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The Miami Herald is a daily newspaper owned by The McClatchy Company headquartered on Biscayne Bay in the Omni district of Downtown Miami, Florida, United States.

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Miami Herald - Greek PM's top aide quits over Golden Dawn remarks
[Miami Herald: Heat Check] - Need a reason to go see the Heat destroy the Bucks? … Playoff tickets ..
Miami Herald: Clearing out the notebook: Free agent Fox visits, more..
Deadline to enter the Business Plan Challenge is quickly approaching on April 5th! via
Letter to the Editor - Miami Herald - End the abusive practice of soring to horses Read more here:
Miami Herald - DIGITS: Hitting new highs and lows on health care
I read the Miami herald everyday about the heat. Seems to be the only thing I get happy about at work lol.
Miami Herald - Coke to soften marketing if unrest hits World Cup
Miami Herald - 2 killed in Little Haiti shooting - A man and a woman were shot and killed in a gruesome early morn...
David Beckham’s big project: Designs for the nearby PortMiami soccer stadium revealed. Via Miami Herald.
Report: Dolphins not interested in trading WR Mike Wallace: Barry Jackson of the Miami Herald...
Miami Herald - Glamour of Italian fashion on show in London - The grace and glamour of Italian fashion are on disp...
Just got interviewed by the Miami Herald.
Clouded leopards born at Zoo Miami - Miami Herald via
Miami Herald - Evansville air show back on Blue Angels schedule
Congratulations to Volleyball player Andres Perez for being selected as one of The Miami Herald's Athletes of the...
20% of revenue is now digital says Exec Editor h/t
Thanks to Mike Hamersly and the Miami Herald for the love and fantastic piece about us and our CD release party...
Miami Herald - Hollande's ex-partner named to new French cabinet
Miami Herald - Kerry denounces use of energy as weapon - U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry is denouncing the use ...
The Miami Herald reports that the Dolphins have "vehemently denied" that Mike Wallace is on the trading block.
Miami Herald: Curry comes up clutch in Warriors big win over Mavs..
Miami Herald: Lakers planning to build new training facility in El Segundo..
I am super pumped! Last week I was interviewed and featured on the digital magazine "Small Business Trendsetters" and my article was picked up by the Miami Herald, The Boston Globe and affiliates of NBC, CBS, ABC, and Fox. Here is the link to the original article In case you missed it! and let me know what you think.
MY Legal in Florida's Meet the Experts Business Conference was so huge that it made the both front pages of the Miami Herald. The last time I made thier front page it said "Drug Czar gets 64 Years in Federal Prison". It's been a long tough journey, but our country is beginning to come it's senses.
Miami Herald - New Mexico police shootings get criminal review
Sony Open facts:$380 million Annual economic impact of the tournament, which draws more than 300,000 visitors and showcases Miami through a total of 11,000 hours of global television coverage in 193 countries and territories. [Miami Herald] $2,238,120 Average home price in Key Biscayne, according to By comparison, the average U.S. home price is $183,839. [] $50 Million Estimated cost of Crandon Park Tennis Center’s (site of the Sony Open) expansion plan, which was approved by Miami-Dade voters in 2012. [Miami Herald] 718 Total number of tennis courts in Greater Miami, according to, which uses Google Maps technology to locate and categorize tennis courts in the U.S. and Canada. [] $7.4 million Purchase price for former tennis pro Anna Kournikova’s Sunset Island house in 2012. (Kournikova purchased the home in 2000 for $5 million, and reportedly still resides in Miami with longtime boyfriend Enrique Iglesias.) [HuffPo] $1.2 million Current listing pri ...
Soccer star David Beckham tells Miami Herald sports writer Michelle Kaufman why he thinks his MLS franchise will work in Miami. Video by Michelle Kaufman / M...
Miami Herald: Randolph lifts Grizzlies to 91-87 win over Jazz..
Miami Herald - Cops to protest again at Miami City Hall - Union members say they will protest cuts to wages and be...
Article in today's Miami Herald (Mary Ellen Klas) "DCF Reforms must come with new money, lawmakers told" is deeply disturbing and points, one more time, for the appointment of effective leadership in that Department - at least someone who can do the math. In his second year of office Scott cut Child Welfare funding by $240mm - that was epic - but I guess was acceptable to the then secretary. What else happened at that time? Entire DCF (rented) buildings shut down as investigators were given laptops, told to work from home and report as necessary. At about the same time, 97 "Quality Assurance" positions were eliminated (some of the team to whom investigators would report) Simultaneously, since those positions were eliminated, we stopped seeing Quality Assurance reports on the DCF website (there was no quality assurance going on and no people to write the reports) However, as one who read those reports I always noted the "poor performance" by supervisors on one vairable: contact time per week with in ...
A telephone press conference featuring Lt. Governor Carlos Lopez-Cantera was abruptly ended this morning after reporters kept asking about the departure of Mike Fernandez from the Gov. Rick Scott's re-election campaign. According to a report from Scott Powers of the Orlando Sentinel, Lopez-Cantera said he believed there was no basis for allegations, first reported in the Miami Herald, quit the Scott campaign after an incident involving campaign staffers allegedly joking around with Mexican accents. It's still unclear if the campaign staffers in questions did, in fact, make racially insensitive comments, but the question of who the campaign staffers may be answered. According to an extremely well-placed anonymous source who has intimate knowledge of the events in question, the two staffers at the center of this controversy are RPOF executive director Juston Johnson and Tim Saler, the deputy campaign manager for Rick Scott. Also in the van was a driver, two FDLE staffers, an associate of Mike Fernandez and ...
David Landsberg leaving as publisher of the Miami Herald to take over for Dennis Pastrana as CEO of Goodwill
After 6 years of research, the Miami Herald shares a revealing study on the deaths of 477 children who died of... http…
Miami Herald - 3 children starving, 1 chained to floor - Three starving children &including one who was ch...
I'm thinking and Miami Herald have found themselves a new calling.
Kathleen McGrory of the Miami Herald shows how parents and teachers stopped the voucher bill in Florida. "“We really saw this as an attack on public education,” said Mindy Gould legislative affairs...
incredible Miami Herald investigation on children who died even after state social workers had intervened. Join me today
Flashback Miami: A look at an old Miami Herald article on the Miami Marine Stadium |
My dad Ernie Halen was a career man with the Miami Herald. Starting with linotype machines. Forgive me if I spelt that wrong. He learned computer programming in the early 60's and helped with the transition from "hot type" to "cold type". He went to work for Knight- Ridder corporate up on the sixth floor. He would leave each week for another Knight-Ridder newspaper. Philadelphia, Kokomo, Ind., Lexington, Kentucky and others. He accepted a position in 1976 with the Lexington Herald Leader as Systems Analyst. I can't remember what year he retired for sure. I just remember how hard and how many hours he would work because he loved his job. When I was about 8 he took the family to tour that awesome new building he was so proud of. I eventually worked there in the composing room myself for 5yrs. I too remember those days with pride. Many many friends there. I write this today because my dad is near death's door. He would want me to contribute something to the Miami Herald Alumni site just in case there was som ...
Democratic Progressive Caucus of Florida Two bills that need attention ASAP. Committee hearings are Tuesday. HB 7099 - Voucher Expansion Bill - in House Choice and Innovation Subcommittee on Tuesday, March 18, 12:30 PM. This bill would expand the Corporate Tax Scholarships (vouchers for low-income students) to include families with income of 260% of the federal poverty level, and would divert sales tax dollars to the voucher program. Vouchers go to private, mostly religious schools, which are unaccountable to the taxpayers. This bill is clearly unconstitutional. The legislature has a responsibility to fund a quality public school education for EVERY child. This bill would harm public school children. More information can be found in this Miami Herald editorial. Please call or email members of the Choice and Innovation Subcommittee and say NO to HB 7099! Representative Michael Bileca (850) 717-5115 Representative George Moraitis (850) 717-5093 Representative Joe Saunders (850) 717-5049 Representative Larry ...
Hialeah Park bets on boxing to be winner [Miami Herald].
Deaths soared after Florida cut protections of children in troubled homes. Miami Herald's heartbreaking story:
[Miami Herald] - Mike DAntoni calls Knicks hiring of Phil Jackson a good move..
