Miami Heat & Lebron James

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. LeBron Raymone James (born December 30, 1984) is an American professional basketball player for the Miami Heat of the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Lebron James praises Cleveland Cavaliers' depth, discusses ejection vs. Miami Heat: Not even the first ejection of LeB…
And the Big Three of the Miami Heat, Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh, always makes it fun!!!
After two wins against Lebron James and the Cavs the Miami Heat are back home tonight. Getting…
Who remembers when Lebron James and the Miami Heat came to Atlantis for pre-season training? Do you think...
Brotherhood endures, but Miami Heat past Lebron James hangover
Lebron James trades the 24th pick to the Miami Heat for Shabazz Napier and Tyler Johnson per ESPN.
Miami Heat had Lebron James and Dwyane Wade. No way we would beat them with our horrible offense
Dwyane Wade vs Lebron James Christmas Duel Highlights! Dwyane Wade scored 24 of his 31 points in the first half, Luol Deng finished with 25 points, eight rebounds and eight assists, and the Miami Heat beat the Cleveland Cavaliers in Lebron James' first game back at his former home 101-91 on Thursday. James scored 30 points for the Cavaliers, hugging his former teammates before the game and after the final buzzer. It was James' first time as an opponent in Miami since helping the Heat reach each of the last four NBA Finals, winning two titles. SG6
GET READY for Cleveland Cavaliers/Miami Heat as Lebron James returns to Miami!
Lebron James receives a standing ovation from the Miami Heat crowd in Miami!
Miami Heat show resolve in big win over Lebron James, Cleveland ...
Miami Heat's tribute to Lebron James! Thank you, LeBron, for 4 amazing years you spent in Miami!
Dwyane Wade and Luol Deng led the Miami Heat to victory on Christmas Day over Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers.
Miami Heat welcomes LeBron (reaction) *I'm still looking for the video presentation made by the Miami Heat for Lebron James, if you have any source for the video please comment it down below.
Lebron James watches his Miami Heat video tribute and waives to the fans in appreciation.
Lebron James is pushed down to the floor during the 2nd period game 3 of the NBA Eastern Conference Semifinal series between the visiting Miami Heat and the ...
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From 2010 - 2014, the Miami Heat have been one of the leagues most dominant and powerful teams, winning 2 championships (2012, 2013). Lebron James has been t...
For all of those Lebron James fans who bought Miami Heat gear over the past four years, one apparel company has come up with a hat that allows fans to stay current but still match...
Recovering from losing the Best Player in the NBA isn't easy, but early this season the Miami Heat have faired pretty well. They're fourth in the East at 5-3, and have found ways to work around Lebron James' departure from Miami this summer.
So glad Lebron James switched to the Miami Heat!
It's safe to say that NU played well without Bobby Ray Parks, but it's early to say that Miami Heat is playing well without Lebron James.
Lebron James is back home and starts off the season receiving an outlet pass from Kevin Love and finishing strong with a bucket and the foul.About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league is truly global, with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages, as well as NBA rosters at the start of the 2014-15 season featuring a record 101 international players from 37 countries and territories. For the 2014-15 season, each of the league's 30 teams will play 82 regular-season games, followed by a postseason for those that qualify. The NBA consists of the following teams: Atlanta Hawks; Boston Celtics; Brooklyn Nets; Charlotte Hornets; Chicago Bulls; Cleveland Cavaliers; Dallas Mavericks; Denver Nuggets; Detroit Pistons; Golden State Warriors; Houston Rockets; Indiana Pacers; Los Angeles Clippers; Los Angeles Lakers; Memphis Grizzlies; Miami Heat; Milwaukee Bucks; Minnesota Timberwolves; New Orleans Pelicans; New York Kn ...
Miami Heat center Chris Bosh raised some eyebrows Tuesday when he said he hasn't talked to Lebron James since he returned to the Cleveland Cavaliers.
INDEPENDENCE, Ohio -- Emotions will run high when Lebron James and the Cleveland Cavaliers play the Miami Heat in a preseason game this weekend. It will be the Cavs' second after routing Maccabi Te...
This is an incredible story from my friend about a con man's impact on the Miami Heat. Give it a read:
Miami Heat New Guy Luol Deng Buys $4 .6M Historic House Deng, "one of the incoming Miami Heat players meant to make us forget about Lebron James" according GossipExtra, may not have the power to erase memories, but he sure has better taste in houses than King James. Deng has plunked down $4.6 million for an historic Mediterranean Revival house in Morningside (just below its $4.85 ask). As we previously reported, the waterfront house at 5925 N. Bayshore Drive was owned by one of Miami's big old school restaurateurs, Maria and Werner Staub, the proprietors of La Paloma, with its Swiss Continental fare and excessive use of velvet and lace. Luckily the very tasteful five bedroom, four bath house isn't nearly as overstuffed as the restaurant was, or nearly as bland as Lebron's was.
Here are Lebron James' Top 23 Plays with the Miami Heat! Please LIKE, COMMENT and SHARE...thanks! Please subscribe! Check out my NBA-Highlights ...
Lebron James come back from Miami Heat to Cleveland Cavaliers Lebron James Cleveland Cavaliers King is Back Lebron James back to Cleveland Cavaliers
It looks like Cleveland are the 2010 Miami Heat without Bosh. Nice guy Irving, Loveable Love, and the same mastermind bully Lebron James. Pumped to see Wiggins and Bennett pairing with Zach Lavine and Ricky Rubio though!
This page is for the Fans of the Miami Heat and Lebron James !! ❤ I do S4S with ALL pages, just ask me :)
Lebron James provides Powerbeats for the entire Miami Heat squad. For more exclusive Beats content, subscribe to our Youtu...
For the past several weeks, professional basketball fans across the US were on pins and needles anxiously awaiting where three of its biggest stars (and free agents) would choose to play next year. What’s remarkable is that all three ignored very compelling appeals to their minds in making their decisions – and chose to instead follow their hearts: Arguably the Best Player in the game today, Lebron James won two championships with the Miami Heat and his chances of winning another there seemed very high. But James decided to return home to Cleveland where he grew up and had deep roots. According to ESPN, “what’s in James’ heart is what mattered in the end.” New York Knicks star, Carmelo Anthony, was heavily recruited by two teams that have a much greater chance of winning a championship next year than the Knicks have. But after making fans and coaches sweat out his decision for weeks, Anthony decided to remain in New York. “I’m a Knick at heart,” he declared. Los Angeles Lakers star, ...
Oh my god, the curse DJ Khaled put on Lebron James and the Miami Heat is REAL.
When the Miami Heat fans realize Lebron James isn't there anymore about half way through the season next year, they are g…
Lebron James to Cleveland. Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert just put out this message to Miami Heat fans all across the country. "Please form a single-file line to board the Cavalier bandwagon on the corner of "These *** ain't loyal" and "I've Always Been A Heat Fan"
GrandSlam jud! Hats Off To Tim Cone! And For Big Game James Yap for living up to his monicker, in his Biggest Career Defining Game! Kudos to Yeng Guiao too and The Elasto Painters for pushing SanMig to the Limits! What a series! Definitely better than the 4-1 Humiliation of the Lebron James' led Miami Heat by the Spurs in the recent NBA Finals LOL
Lebron James has signed a 4 year, 93 million dollar contract with the Miami Heat (per Yahoo sports)
When Miami Heat forward Lebron James, many believed it was a foregone conclusion he would be re-signing with the Miami Heat and was simply hoping the Heat could put more talent around him to make up the difference we saw between the Heat and the league’s best team, the San Antonio Spurs, when the Sp…
The report is in: Lebron James is only considering the Miami Heat and Cleveland Cavaliers at this point. What's your prediction?
I am a loyal Miami Heat fan who is getting sick and tired of the Lebron James drama! Will he stay.will he go back to Cleveland? Enough already! Make your "decision" and let's move on! If you stay...fantastic. If you leave... Thank you for a wonderful 4 years!
For everybody out there saying that the Miami Heat fan base will fall apart after Lebron James leaves you are a total joke because we were a NBA professional basketball team before LeBron got here and we *** sure will be one after he leaves even if he wouldn't get traded he's not going to be on the team forever so please stop thinking that Lebron James is some magical basketball God he has to retire eventually and yes believe it or not the Miami Heat team will still be there after he retires some of you heat haters *** ride Lebron James more than some of us
Countin' them down... the TOP 10 PLAYS of Lebron James 2013-14 season with the Miami Heat!
Free agent forward Lebron James is reportedly set to meet with Miami Heat president Pat Riley on Wednesday, and if a new report is true, it might be to say good-bye.
Lebron James and dwane wade out by Miami Heat... Lebron James : Go to Los Angeles Lakers Dwane wade : ?
Lebron James to opt out of Miami Heat contract, become free agent - MIAMI — A person...
Breaking news: Lebron James pinky promises to sign back with the Miami Heat after they trade up to draft Shabazz Napier
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Miami Heat sources say Lebron James opting out 6 days before deadline was to give teams enough time to make pitch. (So…
BREAKING: Lebron James will opt out of his contract and become a free agent. In related news: Miami Heat fans will also be…
Lebron James opts out of contract with Miami Heat. Where do you think he will go? Stay in Miami or Leave for Cleveland?
The Miami Heat have just lost their second Finals trip in four years, and it was not even a close loss.  They lost four games to one game, and each loss that the Heat suffered was by fifteen points or more.  Lebron James is still one of the best, if not the best, player in the NBA, and deserves to have a good team and organization to set him up for success.  Is Lebron to blame for the failure of the Miami Heat?  I would submit that he is not because he still did what he was supposed to by averaging 27.2 PPG on 57.1 FG% with 6.9 Rebounds and 4.7 Assists.  Honestly, those are amazing statistics, but they are all too familiar for Lebron James who averaged 29.1 PPG on 73 FG% with 9.3 Rebounds and 7.6 Assists in the playoffs in his last season with Cleveland.  Sure Cleveland was a little bit worse, but the averages per Playoff Game with Miami before this year was 26.6 PPG on 48.5 FG% with 8.8 Rebounds and 6 Assists.  You know why the Heat did so well in the years prior to this year in the playoffs?  B ...
Just like the Miami Heat fans, Lebron James once also rooted for the San Antonio Spurs.
  With Lebron James making his return to game 2 after getting criticized for cramp gate in-game 1, the Miami Heat returned to full form…
Lebron James had 35 points and 10 rebounds in a powerful bounce back from cramps in the opener, and the Miami Heat tied the NBA Finals with a 98-96 victory over the San Antonio Spurs in Game 2 on Sunday night. - See more at:
Miami Heat and Lebron James bounced back in game 2. What's your prediction for game 3?
