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Michael Angarano

Michael Anthony Angarano (born December 3, 1987) is an American actor.

Juno Temple Kristen Stewart Ezra Miller Robert Pattinson Sky High Emma Roberts Nikki Reed Freddie Highmore Danielle Panabaker Julianne Moore Stanford Prison Experiment Mary Elizabeth Winstead Nicholas Braun Kelly Preston Greg Kinnear

Michael Angarano’s foray into network sitcoms is unexpected and fun!
Sky High is a 2005 American superhero comedy film about an airborne school for teenage superheroes. It wa…
Michael Angarano looks exactly like you
All the actors in The Stanford Prison Experiment need more recognition. Michael Angarano, Nicholas Braun, Logan Mil…
A new version of Maytime starring Michael Angarano on DramaFever
2 min left and shot is still unsolved! Michael Angarano played in this movie...
Can you name this movie where Michael Angarano, 30 today, plays? 5 min to answer! 🎂
USA: Michael Angarano turns 30 years old today
Sun, 03 Dec 2017, let us all send Michael Angarano the best Happy Birthday wishes today ((30)
also Michael Angarano is in it plus Thomas Mann and in a hilarious addition Moises Aries & Matt Bennett I'm gonna be laughing the whole time
for a sec i thought that was Michael Angarano and I was like WHO GAVE HIM THIS JOB?
Michael Angarano is a *** of a versatile actor. And criminally underappreciated.
I am not dating Michael Angarano. We work together. We are great friends. That's it. Never believe the rumors. Seri…
.and speak at Coffee Talks during 2017 Los An...
Mingle Media TV and our Red Carpet Report host Jennifer Ortega were at the LA Film Festival for the World...
Talking to Jennifer Morrison, Michael Angarano from “Sun Dogs,” at the Los Angeles Film…
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
Michael Angarano interviewed at Premiere of Sun Dogs at Los Angeles Film Festival via
Last day at with "The Stanford Prison Experiment" stars Ezra Miller, Billy Crudup and Michael Angarano!
"Don't 'Here kitty kitty' me." Michael Angarano is Kharaab, son of Shere Khan in my book
Billy Crudup, Michael Angarano,and Ezra Miller (among others) star in THE Stanford Prison Experiment, on Netflix
I saw The Brass Teapot, it is really our favorite movie. It has Michael Angarano
Watching ALMOST FAMOUS. Cannot believe George Lucas chose Jake Lloyd over Michael Angarano. He's as good as McDormand and Deschanel.
As a Michael Angarano stan (Stangarano?), I'm ashamed that I did not know this show existed.
I watched Red State, its really our favorite flick. It has Michael Angarano
Michael Angarano is doing a Boston accent and I'm Dying Up Here continues to ONLY BE FOR PARKER
I saw an ad for a Michael Angarano show before a showing of & now I want more than ever.
I found out michael angarano is in a new show because I showed up twenty minutes early to gotg vol 2 & it was one of the sponsored ads
Just stream Sky High- it is really my best movie. With actor Michael Angarano
A miniseries based on War Games starring Michael Angarano on Hulu
A limited series adaptation of The Grapes of Wrath starring Michael Angarano on Netflix
A lot of movies are made, but because they come to film festivals and your ...
I kind of love coming home and being with family and feeling comfortable an...
I'm about to watch the Stanford Prison Experiment !' Ezra Miller and michael angarano !
Michael Angarano leaves the ArcLight theatre in Hollywood
Michael Angarano leaving the ArcLight Theatre in Hollywood: via
To be unrecognizable in movies is the biggest compliment that anybody can g...
I absolutely loved michael angarano's performance in the Stanford Prison Experiment
have u ever seen a cuter face? omfg Michael Angarano I need more pics of this baby
dying to see this it looks great! and I cannot wait to see my baby's Ezra Miller and Michael Angarano
I think there's an essential problem in movies and TV that I think a lot of...
I can't listen to my own voice. I change my voicemail on my machine literal...
I didn't get to go to prom; I was filming a death scene on my prom night. B...
If you look in my CD case, you'll see it's Pink Floyd, The Rolling Stones, ...
I added a video to a playlist Michael Angarano in The Forbidden Kingdom Gag Reel
It'd be great if someone faked Michael Angarano and Steven Strait.
There needs to be a Michael Angarano, Ryan Merriman, and Mat Vairo.
Ezra Miller is such a charming actor. He made the Stanford Prison Experiment movie. Michael Angarano, too.
