Miami Heat & Joel Anthony

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. Joel Vincent Anthony (born August 9, 1982, in Montreal, Quebec) is a Canadian professional basketball player in the NBA who is currently a member of the Miami Heat. 5.0/5

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It's really weird to think that Ilgauskas/Joel Anthony & Carlos Arroyo/Mike Bibby started for the Miami Heat that first year of the big 3.
Since the end of last season the Miami Heat have made four significant roster moves. All of them have generally worked how the franchise had hoped for at this point. But they’ve also had an unintended consequence that may have opened a new Heat weakness, especially in how it relates to what seems like a destined matchup with the Indiana Pacers. Since winning the title in June the Heat used the amnesty provision on Mike Miller to release him. They signed Michael Beasley and Greg Oden to minimum contracts. And they traded Joel Anthony and two draft picks for Toney Douglas. Though Beasley has been up and down -- lately it’s been down, coach Erik Spoelstra has slashed his minutes -- he’s been a generally positive reclamation project at a terrific price. After methodical rehab, Oden has now played three games and has shown some moments that hint he could end up being an important piece later in the season, also at a great price. The Miller and Anthony moves look to have saved the Heat more than $23 milli ...
New Celtic Joel Anthony says it was "a little weird at first" coming to Boston from the rival Miami Heat.
The Golden State Warriors, Miami Heat, and Boston Celtics executed a 3-team trade! The trade is as follows: The Warriors send point guard Toney Douglas to the Heat; the Heat send center Joel Anthony, a 1st round pick they got from the 76ers, and a 2nd round draft pick to the Celtics; and the Celtics send shooting guards MarShon Brooks and Jordan Crawford to the Warriors. Thoughts?
News update: Joel Anthony, once finding out he was traded to the Boston Celtics, locked himself in the Miami Heat locker room refusing to leave.
The defending champions Miami Heat will play against the Washington Wizards tonight, and their big man, Greg Oden, who has not played for over four years, will be active. Miami Heat traded their other big man Joel Anthony today to the Boston Celtics, so they will need someone to replace him in case…
Yahoo! has reported that the Miami Heat will trade center Joel Anthony to Boston, with veteran point guard Toney Douglas coming to the Heat and Miami relinquishing a lottery-protected first-round pick that it previously acquired from Philadelphia. (That first-rounder becomes two second-rounders if t...
Thank you for being a class act Joel Anthony. Welcome back to the court Greg Oden!!! Welcome to the team Toney Douglas!!! So much is happening in the Miami Heat world today.
WHAT? Heat trade Joel Anthony!?!?!? Bummer...hope it works out for him. He was a great team player for the Miami Heat. Whoever he got sent to just became a better team. Gotta look for some details.
Miami heat trades Joel Anthony to the Celtics. heat!
Joel Anthony got traded to Boston Celtics. :( A veteran from Miami Heat will step away from our Nation. :( thanks bro ! As we welcomed Toney Douglas from Golden State Warriors,another Guard for Miami Heat.Heat Fans what do you think? This means Anthony got traded,so meaning HEAT need Andrew Bynum?
The Miami heat trade Joel Anthony and a future first-rounder to Boston and pick up Toney Douglas from Golden State.
NBA 3 team trade is approved. GSW received Jordan Crawford and MarShon Brooks from the Celtics. Miami Heat received Toney Douglas of Warriors. Boston Celtics received Joel Anthony + Draft consideration from Miami Heat.
Just a few weeks ago, I wrote the article about the Miami Heat and if there is any chance they will trade a player this season. My prediction was right, as I predicted that it will be Joel Anthony who will get traded, and he did. Today, the Miami Heat sent the center to the …
A big thanks to Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat. Can't believe the trade went through... Two-time champion (I remember when they signed him back in HS)... More rings than Paul Pierce. Chris Thiel
Miami Heat traded Joel Anthony to get a wing player now who wants to bet they go sign Andrew Bynum to take Anthony's spot. Watch out Indiana
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Miami Heat have traded Joel Anthony and 2 future draft picks for Toney Douglas in three-team trade. It will save Heat 10M+. Good move it saves cap space and adds talent.
DENVER -- Yes, it crossed Joel Anthony's mind. Here he was, being a good teammate, helping to carry Norris Cole to the visiting locker room after the Miami Heat point guard crashed face-first on the Pepsi Center floor. "I was like, man, it would be messed up if I had to like come back out here...
Watching Preseason football once the starters are pulled is like someone going to a Miami Heat game & being like "I'm here for Joel Anthony"
Congratulations to Juwan Howard, Joel Anthony, Rashard Lewis, James Jones and the rest of the Miami Heat!
To All The Miami Haters Out there... "What ever you say guyz We Still Believe In MIAMI HEAT"... Lebron James, entered NBA when he was 18 yrs old... He was selected with the FIRST OVERALL PICK in the 2003 NBA DRAFT... DWAYNE WADE- 5th Pick in the 2003 NBA DRAFT... Chris Bosh- 4th PICK in the 2003 NBA DRAFT... "BIG THREE still THE BEST FOR US" together with the MIAMI HEAT TEAM Ray Allen, Chris Andersen, Joel Anthony, Shane Battier, Mario Chalmers, Norris Cole, Udonis Haslem, Juwan Howard, James Jones, Rashard Lewis, Mie Miller and Jarvis Vernardo... You will see the REAL PLAY OF HEAT at GAME 4... So be ready SPURS :p...