Here is my random break opinion. I have watch both games between the Spurs and Heat and they both seem like they are playing game seven for the championship. Now a lot of people is saying it is goig to go game seven but I do not think so. I am a Spurs fan but to be honest Miami has outplayed them and Pop is getting outcoached like he did last year. Bosh is playing better and Lewis has been resurrected. lol Lebron James has clamped down on Tony Parker and Danny Green. Leonard is totally exhusted guarding James and cannot get any explosion to cut to the middle. I am not giving up on the Spurs but if they do not split in Miami there is no way they can beat the Heat three in a row. The Heat knew that they could not beat San Antonio 4 in a row and that is why they intensified the defense in the second half. Also like I said before they met that Miami Heat was the best defensive team left among the final four. While I would be disappointed if they lost it would not surprise me but last year San Antonio had a b ...
When Powerade endorser Lebron James went down with cramps in Game 1 of the NBA Finals, it wasn't exactly the best look for the sports drink company. So when the Miami Heat star took the floor for G...
There were no cramps to worry Lebron James or the Miami Heat on Sunday night.With James healthy — and warming to the task as the night wore on — the Heat defeated the San Antonio Spurs 98-96, tying the NBA Finals at a game apiece.
No cramps, no problems for Lebron James. And with their superstar making it to the finish this time, the Miami Heat won Game 2, just as they always do when they drop an opener.
The air conditioning in the arena is fixed. Lebron James is ready for Game 2. And both teams will try to cut down turnovers as the Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs are set to go again in the NBA Finals.
Miami Heat coach Erik Spoelstra explains his approach to Lebron James' playing time in Game 2, joking about temperature of the AT&T Center in the process.
Miami Heat forward Lebron James took some time off from answering questions about cramping and his status for Game 2 to talk about practice.
SPURS DREW FIRST BLOOD AND THE THEORY BEHIND EVEN NUMBERED GAMES The heat. That was the main storyline of game number 1 of the NBA FINALS.   Nope, not the Miami Heat. It was more of the heat that resulted from a broken Air-conditioning unit at the AT&T Center, home of the San Antonio Spurs. Along with the heat, a casualty- Lebron James.  The King, cramping up at beginning of the second half, before finally succumbing to sodium, more so; the lack there of.  The parade of conspiracy theories starts now. Not to mention the ever famous Lebron James Memes.  Enough of the non-sense. Only wimps use  cramps as an excuse. Truth of the matter is, one team got hot in the fourth quarter, draining three point shots after three point shots in route to a very familiar 36 point blitz that blew the game wide open. Coincidentally, the bleeding started right after  Lebron James was carried back to the bench by his team mates and coaching staff. The Heat leader, slumped into his chair; witnessing in agony as the Spurs ...
Chicago Bulls rosters for their first 3 Championships all included Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen , Horace Grant , Bill Cartwright , Paxson , BJ Armstrong , an Will Perdue all of which were Great Players that 90-91 , 91-92 , and 92-93 Miami Heat first three soon to be championship rosters 11-12 , 12-13 , 13-14 are very comparable with Lebron James , Dwayne Wade , Chris Bosh , Haslem , Mario Chalmers , Shane Battier , Being on all three and Chris Anderson and RayRay Allen on last year and this year. Along with help from Lewis and Cole now look at both of those and tell me they are not similar in talent? COME ON LETS DEBATE!!! Not arguing , debating. *
All NBA-First Team Released The NBA has released their All-NBA First Team, and this year's team is highlighted by MVP Kevin Durant. Durant was the lone unanimous member of the team, as he averaged an NBA-high 32.0 points per game along with 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game. This is Durant's fifth All-NBA First Team appearance in just his seventh NBA season. Miami Heat forward Lebron James made his eighth All-NBA First Team, but was not a unanimous selection, receiving 124 out of 125 votes. Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul earned his fourth All NBA-First Team after leading the NBA in assists with 10.3 per game. Houston Rockets guard James Harden made the First Team for the first time in his career as did Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. The Second-Team All-NBA team selections were San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, Golden State Warriors' guard Stephen Curry, Los Angeles Clippers' forward Blake Griffin, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard, and Minnesota Timberwovles forward Kevin L ...
It's no secret that as a society we have a fond love for "the good old days." Nothing in the present moment is ever as good as it was "back in the day." This fact leads me to my rant of the day. I'm not sure if it's because he looks great in a Hanes commercial, or if we simply love his shoes, but MJ has become the gold standard in basketball. This has led to the 1990s Chicago Bulls being the best assembly of athletes ever compiled to win a Championship. It bothers me listening to ESPN radio, and hear intelligent men talk about the rule changes, the "watered down" league, and how "tough" things were in the 1990s. Compared to the teams of today -- specifically the Miami Heat. As a scoiety we've evolved compared to 20 years ago. The athletes of the 1990s were stronger, faster, and more athletic then the athletes 20 years before them. MJ and the athletes he competed against changed the game dueing their era. THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH THIS ERA OF ATHLETES. Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, ...
Lance Stephenson Posts Message for Lebron James and the Miami Heat on ...
Foto: nba: Lebron James of the Miami Heat defends against Paul George of the Indiana Pacers during Game...
Foto: nba: Lebron James of the Miami Heat shoots the ball against the Indiana Pacers in Game Six of the...
Foto: nba: Chris Bosh, Dwyane Wade, and Lebron James of the Miami Heat celebrate after Game Six of the...
Even the Indiana Pacers coach acknowledges that the Miami Heat is a bona fide dynasty and that Lebron James is the future greatest of all time!!! :)
Miami – Lebron James and Chris Bosh scored 25 points each as the two-time defending champion Miami Heat clobbered the Indiana Pacers 117-92 Friday to reach their fourth consecutive NBA finals. Miam...
Lebron James had the last laugh in his little quarrel with Lance Stephenson as the Miami Heat slaughtered the Indiana Pacers in game 6 to advance to their fourth straight NBA Finals. During the game though, Lance was up to his old tricks, despite warnings from his teammates, coach, and team presiden…
Lance Stephenson's heartfelt message for Lebron James and the Heat The Pacers may not have won, but basketball fans will never forget Lance Stephenson’s hilarious antics in the Eastern Conference Finals against the Heat. In the span of one series, Stephenson tried to get inside Lebron James’ head by saying he has a weakness, was fined $15,000 for flopping on two separate occasions, snuck into the Miami Heat huddle, committed a flagrant foul on Norris Cole, blew air into James’ ear and was subsequently called out by Larry Bird.
Lebron James Full Highlights from Game 6 of the ECF! LeBron had 25 Points, 6 Assists, and 4 Rebounds to help lead the Miami Heat to a 117-92 win over the Indiana Pacers, and to a 4th straight Finals appearance! SG6
Lance Stephenson and Lebron James have many highlights in the Miami Heat vs Indiana Pacers Eastern Conference Finals. Included in the Video Highlights:
ECF GAME HEAT VS PACERS (3-2) HEAT Tonight the Miami Heat can finish off the Indiana Pacers for the 2014 Eastern Conference Championship! The Pacers are coming into Miami what most people think is the "IMPOSSIBLE". Beat Miami Heat in Miami and extend this ECF to GAME In Indiana for game King James (Lebron James) was giving 3 fouls before the 2nd half, which cause him to be benched most part of the game. The Pacers OUT OF ORDER sg. Lance Stephenson also helped frustrated LeBron through out the rest of the game which landed Lebron James a ALL TIME LOW TOTAL POINTS IN OF HIS PLAYOFFS OF (7) points! Now King James is home and best believe he's going to be ready for Stephenson tonight!
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Can Paul George propel the Indiana Pacers past the Miami Heat in Friday's Game 6 to force a winner-take-all Game 7 back in Indianapolis? Or will Lebron James and company be heading to their fourth straight NBA finals in search of a three-peat?
An image of Indiana Pacers Shooting Guard Lance Stephenson blowing into the ear of Miami Heat forward Lebron James has inspired a photoshop meme featuring a cutout of the cheeky professional basketball player.
Man! Lebron James. Dwayne Wade and the Miami Heat some Baddd Boyz! The Haters on a Hiatus! lol! I told ya the Heat was gone win this game! Want me to quit talking about the heat? Ok Ill stop! Ok, no I want! lol! Im going to bragg about this game until the next one! It was people talking that trash in the first quater when the heat was losing! Where yal at? Well, I guess they went Mia! They should have went Mia for Miami, but they have gone Mia for missing in action! Heat nation stand up! Eastern Conference champs
In case you missed it, those legs belong to Lebron James flopping in the 4th Quarter ~ Miami Heat vs. Indiana Pacers, bearing a striking resemblance to the Wicked Witch of the east in the Wizard of Oz. Sorry Heat fans.I just couldn't resist!
Who says that I am a Miami Heat fan??? Never! I hate Lebron James. I hate his reaction whenever he shoots. Lels. Since the setting of The Fault in our Stars was Indianapolis (Novel Related latta) then Go Indiana Pacers!!! OUTSCORED them! :)
Lebron James n the Miami Heat took down the Brooklyn Nets in 5 games. Are they destined for a 3rd ship in a row? Let us know wha…
Video: Lebron James & the Miami Heat Advance to the 2014 Eastern Conference Finals (Video) The Miami Heat’s...
Miami Heat star Lebron James got his Browns JManziel jersey.
meanwhile in South Beach Lebron James and the Miami Heat go's up 2-0
two big super stars with a hands shake (David Beckham vs Lebron James) after the first game Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets
East Semis : Miami Heat vs Brooklyn Nets . Lebron James vs Paul Pierce . King James vs The truth LBJ said "no matter what team he (pierce) plays in he still looks green to me"
For those who watch a Miami Heat vs. a Charlotte Bobcats live online in diversion 4 on Monday night, they could declare a 2014 NBA playoffs oddity. A sweep. The Miami Heat have withstood a plain bid from a Charlotte Bobcats, though Lebron James and association have only been too good on offense.
NBA: LeBron sinks 32 past Bobcats - Lebron James scored 32 points as the Miami Heat held on to beat the Charlotte...
Lebron James gets a forearm to the throat from Josh Mcroberts as he goes up for the shot but no flagrant foul call as the Miami Heat beat the Charlotte Bobca...
Lebron James scored 32 points and Chris Bosh tallied 20 points as the host Miami Heat beat the Charlotte Bobcats 101-97 Wednesday to take a 2-0 lead in their first round playoff series on Wednesday. aishhh kakabitin -_- hohohohohoho xD
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Fine coming? Is Charlotte Bobcats power forward Josh Mcroberts going to hear from the NBA about his foul at the rim on Miami Heat superstar Lebron James?
