Miami Heat & Memphis Grizzlies

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. The Memphis Grizzlies are a professional basketball team based in Memphis, Tennessee, USA. 5.0/5

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Williams coming off career-high 18 points for Memphis Grizzlies in 110-107 win over Miami Heat last Saturday, when…
Miami Heat assistant, David Fizdale has reached a 4 year agreement with the Memphis Grizzlies to become their next Head…
Miami Heat trade Mario Chalmers to Memphis Grizzlies in four-player NBA deal (News)
Miami Heat will reportedly trade Mario Chalmers to Memphis Grizzlies
Miami Heat have traded Mario Chalmers and James Ennis to the Memphis Grizzlies for Beno Udrih and Jarnell Stokes.
Real talk I want to see the Memphis Grizzlies and the Miami Heat in the Finals this year.That series whould go all 7 games and the NBA ratings would go through the roofOpinion
NBA playoffs get started today and I think we have some solid first round matchups. East: Indiana Pacers over Atlanta Hawks in 7 Miami Heat over Charlotte Bobcats in 5 Toronto Raptors over Brooklyn Nets in 7 Washington Wizards over Chicago Bulls in 6 West: San Antonio Spurs over Dallas Mavericks in 5 Oklahoma City Thunder over Memphis Grizzlies in 6 Los Angeles Clippers over Golden State Warriors in 7 Houston Rockets over Portland Trailblazers in 5
STAT OF THE DAY: The Memphis Grizzlies are the ONLY team the Miami Heat haven't beat on the road since signing LeBron & Bosh. 0-3 in Memphis
The Memphis Grizzlies are 1-1 against the Miami Heat since borrowed my DVD.
Here I am interviewing Shane Battier of the Miami Heat during Memphis Grizzlies Media Day in 2002.
I was so glad the Memphis Grizzlies beat the Miami Heat last night,good game Grizzlies.
So my Memphis Grizzlies best Miami Heat last night and all the highlights but 2 were about Bron Bron, just gotta love ESPN and their "unbiased" coverage
THE NATIONAL WRITER TOOK NOTICE: This morning, I posted a status in which I reminded aspiring journalists to exhibit a good work ethic because people are watching us. Such was the case before tonight's game between the Miami Heat versus Memphis Grizzlies. While interviewing Lebron James, among the questions I asked him was, "Is it safe to say that Kevin Durant is the frontrunner to win the league MVP." While walking to my vehicle moments ago, I was met by an ESPN writer, who said that not only was that the first time LeBron ever talked about that subject, but he decided to write a story tonight about it. My point: Never will I boasts about how good of journalist I am. That's for people who aren't used to anything. Instead, I'll continue to allow my work to expose my gifts and talents. To God be the glory! When ESPN journalists compliment your craft, that speaks volumes!
I hope my daughter enjoyed her birthday present. Watching her Miami Heat get their *** handed to them complements of the Memphis Grizzlies! I sure did!!
I should stop watching Miami Heat games. It's not good for my blood pressure. April 9, 2014 Miami Heat 102 - 107 Memphis Grizzlies Miami Heat is going to play against Indiana Pacers (now number 1) on Friday! Should I watch?
The Memphis Grizzlies (with a nice home WIN) just UPSET the Miami Heat. Grizzlies 107 Heat 102. Sorry Justin Brown..
I am not a Miami Heat fan nor a Memphis Grizzlies fan either. something about that Eddie Winslow looking Zach Randolph. but to see the grizzlies, get over on the Heat is pathetic.
Watching my Memphis Grizzlies put it on the Miami Heat! It's amazing what an NBA fan I have become in the last three years! Makes me happy to yell at the tv!
I'm not much on watching sports on tv but I have to say this Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat game is awesome.. Mayb one day I can go to a game.. It would b sooo much fun an exciting
I hate the Miami Heat but I need them to beat Memphis Grizzlies tonight .to benefit the MAVERICKS. ..
How's watching the Miami game Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzlies and I'm going to watch the Next Game Oklahoma City Thunder vs Los Angeles Clippers
Well Anne Anne Curle Rudolph, Mareka Davis, JaNicion Reeves Flournoy, & Tracey Francis-Davis will our Miami Heat redeem themselves tonight and beat the Memphis Grizzlies? Looks to me that Memphis is acting mighty courageous.
At the Memphis Grizzlies VS. Miami Heat game 😁😁😁😁 with my homies...
