Miami Heat & Steve Nash

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. Stephen John Steve Nash, OC, OBC (born 7 February 1974) is a South African-born Canadian professional basketball player who plays Point Guard for the Phoenix Suns of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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ALL U NEED 2 KNOW ABOUT 2NITE'S BIG GAME The Lakers (16-26) play their fifth game on a seven-game road trip Thursday night when they visit the Miami Heat (30-12). Miami has lost four of its last seven games, struggling with Dwyane Wade missing games while dealing with knee problems. His status isn't yet clear for Thursday night. The Lakers gave the Heat a challenge on Christmas Day before falling short late in the fourth and losing by six, 101-95. The team has since lost Jordan Farmar (hamstring), Xavier Henry (knee) and Shawne Williams (waived) while adding Manny Harris. The Lakers will also be without Kobe Bryant (knee), Steve Nash (back) and Steve Blake (elbow). Key matchup Lebron James is still the best player in the NBA, averaging 26.2 points, 6.7 rebounds and 6.5 assists a game while shooting 58.0% from the field. The Heat typically put James at power forward, where the Lakers start rookie Ryan Kelly. Expect Coach Mike D'Antoni to ask Wesley Johnson to take the James matchup with Kelly on Miami forw ...
FROM BEYOND THE ARC By: Police Chief Inspector Rico C Santotome Jr (OS), RN, MPM Holidays So Sad, Bad For The Lakers Just when some glimmer of hope have finally shone to the new-look yet injury-prone Los Angeles Lakers with Kobe Bryant's return, the Tinseltown squad suffered another huge blow after the 'Black Mamba' got sidelined for two additional weeks following another leg problem six games into the 2013-14 season. On Christmas Day sans Bryant, the Lakers lost to the visiting Miami Heat over at the Staples Center by six points via a 101-95 defeat as LA suffered the team's third straight setback and seventh in the last ten games to drop to 13-16 win-loss overall good for No. 12 in the tough West. Aside from Kobe, the Lakers played without injured guards Steve Blake and Steve Nash in the game against the Heat while players like big men Robert Sacre and Chris Kaman as well as replacement pointguard Kendall Marshall were not fielded by Coach Mike D'Antoni for obvious reasons. With rumors circulating about ...
If the Nets get Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett from the celtics you can kiss the Miami Heat goodbye
Criticizing the Miami Heat for "buying" their way into the NBA Finals, while the Spurs have supposedly "hand-raised" their squad, is one of the most ridiculous and telling criticisms that I've ever heard about a sports team. The NBA, like every other sports team, is, first and foremost, a business. The goal of any business in this wonderful and perfect capitalist society is to make a profit. You do this by winning. Fans will pay to see a team they assume will win as many games as possible (in the case of Miami, fans saw their team win 80% of the time - good odds, if you ask me). A team's executive office will do anything possible to ensure as many Ws as they can, which means bringing in the best in the league, if affordable. Miami signing Lebron James and Chris Bosh is no different from NY acquiring Carmelo Anthony and Amare Stoudemire, LA getting Pau Gasol, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Ron Artest, Boston signing Kevin Garnett and Ray Allen, or how about when Miami got Shaq?. I could go on and on - don' ...
I think I might hate every player on the Miami Heat, they aren't basketball players, they are show boating cry babies... I can't wait for the spurs to destroy them...
Who's worse Miami Heat fans or Toronto Maple Leaf fans? At least leaf fans have stuck with their team over all the years they've sucked! I've never known anyone to be a Heat fan growing up but since Lebron plays there, now everyone is a Heat fan! I bet if Lebron went to Milwauakee Bucks you'd all be Bucks fans too! lol
Shaq has been around long enough for us to know that he's got a big mouth, and that he is not one to get shy about dealing with some of the controversial things he says. And now that he's got a platform to go out and speak his mind, it comes not too much as a surprise that he would go on and take a couple blows at the guy who is now going to try to take his place with the LA Lakers. But before we go on with this, let's stop for a moment and talk about the Howard trade. For starters, just last week, Kobe Bryant went out to the press to insist that the Lakers are still his team. That he is not going to follow the Miami Heat's style and try to mix it up a bit between their three biggest stars.wholesale Silicone keyboards have all but replaced the old fashion paper gift card. You can create your own design or have our creative in house design team create your Gift card printing. .. . Sure enough the addition this summer of the talents of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard are going to give them a competitive edge: ...
