Miami Heat & Trayvon Martin

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. The fatal shooting of Trayvon Martin by George Zimmerman took place on February 26, 2012, in Sanford, Florida. 5.0/5

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Even Trayvon Martin momma enjoying this beat down by Miami Heat
D. Wade responds to Kobe Bryant's remarks about the Trayvon Martin case. Says it was not about race. Did I not try to explain to theses dudes, that Trayvon Martin was from Miami, that's why it made sense for the MIAMI HEAT to support him. "It was our backyard, and being in our backyard, being something that a lot of guys on this team—not only growing up in the kind of environment that Trayvon was in—but also having young boys," Wade told Bleacher Report. "Knowing that he is a big fan of the Miami Heat. That is something that we got behind. As a team. I can't even say the organization. It was as a team. We got behind it. And it was more so that than the color of his skin."
Did people even see the point to what was saying about Trayvon Martin, Miami Heat and African Americans? Kobe raised TRUE points
The injured Los Angeles Laker told the New Yorker’s Ben McGrath that the Miami Heat collectively taking Trayvon Martin’s side in the George Zimmerman case represented a reflexive racial reaction. The team posed for a provocative picture in hoodies in homage to the slain Florida teenager two years ag...
The basketball star dismissed the Miami Heat hoodie photo as a show of solidarity for Trayvon Martin, saying that he refused to react "just because…[he's African-American].
.Just in case you missed it: Remember the black/Italian basketball player that got charged for raping a white girl in Colorado? ya the one that complained that none of his team mates supported him?? ya him... well he(Kobe Bryant) recently let The New Yorker Magazine know how he felt about Trayvon Martin, that 'We should not run to his defense because he's black"..Really?! oh ya (irony maybe) ...he is even upset that the Miami Heat showed support for Trayvon by posing with hoodies on in a team photograph, I think he might be running for the *** President award, Maybe he owes the establishment a favor for getting off the charge I'm not sure, but this is setback material, and even more reason to be militant and on the alert because there is a big red target on Black youth heads and they just made one more tree into an axe handle.(pay attention)..
Kobe Bryant shows ignorance by disagreeing with Miami Heat's support of Trayvon Martin
Kobe Bryant's comments about Trayvon Martin and what the Miami Heat did. WOW! I hate you even more. Angry bitter ex-star passed his prime.
SMH...see..this is exactly why I never liked Kobe! What self-respecting black man would criticize a Trayvon Martin tribute?! Check out what this sell-out Kobe Bryant had to say about Lebron James' organizing that tribute the Miami Heat did for Trayvon Martin a few years ago.
One year after the shooting death of Trayvon Martin in Feb. 2012, members of the Miami Heat posed for a memorable photo in which each player wore a *** ..
Kobe Bryant has no problem publicly voicing his love for the game of basketball (or going in on Shaq) and now the same can be said for his opinions on social topics. Bryant is profiled in the latest issue of The New Yorker, where a talk about his career (which he said has been "pretty f---ing cool" thus far) landed on the subject of Miami Heat players rocking hoodies in a photo to honor Trayvon Martin. Lebron James and his teammates took the picture back in May 2012, three months after 17-year-old Martin (who was wearing a hoodie at the time) was gunned down by George Zimmerman, a former neighborhood watch volunteer. The image was one of many that supporters around the world posted on social media in protest of the way the case was initially handled. According to an excerpt posted on, Bryant's (delayed) response is that he doesn't agree with the Heat players' decision. He sees the show of solidarity as a race-based act and would never do anything similar. "I won’t react to something just ...
Good news fellow laker fans D'Antoni has gotten interest from Marshall University 2 b their coach next season, & on another note I can't wait til Kobe's *** retire if u dnt know what I mean look up his recent comments on Trayvon Martin case & what he said about tha Miami Heat. No wonder ppl hate his *** ..SMFH
L.A. Lakers player Kobe Bryant opened up in a new interview with The New Yorker, and one of the issues they touch on is Trayvon Martin and how members of the Miami Heat wore hoodies in his memory two years ago. Bryant admitted he's not comfortable with the idea of being compelled to defend someone j...
Reading the comments made by TOBY Bryant about the support shown for Trayvon Martin by the Miami Heat. That nigro can have all the seats in the Staple Center for that.
I think Kobe Bryant is an exceptional athlete but he is a confused black man. See I guess just because he was raised in Italy I think he seems to have a problem with understanding race in America. Well he found out he was a *** when he took the booty of a trashy white girl that had two other men's semen in her panties when she claimed rape. Only because he was a Raper, I mean Laker did she get paid to sit her slutty *** down and he didn't go to jail. How was the reaction to the Trayvon Martin premature? Ok you wanted our support when your black by day white by night *** needed us. You will probably make it on Fox News. Just STFU and I commend the Miami Heat for what they did. How much money do you need to finally speak up for your people and be Black you *** You are on your own bruh and see what's going to happen to your BLACK broke knee *** now. Sad how brainwashed so many of us are.
Boston Bruins pays tribute to the victims of the Boston Bombings, Miami Heat pays tribute to Trayvon Martin
Tuesday Randoms: 1. This friend thing is real. 2. I think the NBA is disrespectful for starting the season right in the thick of the college football season but the football faithful will not be distracted. I know they do it every year. It's still disrespectful. 3. Half of you Miami Heat fans aren't really HEAT fans. You are Lebron Fans. Let Lebron leave the Heat and land in New Orleans. Suddenly the Pelican fandom would be bananas. 4. Why didn't I know that New Orleans Hornets were now the New Orleans Pelicans. Who made that decision? Please tell me they are now unemployed. 5. I think anyone who actually shoots someone dressed as Trayvon Martin for Halloween should get off- just like George Zimmerman. I'm not saying do it but sometimes, I believe folks are just asking for it. 6. Should I watch Love and Hip Hop NY? I will if y'all want me to. 7. I don't think I can handle the "10 Years A Slave" movie. I still think y'all should see it though. 8. 53% of Americans want weed legalized. So. 9. At some point, ...
DAMMIT! First they go hoodies up for Trayvon Martin now the Miami Heat go H.A.M. on the Harlem Shake. It is getting harder to not like the Knicks' biggest rivals...
Top 10 biggest things of 2012. 10. Miami Heat win championship. 9. Gangnam Style passes Baby in Youtube video views. 8. Trayvon Martin is killed on his way home, starts racial campaign everywhere. 7. Amanda Todd flashes and drinks bleach, then hangs herself. 6. London Olympics 5. Barack Obama says he supports *** marriage. 4. Gunman fires in an Oregon mall, bringing up questions of gun control. 3. Movie theater shooting, James Holmes kills men, women, and children during Batman movie. 2. Barack Obama wins 2012 presidential election. 1. I got a new pair of pajamas, they have ducks on them.
Hear from the Miami Heat's Lebron James in reaction to Serge Ibaka's comments to his defense.
Stephen A. Smith and Skip Bayless discuss the Miami Heat's tribute to Trayvon Martin.
By: Jay Scott Smith DETROIT - Dwyane Wade, Lebron James, and the Miami Heat made the first major statement about the Trayvon Martin case last Friday afternoon, marking a stark shift from the aloof attitudes typically associated with professional athletes. For decades, pro athletes have often been .
Phil Taylor's awesome take on the Miami Heat and Trayvon Martin.
Wesley Morris nailed it: Trayvon Martin, the Miami Heat, and what we talk about when we talk about hoodies - Grantland
Lebron James, Miami Heat put their hoods up to show support in Trayvon Martin case (Ball Don't Lie)
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