Me and my wife Alexis Wyrick, and lil sis Chanel Fuller at the Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat..
Miami Heat @ Memphis Grizzlies on SportsCenter @ 8:00pm. Y'all don't REALLY like dat Memphis shyt do you? LeBron 28, 8, an 8
Please mark this day in history. This is the one and ONLY time I will be cheering for the Memphis Grizzlies. As a die hard and dedicated Pacers fan, I really NEED the Miami Heat to lose!
Tonight come celebrate the end of an era! Come watch the Miami Heat take on the Memphis Grizzlies and have a drink with Dave Daniels before he retires. The Becks girls will be here at half time to hand out give aways and some free becks. Live music to follow with Young Deville, Velasquez, The Gun *** Buffy, & Dresnick. No Cover before 10pm. $5 after for the bands.
Headed to the Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzlies game in Memphis with my older brothers and soon to be bro-n-law. Got floor seats so look for me on tv LOL.
T-minus 3 hours until beer food and VIP seating for the Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzlies @ FedEx Forum!
Tonight at Tamp & Tap (7p-9p): - Disney Trivia - New-to-Memphis Founders Brewing Co. drafts for $3.50. - Memphis Grizzlies vs. Miami Heat on the TV. - Win FREE clothes from Sache on South Main! - Play NES or N64 while you play trivia.
Hi friends! Thanks for the birthday wishes! I'll be watching my Miami Heat go up against the Memphis Grizzlies tonight, but it would really make my day if you text me your name and number! I got a new phone and I don't have everyone's numbers in it! Message me if you "lost" my number! :)
: it's a beautiful day, guess I'll go watch Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzlies tonight.🏀
Lil sis got courtside seats to da Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies game tonight dats wats up gal.
(1)Miami Heat(53-24) will be facing (9)Memphis Grizzlies(45-32) (2)Indiana Pacers(53-25) will be facing (15)Milwaukee Bucks(14-63) Last Game of Miami Heat in Elimination will be facing Indiana Pacers. Let's go Miami Heat beat Indiana Pacers.
Going to the Miami Heat and Memphis Grizzlies game on April 9! And yes, I'm going alone. Those tickets are too expensive to be paying someone else's way too. Sorry
Can't wait for the next Miami Heat game at the AmericanAirlines Arena ! We will be playing the Memphis Grizzlies on March 21'st
My NBA prediction picks for day 101 of the 2013-2014 NBA season. San Antonio Spurs(36-14) over Charlotte Bobcats(22-28): 103-95 Atlanta Hawks(25-23) over Memphis Grizzlies(26-22): 98-95 Denver Nuggets(24-24) over Detroit Pistons(20-29): 109-101 Portland Trail Blazers(35-15) over Minnesota Timberwolves(24-26): 113-106 Houston Rockets(33-17) over Milwaukee Bucks(9-40): 106-86 Phoenix Suns(29-20) over Golden State Warriors(30-20): 107-104 Miami Heat(35-13) over Utah Jazz(16-33): 103-92 My record was 4-6 for Day 100 of the 2013-2014 NBA Season. My overall record is 470-276 for the 2013-2014 NBA Season. If you have any questions about my NBA prediction picks, just ask and I will try my best to answer your question.
A few years ago, people were arguing with me about Rudy *** being the missing piece on a Memphis Grizzlies championship team, now people act like Greg Oden and Andrew Bynum are productive enough to affect the Miami Heat... no one watches basketball anymore.
Famous West Virginians (W) Last revision: July 21, 2011 - Alexander L. Wade (1832-1904), as Superintendent of Schools in Monongalia County, in 1874 worked out the graded school plan for country schools now used throughout the U. S. Wade was born in Indiana. His family moved to Monongalia County when he was five. Fulton Walker played for the Miami Dolphins and held the Super Bowl kick-off return record until 1997. He is from Martinsburg and played for WVU. Chris Wallace joined the NBA Memphis Grizzlies in 2007 as team president. Previously, he was General Manager of the Boston Celtics and Director of Player Personnel for the Miami Heat. Wallace is a native of Buckhannon. George Wallace (1917- ), an actor, has appeared in numerous made-for-TV movies. He was born in New York, but moved at age 13 to McMechen, W. Va., where he worked in the mines. He sometimes bills himself George D. Wallace, to avoid confusion with comic George Wallace. Jeff Wallace (1976- ), a relief pitcher for the Pittsburgh Pirates, was b ...
