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Beautiful. I have hope when I see this righteous anger.
I added a video to a playlist Mic Righteous - Honour Mic (Official Song)
If you are trying to indoctrinate 'em and prepare 'em for the revolution, then Lowkey, Akala, Logic…
My mic check is life or death, breathing a snipers breath. I exhale the yellow smoke of Buddha through righteous steps.
Tonight singer-songwriter showcase and open mic at Come in and show off your righteous chop…
.tackles the immigrant experience in the powerful “Be There” video.
Mic Righteous - Fire In The Streets Make sure you watch it on youtube! Spread the love!
English Frank & Mic Righteous Interview when English Frank was called Frantic Frank
bottles with mic righteous on full blast alone to day should be a good day happy Friday everyone
Just finished "Literally Farcical". I love it when you can literally hear lean into the mic and get righteous and furious. Good job
Mic Righteous - Up All Night, used to be such a tune
Eyez, Mic Righteous, Maverick Sabre, NoLay & Nego True | Twelfth Night [... you might like this
Imagine a joint Lowkey, Akala & Mic Righteous fire in the booth... 😳
Little Simz ft. Mic Righteous would be unbelievable
why are you wanting to stay in London with all these self righteous losers?
And I had a righteous mic drop moment 🌋
Mic righteous fire in cardwells car
Mic Righteous - Fire In The Streets Check him out he's Sick!
next time mic righteous and Maya Jama has ppl stalked in my hometown one word of advice make sure your crowd don't get caught.
I added a video to a playlist MIC RIGHTEOUS - I KNOW
I'm on mic righteous' story shouting out adisham lol
Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you, Louise Thompson! biggest hypocrite! Round of applause for this self righteous troll!!
man I respect the righteous maturation and all that but u gotta put the mic down at that point. Took all the edge off
😂 This is too funny!! If he weren't so *** self righteous I wouldn't even care tbh.
Mic Righteous - Gone yo!! dude is sick!! need exposure,some sight. real talk no exposure, raw soul.
Mic Righteous - Fire in the booth UnPlugged PT1 via
Mic Righteous - Fire in the booth UnPlugged PT2 via
I have no respect for the BBC, mic righteous did a freestyle on radio 1, and said "FREE PALESTINE" and they beeped it out..
dont u rate mic righteous he shouldve been in the top 5. Maybe u didnt see his new track ?
We had a chat with on his upcoming debut album and a new fire in the booth!
Haunting voice of Daf Evan with formidable rapping by . amazing Mic Righteous HARD TIDE out on DVD Monday
Maya Jama and Mic Righteous then somehow communicate with lowkey... Why? Nobody knows.
He indirectly messages Maya Jama and mic righteous makes no sense because they both belong to the pro Palestinian extremist crowd.
Praise is the wrong word I meant he only supports black ppl (Maya Jama and mic righteous friends/follower) &only says something when blacks
Mic righteous took the *** out of me because I took my nephew to sealife centre. who the f* is he? I dnt know him.
so george washing can rob black folk of their humanity and he's still righteous. Obama drops a mic and you…
Mic Righteous fitb part 3 and album will be the best music this year
> during an indirect argument with you and your girlfriend/ mic righteous? Hey. ***
I liked a video from Mic Righteous - Ronnie Pickering (Music Video)
Amsterdam bound to watch jaykae mic righteous English frank an logic after a few double rum n cokes!!!
Listening to Zayn's no type cover ft Mic Righteous and omg his rap has "Who cares about a dress when there's death in Palestine" just wow
I need me some new Mic Righteous songs please, ASAP.
Going to listen to some classic Fire in the Booth's now. Akala (P1 and P2), Mic Righteous (P1 and P2), Lowkey.
Freestyles so hard I don't need to touch a Mic to show I'm righteous
the actions of a few affecting the lives of so many. What a paradox the is wouldn't you say oh righteous one?
I thought lil b & chance was really making a righteous project. These *** freestyling just playin on the *** mic
Mic righteous uploading photos to insta with my brother face and name on it I am soo proud right now
I liked a video Cher Lloyd ft. Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten & Ghetts | Dub on the Track [Music Video]:
Mic Righteous performs his cover of Gabrielle Aplin's version of The Power Of Love in the all new 1Xtra Live Lounge - all as part of the 1Xtra's Hot 10 for 2...
I am very interested in the bars Graham Toomey comes up with, or doesn't at this Mic Righteous show ♬♬♬ ★ MIC...
this FRIDAY. IT'S GOING DOWN. Come say hi to me and Mic Righteous
A new favorite: Back On The Step ft. Mic Righteous and Scrufizzer (Prod. by Hashfinger) by on
lol nice to see the enthusiast in you...idk it feels to me like he's tryna be on Mic Righteous' levels
Mic Righteous is actually a decent goalie
"I'm in love with this music game but some people in it do anything to get paid" Mic Righteous spoke for me 👌
My love for mic righteous is ridiculous
Mic Righteous gives me goose bumps.
last time I was in London I bumped into Mic Righteous and didn't get a photo because he's friends with Dan so I didn't realise he was famous
Whenever I think of Mic Righteous I think of me and practically dancing to the arena at Leeds, kicking mud at people and howling 😂
Omg listening to Mic Righteous Fire In The Booth some of the realest bars I've heard in time!!! This ones staying on repeat for a long time!