Casually,of all them only: Jenna Malone Tatum, Anna Chlumsky and Michael Angarano,are more or less of your same …
Michael Angarano was responsible for the choice to use the top hat in his scene with Genevieve. He was charming and wonderful.
Also, I've liked Michael Angarano since Sky High. Did you ever see The Brass Teapot, with him and Juno Temple? Decent Netflix watch.
they talk a lot about the episode and always bring one of the actors for a chat. The first two were with Michael Angarano
Stanford Prison Experiment is a tough watch but excellent acting by the whole cast, special shoutout to Ezra Miller and Micha…
Saw the Stanford Prison Experiment last night. One of the best films I never need to see again. Michael Angarano was b…
Michael Angarano absolutely kills it in The Stanford Prison Experiment
Stanford Prison Experiment: Michael Angarano, Ezra Miller,Tye Sheridan, & the whole cast are so incredible in this! https…
THE Stanford Prison Experiment: often dull, occasionally brilliant with some wonderful performances. Michael Angarano, man
Michael Angarano deserves an academy award nod
Just watched the Stanford Prison Experiment with Ezra Miller and Michael Angarano. Brilliant performances from the entire…
and can michael angarano's 'team' start the award-season courting? . CRAZY talented, that kid…
THE Stanford Prison Experiment is one of 2015's best indie films. Best performances: Michael Angarano, Ezra Miller... http…
Oh, I found Michael Angarano's costume from Stanford Prison Experiment w/ a little help from LT. JIM DANGLE
Brian Geraghty joins John Robinson in the comedy drama film, Avenues, costarring, written and directed by Michael Angarano.
Michael Angarano on growing up onscreen and auditioning for "Justice League" https:/…
UNTIL Michael Angarano goes against the "Villians" of the high school visa vee The Bullys of the show. I speedster ( THEMES ) and stretchy
I liked a video Michael Angarano's Training scenes from The Forbidden Kingdom
There's Oscar talk for Michael Angarano? Times have changed.
Have been enjoying watching Michael Angarano Bertie on Will and Grace reruns as Sean Hayes' son Elliott.
Jack Kilmer, Ezra Miller, Thomas Mann, Moisés Arias, Nicholas Braun, Johnny Simmons, Ki Hong Lee, and Michael Angarano are all in it
Michael Angarano on playing a prison guard from the 'Stanford Prison Experiment.' Check it. >
Michael Angarano is crazy good in The Stanford Prison Experiment. //
A terrifying true story hits the big screen.
.on a transformative performance by Michael Angarano in
first time watching the trailer Michael Angarano & Ezra Miller I was sold!!! I seriously can't wait to see this
And yes, let the Michael Angarano for Best Supporting Actor campaign train start right here & now. He's THAT scary & THAT…
Jack Kilmer, Thomas Mann, Michael Angarano, and Ezra Miller!!!. Guys this is the greatest news I've ever woken up to
Ezra Miller inadvertently makes the case to me that Tilda Swinton is the Olivier of her day: http:…
Ezra Miller & Michael Angarano on why watching "The Stanford Prison Experiment" was more traumatic than making it.
Michael Angarano&Nicholas Braun,Chris Sheffield&Ki Hong Lee &Ezra Miller&Johnny Simmons have all been in a movie together before Stanford PE
Johnny Simmons, Moises Arias, Michael Angarano, Nicholas Braun, some actor from the Maze Runner?
OMG wth is this movie with Michael Angarano, Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston and camio Linda carter? I'm embarrassed..🙈
dude Michael Angarano is so perf, and Danielle Panabaker was lowkey fine af
I swear i see Michael Angarano in so many movies and it's like he never ages
Juno Temple: 5 Fast Facts You Need to Know: Juno Temple plays Sally in Sin City: A Dame to Kill For, out on Au...
Michael Angarano as William Theodore "Will" Stronghold. A freshman at Sky High. His parents are the two most...
Just finished watching "The English Teacher," an independent film released in 2013. Julianna Moore, Nathan Lane, Greg Kinnear, Michael Angarano and others. IMDB rates it a 5.8 on a 10 scale. If you're into teaching, drama, or slightly corny movies, it's probably a 7 or 8.
