Miami Heat & Chicago Bulls

The Miami Heat is a professional basketball team based in Miami, Florida, United States. The Chicago Bulls are a professional basketball team based in Chicago, Illinois, playing in the Central Division of the Eastern Conference in the National Basketball Association (NBA). 5.0/5

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Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls scored 50 points in a 106-100 win over the Miami Heat.
Dwyane Wade of Chicago Bulls gets two standing ovations in return to Miami Heat
I liked a video from Dwyane Wade Returns to Miami! Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat
says his decision to leave the Miami Heat for the Chicago Bulls was still "surreal" Thursday
Dwyane Wade plans to sign with the Chicago Bulls as soon as they clear cap space:
DWade out?. The former Miami Heat star is expected to move up north, sign with the Chicago Bulls, per sources.
Dwyane Wade's letter to on his move from the Miami Heat to his hometown Chicago Bulls.
Dwyane Wade heads to the Chicago Bulls after 13 seasons with Miami Heat.
Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat game preview -
NBA to play first exhibition game in Africa: Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose (1) is defended by Miami Heat fo...
Finally, something Miami Heat fans can get excited about. The Miami Heat outclassed the Chicago Bulls on Sunday afternoon by a score of 96-84 as five players scored in double figures. However, the story of the night was none other than 7'0" center Hassan Whiteside.
Miami Heat center Hassan Whiteside said he was trying to improve his "NBA 2K" rating after posting a triple double against the Chicago Bulls.
Lebron James is back home and starts off the season receiving an outlet pass from Kevin Love and finishing strong with a bucket and the foul.About the NBA: The NBA is the premier professional basketball league in the United States and Canada. The league is truly global, with games and programming in 215 countries and territories in 47 languages, as well as NBA rosters at the start of the 2014-15 season featuring a record 101 international players from 37 countries and territories. For the 2014-15 season, each of the league's 30 teams will play 82 regular-season games, followed by a postseason for those that qualify. The NBA consists of the following teams: Atlanta Hawks; Boston Celtics; Brooklyn Nets; Charlotte Hornets; Chicago Bulls; Cleveland Cavaliers; Dallas Mavericks; Denver Nuggets; Detroit Pistons; Golden State Warriors; Houston Rockets; Indiana Pacers; Los Angeles Clippers; Los Angeles Lakers; Memphis Grizzlies; Miami Heat; Milwaukee Bucks; Minnesota Timberwolves; New Orleans Pelicans; New York Kn ...
FLASHBACK: Miami Heat star Dwyane Wade scores 48 points and the game-winner in 2OT vs. the Chicago Bulls! LeBum who???
You read it here first- my anticipated nationally televised Christmas Day NBA schedule: the Cleveland Cavaliers vs Miami Heat (return of LeBron in Miami for the first time) Chicago Bulls vs Los Angeles Lakers (Pau Gasol's return to LA) and Clippers vs Golden State (doesnt matter where...this is a growing rivalry)...a repeat of history much like Lakers vs Sacramento Kings...2 teams that cant STAND each other...finally OKC vs Spurs
Lmao they mad. .teams aren’t willing to wait it out to see if they are the winners of the Lebron James free agency sweepstakes. By doing so, teams will put themselves in the position to miss out on other top tier free agents who could immediately improve the team. By the look of things, LeBron is returning to the Miami Heat, barring a drastic change in his current thinking. In 2010, James made it his business to meet with teams to see what they had to offer going forward. Now, James is currently out of the country checking out the World Cup while his management handles all free agent meetings. This isn’t the sign of a man whose looking to possibly go elsewhere, and if you want to see one, look in the direction of Carmelo Anthony who just met with the Chicago Bulls and has other meetings planned. Read more :
Norris Cole crossover on D-Rose Norris Cole crosses over Derrick Rose as the Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls in the season opener.
I seen ALOT of Americans in the late 80's become Detroit Pistons fans and 49ers fans. I seen ALOT of people in the early 90's become Dallas Cowboys and Chicago Bulls fans. In the early 2000's, I even seen people REPP the Patriots (I didn't even know New England was a city in America) I seen a few of y'all in 2009 become WHO DAT fans. Now the same people are Miami Heat fans so I ask y' me 3 Miami Heat players from the 2001-2002 season without "googling it".Don't worry, I'm cooking breakfast
Chicago Bulls rosters for their first 3 Championships all included Michael Jordan , Scottie Pippen , Horace Grant , Bill Cartwright , Paxson , BJ Armstrong , an Will Perdue all of which were Great Players that 90-91 , 91-92 , and 92-93 Miami Heat first three soon to be championship rosters 11-12 , 12-13 , 13-14 are very comparable with Lebron James , Dwayne Wade , Chris Bosh , Haslem , Mario Chalmers , Shane Battier , Being on all three and Chris Anderson and RayRay Allen on last year and this year. Along with help from Lewis and Cole now look at both of those and tell me they are not similar in talent? COME ON LETS DEBATE!!! Not arguing , debating. *
All NBA-First Team Released The NBA has released their All-NBA First Team, and this year's team is highlighted by MVP Kevin Durant. Durant was the lone unanimous member of the team, as he averaged an NBA-high 32.0 points per game along with 7.4 rebounds and 5.5 assists per game. This is Durant's fifth All-NBA First Team appearance in just his seventh NBA season. Miami Heat forward Lebron James made his eighth All-NBA First Team, but was not a unanimous selection, receiving 124 out of 125 votes. Los Angeles Clippers point guard Chris Paul earned his fourth All NBA-First Team after leading the NBA in assists with 10.3 per game. Houston Rockets guard James Harden made the First Team for the first time in his career as did Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah. The Second-Team All-NBA team selections were San Antonio Spurs point guard Tony Parker, Golden State Warriors' guard Stephen Curry, Los Angeles Clippers' forward Blake Griffin, Houston Rockets center Dwight Howard, and Minnesota Timberwovles forward Kevin L ...
It's no secret that as a society we have a fond love for "the good old days." Nothing in the present moment is ever as good as it was "back in the day." This fact leads me to my rant of the day. I'm not sure if it's because he looks great in a Hanes commercial, or if we simply love his shoes, but MJ has become the gold standard in basketball. This has led to the 1990s Chicago Bulls being the best assembly of athletes ever compiled to win a Championship. It bothers me listening to ESPN radio, and hear intelligent men talk about the rule changes, the "watered down" league, and how "tough" things were in the 1990s. Compared to the teams of today -- specifically the Miami Heat. As a scoiety we've evolved compared to 20 years ago. The athletes of the 1990s were stronger, faster, and more athletic then the athletes 20 years before them. MJ and the athletes he competed against changed the game dueing their era. THE SAME THING HAPPENED WITH THIS ERA OF ATHLETES. Lebron James, Kevin Durant, Blake Griffin, ...
My homie Marcus Stewart said the 2014 Miami Heat will beat the 94 95 Chicago Bulls smh whats your thoughts FB?
San Antonio (1) vs Miami (2) Miami’s 4th Consecutive Eastern Conference Championship (1st since Boston Celtics 1984-1987) San Antonio’s 6th Overall Western Conference Championship (2nd in the West only to Los Angeles [30]) First NBA Finals rematch since Chicago Bulls vs Utah Jazz (1997-1998) After a certain point, it is very difficult to measure or properly evaluate teams via statistics. When reaching the finals of any sports tournament (especially one decided by a best of 7 format), one can hardly remember one’s shooting percentage or number of turnovers unless it sets a record for the final round of competition. Instead, the true human factors are the key. The 2014 NBA Finals are no different. In the Miami Heat, we have the first true dynasty of the Social Media Era forming before our very eyes. With Indiana’s bewildering collapse, there are truly no contenders on the horizon in the Eastern Conference who can challenge Miami for their iced-out throne. Their only true threats have come from the W ...
