world without Michael Bay or Zack Snyder movies?
Michael Bay has nothing on my boy Zach Snyder.
I cannot believe that Zack Snyder, Michael Bay and Joss Whedon were in the same class at film school.
Snyder got hate that even Michael Bay doesn't get.
Michael Bay is cheering from the edge of the field.
Unfortunately yes. Roland Emmerich is the Michael Bay of destroying planet earth in cinema.
"It's like if Roland Emmerich and Michael Bay had a baby and it was another Roland Emmerich."
The big Justice League announcement later will be that Snyder is replaced by either Michael Bay,Brett Ratner or Josh Trank.
Michael Bay wields the same strengths as Griffith, Ford and Lang
The official title for Michael Bay's Transformers 5 has been revealed
That new Michael Bay show on TNT reminds me of a Harry Potter fanfic I read once.
A taste of the bloody ridiculousness & a Michael Bay-style shot of Deputy Doyle cuz he IS the LAW
Everytime I think about it. I keep thinking Planet Of The Apes is Michael Bay. But unbelievably its Tim Burton O_o
The movie definitely comes from the Michael Bay school of producing. Their motto is "whatever, people will see it."
also if hearing War by Edwin Starr in a Michael Bay film is not the most ironic thing ever I don't know what is
Michael Bay be the most testosterone filled director ever
Michael Bay my favourite director. He gets it. He knows why we're here. He doesn't kid himself. People are stupid & films are stupid.
Scott Patterson gab: snaps at waitresses. Drink every time he says Michael Bay.
Michael Bay proving once again he's the worst film director this world has ever seen. How on earth is he still making movies is beyond me.
First time director did this one. Give it a chance, Michael Bay is just a producer. :)
If anything I want a Twilight remake with Michael Bay as the director, imagine that weird *** movie.
Kate Beckinsale was talking about director Michael Bay. It's somewhere in here:
why did we agree to guest director Michael Bay?
when I hear Michael Bay is the director
Kate Beckinsale reveals director Michael Bay body-shamed her...
Reading an article that says "self-described 'director' Michael Bay" is the greatest thing ever. Nicely done,
Strangely fascinated by Michael Bay's production logo. I mean, there's gotta be a nipple in there somewhere, right?
From director Michael Bay, 13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Benghazi is the gripping true story of six elite...
"Bro...bro...bro...Michael Bay is the best director working right now."
V. disturbing anecdote from Megan Fox on director Michael Bay:
I assume this cockroach firing a cannon on its back is test footage for Michael Bay's "A Bug's Life" reboot.
Fantastic news.Johnny Depp, Bill Cosby, and OJ Simpson have all expressed interest in Too Many Tractors and Michael Bay wants to direct
Further proof that Michael Bay is certifiably insane.
John Krasinski will play Jack Ryan in a Michael Bay-produced Amazon...
Megan Fox's audition was going to Michael Bay's home to wash his Ferrari while he filmed her. Footage is "lost".
Ugh. Megan Fox has expressed interest in playing Kitana in any MK movies. I guess that will be directed by Michael Bay now?
Michael Bay. The Kirk Douglas character would be a CGI dog, and the sad song the tavern girl sings at the end would be Smashmouth.
Friendly reminder: Michael Bay made a movie in the Criterion Collection and you didn't.
- George Lucas and Michael Bay. And the guys on the side of film are Scorsese and Nolan
I'll also allow Michael Bay to use it as a Shredder pun in future TMNT films for the small price of $1,000,000.
As you wish. I'll talk to Michael Bay about that 2001 remake with Gilbert Gottfried as HAL.
DEFCON 4 [LIQUIDITY EVENT] Wardrobe malfunction: Michael Bay coming in hot by 6 hours.
Michael Bay is where all the boats go to explode.
THE ISLAND was a huge get at the time as Scarlett was red-hot and Michael Bay was still respected.
Every single trailer for the TMNT sequel has the bit with Megan Fox's bared midriff and her chest. Typical Michael Bay.
[PICTURE] Alycia and Eliza with Michael Beach (via mikeabeach on instagram)
New Europe: How to protect your from threats. Register. https:/…
You could even argue that Michael Bay is a smarter director, because at least he knows his specialty is a big dumb action movie
he's all like "art is the beauty of instant explosions" like aight Michael Bay
[Video] Upcoming season of House Hunters to be directed by Michael Bay, says HGTV rep
Director Michael Bay has passed away. His last request was to have his ashes scattered
During the time it took you to read this Michael Bay made 6 more Transformer movies.