411: A huge second-half from Paul George has led the Indiana Pacers to a 103-96 overtime victory away to the New York Knicks in the NBA. The 35 points from George was the outstanding performance of the night, while Anthony shot 30 and grabbed 18 rebounds for the Knicks. It was the Knicks' sixth straight loss at Madison Square Garden with their last win at home occurring on October 20. The Portland Trail Blazers won their eighth straight game with a 91-82 win at the struggling Milwaukee Bucks. Condemning the Bucks to their sixth defeat in a row, the Trail Blazers wore their opponent down with LaMarcus Aldridge (21 points) and Damian Lillard (19 points) starring. In the second overtime game of the night, the Memphis Grizzlies earned a tough 88-81 win at the Golden State Warriors. The Grizzlies overcame a slow start to grind away at the Warriors, who were missing star Point Guard Stephen Curry. The Miami Heat continued to gather momentum as they crushed the Orlando Magic 120-92 on the road. Lebron James shot ...
Greg Oden will likely choose from a group of suitors that includes the San Antonio Spurs, Miami Heat, Cleveland Cavaliers, Boston Celtics and Memphis Grizzlies, a source close to Oden told
Kung tatanungin ule ako kung sino ang choice ko na isign ng Miami Heat ngayong summer ito ang top sa listahan ko: 1.Spencer Hawes:double double guy, can play 15pts,10rebs a night. He have the lenght that we needed. 2.Luis Scola: Forward that can shoots, great substitute for Chris Bosh. The only problem is his Defense. 3.Hamed Hadhadi(di ko alam ang exact spelling lol) we the Pilipino all know who he is, he is the nightmare of the team Philippines in fiba asia. I know he is not as good as playing in asian basketball when he played for the Memphis Grizzlies but when he got traded to the Phoenix Suns he can score about 8-12 pts a game and he have a lenght that we needed. Opinion ko lang po ito, at sa tingin ko no need na kumuha pa ng guards, si Chauncey Billups nagpakita ng interest sa paglalaro sa Miami Heat pero sa tingin ko di na kailangan. Sakto na si Rio at si Cole as backup. THOUGHTS?? -kingraps
Thursday, June 20th, the world will be treated to the two greatest words in sports - “Game 7.” The San Antonio Spurs will match up against the Miami Heat, in Miami, in a game that more-than-likely will be one of the greatest games to be played. But they’ve taken extremely different paths to arrive at this point. The Spurs, building their team from the ground up, cultivating their own talent and remaining one of the most consistently successful franchises in sport history. Gregg Popavich, Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobli, and Tony Parker are one of the rare examples of a true team. They’ve become an example for all franchises hoping to one day become great. The intestinal fortitude to stick with their coach and their stars through thick and thin. Even though, truthfully, there has rarely been much thin. Aside from a first round loss to Dallas in 2008, and a mind bending first round loss to the eighth seeded Memphis Grizzlies in 2010, the Duncan/Popavic Spurs have never found themselves watching the playoff ...
The NBA Finals have officially arrived! After beating the Pacers in 7 games, the Miami Heat will take on the San Antonio Spurs, who swept the Memphis Grizzlies in the Western Conference Finals. Thi...
After 82 games of playoff posturing and three physically grueling rounds of postseason hoops, the 2013 NBA Finals stage is set. In one corner stand the mighty Miami Heat, winners of a league-best 66 games in the regular season and thus the team rewarded with home-court advantage. Miami needed seven games to dispose of the pesky Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, but they carried an otherwise largely unblemished playoff record through the first two rounds. On the opposite end lie the San Antonio Spurs, a battle-tested group that largely skated free of major media attention before dismantling a trio of playoff competitors. San Antonio has been idle since completing its four-game sweep of the Memphis Grizzlies on May 27. This veteran squad has suffered just two playoff losses (both to the Golden State Warriors) in 14 games. But enough on how these teams got here; it's time to focus on the factors that will determine which club will hoist the Larry O'Brien Trophy when the final buzzer has sounde ...
I think it's going to be Miami Heat v.s Memphis Grizzlies in the finals
411: Baylor Tip Spurs To Trouble Heats !!! Former NBA All-Star Elgin Baylor believes the San Antonio Spurs could cause the Miami Heat a few problems if the teams meet in the playoffs. Reigning champions Miami are up against the Indiana Pacers in the Eastern Conference Finals, while the Spurs tackle Memphis Grizzlies for the right to take on the winner. And former LA Lakers star Baylor feels the Spurs' experience will count in their favour if they come up against the Heat. "If any team could (beat Miami) I thought San Antonio would be the team because they are a veteran team, they've been there, they've won it before," Baylor said.