Miami Heat forward Lebron James addresses the media after his team's 101-97 win over the Charlotte Bobcats on Wednesday, April 23, 2014.
Lebron James scores 32 points, dishes eight assists and grabs six rebounds as the Miami Heat move to 2-0 against the Charlotte Bobcats with a 101-97 win! Yeah, baby!
For starters: Miami Heat at Washington Wizards: With Lebron James and Chris Bosh out, a look at the...
Getting ready for the Wizards vs the Miami Heat tonight. Probably a no-win situation for the Wizards with Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh sitting this one out for Miami. If the Wizards win, it was because the Big Three sat out, if the Wizards lose, they look really bad not being able to beat Miami without it's superstars.
Josh's wish was to feel well enough to go to Thursday's Grizzlies game against the Miami Heat and see his favorite player, Lebron James.
There is absolutely no doubt that Lebron James is far and away the Best Player in the NBA. However, Udonis Haslem is my favorite Heat player. The guy sits on the bench most of the year but when called upon he's a warrior; he had one helluva game against the moribund Pacers. In fact, unless you happen to be a Lebron hater, you have to love the Miami Heat. Hands down, the classiest franchise in the NBA with perhaps the best owner in major American sports. There are no egos on the team. From Haslem, to the Bird Man to James Jones -- these guys are all about doing whatever it takes to win.
Unreal play by Lebron James in Miami Heat win: Lebron James showed just ...
Lebron James, estimated by Forbes to have earned $60 million last year, said he would opt out of his Miami Heat contract if he could get a deal like Miguel Cabrera got. Well, the man's got to feed his family.
SMH...see..this is exactly why I never liked Kobe! What self-respecting black man would criticize a Trayvon Martin tribute?! Check out what this sell-out Kobe Bryant had to say about Lebron James' organizing that tribute the Miami Heat did for Trayvon Martin a few years ago.
Let me clarify something; whereas i have no qualms, whatsoever with football, or its fans and supporters, I AM NOT A FOOTBALL FAN, so pliz stop adding me to football groups and the likes. If its about Miami Heat, or Lebron James, then pliz just add me, coz am a Basketball fan. Thx.
LaCie at Miami Heat game ! She was so excited to see her idol Lebron James:) great seats and making memories with her dad!
Good game Miami Heat. Lol! Another big game by Lebron James lol! Mwen ak Chrysler Fils fe match yeswa!!!
When the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat meet tempers flare and the game gets intense. The Bulls defeated Lebron James and the Heat in overtime of a spirited ...
Lebron James is upset as his Samsung Galaxy Note 3 crashes and burns | The Miami Heat have lost four out of their last five games. Analysts can blame this losing spell on a number of things, including fatigue. But here at PhoneArena, we know the real reason for the Heat's skid. Blame it on Lebron James' Samsung Galaxy Note 3. You might have seen the reigning MVP promoting Samsung's phablet on television, and unlike Ellen, the Miami Heat star actually does use his Samsung phablet wherever he goes... - read it here: (click the link)
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Lebron James & the Miami Heat take on Carlos Boozer and the Chicago Bulls! Who will win this East matchup? Subscribe for more PS4 videos!
DECISIONS, DECISIONS... And if it seems evil to you to serve the LORD, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve, whether the gods which your fathers served that were on the other side of the River, or the gods of the Amorites, in whose land you dwell. But as for me and my house, we will serve the LORD.” Joshua 24: 15 Lebron James, arguably the best basketball player of his time, was scouted in middle school and drafted right out of High School in 2003 by the Cleveland Cavaliers. He was beloved in Cleveland. He was a home town hero. He brought the team great success, winning two league MVP awards and a trip the finals. He played seven seasons in Cleveland, and then became a free agent in the summer of 2010. He instantly became the most sought after player in the league. Several NBA teams made an offer to him. Songs were made, banners were hung, billboards were constructed, even politicians and celebrities were used to try to sway his decision on which team he should play for. Finally, on Ju ...
loved the Bulls beat the Miami Heat !!! take that Lebron James
Taj Gibson Dunks Over Mario Chalmers (VIDEO) Jimmy Butler’s terrific defense on a driving Lebron James led to a huge dunk by Taj Gibson, as the Chicago Bulls held on for the big 95-88 win over the visiting Miami Heat. Marcel Mutoni
The Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat are known for not exactly liking each other, and we saw more evidence of that on Sunday. During the second quarter of Sunday's game, Lebron James fell over and got tangled up with Jimmy Butler...
I sad it before, I'm sayin it again Lebron James is "Not" there yet, Well done to my team, Chicago Bulls 95-88 Miami Heat
Joakim Noah had a really big game for his father Yanick Noah who is a famous Tennis player was watching his son at the United Center put on another dominating effort as the Bulls came back from a 12 point deficit in the 4th quarter to win 95-88 in overtime to beat the Miami Heat. Noah had 20 points, 12 rebounds, 5 blocks and 7 assists. Noah in my mind should get some MVP votes for his play these last couple of weeks which has included 3 triple doubles. Other Bulls were huge as well, Taj Gibson with 10 rebounds, and 7 rebounds. DJ Augustine led the scoring with 22 points and 4 three pointers. Jimmy Butler was all over Lebron James on defense holding him to 17 points on 8-23 shooting from the field and Lebron for the first time since 2009 as a Cleveland Cavalier didn't attempt a single free throw. Butler made a huge play where he stripped Lebron James from attempting a game winning shot late in the 4th quarter to get the game into overtime. Butler chipped in 16 points, with 11 rebounds and 4 steals was huge ...
Lebron James takes shot to broken nose day after scoring 61 points in Miami Heat's 106-103 loss to Houston Rockets.
I hadn't really heard of him before last night, but this Lebron James guy who plays for the Miami Heat seems to have a promising NBA future.
I compare my life a lot like basketball because I look at it as a game, the things you do in it determine your path (you could start out on the Milwaukee Bucks and then end up playing for Miami Heat) and when I accomplish major or big goals it's like winning my own type of championship.. And today we are on our way to winning a championship in by getting our place this afternoon.. It's been a long time coming and hasn't come easy and there are STILL a few obstacles in the way, but no championship comes easy !! You could be 26 seconds away from the biggest win or loss of your life.. Ask the Miami Heat, they were 26 seconds away from losing the finals everything was ready for the Spurs to celebrate they bench was jumping up and down BUT then Ray Allen hit that 3 and Miami won that game !!! When in the clutch I'm Lebron James !! and I won't allow MY TEAM TO LOSE.. Not tonight..
My 3 most hated things in the world!. 1.Lebron James. 2.Miami Heat. 3.Duke
The way Miami Heat promote themselves you would think only Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh played for them.
Wow Miami Heat made one trade at the deadline to free up money so they can sign a player if he is brought out of his contract that's wonderful not. Dwyane Wade is injury prone & he can't play all the time so what a waste of money & Ray Allen can't hit a three to save his life this year & Udonis Haslem don't at all & Miami Heat is paying alot to have him sit the bench that's so freaking awesome not. Miami Heat is paying James Jones to hit three's all day & he don't even play at all *** that's great. Miami Heat needed a SG like a Evan Turner or a Brandon Rush or a Eric Gordon or a DeMar DeRozan to step in & attack the basket & help Lebron James & a PF to rotate with Bosh like a Jordan Hill or a Jeff Green or a Glen Davis or a Jarvis Varnado or a Thaddeus Young or a Thomas Robinson or a Arnett Moultrie & C like a B.J. Mullens or a Andre Drummond or a Omer Asik or a Tyler Zeller or a Kosta Koufos or a Spencer Hawes so he can rotate Chris "The Birdman" Andersen & Greg Oden so Chris Bosh | MIA can move back to ...
Possible trade rumor of Carmelo Anthony being traded to the Miami Heat with Lebron James.
Miami Heat forward Lebron James insisted that he is not taking his side's spot, in the NBA playoffs for granted.
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Lebron James says he can't see himself leaving the Miami Heat - Boston GlobeLeBron ...
Though he is currently locked in a heated battle to claim his third-straight NBA Most Valuable Player award, Miami Heat forward Lebron James has set his sights on a different piece of hardware: the Defensive Player of the Year trophy...
Should he opt out of his deal with the defending NBA champion Miami Heat this summer, Lebron James would once again become the most sought-after free agent in the basketball universe. And though it’s hard to fathom him going through something like “The Decision” again, if LeBron elects to test the f...
Lebron James, Miami Heat hope win in N.Y. is springboard for better play ... - Palm Beach Post..
A lot of great games last night. Starting with Kevin Durant and the Oklahoma City Thunder beating Lebron James and the Miami Heat 112-95, and Kevin Durant having 12 straight games with 30 points or more. And we cant forget about the NHL. Edmonton Oilers Goalie Ben Scrivens, made a NHL record breaking 59 saves. That's alot. -Shayne
well, the miami heat lost. however, with that being said, the 2 Best Players in the NBA, Lebron James(miami heat), and Kevin Durant(OKC), went neck to neck. it just kills me to know that at the start of the game the heat were leading by 22-4. final score was heat 95/okc 112. but hey, i saw BIRDMAN. enough said
Miami Heat vs Oklahoma City Thunder tonight Come on HEAT!!! Lebron James bess be Dunkin' on them trickin ninjas !!! I did my best keeping this g-rated lol lets go MIAMI DEFENSE !
Kevin Durant and the OKC Thunder play Lebron James and the Miami Heat at 7pm est.
Lebron James knows how to serenade his opponents. In anticipation of the Miami Heat's bout against the Oklahoma City Thunder Wednesday night, James has been asked a vast array ...
All the Miami Heat ballers came out for Shane Battier’s annual karaoke event, where Lebron James and Michael Beasley busted out Juvenile’s smash hit, “Back That *** Up.” James kept most of the song clean, omitting some of the more vulgar parts, but it’s still comedic to see the wholesome player bust...
Miami Heat players Lebron James, Dwyane Wade and Udonis Haslem shared the stage to perform Robin Thicke's "Blurred Lines" at the Battioke 2014 charity event ...
San Antonio Spurs at the Miami Heat today at 1pm on ABC, The Black and Silver Spurs at the Black and Red Heat!!! After I get off work I will watch it at Home, it should be an excellent rematch game between the 2013 NBA Finalists, the Tim Duncan vs. Chris Bosh matchup at Power Forward should also be excellent, no Kawhi Leonard guarding Lebron James though as Leonard fractured his Right Hand!!! IDNK if Dwayne Wade is playing or not!!! Right now the Spurs have a 33-10 record and the Heat's record is 31-12!!!