Indiana Pacers vs Miami Heat Saturday 02 February 2013 02:00 | ESPN (230) On 18 Feb, February, ESPN brings you is live coverage of the glittering 2013 NBA All-Star Game, one of the season’s most entertaining events, plus more LIVE coverage of the National Basketball Association (NBA) regular season. And the question on everyone’s lips is whether any Eastern team can keep the defending champion Miami Heat and star Lebron James out of the next NBA Finals. Experts have pointed to the revamped Boston Celtics as potential contenders in the East, joined by the Indiana Pacers, Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls (that is, if injured Derek Rose is back by mid-season). Out West, the Los Angeles Lakers always depend heavily on Kobe Bryant, but the addition of stars Dwight Howard and Steve Nash should make them even more competitive. Last year’s losers to the Heat in the NBA Finals, the Oklahoma City Thunder, still have scoring leader Kevin Durant out front, but will need to play sharp to stay ahead of the Lakers, ...
Sorry for not posting up the scores from last night so here it is: The Celtics beat the Heat in Douuble-Overtime! Paul Pierce finally steps up their game.. Boston Celtics 100-Miami Heat Boston Celtics (21-23): Kevin Garnett- 24 pts, 11 rebs, 4 ast, 3 blks Paul Pierce- 17 pts, 13 rebs, 10 ast, Jason Terry- 13 pts, 2 rebs, Miami Heat (28-13): Lebron James- 34 pts, 16 rebs, 7 ast, 3 stl Ray Allen- 21 pts, 5 rebs, 1 blk Dwyane Wade- 17 pts, 4 rebs, 7 ast, The Lakers beat the Utah Jazz on Friday, because of Kobe's great assists! On Sunday the Lakers not only Played like a playoff team they played as a team!! Kobes Not Ball Hogging anymore watch out other teams! Pau also had a good night hopefully this calms all trade rumors... what do you guys think? The thunder played terrible westbrookand durant played so horrible but at least they have a good record unlike the lakers right. LA Lakers 105- Oklahoma City Thunder 96 LA Lakers (19-25): Lobe Bryant- 21 pts, 9 rebs, 14 ast1 stl Steve Nash- 17 pts, 2 rebs, 5 ast P ...
\ Lebron James stars again as Miami crush Utah ahead of huge Christmas Day game / (Basket Ball) The Miami Heat warmed up for a Christmas Day blockbuster by beating the Utah Jazz 105-89 on the back of a big night for Lebron James. James piled up 30 points to warm up for their next game, which comes against the Oklahoma City Thunder in a reprise of last year's NBA finals series. He has now scored at least 20 points in all 24 Heat games this season, matching the longest run of 20-plus efforts to start a campaign since Karl Malone did it for Utah in 1989-90. Dwyane Wade added 21 points and seven assists as the Heat rode the strength of a big third quarter to beat Utah, going on a 22-6 run to open the second half. Marvin Williams scored 16 for Utah, which played the second half without Mo Williams, who appeared to hurt his right thumb early in the game. The Memphis Grizzlies slipped half a game behind San Antonio in the Southwest Division despite having a better winning percentage, owing to the peculiarities o ...
Lakers will win in it all without Phil Jackson Heat fan was just happy Lakers didnt get Phil Jackson cause they knew what time it was Miami Heat need a true center to beat the Lakers only reason the Lakers is not good yet Steve Nash only played one game
Couldn't agree more fellow Thomasian. Rooting for the Heat? RT"Steve Nash should have gone to Miami! Thought he wants a ring."
Lakers lost tonight but it was still a great night. I got to watch Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, Pau Gasol, Lamarcus Aldridge and the potential up and coming star Damian Lillard in person. I had a great time with my boy Scott L. Pisapia. And the Miami Heat were barely over .500 after their first month with the Big Three. A new team takes time to build chemistry. Just hope Nash is ok.
