Miami Heat & South Beach

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. South Beach, also nicknamed SoBe, is a neighborhood in the city of Miami Beach, Florida, United States, located due east of Miami city proper between Biscayne Bay and the Atlantic Ocean. 5.0/5

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You mean it's time for Pat Riley and the Miami Heat to land Paul George in South Beach 😏
The lady sitting in the front row at Miami Heat game with a beer gut. Can TNT use CGI to keep the South Beach mystique?
I hate it when the media tells the story as if the Miami Heat plays in South Beach. They play in Downtown Miami!
We're back on the NBA Hardwood tonight as the Milwaukee Bucks take on the Miami Heat down in South Beach!
The 25-year old Small Forward Michael Beasley will not return to the Miami Heat next year. Beasley was drafted by the Heat in 2008 with the second overall pick, just behind the Bulls' Derrick Rose. In his first two years in the South Beach, Be Eazy played very well and showed that he is a good player on the court, although he has had many off court issues. After two years, the Heat shipped him off to Minnesota to clear salary cap space in order to sign Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and Lebron James. Beasley's first year in Minnesota was great as he averaged 19.2 points per game, but the second year in there was not anything special. After Minnesota, the young forward was sent to Phoenix and then he rejoined the Heat last year. Last season, Beasley averaged 7.9 points and 3.1 rebounds per game while shooting 49.9% from the field. These numbers were very good considering that he only played 15.1 minutes per game. However, Beasley played in only 55 games and he was rarely used in the playoffs, playing in only 4 ga ...
So ima say this right now I didn't hear no cowboy fan post nothing on fb when they was losing 21-0 but then when they come back to beat the Rams an came back all I see is cowboy nation this an that ya not cowboy nation ya some Miami Heat fans when LBJ was in south beach smh
BREAKING: After LeBron, Wade, & Bosh opted out, bandwagoner Miami Heat fans have also OPTED OUT of South Beach!
Image of the Day Home James Four years after ripping the hearts out of Cleveland and taking his talents to South Beach, Lebron James is going home, announcing on Friday that he is returning to the Cavaliers. In four years with the Miami Heat, Lebron James went to the Finals every season, winning two championships and two MVP awards. Born and raised in Akron, Lebron James was the chosen one when he was picked by the Cavaliers out of high school in 2003. He became the face of the city of Cleveland, winning two MVP awards and making the Cavs one of the premiere teams despite not winning a championship. His departure rocked Cleveland, as the Cavs had the top pick in the draft three of the last four years. It is expected that he will sign a deal worth $88 million for four years, after announcing his decision in a first person essay on
South beach Miami Heat. What you'll gonna do now? Move to Cleverland. LeBron, I'm coming. Dwayne, *** you LeBron, I'm getting married no more babies. Chris Bosch, I don't care, I got paid. Money in the bank.
Four years ago, Cleveland Cavalier fans, players, employees and owners witnessed Lebron James announce his decision to leave the team on national television. For most, there was no warning or even hint of his departure. Even the Cavaliers' ownership group found out a mere five minutes before James went on live TV. Naturally, the response wasn't a positive one. Cameras were rolling all across bars and restaurants in Northeast Ohio. When James let the words "South Beach" cross his lips, the result was a collective mixture of groans, yells and utter disbelief. Jerseys were doused with lighter fluid and set ablaze, fans cursed his name and Cavaliers' majority owner Dan Gilbert described the decision as a "shocking act of disloyalty" in his now infamous letter. That night in Cleveland, bridges, along with jerseys, were burned. Or so we thought. Now, just four short years after James left the Cavaliers heartbroken and without an identity, rumors have swirled about a possible return. The Cavs brass have already ...
Well, the end of the 2013-14 basketball season has arrived and, somehow, the NBA allowed someone other than the Miami Heat to win the championship. How is that possible? Do they not understand the millions that they are losing in potential marketing money? The fix was apparently not in this year. ... So next year the Heat will add Carmelo Anthony. The year after that, they will resurrect Wilt Chamberlain. I hope the Pacers just kick their rear ends from downtown Indianapolis to South Beach and back. ... We will now await the start of the college basketball season next November and we will speak no more of the National Basketball Association until sometime around the end of March.
Game 2 TONIGHT! Will the Miami Heat recover and tie the series or will the San Antonio Spurs head to South Beach up 2-0?
Dear Miami, Thank you for being my home for the last 14 years. It's been fun to experience living in a foreign country without leaving the US. ;) You've introduced me to many things...mojitos, South Beach, tropical Ice Hockey, Christmas in shorts, colada/cafe con leche and the Miami Heat. I've had some experiences I'll never forget and others I wish I could, but I learned a lot. However, it's the people you meet and eventually count amongst your friends that make the real impact. Thank you for being confidants, partners-in-crime, co-workers, neighbors and fellow sports fans. I would have loved to post this weeks ago and arrange to go out and have a drink/find trouble with each of you, but there's never enough time and I'm really awful with goodbyes. So, let's just leave it as..."Hasta luego!" and a virtual cheek kiss. I am heading back to Wisconsin. It's time for this girl to reconnect with her Midwest roots and spend some time with another group of friends and family. Although you can never pred ...