The NBA has announced the 2014 All-Star Game starters for the annual event held in New Orleans this February. Lebron James of the Miami Heat was the top overall vote-getter with 1,416,419 votes. Ke...
Everyone! We are having a vote. To vote for Lebron James of the mighty Miami Heat, leave a Like. To vote for Kevin Durant, of the much-less-mighty Oklahomos, comment below.
Look, I understand a lot of my friends don't understand various aspects of sports, but when you watch the games and the teams, you see what's good and what's bad. Everybody knows Lebron James and the Miami Heat, but not everybody knows Paul George and the Indiana Pacers. The last 2 years Lebron and Miami have eliminated Indiana and gone on to win 2 championships. That's not going to happen this year. Indiana will find a way to defeat Miami and make the Finals and ultimately win it all. Plus it will be good to have a new team in the Finals. When I see Larry Bird and Donnie Walsh under the guidance of Mr. Simon (owner of Simon Malls throughout the U.S.) sitting in the crowd watching the games amongst normal fans, that tells me that they care and are engaged. I respect them. I know they want to win. They have the heart and what it takes to be the best. And I believe they will beat Miami and either OKC or SA in May and June. Go Pacers.
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Lebron James awesome coast to coast!. via
Shane Battier, Lebron James and the rest of the Miami Heat will be doing karaoke at Battioke. Jimmy Buffet and Ken Jeong are special guests. I will be there shooting for Fox Sports. Super excited!!!
Michelle Obama with a videobomb dunk on Miami Heat's Dwayne Wade! Lebron James with a helping hand. Brilliant!.
*Lebron James sure knows how to keep people talking. Or rather Chris Bosh’s daughter. Larry Brown Sports reports the Miami Heat all-star’s picture with his teammate’s young daughter has raised more than a few eyebrows. On Tuesday night,… [ 172 more words. ]
Ever since news broke that Dwyane Wade fathered a "break baby" right after proposing to fiancee Gabrielle Union, several Miami Heat ballers have had to watch their own backs. For example, NBC correspondent Stacey Klein insinuating that Lebron James was flirting with another woman unbeknownst to his…
Michelle Obama has put her basketball skills on display by dunking on NBA star Lebron James during a short film about healthy eating. The First Lady appeared in the film alongside the Miami Heat forward, the team's coach Eric Spoelstra, and several other players. In the film Mrs Obama is ...
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Michelle Obama dunks on Lebron James, and photobombs the Miami Heat, while shooting a promo for her Let's Move! campaign to end childhood obesity
First Lady Michelle Obama has teamed up with basketball star Lebron James and his teammates from the Miami Heat for a new ad to promote healthy eating as part of the First Lady’s “Let’s Move” campaign. The ad, which premiered on Good Morning America on Tuesday, features Miami Heat players Dwayne Wad...
Peter Croce In the 16th minute of last nights Miami Heat game; Lebron James missed the opportunity to make more history. The Elias Sports Bureau has indicated the next Game the King plays and gets credited without a personal foul, he will official stand alone in Basketball history as the player with the most Games played with Zero fouls. Foot note he had one (1) one called against him. this was the most in his last 6 games ,,,1! still don't know how he does it? this has to be the most amazing stat I ever saw in all of sports!
January 17 Birthdays (who I share my bday with) Betty White 91 Beloved comedic actress from Mary Tyler Moore and The Golden Girls who later hosted Betty White's Off Their Rockers and starred in Hot in Cleveland. JIM CARREY 51 Comedian, producer, and actor who won a Golden Globe Award for The Truman Show in 1998 and another for Man on the Moon in 1999. Dwyane Wade 31 2006 NBA Finals MVP with the Miami Heat who won his second championship with the team in 2012 alongside Lebron James. MUHAMMAD ALI 71 Born as Cassius Clay, he became a boxing icon as well as a peace activist and a philanthropist. Michelle Obama 49 First Lady of the White House, who married Barack Obama, the forty-fourth President of the United States of America. BENJAMIN FRANKLIN (1706-1790) Founding Father of the United States who became known for his political works, his writings, and for discovering electricity. LEARN MORE ZOOEY DESCHANEL 33 She had her breakout role portraying Anita in Cameron Crowe's Almost Famous in 2000, and has receiv ...
Tony Romo is a quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and Lebron James is Small Forward for the Miami Heat two different sports
Trail Blazers brace for Lebron James, two-time NBA-champion Miami Heat -
Los Angeles Lakers play host to the Miami Heat and Lebron James on Christmas Day. Tip off is somewhere between 2:00 and 2:15 depending on what time ABC's first game ends. Why the *** cant our game be first for once. Most likely, it will be Mike Breen and Jeff Van Gundy with the call on ABC- 7. John Ireland and Mychal Thompson handle the radio call on 710 AM ESPN. Someone please tell me why they cant put Stu Lantz on the radio when local tv, this case TWCSN, cant televise. Ive been wondering about this ever since the Lakers stopped simulcasting 10 years ago
With just 16 seconds left in the fourth quarter of Monday night's Miami Heat - Atlanta Hawks game, Lebron James absolutely posterized Paul Millsap . The Heat beat the Hawks in overtime, 121-119...
Lebron James Lebron James of the Miami Heat looks on during a game … -
Members of the Miami Heat lost their cool on Wednesday night in a game against the Indiana Pacers. Lebron James and Mario Chalmers had to be separated during a timeout However, James ...
*It was something about a missed defensive assignment, but we’re still not totally sure what caused Lebron James to almost go upside Miami Heat teammate Mario Chalmers‘ head. It happened Wednesday night in the Heat’s game against… [ 133 more words. ]
A Reddit user has kindly created a GIF to show us what really happened when Luis Scola was defending Lebron James during the Miami Heat's 97-94 win over the Indiana Pacers on Wednesday night...
I know Miami Heat Fans will Jump on me. But, this is the Fact. Miami Heat is not a great basketball team. Miami Heat have two great players in Lebron James & D-Wade. The problem with the NBA today is this, there are no good Big men in the NBA anymore.(Power Forwards & Centers) Miami Heat could not have won an NBA Championship in the 1980s & 1990s with their present soft front court. Even Michael Jordan Bulls teams had great big men like Hall of Fame Dennis Rodmam; Horace Grant, Defensive center Luc Longley, Bill Cartwright & Bill Wennington. If Michael Jordan & Scottie Pippen play together in today NBA, they will win fifteen (15) championship consecutively. What happen to all the great big men folks? It seems like coaches are not teaching basketball fundamentals in high school & college anymore. The NBA is Guard and Small Forward oriented league now a days. The Celtics great coach with (9) championship Red Auerbach could not coach in today NBA.
Calm Down Akash. Would the Miami Heat be a good team without Dwayne Wade and Lebron James? Thats what Andre Iguodala and Stephen Curry means to the Warriors. Unfortunately Stephen Curry has been struggling with injuries the past 2 years. My dad cracked me up the other day when he said Curry has "glass ankles." I hope he is wrong cuz without Curry or Iguodala the Warriors are in trouble.but I believe if The Warriors can stay healthy they have a good chance to go deep this season.
Miami -7.5 - TAB - $ 1.90 Miami faces Orlando at home today for their 2nd game in two days. Lebron James had a quiet game yesterday so look for him to be aggressive early on in the game and should post a close to 30pt game. Miami Heat welcomes Ray Allen back into regular rotation after yesterday's first game so look for him to receive the ball a fair bit and score from the perimeter. Guards Aaron Afflalo and rookie Victor Oladipo simply aren't up to the calibre of Dwayne Wade and Mario Chalmers therefore Miami should cover the line after yesterday's sub par performance.
Miami Heat&Lebron James might team with David Beckham on MLS franchise
Miami Heat: Heat forward Lebron James has interest in teaming up with David Beckham to bring MLS team to Miami
Who wants to join me on Nov 9 watching TORONTO RAPTORS vs MIAMI HEAT @ Air Canada Centre.yepey FInally I can see Lebron James n Miami Coach in person.
name 3 people who were Miami heat fans before Lebron James came.
I don't really like basketball but I love the Miami Heat and Lebron James!
Wearing Miami Heat ball cap. Lebron James. Life is so ironic :))
With the NBA back next week, all eyes will be on Lebron James to see if he can help Miami Heat scorch its way to another finals series. Jesse Setaro takes a look at how the Eastern Conference is sh...
Lebron James and Dwayne Wade in the friendly match between Miami Heat to New Orleans Pelicans.
Had a blast today!! Was hanging with the little ones and they were doing trivia. I said I got a question for y'all Who is the best NBA team in the league. Someone walks by and started chanting Houston. I said no. Then one little boy raises his hand and said " Ms. Courtney I know it's Miami heat because they got Lebron James. Made my day that's a smart little kid right there. Needless to say he got a prize :)
Go Miami Heat! Cheering on my 2nd and 3rd favorite basketball players in the world from court side -Lebron James and Dwayne Wade!
Lebron James bout to show out this season. Miami Heat up for another ring.
Lebron James and the Miami Heat will win three in a row.wat u wanna bet
This just in apparently the Miami Heat will be joining Lebron James this season...
someone needs to help my friend she likes the minnesota vikings for football but roots for the miami heat for Basketball ...someones gotta set her straight that its all about the Tampa Bay Bucs and .whatever team Lebron James isnt on
Kory Lester: The Story of an Icon starring Channing Tatum, Jennifer Lawrence and Miami Heat forward Lebron James
My favourite basketball player is Lebron James and i like Miami Heat. My favurite singers are Kanye West and Delta Goodrem
LIKE I SAID doing the eastern conf. finals against the pacers...that if D.Wade had several good games the Miami Heat would move on to the nba finals. when you have the the Best Player on the planet on your team;Lebron James how can you not move on to the the Beatles said...A lil help from my friend. The heat is on.
Recently while watching a Miami Heat game with my 95 year old grandmother, she saw a close up of Lebron James, looked over at me and asked "Baby, who is that old man playing those young guys?"