I'm continuing to analyze the quality of opponents Jordan and LBJ faced to win their championships. Round 2 or Road to the Gold of the 1991 Chicago Bulls and 2012 Miami Heat. This time Jordan faces a much stiffer test than 91 Knicks team they just beat with a losing record, and LBJ takes on an a solid upcoming Pacers squad. Bulls 1991 second round opponents: 1991 Philadelphia 76ers Regular season team stats: Record: 44-38, Finished 2nd in NBA Atlantic Division PTS/G: 105.4 (15th of 27) ▪ Opp PTS/G: 105.6 (14th of 27) SRS: -0.39 (15th of 27) ▪ Pace: 95.7 (18th of 27) Off Rtg: 107.9 (13th of 27) ▪ Def Rtg: 108.1 (16th of 27) Best players Charles Barkley put up a monster 27/10 in the regular season on 57% shooting. Barkely's PER was 28.9! Chuck was also the MVP of the 1991 All Star Game and made the All NBA First Team Hersey Hawkins averaged 22 points on 47% shooting with a staggering 40% coming from the 3 point line. Hersey had a 19.4 PER. He was selected as a reserve in the All Star Game. Postseason: ...
I think Frank Vogel is wrong for comparing the Miami Heat dynasty to the Chicago Bulls dynasty. The Chicago Bulls dynasty won more championships than the Miami Heat and had a 72-10 1995-1996 season. The Chicago Bulls should not even be in the same conversation as the Miami Heat. I'm sorry, but it is true! Also, the Chicago Bulls would have beaten the Miami Heat in a 7 game series as well! I'm just saying!
Miami Heat is the Chicago Bulls of our era..Frank Vogel said...
NBA UPDATE: Pacers coach Frank Vogel after losing to the miami heat in Game Six: "We're competing against the Michael Jordan of our era, we're competing against the Chicago Bulls of our era.
Did everyone just hear Frank Vogel just say that Miami Heat was the Chicago Bulls of this Era? Right let's get it. And for you all who don't know who he is. .. That's the Pacers coach! dat take dat. .. in my Diddy voice.
WOW Frank Vogel just said that the Miami Heat are the Chicago Bulls of this era, very impressed with his speech about the Heat. He ain't that bad. Lol
Y'all heard it Indiana Pacers Head Coach Frank Vogel called Lebron James the Jordan of our time and called the Miami Heat the Chicago Bulls of our time
Just found a VERY interesting Stat for ya Eric Bates. Since 1980, every NBA Finals had at least the Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, Detroit Pistons, Houston Rockets, Los Angeles Lakers, Miami Heat, or San Antonio Spurs playing for the championship. NBA been rigged for decades.
Miami Heat VS Chicago Bulls on the XBox360. Of course, I get to win. ;)
President Obama welcomes a NBA champion Miami Heat to a White House and records it is a lapse revisit given they have won back-to-back titles. He says he wishes a Miami Heat well, unless they’re personification a Chicago Bulls. Article source:...
I guess the Chicago Bulls really meant it when they said "See Red". LOL. They are seeing "RED" now being down 2-0. Looks like the date you said with the Miami Heat in the Eastern Conference Finals is looking a little tough right Raza Jeffery?
NBA playoffs get started today and I think we have some solid first round matchups. East: Indiana Pacers over Atlanta Hawks in 7 Miami Heat over Charlotte Bobcats in 5 Toronto Raptors over Brooklyn Nets in 7 Washington Wizards over Chicago Bulls in 6 West: San Antonio Spurs over Dallas Mavericks in 5 Oklahoma City Thunder over Memphis Grizzlies in 6 Los Angeles Clippers over Golden State Warriors in 7 Houston Rockets over Portland Trailblazers in 5
I am saying this right now-- the Chicago Bulls will beat the Indiana Pacers in the playoffs then go on to have the right to get humiliated by the Miami Heat.
Q CLOSED - Again, happy 30th birthday to Chris Bosh, but also happy 31st birthday to TJ Ford, Texas Longhorn, player on 4 NBA teams and a Croatian team member. Both Bosh and Ford were taken in the 2003 NBA Draft, with Bosh being and Ford being Let's do the rest of the top 10 for the 2003 Draft as this was quite the draft! Try to name when the player was picked as well, if you dare... 1. Lebron James - Cleveland Cavaliers - St. Vincent-St. Mary High 2. Darko Milicic - Detroit Pistons - Hemofarm Visac 3. Carmelo Anthony - Denver Nuggets - Syracuse 4. Chris Bosh - Toronto Raptors - Georgia Tech 5. Dwayne Wade - Miami Heat - Marquette 6. Chris Kaman - Los Angeles Clippers - Central Michigan 7. Kirk Hinrich - Chicago Bulls - Kansas 8. TJ Ford - Milwaukee Bucks - Texas 9. Michael Sweetney - New York Knicks - Georgetown 10. Jarvis Hayes - Washington Wizards - Georgia
NBA: Overtime loss for Miami: Lebron James suffered another night of struggles and the Miami Heat paid the pri...
When the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat meet tempers flare and the game gets intense. The Bulls defeated Lebron James and the Heat in overtime of a spirited ...
NBA 2k14 - Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls, hope you will enjoy watching it, leaving like and subscribe is always appreciated!
Lebron James & the Miami Heat take on Carlos Boozer and the Chicago Bulls! Who will win this East matchup? Subscribe for more PS4 videos!
Intro for the Chicago Bulls from upper bowl on March 8, 2014 against the Miami Heat.
It is already awesome to see Chicago Bulls play a fantastic season game and win dramatically at the last minute, but it is even better if the defeated team is Miami Heat and you get to see Lebron's perplexed face afterwards.
Miami Heat fall 95-88 to Chicago Bulls in overtime for third straight loss - Palm Beach
Taj Gibson Dunks Over Mario Chalmers (VIDEO) Jimmy Butler’s terrific defense on a driving Lebron James led to a huge dunk by Taj Gibson, as the Chicago Bulls held on for the big 95-88 win over the visiting Miami Heat. Marcel Mutoni
I sad it before, I'm sayin it again Lebron James is "Not" there yet, Well done to my team, Chicago Bulls 95-88 Miami Heat
Former Gator, Joakim Noah is having a monster year with the Chicago Bulls. He is playing with the same passion Gator fans saw from the time he was a freshman. After beating the Miami Heat he said playing them brought the same determination he had felt when he was a Gator playing the Kentucky Wildcats at Rupp Arena. He started for UF two years, how many National Championships did we win in those two years? That would be Two.
Lebron James drops the ball in Miami Heat's loss to Chicago Bulls - -
Your Chicago Bulls come out with the win over the Miami Heat!!! Noah comes out with 20 points, 12 rebounds, & 7 assists! Great game for the
NBA Basketball Recap: Final statistics from the Miami Heat vs. Chicago Bulls game played on March 09, 2014
Someone needs to calm down. During Sunday's game between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat, Kirk Hinrich was covering Lebron James. As you can see from the GIF above, one Bulls fan was clearly not happy with the matchup...
HOW about them Chicago Bulls beat the Miami Heat
Joakim Noah's father Yannick Noah was interviewed during the Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat game and Chicago got to see where Joakim got his fire from.
Well since I lost an hour of sleep last night I guess I'll be taking a 2 hour opposed to my typical 1 hour nap! Yup.right after this Miami Heat & Chicago Bulls game!
And we're off... Today your Chicago Bulls tip off against the Miami Heat! Are you joining us for the sold out game?
I feel like a young schoolgirl. I have a new crush. its going pretty strong and its pretty bad and its pretty good. Chicago Bulls are looking real cute to me right now especially since the New York Knicks broke my heart. the thought of Carmelo Anthony playing for the Bulls has me crushing on them even more! oh to be young and in love ! next week it'll be Miami Heat, for the following week it'll be the San Antonio Spurs, the week after that it'll be the Brooklyn Nets!
Who will win Sunday's game Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls?
The 2013-2014 NBA season tipped off last night in Miami, and the Back9Network’s very own Ray Allen helped the Miami Heat top the visiting Chicago Bulls in style.
Chicago Bulls Set to Give the Miami Heat a Run for Their Money: The Chicago Bulls are headed to the American A...
Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, San Antonio Spurs, Houston Rockets, and the NY Knicks have shown interest in Shannon Brown. (Source: Sam Amick)
NBA-National Basketball Association roundup Feb 21 (The Sports Xchange) - Tests performed Friday revealed Miami Heat forward Lebron James suffered a broken nose during Thursday's victory over the Oklahoma City Thunder, the team announced. His status for Sunday's game against the Chicago Bulls will be determined just before the game. The injury occurred when James was hit in the face by Thunder center Serge Ibaka while James was driving to the basket with 5:56 remaining in the fourth quarter. No foul was called on the play. James bled on the floor before heading to the locker room. He did not return to the game or comment afterward. - - - The Orlando Magic and forward Glen Davis mutually agreed to a contract buyout, the team announced. Financial terms were not released by the team. Davis averaged 12.1 points and 6.3 rebounds in 30.1 minutes over 45 games (43 starts) with the Magic this season. - - - The Philadelphia 76ers announced that they waived newly acquired power forward Earl Clark. Clark, center Hen ...
While the Miami Heat have been rumored to be interested in Andrew Bynum since he was unloaded by the Chicago Bulls, it was Miami’s arch rival in the East, the Indiana Pacers, that signed the big man. Many speculated that the Heat would sign Bynum to counter the size of Indiana’s Roy Hibbert. Instead...
The Dallas Mavericks' Dirk Nowitzki and the Miami Heat's Chris Bosh headline the list of 14 players that have been selected by the coaches as reserves for the 2014 NBA All-Star Game, the NBA announced today. Nowitzki earns his 12th selection, which ties him for sixth all-time with nine players, while Bosh secures his ninth trip to the All-Star Game in 11 NBA seasons. The 63rd NBA All-Star Game will be exclusively televised on TNT from New Orleans Arena on Sunday, Feb. 16, 2014. The All-Star Game, also broadcast live on ESPN Radio, will collectively reach fans in 215 countries and territories in more than 40 languages. Three first-time All-Stars join Bosh as reserves in the East: DeMar DeRozan (Toronto Raptors), Paul Millsap (Atlanta Hawks) and John Wall (Washington Wizards). The Brooklyn Nets' Joe Johnson earns his seventh selection, while the Indiana Pacers' Roy Hibbert and the Chicago Bulls' Joakim Noah are All-Stars for the second time in their careers. Joining Nowitzki as reserves in the West are LaMa ...
The defending champions Miami Heat need a player who can player inside, score and rebound. Andrew Bynum, who was recently waived by the Chicago Bulls...
The Golden State Warriors have an immense amount of talent, talent that can go missing for stretches of time during games or complete games. The Warriors have been completely revamped to achieve the team they currently have but now they cannot seem to put it together. I believe they have become passive when playing teams "beneath" them. They have had incredible comebacks that have made Sportscenter's top stories, buzzer beaters, and shots that you would have to see to believe. And they almost had a 7-0 road trip for the first time in NBA history (and yes, it's hard to believe the great Chicago Bulls and LA Lakers teams never accomplished those feats). The game tonight, 1/24/14, is unfortunately what I think the Warriors are at the moment. It could have been the Miami Heat or Minnestoa Timberwolves as their opponent and the Warriors would always hang around. Most nights the Warriors offense is incredible and exciting to watch, but their defense is not good. Some nights their offense is gone and they play a ...
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Sport: Basketball (5* NBA Play of the Day) Market: Chicago Bulls @ Washington Wizards Pick: Bulls +5 ½ points Odds: $1.89 Agency: Betfair Wager: 5 Units Game Time: 11:00am AEDT Analysis: The Washington Wizards are in a massive letdown spot tonight. They not only beat the defending champion Miami Heat last time out, they destroyed them 114-97. They are certainly feeling good about themselves heading into this game with Chicago Tonight. The Wizards are primed for a huge letdown following that win. Adding to the letdown factor is the fact that Washington beat Chicago 102-88 on the road on January 13 just five days ago. We really believe the Wizards won't even show up tonight. The Bulls, meanwhile, will be out for revenge from that loss earlier this week. This team has been playing great, but it continues to get disrespected. The Bulls have won six of their last seven games overall behind the most underrated head coach in the business in Tom Thibodeau. Plays against favourites (WASHINGTON) - in a game involv ...
Really wanna go to a baseball game in Yankee stadium & go to an NBA game where Chicago Bulls or Miami Heat are playing.
Cavs acquire Luol Deng in trade with Bulls... There's some shifting going on in the Eastern Conference, and when the Wizards face the Chicago Bulls on Monday at United Center they'll look different. Luol Deng, two-time All-Star forward who hadn't received the max extension he wanted from the Bulls in his 10th season, won't be there. "We have great respect for Luol Deng, as a player and a person. He has been an incredible contributor to our team on the court, and he has also done great things in the community," said Gar Forman, Bulls general manager in a statement. "On behalf of the entire Bulls organization, I want to thank Luol for his years in Chicago." Andrew Bynum, acquired from the Cleveland Cavaliers, is expected to be released, making him a free agent. The move helps the Bulls clear out room under the salary cap, as much as $15 million, because Bynum's contract isn't fully guaranteed. While Bynum loses money in the transaction he can find a home with a championship-caliber team such as Miami Heat, ...
Miami Heat, outmuscled by Chicago Bulls, drop their secon. Watch Hot Girls at
Dwyane Wade of the Miami Heat shoots against Daequan Cook of the Chicago Bulls in Game Two of
Bulls' Rose needs knee surgery, out indefinitely CHICAGO (AP) -- Chicago Bulls superstar Derrick Rose is out indefinitely because of torn cartilage in his right knee that will require surgery, the team said Saturday. The former MVP has a medial meniscus tear and there's no immediate timetable for his return. Rose injures right knee, Blazers beat Bulls 98-95 Rose had an MRI in Los Angeles on Saturday after he was injured a night earlier at Portland. He won't be with the team for its remaining four games on its six-game trip. The three-time All-Star sat out last season recovering from a torn anterior cruciate ligament in his left knee. Now, it's his other knee that's injured. ''It's sad, knowing how hard he worked to get back,'' said All-Star guard Chris Paul of the Clippers, who will host the Bulls on Sunday. Rose's injury occurred in the third quarter against the Trail Blazers. He lost his footing while trying to change direction to get back on defense when Nicolas Batum stole a pass from Joakim Noah and ...
Break up the 76ers. Now 3-0 with wins over the two-time defending champion Miami Heat and the Derrick Rose-led Chicago Bulls--two teams that MOST NBA "experts" picked as the top two teams in the East.
The 76ers have beaten both the Miami Heat, and the Chicago Bulls via EPIC comebacks! Who woulda guessed? Everyone thought that their team went terrible all of a sudden after losing Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, and Andrew Bynum in consecutive seasons, but people are stepping up! Michael Carter-Williams, Evan Turner, Thaddeus Young, Spencer Hawes all playing incredible! -Pav
Image of the Day Looking For Three The 2013/14 NBA Season tipped off on Tuesday Night with three games, as the Miami Heat raised their second straight championship banner. The Miami Heat enter the season looking to cement themselves as one of the best teams in NBA history with a three-peat. However, with Heat players like Dwyane Wade wearing down from long playoff runs and several teams improving this year's title quest may be the most difficult for Miami. One of the teams looking to knock the Heat off the mountain top is the Chicago Bulls who welcomed back Derrick Rose after missing all of last season with a knee injury. In his return, Rose scored 12 points in 34 minutes as the Heat scorched the Bulls 107-95. Elsewhere the Indiana Pacers beat the Orlando Magic 97-87, while the Los Angeles Lakers without Kobe Bryant upended the Los Angeles Clippers 116-103.
Chicago Bulls 95 Miami Heat 107 Miami Heat getting their rings tonight and they are a bit rusty but they got down to business going on a 31-5 run spanning two quarters to put the game away early on. They were raining bombs hitting 11 3's, shooting at a high rate. LeBron with his all around game, and Shane Battier hitting all four of his 3's. Derrick Rose finally returned. We can finally get rid of that horrible Rose memes. He was rusty but he looked like Derrick Rose of old, getting to the line, attacking the defense. Give him some time and he'll be back to his old form. Jimmy Butler and Carlos Boozer had good games but not enough as they got absolutely mullered by the Miami Heat. Derrick Rose: 12 pts, 4 ast, 34 minutes Carlos Boozer: 31 pts, 7 reb, 2 ast Jimmy Butler (and his terrible hair): 20 pts, 3 reb, 3 ast Lebron James: 17 pts, 8 reb, 6 ast Chris Bosh: 16 pts, 6 reb, 3 blk -TheSixthPistol
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To all of you Chicago Bulls fans with diarrhea of the mouth, how 'bout them Bulls? Oh, they lost? Shame. So much for the Derrick Rose hype. Miami Heat all day!