Going to study Ben Cooper's description, looks good. I sure do hate creating separate IDs to NYTimes, DetFreePress, Miami Herald...
John Devine has been promoted to assistant sports editor/days at Miami Herald.
btw, graduate of the U and was Miami Herald editor of the "Luther Campbell" investigation.
Miami Herald: Pistons taken to boarding school by victorious Raptors..
Miami Herald: Grizzlies players laud team chaplain Rev. Donald Johnsons passion for God &
Miami Herald - La. standoff gunman was treated for mental illness
Reuben Askew hospitalized: According to the Miami Herald, former Florida Gov. Reubin Askew is back in the...
Roberto Luongo to start for Panthers Friday: George Richards of the Miami Herald confir...
REPOST Can we trust Alex Sink, Rick Scott, Allen Stanford, Arthur Simon, and the Miami Herald?
“Brilliant! Stunning, Seething theatre!” - New York Post “A perfect marriage of the storyteller and his tale.” - Miami Herald “Voted show in Las Vegas.” - Las Vegas Journal A BRONX TALE will play at the St. Lawrence Centre for the Arts on March 29th for one nig...
Miami Herald feature on Westgate River Ranch: "The rodeo was the signature event of the weekend for hundreds of...
Monday’s News-Dispatch (February 17) contained an opinion piece from the Los Angeles Times entitled “Restore Vote to Felons.” Unfortunately, without additional information about the article, it gives the impression that the problem exists in Indiana. Tuesday’s opinion was on the same subject, “Restoring Voting Rights to Ex-Felons” from the Miami Herald, but still no clarification from the News-Dispatch. Articles such as these in support of individual voting rights are important, but they don’t address Indiana specifically. Unless I missed something in the papers from Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, and Saturday, I have seen no mention of the fact that in Indiana, ex-felons are allowed to vote. I would sincerely hope that the News-Dispatch would present an article that would make it clear to the citizens of Indiana, particularly ex-felons, that once they have served their time they may re-register to vote and then exercise their right to vote on election day. From the website: You have th ...
In the words of Benjamin Todd Jealous, president and CEO of the NAACP, this book is a "call to action."Called "stunning" by Pulitzer Prize–winning historian David Levering Lewis, "invaluable" by the Daily Kos, "explosive" by Kirkus, and "profoundly necessary" by the Miami Herald, this updated and revised paperback edition of The New Jim Crow, now with a foreword by Cornel West, is a must-read for all people of conscience.
[Miami Herald: Dolphins In Depth] - The video of Joe Philbins presser..
[Miami Herald] - Miami Dolphins coach Joe Philbin: ‘I have to do a better job’..
The film was made to encourage farmers to grow hemp for the war effort because other industrial fibers, often imported from overseas, were in short supply. The film shows a history of hemp and hemp products, how hemp is grown, and how hemp is processed into rope, cloth, cordage, and other products. As it was made by the US Government, it is public domain and is freely available for download from the Internet Archive. Before 1989, the film was relatively unknown, and the United States Department of Agriculture library and the Library of Congress told all interested parties that no such movie was made by the USDA or any branch of the U.S. government. Two VHS copies were recovered and donated to the Library of Congress on May 19, 1989 by Mia Farrow, Carl Packard, and Jack Herer. The only known copy in 1976 was a 3/4" broadcast quality copy of the film that was originally obtained by William Conde in 1976 from a reporter for the Miami Herald and the Ethiopian Zion Coptic Church of Jamaica. It was given in tru ...
Editorial cartoon by Jim Morin of the Miami Herald on 'Stand Your Ground' laws. Says it all.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Time to repeal Stand Your Ground. Thanks to cartoonist Jim Morin at the Miami Herald for this.
People ask me why I don't move to Florida or at least stay there part of the year. Here's another reason (from the News of the Weird): The semi-obscure Florida Statute 790.15 took center stage in January following a Miami Herald report of a resident of the town of Big Pine Key who routinely target-shoots his handgun in his yard, with impunity, to the consternation of neighbors. The statute permits open-firing on private property (except shooting over a public right of way or an occupied dwelling), and several cities have tried, unsuccessfully, to restrict that right, citing "public safety" in residential neighborhoods. (A 2011 lobbying campaign by the National Rifle Association, and a state supreme court decision, nixed any change in the law.) "Negligent" shooting is illegal but only a misdemeanor. Thus, even skillful shooting next door to a daycare center or in a small yard that abuts a high-trafficked pedestrian street is likely perfectly legal. One Florida legislator who was originally from Alask ...
Sid Caesar, comedy giant of the small screen, dies at 91 - (Miami Herald)
A report from Wednesday night mentioned that there was at least a chance that Martin could be back with the Dolphins, despite all that has transpired in regards to the bullying claims against Richie Incognito. According to Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald, there is almost no way that OT Jonathan Martin will ever play for the Dolphins again. “How stupid would the Dolphins have to be let Martin back in that locker room? The message they would be sending is if you are having personal troubles and you quit on us, even in the middle of a season and without any explanation to coaches or staff, we’ll be fine with letting you come back when you are ready,” Salguero writes. Salguero also mentions that some of the Dolphins players who spoke out in defense of Incognito are still with the team and Miami has since brought in a new general manager, so it seems likely that he will do his best to move on from this situation. As Salguero mentions, the Dolphins have “zero leverage” when it comes to trading Ma ...
Miami Herald - Marketer said to have ripped off NYC parade - New York state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman say...
In one day we ran a Miami Herald story, got a spot on the Channel 10 News, were featured on the Miami New Times Hot List and taped a Telemundo 51 segment .. Talk about a super successful day!
Article at Miami Herald by contrasts speech at Davos with my new book "Economic Development" http:…
Breaking down Hate "Take it as a reminder: The enemy is not Arab people or the Muslim religion. The enemy is fanaticism, extremism, intolerance, hate. The madmen who commandeered those planes don´t represent the followers of Islam any more than the madmen who blow up abortion clinics represent the followers of Christ." --Leonard Pitts, Jr., Miami Herald columnist
BREAKING: U.S. Supreme Court has DENIED last-minute appeal from Jimmy Ryce's killer, scheduled to be executed tonight . - via Miami Herald
Map of the most media attacks and reporter disappearances in Mexico. Miami Herald.
Miami Herald: Grizzlies Marc Gasol to get knee evaluated..
Miami Herald - Grizzlies hold off Magic surge for 86-81 victory
Juan Carlos Chavez was executed for the 1995 kidnapping, rape and murder of 9-year-old Jimmy Ryce in Florida, officials say. The execution came after a tense delay of more than an hour as the U.S. Supreme Court considered, but ultimately denied, a last-minute request for a stay, Miami Herald reports. Jimmy Ryce's murder spurred legislation allowing the state to indefinitely detain sexual predators. Read more:
This excerpt from the "Miami Herald" is irritating me. "(Juan Carlos) Chavez’s lawyer, Robert Norgard, tried to persuade the Florida Supreme Court to reconsider Chavez’s argument that the sedative used as part of the cocktail of lethal drugs was ineffective as a pain-relieving anesthetic and therefore violated his constitutional protection against 'cruel and unusual punishment.'” What about Jimmy Ryce's constitutional protection? Another exerpt that is tough to read, but apparently true: "Chavez told Miami-Dade homicide investigators that he grabbed Jimmy at gunpoint as he exited the school bus, put him in his pickup truck and took him to his trailer, where he raped him, according to the confession. When Jimmy tried to escape from his camper, Chavez shot him in the back, decapitated him, and dismembered his body, hiding the parts in concrete in three plastic planters buried in an avocado grove on the Scheinhaus’ horse farm."
Educator, &Grove matriarch&and activist Frankie Rolle dies at 89 - (Miami Herald)
Stock of the day _ The McClatchy Co (MNI) owner of the Miami Herald, The Charlotte Observer, Kansas City Star and Sacramento Bee and 26 other daily newspapers. This stock was at $75 a share in 2005, is now about $3 a share. Firm generates $1.3 billion in annual revenues.
Miami Herald - Pa. man charged in Amish buggy horse shooting
Miami Herald: Dwyane Wade expected to start for Heat at Warriors..
