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Miami Vice

Miami Vice was an American television series produced by Michael Mann for NBC.

Jan Hammer Don Johnson Sonny Crockett Michael Mann Nash Bridges Phillip Michael Thomas Edward James Olmos Glenn Frey Key Biscayne Philip Michael Thomas Collin Farrell Sheena Easton Cocaine Cowboys Hill Street Blues Julia Roberts

This is the design made back in the 80s from a team known as the Memphis group! Miami Vice is very…
Philip Michael Thomas played Ricardo Tubbs on Miami Vice. Probably too young to be watching that s…
From the McArchive: True Story Alert by The Sun '86. BBC to clean up the news & Miami Vice, £ at $1.40, no Euro. Rev up the DeLorean
Who remembers when G. Gordon Liddy was on Miami Vice?
Kinda sad to know that most of the Miami Vice squad, aside perhaps Michael Talbott, are very anti-Trump. 😞
Just ran into Michael Mann and told him Miami Vice is great so that's how my Saturday is going.
Thank you Danny Sullivan for laughing when I told you I loved your Miami Vice episode when we met at today.
These were definitely the best years of SNL! Miami Vice era. You were all great! Jon, I miss the…
"My mom should have seen it coming... me running up the stairs a little too quick and humming Miami Vice theme music"
Reminds me of Glenn Guglia from Wedding Singer leaving da club early with Miami Vice theme song blaring from his De…
Need another Miami Vice theme asap last night was too much fun and I was ranch af because I was dressin.
This should have the Miami Vice theme playing under it.
- Thursday Thought - I think the theme from Miami Vice is underrated as a song that should never be played in public
danielhfrank is now listening to Miami Vice Theme - From "Miami Vice" Soundtrack by Jan Hammer
"Choose NOW between the Benny Hill Music, the Imperial March, Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice or Timmy Trumpet- Freaks"
Only thing missing is the Miami Vice theme :^D
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In other not enough sleep news, I've just discovered you can sing 'I Am The Protagonist' over Crockett's Theme from Miami Vice. :-)
driving around in a go kart made to look like a BMW blaring the Miami Vice theme
And he wrote the theme to Miami Vice same time
somedamnhow I've purchased on itunes the Miami Vice theme song
Watched Michael Mann's Blackhat. Much better than I expected. Not particulary great, but better than Miami Vice. Solid Thriller.
Berasa kek nonton serial Miami Vice nya Michael Mann. A scene that's an homage to the classic Steve McQueen's Bullitt.
2006 Miami Vice is nearly inscrutable re: plot. But IT IS SO Michael Mann, like Heat-lite & w/less talent & more go-fast boat-talk
🌊Philip Michael Thomas on the set of "Miami Vice" (1984) 🎥 . h…
Join me next week for what I consider Michael Mann's unheralded masterpiece, 'Miami Vice'. Next Sat
Martina from Croatia on the Carnival Pride pours a phenomenal Miami Vice.
TRUE FACT: Phillip Michael Thomas (Tubbs from Miami Vice) coined the term EGOT despite never being nominated an Emm…
Phillip Michael Thomas of the Miami Vice. had all his posters on my wall😊
Enjoyed it! Good to see Dr. Kildare, Monkees, Michael Landon! WOW, Julia Roberts was in Miami Vice scene! Miss tho.
looking like Sonny Crockett in that white suit. Has he been watching Miami Vice? XD
I told y'all I was getting Sonny Crockett, Miami Vice vibes from his undercover character. LOL Now he just needs th…
LOL. I swear he reminds me of Miami Vice's Sonny Crockett LOL
Sonny Crockett's 1986 Ferrari from 'Miami Vice' is for sale:
Sheena Easton drank it, and she was Sonny Crockett's one true on Miami Vice. So yeah, very hip
The late great Glen Frey with the iconic song from Miami Vice, still good after three decades and more.
Biggest blow since Power Station was bar band on Miami Vice w/ Michael des Barre not Robert Palmer singing. Long white coat!
tropical heat, a show that combines the best of Miami Vice and the worst of Magnum PI
Michael Mann's Miami Vice film is a great movie and I'll belly bump anybody that says different. I'll do it hard, too.