Memphis Grizzlies vs Miami Heat in the Championship ... My prediction at the Beginning of the Season ... I Got proof too
Sports Fast-Break for 5-14-2013 FLOP YOU: JAMES, HEAT FLIP OFF BULLS 88-65 One day after Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau was fined $35,000 in part for complaining that Lebron James flopped after being pushed by Bulls center Nazr Mohammad in Game 3, James and the Miami Heat flicked the Bulls away as if they were nothing more that pesky gnats in Game 4 on Monday, crushing Chicago 88-65 to take a 3-1 lead in the series. James finished with 27 points, while Miami’s stifling defense held the Bulls to a franchise-low point total in the playoffs. The Heat can close out the Eastern Conference semifinal series at home in Game 5 tomorrow. ROARING BACK: GRIZZLIES GRAB 3-1 LEAD WITH 103-97 OT WIN That roar you’re hearing is not the sound of thunder, rather it’s the sound of a grizzly coming in for the kill. Once down 0-1 in the Western Conference semifinal series, the Memphis Grizzlies are now up 3-1 after devouring the Oklahoma City Thunder 103-97 in overtime on Monday. Mike Conley led the Grizzlies’ charg ...
Great win Memphis Grizzlies! Grizz all day. I can smell a finals matchup almost with the Evil Empire of the NBA, the Miami Heat!
Well, that was certainly unexpected, wasn’t it? Please stand up if you predicted Russell Westbrook would injure himself, resulting in the No. 1 Oklahoma City Thunder sweating out Games 4 and 5 against the No. 8 Houston Rockets before a necessary Kevin Durant takeover and Kevin Martin explosion transpired in Game 6. No one? Really? Before the playoffs began, the Thunder were penciled in to roll their way to the Western Conference Finals and almost a lock to meet the Miami Heat in the Finals. Now? Their path is much more difficult, especially since their opponent in the Conference Semifinals is the fifth-seeded Memphis Grizzlies, a team coming on strong. Led by budding Point Guard Mike Conley, the all-around greatness of Defensive Player of the Year Marc Gasol, and the crazy, wily low-post ways of Zach Randolph, aka “Z-Bo,” the Grizz bounced back from two crushing games in Los Angeles to roll four straight double-digit wins against the No. 4 Clippers. What to expect from Oklahoma City Besides Durant r ...
In case y'all haven't noticed, I'm in full-fledged NBA fanatic mode, even by my standards. Normally I try to get these done before the playoffs start and any actual awards get handed out to prevent any subconscious outside influence, but oh well, better late than never. Regarding the All-NBA teams, the guards were by far the hardest to evaluate. I realize that I seem to have a Western Conference bias... but one look at the standings puts that bias in perspective. Here we go. All-NBA First Team F - Lebron James, Miami Heat - No brainer. The league's best team's best player is also the best player in the universe. F - Kevin Durant, Oklahoma City Thunder - Leader of the West's best team record-wise joined the 50-40-90% club this year with usual great scoring and good all-around - Marc Gasol, Memphis Grizzlies - I went with the best pure C here rather than the greatest combo PF/C of all time. It's hard to fathom that the best center in the league averages only 14 points and 8 boards a night. Yet in today's pe ...