Due to several misquotes, from all candidates in the race, recently published in some local print media the Lucas Overby For Congress team wanted to clear some things up for voters who were confused by the article. Medical Marijuana: Sink: Believes that there should only be extremely limited access citing that while she has friends she would like to see be able to use it, she does not want mass distribution and access. (BN9 Televised Debate) Jolly: Believes that voters should not have the right to decide that their doctors should be allowed to prescribe marijuana as a medical alternative. He says that the federal government and the FDA should tell doctors what they are allowed to prescribe and that the voters should have no input. (Feb 11th Civics Association Debate) Overby: Believes that the government has no right to tell people what they can and cannot put in their own bodies. On medical marijuana, he says that voters have the right to overturn bad laws that prevent doctors from prescribing medical a . ...
The latest look at the demolition of old 1 Herald Plaza building in Miami.
Miami Herald reports that Univision is running unspoken campaign for Hillary
Following the miami herald on fb is probably a mistake since i plan to move there. Every day my feed is filled with a cavalcade of bloodlust and mayhem so intense it makes every city in the north east look about as dangerous as a litter of obese kittens. Note to self: purchase large caliber handgun. and get the sherman tank in boalsburg operational so I can drive it down there.
Miami Herald News Alert: Juan Carlos Chavez, who kidnapped, raped and murdered Jimmy Ryce in 1995, executed by lethal injection at 8:17 p.m. Thank god finally
Can't wait to see the Miami Herald article this weekend about & - Keep up the good work
Miami Herald - Ligety likes his progress entering super-combined
Miami Herald - Man skips on restaurant tab, arrested for 33rd time
Miami Herald - House Speaker Will Weatherford: No new stadium &this year
Herald: Johnson keeps Port Miami clear of soccer debate
Herald: Obama nominates Miami-Dade Democratic Party chairwoman to board of foreign assistance agency
Miami Herald - Dodgers' Hanley Ramirez arrives at camp healthy
Miami Herald - Miami historic preservation board to take up fate of Tequesta circles
I just found out that the Miami Herald will run a story on Roane State's Classroom Under the Sea in this Saturday's edition. We will pass the link on to you when we find it. Jessica and I are grateful to all of you for your continued support.
Miami Herald - North Miami man&case against tobacco giant R.J. Reynolds will continue
Sunshine & ice hockey...joins the show to talk ...listen now!! -
Demick goes down south to the state of his birth to talk Florida Panthers with Miami Herald beat writer George Richards. We talk trade deadline moves for the Cats, their crazy ticket giveaways, whether the team will move or not, why Dimitry Kulikov is staying in the NHL, and the best food in Miami-F...
Miami Herald - Oakland Park man arrested on human trafficking charges
MIAMI: Quarter of seniors scoring 3 or higher on AP test | State | Bradenton Herald
Miami Herald - Yankees star Jeter to retire after 2014 season
Miami Herald - Barbie to feature in this year's SI Swimsuit issue
HEALTH COLUMN Dear Health Pilgrims, I am sharing with you portions of an article by Kathleen McGrory from the Health Section of the Miami Herald regarding sleep. The heading is Getting Good Shuteye Can Help Shed The Pounds. When it comes to losing or maintaining a healthy weight, doctors say that sleep is as important as diet and exercise. Have you put on some extra pounds? Your lack of sleep may be to blame. Experts say there is a clear link between sleep deprivation and weight gain. The reason has to do with hormones: Sleep-deprived bodies produce high levels of ghrelin, a hormone that tells the brain when it’s time to eat. At the same time, sleep-deprived bodies create less leptin, a hormone that helps you feel full and satisfied. The result? “If you sleep less, you will feel more hungry, and you’ll go for the carb-rich food to give you a boost of energy,” say Dr. Belen Esparis, Medical Director of Mount Sinai Medical Center’s Sleep Disorders Center and Laboratory. “Nobody wants a s ...
[Miami Herald] - Ben Bolch: The body of evidence is against Nash: ... ion. "I think it's a minor set...
I don't know if anyone else had seen this: From Teachers Face Tougher Test Standards Published: Saturday, January 25, 2014 at 12:01 a.m. Those hoping to teach in Florida schools will face a tougher road to the classroom come March. That's when a decision last week by the state Board of Education to significantly increase passing certification scores goes into effect. Florida's deputy education commissioner, Juan Copa, told The Miami Herald the change comes as part of a promise Florida made in 2010 to toughen its certification standards when it applied for $700 million in federal funds. He said about a fifth of those who take the $200 Professional Education exam are expected to fail the first time.
Miami Herald on deep winter greenhouse in Ashby, MN, via Our deep winter handbook:
Miami Herald - SOCHI SCENE: Shooting Star Sumann - Coming to Sochi, Christoph Sumann knew these were going to be h...
Miami Herald - Email for help leads to 3 Ohio child abuse arrests
So proud of my cousin's daughter, who will be representing her school at the Miami Herald Spelling Bee!
A chronology of the LGBT-rights movement focusing on its early days during the Anita Bryant campaign in Miami-Dade County, is a feature-length documentary by Joe Cardona in association with the Miami Herald Media Company and WPBT2.
.I did and it along with the Miami Herald said your ads are bad. TTYL friend! Keep up the good work!
.Talk to the TBT and the Miami Herald Andy - they might care to hear why your ads are so bad. I don't.
Miami Herald - AL Central teams at the start of spring training
GSTA would like to thank the Miami Herald and Cammy Clark for the video coverage of the 2013 24 HR Freedom Swim Fundraiser
(MIAMI HERALD) The Affordable Care Act has a Hispanic problem: Eligible and uninsured Hispanics, in the states...
Timeline of the Jimmy Ryce tragedy - Miami Herald via
The lunch at LYC starts at 11:30 a.m. followed by the event at McSorely's at 1 p.m. Our guest speaker is NFL Reporter, Mr. Jeff Darlington (Florida Alpha '00), and he will be discussing his career reporting on the NFL (6 years with the Miami Herald covering the Dolphins) and last two years with the NFL.
Miami Herald - Study disputes value of routine mammograms - A Canadian study that many experts say has major flaws...
Miami Herald - Detroit prep star arraigned on assault charges
Miami Herald - Fierce debates as Britain sinks further underwater
Florida moves to better manage healthcare for foster kids - Miami Herald
Nice article in the Miami Herald today on Columbus soccer, thanks to for sending it to me.
Government and Medicine HHS report shows ACA could help uninsured Latinos across country. A handful of outlets cover a new report from the Department of Health and Human Services that demonstrates how the Affordable Care Act can help uninsured Latinos across the country. For its part, the Washington Post (2/12, Galewitz) carries a Kaiser Health News story on an analysis, released by HHS Tuesday, which shows Latinos “make up a disproportionate share of the nation’s uninsured,” but that “most could get coverage from the Affordable Care Act or existing programs if every state expanded Medicaid.” In a statement, HHS Secretary Kathleen Sebelius said, “The health care law addresses longstanding inequalities that have affected minority communities across the nation, including lack of access to affordable health insurance coverage.” McClatchy (2/12, Ordonez, Subscription Publication) reports the analysis points out that “one in four uninsured people” across the country “are Latino.” It also ... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Measha Brueggergosman GRAND THEATRE PRESENTS FEBRUARY 28, 2014 Noted by the San Francisco Chronicle as "a singer of rare gifts and artistic intensity" and by the Miami Herald for "possessing a superb voice capable of just about everything," Canadian soprano Measha Brueggergosman has emerged as one of the most magnificent performers and vibrant personalities...
WLRN-Miami Herald News is taking a year-long look at the 87-mile stretch of I-95 running through South Florida. Check out our Tumblr page to follow the ongoing coverage:
Less than three years after the first pre-construction launch party kicked off this latest South high-rise building boom in May 2011, the 50th new tower has formally begun construction east of Interstate 95 in the tri-county coastal region of Broward and Via The Miami Herald.
As part of the Miami Herald Business Plan Challenge, we look back on past winners. Today: DeliverLean PEOPLE’S PICK: DELIVERLEAN DeliverLean delivered. It was a huge growth year for the young South Florida gourmet meal delivery service with a national appetite. Scott Harris co-founded the company, a...