Mic Righteous buying a ten deck for his £5 munch 😂😂
I liked a video from Lunar C - Back on the Step ft. Mic Righteous and Scrufizzer (Good
I liked a video Mic Righteous - The Power Of Love in the Live Lounge
Im a 16 year old from Dublin, Heres my remix of your "Fire in the booth"
mazza! yeah that would be nice let me see if Mic righteous can make his trip to Scotland at the same time so I have a man 😂
dub on the track - Cher Lloyd ft. Mic Righteous, Ghetts and Dot Rotten
If eminem knew mic righteous I think he would would rap with him
I don't need to touch mic to show I'm righteous
Psalm 37:25 "I have been young and now am old, yet have I not seen the uncompromisingly righteous forsaken or...
LOL Mic Righteous got cigarettes and only cigarettes in his £5 munch
Stay real stay truthful to those that had your back when you was in need, I took it for granted, and that was so stupid of me. Mic Righteous
I remember back in the day I was listening to Mic Righteous on Fire in the Booth. When he said "Free Palestine" the BBC censored it ***
Whens that tune with mic righteous dropping?!!
I normally listen to it but i got shown Tinie Tempah's and sat here for like 2 hours listening to loads. Mic Righteous killed it x
Charlie Sloth,Mic Righteous,Tanika and C4 all performing live Tonight at Bootleg.The guest list is building quickly,
Tommorow is all about the 02 Academy in Oxford!!! Myself, Charlie Sloth, Drumsound & Bassline Smith & Mic Righteous in the building!!!
I still memba on Fire in the Booth - Mic Righteous when Charlie Sloth was like "JHEZE!! THIS GUY IS A PROBLEM!!"
Cher Lloyd - Dub on the track ft. Mic Righteous, Ghetts, Dot Rotten
Eve Yasmin-Saud (Live Mag UK) catches up with Mic Righteous to talk about his new EP 'Open Mic' launched on the 12th of February. Filmed by: Tom Jeffery & Al...
Yo bro, have you had a chance to check out my latest vid ft Rebler, Double S, Mic Righteous & King Cas?
The first time I heard Mic Righteous was on a Charlie Sloth Fire In The Booth last year. He is something special! Hope he goes far!
Im going to link SBTV, Mic Righteous, Akala, Black the Ripper, Logic and more today watch out for something special coming soon.
Mic Righteous returns back to SBTV after filming his first Warm Up Session in 2010, two years later, he's still going in hard as ever. PRE OEDER THE NEW MIC ...
Naughty Boy - Wonder Ft Emeli Sandé & Mic Righteous (Tala Remix) Buy Wonder here: video for Wonder: the Hotel Cabana trailer at Follow Naughty
I have never fancied JLS, Zayn Malik or anyone like that. I'm more of a Jason Statham, Karl Wolf, Mic Righteous, Yousef ...
Not a hater,but I'm not a fan of Westwood either; I didn't mind the diss song Mic Righteous did, but that video is disappointing.
Video for Cher Lloyd's "Dub On The Track" which features Mic Righteous, Ghetts and Dot Rotten. Taken from her debut album "Sticks & Stones". All copyright go...
I liked a video Joell Ortiz and Mic Righteous with Semtex
3 of the UK's Hardest, Fastest MCs going back to back. This is that kind of spitting that makes you curl your upper lip, screw your face up. Mic Righteous, H...
Mic Righteous destroys Charlie Sloths booth on radio 1
Dub on the Track - Cher Lloyd feat. Mic Righteous, Dot Rotten And Ghetts
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Joell Ortiz and Mic Righteous passed by 1xtra to lay down a freestyle for another installment of 'Foreign Exchange' for Semtex.
One to watch: Jakwob on dubstep, R&B and working with Kano, Mr Hudson, Smiler, Mic Righteous.
Mic Righteous spoke on behalf of the planet in 'Sack City', Tim Westwood got fired up! No pun intended...
So "Mic Righteous" is beefing "Tim Westwood" yea,,,I really wanna see how dis plays out
At last a rapper with BALLS tells the TRUTH... Mic Righteous | Sack City (Tim Westwood Diss) LOOOL
Mic Righteous is back on SBTV with an exclusively recorded song for SB: 'Honour and Pride'. Bars by: Music production by: http:/...
'All we have is war in the end, so keep in contact with your brothers and your friends'-Mic Righteous.
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