Chicago Bulls lost to the Miami Heat 107 to 95 Bulls next game vs. New York Knicks at the United Center on Thursday in Chicago Go Bulls. Chicago Blackhawks win tonight's game against the Oawtta Senators the score was 6 to 5 Go Chicago Blackhawks. Blackhawks improve there record too 8-2-3 on the NHL season.
Derrick Rose and the Chicago Bulls get dominated by Lebron James and the Miami Heat!
107-95 : victory of Miami HEAT over the Chicago Bulls for the NBA Opening. \m/ ~ Mehhehe. B-)
Derrick Rose came back for the Chicago Bulls tonight VS your 2012-2013 NBA Champions Miami Heat on ring ceremony night with the same results, Heat win. Go Miami Heat and Three Peat!
Chicago Bulls @ Miami Heat 95-107 Derrick Rose was suppose to destroy the Heat tonite wasn't he? SMH
I like the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat but I guess the Heats came out on top tonite 107-95.
Its that time Nwsportsfanatics NBA Eastern Conference Preview! 1. Miami Heat- Back to back champions have appeared in the last 3 finals plus they have the best player on the planet. Lebron James, Dwayne Wade, and Chris Bosh and their great supporting cast embark on their three peat journey who is gonna stop them? Greg Oden can be huge pick up health willing. 2. Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose is back to claim his spot of one of the best in the NBA. Loul Deng returns from injury, Taj Gibson looks much improved but the question is which Carlos Boozer are we going to get. Joakim Noah top 3 center in the NBA look for Jimmy Butler to continue his strong play. 3. Indiana Pacers- The return of Danny Granger will be huge for the Pacers. Resigning David West and extending Paul George to a max contract mean the East will have to deal with the man with two first names for years to come. Don't forget about Roy Hibbert and the most underrated player in the NBA Luis Scola. 4. Brooklyn Nets- On paper I see championship and ...
Bulls' Joakim Noah ready for opener ESPN: October 27, 2013 DEERFIELD, Ill. -- Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah says he is "100 percent" ready to play against the Miami Heat in Tuesday's regular season opener. Noah, who has been battling a groin injury throughout the preseason, said earlier in the week it was possible that he would miss the opener but now appears confident he will be able to play. He went through all of Sunday's practice without any limitations. "I feel pretty good," Noah said. "[Practice is] different than a game but I feel good and I'm really excited about Tuesday." Noah said he really didn't consider actually sitting out against the Heat. "I think if my groin was still bothering me we'd have to talk about it because I didn't want it to linger on all season," he said. "It would have been really tough to sit out a game that I've been waiting for all summer. I've been training for this game all summer. So it would have been tough but we got to think big picture." The big picture for the Bu ...
So the Chicago Bulls were the only team to make it through Pre-Season with a perfect 8-0 record as they took the Denver Nuggets out tonight 94-89. Looking forward to a really good season this year since we got Derrick Rose back he is just unstoppable! Just 3 more days until we settle in South Beach, Florida to take on the Miami Heat get a little redemption on last years playoffs! ChicagoNation
Correction. .The NBA season starts Tuesday! With Lol lol lol ..Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls with the return of Derrick Rose on TNT..
If the Chicago Bulls' Derrick Rose has anything to do with it, Lebron James won't be the MVP this season and the Miami Heat won't three-peat
Countdown: Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls on Oct 30, Wed, LIVE at 8:00 a.m. on Studio 23
I'm rollin out the "I'm Sure No One is Reading These or Cares But I'm Going to Do This Anyway" NBA preview. Imma do a couple teams a day starting tomorrow but tonight: NBA League Pass Best 5 team ticket: With NBA LP you get 5 teams to watch. Here are my rankings for the best 5 team package: 1) Miami Heat- The defending champs. The best player in basketball. And the drama of a season in which the wheels might come off. Tip: Don't ever use the Miami brodcast (You get to choose now). 2) GS Warriors- This team has the potential to be the most entertaining in the league offensively. A floor that contains Steph Curry, Klay Thompson, and Andre Iguodala makes every open floor play one to watch. Throw in Harrison Barnes and a possibly healthy Andrew Bogut and this team also looks to be important, as well as interesting. 3) Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose IS BACK! After all his time off he came to preseason and showed no fear on that knee of his. In his absence we've talked about Chris Paul, Russel Westbrook, Tony Park ...
Derrick Rose believes the Chicago Bulls have only one main rival -- the Miami Heat, not the Indiana Pacers. Rose made his feelings known before Friday night's preseason contest against the Pacers.
Chicago Bulls will make the final cuts soon and all signs point to Mike James making the 13th roster spot. (Source: K.C. Johnson) Chicago Bulls Jimmy Butler didn't do everything in shootaround. It doesn't sound like he'll play today. (Source: Nick Friedell) Joakim Noah could miss the start of the regular season opener against the Miami Heat. (Source: Joe Cowley) Tom Thibodeau said Joakim Noah's recent injuries could impact their decision to keep Dexter Pittman. (Source: Joe Cowley)
Here my Eastern Conference standings predictions for the 2013-2014 season. 1. Miami Heat- Lebron James. Chris Bosh. Dwayne Wade. Oh and they pretty much replaced Jwuan Howard and Mike Miller with Greg Oden and Michael Beasley. 2. Indiana Pacers- Another year for Paul George to improve. Can also say the same about Roy Hibbert. Danny Granger is back. Replaced Psycho T with a better back up PF, Luis Scola. Added CJ Watson, Chris Copeland. Stacked team. 3. Chicago Bulls- Derrick Rose is back. MVP Candidate, healthy Deng, Noah, and Hinrich. Had an underrated free agent signing with Mike Dunleavy Jr. They also have the 3rd best coach in the league. 4. Brooklyn Nets- Just look at their starting 5. They finished 4th in the East last year. And had Reggie Evans at PF. Now Kevin Garnett plays PF. Could be a top 3 team. But can Kidd coach them. And will it work. Probably the most stacked team in the NBA other then Miami. But Lakers did this last year and they finished 7th in the west. 5. New York Knicks- Carmelo Anth ...
Man very excited for the opening of NBA Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat
Miami Heat is setting the tone for the Season! Another preseason win! Can't wait for October 29 - Season Opener against the Chicago Bulls!
Chicago Bulls have 8/1 odds at winning the championship in Las Vegas. Only team with better odds are the Miami Heat. (…
My boy Ray Ray will definitely shine again this coming NBA Season he's lost some weight at 197pds his college size Ray Allen will alway's do want he does best assassinate team's like Indiana Pacers and Chicago Bulls an Brookyln Nets and New York Knicks and other team's that have gotten better this year our Miami Heat will 3Peat again because I really like how some ppl are forgetting how deep The Back2Back NBA Champions Miami Heat are also Ha,Ha,Ha!
Lebron James' jersey is No. 1 seller Lebron James has the world's best-selling NBA jersey. The Miami Heat star and four-time league MVP tops the NBA's global list of jersey sales for this past season, according to numbers released Tuesday. James -- who also has the top-selling jersey in the United States -- outsold Derrick Rose of the Chicago Bulls, Kobe Bryant of the Los Angeles Lakers, Kevin Durant of the Oklahoma City Thunder and Heat teammate Dwyane Wade for the No. 1 spot.James said having the world's top-selling jersey "means everything" to him."To know that so many people look up to me, so many kids, that's what means more than anything, that I continue to inspire the youth and they look at me as a role model," James said after learning the news at Heat training camp in the Bahamas. "I understand, when you wear someone's jersey, you actually like believe in them. You believe they can do supernatural things. It's like an extension of our family, and I really appreciate that."The league unveiled the ...