Attic Theatre Announces Its Summer Season A non-stop comedy, a thriller with a sense of humor and rousing musical highlight Attic Theatre's 64th season of entertaining Fox Valley audiences. “Boeing, Boeing,” written by Marc Camoletti and translated from the French by Beverly Cross and Francis Evans, is a classic French farce, complete with multiple doors and perpetual high anxiety as a result of a slew of romantic shenanigans. It will be performed June 20 – 22 and 25 – 28. The “Chicago Sun-Times” described the play as “an ideal escapist entertainment for the dog days of summer.” “Deathtrap” by Ira Levin will run July 10 – 13 and 15 – 19. When a washed-up playwright, a supportive wife, an aspiring young playwright, who has written a top notch thriller, come together in a secluded location and with a wall decorated with death instruments, tensions mount. “Deathtrap is that rarity, a comic stage thriller that provides plenty of laughs and some real spine-tingling turns,” state ...
Inspirational Gonzalez leads Ferguson in regional semis By Andre C. Fernandez The Miami Herald Rob - For M report Matt B - For HS Girls notes By Andre C. Fernandez a1fernandezguard Tabitha Gonzalez is often regarded for her mental toughness on the Ferguson girls’ basketball team. Being praised for her bravery isn’t anything new for Gonzalez. “I remember when I was 2 years old, people kept telling me I was stronger than 10-year-old boys,” Gonzalez said. Gonzalez had no choice but to be brave at that age. Not long after her second birthday, she was diagnosed with Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia, a cancer of the white blood cells. Gonzalez spent most of the next three years in and out of hospitals undergoing chemotherapy and sometimes being awakened at night to take necessary medication. Three years later, Gonzalez went into remission and has been cancer-free since. “I was little, but I still remember the smile on my mom’s face the day they said I wasn’t sick anymore,” Gonzalez said. Gonzalez, w ...
My amazing colleague Fred D'Aguiar's new novel drops today: CHILDREN OF PARADISE. There's a link below to a terrific review in the Miami Herald. And from Edwidge Danticat: "Fred D’Aguiar’s magnum opus. He takes a story we think we know, Jonestown, and transforms it into an even larger, yet more intimate tragedy. A book not to be missed.”
On Fred D'Aguiar's amazing new novel 'Children of Paradise.' "Through the eyes of a young girl and her mother plotting to escape, the story of the Jonestown massacre of 1978 takes on new dimensions in a surprising novel that contrasts a dreamlike style with the terrifying paranoia of the Guyana jungle compound where 909 Americans died in a murder-suicide pact. Fred D’Aguiar, a novelist, playwright and poet raised in Guyana until he was 12, reimagines the tragedy that stunned the world D’Aguiar creates a suffocating atmosphere that explores the use of charisma and religious fanaticism as tools of repression. Most powerful of all, he takes a well-documented atrocity and tells it in a new and arresting way. You can’t teach if the people won’t listen, and D’Aguiar demands that we listen." Miami Herald
Today's Miami Herald: Front page of Local and State: 2 dumb golfers from Tenn. have jewelry and cash stolen out of their golf bags because they aren't paying attention and think the golf club should take responsibility. (Actually, the article was quite sympathetic to them.) Six pages later, on page 6B: Police in Hollywood, Florida inventory their evidence room and find 94 unprocessed rape kits, some dating back to 2005. They can't explain why they weren't processed, but hypothesize that maybe the victims changed their minds or the rapists had already been arrested. Lets see, which is bigger news: money robbed from unattended golf bags, or rapists getting away with their crimes due to police incompetence. I'm sure that was a tough call for the editors of the Miami Herald.
Woman Left Brain-damaged After Bosom Implant Surgery A young woman named Linda Perez who fell into a coma last year after a devastating bosom augmentation surgery in a hospital in Florida has been allowed to go back home after spending half a year in hospital. Now, she is unable to move on her own, can only say a few words and looks like a skeleton. Doctors think she may never recover from the brain damage she incurred from the surgery. Linda,19, reportedly suffered brain damage in the hour after the bosom augmentation finished but now the doctor who performed the surgery, Dr Jacob Freiman, is filing to have access to her earlier medical records because he feels she hid key facts from him - like a complication from anesthesia [given by Dr. Mario Diaz] that she was given during the birth of her son - If she had told him about that incident, he would have approached the procedure differently. Doctor Freiman is said to have a clean record and is a board certified plastic surgeon, according to the Florida Dep ...
Miami Herald: Bulls finish trip with win over Lakers, set their sights high..
In 2004, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration informed Congress that enhanced side-impact protection was a priority. With safety in mind, Dorel Juvenile Group sent a petition to NHTSA asking them to consider using the side-impact test procedure that we developed (in partnership with Kettering University) for the federal regulation. The proposed rules, published in the federal register a week ago, require tests very similar to the ones that we have been conducting in our labs for nearly a decade. Read more via Miami Herald:
David Beckham has used his contracted option to buy a Major League Soccer franchise at a discount, according to a report by the Miami Herald.
In a press conference that was light on specifics and included the mayor of Miami-Dade County calling David Beckham "Mr. Beckman," the retired LA Galaxy and Manchester United star announced his long-rumored plan to bring a new MLS club to Miami. Beckham was joined by MLS commissioner Don Garber and Mayor Carlos Gimenez in making the announcement that left a lot of questions unanswered. As part of the deal that brought Beckham to MLS as a player in 2007, he was able to become the league's first former player to become an owner for a cut-rate expansion fee of $25 million. The two clubs that will begin play in 2015, Orlando City SC and New York City FC paid expansion fees of $70 million and $100 million respectively. The biggest cheer at the Perez Art Museum Miami came when Beckham said that his group (of which he is the managing partner) will not seek public funding for the downtown stadium that they plan to build for the new club. According to the Miami Herald, the preferred site is on one end of PortMiami ...
Decoding the differences: Miami Herald or El Nuevo Herald? … by gimleteye: Pity Anglos -- English language rea...
Miami Herald - Spokeswoman: Daley remains in hospital for tests
Miami Herald - Payment program helps Ohioans with energy costs
Nervous as *** For you non believers, yes I know it's just a game, but it's my Broncos and I'm way down here in Cardinal country! I haven't been this excited and nervous since 1997, when the Miami Herald shot pictures of me with my Packer fan travel companions in Cancun Mexico. Good times. Hopefully the outcome today is just as satisfying. GO BRONCOS!
Miami Herald - FHP urges Tampa Bay drivers to use caution in fog
Miami Herald - Echoes of Zimmerman expected in Fla. trial - A white software developer is about to go on trial in ...
I hate when guys look like the Miami Herald
I have when there for work...can't say Miami has good fans either (see Miami Herald blog comments)
Thanks Miami Herald! We're keeping our nose to the grindstone even with the accolades coming!
Miami Herald - Jailbreak in Libya, 54 detainees escape - A Libyan security official says that over 54 detainees ha...
Miami Herald - Film explores 'Kids for Cash' scandal in Pa. - A film opening this week explores the scandal that e...
Great read by Miami Herald's about Lolita, one of the oldest whales in captivity who lives alone in Miami
Had the pleasure of introducing WLRN/Miami Herald reporter this week
Miami Herald - Mass. beauticians taught to spot domestic violence
Miami Herald - Expected issues for 2014 Conn. legislative session
Miami Herald - Conn. economy likely to rule legislative session
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Miami Herald - Man tried entering cockpit on flight from Dubai
Miami Herald - Sequestration doesn't stop Sitka JazzFest - As they say in show business, the show will go on.
Thank u Miami Herald for the coverage! 2014 District Champs!
Miami Herald - 380-foot Frankfurt tower leveled with explosives
took out my yearbook and started looking for some people and found this about Don Vetromile. KATHLEEN CAMPBELL VETROMILE Obituary (Archived) Published in The Miami Herald on Apr. 28, 2010 First 25 of 41 words: VETROMILE, KATHLEEN CAMPBELL, passed away 4/23/10. She was pre- deceased by her husband of 53 years Donald Vetromile. She is survived by her sons; Donald... Read more here:
Miami Herald - Fox News to interview Obama before Super Bowl
Miami Herald - 5 things to know heading into Super Bowl Sunday
[Miami Herald] - Seahawks Legion of Boom expects to be on its A game..
[Miami Herald] - Bill OReillys interview with President Barack Obama is must-see TV..
Miami Herald: Weary Bobcats blocked out by the Suns..
Miami Herald - Weekend update: Seth Meyers signs off 'SNL' - Seth Meyers has departed Saturday Night Live, just we...