Miami Vice: Evidence from hundreds of unsolved murders tainted by rot, rats in storage container under I-95 https…
jai alai hasn't been relevant since the intro to Miami Vice...
I don't want to agree bc Ian McShane played a bad guy on Miami Vice once and that would somehow equate them
The story on how the Golden Girls came to be was actually a parody of Miami Vice called "Miami Nice," starring Doris Roberts.
let that man be relaxed with his pinned striped Don Johnson from Miami Vice jacket! Lol
Hazel Irvine gone all Miami Vice on Olympics in Rio. Must be sitting on the beach that's doing it...
Miami Vice is a guilty pleasure of mine. There are some colours and textures in there that I love and the mannerism is amazing
And stunt double on the sets of Miami Vice.
No, but I get in moods where I queue up Thief, Heat, Insider, Manhunter, Collateral and sometimes Miami Vice.
Brothers in Arms on Miami Vice was better
Snooker from 85 Jan Hammer Miami vice from 87. Come on editors get it right
There's really no reason why you shouldn't go full Miami Vice and wear a sports coat with rolled up sleeves next time.
Trump vice-chair in Miami-Dade says HRC "sophomoric" for taking on Zika. Says building the Wall is more important.
About to Miami Vice it at the party. Yeah, It's neon pink, if you were wondering.
The beautiful turquoise hues of are unforgettable! See Miami Vice Villa at
Key Biscayne, Fla., home featured in ‘Miami Vice’ movie asks $39 million via
with that, the males will love Vice City/Miami!
“Miami Vice” estate on Key Biscayne hits the market: $39M
Home featured in 2006 ‘Miami Vice’ film on the market for $39 million: A Key Biscayne home that once served as a…
yeah it's about that time. Add a Miami Vice too 😭
Home. Grove. Near where it all began. Drinking Miami Vice
nickname suggestion for -> VICE. . Miami Vice reference & cause he's doing so well it's bad to indulge.
i think if unnatural hair color/eyes match the concept yes…but like if youre looking all miami vice…you dont need that LOL
I still remember the image/shot of a Jai Alai player as part of the opening to the TV show 'Miami Vice.'
what is the theme exactly? Miami Vice/Del Monte? Hard to exactly put my finger on it..
1977, "Miami Vice" is yet to come, the true fame has yet to be reached, but Don is already Don.
Is this 1986 and an episode of Miami Vice?
A Key Biscayne, Fla., home, featured in the 2006 movie “Miami Vice,” lists for $39 million https…
You belong to the recuerda Miami Vice...
might want to vanish, like Phillip Michael Thomas, after Miami Vice.
When you move and don't have cable for a few days, it's the Carol Burnett Show, A-Team, Miami Vice, I Love Lucy, etc... Not bad TV!!
What happens when Shenmue, Miami Vice, and Beverly Hills Cop have a love child? This game!
Miami Vice, popular TV series, was based mostly on South American drug lords. Not exclusively black.
Julia Roberts in Miami Vice while Tom Cruise was already Top Gun movie star with Cocktail on deck for July release. Must'a been some summer!
Great post about Edward James Olmos in Miami Vice. His dancing days have certainly served him well - without that...
Watching a Miami Vice episode where it turns out Edward James Olmos worked undercover in Thailand/Burma & is secretly a martial arts expert
I just found out Edward James Olmos is that guy in Miami Vice.
Village pump tonight @ 9:30pm then Miami tomorrow at 9pm. Come watch Bolen wear his favorite Miami Vice shirt!
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PHILADELPHIA to MIAMI or ORLANDO and vice versa from $94 R/T nonstop
Miami Vice will be in the house tonight at the The Decades Concert, 5/12 @ 7 PM
are you playing Saturday week 20th May, think that weekend Martin is auditioning for Miami Vice😊
Proud to continue to share our Grand Master with t/world.
Recognise gives off the waviest vibe, like Miami vice vibes
DETROIT to MIAMI and vice versa for $106 R/T nonstop (summer)
Pretty messed up tonight too many Miami vice drinks
Miami Vice has the greatest soundtrack of any television show I've ever watched.