I just finished voting for the ESPY Awards (kind of like the sports version of the Oscars). There were some tough decisions this year, more than I can ever remember. Some of my voting highlights are listed. I invite arguments... 1. Miguel Cabrera over Adrian Peterson, Lebron James, and Michael Phelps for Best Male Athlete 2. Mike Trout over Johnny Manziel, Yasiel Puig, Russell Wilson, and Colin Kaepernick for Best Breakthrough Athlete 3. Joe Flacco over Lebron James, Pablo Sandoval, and Brad Keselowski for Best Championship Performance 4. Ravens vs. Broncos (AFC Divisional Playoff) over Maple Leafs vs. Bruins (Game 7 1st round) and Spurs vs. Heat (Game 6 NBA Finals).This was the toughest one. 5. Alabama Football over Baltimore Ravens, Chicago Blackhawks, Miami Heat, Oklahoma Women's Softball, San Francisco Giants and U.S. Olympic Women's Gymnastics for Best Team Some of the 16 candidates for Best Play are absolutely amazing. If you have any interest in viewing them, I'll list what you should enter in the ...
NBA Draft na bukas? :) speaking of Draft.. DYK? Miami Heat's Big Three all belongs to the same Draft Pool. The 2003 NBA Draft is considered as one of the best draft pool in the NBA's history. Lebron James is the 1st overall pick, Chris Bosh is 4th, and Dwyane Wade as the fith. Not enough? Knicks' Carmelo Anthony also belongs here. Some notable players like Chris Kaman, Kirk Hinrich, TJ Ford, Jarvis Hayes, Mickael Pietrus, Nick Collison, Luke Ridnour, Reece Gaines, David West, Sasha Pavlovic, Boris Diaw, Travis Outlaw, Kendrick Perkins, Leandro Barbosa, Josh Howard, Jerome Beasley, Zaza Pachulia, Kieth Bogans, James Jones, Kyle Korver, and more! ^_^
Miami Heat superstar Lebron James went through the “initiation rites” like every other great athletes do – experience a string of failures along the way in their careers before reaching success. James was a 22-year-old youngster when he played in his first-ever NBA Finals with the Cleveland Cavaliers in 2007 . The Cavs were an up-and-coming and exciting team to watch, all because James was the centerpiece of an offense that thrives on alley-oop dunks and fast-paced drives to the basket. But against a veteran-laden, championship-toughened team like the San Antonio Spurs, James’ “initiation rites” process has just begun. First, James’ attack-the-basket-first mode was stymied by the Spurs’ defense, which limited him to just shooting jumpers. Since the high-flying NBA superstar didn’t shoot accurately back then from the perimeter, the Cavs got swept by the Spurs in the process, 0-4 in the Finals. James watched as San Antonio celebrated at Cleveland’s home floor, a sight he will never forge ...
HOUSTON, TEXAS!! It's been awhile, wow time flies "literally". It's been 6 months already since I embarked on this journey, this is where it all started! If only Texas had beat the Miami Heat it would of been a more fun time out here lol, *** you Lebron James hehe...
Cnt sleep ai watching game 7 of NBA finals hopa Miami Heat moering Spurs lol luv it. Lebron James fan!
Lebron James is killing the basket with the 3 points. Miami Heat. finals. Game 7. Then there is Dwayne Wade. Wow! Fire works.
My congratulations to Lebron James and the Miami Heat! But the thing that drives me INSANE about professional sports writers.The ENTIRE TEAM won the championship, not just ONE PLAYER.'scuse me but the whole team practiced, pumped iron, drilled, played, and left their guts on the floor night after night to climb the mountain.It was NOT a "one-man" show.not denying anyone their kudos or honors.but let's remember a TEAM won it!.Remember that, Writers? One player is only as good as the teammates around him.even I know that.
So apparently being a Lebron James fan means that you're automatically a bandwagon Miami Heat fan?? 😒😑😑 yal *** get du…
Yall would swear Lebron James n da Miami Heat is paying yall bills or sucking yall off!!! O_o Da series ended 4 mnths ago...don't yall have anything else to talk about Carlos Antonio Lopez Jr. & Prime Caf??? ♡♡♡
I read that Lebron James of the Miami Heat was James Naismith, the inventor of the sport of basketball, during one of his past lives.
Lebron James leads Miami Heat to second straight NBA title with 95-88 win over ... - New York Daily News
I can beat anybody with the Miami Heat without even playing Lebron James, I'm sick with Mike Miller on 2k
I took a lot of negatives and positives from the NBA Finals of this year. It has become more obvious that Lebron James is the beat player in the league and it didn't matter where he went 3 years ago he was gonna win a championship eventually, so the hate will only stop when he stops another 5-8 years. Its also obvious that if Ray Allen [the greatest 3-Pt Shooter in NBA history] didn't make the shot to force an OT in game 6, Lebron and his headband would be getting a divorce right now. Manu Ginobli is a great basketball player but lets face it...he got too fancy and forgot his role and took/missed way too many shots and in the end it ruined the Spurs chances for another ring. The Spurs exposed just how flawed the Miami Heat system really is and should have ended this series in Game 5 or 6 but because they're obviously old and fatigued [not hurt] they couldn't [hints the bad decision to play Manu more than Gary Neal]. Miami is obviously gonna lose some players and next year the Eastern Confe ...
The final buzzer sounded. And at the end, it was the Lebron James-led Heat holding the NBA 2013 Championship trophy while the Duncan and Company were the runner ups. Lebron was named finals MVP for the second straight year. The Heat became the NBA's first repeat champions since the Lakers did the same in 2009-10, and plus the "no big deal" fact that Miami Heat was the First Team to beat the San Antonio Spurs in the NBA Finals. And by the way, it was Rashard Lewis who claimed his first NBA ring and not Tracy Mcgrady. Finally, "etc, etc" for many other storyline that we could explore in this NBA's latest championship duel. Now before the tide cools down, all "sensible" basketball fans can come together, regardless if a "Hater" or a "Heater", and all together say "that was one heck of a championship battle!" No doubt - both teams are champions regardless of that Larry O'Brien Trophy. They are both champions by their own rights. James cemented a Legacy. Duncan established a Legend. Both of them will surely ta ...
So this week has been a doozy and here's the wrap up. It's no secret that the Miami Heat are the NBA Champs again and Lebron James is the MVP again. Congrats to them and the NBA higher ups for pulling off another Oscar worthy season. Perhaps the biggest pseudo celebrity news was delivered in the form of North West, the daughter of Kim and Kanye. Kim Kardashian, the current wife of Brooklyn Nets basketball player Kris Humphries publicly committed fornication with rapper Kanye West and gave birth to a baby girl as a result. We all seem to be cool with that. I'm sure the baby is cute and if not, I'm sure they are somewhere sticking it with Botox needles as I type. I hope someone explains to Kim that babies are supposed to be wrinkly before she calls her fav lipo doc in to "make this baby look right" (in her annoying whiny, dumb voice). Only in America can you be a celebrity super star for a dead fish performance on a sex tape with a singer's little D List brother. Only in America. Apparently somebody decided ...
Congratulations to the Miami Heat and to Lebron James , the best basketball player on the planet. Also ex-Rocket Shane Battier was huge in this game, If it can't be the Rockets , hope it's the Heat again next year.
I want to congratulate the San Antonio Spurs, and their fans all across the country on a fantastic 2012-2013 NBA season. For those of you who are TRUE Spurs fans, I am sorry for your loss. Your team played a great series, pushing the Miami Heat to the limit in a very professional NBA finals. As everyone from players, coaches, and fans tries to find comfort in loosing game 7, hold your head high, and look at the season as a great one. The series was much better than an episode of the Sopranos. Tim Duncan, I appreciate you my man! To the City of Miami, a BIG, BIG, BIG congratulations to you guys on your third NBA title. Lebron Jame, Dwayne Wade, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Chris Bosh, Mike Miller, Ray Allen, Chris (Birdman) Anderson, Udonis Haslem, and Noris Cole, great job! And to my my man, the "Mob Daddy", Pat Riley, you did a great job assembling a great team. To Lebron James Haters: Get off his *** *** it!!! Most of you guys are not even a real basketball fans; nor can you play the *** ga ...
Went to watch the game with my son after we came from his studio. Congrats to Lebron Jame and the Miami Heat !!! Lebron has proved all the haters wrong !!!
PSA: Miami Heat is the 2013 NBA CHAMPIONS!!! Lebron Jame is the 2013 league MVP, & 2013 Finals MVP!!!
Congrats to the Miami Heat and all the fans, however, lets be clear, if Lebron James is the chosen one or MVP or Best Player in the NBA by far, then the NBA is far worse a league as the MLB and maybe even the NHL. Mr. James lacks "it." It's just an observation so fans don't get your panties in a wad. People always want to think that they are witnessing the greatest era of anything during their lifetimes. It's fabrication. He isn't Babe Ruth, Reggie Jackson, Jim Brown, Gayle Sayers, Tony Dorsett, Earl Campbell, Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Oscar Robertson, Connie Hawkins, Moses Malone, or Wilt Chamberlain! He's a physically superior athlete in a mediocre time. Let it marinate and release. God is still good, all the time.
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O.k. let's get this crap over with! Then it's a Friday, yes indeed! Anywho - Congratulations to all those in Bandwagon Nation - now that Kobe Bryant and the Laker Dynasty has come to an end - many of you have packed up and hitched on to Lebron James and the crew in South Beach. So here's some hints from someone who's been to the town at least: Miami Northwestern has the hoopers Say you've eaten at Billy's, Conch City, Captain Crabs You had drinks Penrods Back in the day you rocked at the Pac Jam and Strawberry's and you have DJ Uncle Al & The Jam Poney Express Mix Tapes from way back. And you did your shopping at Aventura Mall. Then you have people in the Pork'n'Beans, Overtown, Liberty City and Little Haiti - if your caucasian then say you have some distant cousins in Little Havana. Now with all that Bandwagon Nation - you just may pass as an authentic Miami Heat fan! Congrats again you may now officially wear your Chris Bosh jersey's and burn your Kobe Bryant Jersey's I can only give a pass to the follo ...
THE SMOOCHING AFTER THE BASKETBall Game GOT ON MY LAST NERVE There is no greater example of good sportsmanship than competitors shaking hands after a heated contest, and nowhere is this sportsmanship better on display than in boxing where two guys, whose eyes are swollen shut, lips bleeding, and foreheads swollen to twice their original size, embrace briefly in one of the corners, after they just went 12 rounds, attempting to knock each other's head off. What you see taking place, normally, after a contest is over, is a brief embrace, a few mumbled words in the competitor's ear, followed by an interview in which credit is given to the opponent. As I said, good sportsmanship. But what I saw last night was something different, after the basketBall Game. There was Spurs coach Poppovich, who had slept through most of the seven game series, kissing on Dwayne Wade, and Wade holding on to Poppovich, as well he should have, given that Poppovich, not Lebron James is the reason the Miami Heat won this basketball .. ...