Lebron James, Video, 2013 Nba Finals, Miami Heat, Nba Finals 2013, Tim Duncan, Tony Parker, Nba Finals, San Antonio Spurs, Tony Parker Shot, Tony Parker Video, Sports News Miami Heat center Joel Anthony (50) defends against San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker (9) during the first half of Game 1 of basketball's Nba Finals, Thursday, June 6, 2013 in Miami. (AP Photo/Steve Mitchell, Pool) MIAMI — The San Antonio Spurs returned to the Nba Finals just the way they left – with a victory over Lebron James. Tim Duncan overcame a slow start to finish with 20 points and 14 rebounds, Tony Parker banked in a desperation jumper with 5.2 seconds left and the Spurs withstood James' triple-double to beat the Miami Heat 92-88 on Thursday night in a thrilling Game 1. Parker ended up with 21 points after referees reviewed his shot to make sure it just beat the shot clock, giving San Antonio a four-point edge in a game that was close the whole way. James had 18 points, 18 rebounds and 10 assists in his second strai ...
This Just In (from my mind to the screen) Miami Heat will send Chris Bosh, Mario Chalmers, and Joel Anthony's Forehead to Minnesota for Ricky Rubio and Kevin Love...!!! MAKE THE PHONE CALL Pat Riley, MAKE THE FRIGGIN CALL...!!! (That Is All)
One time I was watching a Miami Heat game with this girl and I told her Joel Anthony was Carmelo Anthony's brother.
When Joel Anthony and James Jones are trending you know it was a Miami Heat blowout victory even if you didn't watch one second of the game.
Joel Anthony is an uglier version of Lebron James
I’ve never been much of an advocate for Kenyon Martin, but with the Miami Heat playing the way they are, I’m all for him taking his aging talents to South Beach. And according to Ira Wi...
Out of the blue got a call from a Los Angeles radio staton wanting to talk about the history of Canadian hoops in realtionship to NBA. Every so often various media outlets contact me for such as yours truly is considered a Canadian basketball historian and have written on such for the NBA over the many years. They caught me off guard with one question though, asking to name the current eight Canadians ready to suit up in opening night action tonight in NBA. Forgot one of the eight listed here: Joel Anthony, Miami Heat; Samuel Dalembert, Milwaukee Bucks; Cory Joseph, San Antonio Spurs; Kris Joseph, Boston Celtics; Steve Nash, Los Angeles Lakers; Andrew Nicholson, Orlando Magic; Robert Sacre, Los Angeles Lakers; Tristan Thompson, Cleveland Cavaliers But a quick question. The game has not happened yet so is it part of history? So in that I forgot, I never really knew yet as it did not happen?
Shooting an interview with Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat, this Friday. Too bad I'm not a sports fan, or I'd be pretty *** stoked.
I just met Chris Bosh and his wife, Ray Allen, Joel Anthony, and a couple of other Miami Heat players at their practice
I'm confuse about how ESPN rank Miami Heat in their power rankings over the LA Lakers. I understand they won last year but for this season 2012-13 going preseason the Lakers has the best team definitely better than the Heat. Just compare the team, starting 5 center Howard over Bosh, PF Pau over Battier(but best believe LBJ can't check Pau in the post), SF Lebron over Metta, SG is this really a debate black MAMBA over Wade, PG Nash over Chalmers. Lakers bench is better too. Jamison, J.Hill, Ebanks, Jodie Meeks & Blake. Heat have really Ray Allen & Norris Cole. Mike Miller can barely walk, Rashard Lewis when last this he was relevant, Joel Anthony trash, Haslem undersized PF. Like I said how are they rank
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Miami Heat center Joel Anthony touched down at VC Bird International Airport on Wednesday where he was greeted by his mother and former teacher Erene Anthony
Happy birthday to my main man Joel Anthony the heart and soul of the Miami Heat
Miami Heat center Joel Anthony chose to celebrate his 30th birthday with his friends and family in Antigua & Barbuda.
Miami Heat look at former NBA Draft lottery pick Darko Milicic in NBA ...
That's dope RT"Just found out that I'm related to Joel Anthony from the Miami Heat."
Montreal's Joel Anthony, a member of the NBA-champ Miami Heat, in town to visit his mom, shared his thoughts on a memorable season with CTV Montreal.
Miami Heat just offered Orlando Magic Norris Cole, Joel Anthony, Rashard Lewis, and 2 future first round picks for Dwight Howard! OMG!
Tomorrow joel Anthony comming in AMaBaie so u fan of bball or just of Miami Heat should come and with friends
Joel Anthony and Dexter Pittman of the Miami Heat at Bayside lol
Former UNLV Runnin' Rebel, Joel Anthony discusses the Miami Heat's challenging season, Lebron, and the Runnin' Rebels under Dave Rice all with Cofield and Cokin.