Miami Vice blazer shout out from and on !
Watching Miami Vice, checking up on & I suddenly remember that will be here in 2 weeks..
hmmm Shaun just mixed up Miami Vice and Beverly Hills Cop OR DID HE?
I added a video to a playlist Miami Vice - Spotlight: Dennis Farina | NBC Classics
Last few nights I've been watching old episodes of Miami Vice... question: where is Phillip Michael Thomas?
G. Gordon Liddy, ONE OF THE ARCHITECTS OF WATERGATE, is playing the bad guy of the week on this Miami Vice
If an episode of Miami Vice or a performance of La Cage Aux Folles breaks out, he's dressed for the occasion.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
This essay on the first episode of Miami Vice is on point!
Miami Vice on the El Rey network even after 30 yrs still 1 of the best shows ever created
Speaking of grt keyboard artists, I have EP with 17 min version of Jan Hammer's 'Theme from Miami Vice' :)
LIVE in 25 minutes: 'Miami Vice' and 'Cocaine Cowboys' composer Jan Hammer on podcast
I know you guys are all in love with how Williams scores, but Jan Hammer wrought quite a thing across the seasons of Miami Vice.
Happy Birthday to musician/composer/producer Jan Hammer, won 2 Grammys in 1986 for his Miami Vice theme
The theme from the TV show Miami Vice was Jan Hammer's most commercially successful single.Hammer was looking for...
I was waiting for the Miami Vice theme to start when Manu got out of the car in his pastel blazer. I miss the 80s.
Is is wrong that I'm humming the the theme song from 'Miami Vice' right now?
of Jan Hammer, keyboardist with The Mahavishnu Orchestra, Jeff Beck & the composer of the theme for "Miami Vice"
Rare remix of 'Crockett's Theme' from Miami Vice recordstore
I'm totally crushing on the gold in "Miami Sunset" 😍😍😍 *cue Miami Vice theme song*
I heard a rumor Hillary won't release the transcripts because they're just Bill playing the Miami Vice theme on the sax with sunglasses on
The theme music still gives me total goosepimples. Second best theme song ever (after Miami Vice :-)
I heard the theme song to Miami Vice when I saw this pic.
cue the Miami Vice theme tune in my head!
Fun article in WSJ on the Bulls intro music - Sirius. I didn't realize they used the Miami Vice theme before it.
Apparently I'm not allowed to just play the Miami Vice theme song as I walk around the office in sunglasses. Corporate America ***
If all gentrification was Miami Vice aesthetic theme bars on rooftops it would be a good thing. No argument.
The theme from Miami Vice has a similar effect.
If the Miami Vice theme doesn't make you wanna' get shneefed up & drive a sports car near the beach while wearing Ralph Lauren, you police
up there with Miami Vice as one of best theme tunes of all time
Momma shoulda seen it coming. Me running up the stairs too quick, humming Miami Vice theme music
Mercy Street, first appeared as 80's legendary tv series Kanun Namına(Miami Vice) soundtrack in '86
I watched Miami Vice every week,James Edward Olmos was my hero. Ninja boss
MASH and Miami Vice and Dallas and Hill Street Blues and Bird v. Magic. I remember.
New York Undercover was for my generation what "Miami Vice" was for the 80's
No offense, Bri, but wake me when it also includes MIke Muir, Miami Vice, 8-tracks, and the Hulk aka Bruce Banmer
Dude! WHERE did you buy that Miami Vice suit?! I so want to take a picture but he is practically in front of me...
Miami Vice – Det. James ‘Sonny’ Crockett: and Isabella go to Cuba – YouTube.flv
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Watching The Recruit & Colin Farrell says 'Looks like it's just me & Sonny Crockett'. And then he was Crockett in Miami Vice! etc
Miami Vice was the sexiest show on tv, and Sonny Crockett made me want to break several laws!
Sonny Crockett from Miami Vice seems to have wandered into the TV 3 studio.