Although I am and always will be a Boston Celtics, I think this year I may be rooting for the Lakers! I have always recognized that Kobe is the best in the game, I am SUPER excited for Steve Nash (my favorite player) and Dwight Howard (the sexiest player) to be Lakers!! Oh and the Miami Heat are still overrated and I still dont like Lebron! And James Harden to the Rockets?! What the *** OKC...End basketball rant
Someone just said it best: How the heck does Eddie Curry have a championship ring with last year's Miami Heat for doing NADA but legends like Patrick Ewing, Charles Barkley, Steve Nash, John Stockton, Karl Malone, and Reggie Miller do not? Me thinks Eddie Curry should give his ring back, and the money he stole from the Knicks while we are at it.
Odd to see Emeka Okafor played for Washington Wizards after he played for the former and the currently Hornets teams but it was great to see Tyler Zeller again even though he isn't on Tar Heels team anymore. It was weird to see Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis played for the Miami Heat while Jason Terry and Leandro Barbosa played for the Boston Celtics. Very unearthly to see Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Antawn Jamison on the Lakers team while Elton Brand, Darren Collison, and OJ Mayo are on the Mavericks team. Ooooh yeah... the basketball season is back baby!!
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The reigning champion Miami Heat enter the 2012-13 NBA season as the league's elite team, but who knows what the next six months will hold for Lebron James and his teammates as they attempt to defend their title. Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder are hungrier than ever. The Los Angeles Lakers have reloaded with Dwight Howard and Steve Nash, and the Boston Celtics have stocked their roster with new faces.
Where have I been, has my head been stuck that far up my *** Sitting here in LA at Manhattan Beach, looking at TV and realizing the lakers had successfully acquired not only Dwight Howard but Steve Nash all while retaining Pau Gasoline and of course Kobe Bryant. I'm telling you now, and you heard it hear first, 2013 NBA championship LA Lakers versus the Miami Heat. Heat takes it. Holler at ya boy!! Who's with me!! Haters beware!! Lets get it!! Keep it 100!! I'm out, 1!
Who ever wants to comment on this status is always welcome. Okk who will all of you guys think is going to win the NBA Finals winner. Miami Heat that has Lebron James, Ray Allen Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh. or Los Angeles Lakers that also has Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash and Dwight Howard. Please comment on the status okk or send me a message about what you think about who is going to win in 2013
Their track record of leveraging their hometown appeal and history, plus applying shrewd management, over the past 30 years is virtually without peer. With their latest coups -- the stunning Steve Nash sign-and-trade and a victory in the Dwight Howard sweepstakes -- just now coming together for the first time, could the Lakers already be plotting out the next one? Opposing executives think so. As teams continue their long-range planning and work up opposition strategies, the Lakers remain just as much a threat in the transaction game as they are on the court. Several teams' executives have told they believe the Lakers are positioning themselves to make a run at Lebron James in 2014, when the Miami Heat star can choose to become a Free Agent. [+] EnlargeLebron James and and Kobe Bryant Andrew D. Bernstein/NBAE/Getty ImagesIn just two years, Lebron James could take over the starring role in Lakerland from Kobe Bryant. Recently, Kobe Bryant told that he sees himself playing only two mo ...
This what i hate. Everyone I know that likes basketball in L.A. Hates the Miami Heat for getting Lebron James and Chris Bosh to build a team. 1st is that what you are supposed to do. 2nd Now the the Lakers has gotten a great center in Dwight Howard and a great Point Guard in Steve Nash to play along with a legend in Kobe Bryant.--WAIT-- didn't they do the same thing the heat do 2 years later. Com'on Man
Steve Nash chides Jay Leno for Wade preference | Erik Spoelstra and Miami Heat
Respect for the Miami Heat ? That Steve Nash has. Jealousy of Dwyane Wade seated to Jay Leno 's right? That apparently is in play, as well.