The Miami Heat signed 40 year-old forward Juwan Howard to a 10-day contract. Juwan Howard could return to the Miami Heat. (Getty)After playing the past two years with the Heat, Howard had remained unsigned until Saturday. He has stayed in shape and has been working out throughout the season. The Heat created a roster spot at the trade deadline, sending Dexter Pittman to the Memphis Grizzlies for a trade exception. Howard had been a respected leader on the Heat and was popular with teammates, coaches and management. He played sparingly in three Miami playoff victories on the way to his first championship ring in 2012. Howard's greater role for the Heat came off the floor, where he was a trusted steward in the locker room. During the Heat's conference semifinal series victory over Indiana, Howard played the part of enforcer with Indiana Pacers forward Lance Stephenson. After Stephenson made the choke sign at Lebron James in a game, Howard later confronted him. THA TRUTH
Miami Heat top Memphis Grizzlies for 13th straight win
Who's Hot,Who's Not: Hot: Miami Heat riding on a 10-game winning streak. Analysis: Lebron James continues to put big numbers as well as Dwayne Wade. As long as they stay on hold on the top of the east, Coah Spo reminds their players to stay focus on play and don't be overconfident when they will start there 3-game home stand started with the Cavs tomorrow: Memphis Grizzlies rides a 6-game winning streak. Analysis: Since they gave away there swingman Rudy *** The Grizz had play good pace on both ends . It was good total effort for them in the last 6 games they won but there is no excuses if they keep one winning especially when Zach Randolph leading the way averages 15.7 ppg and 11.7 rpg. Prior to the trade, The 26- year old former Connecticut Huskie standout averages 17.2 ppg 5.9 rpg 2.6 apg and 1.3 spg in his 42 games with the Grizzlies. So much job need to do for them if they can stay hold on 4th spot in the west. Not: Portland Trail Blazers is on a 7-game losing streak. Analysis : A win over Boston ...
Miami Heat dropped Dexter Pittman to Memphis Grizzlies to open place in their cadro!
Memphis Grizzlies traded the rights to foreign player Ricky Sanchez to Miami Heat for Dexter Pittman & a 2nd-round pick.
NBA TRADE: A trade was made between two playoff teams, the Miami Heat and the Memphis Grizzlies. Grizzlies get: Dexter Pittman Heat get: 2nd round draft pick The Grizzlies are a team that already deep in the F/C position. They will add another big man, Dexter Pittman.
F*** the Lakers f*** Memphis Grizzlies f*** San Antonio Spurs f*** the Chicago Bulls f*** the Miami Heat f*** the Boston Celtics f*** the LA Clippers f*** the Milwaukee Bucks f*** the Golden State Warriors f*** the Oklahoma City Thunder f*** the Sacramento Kings f*** the Cleveland Cavaliers f*** the Charlotte Bobcats f*** the New Orlean Hornets and if I missed anybody f*** them too KNICKS NATION !!! LMS if rep ya fav team
NBA News: Compilation of Top News and Rumors for January 14 (Non Chicago Bulls Related) 2013 NBA Draft: James Michael McAdoo is one of the most overrated prospects in college basketball. (Source: Chad Ford and Jay Bilas at ESPN) Dallas Mavericks Mark Cuban said they're willing to take on salary to make a trade and currently brainstorming ideas (Source: Brad Townsend) Denver Nuggets are actively looking to trade Timofey Mozgoz and could be had for one or two less expensive players. (Source: Chris Tomasson) LA Lakers forward Pau Gasol is still out recovering from a concussion. LA Lakers Metta World Peace has a new Rap Video out on YouTube (Link: …) Memphis Grizzlies have tabled the idea of trading Rudy *** for now. (Source: Sam Amico) Miami Heat Chris Bosh when asked about why he only grabbed one rebound: "I'm human." Miami Heat could pursue Denver Nuggets Timofey Mozgov according to a source. Miami Heat could send the Philadelphia 76ers 2013 1st Rd Pick and multi-team deals are possible. (Source: Chris T ...
And the winners of round 1 are. Memphis Grizzlies, LA Clippers, New York Knicks (by 1 vote), Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets (Barely), Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder! Round 2. Grizzlies- *** Gasol and Randolph. VS Heat- Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Clippers- Paul, Griffin and Crawford. VS Rockets- Harden, Lin and Asik. Knicks- Melo, Amare and Chandler. VS OKC- Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka. Place your votes and ill anounce the teams that go to the semi finals in 10ish minutes! -JD
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Today's Must-See Matchups: -Memphis Grizzlies at Boston Celtics-The Grizzlies enter Boston hungry for a win against the struggling Celtics. Will the Grizzlies tear apart the Celtics, or will the Celtics find some luck at home? -Dallas Mavericks at Miami Heat- The two most recent champions fight again tonight. LeBron and Dirk, the most recent Finals MVPs headline the game. -San Antonio Spurs at Milwaukee Bucks- Two very unique backcourts meet in Milwaukee. Which duo will reign supreme? -New Orleans Hornets at Houston Rockets-Austin Rivers and Jeremy Lin patrol the backcourt. Lin has given us a glimpse of Linsanity recently. Will we see it again? -Brooklyn Nets at OKC Thunder- Two potential playoff contenders battle it out in OKC. Can Westbrook lead the Thunder to a win against Deron Williams and his Nets? -LA Clippers at Golden State Warriors- The Pacific division leaders look to gain an edge on one another. The Clippers look to get back in the win column, while Stephen Curry and the Warriors plan to send ...