[Miami Herald] - Schneiders pick of Wilson proves wise..
[Miami Herald] - Lakers Gasol out because of strained right groin..
[Miami Herald] - Ben Bolch: A five-step Lakers recovery: ... time to part with the four-time All-Sta...
[Miami Herald] - Lakers' Gasol out because of strained right groin: ... the right way," Gasol said ...
Miami Herald - Super Bowl no respite for scandal around Christie
Miami Herald - Cal takes down No. 1 Arizona on last-second shot
Miami Herald - Pa. groundhog's prediction comes on NFL's big day
Miami Herald - Mitt Romney: Sochi Olympics will be safe - Former presidential candidate Mitt Romney believes the 2...
Are you ready for the Challenge? Monday, Feb 3rd is the official launch of the 2014 Miami Herald Business Plan...
[Miami Herald] - As Commissioner Goodell says, it has the makings of a classic � even withou..
I think 2014 will be the year! Group plans to bring Eastern Air Lines back to Miami Miami Herald
[Miami Herald] - Tom Sorensen: Super Bowl has makings of a classic..
Miami Herald - Funeral held for 5 killed in Idaho plane crash
Miami Herald - Dragic leads Suns to 105-95 win over Bobcats - Goran Dragic scored 25 points and the Phoenix Suns m...
Tonite what the Miami herald talkin about pearl at Nikki beach.
° Herald: Miami Heat unfazed by Indiana Pacers’ signing of Andrew Bynum: If the Heat is surprised or concerned...
Miami Herald - NYPD top cop: NYC mayor sent letter with powder
Herald: In wake of Blackfish, activists want Miami Seaquarium's orca returned to the wild
(Operation Garden Plot) is a general U.S. Army and National Guard plan to respond to major domestic civil disturbances within the United States. 👉The plan was developed in response to the civil disorders of the 1960s and is now under the control of the U.S. Northern Command (NORTHCOM). It provides Federal military and law enforcement assistance to local governments during times of major civil disturbances. These General Orders are in tandem with the provisions of the Patriot Act, NDAA, Expatriation Act. and several other DECREES, PRESIDENTIAL ACTS and Legislated laws.👈 👉Garden Plot was last activated (as Noble Eagle) to provide military assistance to civil authorities following the September 11, 2001 attacks on the United States. The Pentagon also activated it to restore order during the 1992 Los Angeles Riots. NO; not activated but rather an excuse was designed and used to enact this illegal provision in order to let it stand as (PRESIDENT SOP)👈 Under Homeland Security restructuring, it ha .. ...
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Florida Gov. Rick Scott received negative press in the last few days for his job creation record. The Tampa Bay Times and Miami Herald published a three-part series called “Jobs in Florida: The Ri...
Miami Herald: Pacers sign Andrew Bynum for rest of season..
Miami Herald today has a column that matches your favorite Girl Scout cookie to your personality. Mine: thin mints. "People admire your confidence and easygoing attitude." Okay, that's good. But..."you are delusional if you think these cookies are less fattening than the others because they are thinner." They're not?
Come by the Nissan Health & Fitness Expo Presented by Miami Herald & El Nuevo Herald this weekend! The expo is located at the Miami Beach Convention Center at 1901 Convention Center Dr., Miami Beach, FL 33139. Expo Hours: 10 AM to 6 PM on Saturday.
According to the Miami Herald, impending free agent Paul Soliai "really, really doesn't want to leave" Miami. Also Randy Starks unlikely to give the Dolphins a discount in free agency after being forced to play under the franchise tag in 2013.
I dnt knw y ds news hs nt bn posted in fb.Justin Bieber's DUI Arraignment Set for Valentine's Day ..ds is amazin!!Justin Bieber's dopey Lamborghini drag-racing arrest last week has officially become a matter worthy of your federal tax dollars. As The Hollywood Reporter points out, a petition that calls for deporting the Canadian singer has passed its goal of 100,000 signatures. The Obama administration's admirably but ridiculously responsive rules require it to reply to such petitions when they've met their signature goal .Bieber was charged with drag-racing and DUI, a police rep told the Miami Herald. His pals — including 19-year-old R&B singer Khalil — had evidently blocked off a stretch of residential road with their cars so the 19-year-old could use it as a drag strip for his Lamborghini. Miami Beach Police Chief Raymond Martinez reportedly said Bieber tested positive for drugs. Bieber was incoherent, the police chief said. Coherent enough, perhaps: Police sources told the Herald th ...
Chillin in the Miami Herald suite watching some wrasslin. Life is good.
found this comment to an article in the Miami Herald- I HIGHLY agree: West Virginia University "Winter Storm Leon?" What gives you the impression this snow storm had a name? Since when have snow events EVER had names? Hurricanes and typhoons have names, given to them by the appropriate government agency. Snow storms do NOT have names. The National Weather Service (NWS) hasn't named the snow, nor has the National Oceanographic & Atmospheric Administration (NOAA). Neither the NWS, NOAA, nor anyone I know is referring to this weather system as "Leon." Oh, WAIT A MINUTE. You must be referring to The Weather Channel. Yes, in what can only be described as a shameless, pretentious publicity stunt, they have taken it upon themselves to start naming every snow event that comes along, and in the process they have become a bit of a laughingstock. Who knows? Maybe this summer, when things have started quieting down, they'll start naming HEAT WAVES! It makes you wonder how we ever survived the old days when snow was j ...
I like to THANK; My good friend Carmen Gonzalez Caldwell for the kind words written about my Mom (in the Miami Herald). Love you, my friend...I know my Mom would have loved the title "Activist." (For those who didn't know my Mom. She was advocate for the RIGHTS of the elderly and the homeless.) She was once called "The Mother Theresa of Hialeah." She immediately responded," I'm not a Saint but there is always a plate of food at my house for anyone who is hungry.".Thanks Again Carmen.
Today, Our friends at the Little Haiti Cultural Center Kick off Black History Month with the Opening of their exhibition "Shades of Black" Curated by Local Miami Herald photographer Carl Juste and Marie Vickles. Beautiful Show!
“Miami Herald reporting that former Bucs GM Mark Dominik is a candidate to become Asst. GM to GM Dennis Hickey in Miami.” Odd
CONGRATS to BIG Ben Bigworm Tirolia. The kid didn't know he made All Dade. Andre Fernandez from the Miami Herald reached out to me this morning to inform me. I took this pic and emailed it to Andre. Look for the 2013 Miami All Dade Football first team in the Miami Herald. CONGRATS again Big Ben! Let's go Miami Jackson Generals.
Read this today: Greg Cote of the Miami Herald on increased security at the upcoming Olympics. "For example, down-hill skiers will now slalom through metal detectors"
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BLACKPOINT   Several of our members headed out this week, some small amount of catches and activity. One boat at fish cleaning station had snapper, and one HUGE Mangrove Snapper.  Snook season begins again this weekend.   MIAMI HERALD   Best Bet Captain Bouncer Smith of Bouncers Dusky Fishing Charters out of Miami Beach Marina reported offshore fishing has been slow compared to most Januarys in the past because of unusual warm conditions. Recent cold fronts have dropped water temperatures and fishing is getting better. Along the beaches, tarpon are starting to show up along with a good amount of Spanish mackerel. Outside the outer reef, a few sailfish, blackfin tuna and some large kingfish to 71 pounds have been reported caught. Miami-Dade-Broward Captain Mo Estevez of New Dawn Charters out of Miami reported with more stable conditions this week the bonefish action picked up on the western South Bay shorelines as well as the Oceanside flats. A large live shrimp has been the top bait for the bonefish. ...
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Good Morning everyone! Here is book for today, January 31, 2014: The Remains of Company : A Story of the Great War by James Carl Nelson, New York: St. Martin's Press, 2009, 363 pages. Haunted by an ancestor's tale of near death on a distant battlefield, James Carl Nelson set out in pursuit of the scraps of memory of his grandfather's small infantry unit. Years of travel across the world led to the retrieval of unpublished personal papers, obscure memoirs, and communications from numerous doughboys as well as original interviews of the descendants of his grandfather's comrades in arms. The result is a compelling tale of battle rooted in new primary sources, and one man's search for his grandfather's legacy in a horrifying maelstrom that is today poorly understood and nearly forgotten. The Remains of Company D follows the members of Company D, 28th Infantry Regiment, United States First Division, from enlistment to combat to the effort to recover their remains, focusing on the three major battles at Cant .. ...