Steve Nash talks about the Los Angeles Lakers latest addition in Dwight Howard and contending with the Miami Heat next season.
The LA Lakers are gonna run it to the end this year with: Dwight Howard, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash. :P Its gonna be Miami Heat v.s. LA Lakers in the end.
No big deal, but myself and my good old pal Brandon Moore are headed to L.A. This January road trip style, to see the Lakers play the champion Miami Heat! Center court up top. Row 9. Might get to see, Lebron James, Dwane Wade, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Juwain Howard, Raseed Wallace, Rasard Lewis, Dwight Howard, Meta World Peace, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, and oh Yeah, a guy named Kobe Bryant! Worth every penny!
All you dumb people who don't know crap about the NBA, shutup. The Lakers won't win 2012-2013 just cause they gy Steve Nash or Dwight Howard. They are crap. Have they won a ring or MVP? NO. well Steve Nash maybe once. This is why Dwight has haters now for frickiing leaving the Orlando Magic. I hate this. Dwight your gonna be a third wheel in the Lakers just like Bosh was a third wheel in the Miami Heat. (no hating on bosh ur great) Thanks Nash and Howard for messing up the NBA. Oh yes and Ray Allen good job coming to the Heat. You knew that you would win a Championship with us! Thaaanks Dwight, Ray, and Nash. •~•
With Dwight Howard now the Laker's center, L.A. Big Four of Howard, Kobe&Steve Nash at guard,Pau Gasol at forward trumps Miami Heat's Big 3 of Lebron, Dwyane Wade&Chris Bosh in my opinion. Can't wait to see them match up in the 2013 NBA Finals
Bye Howard--Any credible analysis of the blockbuster Dwight Howard trade has termed it a clear win for the Los Angeles Lakers. After getting significantly better in July with the addition of Point Guard Steve Nash, the Lakers have now added the NBA's best center and look primed to challenge the Miami Heat for the NBA title next season. It was a great trade for the team, the kind that any front office needs to make when it's available.
Kobe Bryant + Steve Nash + Pau Gasol + Dwight Howard + Antawn Jamison. A BIG THREAT for the Miami Heat's line-up. 2013 NBA Finals? Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers? It would be fun to watch the match-ups. hehe. Another chase for the Black Mamba's 6th or if lucky 7th ring.XD
Who do you think will win? LA Lakers Big Three ( Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash ) or Miami Heat's Big Three ( Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh )???
L.A Lakers is going to be unstoppable they too have a Big 3 like the Miami Heat. Kobe Bryant - Lebron James Steve Nash - Dwayne Wade Dwight Howard - Chris Bosh
My condolences go out to the Miami Heat, Oklahoma City Thunder, Chicago Bulls, San Antonio Spurs and any other team or Fan that thought there NBA team had a shot at the Title. LAKERS starting 5# Meta World Peace, Pau Gasol, Steve Nash, Dwight Howard and Kobe Bryant
Its funny that everyone flipped out when Miami Heat put together their Big 3 with Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, and Lebron James...will everyone freak out on the Lakers for doing the exact same thing with Steve Nash, Dwight Howard, and Kobe Bryant? Or was it just everyone hating on Lebron James...
so. I can officially say the NBA Finals of this upcoming year will be the Miami Heat and the Los Angeles Lakers. I am hoping for a Lakers win so Steve Nash can finally retire with a ring and not be like Charles Barkley and other prior MVP's and future HOF without a ring.
Dwight Howard . Steve Nash. and Kobe Bryant on the same team :0... Na thats not fair. I honestly believe thats the best big 3 in the game now better then the Miami Heat big 3. They got a rebounder who can score. One of the best all around players in the league. And probably a future hall of famer at Point Guard SMH. Steve Nash bouta average like 15 assist per game .
Steve Nash has only been a Laker a month, yet there have already been countless articles suggesting that he would tip the scales in favor of the Lakers over the reigning champion Miami Heat.
..Ray Allen decided to join Lebron James and the defending champion Miami Heat while Steve Nash will go to Staple Center in LA with Kobe Bryant and Jason Terry at Boston Celtics..Jason Kidd at New York Knicks and MILLER and BATTIER at Boston Celtics..