This is gonna be interesting to see this summer... For you so called Miami Heat Fans... When LeBron waves Bye Bye to South Beach and returns to Lake Erie. ..or switch coasts and put on The Lakers Colors. .. Will y'all still be Miami Heat fans after that??? Some of y'all couldn't even tell me who was the starting Point Guard when the Heat came into existence* SMH. ..especially the ones from Chicago* Drops mic*
So we meet again Brooklyn Nets... We'll sweep you back! 3:) See you in South Beach! [ Miami Heat ]
Round 1 of the NBA Playoffs on Sunday and we will see Charlotte Bobcats travel to South Beach to take on the Miami Heat. The game has a start time of 3:30 pm (Eastern) and will be televised on ABC. Vegas odds have the Heat listed as 9 point favorites, while the total sits at 188.5.
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Performing live in South Beach this Thursday! Miami Heat dancers and the who's whos of South Florida will be in...
Stephen A. Smith sits down with the Indiana Pacers starting five to talk about winning an NBA championship and their South Beach rivals; Miami Heat. Extra Ta...
According to Brian Windhorst and Ramona Shelbourne, the Miami Heat are viewing the Los Angeles Clippers as one the most serious threats to poach superstar, Lebron James from South Beach. King James’ friendship with fellow superstar Chris Paul and his immense respect for the Clippers head coach Doc R...
If Andrew Bynum joins the Miami Heat, then you might as well give Lebron James another Championship Ring..., probably 3 more! Why would Bynum go to South Beach? Pat Riley normally get what he wants. But I could also see him with the Clippers..., revenge on LA Lakers. Ocean Man
tonight on League Pass: former teammates in Kansas Jayhawks Heat's Mario Chalmers and Jazz Brandon Rush meet for the first time this season as the Miami Heat (17-6) takes on the Utah Jazz (6-20) in South Beach @ 7:30pm ET. Jazz rookie sensation Trey Burke will get his first match-up against Wade & LeBron. the Heat's 2nd of 5-game home stands before they headed to California for a showdown against the Loss Angeles Fakers on Christmas Day (Heat 5-0) :D . we're going for 5-0 before Christmas Day.
Charles Barkley will have a tough time trying to enjoy a pleasant stroll in South Beach. The TNT commentator has angered Miami Heat supporters from the first season of the "Big ...
So the Chicago Bulls were the only team to make it through Pre-Season with a perfect 8-0 record as they took the Denver Nuggets out tonight 94-89. Looking forward to a really good season this year since we got Derrick Rose back he is just unstoppable! Just 3 more days until we settle in South Beach, Florida to take on the Miami Heat get a little redemption on last years playoffs! ChicagoNation
BREAKING: Greg Oden has decided to take his talents to South Beach. Will sign a two-year contract with the Miami Heat.
In the days, weeks and months leading up to the NBA Draft, the decision makers around the league play a revolving game of chess with agents about their players and where they might draft them, if at all. It’s a complex, high-stakes game with very specific rules and constraints that only a select few play well enough to actually win. And even when they do win, we don’t find out about it sometimes for years. Free agency, on the other hand, is a wicked venture that plays out every July, with the biggest stars holding most of the leverage and the desperate teams flush with cap space ready to do whatever it takes to win their favor. The winners and losers in free agency are revealed rather quickly. Spend wisely (like the Miami Heat three summers ago, with the aid of cap space and key sign-and-trade assets Lebron James and Chris Bosh joined Dwyane Wade on South Beach) and you can move into elite company immediately. Spend frivolously (see the Detroit Pistons’ 2009 summer of Ben Gordon and Charlie Villanue ...
Miami Heat fans must not live near South Beach...
Check out the full highlight from the BIG game 7 showdown in South Beach between the Spurs and Heat with the winner being crowned the 2013 NBA Champions! Abo...
"Lebron James is in the house!," shouted the MC at Club Story in South Beach. Then the Nba Finals MVP grabbed the mic and started in on some very appropriate...
O.k. let's get this crap over with! Then it's a Friday, yes indeed! Anywho - Congratulations to all those in Bandwagon Nation - now that Kobe Bryant and the Laker Dynasty has come to an end - many of you have packed up and hitched on to Lebron James and the crew in South Beach. So here's some hints from someone who's been to the town at least: Miami Northwestern has the hoopers Say you've eaten at Billy's, Conch City, Captain Crabs You had drinks Penrods Back in the day you rocked at the Pac Jam and Strawberry's and you have DJ Uncle Al & The Jam Poney Express Mix Tapes from way back. And you did your shopping at Aventura Mall. Then you have people in the Pork'n'Beans, Overtown, Liberty City and Little Haiti - if your caucasian then say you have some distant cousins in Little Havana. Now with all that Bandwagon Nation - you just may pass as an authentic Miami Heat fan! Congrats again you may now officially wear your Chris Bosh jersey's and burn your Kobe Bryant Jersey's I can only give a pass to the follo ...
Just goes to show that South Beach has true talent and true heart...Lebron and company got it done for the second year in and row and Lebron showed us all why he is considered one of the greatest to ever play the game you truly can't underestimate the heart of a champion!! Congrats Lebron and the Miami Heat for being the 2013 NBA champions
Game Game Game Game in South beach in a few hours! For you FAKE Spurs fans, Miami Heat (HATERS), Good Luck tonight. Most of yall can't even name the starting 5 for SA. May the BEST team win though. This is what sports is ALL about. I Don't Hate the Spurs, just want LBJ6 (King James) to get him another ring.
