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The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. Patrick James Pat Riley (born March 20, 1945) is an American professional basketball executive, and a former coach and player in the NBA. 5.0/5

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Miami Heat will need more than Pat Riley working Voodoo ! Orlando Magic 36 years of age Bismack Biyombo giving Heat the business!
Pat Riley asked Dion Waiters what he would do. Waiters replied: ‘I know what I’m going to do. I was born to destroy’
Pat Riley and the Miami Heat are working to build a new Big 3 in 2016
And if you haven't noticed, Pat Riley and the Miami Heat continue to find & develop players Ike nobody else...other than Sp…
You mean it's time for Pat Riley and the Miami Heat to land Paul George in South Beach 😏
Steve Kerr: When you have the track record of someone like Pat Riley, you probably have more trust from fans, media . http…
“Biggest mistake Pat Riley has ever made." — on Riley allowing Dwayne Wade to leave the Miami Heat. https:…
Chris Bosh's career with the Miami Heat is over Pat Riley: Chris Bosh not in Heat’s plans for return…
🚨Update🚨. Chris Bosh has reportedly been at odds with Pat Riley for months. Miami Heat organization believe he's done wit…
Pat Riley thinks one Miami Heat acquisition stands out above the rest. (via
Pat Riley preaches family and Loyalty but failed to take care of the greatest Miami Heat player of all time. Sad just sad...
Pat Riley: "...and that's why u should join the Miami Heat!". Durant: "So what's the deal with Bosh?". Riley:
Ira Winderman's take on future of Miami Heat, Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley: Ira Winderman sits back on th... Google
sun-sentinel​.com >> Ira Winderman talks Miami Heat and the future of Dwyane Wade and Pat Riley
Kevin Martin and Ty Lawson to sign with Miami Heat? Yeah baby! Make this happen Pat Riley!
We need a Pat Riley and the truth about the Miami Heat book. Seriously.
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Bosh on Winslow: "He’s big and physical, strong and fast. He’s just that classic Miami Heat player Pat Riley loves".
Pat Riley now gets to see draft prospects on his terms, as workouts begin at AmericanAirlines Arena.
Pat Riley on Miami Heat's draft: "No more smiling faces with hidden agendas, so we'll be going in clean." .
My goodness , Pat Riley has done it again ! Signed the to the Miami Heat 🙌👌 yuhh NICE ! Welcome 🔥🔥🔥
Pat Riley has his sights set on Kevin Durant, Dwight Howard and Lebron James joining the Miami Heat in 2016.
A source close to the situation confirmed Sunday night to the Sun Sentinel that Assistant Coaches Ron Rothstein and Bob McAdoo no longer will be part of Erik Spoelstra's Miami Heat coaching staff. "As far as being on the bench, they no longer will be," said the source, who said the two have been offered the opportunity to remain with the team in other capacities. "The staff is evolving." Yahoo Sports initially reported the changes, with Rothstein and McAdoo both having been part of the coaching staff during the Heat's three championship runs, including in 2012 and '13, while Spoelstra was Heat coach. "The fact is," the source said, "they were part of Pat's group." Both were Heat assistants when Pat Riley coached the Heat to the 2006 NBA title. They then remained on the staff when Spoelstra took over as coach in 2006 and Riley returned to a full-time role as team president. The moves continue a shift toward a clear delineation of Spoelstra's staff. Before last season, Assistant Coach Keith Askins was promo ...
Pat Riley releases video to give Miami Heat fans optimism -
Pat Riley says Miami Heat recovered well after ...
Pat Riley issues statement on Lebron James' departure from the Miami Heat
MIAMI HEAT ALL THE WAY.. Been a Miami Heat supporter as long as Pat Riley is the Pres..
Lebron James to meet Wednesday with Miami Heat's Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra - MiamiHerald
Dan Le Batard: Lebron James displays all his power as Pat Riley, Miami Heat and rest of the NBA awaits decision:...
According to USA TODAY's Jeff Zilgitt and Sam Amick, Pat Riley is confident that Lebron James, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade will return to the Miami Heat.
Sources: LeBron meeting with Heat on Wed. Lebron James and Pat Riley will have their long-
Daily Dose of FOUR (4) Comic Strips .. AN OBSERVATION ~ Andy Borowitz (It’s Satire Folks!) LEBRON TO ANNOUNCE DECISION AT United Nations New York (The Borowitz Report)—N.B.A. superstar Lebron James said Tuesday morning that he would announce the name of the team that he is signing with on Thursday at a special session of the United Nations General Assembly to be convened especially for that purpose. “This decision affects everyone on the planet,” James said. “I want to let all the nations on Earth know at the same time.” An emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council on Tuesday was deadlocked on the issue, with seven members wanting James to remain in Miami, seven others hoping for a return to Cleveland, and Lithuania abstaining. The Miami Heat president, Pat Riley, and the Cleveland Cavaliers owner, Dan Gilbert, both confirmed that they would be in the audience at the United Nations to hear James announce his decision. “I’m not going to lie: I wish he’d tell me in advance,” Riley s ...
Free agent forward Lebron James is reportedly set to meet with Miami Heat president Pat Riley on Wednesday, and if a new report is true, it might be to say good-bye.
While the media has been spreading rumors of what Heat Free Agents will do this off-season, Pat Riley has been hard at work filing out the Miami roster. Today Josh Mcroberts has been reported to give a verbal agreement to the Miami Heat. ESPN learned that...
Free Agency update 7/7 -Spurs still going after Pau Gasol, with the open MLE. -FA Kent Bazemore met with Atlanta today. Will meet with Spurs and Celtics tomorrow. -Mavs and Lakers are both interested in Lance Stephenson. Stephenson did not agree to the 4 yr offer from Indiana. -Vince Carter expected to re-sign with the Mavs. -FA Josh Mcroberts is being recruited by the Miami Heat. He might be offered an MLE. Charlotte is also aggressively trying to keep him in Charlotte. They do not want him to go to Miami. -Knicks and 76ers have had talks about a trade to send Amare Stoudemire and Iman Shumpert to Philly. -FA Isaiah Thomas down to Lakers, Heat, Mavs, and Pistons. -Various ESPN analysts are starting to buy into the LBJ to Cleveland Rumors. LBJ I still meeting with Pat Riley this week More news when its available.
According to multiple reports, Miami Heat president Pat Riley is scheduled to meet with Rich Paul, the agent for Lebron James, early this week.
Pau Gasol will meet with Pat Riley and the Miami Heat, reports.
In an impassioned press conference, Pat Riley emphasized the Miami Heat's need to "retool," not "rebuild," around a re-signed core of Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.
Miami Heat president Pat Riley went on a 55-minute diatribe on Thursday morning at AmericanAirlines Arena, opening with a statement and answering questions about the state of the organization after losing the NBA Finals in five games to the San Antonio Spurs.
MIAMI — Pat Riley did not use his 15 exit interviews with Miami Heat players to talk individually about the future of the team. Instead, he addressed them — and anyone else who was listening — en m...
Pat Riley held a press conference this morning and discussed the future of the Miami Heat, including the Big Three's eary-termination options this summer.
Miami Heat president Pat Riley held his end-of-season press conference on Thursday and it was one of the most entertaining hours in the history of press conferences.As likable and entertaining as Riley can be, that wasn't going to keep the assembled media from asking about what was on everyone's min…
The latest from With Heat exposed by Spurs, it’s time for Pat Riley to rebuild roster
NBAE/Getty Images Gordon Deal spoke with WSJ Reporter Brian Costa about Pat Riley's trademarking of "three-peat" and how it could come true once again with the Miami Heat in the NBA Finals.  
San Antonio (1) vs Miami (2) Miami’s 4th Consecutive Eastern Conference Championship (1st since Boston Celtics 1984-1987) San Antonio’s 6th Overall Western Conference Championship (2nd in the West only to Los Angeles [30]) First NBA Finals rematch since Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz (1997-1998) After a certain point, it is very difficult to measure or properly evaluate teams via statistics. When reaching the finals of any sports tournament (especially one decided by a best of 7 format), one can hardly remember one’s shooting percentage or number of turnovers unless it sets a record for the final round of competition. Instead, the true human factors are the key. The 2014 NBA Finals are no different. In the Miami Heat, we have the first true dynasty of the Social Media Era forming before our very eyes. With Indiana’s bewildering collapse, there are truly no contenders on the horizon in the Eastern Conference who can challenge Miami for their iced-out throne. Their only true threats have come from the W ...
Top 5 ways fake Miami Heat fans expose themselves: 1. They can't name any players outside the big 3 and Ray Allen 2. They think Lebron got them their first NBA title. (It was Shaq) 3. Ask them who the Head Coach is and they will reply, "ummm...Pat Riley". 4. They will claim they were Lebron fans since his college days! 5. They call them Miami Heats. With an "S"!!! By the way if you think I'm making this up to be silly I promise you, seriously, I have met all 5!
Five quick-hitting Miami Heat items in advance of the 2014 NBA Finals: 1. Pat Riley's hair is silver these days. His signature book nearly is, too...