Hot off the press is the Los Angeles Lakers 2012-2013 schedule. Cool marquee match-ups including the New York Knicks on Christmas Day, the Oklahoma City Thunder on December 7th, the lowest scum of L.A. the Clippers on April 7th, and them sorry *** Miami Heat on MLK day. January has more games 16(9 Home, 7 away) with February, even though October has 2 but is the start of the season, having less than 13 (5H, 8A). 16 Back to Back games, and the debut of Steve Nash (since we're still on hold for Dwight Howard. *** YOU HOWARD!*). Mark your calendar on October 30 for the road to the promise land begins with the victory against the Dallas Mavericks. View the regular season schedule for more details. LET'S GO LAKERS!
Steve Nash goin to lakers and Ray Allen to Miami Heat *** both theses teams will rockin next year
Ray Allen went to the Miami Heat and Steve Nash went to the Los Angeles Lakers. Heat and Lakers in the Finals next year.
Ray Allen is on Miami heat! tough competition; Steve Nash is at lakers. They have a good chance as well as thunder and bulls miami all the way. Go king James
My Fantasy Draft in NBA 2k12 association mode is probably the best team i put together. PG: Steve Nash. SG: Allen Iverson. SF: Lebron James. PF: Tayshaun Prince. C: Chris Bosh. Team: Miami Heat. (my roster is updated from July 15, 2012 10:35) && Stephon Marbury's on my team & Fab Melo LOL. 1st defensive team, 10th defensive team, 1st overall team.
Ray Allen is officially going to be a member of the Miami Heat. Kirk Hinrich is back on the Bulls. Steve Nash is a Laker.Next is 2012...
If you thought that Steve Nash leaving The Suns for the conference rival L.A. Lakers was awkward, this next move will floor you. All-Star guard Ray Allen has chosen not to remain with The Boston Celtics and is taking his talents to South Beach.
The Celtics have started a phenomenon with all these super teams 1st KG, Ray Allen and Paul Pierce decide to come together with the Boston Celtics and they won a championship, then D-Wade, LBJ and Chris Bosh come together and won a championship now Ray Allen for the Miami Heat, then Carmelo Anthony, Amare Stoudamarie and now Jason Kidd for the NY Knicks, then Chris Paul, Chauncy Billups and Blake Griffin for the LA Clippers, now Steve Nash and Kobe for the LA Lakers. Looks like that Dwight Howard and Deron Willimas superteam fell apart. I wonder what it is gonna be next.
Shifting gears and away from politics I was pleased to see sharpshooter Ray Allen joining the Miami Heat just after the Lakers picked up Steve Nash from Phoenix. These changes place each team in a stronger position as they head into the new season. Now if we could only get Dwight Howard to join the Clippers we would really shock the NBA. They call the Clipper owner Mr. Sterling because he is hoarding all his cash. Mr. Sterling. I need to break it to you. You can't take it with you so why not bring another big man from Orlando to LA's other contender? You will sell out the house every game!
Men Always Seek Glory Steve Nash leaving Phoenix Suns to join Kobe Bryant of Los Angeles Lakers. Rivalry may end to gain one goal. Let us see what is going to happen to Grant Hill, if he will follow Steve Nash. Ray Allen leaving Boston Celtics to join Lebron and Dwayne Wade to Miami Heat. Wise decision for only have few years in NBA and still leave the league with impact and dignity. No for money much, but for joy and contentment of the hope of winning again. Sunday, on Wimbledon, Roger Federer is back in Championship finals against the Briton Andy Murray.
The Big Four are no more. At least not in Boston. Free Agent guard Ray Allen agreed to sign Friday evening with the Miami Heat, ending his five-year run in Boston that was highlighted by two Finals...
Jeremy Lin to Rockets. Steve Nash to LA Lakers. Brandon Roy to Timberwolves. Ray Allen, Dwight Howard to Miami Heat. Jason Kidd to NY Knicks
if Steve Nash wud play for LA Lakers, Ray Allen decided to show his shooting talent with the defending champions Miami Heat... an exciting NBA season 2012-13!!