Stewart currently lives in Los Angeles. Apart from acting, she is also interested in attending college in the near future, saying, "I want to go to college for literature. I want to be a writer. I mean, I love what I do, but it's not all I want to do – be a professional liar for the rest of my life."[63] In a 2008 interview with Vanity Fair, Stewart acknowledged that she was in a relationship with Michael Angarano, her co-star from the 2004 film Speak.[64] Since meeting on the set of Twilight in 2008, Stewart was romantically linked to co-star Robert Pattinson.[65] For roughly four years, they did not explicitly confirm a relationship, but paparazzi photographs and eyewitness accounts drove intense media and fan speculation and attention.[66] In an interview with GQ, when asked why she was reluctant to talk about the relationship despite photographs of the couple online, Stewart said, "So much of my life is so easily googled. I mean, it's like, come on guys, it's so obvious!"[66] She said in addition, " ...
Jason(Michael Angarano). Training scenes from The Forbidden Kingdom. These scenes look as if Jackie and Jet seem to be having fun at Michaels expense, ...
Currently enjoying The Brass Teapot. Then again, I like a anything with Michael Angarano in it. The English Teacher, anyone?
We go for an exclusive one-on-on interview with actor Michael Angarano and director Max Winkler to talk about Ceremony. For more movie trailers, movie ...
I will watch any movie with michael angarano in it.
no tankz I'd like to duet with Michael angarano :)
The lovely Emma Roberts and Michael Angarano pay a visit to the Young Hollywood Studio after crossing paths alongside Freddie Highmore in 'The Art of Getting...
Michael Angarano is one bright spot in the blight that is on
ENGLISH TEACHER - comedy/drama - warner and seadoone only Julianne Moore/Michael angarano a forty year old unmarried high school teachers life takes a turn when a former star pupil Jason comes back into her life
Actor Michael Angarano speaks exclusively with IAR managing editor Jami Philbrick about his work on 'The Brass Teapot,' which also stars Juno Temple and ...
another great and quirky movie. it made me shiver and my fond outburst when Michael Angarano played well of his role.
Philip Seymour Hoffman and MIchael Angarano in Almost Famous. The primary chart I am working with is that of Hoffman?s body being found on Sunday morning.
In June 2010 the Los Angeles Times reported that the shortlist had expanded to include Aaron Johnson and Anton Yelchin. At least Bell, Ehrenreich, Garfield, Yelchin, Logan Lerman and Michael Angarano had screen tests.
Sky High was a great movie. Such a solid super hero movie and original story. Wanted a sequel forever but no such luck! Cast? Kurt Russel, Bruce Campbell, Michael Angarano (Empire State (pretty good movie with The Rock) and Red State (Kevin Smith horror film) and Mary (Romona Flowers) Winstead.
Heat is an upcoming American crime drama film based on a 1985 novel of the same name by William Goldman, a remake of the 1986 version that starred Burt Reynolds. The film is directed by Simon West with a script written by Goldman. It stars Jason Statham, Stanley Tucci, Sofía Vergara, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Angarano and Anne Heche. The film is set to be released on August 7, 2014.
I like The Forbidden Kingdom, love it especially Jackie Chan, Jet Li, Liu Yifei, Li Bingbing, and Michael Angarano.
Storyline After failing to get into the police academy, Chris Potamitis (Liam Hemsworth), settles for a security guard job with the EMPIRE STATE Armored Truck Company. Chris makes the mistake of mentioning the company's lax security to his best friend, Eddie (Michael Angarano), and is soon unwittingly drawn into an elaborate scheme to rob the abundant amounts of cash being stored there - resulting in the largest cash heist in U.S. History. As the stakes continue to rise, Chris and Eddie must outwit James Ransone (Dwayne Johnson), the veteran NYPD Detective that is hot on their trail, as well as the local crime bosses that want to know who pulled a job on their turf, or suffer the consequences
Michael Angarano, we meet in the coming events, okay?
Man in the Chair is a 2007 independent film written and directed by Michael Schroeder. The film stars Christopher Plummer, Michael Angarano, M. Emmet Walsh, and Robert Wagner.
Famous Quote Said On December 3 The diplomacy of the present administration has sought to respond to modern ideas of commercial intercourse. William Howard Taft, 1912 December 3 Birthdays Jake T. Austin turns 19 Ozzy Osbourne turns 65 Amanda Seyfried turns 28 David Villa turns 32 Holly Marie Combs turns 40 Trina turns 35 Brendan Fraser turns 45 Jenna Dewan turns 33 Andy Grammer turns 30 Julianne Moore turns 53 Anna Chlumsky turns 33 Steve Harris turns 48 Andy Williams (1927 - 2012) Christian Benteke turns 23 Daryl Hannah turns 53 Michael Angarano turns 26 Gemma Styles turns 22 Malinda Williams turns 38 Alicia Sacramone turns 26 Doc Brown turns 33 Jean Luc Godard turns 83 - All December 3 Birthdays December 3 History 1989 - President George H.W. Bush and Soviet Leader Mikhail Gorbachev meet in Malta and indicate the Cold War is at an end. 1964 - Police arrests 800 sit-in students at University of California at Berkeley 1931 - Alka Seltzer goes on sale 1833 - Oberlin College, Ohio started classes: first coe ...