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Miami Heat will bring it'll be championship for King James and for D-Flash-Wade.
Will the San Antonio Spurs pull off a huge upset and win their fifth title? Or will the Miami Heat aka The Big Three pull it off in their hometown at South Beach? Come watch it on our huge HD projection tv! .50 well, draft and wings during the game!! DJ Heavyset on the 1s and 2s afterwards for ladies night and possible Spurs championship party! :)Its going to get crazy so be there!! Like for Spurs Comment for Heat!!
About last night's Nba Finals game. I hated to see the Spurs lose, but that was one of the best NBA games I've ever seen. All I can say is the Miami Heat are lucky to have that former UConn Husky playing in South Beach.
You live to fight another day and tonight the Miami Heat in a marvellous come from behind victory will force Game 7 of the Nba Finals in SOuth Beach on Thursday. What a job well done by all the players? Lebron James, after losing his headband attacked the paint and harrased Tony Parker. It is a reason why Miami brough Ray Allen to South Beach and it is because of his 3-point shooting. A great job by Ray Allen on making the game-tying three and sinking two clutch free throws in overtime for the win. Chris Bosh even played well defensively coming up with two key blocks and how about the 2nd pride of Florida, Mike Miller in his ability to spread the floor and play defense as well. Miami wins 103-101 and will force a Game 7. This is Stephen M. Smith with saying what a game we have just witnessed./
I'm sure by now everyone has figured it out if not please go back to OKC series remember how good they were in Oklahoma City what happens when they came to South Beach the strippers the gamblin and all the great partying Watch them young boys skip curfew and go out having a great night but then again we are talking about the world champion Miami Heat
Miami Heat.get ya'll S*** together b4 you fly your A* back to South can't win a freakin game by missing to many back to back to back up multiple double digit leads over and over again.letting Danny Green continue to hit these *** 3 pointers over and over again.2 games left.2 at home.time to win 2 in a row.finally! I got faith.i know its a money thing.more games.more ticket sales.ratings increase.more money exchanging.more money made.HEAT GOT THIS IN 7.
Instead of wishing me Fathers day i will appreciate a return ticket to watch Game 7 for Miami Heat vs Spurs in South Beach. Thank You"
Day 5: Had a relaxing day and finished 2 books. Then Gian took us out to Garcia's for a Dolphin sandwich. We had gelato and walked South Beach by the pier. Of course when Ba heard there was a casino nearby, we had to stop "real quick." Then watched Miami Heat win!
-Big 3 help Heat even Nba Finals with Spurs- Lebron James scored 33 points while playing with the aggression and ferocity that everyone expects of the four-time MVP, leading the Miami Heat to a 109-93 victory over the San Antonio Spurs on Thursday night that evened the Nba Finals at two games apiece. James also had 11 rebounds and four assists and finally got some much-needed help from his struggling All-Star teammates. Dwyane Wade scored 32 points, Chris Bosh had 20 points and 13 rebounds and the defending champions made sure the series will head back to South Beach. Tony Parker had 15 points and nine assists while playing through a sore right hamstring for the Spurs, who were trying to move one step closer to their fifth championship. Game 5 in the best-of-seven series is Sunday night in San Antonio. Ray Allen scored 14 points for the Heat. Miami had 50 points in the paint after managing 32 in a 36-point loss in Game 3. Tim Duncan scored 20 points, and Kawhi Leonard added 12 points and seven rebounds fo ...
HUGE WIN for the Miami Heat, it's amazing how when the Big Three dominate, the Heat dominate. There has been a Dwayne Wade sighting tonight, 32 points, LeBron 30 points, and Chris Bosh 20 pts, Ray Allen 14 pts. This series is going back to South Beach guaranteed and it is going 7 games with the Heat winning their second title.
In the Spur of a moment Spurs star Tony Parker goes through and around the Big Three of the Miami Heat to score and lead his team to a game one win in South Beach. He showed the world who should have been MVP this year out scoring the entire Big Three of the Heat in the fourth quarter 10-8. I don't really like the Spurs big I hate the Heat so go Spurs.
This is going to be a SERIES. 1 turnover and it cost the Miami Heat. Spurs got 1 Miami. We shall see what happens in Game 2 in South Beach
c'mon, South Beach, Miami.Lebron James' iconic announcement that he was leaving Cleveland and going to the heat!!!
Paul George SCORES 28 AS PACERS FORCE GAME 7 AGAINST HEAT: Just like that, we're all set for what should be an epic Game 7 between the Indiana Pacers and Miami Heat in South Beach on Monday night. The Pacers dominated the Heat throughout the second half, outscoring them 52-37, en route to an impressive 91-77 win. Paul George led the way for Indiana with 28 points, 11-of-19 shooting from the field, and eight rebounds, five assists and three steals. Roy Hibbert added 24 points and 11 rebounds, and he proved once again to be too much for the Heat's interior defense to handle. All the Heat starters not named Lebron James shot a combined 7-of-29, combining for 25 points, which is four less LeBron's total. Game 7 is all set for Monday in Miami at 8 p.m. ET
Well, look at this...the so called "greatest team of this era" Miami Heat is tied up with the Pacers who don't belong on the same court. Even with blatant, horrific calls, the Pacers once again win 5 on 8. This Pacers team is one of the most mentally tough teams I've ever watched. Time to steal one in South Beach.