That episode of "Miami Vice" & SEVEN episodes of "Wiseguy" are not to be discounted. Not to mention an episode of "Nash Bridges"
If you love Mars bars, Jan Hammer, or Miami Vice, you'll love this commercial.
A3: Eden Roc in South Beach offers welcome drinks that are to die for! Miami Vice anyone?
I need a plate of cheese fries and a Miami vice poolside rn
Watch the "Street Vice" done in . Learn more about the history of the Magic City .
.and I look like we're at a Miami Vice reboot casting (we're actually talking smack about Samsung)
"Delano has a somehow flawless Alice in Wonderland meets the 1990s pool area that must be visited & worshiped"
Miami Vice has always been one of my favorite movies.
Jan Hammer ~ Miami Vice Theme from the album Billboard Top Hits - 1985 [1985]
"This is a bad idea. "This is past a bad idea. "And it has no future. "So, then there's nothing to worry about. Miami Vice by Michael Mann
How is this news after MIAMI VICE in the 1980s?
We love "Streets by Vice". One just out on Thanks for the interview w/us too
Go to Miami, see what Cubans think about Blacks and vice versa.
I move to LA in 1987 right when the great Al Bundy started,just saw him in Spain playing bad *** in Miami Vice ,and them shoe salesman,lol,
Greetings from Colombia: Welcome Mister Roman and thank you for explaining how Miami Vice had a good influence on…
There's no time for getting lost. Here's the only guide to Miami you'll ever need
Miami is really fantastic, highly recommend.
Miami Vice Firearms Database: Thanks for sharing this Yann529 - excellent database.  I am amused that bad guys,…
Drink in pools surrounded by neon lights with your new best friend, that dolphin over there
hey seeing the cheesy reporter on Miami Vice I say bring on the Nightstalker that was an excellent series
Denzel Curry on why Carol City has been a creative hotbed of Miami
I liked a video Streets by VICE: Miami (Biscayne Blvd)
I quickly got rid of my Miami Vice HD-DVD. I did have I, Robot on UMD - I might still have that.
This explains my Stepmother's crush on 1980s Miami Vice Don Johnson
Miami Vice Quotes! 2015: "Sons & Lovers" Rico's response to hearing there was a 1 million dollar bounty on him.…
Help us compile The Ultimate Miami Vice Playlist for this week's Friday Morning Mixtape!
Miami is far more interesting than your typical red, white, and blue city.
LMAOOO this article just made me love Miami alittle bit more
My favorite actor that I looked up to when I was young was Phillip Michael Thomas. He played Enrico Tubbs on Miami Vice.
Glad the signed Edward James Olmos today. He was stellar in 'Stand and Deliver' and on 'Miami Vice'
bro. Miami Vice was a masterpiece. I didn't need to see Thief. My film school friends know I have the criterion blu.
Cooper Cronk looks like he's auditioning for Miami Vice with what he's wearing
50/50 chance this doubled as the cold open of a Season 3 episode of Miami Vice.
I remember first hearing this on the original Miami Vice tv series ♫
Talib, Disturbed covered Land of Confusion on Miami Vice soundtrack. So good call on action movie music.
Watching an old episode of "Miami Vice" at 1am. I'm here for young Don Johnson and young Phillip Michael Thomas!
I remembered Glenn Frey was in some episodes of Miami Vice, but I forgot he was in Jerry Maguire, too.
Coming up: Jan Hammer - Original Miami Vice Theme, from the soundtrack of Miami Vice. Listen now:
Sad news. Brings back memories of Miami Vice and Beverley Hills cop.
I run a Miami Vice podcast w my friends. We're finally getting to the eps w Edward James Olmos. I can't wait to make BSG refs
RIP Glenn Frey. He was in one of my favorite "Miami Vice" episodes ("Smuggler's Blues"). It's the "Miami Vice" episode "Archer" parodied.
Being too young for The Eagles, I grew up with Glenn Frey due to loving Miami Vice and Beverley Hills Cop ☹️
Still not as hilarious as when G Gordon Liddy was on "Miami Vice."
Ryan Grigson & Jim Irsay look like crooked Coke dealing lawyers from Miami Vice
Watching season 2 of Miami Vice and enjoyed the episode you directed with Dean Stockwell! Very emotional episode!