Pat Riley is nothing if not confident. Heat president has filed to trademark the phrase "3-Peat" on several items. http:/…
ICYMI: Pat Riley is feeling confident about Miami’s “3-Peat” chances, so much so he trademarked the term »
Miami Heat president Pat Riley filed for a trademark on the phrase "3-Peat"
Pat Riley has extra incentive for his Miami Heat to win a third straight title. The Heat president owns four tra...
If there's one person in the Miami Heat organization who seems absolutely confident in his team's chances of suc...
Cleaveland may have better fans, but the Miami Heat has better management! (Pat Riley) I hope Charles Barkley reads this lol
How The Miami Heat Turned A T-Shirt Giveaway Into 35% Of Team Retail Revenue The t-shirt giveaway. It has become a staple of every major sporting event. For the Miami Heat, though, what began as a t-shirt giveaway in 2003 has turned into a fan culture that drives 35-percent of the team's TISI +0.58% retail revenue. In 2003, the Heat’s executive vice president and chief marketing officer, Michael McCullough, and his team wanted to create a promotion to centered upon the team’s then recent success. Missing the playoffs the two seasons prior, the 2003-04 season saw the team winning the first round of the playoffs and generating positive momentum stemming from the recent draftings of Caron Butler and Dwyane Wade. ”At the tail end of the 2003-04 season, we started doing a promotion with our fans, where if they wore a jersey to the game, we would give them a cool black t-shirt. The black was to signify that we were coming into the black, like in business, because we were heading into the playoffs aft ...
Pat Riley has filed for a "3-Peat" trademark as the Miami Heat continue play in the Conference Finals
"Don't count your chickens before they hatch" - Annoying anonymous person"Stop talking about chickens and count these rings" - Pat Riley, apparentlyYes, the Miami Heat president and architect cares not for superstition or jinxing or anonymous proverbs as his Heat chase their third consecutive NBA ch…
Sports is a business. BIG business and no one knows it better than Miami Heat owner Pat Riley. Riley currently owns four trademarks with various phrases using the words “three-peat” – referring to the Miami Heat and their possible third straight NBA championship title. Now, it seems he’s gone a step…
Why is my father hanging out with the Miami Heat and having extensive conversations with Pat Riley and "that guys who's name is la-something?" Labron? Yes Labron. Why? Just. Just why?
As usual, Miami Heat sleepwalking in the first half. Maybe Pat Riley needs to visit the locker room and give them a wake up call.
Let's break down Stan Van Gundy history for those who are unfamiliar. People seem to want to clown this man for his last two coaching stints. In the words of EverybodyHatez Kris and Chayse E. Walker, allow me to direct some of yall to the kitchen. The first team he inherited, he had some players that wouldn't play for him. He had a DIVA center in Shaq. He took them to the Eastern Conference championship and they lost against the Pistons, the defending champs. He was fired by Pat Riley, who eventually took over the job and won the title. I don't think ANYONE should be condemned for that. PAT RILEY of all people is the won who took that Miami Heat to a title, not some random coach. In his second coaching stint , he went to the NBA finals with the Orlando Magic and lost to Phil Jackson and the Lakers. I do not think I need to explain anymore right there. He also had ANOTHER DIVA center in Dwight Howard, one who was trying to get this man ushered out of the building. Stan Van Gundy coaches BOTH offense and de ...
Best of luck to San Antonio Spurs general manager R.C. Buford (Oklahoma State) and Miami Heat team president Pat Riley (Kentucky) as their teams begin the second round of NBA playoffs tonight!
Sorry to hear about Jack Ramsay passing. Many years ago, when I wanted to coach basketball, I flew up to Portland to watch some of his practices and he was nice enough to take me out to eat while I was there and we stayed in touch off and on for years. Whenever we saw each other at coaching clinics, we would share a meal and talk and I can remember how he always was more concerned about other people than he was about himself. He has been sick for a while, so this wasn't unexpected, but there were two things going on in the basketball world that I am sure he was very happy about. First, he was very close to Pat Riley and admired him greatly. I am glad he was able to see the Miami Heat (whom he did some work for as an announcer) win a World Championship last year. Then he was able to see Portland turn the corner and start to be good again. Basketball always has it's ups and down's, but it was nice that the teams he cared about were doing well when he passed and that he got to see that. RIP!
On this day in 2008, Pat Riley stepped down as Head Coach of the Miami Heat. Erik Spoelstra was named the new Head Coach.
Pat Riley, Heat Passed On Chance To Acquire Evan Turner. The Miami Heat could have landed Turner before the Indiana Pacers ever had a chance of adding him.
With Phil Jackson with Knicks, even Lebron James in play James Dolan never got over losing Lebron James to Pat Riley and the Miami Heat in 2010. And he swore that it would never happen again. Dolan, the chairman of Madison Square Garden, believes that to get the superstars you need a star as your closer. The Heat has Riley, and now Dolan has Jackson, the winner of 11 titles as a Head Coach and two as a player. The fact that Jackson has never run a Front Office didn’t matter to Dolan. Nor did the outrageous price tag. It cost Dolan a king’s ransom to convince Jackson to leave his beach house for the shark-infested corporate waters at MSG. But it will be money well-spent if Jackson can land the King as well as Kevin Love or Kevin Durant over the next three years. Jackson is 68 and for weeks he told close friends that his dream job would be a consulting gig. He never figured Dolan would come calling with the chance to rescue the franchise that drafted him. Jackson is not in this for the long haul. His pl ...
New York is mine like I'm Pat Riley for the Miami Heat...peep game Im just a *** with an attitude...
CoachThis Quote of the Day: "Am I a control freak? No. Do I believe in organization? You bet. In discipline? In being on time and making sure everything in the hotel is ready and right? Definitely. I don't control players. I try to control the environment around the players so they can flourish." Pat Riley, LA Lakers, NY Knicks, Miami Heat
Roswell Camp posting: One of the most common questions I get — it might be the most common — is "Who would the author cast as Lucas in a movie?" Or sometimes it's the same question about Virgil Flowers. More rarely, people ask about the secondary characters: Weather, Rose Marie, Del, and so on. Now, the author has his own ideas about it, as do I. A typical answer for the Lucas question is that the author's mental image of Lucas looks a lot like Pat Riley, current coach of the Miami Heat basketball team, as he was twenty years or so ago. He had the face, the build, and — importantly — the suits. But Riley isn't an actor, and he's aged twenty years since his prime "Looks like Lucas" days, so it's not going to happen. This type of intellectual exercise is fine. Sure, it might not be possible to cast a young Clint Eastwood anymore — the young Clint Eastwood grew into the modern-day Clint Eastwood — but the casting game can be fun, and is usually harmless. But then there are people who write in mak ...
BREAKING news: Greg Oden will play for the Miami Heat tonight, according to Pat Riley.
Pat Riley announced on Wednesday that big man Greg Oden be dressed in an actual Miami Heat uniform for Wednesday night's game against the Washington Wizards. This is the first Greg Oden regular season sighting in a VERY long time, and his fi...
Developing Now: Miami Heat president Pat Riley just revealed that center Greg Oden is active and will be in uniform tonight when the Heat play in Washington.
“You have to make your moment and get them to call your name. And to win, you have to go all in. Not half in. Not part way in. All in.” – Pat Riley, President, Miami Heat, 2012 Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award
I feel so bad for all my family & friends for still believing in the Dolphins smh. I gave up on them years ago. I personally think they need to sell the team to the Miami Heat's owner & put Pat Riley as the GM then I bet the Dolphins win back to back super bowls... Lol
That last quote was by Miami Heat President, Pat Riley! A classic about the need to stand firm for what you believe in..& Heat beat Pacers!
I've played for the Miami Heat my whole career under Pat Riley. Mr. GQ himself. So when I pick out my outfits before a game, I'm already feeling confident. And some of that swagger stays with me when I take the court.
Also this Pat Riley's Miami Heat!!! Losing to the Brookly Nets by 101-100. Gud day for Pierce as he received his home debut. Now this homie of mine Robert might be in tears. Nets break that long standing losing streak against Miami.
MIAMI (AP) -- At 5-foot-8, Floyd Mayweather Jr. physically looks up to everyone on the Miami Heat roster. Figuratively, the roles were reversed Sunday. Mayweather was a surprise guest at Heat practice Sunday morning, sitting courtside with team president Pat Riley, managing general partner Micky Arison and other members of the franchise's brain trust. It's rare for any outsider to get invited into Heat practice, though Mayweather's resume - unbeaten in 45 fights and generally considered the best fighter of his era - certainly earned him the ultra-VIP access. ''We're trying to defend two titles. He's been defending for a long time,'' Heat star Lebron James said. ''He definitely knows where we're coming from. It's exciting at the end of the day to have someone, one of the greatest of all-time, to be in the presence. It's something you can talk about years from now. ... We're honored and blessed to have him in the building.'' Mayweather, who left just as practice was ending, gave the Heat a brief speech, rem ...
Davey Pratt with Dwayne Wade, Udonis Haslem and Pat Riley, of the Miami Heat.