A Case Against Legalized Gambling Reprinted from National Coalition Against Legalized Gambling Gambling costs far more than it benefits. Studies show that for every dollar gambling produces for a regional economy, three dollars are lost because of the economic and social costs of gambling. When government legalizes more gambling, taxpayers lose - whether they gamble or not. Gambling cannibalizes local businesses. A hundred dollars spent in a slot machine is a hundred dollars that is not spent in a local restaurant, theater or retail store. As Donald Trump told the Miami Herald, "People will spend a tremendous amount of money in casinos, money that they would normally spend on buying a refrigerator or a new car. Local businesses will suffer because they'll lose customer dollars to the casinos." Gambling triggers addiction. The more legalized gambling available, the more addictive behavior is triggered. In 1989, only 1.7% of Iowa's adults were gambling addicts, but after riverboat casinos were legalized, th ...
Looking for Love? Looking for love in all the wrong places? Maybe it's time to follow the lead of Alexander Gorbunov, who has chosen instead to let love find him -- in his sports car. For the past eight months, the 38-year-old Hollywood, Fla., man has sported a neon yellow sign in his BMW's rear window which reads, "Looking for a wife," followed by his phone number. He also drives a Hummer from time to time with a similar sign, a method he acknowledges is unconventional, yet effective. Gorbunov told the Miami Herald he fields between 15 and 20 calls and texts a day, around 80 percent of which are serious inquiries. He's hoping the sign will screen out women who don't have a sense of humor.
Leonard Pitts hits the nail on the head. And FYI, the new Georgia House Bill 875 introduced after Tuesday's session adjourned (Remember what was going on then?) not only opens up guns in churches, it opens up college campuses, K-12 schools, and bars, and it even lowers from a felony to a misdemeanor carry of a weapon past airport security. SECOND AMENDMENT Trigger-happy in these united states of insanity Leonard Pitts My Opinion Doug Varrieur likes to shoot. Problem is, it’s 25 miles to the nearest range, where they charge $45 an hour. What’s a gun enthusiast to do? Lucky for him, Varrieur lives in Florida. Problem solved. Just erect a makeshift range in the backyard and fire away. It’s perfectly legal. Re-read that if you want. It’s just as nutty the second time around. In a story by my colleague Cammy Clark that appeared in Sunday’s Miami Herald, we learn that Varrieur, who lives on Big Pine Key, once complained to a gun shop owner about what a pain it was going to the range to shoot. The owne ...
Miami Herald: "But that will illustrate the adage of one man's trash being another man's treasure because a source close to new Tampa Bay general manager Jason Licht tells me Licht was going to fire Hickey from his job as the Tampa Bay director of player personnel. Hickey was with the Bucs 18 seasons, the last three as the director of player personnel. But he was not a candidate when Tampa Bay conducted a general manager search earlier this month and while he might have been retained through the May draft by the Bucs had he not gotten the Miami job, Hickey was headed out the door."
Miami Herald: Crawford and Redick lead Clippers to victory despite 51 points from Raptors Terrence Ro..
Miami Herald: Territory Sales Rep: Details: Grosfillex North America, a global manufacturer of re...
Pats director of player personnel Nick Caserio interviewed today with the Dolphins for their vacant general manager position, the Dolphins announced. The Dolphins' search has been heavily scrutinized since they parted ways with Jeff Ireland on Jan. 7. It was heavily reported Ireland and coach Joe Philbin couldn't get along, and the Miami Herald reported even more front office drama including vice president of football administration Dawn Aponte --who was in Philbin's corner -- that heightened the news of the split, all of which involved a struggle for power.
Ou te just vle tout moun konnen you're single? Okay. You want a cookie? Miami Herald? Sun Sentinel? Lmao! 😫😂
[BREAKING] from the Miami Herald: Jane Pauley and Patricia Ireland at today's Thelma Gibson Awards.
USA today? CNN? Miami Herald? Im sure they'd be a little more accurate than most resources I never read 100 anywhere show me where
[Miami Herald] - Miami Heat lacking chemistry with Dwyane Wade missing games..
[Miami Herald] - Heat rally late to get past Celtics, 93-86..
Miami Herald: Luol Deng trying not to dwell on facing former team when Cavaliers play Bulls..
Miami Herald: Jazzs Hayward returns, Favors out with injury..
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Miami Herald: David Haugh: Luol Deng was never fully appreciated with the Bulls..
Miami Herald: Blatche leads Nets to 8th win in 9 games..
Armando Salguero of the Miami Herald reports that more interviews for new candidates are still coming, and that after the initial wave of interviews ends, the team will select a group of finalists and then select a successor to Jeff Ireland. The good news for the Dolph...
The Miami Dolphins knew wide receiver Davone Bess had been hospitalized without his consent in March 2013 so he could be evaluated and treated for emotional or psychological issues that seemed to be troubling him, but the Dolphins did not provide that information to the Browns before they traded Bess to Cleveland a month later, the Miami Herald reported Sunday. That doesn’t mean the Browns shouldn’t have found out through their own research, but it does call into question the ethics of the Dolphins, who severed ties with General Manager Jeff Ireland on Jan. 7. According to an incident report from the Broward Sheriff’s Office that the Herald obtained Friday within two hours of a standard records request, deputies were called to Bess’ Cooper City, Fla., home and found him in a violent, incoherent state while screaming, “Hide the guns,” “Where is my weed,” and “I want to get in the end zone; throw me the football.” Six officers pinned Bess down, and he was hospitalized for observation at ...
Great story from the Miami Herald about the city I grew up in: Roanoke VA.
Report: Davone Bess had bizarre run-in with police before Dolphins dealt him: The Miami Herald is reporting th...
Miami Herald - Bromance? Ayoade suggests he and Redford have one
Getting interviewed by the Miami Herald after the South Florida Express try outs
Chickens a woman had in her back yard that neighbors were complaining about for the Miami Herald while in high school
Maybe the Miami Herald would like to follow up on some of these questions. What about WPLG Local 10, or Glenna...
Miami Herald - Old West still alive in Germany - As she walked down main street, she saw a stockade of old forts a...
Miami Herald - Scene and heard at the Sundance Film Festival
A Great article in today's Miami Herald paper by Sue Cocking !!
Miami Herald - Israeli company to unveil laser defense - A state-owned Israeli arms company says it will unveil a ...
Miami Herald - Funeral held for 2 teens slain in murder-suicide
Miami Herald - Popular Florida Keys eatery destroyed by fire
Miami Herald - AARP awarded hefty sum in trademark infringement case
Miami Herald - Dem plans probe of NJ gov's office over Sandy aid
Hey, I'm reading an article about your family in the Miami Herald right this very second!
Always nice when your hometown newspaper mentions you in a story. Thanks Miami Herald for including my forecast in... htt…
Miami Herald - Afghan president again demands US airstrikes end
Miami Herald - UK far-right councilman suspended by party - A British far-right party has suspended a local counci...
Miami Herald - Urban streets named for MLK still struggle - Nearly three decades into the observance of Monday's f...
The Miami Herald reports the Dolphins didn't tell the Browns about Davone Bess' apparent instability before trading him on draft weekend.
A source informed the Miami Herald that Dolphins players don't have "great respect for the coaching staff there."
Dolphins didn't inform of Davone Bess' personal issues prior to Off-season Trade, According to Miami Herald.
I just wrote the longest letter to a reporter in my life. Look out Miami Herald.
Miami Herald - History predicts obscurity for Florida&new lieutenant governor
Miami Herald - Owner of Vt. mountain vows wind plan will proceed
Seattle is ready. Are you? 4 p.m. kickoff for NFC Championship game between the Seattle Seahawks and San Francisco 49ers. Airs on FOX. The Miami Herald's Greg Cote on why this is truly "super" Sunday for football fans: from left: Ryan Asdourian whose day job is as a Microsoft manager, sits in his office in Redmond. His other job is being Blitz, the Seahawks' mascot (AP Photo/The Seattle Times, Mike Siegel). Painters put the finishing touches on a Seattle Seahawks' logo on the turf at CenturyLink Field.