-Masai Ujiri cautious with his words but thinks Raptors headed in right direction -The Golden State Warriors announced that they'll wear white short-sleeve uniforms for every Saturday home game, starting Nov. 2 vs. kings -Miami Heat has signed Roger Mason Jr., and perform training camp with the team in the Bahamas -Westbrook, asked if he'll consider changing his game post-injury: "Not at all. Not at all. -Chicago Bulls: Rose said he spent some time with starting shooting guard Jimmy Butler in LA this offseason -Mickael Pietrus Seeking Guaranteed Free Agent Deal Kevin Durant: "Dwyane Wade is a great player. i'm Not discrediting something you have done. Simply expressed my opinion. -Bulls GM Gar Forman said he's hopeful Derrick Rose plays in each preseason game -Magic camp roster lists Maurice Harkless at 6-foot-9, 220 pounds. Was listed at 6-foot-8 and 210 last year. -Hearing that Hollis Thompson will be going to training camp with the Cleveland Cavaliers. -Diante Garrett and Rodney McGruder will join the ...
Imagine if the 96’s Chicago Bulls were to join with the Miami Heat of today, do you think any team would be able to compete with them? Probably not right? Well in the business world, a move like this has been made. Google Inc (NASDAQ: GOOG) has teamed up with Apple Inc. (NASDAQ: AAPL) with aims to s...
10 more days till my Chicago Bulls take on Miami Heat, with the return of Derrick Rose and Luol Deng, this is our year! BullsNation
Could a healthy Chicago Bulls team be better than the Miami Heat? - Hot Hot Hoops
Vote For Greatest People in Miami Heat History are the most important people in Miami Heat history? You will vote from now until August when we will publish the final results. You can vote for up to 20 people and as many times as you want. This is an important question, as the Heat have been to four NBA Finals in eight seasons, and have won three. This franchise that was born in 1988 is well on its way to joining the likes of the Boston Celtics, Los Angeles Lakers and Chicago Bulls and NBA royalty. Some background: The Heat has two members in the NBA Hall Of Fame - Pat Riley and Gary Payton. And Gary Payton doesn't count, really. The Heat has had nine people selected to the NBA All-Star Game either as a player or coach: Dwyane Wade (9x), Alonzo Mourning (5x), Shaquille O'Neal (3x), Lebron James (3x), Chris Bosh (3x), Tim Hardaway (2x), Anthony Mason (1x), Stan Van Gundy (as coach in 2005) and Erik Spoelstra (as coach in 2013). Lebron James won two MVP's as a member of the Heat, as well as two Finals MVP's ...
Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has never hidden his burning disdain for the Miami Heat. So, you can only imagine how much it bothered him to watch the Heat win their second straight NBA title. Here, let Joakim tell you himself. Per USA Today: “At first I said I didn’t care, but I was lying to myse...
CONFIRMED: Chicago Bulls considering trading Luol Deng for either Cleveland's No. 1 pick or Washington's No. 3 pick to select Victor Oladipo (INDIANA) in the 2013 NBA Draft! Translation: Bulls are making a hopeful attempt of finally finding a player who can guard Lebron James and/or Dwyane Wade effectively. Potential Opening Day Lineup (CHI) PG Derrick Rose SG Victor Oladipo SF Jimmy Butler PF Carlos Boozer C Joakim Noah Now, THAT is a team that could seriously threaten the chances of a Miami Heat three-peat!
What if KingJames went to the Chicago Bulls . That would be much more unfair then Him with the Miami Heat!
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Do they really think a healthy Derrick Rose & Chicago Bulls can beat the Miami Heat? What yall think?
"Chicago Bulls with Derrick Rose are Miami Heat's biggest threat." -
Audio: Stephen A Smith discusses how the Chicago Bulls can beat the Miami Heat next season (Skip to 0:25:00):
Miami Heat won't make the finals next season unless they make changes because of one reason. the Chicago Bulls. (Q…
Diva's Congratulations Shout-Out! Hey Heat fans, I hear that y'all won last night. Congratulations! I was never sure it would happen, but y'all pulled it off. For all of the fans that really believe that I am a Heat Hater, please rest assured that I consider myself a Chicago Bulls lover so I simply don't cheer for the Miami Heat, and besides aint nobody got time for that. Because hate is such a strong word. P.S. Would y'all please stop all of the "Heat Hate" stuff and simply enjoy the win... its so unnecessary ! ijs
Question of the day(Answer this truthfully)- How long have you been a Miami Heat fan?
Well, like always its been a deleted, got cursed out, had some good laughs, elevated blood pressure, meet some nice Spurs, Lakers, and Bulls cheerleaders, and Pacers.but now it all comes to an end Miami Heat 2013 National Champs.Now it's time for America Team Sky Johnson, you said it, Dallas Cowboys!lol goodnight
An expansion team formed in 1988, the Miami Heat began its early years with much mediocrity, only making the playoffs twice in its first eight years and falling in the first round both times. Upon the purchasing of the franchise by Micky Arison in 1995, Pat Riley was brought in as its team president and head coach. Riley acquired center Alonzo Mourning and point guard Tim Hardaway to serve as the centerpiece for the team, transforming Miami into a championship contender throughout the late 1990s. The Heat underwent a dramatic turnaround in the 1996-1997 season, improving to a 61-21 record, second best in team history and formerly a franchise record. That same year, Miami earned the moniker of "Road Warriors" for their remarkable 32-9 record on the road. On the backs of Hardaway and Mourning, the Heat achieved their first two victories in the playoffs, making it to the Conference Finals against the Chicago Bulls before bowing out in five games. Their biggest rivals of the time were the New York Knicks, Ril ...
Congrats to the true Miami Heat fans , before Lebron and Bosh got there , there aren't very many , other than the bandwagoner's lol ...I know for sure 80 percent of folks on here was not talking Miami over 3 years ago...very good championship was played in this Series ...this time Ref's didn't control this game LOL , so let the parade begin for the bandwagon, all aboard !!!
Notice all the hate on the heat. That is the reason why Michael Jordan and his Chicago Bulls WILL ALWAYS BE BETTER than the Miami Heat... Bulls' haters still were amazed at the character of the Bulls' players and organization. Who is impressed that after 10 years and a 2nd "dream team" Lebron finally has his 2nd ring? Not I. Who is still a fan of Michael Jordan and what the Bulls accomplished in the 90's? Every single basketball fan alive. Period.
Miami Heat's record streak still won't catch the 72-win Chicago Bull
Chicago Blackhawks let's go still a Chicago Bulls fan no doubt Chicago Bearsn Chicago White Sox nothing else but own great series spurs n heat maybe next yr ChicagoBulls will make it congrats Miami Heat
TRIVIA: Game 6 of NBA Finals 2013 between Miami Heat and San Antonio Spurs drew 20+ million viewers. Game 7 of NBA Finals 1998 between Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz drew 72 million viewers. It was MJ's last game with the Bulls.
Dennis Rodman says Lebron James would be "average" if he played in the 1990s, and insists James' Miami Heat would be no match for his old Chicago Bulls team. "It's really not a comparison. If LeBron was playing in the late '80s and early '90s, he would be just an average player," Rodman said Friday on "The Dan Patrick Show." "To do what Michael has done ... what he did was more charisma, there was more articulating and stuff like that. LeBron is more like ... there's no flash to his game. He's a great player, don't get me wrong, he's a *** of player, I'll give him that. But to me Scottie (Pippen) and Michael are probably the two best one-two punches I've ever seen." Rodman, who won three NBA titles with Jordan's Bulls from 1996-98, said a 28-year-old Jordan would average at least 40 points a game in today's NBA. "I'm just sick and tired of people comparing (James) to Michael Jordan," Rodman said. "It's a whole different era, man." Rodman said Jordan thrived despite playing in a more physical era in the N ...
The 36-point margin of victory is the third-largest by any team in NBA Finals history. Only the 1998 Chicago Bulls (42-point win in Game 3 vs Utah in 1998) and the 2008 Boston Celtics (39-point win in Game 6 vs LA Lakers) have larger wins in the Finals. The 36-point loss is also the largest postseason loss in Miami Heat franchise history. The Spurs led by as many as 37 in this wire-to-wire victory. The Heat never led, and only tied the game twice. The largest NBA Finals loss by a team that went on to win the title was 34 points, by the 1985 LA Lakers against the Boston Celtics. If the Heat are to come back and win this series, they would set a new mark for the largest single-game loss overcome in a Finals series.