Good Bye to Ray Allen, Welcome to Steve Nash. NBA...where amazing happens.Can't believe Ray Allen is going to Miami Heat, but we must be thankful for what he has done to the Boston Celtics team. Best of luck to him for his upcoming years of basketball career. 20
These Nba rosters startin to look like video game rosters.Ray Allen signed with the Miami Heat and Yall alredy know Steve Nash with da lakers
I guess Miami Heat might is going to take it home again next year since Ray Allen has joined the squad. It will be a good season for the Heat next year. The LA Lakers got Steve Nash as well so they might do so damage as well. I guess I will have to wait and see what happen next year.
Well, Ray Allen signs with the Miami Heat. I hate seeing this, but oh well no worries! My idea, Dwight Howard comes to LA for Andrew Bynum and then L.A. will have the best big 4 with Kobe, Steve Nash, Pau and Dwight Howard!
here's a wild news from the NBA folks, Steve Nash - LA lakers, Jason JET Terry - Boston Celtics, Jeremy Lin - Houston Rockets, Jason Kidd - New York Knicks Lamar Odom - LA Clippers, Jamal Crawford - LA Clippers, Brandon Roy - Minnesota Timberwolves, and now Ray Allen is trying to make his way out of the Boston Celtics. and its either the Defending champs, Miami Heat, or the LA Clippers. wew! whatta wild NBA free agency Battle!
Now that's Steve Nash to the Lakers, and Jason Kidd to the Knicks. In other news, the Miami Heat have attempted to sign Bob Cousy.
WOW!!! Unexpected trades for lakers and Heat LA Lakers get : Steve Nash, Maybe Grant Hill Miami Heat: Ray Allen
Sports update for today... The Brooklyn Nets and Orlando Magic are discussing a deal that would send Dwight Howard to the Nets for Brook Lopez, MarShon Brooks, Kris Humphries and the Nets' first-round picks in 2013, 2015, and 2017. [ESPN] The Phoenix Suns are considering entering an offer sheet to New Orleans Hornets guard Eric Gordon worth $58 million over 4 years. [ESPN] The Brooklyn Nets hope to have a decision on Point Guard Deron Williams' future within the next 24-48 hours. [Yahoo! Sports] The Phoenix Suns have reportedly offered Point Guard Steve Nash a two-year, $12 million deal. [KTAR Radio] Miami Heat owner Micky Arison says the team will likely lose money this year, despite having won the NBA Championship. [CNBC] Orlando Magic general manager Rob Hennigan says that centre Dwight Howard has re-issued his trade request. Howard says that he will only sign a long-term deal with the team he is traded to if it's the Brooklyn Nets. [Yahoo! Sports] The Atlanta Hawks have agreed to trade forward Marvin ...
Looks like the Miami Heat will have a new legit enemy in the Brooklyn Nets, they acquired Joe Johnson, their about to trade for Dwight Howard. A starting five of Williams, Gerald Green, Johnson, Gerald Wallace and Howard.pretty good! Knicks would be done, Steve Nash or Steve Nash
If Ray Allen or Steve Nash signs with the Miami Heat... I dont see nobody beating the Heat next year... Its a rap!!
Steve Nash, Ray Allen, Brandon Roy, Chris Kaman Jason Terry are Free Agents interested in signing with the Miami Heat.
Imagine what would happen if the Miami Heat got PG Steve Nash, SG Ray Allen to join SG Wade, PF James, and C Bosh. Who would be the SF? Wade
Jesus & Steve Nash are taking their Senior Citizen *** to South Beach & join the Miami Heat! Queues
found this on yahoo! Veterans Steve Nash and Ray Allen have agreed with the Miami Heat on a Mid-Level exception contract. "We feel that we can do something special down here and win multiple championships" Ray Allen on the big signing "Wow, this definitely gives us much more depth than we ever had." - Dwyane Wade
Miami Heat should pick up Ray Allen or Steve Nash! :) that would be awsome
I would love to see Steve Nash go to the Miami Heat, Nash is a Free Agent this year!