If you have a positive attitude and constantly strive to give your best effort, eventually you will overcome your immediate problems and find you are ready for greater challenges. -Pat Riley (President of the Miami Heat)
Just found out that the MIAMI HEAT will have there training camp at The ATLANTIS resort in the Bahamas. I started feeling a little uneasy about this news, til' I remembered that they are 2x BACK TO BACK NBA World Champions. Obviously Pat Riley has strategy going on here... TRUST IN RILEY I SAY!
Vote For Greatest People in Miami Heat History are the most important people in Miami Heat history? You will vote from now until August when we will publish the final results. You can vote for up to 20 people and as many times as you want. This is an important question, as the Heat have been to four NBA Finals in eight seasons, and have won three. This franchise that was born in 1988 is well on its way to joining the likes of the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls and NBA royalty. Some background: The Heat has two members in the NBA Hall of Fame - Pat Riley and Gary Payton. And Gary Payton doesn't count, really. The Heat has had nine people selected to the NBA All-Star game either as a player or coach: Dwyane Wade (9x), Alonzo Mourning (5x), Shaquille O'Neal (3x), Lebron James (3x), Chris Bosh (3x), Tim Hardaway (2x), Anthony Mason (1x), Stan Van Gundy (as coach in 2005) and Erik Spoelstra (as coach in 2013). Lebron James won two MVP's as a member of the Heat, as well as two Finals MVP's ...
It's clear Dwight Howard doesn't want to be in LA playing for Coach Dantoni...solution for both parties to fit Dantoni's playing style and to get something for Dwight instead of nothing: let Pat Riley get in Dwight and Mitch Kupchak's ear. Lakers sign and trade Dwight to Miami Heat for Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers. Now, Bosh can be that stretch them out 4 man Dantoni wants. Put Gasol back down in the post. Give Kobe Bryant his last shot a ship.
MIAMI (AP) — Lebron James has this summer on his mind, and is already starting to plan for next season. The summer of 2014, that can wait. James said Tuesday that he is not thinking about the possibility of becoming a free agent in 12 months, though he did acknowledge that the prospects of competing with Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Erik Spoelstra and Pat Riley for several more championships with the Miami Heat is more than a tiny bit intriguing. "That's the goal," James said. "That's the ultimate finish. And we all hope that can happen, obviously." James' final interview session of this season revealed plenty in 17 minutes, including that he's already feeling an itch to get back on the basketball court after just a few days off, that he'll stop at nothing to give longtime girlfriend Savannah Brinson anything she wants on their wedding day in a couple months, and that he's making no secret of his hope that the Heat bring back at least the majority of this year's championship roster. The most interesting new ...
As it turns out, the Knicks made a big mistake letting Pat Riley march to Miami.
After Lebron James, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh and the rest of the world champion Miami Heat — including owner Micky Arison, team president Pat Riley and Head Coach Erik Spoelstra — cut loose at the Miami nightclub Story following their … Continue reading →
Congrats to all of the Miami Heat fans on a job well done. Just remember it took a Great LALaker coach Pat Riley to have the Vision to put it all together .
I don't care for the Miami Heat, but I respect them and the best team won. But there is one person in the Heat's organization that I have a fondness for, and that's Pat Riley, ex-Head Coach of the LA Lakers. Same goes for Phil Jackson...
The best thing about the Miami Heat winning Game 7 is that a guy who played six games for them named Josh Harrellson will be receiving an NBA Championship ring.
ESPN Video: Stephen A. Smith discusses Chris Bosh's contract and his future with the Miami Heat.
Pat Riley has 9 NBA Championship Rings!! His genius lives on with Building the Miami Heat!!
Fun Fact: The FIRST Miami Heat jersey number ever retired was Michael Jordan's Pat Riley retired in Miami. Jordan was THAT good.
Way to go Miami Heat!!! Congratulations LeBron and team. I went to see them play San Antonia last year in Miami. Roy V. got us tickets mid court about 3 rows up. I couldn't believe it. Magic Johnson sat across the aisle from us. I have the pics to prove it. Then Pat Riley came in and sat down beside him. That's when I had to breach security and get to him to introduce myself. I have been thrown out of the coolest places!!
Greg Oden Interested In Signing With HeatGreg Oden remains interested in signing with the Miami Heat this offseason. Oden has not played in the NBA since December 5th, 2009 due to injuries. Oden was a number one pick in the 2007 draft.“The Heat need some size, that’s not a secret,” Oden’s agent Mike...
Sorry everyone been in bed all day! So here are the latest rumors in the NBA: Miami Heat are in Hot pursuit of Greg Oden! Not wasting any time Pat Riley wants Oden! Cleveland Cavs: are prolly going to steal another pick away from a team in the Dallas Mavericks. Dallas has lowered it's ante to Shawn Marion and the 13th pick to the Cavs for the 19th pick... The only problem is that since the Cavs are still on a 55mil payroll til July they would have to include a player and really have non under contract they want to depart with. So it's believed that if the trade doesn't happen and Dallas can't get another trade team they will draft for the Cavs and Cavs will draft for them then trade will take place in July
i gotta say i'm not a Chris Bosh fan, but it was his play in the final seconds of game six that got Miami Heat to game 7, and of course we all know thart Chris Bosh did not score a single point in game 7, but his teamates played excellent. But already Miami talking bout trading Bosh for . Greg Oden, as i said i'm not a Chris Bosh fan but i sure as *** would pick him over that half cripple, biggest draft bust in history, who has'nt played in the NBA sice 2009, because of bad knees, come on Pat Riley you smarter than dat
While answering questions in a delirious and celebratory Miami Heat locker room following Game 7 of the NBA Finals, team president Pat Riley finished his interview with Rachel Nichols by dousing her with some very expensive champagne. He’s the greatest.
Dam where are my manners: Thanks to Lebron James, the Miami Heat, & Pat Riley for the wonderful jugg !!! OR HATE ?
This is a bit late but necessary. Congrats to THE Miami Heat for yet another NBA Championship. I've been a Heat fan since then coach Pat Riley arrived several years ago and guided them to their first NBA title. Gotta give it to the Spurs though, they played with alot of heart. My Heat got the title but I believe both teams played like TRUE champions. Kudos to both for a great season. WAY TO GO HEAT!!!
Finals MVP Lebron James and Miami Heat president Pat Riley share a moment backstage after the Heat won the 2013 NBA championship.
Never have I rooted the Miami Heat mainly dahil kay Lebron. My love for this team started nung 2003 when the Detroit Pistons picked Darko Milicic which allowed Pat Riley to pick Dwade for the Heat. :) Congrats on your 3rd ring WADE! WOOO! GO HEAT!
Congrats to the Miami Heat for their 2nd championship in a row! Last year we had the privledge of meeting Mickey Arison and Pat Riley during Art Basel who were more then happy to show off their championship rings!
[jwplayer config="Auto-Play" mediaid="42350"] LeBron and the Miami Heat celebrated their NBA Championship at Club Story in Miami and among the party guests was Drake who was denied entry to the Heat locker room and San Antonio's Danny Green aka best 6th man for the Heat in Games 6 & 7. If you think…
I want to congratulate the San Antonio Spurs, and their fans all across the country on a fantastic 2012-2013 NBA season. For those of you who are TRUE Spurs fans, I am sorry for your loss. Your team played a great series, pushing the Miami Heat to the limit in a very professional NBA finals. As everyone from players, coaches, and fans tries to find comfort in loosing game 7, hold your head high, and look at the season as a great one. The series was much better than an episode of the Sopranos. Tim Duncan, I appreciate you my man! To the City of Miami, a BIG, BIG, BIG congratulations to you guys on your third NBA title. Lebron Jame, Dwayne Wade, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Chris (Birdman) Anderson, Udonis Haslem, and Noris Cole, great job! And to my my man, the "Mob Daddy", Pat Riley, you did a great job assembling a great team. To Lebron James Haters: Get off his *** *** it!!! Most of you guys are not even a real basketball fans; nor can you play the *** ga ...
I guess Pat Riley is just now the greatest since he got to Miami, just funny to me after seeing a post that L.A is and has been highly disrespected throughout this whole thing when we weren't even playing and Pat Riley can tell you about L.A's rings as him as the coach. I almost followed Riley when he left making me settle for Heat as my 2nd team til the disrespectful fans turned me off so jeering fans of the Heat just know the personal and rude remarks Hmph...go with God!!!
In April 2008, Spoelstra was named successor to Pat Riley as Head Coach of the Miami Heat. In naming Spoelstra as Head Coach, Riley said: "This game is now about younger coaches who are technologically skilled, innovative, and bring fresh new ideas. That's what we feel we are getting with Erik Spoelstra. He's a man that was born to coach." Riley also noted: "A lot of players want the discipline; they will play [hard] for Spoelstra, because they respect him."
Even with Chris Bosh being a complete no-show last night on the biggest of stages, Pat Riley cannot possibly move him anywhere. This team is incredibly close and that would be a big move that I don't think Lebron James and Dwyane Wade would like. Riley needs to bring back Chris Andersen, keep Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, and Udonis Haslem around, and add a banger who has some athleticism. I don't know who or when or where from but it's a move that needs to happen. Bosh's perimeter game is too powerful for this team and helps our offense get space, even when he's not scoring. Congratulations to the Miami Heat. We shouldn't yet be discussing next season but that's the nature of the beast. GO HEAT!!!