An iconic Ferrari from 'Miami Vice' is for sale
I emailed your agent but he didn't get back to me about you acting in my action feature film along the lines of Miami Vice.
Crockett's Theme by Jan Hammer from the album: Miami Vice: The Complete Collection
Just listened to a mix from 'Hot Chocolate' Everyones 1's a Winner mixed with Miami Vice theme. AWESOME!
If they play the Miami Vice theme next, I shall assume they've nicked my childhood record box.
My dad was doing a sick drum fill on the air drums, I got in the car and he was jamming to the Miami Vice theme.
we spent the afternoon north of here and just driving in to the city now. Getting the Miami Vice theme music ready!
The timeless melody of Miami Vice reworked by Tarmo Tammel. 'Crocketts Theme' .
Your one chance to use the Miami Vice theme and you blew it. ;)
Danny Lansanah sound like a character from Miami Vice! Where is Crocket & Tubbs?
John Michael Higgins on Miami Vice in a bit role is amazing.
It's funny to think John Cameron Mitchell was the quiet, psycho one in 1986's Miami Vice rip off, Band of the...
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Miami Vice at our super boring formal year end meeting. @ The Fillmore Miami Beach at the Jackie…
strangely, that mesh back trucker cap is in now fashion. And Slats' beige Miami Vice suit, not.
I liked a video Larry Wilcox Auditions for Miami Vice
They just played the Miami Vice theme song at the train station...
when Strong starts wearing pastels and humming the Miami Vice theme.then worry.
And now the Miami Vice theme for Go
And Anders applies the Miami Vice theme to a pascal file…and I’m back in 1988 in CSE 110 at UPenn
Not sure if I look forward to the episode or hearing the theme song. — watching Miami Vice
The Heat by Jungle would be a perfect theme song for a Miami Vice reboot with a prominent love story
I liked a video Miami Vice theme song
Discovered that the Nasty Boys theme music was just a remixed version of the Miami Vice theme song...
The Order rides off on their tricked out broomsticks into the darkness as the theme to Miami Vice plays.*. *Harry is left gobsmacked.*
Despite it's 80's A-B-A-C-B-A formula Jan's theme for Miami Vice ushers in a lot of sound and device for the next gen. FFWD to ...
Listening 2 Casey Kasem/Top 40 entertaining on its own, but knowing Miami Vice theme song was at one pt too funny
Probably the only one pulling up to campus with the Miami Vice theme blasting
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Miami Vice has gotten a wicked trance reworking from the legend Tarmo Tammel - Check out Crockett's Theme .
miss miami vice and his Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice)
Jan Hammer on the pop chart today in '85 w/ the theme song to "Miami Vice"
Cuffs is quite good, actually. Does for Brighton what Miami Vice and Hill Street Blues did for... well, you get the idea.
it's in the beginning of Miami Vice with the flamingos. Jai alai is an 80's classic.
Both Hitler and Michael Sheen are trending, and now all I can envisage is an extraordinary Miami Vice reboot.
...all over town. Looks iridescent. Getting strobe flashes of Mann's Miami Vice and Don Johnson's garb.
As cool as it would have been to see Richard Dean Anderson play Sonny Crockett in Miami Vice, he hates guns. I wonder what else he rejected.
Corey Michael Thomas from Miami Vice with the floral blazer...
Gotta remember, Michael Mann is the same dude responsible for Miami Vice.
Why didn't they turn the Miami Vice show into one for Nash Bridges?
Had the Miami Vice theme in my head, wound up with a song I hadn't heard in years.
Sorry officer; Pandora started playing the Miami Vice theme.
New episode + on the history of the Italian Cannibal cycle, Eli Roth, an ep of Miami Vice.
It's never enough...gotta hit that keyboard in the corner with the theme song to Miami Vice
Tim is great, decent Bond song,the stunt work outstanding, but Licence To Kill doesn't quite gel. A bit too much Miami Vice?!!