Available NOW at the Video Hut THE ENGLISH TEACHER Starring Julianne Moore, Michael Angarano, Greg Kinnear An English teacher's life is disrupted when a former student returns to her small town after failing as a playwright in New York.
On DVD Tuesday October 1, 2013   The Croods Nicolas Cage, Emma Stone, Ryan Reynolds, Catherine Kellner, Cloris Leachman, Clark Duke  In the undiscovered era known as Croodacious, the creatures and landscapes are unlike anything our world has ever known. Mother Nature is still experimenting and has yet to invent the flora and fauna we know today. One day, an earthquake strikes this volcanic world and a caveman named Grug (Nicolas Cage) and his family are forced to leave everything behind in search of a new home. Things soon turn from bad to worse when Grug and his family come across a nomad named Guy (Ryan Reynolds) and Grug’s oldest daughter (Emma Stone) falls for him. Things continue to get complicated when the nomad’s search for "tomorrow" comes at odds with Grug’s reliance on the traditions of yesterday.   The English Teacher Julianne Moore, Michael Angarano, Greg Kinnear, Nathan Lane, Lily Collins  A reserved, single English teacher (Julianne Moore) comes out of her shell to help a form ...
RICHARD WAS 2ND: Richard (Michael Angarano), a bitter geek, rigs the school election. Can he hold onto the Chair?
Michael Welch's part of Mike Newton was originally intended to be portrayed by Michael Angarano,Kristen Stewart's boyfriend at the time
every time I see you...I think you look identical to actor Michael Angarano. Anyone else say that to u?
Ahhh, I misread that. Yeah, I enjoy it. I always thought Michael Angarano was destined for greater things. Web-slinging namely.
Watching "The Brass Teapot" and Juno Temple and Michael Angarano are so cute!
Totally forgot how much I loved The Forbidden Kingdom and Michael Angarano.
I've had the biggest crush on Michael Angarano since Sky High 😭💕
New Releases for Tuesday, June 18th, 2013 21 & Over (2013) R - 93 min - Comedy - The night before his big medical school interview, a promising student celebrates his 21st birthday with his two best friends. Stars: Miles Teller, Justin Chon, Sarah Wright American *** (2013) R- 92 min - Comedy | Romance - Four friends embark on a cross-country journey to Las Vegas in an old RV to stop a wedding and save a friend from losing the love of his life. Stars: Jeffrey T. Schoettlin, Sean Muramatsu, Caroline D'Amore The Brass Teapot (2012) R - 101 min - Comedy | Fantasy | Thriller - When a couple discovers that a brass teapot makes them money whenever they hurt themselves, they must come to terms with how far they are willing to go. Stars: Juno Temple, Michael Angarano, Alexis Bledel Divorce Invitations (2013) NR - 110 min - Comedy | Romance - 'Divorce Invitation' centers on Mike Christian, a happily married man who runs into his high school sweetheart Alex, and after all these years, sparks ...
.talks to "The English Teacher" co-stars Julianne Moore and Michael Angarano about working together
The Education of Julianne Moore and Michael Angarano: The actress was transformed into Sarah Palin by a pair o...
Liberty Ross, Camilla Bell and Michael Angarano in Coachella? LMAO Nikki you are missing there
Pain actually pays for Juno Temple and Michael Angarano. Film Review
Watch Juno Temple and Michael Angarano discuss making The Brass Teapot in this exclusive clip:...
6 Trailers For Your Wednesday Morning. - The English Teacher looks fun - Michael Angarano can do no wrong.
Hamilton Collection
Juno Temple & Michael Angarano: 'The... dont 4get to ff me!!
Juno Temple and Michael Angarano! Omg finally celeb sightings that i actually recognize! @ ArcLight…
Just watched The Brass Teapot with Michael Angarano and Juno Temple. I actually enjoyed it! Michael was funny he's a pretty good actor!
Omg, I didn't know Juno Temple and Michael Angarano were dating
Man in the Chair Download Full Film Man in the Chair movie download Actors: Michael Angarano Christopher
Lily Collins cozying up to Kristen Stewart's ex
Juno Temple plants a kiss on boyfriend Michael Angarano as she arrives at LAX off a long flight last…
I've got such a crush on Michael Angarano.