The ff. veteran players are the top prospects of the Miami Heat this off-season... • Steve Nash • Chris KamanGrant HillRay AllenAndre Miller • Jermaine O’Neal Let's see once again what Pat Riley can do... Steve Nash please!
Congrats to Miami Heat for winning the NBA Championship..! A team effort all the way around. As for OKC, perhaps, it's time to make a trade, Westbrook to LA for Gasol and their PG or signing a Free Agent Point Guard like Steve Nash. It seemed as if it were 2 against 5 the entire series. Durant and Westbrook against the HEAT.
I love the Miami Heat's roster. I feel old because I remember when Miller, Battier, Wade, and Collison were stars of college basketball but a mirror check confirms that I'm young and good-looking. The Heat are one Steve Nash and quality center away from being unbeatable. If they can handle an explosive young team like Oklahoma City, what's to stop them from starting a dynasty?
what it's ova with for next season Nash is gonna start!! "Steve Nash is going to Miami Heat!"
I say: Ny. You? | If possible, should Steve Nash join the Miami Heat or New ...
Cant wait for Steve Nash to join the Miami Heat next year. BOOT IT
I've been watching the NBA playoffs and all year we've heard about Rajan Rondo, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Russel Westbrook and Derrick Rose. But, we didn't hear that much about Tony Parker, nor did we see him that much on TV. The Spurs are led by Tony Parker. The coach of the Spurs have done a great job of resting his starters throughout the year and developping his bench to the point that they go at least 10 deep with no drop off. That is good coaching, hint, hint Miami Heat. The way it looks right now, there's no team playing better than the Spurs, who are led by Tony Parker.
Ima laugh at all these Miami Heat fans that laughed at us Knicks... difference is we were battered by injuries all season long and injuries just struck Miami for the 1st time this season... one man though as apposed to half the Knicks roster being out for most of the season... Come home Steve Nash and Odom... bring NY a chip for next year
Greg Oden wants to play for the Miami Heat...imagine if they got a healthy him & Steve Nash next year lol
Free Agent class 2012 NBA Chicago Bulls- need to go after a two guard with Eric Gordon being the first choice and OJ Mayo being the second. Try and Keep asik, but not a huge priority. Really just the two guard position. I would say go get Ray Allen as a 3rd option for a two guard, but I think they shopuld really try to secure a guy that can make shots for himself, so their 3rd option for a two guard to go after would be JR Smith, but signing that guy is playing with fire if you want him to be your starter. LA Lakers- There's alot here, let Barnes and Blake go first off. Try to trade Bynum for Howard straight up, and look at Possible Pau trades to Houston(Scola and other role players) or maybe Utah(Millsap and other role players). Then go after Steve Nash or Jason Terry or Billups for a veteran Point Guard and go after Beasley or Landry Fields or Jeff Green(although I think green will get resigned in Boston) Miami Heat- Lot here as well. Go get Greg Oden for the minimum just in case because if that could w ...
The much-covered drama that was the New York Knicks season came to an anticlimactic end on Wednesday night, with a 106-94 drubbing by the Miami Heat.
Steve Nash should go to the Miami Heat next year!
I wonder how it would be if Steve Nash transfer to Miami Heat ? Hmm..
just found out Steve Nash might get traded to the Miami Heat
Ray Allen and Steve Nash are considering joining the Miami Heat. If that really happens you might as well change the name from the Heat to the Invincibles :)
Ray Allen Kevin Garrnet and Steve Nash are all Free Agents and might sign with the Miami Heat!If this happens then heat cnt b stopped
Steve Nash plz go to the Miami Heat!
Miami Heat getting Steve Nash I'm done with the NBA
I am saying this now Steve Nash will come to Miami Heat.
Next season da Miami Heat might get Steve Nash on dey team! It seems like everybody who doesn't have a ring goes 2 Miami 2 get 1.