Fil-Am Coach Spoelstra a future Hall of Famer' by Dennis Gasgonia, Posted at 06/21/2013 2:54 PM | Updated as of 06/21/2013 5:21 PM Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra speaks to the media. REUTERS/Mike Segar MANILA – After witnessing Erik Spoelstra successfully leading Miami to another title win, ESPN and ABC analyst Jeff Van Gundy sees the makings of a future Hall of Famer in the Filipino-American coach. ABS-CBN's TJ Manotoc, who is covering the NBA finals in the US, said members of the international media are making sure that Spoelstra gets credit for the Heat’s latest championship victory, as most people tend to focus on Miami’s superstars Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh. Manotoc said Van Gundy, a former NBA coach himself, believes the 42-year-old Miami coach has the potential of joining all-time coaching greats like Pat Riley, Phil Jackson and Gregg Popovich. “[Si] Jeff Van Gundy na nag-aanalyze for ESPN and ABC Sports, sinasabi sa kanya na this Erik Spoelstra is a future H ...
Majority of the Filipinos love Miami Heat not just because of Lebron James but because of the youngest coach in America's professional basketball league and soon-to-be the youngest Hall of Famer Coach of NBA, Erik Spoelstra who fortunately has the lineage of an Asian-American for having Elisa Celino as his Filipina mother. It was in June of 2006 when I got the privilege to meet Erik who was still the Assistant Coach of Pat Riley for the Miami Heat and I was into hosting sports of the Philippine Basketball Association games. Whenever the NBA season comes to an end, Spoelstra visits his native land every year and up to now teaches basketball to kids and mentors professional PBA Filipino coaches which makes him a very modest, humble and a kind-spirited celebrity. Sadly, I chose an opposing team for some personal reasons but I am flying high that Mr. Erik, a demure and gentle Fil-Am, bagged the trophy! Kudos to you, Erik Spoelstra!
An expansion team formed in 1988, the Miami Heat began its early years with much mediocrity, only making the playoffs twice in its first eight years and falling in the first round both times. Upon the purchasing of the franchise by Micky Arison in 1995, Pat Riley was brought in as its team president and Head Coach. Riley acquired center Alonzo Mourning and point guard Tim Hardaway to serve as the centerpiece for the team, transforming Miami into a championship contender throughout the late 1990s. The Heat underwent a dramatic turnaround in the 1996-1997 season, improving to a 61-21 record, second best in team history and formerly a franchise record. That same year, Miami earned the moniker of "Road Warriors" for their remarkable 32-9 record on the road. On the backs of Hardaway and Mourning, the Heat achieved their first two victories in the playoffs, making it to the Conference Finals against the Chicago Bulls before bowing out in five games. Their biggest rivals of the time were the New York Knicks, Ril ...
If you didnt watch and support the Miami Heat from the Steve Smith/Glen Rice/Grant Long/Rony Seikaly days.. Or the Jamal Mashburn/Harold Miner days.. Or the Tim Hardaway/Alonzo Mourning/PJ Brown/Vashon Leonard days(when Pat Riley coached).. Or the Eddie Jones/Brian Grant days.. Or the Lamar Odom/Caron Butler/Dwayne Wade days.. Basically before Shaq and Lebron if you werent a heat fan, you need to please sit at the BACK of the wagon and let the REAL fans sit up front this time... LOL
Breaking news! Miami Heat plan on trading Lebron, Wade and Bosh for Brittney Griner and Jason Collins if they lose in the finals. "We need more testosterone on this team" ---Pat Riley many HATERS of Miami Heat; whether they win or lose, folk jus shutup and get over yourselves, PLEASE!!! And no, I am NOT a bandwagon person.. *** I liked Miami when Pat Riley had Erik Spoelstra as an Assistant Coach and there were people like Alonzo Mourning, Eddie House, Travis Best, Brian Grant...jus to name a few! Then Dwayne Wade and Udonis Haslem came in together; *** Lamar Odom played with em before and of course we all know when it was Shaq and Wade!!! Come on people, am I on the bandwagon? I THINK NOT!!! Im my own person, will never do what others do! And too, Lebron is my man, but I liked Dwade 1st and he will always be first in my book even tho King James is the best in the league currently...cant let him take my fav spot!!! OAN: Bouta go in work...holla at yall in the PM!!!
Gregg Popovich is a student of Coach Larry Brown and Coach Don Nelson. Larry Brown was the coach of Detroit Pistons during in which they mincemeat the Los Angeles Lakers with lineups of Kobe Bryant, Shaquille O'Neal, Karl Malone, and Gary Payton. Don Nelson was named Coach of the Year for three (3) times! Gregg Popovich in his part won two Coach of the Year awards with the Spurs. If I were Miami Heat's President (Pat Riley), what will I do with my three COTY awards with three different teams? I will fire out Erik Spoelstra and direct the Miami Heat myself, if I were to go up against the Spurs in this ODD year of the millennium. Knowing that Popovich is a mismatch tactician who gained a degree from his mentors whom are mismatch strategists. Moreover, Popovich beat Don Nelson with Dallas Mavericks last NBA Semifinals Playoffs on 2003 and Larry Brown with Detroit Pistons last NBA Finals on 2005.
Miami Heat look to turn up aggression, recapture identity against Spurs - Miami Heat lo...
the the Miami Heat of now beat the Chicago Bulls of the 90's...??? a. NO b. YES c. Maybe d. *** MF'n Nawl
Great day to just get lazy and watch World Cup qualifiers... Great time in Boston after watching the Boston Bruins take care of business tonite in the Stanley Cup playoffs by sweeping the Pittsburgh Penguins, it's all good. Still bummed about seeing my Miami Heat lose at home. If only Pat Riley could motivate the lads to four more wins and the championship.
Breaking bread on a Friday night with the legendary David Alridge, and Mr. Miami Heat. Both guys taking me back to school with their basketball knowledge
Its funny even hilarious at times...If you ask a Laker fan why they dislike the Miami Heat they can give you reasoning...When you as a Miami Heat fan or any other fan for that matter why they dislike the Lakers, more times than not your going to get the "I JUST DO" answer, theres absolutely no reasoning behind their HATE...Listen we all know Lebron James is one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, we are not debating that and thats not why we dislike him, this only strengthens our TRUE reasoning for disliking him. This guy is arguably one of the top ten players to ever play and will be higher up on that list by the time his career is up. I just think Pat Riley did an excellent job of making him think otherwise. Making him think that theres no way he could get it done without joining the Miami Heat.
George's take on Heat v. Spurs...for all it's worth (lol). The great Pat Riley was quoted as saying when he took over the reigns of the Miami Heat franchise, "“we will be the hardest working, best conditioned, most professional, unselfish, toughest, nastiest and, at times, the most disliked team in the NBA”. Pat Riley's vision for the Heat has always been relentless, smothering and unforgiving defense that forces the opponent to succumb. This is when the Heat are at their very best. But along the way, our Heat oftentimes forgot their main identity. We see glimpses of that suffocating, intense defense, but it seems to come only in 6 minute spurts at a time. But against the surgically precise and talented Spurs, the Heat will have to remind themselves of Pat Riley's preachings, and realize that it'll take 48 minutes worth of that defensive intensity, not just sporadic efforts. Like the ones Alonzo used to bring every single night years ago. When Zo would tirelessly challenge the opponent on every posses ...
NBA TV to air Dr. J documentary in June Posted Apr 15, 2013 10:48 AM New York (AP) -- An upcoming documentary will look at the life and career of Julius Erving, on the 30th anniversary of his only NBA championship. "The Doctor" will air on NBA TV on June 10, between games of the NBA Finals. The 90-minute program features rare footage from his ABA career. Dr. J later came to the NBA and helped the Philadelphia 76ers win the 1983 title. One of basketball's best-known high flyers, the Hall of Famer reflects on his high school days in New York. He ended up back on Long Island with the New York Nets of the ABA. Miami Heat president Pat Riley says, "Unless you played against him or unless you watched him in his prime, you didn't realize how great he was."
This Just In (from my mind to the screen) Miami Heat will send Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, and Joel Anthony's Forehead to Minnesota for Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love...!!! MAKE THE PHONE CALL PAT RILEY, MAKE THE FRIGGIN CALL...!!! (That Is All)
Former Wildcat great Pat Riley, is the GM for the Miami Heat, but who is Big Blue Nation rooting for, the Spurs or the Heat?
Just want to say congratulations to David Stern. He has managed to give Pat Riley in the Miami Heat another championship. Well at least a shot to play the Spurs and win. Like I said and I'll say it again the NBA is fixed. Don't be surprised if they let 10 duncan go out in a blaze of glory . I would actually respect the NBA more for letting him win another championship. I'm not a Spurs fan, neither Am I a Miami Heat fan. I'm just a concerned NBA fan .
GM Miami Heat fans (bandwagoners). True NBA fans are going to test how much you truly know about your team so here's some help. from 91-94 Steve Smith was the Franchise player sg/sf. Juwan Howard got offered the very first 100 million dollar contract by Pat Riley (resended), Harold Miner (baby jordan) won 2 dunk contest and Tim Harday was the best PG in team history .Rattle these facts off today at work and you wont look as lame.