The Brass Teapot is kinda sobering. Juno Temple is that kid in Atonement and Michael Angarano is in Little Secrets!
Unfortunately Jerry Ferrara had to bail on But actor Michael Angarano & actress Juno Temple (Dark Knight Rises) r showin in
I added a video to a playlist 1. Michael Angarano in Black Irish Pt 1
Juno Temple and Michael Angarano star in Ramaa Mosley's charming suburban fantasia now on VOD
BTW that wasn't drake Bell that was Michael angarano
Trailer and Poster of The Brass Teapot starring Juno Temple and ...
SPOTTED: Lily Collins cozying up to Kristen Stewart's ex ...but it's not what you think!
Good for MA but I wish they would stop calling him trampires ex!
Lily Collins cozies up to Kristen Stewart's ex...
Lily Collins cozies up to Kristen Stewart's ex... in her new film, of course
1st look at 'The English Teacher' with Julianne Moore, Lily Collins, and Michael Angarano
Lily Collins' (Clary Fray) upcoming film The English Teacher will premiere at the Tribeca Film Festival in April. The festival runs from April 17 through April 28 in New York. There is no current release date at this time. Here's a summary from "The English Teacher, directed by Craig Zisk, written by Dan Chariton and Stacy Chariton. (USA) – World Premiere, Narrative. Teacher Linda Sinclair (Julianne Moore) balances her staid home life with an incredible passion for her subject, but her routine is forever altered when a former star pupil and his unsupportive father reenter her life. Go-to television director Craig Zisk, whose credits include Scrubs, Weeds and United States of Tara, takes a turn on the big screen with this insightful comedy about self-discovery co-starring Greg Kinnear, Nathan Lane, Michael Angarano and Lily Collins. A Cinedigm and Tribeca Film co-release." You can also see Lily this year in Stuck in Love (April 18) and (of course) The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones (Au ...
The Brass Teapot: watch an exclusive clip from the dark comedy, starring Juno Temple and Michael Angarano
CH.42- STARMOVIES CH.42 FEBUARY 21,2013 12:50:00 AM CEREMONY Comedy - Uma Thurman, Michael Angarano and Reece Thompson After his short-lived but passionate affair with Zoe, Sam is sure that she is his one and will go to any lengths to get her back. 2:20:00 AM GOOD NEIGHBOURS Thriller - Jay Baruchel, Scott Speedman and Emily Hampshire When a serial killer goes on the prowl, three roommates retreat indoors for safety and discover that the killer is living amongst them. 3:55:00 AM TITANIC PART 4 Drama - Ben Bishop, Glen Blackhall and Ruth Bradley April 2012 sees the 100th anniversary of the sinking of RMS Titanic. This epic mini-series retells the doomed voyage through cleverly weaving action, mystery and romantic plots, offering a captivating insight into the world of 1912. 4:45:00 AM CAPOTE Thriller - Philip Seymour Hoffman, Clifton Collins Jr. and Catherine Keener Truman Capote, during the research for his new book In Cold Blood, develops a close relationship with the murderer of a Kansas family. ...
Based on Stewart O'Nan's novel by the same name - Snow Angels (2007) Is a chance for David Gordon Green to beautifully tell the story of the entwining lives of a small New England town . One of the central character story lines is that of Glenn (Sam Rockwell) and Annie ( Kate Beckinsale) who are a couple that can't seem to move on, as separated parents they struggle with the maturity required to raise and care for a daughter. they both indulge in childish behavior and underlying Peter Pan complexes. Annie, who comes across as one of the most immature character at first glance, is a young mother who is still putting her own needs first, Yet She works a dead-end restaurant job and is having an affair with a co-worker's husband (Nicky Katt). Arthur (Michael Angarano) a former kid she used to babysit, is able to connect with her, Which kind of redeems her and shows a sweet and well-meaning but overwhelmed side to her character. The performances are powerful and make it clear that the characters , despite thei ...
Kristen Stewart's ex Michael Angarano finds love again with Juno Temple via
Another on set romance: Kristen Stewart's ex Michael Angarano finds love... Gooo
Cash, Pain & Juno Temple in the First Movie Poster for THE BRASS TEAPOT
"The Brass Teapot", featuring CEC's Arielle Toelke, Makeup Department Head, is slated for a theatrical and VOD release this year through Magnolia Pictures. Helmed by Ramaa Mosley, the dark comedy stars Juno Temple and Michael Angarano as a "young, poor, newly married couple who find a magic teapot that grants them cash for pain". The film will be available on iTunes February 28, 2013 and is set to debut in theaters April 5, 2013. Check out the trailer on iTunes:
Kristen Stewart with Michael Angarano and his family.
shipperstales: Kristen Stewart with Michael Angarano and his family.