To all the die-hard Miami Heat fans (trying to hide my emotional walls right now), I want to be first to congratulate all on your 2nd NBA championship against my Spurs on last night. I have total respect for this franchise and proud of guys, expect for Lebron James! lol As for my San Antonio Spurs, we had a awesome season. Even though we came up short of the 5th NBA title, I'm so proud of you and played like champions, NEVER GIVE UP! In my fussing voice---Get rid of Manu Ginobili and Splitter. We need to draft a sharp-shooter guard and get Monta Ellis in free agency. Maybe I need to go to see a therapist in the NBA Fan Rehab Center talk about why my Spurs didn't win!! I'll be better soon or later!!
i would have more respect for Lebron James if he stayed in Cleveland & made the Cavaliers NBA Champions! c",.) By the way, congratulations to the Miami Heat. Back-2-Back! Deym.
Majority of the Filipinos love Miami Heat not just because of Lebron James but because of the youngest coach in America's professional basketball league and soon-to-be the youngest Hall of Famer Coach of NBA, Erik Spoelstra who fortunately has the lineage of an Asian-American for having Elisa Celino as his Filipina mother. It was in June of 2006 when I got the privilege to meet Erik who was still the assistant coach of Pat Riley for the Miami Heat and I was into hosting sports of the Philippine Basketball Association games. Whenever the NBA season comes to an end, Spoelstra visits his native land every year and up to now teaches basketball to kids and mentors professional PBA Filipino coaches which makes him a very modest, humble and a kind-spirited celebrity. Sadly, I chose an opposing team for some personal reasons but I am flying high that Mr. Erik, a demure and gentle Fil-Am, bagged the trophy! Kudos to you, Erik Spoelstra!
Tonight, the Heat has risen to choke its haters. Tonight, it has been proven, Superiority is not just about mind set. But, it truly requires vison, preparation, determination and conviction. Tonight, the Miami Heat has taught great lesson to the world. Truly, It is not what your haters may think or say about you. But, it is rather what you really are. The truth is: It takes heart to win Championship. Specially, to come from behind. Tonight, The Miami Heat Team followed up to conquer their objective. Not just win a game, but, win a Championship while facing their Competitive challenger the Spurs which had won the West Conference NBA Division, by beating Indina so called "Diana" 4-0. Truly. That was not competition at all! Indeed, The Miami Heat Team has a history of coming behind. This not just implies courage, it requires great spirit, as well as to say high moral. When I realize how much the Miami Heat's haters have jiven on the Miami Heat Team, and particularly Lebron James, it just makes me think ...
Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, not 8, who is the best.Miami heat!!! Lebron James that dude, i dont wanna hear no one talking down on him, congrats on my team. We are that team, best in the NBA, i told ya we would win!!! GO Miami Heat! Lebron James Best Player in the league.
Lebron Jame does it again as Miami Heat beat Spures
HEAT NATION baby! I've been a Miami Heat team all my life. Lebron James is the greatest player ever to grace the game. Better than Russel. Better than Bird. Michael who? Kobe who? I put on for the Heat. Even though I can't tell you who Eddie Jones, Harold Minor, Derrick Coleman and Dan Marjle are, I REP HEAT NATION all day. We gonna THREE PEAT next year!
Okay I gotta say this. Congrats to the Miami Heat who truly earned this championship. This was the greatest finals series I've ever seen! So fun to watch. Personally I was pullin for the Spurs. I always tend to be an underdog type guy. It just makes for a more entertaining watch. But that's only my preference. I do believe Lebron James is the best basketball player in the world. Hands down. So if it wasn't for my underdog fetish, I'd would have pulled for him and the whole legacy story line and what not. Nothing wrong with that. What I hate is when people feel like they can use terms like "We won" or "Heat nation" and you are not from and maybe never even been to Miami. I'd be a little irritated if people from another city were claiming "Detroit Nation" and weren't from here or didn't have ties to here. Terms like that to me mean that you've sat through the sucky seasons and have earned the right to call yourself an actual die hard fan of that team. When you pick a team that's not your team to win you say ...
My team Miami Heat bring home again the Larry O'Brien Trophy...sorry Spurs Nation...maybe this is not your season...thanks for exceptional play by the Big Three Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh...and the devastating three pointers made by Shane Battier...and also the Bird Man "Chris Andersen" who do a good job hustling HARD in getting the ball both in offensive and defensive rebound...and of course the ball controller super Mario Chalmers...2012-2013 NBA Greatest Season mission THREE PEAT...see you next season guyz...
Lessons learned, no matter how great you are there will always be haters and critics. Congrats To the Miami Heat and Lebron James. Shoutout to the Spurs too man definitely a great NBA Finals! My respects for Lebron James, One of the greatest of our generation!. btw: GO LAKERS 2014!!! Cheers!!
Why do people dislike Lebron James from the Miami Heat? I don't get it.
So disappointed in Spurs and letting this series slip away, no one to blame but themselves! With that said I hate Miami Heat and bandwagon fans and punk arrogant Lebron James he is no Michael Jordan and never will be!!
Congrats to the Lebron James, and his Miami Heat on their second straight title. This an end of an era for the Spurs because now they have to refill themselves, and replan the direction for the teams future. What a great Finals, and great Game 7! Wonderful basketball.. But Miami... Watch yourself because the Thunder are hungry... We're ready to get back to the Finals, and we have a summer full of questions to answer.. Kevin Durant is tired of being second best.. and well there's a guy named Westbrook who's dying to make his comeback. Next season starts today!
Tonight is the final game of the NBA season. Tonight a champion will be crowned. This also may mark the end of an era for both the San Antonio Spurs and the Miami Heat as both teams face losing their big 3. For the Spurs; Tim Duncan, Manu Ginobili, and Tony Parker are nearing the end of their illustrious careers and it's likely at least one will retire following the finals. For the Heat; the ailing health and age of Dwayne Wade is now more evident than ever, and the futures of Chris Bosh and Lebron James are no longer guaranteed to be in Miami. While I, as always, pick a team to pull for in these finals in the absence of a hometown team (which is likely to be the case for a while as the Pistons are still struggling to regain their form prior to the disastrous Allen Iverson trade), I usually avoid casting players in the role of "villains" as I recognize that at the end of the day, everyone is playing for the same goal. But having said that, there are some teams who I *will* villainize with extreme prejudic ...
Ok all you so called "Heat Fans", without using google or any other search engine, name me the starting 5 for the 2005 Miami Heat. I bet 90% of you Can NOT do it. You only know of the Heat because of Lebron James and the hype the media has placed on this team the past 2 years. Now all I see are people posting things like: etc. You people are not true fans, you are bandwagon fans. I bet most of you people were die hard Bulls fans in the 90's when they featured the Best Players of that era in Jordan, Pippen, Rodman, and others. So get off the bandwagon and stop looking like morons.
Guys, please support Miami Heat. I need your prayer. Pray for winning team. Thank you guys . Go., Lebron James ..Go Miami.
What a heart-stopping, bone-chilling and nerve-wracking fourth quarter in game 6…. Back from the dead, James Lebron removing his bad luck headband, in his fighting and winning form, drives and penetrates in the shaded area, deletes the lead of Spurs and paves the way for Miami Heat to outscore Spurs by three points in less than five minutes of the fourth quarter. However, in two minutes more or less, the Frenchman Parker, refuses to give up, makes a cross over, beats the red-shot clock, converts a three pointer despite the gigantic defense of Lebron James, and ties the score at 90:90. In one minute more or less of the Ball Game, Spurs through Parker’s drive and Leonard just one-point in the free throw line, leads by five points against Miami Heat with a score 95:90. It seems that the Spurs has already seen the light at the end of the tunnel. But during the dying-28 seconds, Miami Heat doing the impossible and hoping for a miracle, through Lebron James long jumper which converts into 2 points and the f ...
Let go Miami heat awesome ill Lebron James get other ring might
Refs seen in Miami Heat locker room after the game receiving autographs from Lebron James.
All y'all Heat haters may as well stop it with all da lines y'all tryna run on us,saying we were scared & we cheated & we some bandwagon fans,& we just like Lebron not da Heat cause guess what?!? It doesn't matter,we still in dis & whether we love the Heat or Lebron or Wade,so what,they're a part of The Miami Heat aren't they?!? Yep,everybody that knows me no I'm a Lebron James fan! Wherever he goes,I to shall & will follow.
The great Lebron James and the Miami Heat have been seemingly been defeated by an adulterous frenchman, an Argentine, and …
NBA: Miami Heat will win if they find a solution to these problems: 5. Better shooting. Let James take the defense's attention to open up shooters. That made them win Game 3. 4. Wade and Bosh are showing up once in a blue moon. Lebron James can't do that much, basketball is a team game. 3. Too much Danny Green to shoot 3s, now he's a record holder 2. Focusing on Danny Green, will spread the defense to the perimeter. That means to say Tim Duncan and Thiago Splitter have a wider field to do some damage. Heat's inside defense is small and pretty lame. (happening now) 1. Tony Parker. The unstoppable Frenchman. Cole and Chalmers are eating his dust.
Am disappointed in Lebron James play last night... What happened to the aggressive james? . Game five and lebron is standing behind the 3 point line passing the ball. Am a Heat fan but I actually think this series is over...Good job to the Spurs coach though, he is amazing. Miami needs a new coach and real center, trade Bosh now.!!!
I go with miami heat,whether it wins or luzs,4th quater,final 12 mins,go Lebron James go,make my day.
And now the end is near… Spurs’ sterling and herculean offense during the first half in a crucial and pivotal game 5 paves the way for a 61-52 lead against Miami Heat. While the defending champion through Wade, Allen, Bosh and Lebron James, slowly comes back and slices the lead of Spurs by just one (1) point in the third quarter, Ginobili, the MVP in 2007, took over as Court General and point guard while Parker sitting on the bench and Green, breathing and shooting like a wild fire, make a 10-0 run in the final minutes and the Spurs leads by 10 points at the end of third quarter. In the fourth quarter, the Spurs’ big trio: Duncan, Parker, Ginobili and their supporting key players: Green and Leonard with the defense of Miami Heat collapsing like the walls of Jericho, make an onslaught, ravage and put off the Heat of Miami with a 20-point lead. But in the final minutes, Spurs’ turnovers which translate into points for Miami through the golden hands of Ray Allen, the heart-stopping drive of Wade and ...
Still Confident, Lebron James and the Miami Heat are going to close out the next two.
All the fathers who are spurs fans will be more happier when Miami heat looses tonight! But we respect Dwayne Wade! Happy flopping day to Lebron James! Lol!