It's not Kokomo, but enjoying my coffee and Miami Herald — at South Beach Miami
Check out this article from The Miami Herald: MARSHALL OF THE DREAM
Bills would make bullying illegal in Florida - Miami Herald Currently, This is Headline News in Florida Once again, our not so brilliant leaders are trying to manage EFFECTS rather than CAUSE. TEACH SELF WORTH, and start managing Cause instead of wasting time managing effects, This is NOT rocket science, it is COMMON SENSE
Miami Herald - UAE plans mandatory military service for males
BREAKING: (Miami Herald) Miami Dolphins to build a new stadium.
State promises to pay unemployed who had benefits delayed through website - Miami Herald -
Mr. Touhy just died. His obituary is in today's Miami Herald. I took his creative writing class in 8th grade. The rock poetry part was great and is one reason I love oldies music so much.
From Miami Herald : In comeback, jockey Gary Stevens aims for banner day at Gulfstream Park,
Miami Herald - Men's races in Garmisch canceled due lack of snow
Miami Herald - Iran prepares for start of landmark nuclear deal
Miami Herald - Sitka ukulele event to unite 100 strummers - A Sitka woman hopes to make a big sound - with the hel...
Miami Herald - Fire ruins parts of historical village in Norway
Miami Herald - More than 90 wildfires blaze in Australian state
Miami Herald - Covington to sell surplus equipment - A public auction to sell dozens of surplus items owned by Cov...
Miami Herald - Postal Service, union wrangle over Staples outlets
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Miami Herald: In shadow of Bess trade, Dolphins looking for integrity..
Miami Herald: Joakim Noah leads Bulls in a romp over 76ers..
Greg Cote of the Miami Herald ".Picking against Peyton at home feels like betting against tomorrow’s sunrise, but the gut feeling here is pretty strong. Saturday-game winners in the previous round are 7-1 since 2010 in this round, a trend favoring New England. Manning is 6-11 all-time against Bill Belichick teams. John Fox is 1-6 against the Pats. NE finally has a running game and has three very good cornerbacks. And here’s something else that might seem small but isn’t: Denver is missing injured CB Chris Harris, and the Broncs’ opposing passer skyrockets when Harris isn’t on the field. That’ll clear a path for Brady to victimize 34-year-old replacement Quentin Jammer and to continue his mastery of Manning."
[Miami Herald] - Bill Plaschke: Bryant should sit this one out..
According to the Miami Herald, no one has emerged as a favorite for the Dolphins GM job. The Dolphins interviewed Dennis Hickey who has his time working under Tampa Bay GM Mark Dominik. Hickey has good experience in college scouting, and would help the Dolphins in terms of their college evaluation process, other then that his experience in building a team is limited at best. The Dolphins previously interviewed Lions Personnel director Brian Xander for the job. It is unclear how that interview went, but several people around the league view this role as a no win situation. With a coach on the brink of being fired, and a quarterback proving he is the next Dan Marino as well as future cap problems due to previous GM Jeff Irelands ill advised spending spree in 2013, the Dolphins are one of the more defunct franchises in the league right now.
Big ups to the Miami Herald weekend section & for the love + mention of tomorrow's concert ft. Locos Por Juana, Bachaco, Uma Galera & more.
"The Miami Herald reports Davone Bess was Baker Acted back in March of 2013. The term Baker Acted means to be hospitalized against one's own will, typically in a mental health institute. The Baker Act in Florida allows police to do this to an individual. Back in March, authorities were called to Bess' Florida home where they found the receiver incoherent and screaming about random things such as guns, drugs, and football while trying to be detained by a half-dozen men." You know what? This isn't breaking news for Rotoworld to share with everyone promoting reasons why Davone Bess is a nutcase. I'm pretty sure that means he is suffering from some sort of brain disorder, or at least was there. When he was admitted to this mental health institute, what was actually done? We know most hospitals like that just supervise. They don't run any kind of tests. They analyze to make sure the patient isn't going to hurt themselves or anyone else (thank you US medical field!), and then release them. SO what if he's suffe ...
This was an article written in the Miami Herald April of 2000 about Coin Displays in our early beginnings. How time has flown by; we are on our 14th year.
This week on Flashback Miami: In 1942, the Richmond Naval Air Station was built in southern Miami-Dade County to house blimps that would hover over convoys in the Florida Straits to protect them from German U-boats. Check out photos from the Miami Herald's archives showing the remains of the hangars, destroyed in 1945 in a fire driven by hurricane winds. More on
The Miami Herald expects the Dolphins to retain impending free agent Brent Grimes, either via a multi-year deal or the franchise tag.
Florida A&M University (FAMU) journalism student LaCrai Mitchell was recently named the recipient of the Barbara L. Frye Journalism Scholarship, presented by the Florida Capitol Press Corps. Mitchell, a junior, is one of 12 students to be presented with the $2,000 scholarship, which is awarded annually to graduating high school seniors and college students planning to pursue a career in journalism. This year’s winners were chosen from a record number of applicants and a competitive field of promising journalists. In the spring, Mitchell interned with WLRN- Miami Herald News and the director of the internship program recommended that she apply for the scholarship. A few months later, another internship coordinator suggested she apply as well. Their recommendations paid off. “I was excited and surprised,” Mitchell said of receiving the scholarship. The Tallahassee native said she learned at an early age that she had the talent to become an effective communicator. “I’ve always known the importance ...
Despite most official Haitian documents being written in French, "Creole is the only language that unites us,” writes Haitian Creole professor Jacques Pierre in the Miami Herald. Read his op-ed here:
The Miami Herald recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross about the WWE Network and some of his projects. Here are a few highlights: Origins of the Network: "The network is something that many of us have spent ample time in WWE talking about. Talk of starting a network goes all the way back to when WWE started buying wrestling libraries. I was involved in the process as one of many people involved in the process." Will he be part of the Network? "I'm sure I will be a part of it in one form or another as they have the Mid-South library, the Crockett portion of WCW, the Turner portion of WCW and the last 20 years of WWE. Whether I'm going to do anything else [new] for it obviously remains to be seen. That is WWE's call. It's a wonderful opportunity to continue to grow the brand. I think it's ahead of the curve as far as distribution is concerned."
"Road Dogg" BG James recently spoke with The Miami Herald to promote WWE's January 31st live event in Miami. Here are some highlights: WWE putting focus on tag teams again: “The credit goes to the stars themselves for sure. I think it can also be attributed to the fact we focus a little more on the tag division. We have spent a little more energy and time in developing the tag team division. I think it was sorely missed when there weren’t prominent tag teams on the landscape. I think it’s been really appreciated now that their back. We got a lot of great teams that have stepped up in the last year and think will continue to step up this year. I think there are many things it can be attributed to, but just the fact that it’s thriving and successful is awesome, especially for me to watch, because I was a tag team wrestler and love tag team wrestling.” Giving advice to the new Superstars: “I tell them to not party too much, especially nowadays. You know, back when I was living life crazy, cell ph ...
Your Key To Happy Sailing BY DAVE BARRY This Dave Barry column was originally published in the Miami Herald on March 6, 1983 You should go sailing. Nothing is more relaxing than getting out on the open sea, far from the workaday world and decent medical care. One of the most rewarding experiences of my life was the time I sailed with a group of friends from Florida to the Bahamas, which is a distance of about 75 miles by airplane and about 325,000 miles by sailboat, due to the large amount of going up and down and sideways. Seconds after we left the dock, all of us started to feel queasy, except for my friend Buzz, who felt hungry. Buzz went downstairs and came back with the largest, greasiest plate of corned-beef hash, enough to feed a rural Peruvian village for a year, which he decided he didn't want to eat right away after all, so he set it down, waiting for his appetite to come back, and we all sat around watching it congeal under the Florida sun, until we realized that we were too sick even to commit ...
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
In case you missed the parade, here are some great pictures on Miami Herald site
The Miami Herald Posted on Fri, Jan. 10, 2014 Fabiola Santiago: Gimenez absent on Rickenbacker cyclist safety By Fabiola Santiago fsantiagoyou can’t ride a bicycle along one of the most beautiful recreational areas of Miami-Dade without risking life and limb, then what are we doing living here? Cycling along the Rickenbacker Causeway into Virginia Key and Key Biscayne has become a game of Russian roulette. Early morning on Dec. 31, a drunk driver slammed into a group of about 20 cyclists riding east on the causeway. The 22-year-old driver, Diego Carreño of North Carolina, told police he’d been out drinking at a Miami Beach club. He was so intoxicated he was vomiting in his car and on the scene. “It was hard for him to remain standing,” Raul Echevarria, one of the cyclists who was there and took photos with his phone, told me Friday. Three cyclists ended up in the hospital, one of them with a head injury. Same day, two hours later, another cyclist was struck in front of Mast Academy, a place where ...