My mom is obsessed with Don Johnson... But so am I, ever since Nash Bridges & Miami Vice 😍
Ah yes Crockett's Theme by Jan Hammer from Miami Vice & the Natwest advert.
The new Neon Indian album sounds like the theme song of Miami Vice meets Tron. I guess that's fine
Miami Vice and Axel's theme from Beverly Hills cop?
. It just dawned on me, Mr. Miami Vice: "Michael T.", T for "Tubbs," right? Your sons are Crockett and Tubbs!!. Cmon, man.
TheRev is rocking to "Miami Vice" Theme by Jan Hammer Only On KRM Radio
dont forget what dope was Jan Hammer - Crockett's Theme (Miami Vice) via
love the new show Blood and Oil .Watched you on Miami Vice and Nash Bridges
now playing: Jan Hammer - Miami Vice Theme (Requested by ThornstheelLilly Resident)
Back in the days of Miami Vice I was a mild fan of Don Johnson, but having just watched the second episode of...
.I'm getting a serious Miami Vice vibe there...
Loved you in Miami Vice, very cool in Nash Bridges, dynamite in Blood & Oil.
Miami Vice has to be my favorite drink 🍸😉
I added a video to a playlist miami vice letsplay
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Larry Wilcox Auditions for Miami Vice: Not sure if someone posted it yet.   Really…
Swap out the plaid color a light pink and a loser shirt and I think we might have something ∗nods∗ Like Miami Vice
Ends up working 5+ hours on what was *supposed* to be my time off and missed a whole marathon of MIAMI VICE + THE LEFTOVERS season premiere.
I'm pretty sure it is actually Miami Vice but my client insists it is Nash Bridges. Either way... I would prefer death.
That game sucked,but at least pilot episode of "Miami Vice" is on Cozi TV. So I've got that going for me.
I never saw this episode of Miami Vice: Brother's Keeper (S1.E1). It's mighty entertaining.
Good to know Don Johnson is still putting the moves on the ladies using his signature move from Miami vice lol
the only thing that needs is an appearance by "Tubbs" ... yeah, I use to watch Miami Vice!
I'm watching an episode of "Miami Vice" from 1990 with Malinda Williams in it. I had forgotten about this. S5/E22.
Miami Vice? “😂😂😂 it comes on before Quantico. With Don Johnson.”
I still love watching all ur Miami vice episodes.. Got the box sets.. Ever miss it?
That's the best quote ever that Hap had said about him surviving the 80s... Reminded me of Miami Vice😂
Surviving the 80's is not a Miami Vice reference!!! Oil business went bust in the 80's.
Don Johnson can't u follow me please. I love u since Miami Vice.
Made me think of Miami Vice for some reason. ;)
Don Johnson just said if he survived the 80s he can survive this! Is that a Miami Vice Reference?
"I survived the 80s, I can survive this!" Well, I think that's confirmation that is a Miami Vice sequel.
OMG need Miami Vice theme in my head RIGHT NOW!🙇
Is a Miami vice episode starring every bad people. #
So might need new headcoach, I think they should pick me! I'll bring the VICE back2 Miami! I'll drive on2sidelines in Ferrari
Dress Miami Vice & offer me a wine cooler so I know it's real.
Don’t think much of this Miami Vice reboot tbh.
I saw Miami on Miami Vice. It looks sweet.
You know since bingeing on Miami Vice I want to go back to Miami and to Miami beach!😍😜
Getting ready 2 fix my converter box so that I can watch Miami Vice at 7pm 2night
Flash backs to Miami Vice open...and those great Bush years. What? It’s 2015??
Miami Welcomes, Vice President and ClimateReality We are Thrilled to have you here with leaders …
Looking out on the bay in Miami and having flashbacks to “Miami Vice” episodes. Or at least the opening video.
Melanie Griffiths had a baby with Don Johnson out of Miami Vice?
No no no, my Ferrari was white like Don Johnson's in Miami Vice
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Prepping old school with marathon of Miami Vice on ElRey! DON - all that hair!
Episode of Miami Vice on when Sheena Easton gets killed and then we find out she's pregnant :(
watching Miami Vice on Cozi-TV. Back to the 80s! Guest star Sheena Easton. She was big back then.