I fear Paul Feig may have destroyed more than Michael Bay did
As if Michael Bay went in to my mums shop today! 😱
This is only a problem bc Michael Bay directs the Transformers movies.
OK, but when Michael Bay is slated to direct Popples, I'm going to destroy this planet.
Michael Bay's hologram produces another book of Revelation
Michael Bay quits Samsung's press conference via
I saw the movie "Angry Birds" Michael Bay. The symbolism is uncanny.
Finals Exhaustion Levels(3):. 8 Total loss of hope and/or bowel control. 9 Third eye opens to 7th dimension. 10 Michael Bay…
Moral Combat: Good and Evil in World War II - Michael Burleigh on AudioBook Bay
Sorry to hear this Michael, please reach out to our product support team at:. ~JH
Also, who doesn't like warfare like that? Tanks and jets and flares and explosions its like a Michael Bay game.
Michael Bay announces he's directing several movie adaptations. Including "Snorks," "Thundercats," and "M.A.S.K."
I absolutely can't wait for Season 3 premiere! Who knew Michael Bay can produce a show this good!
I think a new TMNT movie directed by Michael Bay was at the very bottom of everyone's wishlist.
They let Michael Bay take a Taco Bell squirt all over 'Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles', but female Ghostbusters? That does it!
Michael Bay vs M.Night Shyamalan, who's the worst?
I think Ninja Turtles may be the Michael Bayiest Michael Bay film ever and I'm ok with that. Gonna turn my brain to off and enjoy my popcorn
They don't seem to have the same edginess as the first film, plus all Michael Bay stuff looks & sounds the same 😞
Can the New York battle in Avengers be entirely remade and reshot by Michael Bay please?
This weekend ill be operating one camera and will be taking charge of the other camera. Michael Bay eat your heart out ))
Forget Michael Bay and Zak Snyder, Stan Lee rules them all.
Bryan singer trying to do a cb Michael bay sia
I woke up drenched in sweat because i had a dream that michael bay was trying to do things to me i hate that ***
Kinda changing the point since I'm not a movie critic. Plus - pretty sure that's Michael Bay's whole thing.
Click the player for explosions not associated with Michael Bay Kappa Come hang out :D
Police search for Thunder Bay woman last seen at Sleeping Giant Lookout Trail
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
Michael Bay also did the 2009 Friday the 13th
Bad Boys, Bad Boys what you gonna Do. .. Michael Bay wo???
If Michael bay directed it I don't want to see it
No offense Jurassic World, but when a freaking Michael Bay Transformers film has feathered dinosaurs & you ...
The Thing, starring Tom Hardy and Liam Neeson. Directed by Michael Bay, music by Matt Bellamy. Budget: $50,000
hehehe i´d be like, yeah sure, but it doesnt feel at all like fast 1 -4 now this movies are Michael bay´s fleshlight
Yep Thomas is a transformer right now thanks to Michael Bay. :P
Our guide Shamoi and driver Michael guiding us to Two Foot Bay Cave
If Trump gets elected, it'll turn into a Michael Bay film.
as an ISLAND defender, I must resist he temptation to brand this milk advert from 1993 as Michael Bay's finest hour.
"Michael Bay looks like Evil Todd Howard" is one of my top 10 favorite observations ever
Michael Bay to develop biopic on drone warfare fighter
Nah, get 'em a Ford Pinto. Choice car of Michael Bay.
Michael Bay just ruined Casey Jones. Christopher Nolan should of done the turtles.
Alternate universe where Michael Bay made a Patlabor movie instead of transformers and then Christopher Nolan did Patlabor 2
Breast Cancer Awareness
Well I think the Russo Brothers are the new kings of action. Sorry, Michael Bay. Not to mention they can tell one *** of a story.
Why do people give Michael Bay a hard time, yet Oliver Stone is still allowed to make movies?
A Trump presidency is sure to create a Michael Bay movie 😂😂😂. Starring Mark Wahlberg
Michael Bay working on a Edward Snowden vs Jason Bourne project. Things will blow up real good.
The Sixth Sense meets The Silence of the Lambs - Eli Wallach stars as a curious reporter. Michael Bay directs.
Roland Emmerich is a less offensive version of Michael Bay. His films are more polished and better edited. Yet still just as soulless.