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Hall Of Famer and five-time NBA champion Dennis Rodman took a shot at defending Miami Heat forward Lebron James, declaring his belief that the latter would have been an ordinary player in the league in the 1990s. Rodman bragged about the Chicago Bulls of his time, postulating that today's defending…
Only LeBron can beat LeBron, nobody else and I mean it literally. It's not about the defense of Kawhi Leonard, it has something to do more on LeBron's mindset. I'm a big Heat fan before but I ain't no blind, either. Three straight sub-par performances. Three straight below 40% FG shooting. And three straight less than 20 points contributions are not something to be cheered for even among die hard Miami fans. Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls got eliminated in the Eastern Finals by Detroit three years in a row but nobody taunted and mocked MJ's performances. He had been scoring 35 pts. or 40 pts. each game even against rugged, dirty, and highly-vaunted Pistons defense. Kobe Bryant sent the Spurs into oblivion in the West Finals almost all by himself, in 2008... scoring 35, 40 points or more. LeBron's old astray playing style has resurfaced once again. Unless he plays angry, imposing, a little bit selfish and an I'm-the-best-of-the world mentality, the Heat cannot win this series.
I'll stick with Jordan's Chicago Bulls. No more Miami Heat for me!!
About the NBA, one thing about NBA Champions they have a great Center on their team. The great Boston Celtics had Bill Russel, Bird's Celtics had Robert Parish, Magic's Lakers had Jabbar, 3 peat lakers had Shaq, Kobe's Lakers had Pau Gasol. And the list goes on. Only Jordan's Chicago Bulls had no All Star Center (They only had a starting Center, Bill Cartwright and Luc Longley on each 3 peat teams). Coming close to Jordan's Bulls is Lebron's Miami Heat, they had an All Star Center Chris Bosh but he is not a legit Center, he is more of a Power Forward like Dirk. Miami Heat is an undersized team. Spurs is a bigger team with an All Star Center Tim Duncan and young role players. When it comes to average age, the Heat is much older than the Spurs. When it comes to coaching, Pop is more brilliant than Spo. With 4 rings to prove that against Spo's one ring. The Heat beat the Thunder in the Finals last year because Durant had no Scoring Center behind him. The basketball gods are leaning toward the Spurs on win .. ...
MIAMI—As the Chicago Bulls prepare to face the Miami Heat in what is a must-win playoff elimination game for Chicago, sources around the world confirmed Wednesday that a bitter feud is rapidly building up between Bulls center Joakim Noah and the res...
the the Miami Heat of now beat the Chicago Bulls of the 90's...??? a. NO b. YES c. Maybe d. *** MF'n Nawl
The last and only team to have gone to three consecutive NBA Finals, was the Chicago Bulls with the great Michael Jordan. Can the Heat break that record tonight? The last time Miami lost two consecutive games were Jan 8th and Jan 10th of this year. Can June 1st and June 3rd be the same as Jan 8th and 10th for the Heat? As you guys know the pressure is on Miami tonight, even if it's a home game. I think one of the important Heat players will be in foul trouble early because of the pressure. By the way, win or lose, no one can blame Lebron because the guy has been sensational. I still can't stand Miami after my kind words for Lebron though. As I said before, Miami is not a complete team, it's a one man band( Lebron James). Everybody else is on crutches without him on te floor. My call, the Heat season is over tonight because They will be under too much pressure to play well. Go Pacers!! Go Pacers!!!
Via ESPN: In the last round of the playoffs, Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau accused James of flopping. James shot back at the comments, saying, "I don't need to flop. I play an aggressive game. I don't flop. I've never been one of those guys." After Game 4 of ECF: Both James and David West were fined $5,000 for flopping on the same play from the fourth quarter of the Indiana Pacers' win over the Miami Heat on Tuesday. I'm a lebron fan, but this is pretty funny.
Miami Heat is doing well this year so happy they beat those dumb Chicago Bulls then they beat the Pacers 1 to 2 GO MIAMI YOU ROCK!
Obama Humor On a new IRS commissioner: “They’re called ‘acting commissioner’ because you have to act like the scandal doesn’t involve the White House.” On comparisons to Nixon: “At least he’s not being compared to President Carter.” On the Miami Heat beating Obama’s beloved Chicago Bulls: “You now what that means? Lebron James is going to get audited by the IRS.” “It’s casual Friday, which means that at the White House, they’re casually going through everybody’s phone calls and records.” On Obama’s dismissal of the IRS commissioner: “Apparently he was fired for acting like Richard Nixon’s IRS commissioner.” “Love him or hate him, you have to admit that President Obama is a new kind of Democrat. He’s embroiled in three scandals and not one of them involves sex!” “This morning he called Mitt Romney and said, ‘Look, if you still want the job …’” “Fox News has changed its slogan from ‘Fair and Balanced’ to ‘See, I told you so!’” “These Wh ...
In soccer, racism still scars the European game: Or a game between the Miami Heat and Chicago Bulls halted bec...
Chicago Bulls: "I don't believe the Bulls need to add a 2nd superstar to beat the Miami Heat." (Interview: K.C. Johnson on Midwaymadness)
Chicago Bulls wrote:In Episode 14 of The Sam Smith Podcast, Sam looks back at a memorable 2012-13 Chicago Bulls season that included the snapping of two team's winning streaks, Joakim Noah and Luol Deng making the All-Star team, and the growth of Jimmy Butler. Smith also recaps the season-ending series against the Miami Heat and looks forward to the Conference Finals in the NBA Playoffs.
Can Paul George, David West and the rest of the Indiana Pacers upset the favored Miami Heat? (AP photo) When everyone thought that the Eastern Conference will come down to Miami and New York in the Conference Finals, well here is Indiana spoiling the party. They see themselves as competitors in the Playoffs for a second consecutive season, but this time with much at stake – a spot in the NBA Finals. The Pacers won the season series 2-1. Together with New York, they were the only two teams that were able to beat Miami twice this season. The Pacers’ only loss came as they became among the Heat’s casualties in their historical 27-game winning streak. But they now face a newly improved Miami lineup. Let us take a closer look on these two teams heading into battle. Miami Heat As expected, the Heat were able to manhandle the Chicago Bulls by blowing them away in five games and winning 45 of their last 48 games. It was rough at the beginning and the Bulls eventually ran out of gas heading into the next gam ...
And with a straight face this fool said "Miami Heat are a great team." ha ha ha Honestly, putting my Chicago Bulls bias aside.ok.ummm. ok, wait for it.there. That Bulls bias was heavy. lol Anyhow, I can't think of one championship team in the last 30 years the Heat can beat in a 7 game series. *** some of the second place teams would molly whop that *** ! But if you can think of one let me know, and we can have a nice debate.
Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose was ruled out of their 94-91 loss in Game 5 of an Eastern Conference semifinal against the Miami Heat, meaning he officially missed the entire season after undergoing ACL surgery on May 12, 2012.
CHICAGO - A placard was laid on each seat at United Center before Game 4 on Monday night between the Chicago Bulls and the Miami Heat...
Miami Heat fan Filomena Tobias, who was pictured flipping the bird at a Chicago Bulls player, has issued a statement through an attorney, calling all the attention she has received “needless.”
With all the hype surrounding the Miami Heat, they were supposed to sweep the Chicago Bulls, but instead played against the Bull's bench and still struggled. Physically the Heat took a serious whipping & will not win the Championship this year. Thats just me. The Chicago Bulls wore them out. The Bulls have a good squad, but Boozer has to go. Beware of the Chicago Bulls next year. SEE RED! The only reason why the Heat won is because of those silly *** facial expressions Lebron James makes when he is accused of committing a foul & the Referees!