Just walked by Michael Angarano, Juno Temple & Clark Duke... getting ready for MAGIC MAGIC at the Library
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
A young Michael Angarano on my TV screen while I work, woo.
Watching Ceremony, only because Michael Angarano is in it 😍
I can't wait to watch The Brass Teapot! Juno Temple and Michael Angarano are hilarious in the teaser. Can't wait!
Official trailer for The Brass Teapot starring Michael Angarano and Juno Temple
Since when is Emile Hirsch, Lucas Vercetti, T. Mills, and Michael Angarano a weird taste in men?!?
First crush? — Celebrity. Tobey Maguire, Frankie Muniz or Michael Angarano. One of them.. I just don't know who...
But Michael Angarano is an angel, obviously.
In 2004 she began dating American actor Michael Angarano, after 5 years of dating broke. Maintains a relationship since 2009 with his fellow cast of Twilight, Robert Pattinson. The couple was named "Robsten" by fans and the media. For nearly four years, not explicitly confirmed a relationship, but t...
in Will & Grace with Michael Angarano in Sky High with
After premiering at the 2012 Toronto International Film Festival, the first trailer for the dark magical comedy The Brass Teapot has arrived. Michael
I just realised that H. Looks like Michael Angarano. It's uncanny
Angarano for effin sure! No money can give what Michael can! Thanks for sharing this ridiculous thing. Now need to see it! :P
First Trailer & Poster for The Brass Teapot with Michael Angarano & Juno Temple
Not sure what I would choose, if I could, between a magic teapot or Michael Angarano. Anyway...
Me just hangin' out by a banister in dress while Michael Angarano and Juno Temple make out.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Michael Angarano & Juno Temple in First 'The Brass Teapot' Trailer: After premiering at the 2012 Toro...
Trailer for with my ex-classmate Michael Angarano. Only jealous of his love scenes with Juno Temple
Juno Temple, Michael Angarano and Alexis Bledel in new The Brass Teapot trailer
Michael Angarano and Juno Temple beat themselves up for cash in trailer for 'The Brass Teapot'
‘The Brass Teapot’ Trailer: Pain is Money for Michael Angarano and Juno Temple: It’s a fact of human nature tha...
A Michael Angarano look alike walked by me omg
The Art of Getting By has one of my favorite actors in it Michael Angarano
if Rob can't accept Kristen back, I'd agree if Kristen came back with Michael Angarano
That moment when Michael Angarano from 'Sky High' and 'Little Secrets' is playing the 'adult' character in a movie with Freddie Highmore.
got it, Michael Angarano. movie I'm thinking of is Sky High.
She was still with Michael Angarano there.
Kristen has three dogs and a cat. Kristen loves reading; additionally, she aspires to go to college for a degree in literature and potentially pursue writing as a career. Kristen is close friends with her Twilight co-stars Robert Pattinson and Nikki Reed. Kristen is currently dating actor Michael Angarano.
she was 14 then?and there was Michael Angarano too well he did great
Just remembered when Kristen was with Michael Angarano (or smth like that) and everyone was dying for Robsten to finally happen
Twilight Saga Fact!! 1. Stephenie Meyer, the writer of the Twilight novels, has wrote 4 books based on Edward and Bella; Twilight, New Moon, Eclipse and Breaking Dawn! A fifth book, Midnight Sun, is half written but Meyer refuses to carry on writing after the first 12 chapter were leaked online!! 2. Stephenie Meyer based the characters Bella and Edward on Edward Rochester and Jane from “Jane Eyre”! Wish I paid a bit more attention in school now… 3. “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” is released in cinemas in 27th November! Then just 7 months later “The Twilight Saga: Eclipse” is out on June 30, 2010 – double Robert Pattinson! 4. Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are going to return as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen, which will give them £8 million each!! 5. Robert Pattinson’s celebrity crush is Kristen Stewart who plays Bella! 6. He’s still single though ladies – Kstew (as her friends call her) has been with her boyfriend, Michael Angarano, for four years! 7. “Twilight” has a very m ...
Random clip from the film "speak" starring Kristen Stewart which i found interesting.
Sat next to Michael Cera, Juno Temple and Michael Angarano at dinner tonight. I love my neighborhood.