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After dropping the first game of the series, the Miami Heat have rattled off two straight wins and are hoping to improve on their Game 3 victory before the series shifts back to South Beach.
Miami Heat Nation Fan Site and Community offers Heat fans a place to discuss the Miami Heat and talk about Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of South Beach's finest.
Bolling could reset race for governor via Richmond Times-Dispatch: Lt. Gov. Bill Bolling has a big decision to make this week. Does he run for governor as an independent against GOP nominee Ken Cuccinelli and Democrat Terry McAuliffe — or does he emulate basketball superstar Lebron James and take his talents to South Beach? Bolling is not thinking about a move from Hanover County to the Sunshine State. But he reportedly spent part of the last week sunning himself in the Bahamas with wife Jean Ann. And the lifelong Republican’s decision on whether to run — expected Thursday — could arguably alter the balance of power in the election as much as King James’ move to the Miami Heat realigned contenders in the NBA. “Bolling could be a contender — emphasis on the ‘could be’ — a real contender,” said Larry Sabato, head of the Center for Politics at the University of Virginia. Sabato said there is enough unhappiness with the current candidates that a Bolling bid would give “a lot of perplex ...
Wednesday in Miami, began with a long walk into the Downtown walking down 5th we acidentally passed by Angelo Dundee's 5th Street Gym, were Foreman, Ellis, Nunn, Mohammed Ali et al had all trained ahead of some of the biggest fights in history. To get from South Beach into the downtown you have to walk across various bridges which give off a great view of the City's skyline & Commercial docks area, this is great until on approx the 3rd bridge the pedestrian walkway stops, not having bikes on our persons and not really fancying the swim we had to get on a bus. First Florida public transport experience was decent only $2 to get into Town and fortunately there was no knackers or wackies on the bus to intimidate you, plus given it was 87f happily it had AirCon. We got off at the Amex Arena (Miami version not Brighton & Hove) were we had decided not to go the prior evening to watch Miami Heat. Walking into Town it was all a bit uninspiring really lacked the civic pride of Boston and where it would be unfair to ...
Check out this whacky sequence from South Beach as the ball deflects out of bounds into the hands of a Miami Heat fan who throws the ball back inbounds to Le...
Miami Heat player James Jones, last year's champion, at Shane Battier's "Battioke 2013" at the Eden Roc Hotel in South Beach singing Bobby Caldwell's "What Y...
Miami Heat: "We Wont Let and We Would not Try to Trade Chris Bosh." "Not only in a bow to that daunting history, but because it’s not exactly comfortable from a player-relations perspective to break up a star trio that famously plotted its move to South Beach in unison in the summer of 2010." via Marc Stein, ESPN
I don't dislike Miami Heat for their team...I dislike Miami Heat for THEIR FANS..i don't like em and sure as *** don't respect em..a majority of em are FAKE AF and been d*ck riding that team ever since Lebron arrived to South Beach..but before then, i remember the same "fans" were either reppin Boston Celtics or LA Lakers. They're not a fan of the team, they're just a fan of an era. So to the Lakers fans...those are the
Miami Heat resign Josh Harrelson to a 10 day contract. The Jorts era continues in South Beach
Last night in South Beach, the celebrities converged at the exclusive Hennessy V.S. soiree at LIV on Sunday. Actress Gabrielle Union and her long-time boyfriend, Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade were sp...
*** Free Play, X-MAS Day, OKC Thunder *** The Miami Heat host the Oklahoma City Thunder for the first time since clinching the NBA championship. While fans across the country are looking forward to this rematch of last season's Nba Finals, Lebron James and Kevin Durant downplayed its significance. Both are simply focused on leading their respective team to victory. There figures to be plenty of fireworks Christmas Day as the defending champion Miami Heat and NBA-leading Oklahoma City Thunder square off in South Beach. Both teams have seen personnel changes but are playing as well as they did last season, with Miami holding a slim lead atop the Eastern Conference and the Thunder doing the same in the West. Miami brings a four-game winning streak into the Christmas Day tilt, a run in which the Heat have been dominant on both sides of the ball. The club has averaged 105 points during the streak while allowing just 87 per contest. The Thunder are coming off a 99-93 defeat at the hands of the Minnesota Ti ...
Coach Nick breaks down what's happening with the professional basketball team in South Beach and what they can do to improve their defensive rankings
I’ve never been much of an advocate for Kenyon Martin, but with the Miami Heat playing the way they are, I’m all for him taking his aging talents to South Beach. And according to Ira Wi...
The New York Knicks played a marquee game today in South Beach against the defending NBA champions, the Miami Heat. The Knicks dismantled the Heat by 20 points in Nov., but in that game the team had Carmelo Anthony in the lineup.
Only two games on the schedule tonight and we have highlights from both as the New York Knicks travel to South Beach without the services of Carmelo Anthony to battle James and the Miami Heat and out west OJ Mayo leads the Dallas Mavericks against Goran Dragic and the Phoenix Suns! Visit for more highlights and be sure to view in the coming days for SDH's Worst to First countdown reviewing, recapping and ranking the performances of all 30 NBA teams for the month of November.