Miami Herald - Tonga in South Pacific lashed by powerful cyclone
of Gitmo Linger by Peter B. Collins on January 10, 2014 12 years ago this week, Bush opened the Guantanamo prison, pretending it was beyond the reach of laws against torture…Click here for free audiobook download from Audible, and generate $15 to the PBC Podcast! A Yemeni man expected to be held indefinitely without charge or trial was cleared for release by a Gitmo review panel today. –Miami Herald describes clampdown by management of Guantanamo, observer says it’s “worse than McCarthy” –Fox “News” runs fact-challenged screed from former Pentagon spinmeister attacking journalists who cover Gitmo and activists fighting to close it, using McCarthy-type smears and guilt by association –NSA leaders push to maintain as much domestic surveillance as possible –anti-NSA activists petition Stephen Colbert to cancel paid speech at RSA conference, because RSA reportedly took $10 million from NSA and inserted back door in encryption software –media overkill on Christie’s bridge scandal displa ...
The Miami Herald reports Browns assistant GM Ray Farmer is the "leading candidate" to become the Dolphins' general manager.
Miami Herald - Dutch PM, king going to Sochi for Olympics - Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte and King Willem-Alexan...
Bay Street Boys Could Not Buy Randol Fawkes The Miami Herald Jim Bishop February 6th, 1967 Nassau, Bahamas - The election returns came in sporadically. Neither the whites nor the Negroes believed the totals. Pindling’s P.L.P., which had 10 seats out of the 38 seats in the Assembly, hoped to add a few more. The United Bahamian Party needed only twenty seats to maintain the control. They weren't making it. A silent horror fell over the mansions in the limestone hills. A revolution was in progress. No bullets bounced off the elegant façade of Governor Sir Ralph Grey’s mansion. The work was being done with ballots. Ironically, this had been the weapon used by the Bay Street Boys to maintain power over the natives. ONE BY ONE, the natives began to win the seats. Dr. McMillan in Fort Charlotte; Maurice Moore in Grand Bahama East; Thompson in Eleuthera; Levarity in Bimini and West End; Pindling himself in South Andros. When all the returns had been counted, it was obvious that the P.L.P. had eighteen seats; ...
Whistle-wetting tour of world wine trends from North Korea to Bibbenden in Kent (Miami Herald)
Hoping to bring attention to what he believes is a flawed voting process for the Baseball Hall of Fame, Dan Le Batard of ESPN and the Miami Herald gave his vote to readers of, the website revealed Wednesday. On … Continue reading →
The Miami Herald published an editorial on Dec. 31 recommending participation in Seven50 as a way for the seven counties to work together to ensure their individual goals and objectives are achieved. Here's an excerpt: "The Seven/50 project stands for the seven South Florida counties in the region working together to make the next 50 years prosperous for all while at the same time coming up with innovative solutions to solve our most challenging problems — dealing with increasing traffic by investing in more mass transit, protecting natural resources from encroaching development with better urban planning to curb urban sprawl, growing up, not out, and strengthening coastal communities threatened by rising sea levels. There really isn’t any choice about reckoning with these challenges. They’ll smack us upside the head, one way or another." To read the entire editorial, "The future's up to us: Florida must use its smarts to manage rapid growth," visit
Miami Herald reporter and ESPN host Dan Le Batard just earned himself a lifetime ban from voting on baseball's Hall of Fame membership, for an act that was either wildly heroic or arrogantly self-serving, depending on who you ask.
Shortsighted budget game costs county in long run - The Miami Herald headline read: “Moody’s downgrades part of Miami-Dade’s credit.” The mayor and the county commission played games with the county budget and now we can look forward to paying higher interest when we borrow money in the future. We saved a few dollars today but will pay heavily in the future. County Mayor []
AL DIAZ/MIAMI HERALD STAFFPedestrians covered up against the rain cross Washington Avenue and...
Mayor's Blue Ribbon Task Force's focus groups on library services made the Miami Herald today. "Information and ideas from the focus groups will eventually be reviewed by Mayor Carlos Gimenez’s task force examining the future of public libraries, whose budget has taken a big hit over the past few years. ... The groups will be open to the public to participate and observe. The county is hoping regular library patrons in particular will take part." Read more here:
The Miami Herald said, "tension between Ireland and coach Joe Philbin and Dawn Aponte, the team’s cap manager, contributed to Ireland’s ouster. Philbin and Aponte won the power struggle." I figured Aponte would be on Ireland's side. Maybe she didn't have enough say into what went on as far as paying or overpaying the players. Maybe she will have more say now.
From: coney03281/5/2014 7:55:29 P.M. Eastern Standard Time Subj: Help pooor abandoned cat Hi , a wayward friend told me this cat was declawed and living near Viscaya . I was horrified that a declawed cat was defenseless . I was supposed to be a rest stop and she was supposed to go to a rescue group. She is not declawed so foster fell through. I feel lost. She is very sweet yet shy around cats stays in a corner. she appears to be more assertive when my cats are in a locked room and she is alone with my dogs . My vet says she is around 6-7 .well kept and appears to be in good health. I vaccinated her, no fleas or worms. I checked Miami Herald, and other lost and found listings. I cannot keep her .I have 4 dogs and 4 cats -all rescue. But I do not wish to dump her either. Can you help me? I am willing to make a donation to your organization to help her get fostered/adopted . If no one can foster is there a location I can showcase her there. I want to do right by her. I call her Pearl because she looks like . ...
Great things are happening for the sugar monkey in 2014!! It was wonderful to be featured in the Miami Herald's article. The link is in the comment section below...
"Florida braces for cold weather" says the Miami herald. It's gonna be 50 tonight..
The Miami Herald reports Joe Philbin is "definitely safe" as Dolphins head coach. Owner Stephen Ross forced Philbin to fire OC Mike Sherman on Monday, but Philbin will return for his third season on the job. Per the Herald's Armando Salguero, GM Jeff Ireland's job security "has yet to be cemented by the team."
The Act Of Killing. Rating: 5 (out of 5). Anwar Congo and his friends used to sell movie theatre tickets in the black market before being promoted to death squad leaders. They helped the Indonesian army execute more than one million alleged communists, ethnic Chinese, and intellectuals in less than a year. This documentary takes a look at how this group recreated their killings in various cinematic genres. The film will be available on VOD starting Tuesday, January 7th. According to The New York Times, “This is not a movie that lets go of you easily.” Starring: Anwar Congo Rating: Unrated Genre: History, Crime, Documentary REVIEWS Miami Herald writes, “In The Act of Killing, director Joshua Oppenheimer pulls off the impossible: He confronts great, incomprehensible evil and puts a human face on it. The horror is that it looks like a kindly ...
There was a day when we took crime seriously in South Florida. We even had our own TV show Miami Vice to prove it. Drug trafficking, Mafia hit men, terrorism. Serious crimes. But now this article from today's Miami Herald. What is this world coming to? Have we lost our mojo? PEMBROKE PINES POLICE ON LOOKOUT FOR TOILET DUNKER Police are searching for a man who allegedly followed a woman into the bathroom at a Burger King on Sunday morning and pushed her head into a toilet. The man is described as 6 feet tall, in his 20s with a slim build, black hair and wearing a white tank top. Police described the victim as a 5-foot-5 to 5-foot-7 woman in her 20s, weighing 140 to 145 pounds with shoulder-length black hair and wearing a purple shirt. A witness told police she saw the man pushing the woman’s head into a toilet in a bathroom stall around 7:30 a.m. Sunday at a Burger King in the 8900 block of Taft Street.
Just saw an article in the Miami Herald Times discussing a snowy owl sighting at Talbot Island State Park in Florida, only the third sighting in Florida ever! That should indicate how widespread this snowy owl eruption is.
KC healthy cooking was featured in the Miami Herald please like the page... Thanks to everyone for the support
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