This is the last day of the year, what NBA game do you want to watch? 3pm/et: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Indiana Pacers 3pm/et: Charlotte Bobcats vs. Chicago Bulls 5pm/et: Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat 7pm/et: Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets 7pm/et: Brooklyn Nets vs. San Antonio Spurs 8pm/et: Phoenix Suns vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Here are today's Must-See Matchups: -Indiana Pacers at Atlanta Hawks- Roy Hibbert and Al Horford collide in the paint. These two giants can possibly determine the outcome of the game. -Denver Nuggets at Memphis Grizzlies- Kenneth Farried and Zach Randolph, two rebounding beasts, go up against each other tonight. Can the Nuggets dig out a win, or will Memphis surge to victory? -OKC Thunder at Houston Rockets- Kevin Durant and Russel Westbrook visit former teammate, James Harden. Harden has done a spectacular job leading Houston, while OKC has been stellar as usual. Which backcourt will take control tonight? -Miami Heat at Milwaukee Bucks- Dwayne Wade is back from his one-game suspension, and he looks to make amends against Monta Ellis and the Bucks. Can the duo of Ellis and Jennings overpower the Big Three? -Boston Celtics at Golden State Warriors-Two skilled Point Guards battle it out in the Bay Area. Will the aging Celtics teach the Warriors to respect the elders, or will the youthful Warriors show them ...
We have a total of nine games tonight guys and only one will be nationally televised. NBA TV apparently thinks the game between the Suns and the Blazers is the most interesting game tonight, gotta say I couldn't disagree more. I would rather see the Bulls at Hawks game or the Lakers at Warriors game but that's just me. Anyways, here are the game schedules for tonight: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards at 7:00 ET Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks at 7:00 ET Utah Jazz at Miami Heat at 7:30 ET Indiana Pacers at New Orleans Hornets at 8:00 ET Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets at 8:00 ET Cleveland Cavs at Milwaukee Bucks at 8:30 ET Charlotte Bobcats at Denver Nuggets at 9:00 ET Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 ET (NBA TV) LA Lakers at Golden State Warriors at 10:30 ET
Here are your weekly power rankings! **check back every monday for updated rankings** 1. Oklahoma City Thunder. Underrated factor for Oklahoma City—they’re second in the league in free-throw attempts, and easily tops in the league in free-throw shooting percentage. 2. New York Knicks. Seeing Jeremy Lin is nice and all but, given their record, they’re plenty happy with the trio of Raymond Felton, Jason Kidd and Pablo Prigioni. 3. Los Angeles Clippers. It will be interesting to see what the Clippers do when injured small forward Grant Hill returns. Matt Barnes has played too well to lose his spot in the rotation. 4. San Antonio Spurs. Very quietly, 36-year-old Tim Duncan is having his best season since ’09-’10 and is averaging better than 2.0 blocks for the first time in five years. 5. Miami Heat. Remember when Mario Chalmers proclaimed himself a Top 10 Point Guard? He is averaging 6.5 points on 39.7 percent shooting this year. 6. Memphis Grizzlies. They played five of their first seven games in D ...
The team’s rugged slate comes into focus again this weekend, because over the next 48 hours, the Hornets will face both of the NBA’s top two teams record-wise, the Memphis Grizzlies and Miami Heat.
I want the NBA season to end rite now, cause, this is the playoffs matchup will look like after 10-13 games of the regular season, in the Eastern Conference, seed Miami Heat-seed Charlotte Bobcats, seed Brooklyn Nets-seed Boston Celtics, seed New York Knicks-seed Philadelphia 76ers, and finally the seed Milwaukee Bucks-seed Atlanta Hawks, thats the Eastern Conference playoff picture as of right now. For the Western Conference playoff picture its seed Memphis Grizzlies-seed Los Angles Lakers, seed San Antonio Spurs-seed Utah Jazz, seed Oklahoma City Thunder-seed Denver Nuggets and finally the seed Golden State Warriors-Los Angles Clippers, thats how the NBA playoffs should look like at season end in April, and I hope I'm right as of right now
I'm glad my Cavaliers didn't back down from the Miami Heat the loss stings Go Cavs I hope we beat the Memphis Grizzlies!