To the avid fan of Miami Heat and Lebron James, Happy father's day! Thank you for everything ☺ I love…
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Imma say it and imma say again people hate Miami because of Lebron James did yall Heat haters hate Miami in 2006 when wade won his first? No
NBA Finals 2013: Chris Bosh to Retire with Miami Heat, Tired of Trade Rumors as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade Prepare to Tie Series 2-2 Against San Antonio Spurs
Did you know that Lebron James idolize "Michael Jordan" Cavaliers ..But Jordan choose Kobe, 'cause Kobe Bryant has 5 Rings.. ..Lebron went to "Miami Heat" and change his number.. ..Lebron James because "Michael Jordan" has 6 Rings! Lebron James "The King" ...just my thoughts!!^^
Well, Miami Heat and home boy Lebron James knot up the series at 2 each. Are you rooting for Lebron...against Lebron...or just don't care?
BREAKING: Lebron James will play as the CENTER of the Miami Heat!! Udonis Haslem is out of the starting lineup!! Lebron James will challenge one of the best PF in the league, Tim Duncan.
Lebron James apparently doesn't believe that God was on his side in the NBA Finals. In the early-morning hours after James' Miami Heat lost the NBA Finals to the champion Dallas Mavericks, James...
Well, as I predicted, the Miami Heat made some adjustments and beat the Spurs 109-93 tonight to even the NBA Finals at two wins apiece. Yesterday, I wrote that the Heat aren't the Cavs of six years ago, which was also led by Lebron James. This time, he's got help. Now, it's up to the Spurs to try and adjust to what they saw tonight. However, they're going to learn what many other teams have already: the Heat are tough to beat in a best-of-seven series. Sunday will be game five of the series and we're guaranteed of a game six in Miami on Tuesday. Should that game leave the series tied at three, game seven would be a week from tonight. BTW: who saw that marathon of a hockey game last night? It took until the third overtime for the Blackhawks to finally win the game. Luckily, the Stanley Cup Finals goes on a Monday-Wednesday-Saturday schedule, so game two will be two more days away.
So happy the Spurs trashed and burned Miami Heat Tuesday! Most probably, Miami will win the title but it won't be without a battle. I admire D. Wade, but even tho Lebron James is undoubtedly the greatest player ever, I really dislike his arrogance. He had every right to leave the Cavs for the Heat, but not in the manner he chose to do so. The "Decision" was such a total hoax and his disregard and disrespect for his former coach and team mates by not informing them prior to his so-called TV special was reprehensible. I lost total respect for him at that time and, for me, he has never done anything to redeem it. So all I can say is.GO SPURS!
Omg, what a game 3 last night...Danny Green, and Gary Neal, showed out last night...smh I wonder can the Miami Heat, really deal with the Heat, when they lose tomorrow night for the second straight game?? Lol...Lebron James, is so overrated...
Let's tip our hats to the Miami Heat for a Job Well Done...Oh my bad, I can't stand Lebron James and I am so happy that San Antonio whooped their tails! Now let's get it done in these next few games. Duncan and that "Green" boy for President/Vice President in 2016!
Miami Heat will be the Champion again! The Heat is ON! I believe in the COMBINATION of Lebron James, Dwayne Wade & Erik Spoelstra (Head Coach-Filipino American & from PDX, OR) COMBINATION. (forget about Bosch)
Fake Miami Heat fans are Lebron James fans... If you don’t even know who Alonzo Morning is please don’t say you are a Miami Heat nope !
Wow... Lebron James and Miami Heat just got embarrassed by the Spurs tonight.
Chauncey Billups is interested in signing with the Miami Heat next season. I think it would be a good idea but we shouldn't start him. via- Lebron James - Clutch
Public Disclaimer: Iv Patterson III is not a Miami Heat fan...I have been a Lebron James fan since 2000 when he made the cover of Slam when folk be like..."y'all lost game 1".I jus be like."but Lebron had 30-10-10...shut up"...if Lebron played for the Bucks I would be a Ersan Ilyasova and Mike Dunleavy fan...
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I am so sick of hearing about Lebron James and his block last night. WHO F'N CARES? I don't recall ESPN giving that much love towards Patrick Kane when he scored his hat trick goal in overtime, to advance his team to the Stanley Cup Final Saturday night! ESPN should make a deal with The Lifetime Network! They could finally produce their own Soap Operas together! Then everyone would be able to know what color of underwear the Miami Heat players are currently wearing and where they love to shop for their fashion glasses! Give Me A BREAK! ESPN AND THE NBA CAN GO KICK ROCKS!
I would like to take this time to clear up a huge misunderstanding. It’s no secret I am not a fan of the Miami Heat, in fact that’s a pretty big understatement. Anyway, one of the things I pride myself on is not mixing emotion with analyzes. So if I may, I would like to point out why I believe Lebron James, covers up an extremely flawed basketball team.  For starters, the recent comparisons to Michael Jordan’s Bulls teams makes very little sense at all! Lebron James is playing at a level that he and he alone can be compared to the best basketball player of all time.  Otherwise, the Heat (since signing Lebron James) lack two of the three things that helped the Bulls win 6 championships. Those things are elite coaching and legendary rebounding. Not to say Eric Spoelstra can’t become a great coach, but right now, he is far from Phil Jackson. Now on to their roster, this team is undersized, with no great ball handler, no sixth man, no low post offense or defense and a coach that’s learning on the ...
"Lebron James: I Came to Miami Heat to win a championship,nothing else."
Lebron James and Dwayne Wade rep the Miami Heat retro unis
Its funny even hilarious at times...If you ask a Laker fan why they dislike the Miami Heat they can give you reasoning...When you as a Miami Heat fan or any other fan for that matter why they dislike the Lakers, more times than not your going to get the "I JUST DO" answer, theres absolutely no reasoning behind their HATE...Listen we all know Lebron James is one of the greatest basketball players to ever play the game, we are not debating that and thats not why we dislike him, this only strengthens our TRUE reasoning for disliking him. This guy is arguably one of the top ten players to ever play and will be higher up on that list by the time his career is up. I just think Pat Riley did an excellent job of making him think otherwise. Making him think that theres no way he could get it done without joining the Miami Heat.
The reasons why everyone is hating on Lebron James, its simple. They hate him for the move he made, they hate him because he cant be stop, hate him because he is a beast, hate him because he is not on there team. Not one player in the leauge hate on him or his game. Respectful players that is. So stop hating on Lebron James. Pls be respectful. Miami Heat
Timmy T refered to the Miami Heat as a "Satanic cult" because of his disdain for Lebron James. Do you think he went too far in his label of the Heat?
NBA Championship History BOSTON 17 TIMES AND LAKERS 16 TIMES The Celtics–Lakers rivalry involves the two most popular franchises in the NBA. It has been called the best rivalry in the NBA.[2] The Boston Celtics and the Los Angeles Lakers have met a record twelve times in the NBA Finals, starting with their first Finals meeting in 1959. They would go on to dominate the league in the 1960s and 1980s, facing each other six times in the 60s, three times in the 80s as well as in 2008 and 2010. Year Champion Loser Games MVP 2012 Miami Heat Oklahoma City Thunder 4-1 Lebron James, Miami 2011 Dallas Mavericks Miami Heat 4-2 Dirk Nowitzki, Dallas 2010 Los Angeles Lakers Boston Celtics 4-3 Kobe Bryant, LAL 2009 Los Angeles Lakers Orlando Magic 4-1 Kobe Bryant, LAL 2008 Boston Celtics Los Angeles Lakers 4-2 Paul Pierce, Boston 2007 San Antonio Spurs Cleveland Cavaliers 4-0 Tony Parker, San Antonio 2006 Miami Heat Dallas Mavericks 4-2 Dwyane Wade, Miami 2005 San Antonio Spurs Detroit Pistons 4-1 Tim Duncan, San ...
Ok I'm no expert when it comes to basketball. It's just not my sport, football is. Having said that, I do however know a championship team when I see one and the Miami Heat don't have what it takes. I also know a champion when i see 'em. Queen James has proven time and time again he's a fraud. He won't even come close to winning 7 or 8 championships as predicted by the queen. It never ceases to amuse me when sports analysts compare Lebron to Jordan. Lebron James shouldn't even be mentioned in the same breath as Michael Jordan. I grew up watching MJ and there will never be another one like him. Jordan had the perfect storm of unmatched god given ability, superb work ethic, high basketball IQ, and an unwillingness to lose. Jordan would do anything to win, whatever the sacrifice. MJ, in my mind, is the G.O.A.T. Lebron is a wanna be that will be remembered more for the hype than the substance. I'm looking forward to watching the rest of this series and witnessing yet another Texas Team send the Miami back to ...
Spurs beat Heat (in Miami) in Game 1 of NBA Finals. And the Best Player on the floor was not Lebron James- it was Tony Parker! Several times Parker beat Lebron one on one, including the game winner. Spurs train is moving. Better get on board!
Miami Heat 88 spurs 92. Credit 2 Duncan, Parker Ginobli nd Bonner as d only players stil remaining in d team dat out classed Lebron James' cleveland in 2007
Yes, I am a Celtics fan! I will root for any team but the Miami Heat! I do not like the organization one bit. I could care less about Ray Allen, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Chris Bosh, DeWayne Wade and Lebron James and their coach! I truly can't stand their bandwagon fans! Where were you guys in 2006? Majority of you guys are Lebron fans and "pretending" to be Heat fans
Yes Tim Duncan. I know you've been in the NBA since 1997 longer than some of these refs and are surprised you were called for a blocking foul on what was clearly a charge against you but you see you've never played a Playoff Game against the Miami Heat with Lebron James. Don't worry you'll learn really quickly that the refs and media treat them differently than any other team you've faced in your 16 year career. Hopefully that wont stop your team (the better and more honest one) from winning it all.
It's just about that time for you all to Witness greatness.sit back, grab yo popcorn, and be entertained by the Best Player in the League and Best Team in the League..."King" Lebron James and the Miami Heat!
This is not an attack on the Official Miami Heat fans that's loyal to there team from day one regardless if they was winning or losing, this is for the JUMPING ON Lebron JameS *** since he's join the Miami Heat bandwagon. If Lebron James was not playing for the Miami Heat, some of y'all wouldn't be claiming I'M A MIAMI HEAT fan. But because Lebron James is a Miami Heat, mad heads want to be a Miami Heat fan?
If you are a Lebron James fan comment you are a Miami Heat fan,like.