Carmelo Anthony, Jason Kidd, and the (13-4) New York Knicks take their talents to South Beach to face Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and the (12-4) Miami Heat in a battle of the top two teams in the Eastern Conference. Tonight at 8 on TNT.
San Antonio Spurs tonight, sorry Wiz the've really grown on me recently and their easily the best fundementally sound team in the Association and this Thursday on TNT they'll go to South Beach and beat the Miami Heat's big 3 with their own big 3. GO SPURS!!!
He now plays in tropical South Beach, but the Miami Heat Point Guard has the distinction of being only the third player ...
Nancy Pelosi announces she is taking her talents to South Beach to play for the Miami Heat.
Sonny Bill Williams: I'm going to take my talents to South Beach and join the Miami Heat.
I'm taking my talents to South Beach and the Miami Heat!
In Summer 2010, Lebron James took his talents to South Beach, bringing with him Chris Bosh to partner with Miami Heat superstar Dwyane Wade. The Big Three talked of winning multiple NBA championships and enormous expectations began to build—pressure that grew even stronger when the Heat...
The HEAT is on baby! South Beach Miami Heat back in business. Season one game opener against Boston with Boston's own player Ray Allen wearing that AWESOME Miami jersey", won. Rings tonight, done! Rings for this season for Miami Heat already won! Go Heat!
cant stand the Miami Heat team, fans, or anything related to them. Miami Heat are good, becuz everyone followed mr. "taking my talents to south beach". The fans have no class and are all bandwagons. No one liked them before shaq n wade. No one liked them when they went below five hundred.
Miami Heat fans think the sun rises and falls only when they are around...everybody not gone flock to south beach just because yal assembled a winning team ..some ppl stat loyal to there home team no matter ain't hating its called loyalty!
Sure I cheered for the Miami Heat when I saw them play live at the AAA (which is not in South Beach, contrary to popular belief), but I bleed green and will always be a Celtics fan.
I hear a lot of chatter about the Miami Heat team being Lebron James' team. If my memory serves me correct, LeBron "took his talents to South Beach.", which Dwayne Wade already happened to be an NBA Champion. Wade a sidekick? No... More like a big brother that's taking a step down as the ALPHA MALE of the team.
Miami Heat star Lebron James purchased a three-story home overlooking Biscayne Bay in Coconut Grove outside South Beach for $9 million, according to the Miami Herald. His new mansion reportedly includes six bedrooms, eight and a half bathrooms, a wine cellar, library and home theater.
As if the flames of a heated rivalry (pun intended) between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat weren’t enough, Boston turncoat Ray Allen decided to add a little lighter fluid to the situation when he finally revealed his reasons for bolting from New England for South Beach. And yes, it had everything...
"Yeah yeah yeah yeah, Miami, uhhh, South Beach bringin' the heat, uhhh, ha ha, can y'all feel that? uhhh"
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The are headed to South Beach today for their 5th game of the preseason against the Miami Heat. Tipoff is at 7:30 on Fox Sports Detroit so after we all celebrate a Tigers W, we can all watch Andre Drummond abuse Chris Bosh in the low post. ~KC
Miami Heat guard Ray Allen said Saturday that comments made by former Boston Celtics teammate Kevin Garnett about him taking his shooting talents to South Beach are "a shame," according …
Somewhere in South Beach a Miami Heat fan said Kobe being will shut them Lakers up...yet he trending world wide
Miami Heat are going to Repeat.White Hot from South Beach bringing the Heat !
" I HAVE decided to take my talents to south beach & join the Miami Heat " ; )
The only thing hotter than South Beach might be the Miami Heat. To celebrate the Heat’s 2012 NBA Championship, The Ritz-Carlton, South Beach is offering a limit
But I want to go South Beach .. watch Lebron James live @ the American Airlines Arena , home of the Miami Heat !!
Aquino taking his talents in South Beach
This week at Club Play featured Comedian Mike Epps who hosted our world famous Miami Heat star Udonis Haslem was in the building along with local Miami rapper Brisco. Music was provided by the Heavy Hitter DJ EFEEZY and DJ Top Feelin. Four…
It's hot in hur . There is nothing like Miami's heat. I want to extend my summer crush all the way from South Beach to
“This fall, I'm going to TAKE MY TALENT to South Beach and join the Miami Heat."- Rashard Lewis
If you noticed about the Miami Heat, they always received the best Free Agents threw out the years! Alonzo Mourning, Tim Hardaway, Eddie Jones, Brian Grant, Shaquille O'neal, Penny Hardaway, Antonio Walker, Gary Payton, Jason Williams,Lamar Odom, Lebron James, Chris Bosh, Ray Allen, Rashad Lewis, and many more...u just have to admit it, people just love the South Beach!!!
Judging by the recent Miami Heat signings, Danny Fortson, Luke Ridnour, Jerome James and Vladimir Radmanovic will soon all be taking their collective talents to South Beach.
If you thought that Steve Nash leaving The Suns for the conference rival L.A. Lakers was awkward, this next move will floor you. All-Star guard Ray Allen has chosen not to remain with The Boston Celtics and is taking his talents to South Beach.