Directed by Mike Mitchell. With Kurt Russell, Kelly Preston, Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker. Set in a world where superheroes are commonly known and accepted, young Will Stronghold, the son of the Commander and Jetstream, tries to find a balance between being a normal teenager and an extraordi...
Rory Caulkin, Max Thieriot, Freddie Highmore, Michael Angarano, and that dude from valentines day was cute
omg omg you should Michael Angarano & Freddie Highmore and Emma Roberts and just perfect.
Michael Angarano should like marry me...
She was, wasn't she. Such beautiful shoulders in that one. No hunching. Before puberty and Michael Angarano.
not sure if I have ever mentioned how much I adore Michael Angarano but its a bunch
Michael Angarano. Look him up. PHWOAR. Remember him in the film I was obsessed with and you hated? Music of the heart?
Forgot how amazing the film Music Of The Heart was, and how beautiful Michael Angarano is!
Michael Angarano is only 7 years older than me. There's still time for our love!
Fave one after Jim Sturgess is Michael Angarano. Peran di Lord of Dogtown sampe film inipun tetep kece. I love the man with beard :* smoochy
When I was younger, I thought I was going to marry Michael Angarano.
Dang!! Michael Angarano got hot in Forbidden Kingdom. Why didn't I watch this before?! Tsk. 😍
ah, that's so true but like Nick Valensi is hot too. I say you add Michael Angarano.
it was kinda years ago and its like saying for example kristen and Michael Angarano were cute together so yeah.
Video - One Last Thing stars Gina Gershon and Michael Angarano interview each other about their teen fantasy film.
Since you did a movie with Nikki Reed and Michael Angarano, do a movie with Kristen Stewart,Michael Angarano and Robert Pattz.
Directed by Jessica Sharzer. With Kristen Stewart, Michael Angarano, Robert John Burke, Hallee Hirsh. After a blurred trauma over the summer, Melinda enters high school a selective mute. Struggling with school, friends, and family, she tells the dark tale of her experiences, and why she has chosen n...
lol I looked them up and I think Michael Angarano and John Robinson are the ones that look the best now
Watching The Art of Getting By with Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Rita Wilson, Blair Underwood, Alicia Silverstone, Michael Angarano and Elizabeth Reaser. Pretty good movie with a spectacular cast.
I think I'm the Mary Elizabeth Winstead in this situation...meaning she's Michael Angarano and he's Danielle Panabaker.
Having a couple of good day's off, visiting with family and frieands. Just watched an awsome movie with frieands; " Art Of Getting By ". It was a movie/comedy/drama. Staring Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts and Michael Angarano. I highly reccomend it! It's a most awsome movie! And reminds me that anything is possable if we go for it ! Peace-Out for now my Frieands :)
I wish Mary Elizabeth Winstead, Danielle Panabaker, Steven Straight and Michael Angarano did more things.
I flove Michael Angarano's scarf in The Art of Getting By. I need to make one.
the "Kristen Stewart" inbox LMAO i can't with michael angarano's email ._.
Michael Angarano was also in Almost Famous lolool
Dear Michael Angarano,you're so right baby~ :D
Funny how they are making a big deal that Kristen Stewart cheated on Robert Pattinson, when Kristen cheated on Michael angarano with once a cheater always a cheater!
I feel like michael angarano is having a field day
People are surprised KStew cheated on RPattz?! Why? Isn't that what she did to Michael Angarano when she started with RPattz?
She went out with Michael Angarano during the first movie, but split when she got famous and cheated with Robert
How much you bet that we will have soon "Exclusive: Michael Angarano, Kristen was cheating on me with Robert Pattinson"
I had no idea Juno Temple and Michael Angarano were dating. Werkkk
No offense but our support should go to Rob not Kristen. Once a cheater always a cheater. Remember Michael Angarano?
Where was all this support for the Michael Angarano. Oh thats right
Did Kristen Stewart used to date Michael Angarano ?
Before Kristen Stewart “Devastated” Robert Pattinson's by cheating on him together with her “Snow Whitened and the...
Lol. So, Kristen has a habit of "falling in love" with her co-stars. She dumped Michael Angarano because she got too cosy with Rob.
Bella Swan: The Ultimate Cheater:P Now I know why I never liked her in TWILIGHT.
so Kristen Stewart cheated on Michael Angarano to be with Rob Pattinson. oh dear Rob, don't be so surprised if she cheated on you too.