James Jones and Joel Anthony sit down and talk with Miami Heat television analyst Tony Fiorentino.
S/O to the Real MVP of the Miami Heat. Mr Joel Anthony! didnt deserve it. U did!! lol
Time to see which Miami Heat team shows up tonight! Two even teams but Boston has out played Miami in 4 straight games! Game 1 Miami beat a tried Boston team that just beat the 76ers. The key to this game is you know Lebron & Wade should get there's. Bosh is one of the x-factors as well as Mario Chambers and Shane Battier! Chambers on the court the last two games a -13 and Battier -5!!! The worst on the court we all know is Joel Anthony -11 with M.Miller -10!!! So tonight i'm watch these four players on the floor tonight (Chambers, Battier, M.Miller and Anthony!) Let's see who does and doesn't show up tonight!!!
The coach of the Miami Heat need to be fired.He does not know what he is doing. Why didnt he play Chris Bosh and Joel Anthony down the stretch.Miami will never win a championship as long as he is the head coach.
Joel Anthony looks like he should be on Friday Night Fights, not the Miami Heat
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Mock Draft has Miami Heat passing on Fab Melo and drafting Draymond Green... Have they seen Joel Anthony play?!
That Joel Anthony, for the Miami Heat, is obesely forehead heavy & *** ugly!
Miami Heat's Center Joel Anthony blocks Paul George and Lebron James converts at the other end with the powerful slam. I do not own the video or audio material.
Joel Anthony, that plays for the Miami Heat has abig *** head with a hairline that starts at the back of his neck. I know someone like that with the same features.
Pacers vs. Heat Game 2 - NBA Videos and Highlights. The Indiana Pacers hang on to extinguish the Miami Heat in Game 2, 78-75.
Heat say Bosh out indefinitely after MRI Must Read?Yes 2 Email StoryPrint 3 hours ago MIAMI, FL - MAY 13: Lebron James of the Miami Heat is concerned as Chris ... MIAMI (AP) — The Miami Heat say Chris Bosh will be sidelined indefinitely because of a strained abdominal muscle. An MRI exam performed Monday confirmed the diagnosis. Bosh was hurt late in the first half of the Heat's 95-86 victory over Indiana on Sunday in Game 1 of their Eastern Conference semifinal series. Game 2 of the series is Tuesday night. Bosh's minutes will likely be filled by Joel Anthony and Ronny Turiaf, both of whom played extended stretches Sunday after Bosh departed. The Associated Press
Crazy day for sports yesterday! Man. City with a fairy tale comeback, the Marlins win with a walk-off Grand Slam, and the Miami Heat comeback! Crazy comebacks! And Joel Anthony got 9 points!!
They SAY Miami Heat flop too much, but in this game 1, we only drew 3 charges: the one Chalmers got, the one Joel Anthony got, and the one Shane Battier DID NOT get...So two charges automatically make us win by nearly double digits? Yall bein mad cuz its difficult and dont kno how to beat us consistantly. Cant beat us, might as well Join us... But dont critique us
Information concerning 2 Miami Heat fans: Chris Bosh will have an MRI to determine the severity of his abdominal strain. We'll have a timetable for his return once the results are known, but there's a real chance that Bosh could be sidelined for the rest of the second round. Manu Ginobili missed 15 games with a strained abdomen this season, and they are easy to aggravate, but hopefully Bosh's isn't too severe. Ronny Turiaf, Dexter Pittman and Joel Anthony will all play bigger roles until he returns.
Shouts Out to Dat Boi Joel Anthony of the Miami Heat for steppin it up today all the efforts in the Win
Steve Nash was unbelievable once again... he broke Phoenix Suns franchise assist record and is currently ALL TIME in NBA assist count --- Tristan Thompson had a strong rookie season --- Cory Joseph has had a productive season despite flirting w/ NBA & D-League -- Joel Anthony chasing an NBA championship w/ the Miami Heat!
NPH takes a look at some key story lines this season w/ Steve Nash breaking records... Tristan Thompson & Cory Joseph's rookie years & Joel Anthony active in NBA post season with the Miami Heat! --- British Columbia, Ontario & Montrea representationl -- this diversity illustrates the talent we have from coast-to-coast!
Rooting for the New York Knicks to knock off the Miami Heat. They match up well against them Lebron James - Carmello Anthony Dwane Wade - J.R Smith Joel Anthony - Tyson Chandler Chris Bosh - Amare Stoudamire
Headin to the Miami Heat vs. New York Knicks game... Bout to see if i can throw somethin at joel Anthony's forehead lol
Joel Anthony good to go vs. Raptors Wednesday – Joel Anthony (F/C) Miami Heat
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Miami Heat's Joel Anthony (50) dunks against Orlando Magic's Chris Duhon, left, and Glen Davis during the first quarter of an NBA bas...
"Oh, you're a really big Miami Heat fan? Name their center." Joel Anthony, Udonis Haslem, Eddy Curry... Yes Im a Heat Fan!
PHOTOS: Toronto Raptors vs Miami Heat: Miami Heat guard Dwyane Wade is helped up by Joel Anthony after falling b...
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