Elite ladies-only dance fitness studio. Mix & match creative workout classes. South Beach & Coral Gables locations. Founded by former Miami Heat dancer. Must be at least 18; new customers only.
Lebron James on Ray Allen coming to South Beach: "He'll fit right in with us (Miami Heat). We like to move the ball."
Ray Allen is headed to South Beach. I think I'll never watch a Miami Heat game EVER again.
Ray Allen aka Jesus Shuttleswort will join South Beach and their Miami Heat!
As if the Miami Heat weren't already good enough. Class man and a Class Act Ray Allen heading down to South Beach. Team keeps getting better.
Confirmed: Ray Allen has agreed on terms with the Miami Heat. is taken his talents to South Beach.
This fall I'll be taking my talents to South Beach & Join the Miami Heat
I'm taking my talent to the South Beach,I will play for Miami Heat- Allen
I wonder three things for the NBA coming into the 2012-2013 season. 1. If Ray Allen will come to South Beach to be a part of the Miami Heat. 2. Where Steve Nash will end up next season. 3. Who is going to be on the new Brooklyn Nets team.
""If [Ray Allen] ends up in South Beach & he's healthy, I can't see anybody beating the Miami Heat" -
Congrats to LSU's Justin Hamilton on being selected by the 76ers in the NBA draft, and then being traded to the Miami Heat. When do we get to see his "taking my talents to South Beach" speech?
Mississippi State's Arnette Moultrie is taking his talents to south beach goes 1st round 27th pick to the Miami Heat
How will the Miami Heat haters react if Jesus Shuttlesworth aka Ray Allen inks a deal as a free agent to take his talents to South Beach?
Mutual interest between Ray Allen and Miami Heat to bring Allen to South Beach. Uh oh!!! LOL
Former Celtics guard Ray Allen — soon to be a free agent — is interested in signing with the Miami Heat, and the feeling is mutual, league sources tell’s Brian Windhorst. Allen will be free to re-sign with the Celtics or sign with any other team when NBA free agency opens July 1.
Jesus & Steve Nash are taking their Senior Citizen *** to South Beach & join the Miami Heat! Queues
Miami Heat NBA play off championship parade is today, wish I was in South Beach to celebrate w/ them.
The "NO SLEEP HEAT," as they call themselves and as stated on their t-shirts because they continue to celebrate since winning the NBA CHAMPIONSHIP, parade will be Monday 25, 2012. The parade will begin at 11am-12pm beginning on 2nd ave. Downtown Miami to Brickell ave. then on to Biscayne Blvd. and ending at American Airlines Arena where the Heat earned and deserve the CHAMPIONSHIP! The rescue sqad from the local fire departments will be handing out water courtesy of the Miami Heat and watching for health related issues. Also resturants in the area will be offering air coonditioned accomodations to eat and drink. The Heat will be riding around for all to see so get your cameras and video cameras ready. Don't forget to scream "Lets do it again!" :-). Show your love and support for the "White Hot Heat" while they cruise by and speak to the fans on the 2 mile stretch parade! The Heat have been hanging out at Bamboo Club on South Beach. Be Safe! WE ARE THE CHAMPIONS. I know I'm a local & national news junki ...
Conspiracy Theory number 6372: Three years ago Lebron James decided that he was going to stop wearing the number 23 in respect to Michael Jordan. A year prior the Miami Heat decided to retire the number...23! The only team besides the Chicago Bulls to retire that convenient! That whole decision thing was garbage..because when he removed his jersey following that lost to the Celtics after the 2010 Conference Finals..he had already taken his talents to South Beach! On a different note the Heat have decided on retiring the number 69 out of respect for Chris Bosh!
Check this out my friends... The Miami Heat are celebrating big time.This is the hottest night club in South Beach and this is where they celebrated .. I just got an email today. Our company rented out this entire night club on Thursday July 12th for all the Ambassadors in our company. Our own private bash at the hottest club in Miami! We too will be celebrating big time as we brake records. Oh I can not wait!
Need to be in South Beach tonight for the big party the Miami Heat is giving! Pat Riley looks like a genius when he got James and Bosh! GQ all the way!
MIAMI The obvious answer, the one he couldn’t immediately think of in the ecstasy of his first title, is, of course, he had wanted to share this moment with his hometown fans, the ones defiantly proud of the Mistake by The Lake, the ones most hurt by his defection to South Beach. heat vs. thunder FINALS: THUNDER VS. HEAT Heat claim title with Game 5 rout LeBron earns Finals MVP, first ring Whitlock: LeBron grows into champ Witz: Title lifts LeBron's burden Tomasson: First ring worth the wait Miller may retire after huge game Gilman: What's next for Thunder? Photos: Game 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 Heat postgame video: Game 5 Thunder postgame video: Game 5 Playoff Central: Nba Finals But what Lebron James has learned in the two years since The Decision is that even a King doesn’t get everything he wants, even a King must suffer before realizing his dream, even a King must prepare a Plan B and C. “I mean, right here I’m sitting here as a member of the Miami Heat,” James responded when asked his thoughts on ...