I suppose the NBA knew it would be too obvious if they gave the Chicago Bulls***ters the game but they sure were able to keep them in it and keep TVs tuned in throughout the 4th. Nonetheless, the Miami Heat were able to close out the series thanks to Lebron James' stellar play and some key defensive stops down the stretch. Also, how about Dwyane Wade? After an abismal first half he actually made some decent plays in the 3rd quarter and then some big-time plays in the 4th. Like I've been saying, I'm done hearing about injury crap with him. If you're going to play, this is what I expect to see. Suck it up and play through it. Chris Bosh had a mediocre game but he made some shots early. All in all, Chicago is flying back to their garbage city and the Heat get to wait to see who they play next... Indiana or New York. GO HEAT!!!
3 Reasons Why the Chicago Bulls Will Fall to the Miami Heat in Game 5 - Bleacher Report
Miami Heat get down and dirty to grab the Chicago Bulls by the horns LJNews
Wednesday's NBA playoff action: What bettors need to know: Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat (-14.5, 182) Miam...
Both the Miami Heat and Oklahoma City Thunder appeared poised for a collision course this season, one the NBA hasn't seen since the Chicago Bulls and Utah Jazz did battle in back-to-back NBA Finals in the '90s. While the Heat have a favor to return with the Mavericks, arguably, the battle with the most ego perks is one with Kevin Durant and company. Minus Russell Westbrook, forget about it. Like Dwayne Wade's Outfit, OKC Came Up Short in Game 4 against the Memphis Grizzlies Hey, I admire Wade and how he set the bar high in the world of fashion for athletes. But last night he missed the mark when he arrived for Game 4 donning a pair of Zubaz pants (pictured here). Had it not been for the bag boy walking alongside the injury-plagued guard, the whole thing would have flopped. A bag boy, really? Perhaps, the outlandish threads foreshadow what fans and the Heat likely regret: a near-zero chance of LeBron and KD meeting in an NBA Finals duel. The Thunder appeared to follow suit as if they were cursed by the pan ...
If Dwyane Wade's Game 4 performance against the Chicago Bulls didn't sadden you, then you haven't been a fan of the Miami Heat for too long. We have come to live with Wade usually being a sufferer ...
Dwyane Wade tweaked his bruised knee during the second quarter of Game 4's win by the Miami Heat over the Chicago Bulls.
THIS DUDE MUST BE A HEAT FAN OR HE JUST *** AT HIS JOB James shrugs off flopping accusations Must Read?Yes 19 Email StoryPrint By ANDREW SELIGMAN, AP 23 hours ago Chicago Bulls center Nazr Mohammed (48) pushes Miami Heat small forward LeBr... CHICAGO (AP) — The suggestion that he's a flopper drew a grin as wide as his wingspan from Lebron James. Miami's superstar shot down the accusations from the Chicago Bulls, saying they reminded him of the days when some claimed he was overrated and questioned his ability to lead a team to a championship. ``It's kind of the same (as when) I heard people say I was overrated,'' he said Sunday. ``It's kind of like the same response.'' The Heat are trying to repeat as champions after a dominant regular season, and if they keep this up, they won't have to worry about Chicago much longer. Game 4 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals is Monday, and Miami has a chance to take a 3-1 lead in a series with no shortage of hard fouls, technicals, ejections and fines. One thing .. ...
Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls any predictions??? Sweep? Winner? Over/Under? see you at 7pm for a sunset tip off!
Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat who are you backing to win? Get best prices here
Come down to The Pub and watch the Chicago Bulls take on the Miami Heat here at 4:00pm. Great food, drink specials and lot of playoff magic.
Chicago Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau got hit with a suspension following another physical game with the Miami Heat.
Derrick Rose watched as his Chicago Bulls played three of the most physical NBA games of the season, falling twice to the Miami Heat in the past two tries. It's officially now or never if he plans to return...
Lil Wayne still hates the Miami Heat so much ... he hooked up the Chicago Bulls with free booze after they...
The Chicago Bulls won't go down without a fight, but the Miami Heat struck a critical blow in Game 3 to...
I wonder how the Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat playoff game went, left it in the 1st quarter...
Nate Robinson gave Lebron James a taste of his own medicine during the third quarter of the Chicago Bulls ' Game 3 tilt against the Miami Heat , elevating for a remarkable chase-down block...
Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson was fined $25,000 for verbal abuse of an official during Game 2 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals against the Miami Heat, the league announced Friday.
I don't get the concept of being a fan of a team that isn't from your city. It just doesn't make sense to me. I mean, why? Every single one of these rich athletes would spit on us given the chance, so why would you show an loyalty to a player instead of to your city? This is mainly in reference to these Miami Heat fans living in Chicago. There is no reason for anybody in the Chicago area to be a Heat fan, Laker fan, Packer fan, Yankee fan, or any other fan. The exception being if you or your immediate family is from said city. I remember when I was in like 7th or 8th grade being a New England Patriots fan (this is pre tom brady, still the drew bledsoe years) because they were the 1st team to use the chuck the ball all over the field 70 times a game offense and that was "cool" to me. but then I became an adult and realized I am from Chicago and quickly got my head out of my *** I went from 70 passes a game and 4,500 yard seasons to the most dysfunctional list of QBs ever, and it was the best decision I ev ...
The bad blood continues to brew between the Chicago Bulls and Miami Heat. With the series tied at one and the Heat traveling to the United Center for Game 3 on Friday night, the ...
Come check out your Miami Heat take on the Chicago Bulls in game 3 of the Eastern Conference Semifinals! $5 Vodka Red Bull, $5 Jagerbombs
To Annette PrettyLady Fields and your partner Mr. Elroy... GET READY FOR A Beatdown when the Miami Heat embarrass yall Bulls tonight! Shout out to Dee, Daniel, Kandace, Pat Cel and every other true HEAT NATION FAN!!!
Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah let it be known Thursday that he was none-too-thrilled with getting a middle finger thrust into his face as he walked off the court following an ejection during Wednesday's playoff defeat against the Miami Heat.
Chicago Bulls forward Taj Gibson said Thursday he was surprised Lebron James complained the previous night about hard fouls committed during the Bulls' 101-97 victory that snapped the Miami Heat's win streak at 27.
COMMENTARY | Moments after the Miami Heat suffered an agony of defeat to the Chicago Bulls in Game 1 of the 2013 NBA Playoffs, I was nearly convinced the Chi-Town ballers were not one-trick-ponies. Weren't you?
Joakim Noah earned an ejection, both teams piled up nine technical fouls, and the Chicago Bulls lost to the Miami Heat by the largest margin in franchise playoff history...
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Hey, Miami Heat fan: How do you feel about Joakim Noah, the Chicago Bulls center who just got ejected for arguing with a referee early in the fourth quarter of Game 2 on Wednesday night? Oh, OK, cool. Two nights … Continue reading →
Jeez Louise, lady, cool your jets a bit. A female Miami Heat fan let her middle finger do the talking following Chicago Bulls big man Joakim Noah’s ejection during the Heat’s 115-78 win over the Bulls at AmericanAirlines Arena on … Continue reading →
The photo of Filomena Tobias extending a middle finger to ejected Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah at Wednesday's game against the Miami Heat has gone viral.
The fierce-looking Miami Heat fan in a colorful top giving the one-finger salute to Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah has a message to the world of Internet trolls.
Good luck to the Chicago Bulls tonight as they take on the Miami Heat, 3 refs, 1 commissioner and the entire NBA front office.
Miami Heat give Chicago Bulls a whupping in Game 2 of Eastern Conference Semifinals
Joakim Noah of the Chicago Bulls got ejected and some Miami Heat fans said goodbye.
Chicago Bulls guard Derrick Rose is rumored to suit up for game 3 vs the Miami Heat.
Against the Chicago Bulls' defense, the Miami Heat really need Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh to help Lebron James.
Time to go to war again with the Miami Heat!!! Lets go Chicago Bulls take Game 2 tonight and have a 2-0 lead going back to Chicago for games 3 and 4!!!1 The Bulls are seeing red tonight beat the NBA champs Miami Heat again tonight!
Food trucks, raffles, karaoke and the Chicago Bulls vs Miami Heat, it all happens tonight at Fischman Liquors & Tavern during our DBBO fundraiser.
Chicago Bulls big game against the Miami Heat tonight for game 2 in Miami! Support your team!
Forget the Chicago Blackhawks' unbelievable season, the Chicago Bulls can top them.