Not sure if I look like Clarence Williams III in Mod Squad or Don Johnson in Miami Vice with my new sunglasses
It's Castle plus CSI plus Miami Vice, the New York Times, our evolution may have actually impeded firefighter efforts and allowed a ...
Drawing:Pastel: Sean Morris Desire and power and chaos fuel the Miami Vice pastel world of Sean Morris ->
The 80's...Brad Dourif & the sax guy from Lost the SAME episode of Miami Vice
I like to think Collin Farrell in Miami Vice was Ray Velcoro's previous identity. Drives a Dodge Charger, has a moustache. All lines up.
You were absolute class in Miami Vice. Without question one of the best series ever made. A very class act x
I love Trump's 80s vintage Japan bashing. It's like I'm watching Miami Vice and Romancing the Stone all over again.
People who lived in South Florida in the "Miami Vice" era , was it really as it is depicted in Cocaine Cowboys? What are some crazy things …
reminds me of Tim Hecker repping Miami Vice in a PF interview shortly after its release, when practically no one else was
This episode of Wonder Woman on features Radar from M*A*S*H and Tubs from Miami Vice!
Yeah that Miami Vice episode with Willie Nelson on it. :P I remember it and I'm old. Why don't you kid?
Just watched the movie of Miami Vice and idk which was more confusing..The plot or the reason why Collin Farrell's hair was so long.
it took about 2-3 weeks from the BPlan, but in the words of colin Farrell as said to Li Gong in Miami Vice, "it goes very fast"..///
From the TV series Miami Vice am you admirer ,was in my country, DR rolling Miami Vice with Jamie Foxx and Collin Farrell
not my dad. But. dad is the official guy from Miami Vice - Philip Michael Thomas
In case you're in the mood for a weird sports car racing story from Florida, Miami Vice-style:
Channel surfing and Roberto Duran is on an episode of Miami Vice.
Don Johnson: I was a terrified young man with a big ego during the days of 'Miami Vice': BEVERLY HILLS, Calif. -…
Well, we're glad to see Harrison looks significantly less Miami Vice this year.
We are at Wet Willies and I look over an tell Moms "Drive Slow Homie! " she was going inn on her Miami Vice 😳😩😭
Checking out the special Ciroc Vodka cocktail menu at Aqua Nuevo in London's West End + the bar's Miami Vice slushy.
Music for an exotic car chase ending in a slow-mo gunfight at the climax of a Miami Vice episode:
seeing flamingos only at the zoo or watching Miami Vice.
it's Miami Vice meets JACKIE BROWN.v tarantino/Coen Brothers...Warner Bros bought the film rights. Lead character is this
You get one of those Mexican drug lords mad at you, you’re screwed. I know. I watched a lot of Miami Vice in the eighties.
True Detective went from The Yellow King to the bad guys in Miami Vice.
miles davis episode of Miami Vice is great between him and olmos u have to turn the vol up super loud cuz of those raspy voices
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Even though Licence to Kill still looked like an episode of Miami Vice, I hugely enjoyed the Double Dalton yesterday. Tim's a scary man.
Miami Vice begins with Tubbs pulling a shotgun on NYC thugs and Jimmy Smits getting exploded.
Might the two of you have caught the Miami Vice movie, from a few years back? CF was perfect as Sonny Crockett.
If Colin Farrell can rebound from Alexander & Miami Vice, I’m confident VV can dig deep for this role. :)
1985 Press Photo Philip Michael Thomas and Don Johnson star on on Miami Vice
Guess what - The H. is O... Hey isn't that Glenn Frey? The Miami Vice man himself?
I got really worried when Miami Vice got made because Li Gong is my sekrit crush. I doubt anyone watched it though. Disaster averted.
Playing tunes from Miami Vice drinking espresso martins in the great northern hotel 😝
Miami Vice 🌆 Staying undercover with the sleek audemarspiguet, Forged Carbon - Royal Oak Offshore…
Where to start.. Leo Decaprio, him off the old Miami Vice (tubbs), Seal, Nigel Benn and Emeli Sande.
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