In my entire life, a few basketball teams and a few players i followed and still following. And i guess the Miami Heat team will be my last NBA team. 1. Kareem Abdul Jabbar (Lew Alcindor)of the Milwaukee Bucks became NBA 1970-71 champion. 2. Kareem was transferred to LA Lakers in 1975 intil he retired in 1989. 3. And then came Shaquille O'Neal in 1996 until he left the Lakers in 2004 because he was so disappointed on how Kobe Bryant played costing the Lakers their NBA title in 2003. In 2004 Shaq transferred to the Miami Heat bench and made the team their 1st NBA championship together with Dwayne Wade. 4. In 2010-11 season, Miami was reinforced with 2 players, Lebron James and Chris Bosh. And lead the team to NBA finals which they lost. But came back strong in 2012 defeating the OKC 4-1 and became NBA champion.
Tell us why YOU hate Lebron James and the Miami Heat. It's NOTJUSTNOISE
“The Miami Heat report that Lebron James is on a liquid diet to prevent choking.”
Lebron James responded to harsh comments made by Indiana Pacers coach Frank Vogel, defending the Miami Heat and noting they are not simply just another team...
I have to thank the Miami Heat for winning another east title. It gives these haters something to talk about, it's a *** shame Lebron James does this to people... Ain't that right Ryan? Now jump to the spurs bandwagon everyone
Out of all the all time GREATS that have led their teams to multiple championships, only Michael Jordan (6 - 0) and Tim Duncan (4 - 0) have an unbeaten Finals Record. Tim Duncan is going to put his undefeated record on the line in what could be his toughest test in Lebron James and the Miami Heat.
It's just in,the Miami Heat will go against San Antonio Spurs on Thursday for Best of Seven Series Championship Games! Leading the Miami Heat is Lebron James who had a superb MVP performance against Indiana Pacers main man Paul George who's been on a foul trouble and eventually left the game with only 8points. Backing up Lebron James was Dwyane Wade who's been terrific in offensive end in the first half.
Nah nah nah nah nah nah nah nah hey hey hey Goodbye! You put up a good fight but it was not meant to be. Better luck next time Indiana Pacers! Another battle up ahead Miami vs San Antonio! But today we Celebrate yay Go the Miami Heat woot woot :D
RANT TIME! I've been getting bashed lately due to me explaining why I dislike Miami Heat so much and it seems like there's no decent/valid arguments to convince me why I should like Miami Heat. I mean everytime I say something about Lebron James -- everybody gets offended say "HATER!". Come on now, I wouldn't be hating if you stop complaining all the *** time because he's getting fouled when in reality he's flopping. The funny thing is the only people that are saying stuff like that are all the people who a Lakers jersey in their closet 3 years ago. I mean thanks to NBA 2K13 and the internet you wouldn't know who even plays for Miami besides "The Big 3". So to make a long story short, if you're going to try to argue with me about the Miami Heat franchise -- please, don't do like you have the brains of 10 year old and actually know something about the Miami Heat during your tenure as a fan because we ALL know some of you will be a Cleveland fan later in the future. RANT OVER! - Dan
A good majority of "Miami Heat fans" aren't Miami Heat fans. They are bandwagon Lebron James or Dwayne Wade fans. You realize how CORNY it is to just pick one of the Best Players in the world and ride their jock? So whenever LBJ or D-Wade retires, youre just gonna pick another superstar to keep your NBA man crush alive??? Basketball is a TEAM sport. So pick a TEAM to cheer for!
Like I always say real Miami Heat fans reside in Miami rest of y'all are just Lebron James groupies
The Miami Heat shootout this morning heading to the Game7 tonite Dwayne Wade & Lebron James did not talk to each other due to struggling performance & not sharing the ball issues that drove the Miami Heat loss to the Indiana Pacers on Saturday's game6. Uh uh uh.You better get your act together boys otherwise no repeat NBA championship chance this year. It 's post time baby for the most gruelling NBA playoff 2013...Just a few minutes away...may the best team wins.Ed D Greek picks Miami to win. How about you?
To the Miami Heat fans, Chris Bosh is a bum! Dwayne Wade is bum! Lebron James has the heart of a bum! And their Head Coach is like a 16 year old teenager that just got the keys to a brand new Ferrari. Go Pacers!!! To blows an skirt.
The last and only team to have gone to three consecutive NBA Finals, was the Chicago Bulls with the great Michael Jordan. Can the Heat break that record tonight? The last time Miami lost two consecutive games were Jan 8th and Jan 10th of this year. Can June 1st and June 3rd be the same as Jan 8th and 10th for the Heat? As you guys know the pressure is on Miami tonight, even if it's a home game. I think one of the important Heat players will be in foul trouble early because of the pressure. By the way, win or lose, no one can blame Lebron because the guy has been sensational. I still can't stand Miami after my kind words for Lebron though. As I said before, Miami is not a complete team, it's a one man band( Lebron James). Everybody else is on crutches without him on te floor. My call, the Heat season is over tonight because They will be under too much pressure to play well. Go Pacers!! Go Pacers!!!
I can't talk about Lebron James, I can't talk about Dwayne Wade...u mean to tell me I can't say nuthin bout Chris Bosh...wutcha gon do bout it then!! da entertainer voice off barbershop!! Lol F*** Miami Heat!
What does a Miami Heat loss tonight do to Lebron James legacy?
Miami Heat will lose game 7. Lebron James & Dwight Howard will be🔭in a suite at Cowboy Stadium 👀 Broncos vs. Cowboys.
I dont get why people act like the Indiana Pacers are some bums and that they got no chance of beating the Miami Heat. Theyve already proven it 3 times in the playoffs and 2 out of the 3 times they met in the season. The ONLY big difference the Miami Heat have is Lebron James. I said it before ill say it again the two teams that have a chance to beat the heat are obviously the Pacers and the Spurs.
Miami Heat lost tonight. But that is not over at all ! Last game , Game 7 at Home , don't worry Heat fans , we're gonna take this series ! Just need some players to wake up , not leaving everything to Lebron James ! Anyways , KEEP FAITH ON MIAMI HEAT ! Game 6 Final - HEAT 77, Pacers 91 The White Hot Eastern Conference Finals is now tied 3-3, Game 7 will be Monday night at AmericanAirlines Arena. Lebron James: 29 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists Dwyane Wade: 10 points Mario Chalmers: 10 points Norris Cole: 9 points Tune into Sun Sports/FOX Sports Florida or right now for the HEAT Live postgame show. -LBJSJR07
First let me say, when I say we hate Lebron, its not hate against Lebron James, the person, we think he's an awesome guy off the court, family man, charming (pause), and even funny. I am referring to his basketball persona, if you can think of the NBA like the WWE. Same with the Miami Heat in general, just sports 'hate', nothing personal. Although if I see Chalmers or Haslem in the streets and I got the tool on me, and there are no witnesses, and I got an alibi.but yea personal attacks against Lebrons off court life and stuff is mad foul yo (jokes about his mom, etc). You're not a true Heat hater if you do that, you're just a cornball and a jerk my dude. Alrite lets get it.  1. Lebron left Cleveland. Loyalty in sports is virtuous my dude. Its an old and cliched response for why we hate Lebron but cliches are cliches for a reason. Stay with the team that picked you in the draft, especially if you come in the league with titles like 'the chosen one' and King James. You can't just hop to another kingdom whe ...
If the Miami Heat do not get Greg Oden this Offseason... The "Big Three" era, if there ever was one, is over. This is Lebron against the Pacers now. And he's winning. Dwyane Wade averaging 14 ppg is the second best producer for the Miami Heat in these playoffs. Its back to his Cleveland days for Lebron James.
Miami Heat stars like Lebron James have been busy buying and selling real estate...
What if the Miami Heat played hockey? tested it out and the results were terrifying: FLOP: to fall or plump down suddenly, especially with noise; drop or turn with a sudden bump or thud. Synonyms: see Lebron James; also see, Miami Heat. ABSOLUTELY RIDICULOUS!
"for life" = I've been rooting for the Miami Heat only since they acquired Lebron James
Kobe Bryant for Los Angeles Lakers and Lebron James for Miami Heat are on all the way this season Lebron James with Miami Heat and next season Kobe Bryant and Dwight Howard with Los Angeles Lakers
If there's one thing that teams shouldn't do while playing the Miami Heat while having a chance to win the game and stealing home court is sitting your best Defensive Player on the bench. The result? Lebron James driving to the basket uncontested for the game winning layup while the rest of the pacers team turned into spectators. If Vogel keeps making decisions that backfires on him, his team is going to the golf courses earlier than expected.
Lebron is not the Best Player on the planet, or in the world, or on this planet, tbh. He's clutch. Most of y'all wouldn't even know how to spell Miami Heat is Lebron wouldn't have been traded. He broke the NBA bible rule: which is to NEVER go to a team you couldn't beat in the past. He couldn't get a ring with the Cavs, so he hopped on the Heat bandwagon like y'all did. Not if Lebron left the Heat tonight y'all wouldn't even care about Miami. He's a good player though, I ain't even gonna lie. But he's not the best, and he never will be. FIGHT ME.
If you could pick any two teams in NBA history to face off against one another in a series, who would they be? I think the 2008 Celtics and this year's Miami Heat team would be an exciting matchup! Leave your thoughts in the comments section! - NBAlways
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Whatever Roy Hibbert did against the Knicks will not. I repeat will not work against the Heat. In fact from a match up stand point who is he going to guard? It's easy to guard Tyson Chandler or Kenyon Martin because they are offensively impotent. Chris Bosh roams outside of the 3 point line and shoots mid range jumpers so Hibbert will be forced outside of the paint unless the Pacers play a zone so that he can clog the middle. If they play zone Miami have shooters Ray Allen, Chris Bosh, Shane Battier, Mike Miller, Rashard Lewis (if he can get off the bench), Mario Chalmers and now Norris Cole. Pat Riley knew he had to get the shooters to create a Dynasty. Prediction: Look for the Miami Heat to pressure the ball in the front court and throw the trap into effect once the ball gets over half court because the Pacers don't have any true ball handlers and it's a weakness that the Heat will exploit. Look for Lebron James to surgically pick apart the Pacers defense with his passing ability and his basketball bril ...
With all the hype surrounding the Miami Heat, they were supposed to sweep the Chicago Bulls, but instead played against the Bull's bench and still struggled. Physically the Heat took a serious whipping & will not win the Championship this year. Thats just me. The Chicago Bulls wore them out. The Bulls have a good squad, but Boozer has to go. Beware of the Chicago Bulls next year. SEE RED! The only reason why the Heat won is because of those silly *** facial expressions Lebron James makes when he is accused of committing a foul & the Referees!
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