So the best teams in the NBA right now, by record are the New York Knicks, Milwaukee Bucks, Miami Heat, Oklahoma City, Los Angeles Clippers, and Memphis Grizzlies...whoa.
Toronto Raptors PG Kyle Lowry will be out for 1-2 more weeks with bruised bone in his right foot, no return date for F/G Landry Fields who is out with Wrist injury..he had surgery on Wednesday, F/G Alan Anderson is out for 3-6 weeks with left Foot injury LA Lakers coach Mike D'Antini has first practice with team Brooklyn Nets win against Boston Celtics 102-97 last night Boston Celtics win against Utah Jazz 98-93 on Wednesday night Memphis Grizzlies win against OKC Thunder 107-97 on Wednesday night Clippers win against the Miami Heat 107-100 against the Miami Heat on Wednesday night Hoosiers beat Sam Houston State 99-45 in the Progressive Legends Classic
Memphis Grizzlies guard Jerryd Bayless makes up for a terrible turnover with a chasedown block of Miami Heat guard Ray Allen.
Well the Miami Heat pulled their starters with about 5 minutes to go because the Memphis Grizzlies blew them out as Miami continues their struggles on the road this season. I thought this game might be a struggle but I thought that for a completely different reason. Memphis has a huge team while Miami likes to play small but that size differential wasn't even close to why the Heat lost this game. And yes, they "lost" it, the Grizz didn't "win" it. One of the reasons they lost was Dwyane Wade having his worst game of the season. He looked like he didn't even deserve to play in the NBA tonight. No, I'm not exaggerating, he was that bad on both ends of the floor. Another major reason was Ray Allen having his worst game as a member of the Heat. He played pathetic defensively, missed wide open shots, and made terrible decisions with the basketball. The last reason the Heat lost was their Point Guard play. Mario Chalmers and Norris Cole both played horribly. I will say that at least Cole played with some heart ...
...stop by any Memphis-area City Gear location between now and Monday, November 5th to enter a drawing for a chance to win a pair of tickets to the Memphis Grizzlies vs. Miami Heat game on Sunday, Nov 11th.
Get in the game for a chance to win tickets to the Miami Heat and Grizzlies in Memphis and get your pregame at Hard Rock Cafe on Beale Street complements of Batesville Cold Storage Batesville Arkansas Yezsir!!
Since the NBA season is only two games old, I am ranking the NBA teams as of right now. If you agree like. If you don't comment. (Assuming they are all healthy) 10. New York Knicks 9. Los Angeles Clippers 8. Memphis Grizzlies 7. Boston Celtics 6. Philadelphia 76ers 5. Chicago Bulls 4. Los Angeles Lakers 3. Oklahoma City Thunder 2. Miami Heat 1. San Antonio Spurs
I have the hookup for amazing Los Angles Lakers vs Warriors (both December and March Games), Miami Heat, NY Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Opening night (Memphis Grizzlies), Houston Rockets, and much more.
My 100th win I beat the Miami Heat with the Memphis Grizzlies 84-69 O.J. Mayo put up 34 pts!
Guess who got tickets to the Miami Heat vs Memphis Grizzlies on Nov 11th..finally gonna get to see LeBron play in person gonna be birthday present ever!!!
I'm memphis Grizzlies and my little brother is Miami Heat, the score is 50-30 lol not bad..
The Memphis Grizzlies struck out on a big-name free agent when Ray Allen chose to sign with the Miami Heat on Friday. According to The Commercial Appeal , the Grizzlies had pursued Allen and held a teleconference with him...
Sources indicated the Celtics, who Allen has spent the past five seasons with, are prepared to double the yearly salary the Miami Heat can offer, while the Memphis Grizzlies have already offered Allen their full mid-level exception, worth $5 million, for two years. Those same sources indicated Boston is positioned to produce a two-year, $12 million contract offer for the soon-to-be 37-year-old Allen.
Ray Allen is taking his time to decide. Memphis Grizzlies are just pursuing him right now along w/ Miami Heat & Boston Celtics
2012 NBA Draft in Newark, New Jersey on this Tonight at ESPN!! 1st pick for the New Orleans Hornets, 2nd pick for Charlotte Bobcats and my 3rd pick for Washington Wizards!!! I got my 13th pick for Phoenix Suns, my 32nd pick for Washington Wizards, my 21st, 22nd and 51st pick for Boston Celtics, 25th pick for Memphis Grizzlies, my 27th pick for Miami Heat, my 28th pick for Oklahoma City Thunder, and finally my 29th pick for Chicago Bulls!!