Michael Mann is Music. Tony Scott is Painting. . The Wachowskis are Literature. Walter Hill is Poetry. . Michael Bay is Sculpture.
What happens when Michael Bay directs traffic instead of movies...
Cricket is not a Michael Bay action movie (T20) but a Sergio Leone Spaghetti-Western (tests).
List of films to avoid:. -NOW YOU SEE ME 2. -Anything by James Cameron, Michael Bay, Brett Ratner. -Anything based on Nicholas Sparks novels
The Care Bears Movie, except directed by Michael Bay with endless massive explosions due to Care Bear stares and cloud car crashes.
Unforgiven meets Mr. Smith Goes to Washington - Christoph Waltz stars as an impatient nurse. Michael Bay directs.
Followed by Michael Bay filming CGI/live action DarkWing Duck. "Let's get dangerous!". *1/2hr of explosions*
Your favorite movie is now a Michael Bay production starring Robin Williams. What's the new title and plot?
Does anyone else remember how Michael Bay encouraged pedophilia (or statutory rape) in Transformers: Age of Extinction?
Get your iPhone insurance today!
The Rock by Michael Bay. Unbreakable by M Night Shyamalan, Tommy Wiseau, The Room. You know what I mean.
Speliberg has executive produced the films of Directors 10-30 years younger Michael Bay,DJ Caruso,The Coen Brothers and many many more
"As if Midsomer Murders was Directed by Michael Bay" Transformers, Pearl Harbor, Armageddon etc .
I'm just saying it wasn't GARBAGE. I'd definitely watch it again above anything that pyrophiliac Michael Bay churns out.
The star of Michael Bay's Benghazi movie wrote + directed a film version of the David Foster Wallace book Brief Interviews with Hideous Men.
what if Michael Bay's pirate tv show is actually a muppet treasure island prequel
can play Michael Bay directing as twins: Gilderoy Lockhart and Jason Isaacs.
>People comparing Zack Snyder to Michael Bay. That's insulting! Least Bay can direct good action!
Zach Snyder sadly can't match Christopher Nolan. Zach Snyder's like Michael Bay in some aspects. He's simply not capable
DC going from Christopher Nolan to Zack Snyder is like Going from Scorsese to Michael Bay. It’s just not got end well for…
Of course 'Transformers' director Michael Bay, would have a garage full of insane cars in...
On a scale of Michael Bay to Christopher Nolan, I'd say was a Jerry Bruckheimer. 😜
Cool that Peter Berg and Michael Bay are just going to alternate recent-American-tragedy movies.
Zack Snyder is Michael Bay trying to pass himself off as Christopher Nolan. Batman V Superman: Dawn of the Convoluted Mess.
Zack Snyder is making Tyler Perry and Michael Bay look like Christopher Nolan and Quentin Tarantino.
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Zack Snyder is what you would get if Michael Bay tried really hard to be Christopher Nolan but with more CG.
Good point. Same with Michael Bay (somewhat). They both have an instantly recognizable style and are good at what they do.
I doubt I will ever be in another Michael Bay movie.
Michael Bay springs to mind but Lucas used up his goodwill. I can think of a few independents that could use the cash.
Maybe I need to stop expecting better of Peter Berg than sub-Michael Bay histrionics. Involvement in FNL only buys you so much.
This trailer just reminded me that Peter Berg is a better version of Michael Bay.
Yeah. Forgot about him. Only ones I could think of were John Milius and Michael Bay. I'm sure there are more.
Ellie Goulding song "Explosions" is not about Michael Bay, for some reasons
Jesus was a big truck. Michael Bay said so.
I bet this is probably already a pitched movie by Michael Bay.
When was the last time Bond left a vehicle in flames? He turns them into props for Michael Bay movies.
The Great Dictator meets Singin' in the Rain - Tobey Maguire stars as a responsible detective. Michael Bay directs.
Don't know why I continue giving Michael Bay my money but 13 HOURS was actually worthwhile. Less bombastic, a little more sensibility. 3/5
Michael Bay's average score on rotten tomatoes is 40%. At least M. Night Shyamalan has The Sixth Sense to look up to. What does Bay Have?
Michael Bay's Indiana Jones (screw's just a bunch of explosions)
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
I'm hoping Hitchcock/Truffaut inspires Uwe Boll and Michael Bay to collaborate on a literary marvel.
I can't believe they're filming a Michael Bay movie at Crocker Park!💥
Crocker looking like a Michael Bay film
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