Steve Nash was unbelievable once again... he broke Phoenix Suns franchise assist record and is currently ALL TIME in NBA assist count --- Tristan Thompson had a strong rookie season --- Cory Joseph has had a productive season despite flirting w/ NBA & D-League -- Joel Anthony chasing an NBA championship w/ the Miami Heat!
NPH takes a look at some key story lines this season w/ Steve Nash breaking records... Tristan Thompson & Cory Joseph's rookie years & Joel Anthony active in NBA post season with the Miami Heat! --- British Columbia, Ontario & Montrea representationl -- this diversity illustrates the talent we have from coast-to-coast!
Watching the Phoenix Suns play the most hated Rivals The Spurs. It is sad watching this game knowing this is Steve Nash's last game as a Phoenix Sun. He was a great leader and I am sad that Steve Kerr tore the team apart when he traded Marion for Shaq and got Mike D'Antoni to quit. He is one of the best Point Guards to ever play the game and I hope wherever he goes next season he can win a Championship. *** come to Chicago Steve, we can use you as backup to Derek Rose but I know you want a starting job and that is why you may go to the Miami Heat.
The Suns need to send Steve Nash packing to Miami Heat for talent in offseason or ask Dallas Mavericks for a refund on Steve Nash
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
you can add Steve Nash to the list of people Mike has told me will play for the Miami Heat (Dwight Howard...Chris
Steve Nash, in the midst of a series of promotional phone calls on Thursday, told the "Dan Patrick Show" that he "would definitely listen" to any offer the Miami Heat might make to the All-Star guard when he becomes a … Continue reading →
I hope this never happens! Steve Nash, Jason Terry would consider joining Miami Heat next season -
Steve Nash said that he would consider signing with Miami Heat if there will be no improvements that will be done on his present team.
Steve Nash would consider signing with the Miami Heat. As well he should | Ball Don't Lie - Yahoo! Sports
Steve Nash is possibly going to the Miami Heat next year.
Steve Nash to consider Miami Heat during free agency
Steve Nash open to playing for Miami Heat in '12-13 - Sun
Just throwing the thought of Steve Nash to Miami Heat...just sayin!!
Steve Nash with the Miami Heat next year c'mon wont be fair
Sayin' Steve Nash might go to Miami Heat as a Free Agent this summer?
After an entire day of not going online, I see this! Nash to Miami Heat?!
Lets be real here... if my Miami Heat get Steve Nash. All NBA teams should quit. ALL OF THEM.
Steve Nash wants to go to Miami and play for the Heat?
Steve Nash is probably going to miami heat next year. *** why are they stacking this team? But I do think nash should go, he deserves a ring
Little Giant Ladders
I wil assassinate Steve Nash if he went to Miami Heat
Steve Nash would consider going to the Miami Heat next year?
Jason Terry and Steve Nash might join the Miami Heat next season? lol well ARD!
If Steve Nash decides to join the Miami Heat.all of humanity will be demolished
they saying Steve Nash and Jason Terry wants to join the Miami Heat smh
Everyone want to play with Miami Heat next year. Jason Terry and Steve Nash said they wouldn't mind.
Steve Nash would listen to Miami Heat as Free Agent as heard on the Dan Patrick Show.
Steve Nash could do wonders for Miami Heat. Only problem with landing him is cap space. Phx could offer him so much more.
Steve Nash open to joining Miami Heat in offseason
Steve Nash Open to Signing with the Miami Heat: Fan Reaction - Yahoo! Sports
Just heard Steve Nash say on that radio that he’d consider playing for the Miami Heat next season. Ruh-roh.
The idea that Steve Nash AND Jason Terry could wind up on the Miami Heat next season is frightening.
Miami Herald- Suns&Steve Nash says he would consider joining Miami Heat
Steve Nash may go to the Miami Heat nest season!!! :o
Steve Nash to Miami Heat is like Peyton Manning to Dolphins!!! Old cadillacs!!
Steve Nash open to joining Miami Heat?: Phoenix Suns Point Guard Steve Nash made it clear he's sick of losing and hungry for a champi...
Steve Nash interested in the Miami Heat?: Phoenix Suns’ star Point Guard Steve Nash joined the D...
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