Lebron James and the Miami Heat have brought the Larry O'Brien Trophy to South Beach with a 121-106 win over the Oklahoma City Thunder in Game 5 of the 2012 Nba Finals. James capped an outstanding Finals performance with a triple double in Game 5.
Congrats to the Miami Heat for winning 2012 NBA Championship. And To Labron James winning MVP. To My good friend Joe enjoy the white parties all weekend from South Beach to Coral Gables. I will get down there soon. Have fun and be safe.
has NEVER seen the Miami Heat (with or without LeBron) shoot this well in consecutive games... EVER!!! Shout out to Steve Smith, Dan Majerle, Eddie House, Jason Kapono, Voshon Lenard, Tim Hardaway, Shandon & Willie Anderson, and whoever else I can't remember... It's raining Bath Salts on South Beach right now...
Where will you go to celebrate after the Miami Heat win the championship? 1. 49th street. 2. Outside the arena on Biscayne Blvd. 3. Calle Ocho. 4. South Beach. 5. Coconut Grove. 6. Staying at the bar or restaurant where I am watching the game. 7. Staying at the house where I am watching the game. 8. Home. 9. Other. 10. Undecided.
Lebron thinks he plays for South Beach>:/ Someone please break the news to him he plays for the city of Miami Heat, not the suburb.
Two down, one more to go!! Miami Heat will likely to be the 2012 Nba Finals champions!! Lebron James needs the trophy!! Ours needs the trophy too!! Miami Heat lead the series 3-1!! Miami Heat won!! Still play to South Beach in Miami, Florida in tommorrow night!! yay, Miami heat!!
Marquee leaders, playoff fixtures and a following as partisan as politics. As Lebron James and the Miami Heat battle the Oklahoma City Thunder in the Nba Finals, we cannot ignore the parallels between the boys from South Beach and ...
Another close game last night in South Beach. The Miami Heat and OKC Thunder have played three exciting games so far.
The A Bar Hostel Lounge is deffinitly the place to vist & spent some time when you get tired of all the South Beach expensive drink prices. Save an extra few dollars for you next drink when enjoying our unbelievble $7.50 2 for 1 specials. Bring your laptop and relax with our complementary wifi. Save...
A hero the NBA deserves. Kevin Durant faces off against the Miami Heat.
Now this is what I call beach weather, i think it's time to carry my talents to South Beach, well obviously i have to wait till the Miami Heat win the 2012 Championship, which is next week,so ill wait, no rushing,hope i see Kevin Durant in South Beach rocking his gone fishing hat ! I love beach weather !
*Clears Throat*.Here ye here ye !!! Your Back to Back Eastern Conference Champs, the Miami Heat are now 3 games away from the Championship !!! The weather is looking nice in South Beach, FL.and last I checked they have a roof on their building. Thunderstorms, Thunder Clouds, or Thunder Cats will not be an issue.Goodnight !!!
Miami Heat lost tonight because of a few things. First, Too many turnovers. Second, We stop driving in the paint. Third, We settle for the jump shots. I notice that both team cant stop a person from driving in the paint. Miami Heat took their foot off the gas after halftime. I don't know why Miami Heat are trying to milk Chris Bosh 3's attempts. Chris Bosh isn't a three point shooter. I think its time for Mike Miller to retire because he aint the man he use to be due to that back injury. Its only one game but Miami Heat need to win at lest one game in OKC before coming home to South Beach aka Zombie Land aka Home of the Bath Salts.
Lebron James doesn't merit much sympathy or compassion because he willingly placed a bulls-eye on himself, first crowning himself king before he even won a ring and then masterminding the assemblage of a proposed super team on South Beach. But the volume of animosity directed at him and the Miami Heat for their hubris reeks of hypocrisy. I suppose those same people who cry that the Heat violated some code of competitive ethics by amassing as many excellent basketball players as possible and unabashedly boasting about it will greet the 20th anniversary of the original Olympic Dream Team this summer with equal disdain. After all, the concept of the "super team" and the bravado it wrought was born during the 1992 Barcelona Games.The NBA descendants of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson and Karl Malone are only following their lead. -Drew Sharp of the Detroit Free Press
A split for Miami Heat in OKC will be completely acceptable for me. The next 3games are in South Beach!
About to head to South Beach to practice flips, and fix my MacBook. Then hitting up the Miami Heat road rally tonight at American Airlines Arena downtown.
Congratulations to the Miami Heat!!! Party good for me tonight on South Beach...
Miami Heat, 4 more wins and you can take the Championship Trophy back to South Beach.
When Lebron decided to go to the Miami Heat in 2010 it was the biggest NBA moment of our generation and when Nike decided to drop a "Pre-Heat" color way of that years Nike Lebron VIII (8) it changed the sneaker world. The "Pre-Heats" quickly became the mo
I've been watching the basketball for years and I can't ever remember a Non- Nba Finals game with so much at stake than there is for the Miami Heat! Way too much pressure on South Beach!
Open Letter To Lebron James: Dear Lebron, I am sincerely appalled how disconnected you have allowed yourself to become in the last possessions of the 4th Quarter. You were born to win and you define the word Champion! But you will not win a Championship Ring if you go to Boston tommorrow night and not take over the game with 41 points. Tell Chris Bosh he's getting 105 Mill to play until his legs falls off his knees we need 21 points from him. Finally my man D Wade you are the reason why I watch Basketball since 06' but your ring is rusted and you need a new one. D Wade Dominate down the stretch please! Lebron the Miami Heat will go only as far u lead them. Get it done, get the game back to South Beach
Call me crazy, but I have this feeling that The Miami Heat will shoot 45+ free throws tonight and win the game in South Beach...