So I guess everyone has been waiting for my analysis of Game 7... Shout to the Miami Heat for winning the East and to those who won money off of this series (Thank David Stern and Pat Riley). This is my personal opinion of Game 7. The NBA is so rigged that its retarded. You can tell Indiana stopped playing as soon as the refs made bogus calls. if you guys can't see that somehow this game was rigged, then Idk what to say. In addition, the reason to rig this game was for money and ensure that the Finals wouldn't be boring. Part of me wants the NBA Finals to be played fair and down the line, but that's asking for too much. I think it'll be a good series, but there is no way David Stern wouldn't allow the Spurs to win it all. And if that is the case, I rather watch paint dry than to watch a rigged NBA Finals. (Not hating, just stating the obvious) OAN... LBJ has matured his game over the past 2 years and has carried his team to greatness. When he's not selfish and trying to win games on his own, he's probably ...
I hate Miami Heat more than the Indiana Pacers. My hate for Pat Riley is just as much as Reggie Miller.
HEAT NEWS: New York -- Chris Andersen was suspended Friday by the NBA for his altercation with Tyler Hansbrough, leaving the Miami Heat without one of their best big men as they try to finish off the Indiana Pacers in Game 6.
I love watching & hearing the so-called basketball experts everyday say the Heat is done, yet, the Miami Heat keep moving forward. They keep forgetting we have another championship MVP on our team. We have a genius at putting a team together, the godfather, Pat Riley...& yes, we have Coach Spo AKA... "Phil"ipino Jackson.. This is a team...Go Heat!!
And the "Rick Barry I never committed a foul in my entire NBA career" award goes to the entire Miami Heat team. And Eric, what's witht he wet head? I ain't got that much grease left after frying a chicken! They're getting better though, last nitght I couldn't even see the wires Pat Riley has to pull to make Eric move. Yeah I'm a hater, deal with it!
The Title of the Song is "We've Saved the Best for Last" (It's a Miami Heat Theme Song). Its Parody song lyrics for the song Save the Best for Last by Vanessa Williams.I dedicate this song to all the MIAMI FANS OUT THERE INCLUDING MYSELF,MY WIFE,MY BABY and MY DOG hehe also to those Indiana Pacers FANS out there who will later turn to become or fully transform themselves to become full pledged SOLID MIAMI FANS CLUB !!! We welcome you!! Let's changed that HATE ATTITUDE to HEAT BABY hehe am in heat baby hehe After an 0-7 start, as the Miami Heat went back in the playoffs, and this is the song that best describes them. Dolphins would dominate football Marlins would shock all of baseball Why can't the Heat win something, too? It would be great if they would soon Cause there was a time when we lost seven games They said we wouldn't win Then we made a big run to the playoffs So this time, they are wrong We're sad we lost Pat Riley, but glad we got a Van Gundy Just when they thought our chance had passed We'd go ...
I miss the old Miami Heat... When Pat Riley was coaching the Lakers. When the star of the team was a rookie (Rony Seikaly) and more than half the team was rookies... When the Heat finished 15-67... When D. Wade was 6 years old and LeBron was 3. LAKERS FOR LIFE!
Great win for my Heat! Pat Riley must went in the locker room and said to the Heat if you all lost tonight you all better get ready and clean out you alllockers because you all are fired from the Miami Heat then he shuts the door and D. Wade yells 15 strong! Turn around and say to Lebron and Chris it istime for us big 3 to go to work. I been a true Heat fan since 1989 when they started and i will always be a true Heat fan even through the good and bad season. Lets Go Heat 1 win away to the finals! 2013 Champs Miami Heat! Class of 06 at WHS
Would Lebron James still have scored the game-winner for the Miami Heat had Roy Hibbert been in for the Indiana Pacers?
If your first Miami Heat jersey has a 6 on it.. You're probably not a Heat fan.
Miami Heat, the defending NBA basketball champion, is just lucky today. With Lady luck is on its side, a one-point win over Pacer's 102 score.It is best of seven, anything is possible.
Pat Riley and other executives of Miami Heat must remove restrictions on Gabrielle Union so she can continue to sit with the Miami Heat bench and cheer on her wack *** dude, D. Wade. Dude doesn’t contribute any more points to his team since she was removed from the bench. Lets roll Heatnation and don’t lose your home court advantage!
Heat president Pat Riley speaks on Lebron James winning his fourth NBA MVP. All rights to NBA
6. Robert E. Lee...Great tactical and strategic commander, but his greatest act was to teach the South forgiveness after their defeat in the Civil War. 7. Martin Luther & John Calvin...Revolutionists of the first order, who changed our lives forever with their revitalization of Christianity in the Protestant Revolt. 8. Sir Francis Drake...Perhaps the greatest naval warrior who helped bring down the dominance of the Spanish Empire sailing for England. 9. Pat Riley...CEO of the NBA's Miami Heat whose book THE WINNER WITHIN is perhaps the finest Christian book ever written by a non-Christian. 10. Sarah Palin...A modern conservative feminist and vice-presidential candidate whose attempts to redefine feminism has met violent opposition from liberal feminists. Her courage is unmet in the modern era.
Miami Heat's Pat Riley [plans] to keep the Big 3 intact for years to come and "Have one of those 10-year rides." (Mailbag: Ira Winderman
4 NBA teams who can stop the Miami Heat - The Week Magazine: The Week Magazine4 NBA teams who can stop the Mia...
Pat Riley, president of the Miami Heat and formerly coach of the Lakers, released a statement Friday that Celtics General Manager Danny A..
Happy Birthday Pat Riley, President of the Miami Heat, and former Coach of the Lakers, Knicks, and Heat.
I have been following the Heat since I was a little kid, the good days with Hardaway, Mourning, P.J Brown, Eddie Jones, young D Wade. As a matter a fact real Miami Heat fans hate the fake ones that joined just because LBJ came in or because the Miami Heat have a good team now. We have Pat Riley, the best recruiter in the entire NBA, an owner that is dedicated to building and maintaining a good team. And don't forget ignorant Heat fans exists because we were f'd with 1st
Pat Riley and the Miami Heat number one in the NBA.
Gotta question for the basketball scholars. hatters allowed to answer this question but who wud win the game 95-96 Chicago Bulls or 12-13 Miami Heat? ?? Just curious
Miami Heat will win the NBA Championship again this year. They got the best player in Lebron James and will be for a long time.
Pat Riley and assistant Head Coach of the Miami Heat will be there so anybody have any good questions for me to ask them by the way how are they doing this year I don't watch TV lol
Miami Heat only one of great current streaks - ESPN (blog): ESPN (blog)Miami Heat only one of great current st...
Copied from Linkedin - article by Peter Guber CEO,Mandalay Entertainment, Owner Golden State Warriors and Los Angeles Dodgers " I’m sitting in floor seats at one of my Golden State Warriors basketball games late last season after I had also recently become an owner of the Los Angeles Dodgers professional baseball team and it was about 9 pm at night. The team was behind 2 points in the closing minutes of the game. I grimaced and held my fists to my eyes as one of our key players missed two crucial foul shots in a row. The game continued in a bit of a downhill spiral for another minute or so. Suddenly, I was pinged on my Smartphone and it was Pat Riley, the President of the Miami Heat. He happened to be watching our game from his bedroom at home in Miami around midnight. He exhorted, “don’t do that! Losing is part of the game! Listen to these statistics… you play 82 regular season basketball games, maybe some playoffs…and maybe 164 baseball games, and maybe a bunch post season games for as much as ...
Thanks to the four men that brought the Miami Heat and NBA basketball to Miami. Ted Arison, Zev Bufman, Billy Cunningham and Lewis Schaffel. And Mickey Arison the son of Ted Arison for maintaining and improving the organization. Thank you
Heat-76ers Preview - Heat-76ers PreviewCBSSports.comThe Miami Heat are the reigning NBA...
Does the Assistant Coach for IU look like Pat Riley who played for UK in the 50's and became the coach for the Lakers and Miami Heat with the slicked back hair and wet look?
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Who knew working for the Jewish Federation in Broward would grant so much access to the Miami Heat and sports in general. Spent an evening with Alonzo Mourning last month and meeting Pat Riley on April 4th! Moreover, going to see the Florida Panthers vs. Toronto Maple Leafs on April 25th in an Executive Box Suite with our generous Major Donors!
Lil Wayne better stop talking mess to the Miami Heat. Doesn't he know Pat Riley is down with the Mafia? You can't talk smack about his baby boy D-Wade in public!
The former Coral Gables mansion of Pat Riley (President of Miami Heat) sold for $16.8 million last spring. As if this 12,856 square foot mansion -fully equipped with a movie theater, wine cellar, library, and pool with waterfalls and aqua bar wasn't spacious enough for the new owner, he plans on kno...
Taking the suspense out of the equation early, Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra has selected Chris Bosh as a replacement starter for the East team in Sunday's All-Star Game.
The new owners of Miami Heat president Pat Riley's former Coral Gables home are planning to demolish the sprawling mansion, the Miami Herald reported.
A healthy Greg Oden will be good for the Miami Heat .