Congratulations to the Miami Heat! Great series. Now how about a Memphis Grizzlies title in 2013?
I love my Memphis Grizzlies, but couldn't be any happier for Mr. James and the Miami Heat. All of you Lebron James haters really need to go somewhere and get a life. You do what you want with your life and he deserves the right to do that too. He spent over 5 years in Cleveland and nothing happened.
Well i really was bummed out about the Memphis Grizzlies losing last week but there is something about this KARMA thing because the Miami Heat are losing to the Indian Pacers.. Oklahoma City Thunder will win it all this year
RIP Memphis Grizzlies 2011 - 2012. You made it exciting Rudy, ZBo, Marc and the guys to put Memphis in the Playoffs. It will be a sadness we'll survive. Now it's time for my team Miami Heat to move on and show everyone who is this year as I've said all season!!! Go King James and company.
The Los Angeles Clippers defeated the Memphis Grizzlies 82-72 at Memphis this afternoon to win their 1st round series 4-3. It's nice that Los Angeles pulled it off. They were definitely the sentimental favorites. The Clippers won despite the fact that both Chris Paul and Blake Griffin got injured during game 5's 92-80 loss. Los Angeles lost game 6 by the score of 90-88 to even the series 3-3. A great playoff run by Los Angeles no matter what they do against the San Antonio Spurs in round 2. San Antonio is probably the best team in the NBA this season. They were tied with the Chicago Bulls for best regular season record at 50-16. Chicago got eliminated by the Philadelphia 76ers in the 1st round 4-2 after they lost their best player Derrick Rose in game 1. Really not hoping that the Miami Heat will win their championship this year,but having Lebron James,Dwayne Wade,and Chris Bosh all playing definitely gives them a good chance. Going to be interesting to see who wins the NBA Finals this year. Can't forget ...
Wow calling all these touch fouls for Miami Heat let them play like how L.A Clippers and Memphis Grizzlies cripes Chris Paul got hit in the throat and no call Blake Griffin got upper cut and a no call
Doubleheader on ABC goin on now. Right now its d Los Angelas Clippers lead by Chris Paul and Blake Griffin usin their Lob City skills 2 take on d hard core Memphis Grizzlies in Tennessee lead by Marc Gasol and Zach Randolph. Then after that game its Big Three time as Dwayne Wade, Chris Bosh, Lebron James and d Miami Heat take on d young but talented Indiana Pacers lead by Danny Granger and David West. Playoffs only on ABC! Good way 2 spend ur weekend
Michael "Mike" Bibby (born May 13, 1978) is an American professional basketball Point Guard with the New York Knicks of the National Basketball Association. He is 6'2" and he attended Shadow Mountain High School in Phoenix, Arizona. He played collegiately at the University of Arizona. In 1998, he was drafted by the Vancouver Grizzlies. He has played for that team as well as the Sacramento Kings, Atlanta Hawks, Washington Wizards and Miami Heat. He is the son of former NBA Point Guard and present Memphis Grizzlies assistant coach Henry Bibby
S. Battier's 3-pointer seals the Knicks' fate, Miami Heat defeat the NY Knicks 106-94. They will face the Indiana Pacers in the 2nd round. Next is the LA Clippers @ Memphis Grizzlies! Clippers look to end this series tonight with a 3-1 lead in series by defeating the Memphis Grizzlies tonight.
The New York Knicks set an NBA record Thursday night with their 13th straight playoff loss when they dropped Game 3 of their first-round series, 87-70 to the Miami Heat. Previously held by the Memphis Grizzlies with 12 consecutive losses.
Memphis Grizzlies snap Miami Heat 17 home game win at
The Memphis Grizzlies caused an upset when they beat Miami Heat, 97-82. Seven Grizzlies players entered double...
I see the Memphis Grizzlies went ham on the Miami Heat in Miami last nite. 97-82. Wow!
We hope you all enjoyed Good Friday but now that our short break is over it's right back into it with live NBA action from Noon as the best player on the planet, Lebron James, and his Miami Heat take on the Memphis Grizzlies. Right after that at 2pm we have Major League Baseball action with the Angels Vs the Royals.
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