Michael Angarano, the first heart Kristen Stewart broke
Gad I hate her. I hope Rob doesn't take her back, Robsten tandem be damned!
i don't know what happened with your taste Kristen Stewart... Michael Angarano and Robert Pattinson . :((
Michael the first heart Stewart broke - via
The star split with Michael Angarano when she began working with Robert Pattinson in 2009
so Stewart just loves drastic transitions? PBB Teens lang?
Kristen why did u broke robert's heart???
Michael Angarano, d first heart Kristen Stewart broke - Yahoo! plus she cheated on Pattinson wit ha Snow white director
She cheated to Michael Angarano and Robert Pattinson now he is having a relationship to a 44 yrs old Married Man Rupert Sandler = K Stewart
Michael Angarano and Kristen Stewart had a relationship
She's a *** fo sho, but like the old sayin go-- "If she cheats with you... She'll cheat on you" Sorry ROB...
I would hate to watch that right nw. Bc I believe Kristen cheated on Michael Angarano for Rob.
Michael Angarano, the first heart Kristen Stewart broke. Kristen Stewart, the first heart broke.
If Kristen Stewart was still dating Michael Angarano, I think everybody would be happy that she cheated.
Ouch- all these articles on Michael Angarano are such a low blow.
Robert Pattins was not the first one whom Kristen Stewart cheated. She was in a steady relationship for four years with boyfriend Michael Angarano before she met
Today in 7/27/2005: Sky High starring Michael Angarano, Danielle Panabaker, Kurt Russell and Kelly Preston is released
Michael Angarano is probably having the time of his life right now...
Kristen Stewart dates co-star Michael Angarano from Speak... Then leaves him for her co-star Robert Pattinson from Twilight... Then cheats on him with her director Rupert Sanders from her new movie Snow White and the Huntsman. Ok girl.! Lol
She once cheated on Michael Angarano to be with Robert Pattinson and now she cheats on Rob with the MARRIED Snow White director
Look do Dia / Look of the Day :: At Fred Segal with Michael Angarano 2008.
Directed by Jared Hess. With Michael Angarano, Jemaine Clement, Mike White, John Baker. A teenager attends a fantasy writers' convention where he discovers his idea has been stolen by an established novelist.
"Man in the Chair", winner of American Spirit Award at Santa Barbara Film Festival, Starring Christopher Plummer and Michael Angarano. More info:
Coming Attraction of the Day: "EMPIRE STATE" The film is based on the true story of a 1982 NYC armored car company robbery thought at the time to be the largest cash heist in U.S. history. With Dwayne Johnson, Liam Hemsworth, Emma Roberts, Nikki Reed, Michael Angarano, and Paul Ben-Victor. (06. 10. 13)
A movie w/ Emma Roberts and Michael Angarano, it's going to be explosive guys!!
Michael Angarano looks so old. How old is he?
Michael Angarano and Nikki Reed were in a movie directed by Catherine Hardwicke in 2005. WORLD IS SMALL
From Jared Hess, the director of Napoleon Dynamite and Nacho Libre comes Gentlemen Broncos! Benjamin (Michael Angarano), home-schooled by his eccentric mothe...
Nikki Reed and Michael Angarano join Liam Hemsworth and Emma Roberts in “Empire St..
Empire State, the drama that stars Liam Hemsworth and Dwayne Johnson, has filled out its cast with Twilight Saga's Nikki Reed, Michael Angarano, Emma Rober
Remember when Kristen dated Michael Angarano? We thought not! Look back at more star couples time forgot.
Directed by Kevin Smith. With Michael Parks, Melissa Leo, John Goodman, Michael Angarano. Set in Middle America, a group of teens receive an online invitation for sex, though they soon encounter fundamentalists with a much more sinister agenda.
Directed by Gavin Wiesen. With Freddie Highmore, Emma Roberts, Michael Angarano, Sasha Spielberg. George, a lonely and fatalistic teen who's made it all the way to his senior year without ever having done a real day of work, is befriended by Sally, a popular but complicated girl who recognizes in hi...
Directed by Steven Soderbergh. With Gina Carano, Ewan McGregor, Michael Fassbender, Michael Angarano. A black ops super soldier seeks payback after she is betrayed and set up during a mission.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
It's the Fourth Annual Popcorn N Roses "To Live And Die In L.A. Rising Stars list! What great stars have made this years list? They join a huge list of past honorees including Michael Angarano, Gabe Nevins, Olivia Thirlby, Anton Yelchin, John Robinson, Kat Dennings, Mary Elizabeth Winstead, and over 2 dozen others! This year the list has expanded to 25 honorees - was your favorite honored? Also this week - we look at past honorees and how they've done...
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