Good Morning, "FB Universe," It is being reported (on ESPN) that tha Miami Heat are trying to acquire (injury riddled) 7,1 Center Greg Oden, from Portland for pennies on tha Dollar...heh, haa...I gotta give Pat Riley some credit, if they get him & he has any sort of production, it will be tough to "Beat tha Miami Heat," once again. Sooo...I'm Hating as usual...heh, ha, haa...& I hope dat tha deal don't work out.Bah, ha, haaa.
What happens to the Miami Heat? No offense to the Heat fans, plus myself being a big fan of the Heat since late 90s. Bosh said he is heading to HOF and Chalmers said he is a top 10 PG. Give me a break! one champion doesn't prove much, especially when you get the ring through escaping from your own responsibility (that is Toronto Raptors) and attach to two much more dominant players in Wade and LBJ, Bosh has a lot to prove he is a real champion, and far away from a HOF yet. As for Chalmer, being confident is a good thing, but keeping it in your mind and not saying it outloud may be a better idea unless you already achieve something. Even Ty Lawson is showing more potential than Chalmers at this point. Pat Riley should keep these two mouths shut before they become the problems to the team.
Good News: The Cleveland Cavaliers and Miami Heat are currently the favorites to sign Greg Oden. Oden hasn't played since 2009. Oden is hoping to meet with Pat Riley and the Heat in Miami next week. This guy has been through heaps, I hope he is healthy and can play lots of minutes. - Jayke
So even though he's currently a member of the Miami Heat, he's a Celtic? I wonder what Pat Riley has to say about that
There are only two options regarding commitment. You're either IN or you're OUT. There's no such thing as life in-between. - Pat Riley, former Coach of the Miami Heat
Miami Heat player James Jones, last year's champion, at Shane Battier's "Battioke 2013" at the Eden Roc Hotel in South Beach singing Bobby Caldwell's "What Y...
We hesitate even giving rumor-mongering like this a bigger forum, considering that this is clearly what the author was after all along, but it's a Wednesday and it's January and no player from Tuesday night's NBA action checked into a game wearing his shorts on backwards. So we're going to pass along the "report," from Fox Sports' Sam Amico, that Lebron James might consider rejoining the Cleveland Cavaliers someday. Not as his career winds down, mind you. And not assuming nemesis and Cleveland owner Dan Gilbert sells the Cavaliers, or the young team puts together two or three more studs via the draft and Free Agency and starts spitting out 60 wins again. No, Amico is quoting unnamed sources and telling you that James (frustrated at the Pat Riley-ness of the Miami Heat) would consider going to Cleveland at age 29 when his contract runs out with the Heat. Because these sources know exactly what James will be considering some 30 months from now. It's a delightful read. Here's a quote: Now, there is talk that ...
Welcome to the Miami Heat Team web site. They are a professional basketball team from Miami, Florida, United States. Owner Miami Heat club is Micky Arison and general manager is Pat Riley. Coach Miami Heat team since 2008 is Erik Spoelstra. They play their...
Pat Riley, President of Miami Heat and Peyton Manning of Denver Broncos donated $5,000 to Romney's campaign. Are you surprised sports fans? I'm not. The hoods have come off in the past four years! Jim Crow is now James Crow, Esq.
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"I was just numb. Numb from happiness." - Pat Riley - Miami
"Because the absolute worst thing about the Miami Heat, without a shadow of a doubt, is Pat F*ing Riley." Ugh, AMEN
Pat Riley & the Miami Heat Front Office are the only pro sports ups in Miami that know what to do. The Marlins & Dolphins should take notes.
Set yourself a mission, an image of a desired place that you want to get to. Something that is attainable and will inspire you to act. That mission will fuel your motivation and will determine your behavior. Pat Riley, President of Miami Heat
Inspiration: ”Excellence is the gradual result of always striving to do better. “ --Pat Riley, Team President of the Miami Heat
Can somebody please ask Pat Riley to run for Pesident? ...I mean, look what he did for the Miami Heat? ... And it only took two years? . I'm just puttin it out there.
i have a NBA ball signed by the WHOLE Miami Heat team in 1996 including Pat Riley.. does ANYBODY have ANY idea how i can find out how much this piece of history is??? (Alonzo Mourning and Tim Hardaway signed it too..)
After the Miami Heat’s successful run to the NBA championship this past season, it was no surprise to see Pat Riley attempt to further reinforce the rost
How the Miami Heat 'Big 3' Blueprint Changed the NBA - Bleacher Report: Bleacher ReportHow the Miami Heat 'Big 3...
This dude said he is a Miami Heat fan, but he don't know who Pat Riley is.
Planning the Miami Heat 🔥 🏆 repeat in the Dodger Dugout with Pat Riley
"Discipline is not a nasty word." PAT RILEY (former championship coach now managing partner of the Miami Heat, 2012 NBA champions)
Pat Riley should consider signing Greg Oden | Erik Spoelstra and Miami Heat
As predicted by Pat Riley, Heat draft pick Justin Hamilton will soon be stashed away in Europe.
Miami Heat president Pat Riley talks about Dwight Howard trade and the impact it'll have on the Los Angeles Lakers.
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   Miami Heat President Pat Riley called watching Lebron James win a gold medal at the London Olympics a "sigh of relief."
Why would the Dolphins cut their best receiver?! Dear Coach Joe, I officially don't believe in your decision making. Thank God for Micky Arison, Pat Riley & the Miami Heat. If it wasn't for them, us, Floridians would have nobody to root for. The Marlins & the Dolphins are a joke. Trading and cutting their best players over BS. How about standing behind your players? Might wanna give that a go moving forward.
In late-breaking news, the world champion Miami Heat traded forward Lebron James and guard Dwayne Wade to the Los Angeles Lakers. The deal is pending player approval, as both James and Wade would need to accept a limited role coming off the bench on a Laker team that is now very deep. The deal is believed to be the first time a reigning NBA champion has traded the reigning MVP before ever playing their first game to defend the title. Meanwhile the San Antonio Spurs, who once traded Mychal Thompson to the Lakers for a peanut butter sandwich and a bag of chips, are open to the idea of dealing Tim Duncan to Los Angeles. The Lakers, who lost Andrew Bynum in the move for Dwight Howard, are seeking some additional size to shore up the end of their bench. Ray Allen isn't sure what to make of any of this. "I took less money to play in Miami, and now we won't be much better than the Bobcats," Allen said. Pat Riley, the brains behind Miami's two titles, is considering resigning from his position to take over as hea ...
The Lakers have now pulled a Pat Riley. They finally got the center they always wanted, Dwight Howard. Looks like the NBA Finals is already set: Miami Heat vs. Los Angeles Lakers.
I've been thinking lately about one of my LTM roommates, Robes Patton. He was going to Belgium Brussels Mission and me to France Paris Mission. We both ended up in journalism. He went to a big paper and covered the Miami Heat. I stayed local and have had a focus on younger athletes. He died back in 1998 of a brain tumour and though I hadn't seen him since 1978 it still hurt then and it does now. I go online and read about him. He was a good man. The NBA put his name in a black band on the official press passes for the opening game of the 1999 final. The press room in the American Airlines Arena is dedicated in his name. He was memorialized by Heat coach Pat Riley who said their "relationship as a coach and a sports writer transcended the true nature of the job. ... He was someone that you both trusted and respected." I roomed with Elder Patton for two months, and here these 34 years later I still think about him from time to time as I do all those with whom I served.
Miami Heat woes continue @ the front court. Pat Riley looked everywhere, but under a rock for a legitimate Centre. Do the big men not want rings?
Pat Riley doesn't think the Miami Heat need to improve their Center position
Miami Heat president Pat Riley said the Lebron James that started the season was not the same one that ended it.
Pat Riley says Miami Heat want but do not need to add a center:
Pat Riley claims his Miami Heat do not have a need to add a center in Free Agency.
Doc Rivers initially upset by Ray Allen's departure for Miami Heat, but blames ... - MassLi...
The Heat now has guaranteed 13 contracts for the 2012-13 season. Pat Riley said Wednesday that it could stay that way for a while. His intention is to let
Links: Could the Miami Heat be interested in ex-Washington Wizard Andray ... - Bullets Forever (blog): Links: Co...
Unlike in ’06, Pat Riley sets up Miami Heat to repeat with additions of Ray Allen, Rashard Lewis | E
Ray Allen wanted a change of scenery. Pat Riley didn’t want to make the same mistake he made the last time the Miami Heat won the title.
Today your Miami HEAT officially signed veteran Free Agents Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis! Ray Allen: "I'm looking forward to what we can do here within this organization." Rashard Lewis: "I'm hungry just to win. My goal is to win a championship." Pat Riley: "The hardest thing you're ever going to do is win a title. When you win it, you have to start thinking about what it takes to repeat. We have to raise the bar here for ourselves. We feel very good about our roster right now." Be sure to welcome both Ray and Rashard to the HEAT with your likes and comments on this post! — with Raymond Hiraldo, Jerry John, Bruno Micelli and 46 others.
Miami Heat because we have a god in basketball Pat Riley. He is a god at recruiting great players for less money.