Things are starting to work out quite nicely for the Miami Heat this season. It's not just that South Beach's Big Three are playing quite well during the postseason
Courtside seats to a Miami Heat playoff game: $2,000 Concessions while at the game: $150 Hotel room for the night in South Beach: $350 Surviving a night in Miami without getting your face eaten off: PRICELESS! There are some things money can't buy. For the rest, there's always Bath Salts!
Doris Burke: "You're heading to South Beach to play the Miami Heat. What do you have to say to that?" KG: "Let's do it" (walks away)
NDIANAPOLIS -- There was nothing soft about Dwyane Wade and the Miami Heat. Wade scored 41 points, Lebron James chipped in 28 and the Heat finished off the Indiana Pacers, locking up a return trip to the Eastern Conference finals with a 105-93 victory in Game 6 on Thursday night. Heat Reaction For a quick take after each game, check the Heat Reaction. • Heat Index | Daily Dime The Heat wrapped up the best-of-7 series and will face either Boston or Philadelphia in the next round starting in Miami on Monday. Of course, nothing less than an NBA title will make for a satisfying summer in South Beach.
Impressive win last night for Heat in South Beach. Look for Miami to close out the series in game 6
Gotta love my Miami Heat. Watching Game 3 was heartbreaking... But game 4??? Wade and Lebron combining for 70 to rally a victory and heading back to South Beach... All is going good so far.
Miami Heat got the win 2day YES! Now game 5 back in South Beach Miami baby!
Miami Heat win; LBJ & DWade went off, Pacers are way than expected but series tied 2-2.Back to South Beach
Miami Heat won tied 2-2 .time to go south beach on Tuesday!
Me & my pup, Nikita, chillen in this South Beach, Miami Heat... Thirsty Thursday, who's gettin slapped tonight... This message is sponsored by: Herscheez Swimsuit Modeling Agency... 2013 Big Ten Hottie Swimsuit Calendar: Coming Soon, to a store, wall, tv, & video; near you... & Pink Taxi, the hottest college taxi, Coming Soon to a college campus near you...
I have three words for anyone pulling for the Miami Heat to beat the Indiana Pacers that is over the age of 15 and should know better, Shame On You! I don't wanna hear, "I'm not a Pacers fan", either. That excuse in this case is complete garbage. Unless your actually from South Beach, or in someway are directly related to and/or affiliated with someone on the Heat staff, we should all be Pacer fans right now. All the experts, the analysis, the commentators, and even the casual sports fans aren't giving the Pacers a chance, which is fair, they are in fact the legitimate underdog. Tell me this though: When did we stop cheering for the underdog? When did we start caring more about the player than the team? Whats this fascination in supporting teams that put all their focus into 2-3 players? Maybe its because I'm from Indiana were basketball is sacred, but I just don't get it. Two years ago the fan support for the Heat was no different than the Pacers, insert James and Bosh and the Heat are everyone' ...
Hope all you new Pacers "fans" are ready for round two against the Miami Heat. Let's go South Beach ;). Go Heat.
(Sports Network) - The New York Knicks extended their season but lost another player in the process. Now, New York must take on the unenviable task of trying to stave off elimination again by beating the star-studded Miami Heat, this time in South Beach. With his team on the brink Sunday, Carmelo Anthony poured in 41 points as the Knicks defeated the Heat, 89-87, in Game 4 of their Eastern Conference quarterfinal matchup at Madison Square Garden. Amare Stoudemire, who missed Game 3 with an injured left hand which he suffered when he punched a fire extinguisher after a loss in Game 2, returned to the lineup and scored 20 points and grabbed 10 boards to help the Knicks earn their first playoff victory in over a decade. "We needed a big game out of both of those guys to get over the hump," said Knicks head coach Mike Woodson about Anthony and Stoudemire. "Now we got this monkey off our back and we're still playing." The Knicks had lost an NBA-record 13 straight consecutive playoff games, dating back to April ...
Carmelo Anthony discusses the Knicks' Game 4 win over the Miami Heat and looks ahead to Game 5 in South Beach
I'm a Fan of South beaCh, but a Miami Heat hater! Lets go !!
Where we got more Miami Heat "fans" than all of South Beach and Dade County combined
When LeBon James took his talents to South Beach two summers ago, he also brought along his on-the-bench farting antics.
I wanna save up my money and head down to South Beach and sip on magarittas and chill on the beach watch girls play volley in the sand and watch live miami heat games and be livin life
its chicks who never stepped foot on South Beach but are die hard Miami Heat boppers.oops, i meant "fans". Lmao.
The Oklahoma City Thunder weren't able to diffuse the Miami Heat in South Beach, so they'll take their talents to the Hoosier State tonight in a matchup with the Indiana Pacers.
take on the Miami Heat tomorrow night in South Beach at 7:30PM. Watch on TCN/Listen on 98.1
I'm not just buying the Heat. I'm buying Miami! Party on South Beach!!!
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