Breaking news: Stephen Ross sells team to Mickey Arison. Now Pat Riley is President for both the Miami Heat and Miami Dolphins. Thank God
Just saw Ray Allen holding up his Miami Heat jersey with Pat Riley, is going to put you on lockdown.
This demonstrates the Miami Heat's intention and commitment to winning . Ray Allen is a GREAT addition, and will spread the floor for Lebron and D Wade, Allen's deadly shooting range is going to be a Major factor in the 2012 -2013 Season, and in our opinion makes the Heat definite favorites to win and repeat . Great move by Pat Riley! Deborah M. Ferdinand, Gervais de Matas
Pat Riley out maneuvers Danny Ainge - again. So annoying - how I can cheer for Ray Allen now - even though I can cheer for LeBron. It will be so awful (and wrong on every level) to see Ray in a Miami Heat uniform - no Celtic green. There are other theories as to why Ray left - (after all, the Celtic's offered him about double the money) - but, in my wisdom, I have declared it a jewel in the crown of Pat Riley - who played some college ball for, let me see, the Kentucky Wildcats.
Lots of credit given to Pat Riley and Erik Spoelstra by Ray Allen on his decision to sign with the Miami Heat.
Micky Arison wasn’t present at the Italian restaurant where his son Nick, Pat Riley, Erik Spoelstra and Andy Elisburg entertained and educated Ray Allen on
Who says Pat Riley molded Alonzo Mourning and d rest of Miami Heat thru machismo? He's a softy compared to Jawo. Big J was and still the King of Quotes writers and broadcasters could not mention without the bleep.
ADRIAN WOJNAROWSKI Heat gave Ray Allen reason to again feel wanted The issues chasing Ray Allen out of the Boston Celtics and into the arms of their most despised opponent stacked higher and higher, and suddenly everything crystallized in the hours basketball’s most persuasive recruiter, Pat Riley, captivated him. The emperor of the Miami Heat sold Allen on never hearing his name in trade talks and a run of championships awaiting him. After all these years, Allen needed to feel wanted again, needed the recruiting, and Riles had such a willing soul sitting with him in the breeze blowing over Biscayne Bay. Ray Allen played five seasons for the Celtics and helped them win the 2008 title. (Getty Images) "He felt he was getting respect that he hadn’t gotten from [Celtics president] Danny [Ainge] and [coach] Doc [Rivers] anymore," a source close to Allen said Friday night. "…The presentation was incredible." Respect comes in different ways, but make no mistake: The Celtics had offered two years and $12 mi ...
Pat Riley not gonna stop until the All Star game has the full Miami Heat roster representing the Eastern Conference.
Boston Celtics' Ray Allen to meet with Miami Heat on Thursday - MiamiHerald.comBoston Celti...
Chris Broussard reports that he got a text from Pat Riley saying that the Miami Heat have won an NBA title.
  Offering atypical candor and forthright insight, Miami Heat President Pat Riley early Friday morning clarified several aspects of the team's offseason direction.
Very very bored. So I'm watching the NBA Drafts. Waiting on my team to pick... Pat Riley better pick somebody good, such as; Kyle O'Quinn from Norfolk or even dude from Syracuse! Just got to wait & see!!! is when Miami Heat will be picking their next star!!! :)
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Miami Heat team president Pat Riley wants his players to enjoy the title, but he also wants them to get back to doing the things that led them to winning the championship in the first place
GameTime: Pat Riley - NBA Videos and Highlights. Miami Heat president Pat Riley joins GameTime after the Heat win the 2012 NBA Finals.
Even though they are now the defending NBA champions, the Miami Heat are going to have to do some retooling this offseason if they want to have any shot at a repeat...
With NBA championships as a player, coach and now team president, Miami Heat boss Pat Riley's track record makes an overwhelming case for iconic status in hoops history. This latest ring puts an already sterling resume over the top.
Miami Heat 2012 NBA World Championship Parade 9am Pat Riley said ''will the country be mad if we have party now?''
Looks like the Miami Heat are stuck with Erik Spoelstra now.
The ff. veteran players are the top prospects of the Miami Heat this off-season... • Steve NashChris KamanGrant HillRay AllenAndre Miller • Jermaine O’Neal Let's see once again what Pat Riley can do... Steve Nash please!
Pat Riley spent $171937.53 on alcohol for his team. That's how Miami Heat do
A former hostage now free to cover the Miami Heat - A former hostage now free to cover the ...
March 11th 1993; Harold doesn't do a lot on paper for this one but on the whole plays a HUGE part in the Miami Heat's first EVER franchise win versus the Chi...
If anyone know the whereabouts of these people please contact Paul December or Pat Riley of the Miami Heat. Zawani Hintzen, Prento, Ronel Hernandez, Michael St Hill, l Abiegail John, and many others they went missing since King James was crowned. sad sad bunch of people.
(ITS LATE COZ I HAD AN OFFICE YESTERDAY) Finish watching the final of 2011-2012 between Miami and Oklahoma. I maybe a Miami Heat fan and so happy that they win but i also admire with the Oklahoma Team. I could feel how much they wanted to end the game so soon even if its 3qrtr coz they know that they will lose, but they stay cool and theres no amount of willingness to win to beat the Heat coz the Miami crowd was just fantastic.. the whole arena was just full pack of white shirts.and the MVP LeBron.. was just great... he hug all the Oklahoma players.congrats to Miami and Oklahoma... you are both great..of course the Half filipino Coach..and the reason why i like Miami PAT RILEY.
I wonder if the Dolphin Front Office was at the Miami Heat game last night taking notes from Pat Riley and his Front Office?
"Showtime" Miami Heat (With Pat Riley in the Front Office)? This team looks like the 1980s Lakers (coach: Pat Riley). *** I HATE TO ADMIT THAT!
Congrats on Miami Heat winning the NBA championship. Pat Riley has eight rings, Wade and Haslem has two, and every other player including Lebron James has one. After nine years, the “so-called King”(name given to him but the media) LeBron is a championship. He is the Peyton Manning of the NBA. Just like Peyton, he was considered the best. Peyton was “better” than Brady and LeBron was “better” than Kobe. Both Peyton and LeBron choked for years before getting one. Big difference, Peyton did it on his OWN TEAM with my former Head Coach Tony Dungy. LeBron went to Wade’s team to win one because he lack the leadership quality it takes to be the man. LeBron was born in December of 84, a year after me. He’s a Capricorn, fcuk em. All the greats led their OWN team to championship: Earvin “Magic” Johnson’s Lakers(5), Larry “Legend” Bird’s Celtics(3), Julius “Dr. J.” Erving’s 76ers(1), Isiah “Zeke” Thomas’ Bad Boy Pistons(2), Michael “MJ His Airness” Jordan’s Bulls(6), Ha ...
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Angry after losing Juwan Howard to the Washington Bullets, Pat Riley said yesterday that the Miami Heat was treated unfairly by the National Basketball Association. Riley also said that the league
Need to be in South Beach tonight for the big party the Miami Heat is giving! Pat Riley looks like a genius when he got James and Bosh! GQ all the way!
Burden finally lifted for Pat Riley, Lebron James and Miami Heat - Dan Le Batard -
I would like to congratulate Pat Riley and the ownership of the Miami Heat for buying an NBA Title. They should thank OKC for contributing to towards this accomplishment. James Harden, 6th man of the year, just pathetic performance in the series. Durantchula, arguably best player in league, and 3 time scoring champion, bad fouls and turnovers inexcusable and Scotty Brooks, no adjustments after game 2, for 3 straight games. One of the most embarassing choking performances in NBA Finals History by OKC. On a side note, the newly passed CBA, has created a monster in allowing for a soft salary cap, with the luxury tax even with greater teeth, not necessarily an issue for the big market teams with their local revenue, to absorb salary cap hits. Without true revenue sharing, allowing teams to keep their local radio, tv, ect revenue, there is no level playing field. Small market teams cannot compete with the bigger market teams for high priced Free Agents. I applaud David Sterns efforts to keep the Hornet ...
Erik Spoelstra (born November 1, 1970) is an American professional basketball coach and the current Head Coach of the National Basketball Association's Miami Heat. He is the first Filipino-American Head Coach in the NBA,[1] as well as the first Filipino-American Head Coach of any North American prof...
We have to give credit to the Miami Heat they were very HOT in the NBA Championship Finals , Congrades to them and all the sucess they had... ps Pat Riley he still *** even after all these years.
8th NBA Championship ring for beloved former Lakers coach and current Miami Heat team president Pat Riley. And he is STILL a HUNK!
I don't find the Miami Heat to be a very attractive team, but I do appreciate Pat Riley's organizational skills!
Congratulations to Pat Riley & the Miami Heat & all you Heat fans. Enjoy the moment. Now comes the tough part Defending the Championship.
And the president of the Miami Heat is Pat Riley who played for "THE CATS"
Pat Riley owner of Miami Heat when asked what has been the reason for his success in the NBA for the last 45 years and he replies "i don't know but for the Grace of the God" if only Lebron will learn from
OKC gets OKO'D. Congratulations to the Miami Heat! Nice to see D Wade get another ring, could not happen to a better guy. The media loves to focus on Lebron but D Wade will always be the leader of that team. Cool to see Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning there to enjoy the festivities.
Guarantee: Pat Riley will not do to the Miami Heat what Mark Cuban did to t/Dallas Mavericks - break up team after winning NBA Championship.
With the Miami Heat winning Pat Riley has been part of 8 NBA championship teams. How many of those were with the New York Knicks?
Miami Heat's Pat Riley was conferred with the Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award during the NBA finals.
Miami Heat president Pat Riley received Chuck Daly Lifetime Achievement Award to commemorate the 40-plus years he has spent as part of the NBA.  
I always hated the Miami Heat since Pat Riley was coaching them...hated Tim Hardaway, PJ Brown, and Alzono Mourning!!! Still hate the Heat now!!!
New post: NBA Finals 2012: Miami Heat takes on look of classic Pat Riley team in gritty Game 3 win
This was Eastern Conference toughness. This was Pat Riley hammer-and-anvil basketball. This was Lebron James finally asserting his brutish and ridiculously unstoppable toughness.
Repost:Chris Broussard and Michael Wilbon NBA writers for Chicago Tribune just spilled the beans saying Pat Riley had been talking to Bron and Bosh for years about coming to Miami.Very illegal in NBA.GM's can not talk to players on other teams.And commissioner David Stern does nothing.But fines Kobe Bryant 100 k for calling a ref a *** Miami Heat a biggest fraudulent organization I've ever seen in my 40 years as a fan.It unfair to all the small market teams.Now you know y ppl call them the Miami cheat.
It' almost game time. I wonder which Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder Team will show up. Well I'm rootin' for the Heat again! Go Heat! I wish Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning will light a fire to Dwayne Wade. This is a time for no excuses. The finals
Problem, Pat Riley and Alonzo Mourning? Seems like the Miami Heat's team president and vice president of player development didn't much enjoy their visit to Chesapeake Energy Arena, what with the Oklahoma City Thunder erasing their team's 13-point first-half lead … Continue reading →
Asked NBA exec if team personnel root against Heat. "Uh, yeah. Let's just say only people rooting for Heat are Pat Riley & Miami writers."
Game 6,Pat Riley, Spoelstra and the Miami Heat will face their biggest challenge in the hostile territory in Boston Garden..It will determine their toughness and greatness on how to bounce back from the loss and force game 7 at Miami.In a few minutes the game will start..To all Miami Heat fans, let's support them..Go Heat and beat the Celt.
The Heat are in trouble. KG and the other old timers still have a lot of life left in them. I said it the day LeBron announced he was "taking his talents to South Beach", Pat Riley will be the next coach of the Miami Heat.
"The Miami Heat should steamroll through the Boston Celtics." Quote from Virgin A. Smith, Vice-President of the Miami Heat fan club, and bathing partner of LBJ. "I have been teaching for 10 years, and to the best of my knowledge, 2 = 2, so Virgin A. can go lather up Chris "Wade's My Pillow Partner" Broussard can go ask Pat Riley why he smacked his head on marble off of a diving board 4 years ago. They are all front-running tools, who have no idea what they are talking about.
Miami Heat need a new coach. Pat Riley, do a switch. Bosh get on the court.
Miami Heat picked up defense in second half - Boston Globe: Boston GlobeMiami Heat picked up defense in second h...
Miami Heat sponsors cash in on Conference Finals - Sun-Sentinel: Miami Heat sponsors cash in on Conference Final...
Miami Heat playing totally disorganized, adjustment is a must to win this game, Pat Riley not happy with what he sees tonight.
Hear ye, hear ye! It's that time once again, fellow Miami Heat Haters. Time for an emergency meeting of the royal and fraternal order of HATE (Heat Are The Enemy). The goal of HATE is to stop the Heat from winning any championships. And the way we did it last year is the same way we will do it this year and next year and the year after that. Our mission statement reads: "As a member of HATE, we do hereby vow to band together, synthesize our dislikes, objections and jealousies toward the Miami Heat and hope that all of our negative energy somehow disintegrates the Evil Empire put together by Darth Vaseline (Pat Riley)."
Cavs get two first round picks again this year. Two second picks. Thanks LaBron. I knew that you love Ohio. Thank You Pat Riley and Miami Heat team!!
Just got word from Pat Riley that he's changing the Miami Heat name to the Miami Janitors just for this series cause he feel a coming on Lmbo!
I have kept quiet for a while but I must say something tonight about the Miami Heat. Miami Heat has the best team in the NBA with the worst coach "Erik Spoelstra" at least that's what I thought until I saw the Indiana Pacers coach "Frank Vogel". ""They are the biggest flopping team in the NBA," Vogel said. "It'll be very interesting to see how the referees officiate the series and how much flopping they reward."" Oh WELL Frank Miami Heat Flopped your *** Didn't They. Now Going back to the Miami Heat; I think Pat Riley needs a reality check and need to let that son in law thingy GO. If Miami Wins; I will be very surprised. Pat Please get a new COACH.
NBA News: Miami Heat players suspended for flagrant fouls (Haslim and Pittman) possibly based on retaliation for comments made by Indiana Pacers player (Stephenson) if true, and some are pointing to Lebron and/or Pat Riley as orchestrating such activity, should face stiffer suspensions. Whatever happened to winning with class, and Lebron, did the road to history or winning dirty begin with you, Wade and Bosh in Miami? Boston/Philly: Celtics shoot 33%FG and 21%3PT, Rondo 4-14, Allen 4-11, while Philly shoots 46%FG. Game 7, Boston 17-4 in Game 7's at home, but the Big 3 is 2-13 in close out games on the road. Who thinks Boston can win the East, when they will not have home court advatange in Eastern Finals, and they stink on the road. I guess Boston fans are delusional, just ask Josh Beckett. Laker Land: Kobe shoots 18/33, 42 pts, in Game 5 vs OKC but no assists. Here lies the Lakers dilemma and food for thought during offseason. Kobe will make 28.6 and 30.4 million in his last 2 years (he's 33) or ...
Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade had no interest in even discussing the possibility. When the subject of playing without Udonis Haslem surfaced Wednesday afternoon, Wade quickly moved past the topic.
Walker Rene Schutz Steven Rodriguez . After the Miami Heat fail again, Pat Riley will have the sequel to the "Decision" called the "Regret" where he announces he's going to trade Lebron James to the Bobcats for the first pick and Michael Jordan.
Coach Eric Spoelstra Do not listen to all the Miami wannabes, Miami haters, media and all the other people that do not know crap about basketball. I am a loyal Miami Heat fan since inception and I along with a lot of true Miami Heat fans appreciate your coaching and professionalism, and more important than all is that Pat Riley believes in you and he know much more than all of us out here. Keep up the great work that you do. Thank you, Peter Lopez Miami Heat Fan since inception
Erik Spoelstra is the Head Coach of the NBA's Miami Heat. Known as "Coach Spo", he was personally selected by Pat Riley. See what contributed to Erik's succe...
Alonzo Mourning would be a good coach for the Miami Heat. I'm sure Pat Riley really doesn't want to do it at his age.
Wow, I have no idea why this hasn’t been brought up more, but let’s evaluate this? The following are the top five reasons why I’d choose Phil Jackson to coach the Miami Heat if I were Pat Riley.
Met 3 girls from Miami today on the zipline, neighbor happened to be Pat Riley owner of the Miami Heat!!!
Miami Heat cancel practice and media. Sounds like Pat Riley.
If the Miami Heat lose this series to the Indiana Pacers then it's time for Pat Riley to make some decisions. Me personally, I think Riley should put a package together with D. Wade and a few of them other characters and build around Lebron and Bosh. The Miami Heat has now become Lebron's team more so than D. Wade's team. And as soon as Miami accept that then they will be better off. Let's go Pacers!
Pat Riley Owner of the Miami Heat is thinking of seperating the Big 3 somebody getting traded lols
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Oh baby the Miami Heat are melting down. it kind of eases my Laker's being down 2-0 as well. Yes, I admit and I feel that Kobe led to blowing their 7 point lead the other night with 2 minutes to go. I deal in reality. Now Kobe must lead them back! JUST Anybody but the Heat! I love Pat Riley but that is where it ends with the Heat.perhaps he should coach the Heat and make them into a much better team like he did the Laker's doing the Magic Show days!!! Go Laker's! At least my L.A. Dodgers and L.A. Kings are doing something good. that is a bright spot! lol
The perception of panic and desperation would never stop me from doing what is required. If I own the Miami Heat, Pat Riley IS running practice tomorrow.
I have officially lost all respect for Pat Riley, the entire coaching staff, and the Miami Heat as an organization! *** !!
Building Miami Heat no easy task for Pat Riley - MiamiHerald.comBuilding Miami Heat no easy...
I got that HEAT like Pat Riley...ha! Miami Heat lol
NBA Hall Of Famer Walt "Clyde" Frazier recently sat down with Jason Horowitz to go into depth about the New York Knicks team this season, the Miami Heat's championship run, one-and-done college basketball players, and more.
I think the Miami Heat is doing Voodoo on the rest of the league really all these injury are sketchy. Matter fact i saw Pat Riley at a Botánica in Lil Haiti
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