Chicago Bulls star point guard Derrick Rose may finally be back in action, and his return could come as soon as Game 3 against the Miami Heat this week...
A day after his team struggled in a stunning playoff loss to the Chicago Bulls, Lebron James said the Miami Heat need to focus more on an attitude adjustment than any strategical tweaks.
NBA News: Bulls’ Luol Deng, Kirk Hinrich Unlikely To Play Game 2 Vs. HeatNBA7 hours agoDebby Wong-USA TODAY SportsThe Chicago Bulls were able to do the seemingly impossible on Monday night by taking down the defending NBA champion Miami Heat on their home floor in Game 1 of their second round playof...
Chicago Bulls center Joakim Noah had an imppasioned message for critics of teammate Derrick Rose after the Bulls' impressive 93-86 win over the Miami Heat on Monday night.
If you mess with Derrick Rose , you'll incur the wrath of Joakim Noah . Following the Chicago Bulls ' Game 1 victory over the Miami Heat —a victory that came without Rose ...
It is safe to say that Samuel L. Jackson was very fired up about his Chicago Bulls' Game 1 victory over the Miami Heat tonight.
Photo: nba: Michael Jordan of the Chicago Bulls shakes hands with Tim Hardaway of the Miami Heat prior to...
Joakim Noah and the injury-riddled Chicago Bulls are set to bring their resilient defense to Lebron James and the Miami Heat 's front door...
I liked a video from Miami Heat vs Chicago Bulls preview 2013 NBA Playoffs
Image of the Day Guts and Glory Despite being besieged with injuries the Chicago Bulls are moving on to the second round, winning Game 7 against the Brooklyn Nets on the road 99-93. Once again the Bulls were without Kurt Hinrich who missed the last three games with a bruised calf and Luol Deng who is suffering from flu like illness. Playing with plantar fasciitis, Joakim Noah took over a led the Bulls to victory, scoring 24 points, with 14 rebounds and six blocked shots. The rebounding was key early as the Bulls jumped out to a 17 point lead at halftime. Also helping to build the Bulls 61-44 halftime lead, was Nate Robinson and Marco Belinelli who hit several big three point baskets. The Nets would make a run in the second half, but the Bulls defense proved to strong as they held on for the six point victory. The Bulls will not have any time to rest or heal as they will begin their second round match up with the Miami Heat on Monday Night.
Basketball India: The Miami Heat eased to a 105-93 over the Chicago Bulls... via
Chicago Bulls end Miami Heat winning streak at 27: CHICAGO — The streak lived a good life, a great life actual...
  was watching how the Chicago Bulls ended Miami Heat win 27-game winning streak. yes! Lakers still on top. :)
Chicago Bulls Prove to Miami Heat that the Whole is Greater Than the Sum of It's Parts (Yahoo! Contributor Network)
Colin Cowherd said the Miami Heat will be the 1996 Chicago Bulls lmao we went 72-10 that year
Lebron James cries foul after the Miami Heat's 27-game win streak is snapped by the Chicago Bulls:
Lebron James & the Miami Heat is tied with most consecutive wins in NBA history with Michael Jordan &the Chicago Bulls. How can u hate them?
Gotta question for the basketball scholars. hatters allowed to answer this question but who wud win the game 95-96 Chicago Bulls or 12-13 Miami Heat? ?? Just curious
what happen to all those Chicago Bulls fans? They are all Miami Heat fans now
Chicago Bull fan for life, but I'm rooting for Miami Heat to beat the Knicks right now. hate the NY Knicks
I'll be honest, the Miami Heat look unstoppable when they're on their A game but if Chris Bosh and Mario Chalmers weren't *** and had at least a decent basketball IQ the Heat would make a run at the Chicago Bulls single season wins record.
We have a few fans on this page that I've been debating with for the last 30 mins. The topic was who would win in a best of 7 series. 2012-13 Miami Heat or 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls (72-10) Now these guys are saying the Heat would win it but won't give me any legitimate explanation as too why they think this. Let's make this a bigger debate, comment with who you think would win and WHY? Coopz
Balanced scoring leads Bulls past Bobcats 105-75 Taj Gibson said the Chicago Bulls need to get back to last season's philosophy of putting tough losses behind them and not dropping back-to-back games. They did just that on Friday night. Gibson scored 17 points on 8-of-11 shooting to lead a balanced scoring attack as the Bulls beat Michael Jordan's Charlotte Bobcats 105-75. The win came after a disappointing 19-point loss at home to the Miami Heat on Thursday night. ''We liked the way were able to bounce back after a bad loss,'' Gibson said. ''Last year we wouldn't allow ourselves to lose two straight games. We need that same mindset.'' Now the tough part will be stringing two wins together. The Bulls travel to Oklahoma City to play the Thunder on Sunday night in a game that figures to be a good measuring stick for the Chicago, which was has lost five of its last eight. This one was over early. With Jordan looking on from the end of the Charlotte bench, the Bulls jumped out to a 38-19 lead midway through t ...
End of 1st Quarter, the Chicago Bulls & Miami Heat are tied at 22. Both defenses have forced 8 TO's. Lebron James with 9pts., 3rebs., & 2asts.,.. Joakim Noah with 7pts. and 3rebs. -carlisle-
I am at the Hilton, in downtown Chicago waiting to see the Miami Heat play the Chicago Bulls. Our seats are close to the Miami Heat bench.
going to the Chicago Bull Vs. Miami Heat game in 3 weeks cant wait so excited!
Ok basketball fans I have a question, could the modern day Miami Heat beat the '96 Chicago Bulls (the 72-win team), why or why not ?
Lebron James of Miami Heat says Derrick Rose of Chicago Bulls shouldn't rush back injury" Yeah cuz he's scared
These are my prediction picks for Day 99 of this halfway point for the 2012-2013 NBA season: Brooklyn Nets over Washington Wizards: 99-90 LA Lakers over Charlotte Bobcats: 105-99 Indiana Pacers over Toronto Raptors: 96-87 Atlanta Hawks over New Orleans Hornets: 106-103 San Antonio Spurs over Detroit Pistons: 104-96 Cleveland Cavaliers over Orlando Magic: 107-97 Miami Heat over LA Clippers: 98-93 Golden State Warriors over Memphis Grizzlies: 93-88 Houston Rockets over Portland Trail Blazers: 118-115 Oklahoma City Thunder over Phoenix Suns: 110-98 New York Knicks over Minnesota Timberwolves: 101-91 Utah Jazz over Chicago Bulls: 97-92 My record was 1-1 for day 98 of this young 2012-2013 NBA season If you have any questions about my NBA picks just asked and I will answer them for you:)
Did u know besides the Chicago Bulls, the Miami Heat are the only other organization to retire "Michael Jordan" jersey?
Chicago Bulls would have beaten the Miami Heat last playoffs had Derrick Rose not gotten hurt given they had Omer Asik. (Source: Sam Smith)
Reggie Evans from the Nets should learn to keep his mouth shut, especially after that beat down from Lebron James & the Miami Heat!
Miami Heat loses by 2 *** points, how dumb! only 2 favorite teams Brooklyn Nets and Chicago Bulls lost yesterday also...
F*** the Lakers f*** Memphis Grizzlies f*** San Antonio Spurs f*** the Chicago Bulls f*** the Miami Heat f*** the Boston Celtics f*** the LA Clippers f*** the Milwaukee Bucks f*** the Golden State Warriors f*** the Oklahoma City Thunder f*** the Sacramento Kings f*** the Cleveland Cavaliers f*** the Charlotte Bobcats f*** the New Orlean Hornets and if I missed anybody f*** them too KNICKS NATION !!! LMS if rep ya fav team
Mid-Season Reviews: At the technical mid-point of the season, I think it’s time to have a look back at the first half of the season and pick out the best teams, the most surprising and the worst teams. Also, at this time I see who is on my MVP ladder at this stage of the season and which of the rookies have performed the best this season. Eastern Conference: Best Team- Miami Heat (Record: 26-12) The Heat have been playing beautifully of late, despite a few slip ups against lower teams such as Washington. Lebron James has once again led this team beautifully, adding mightily on the offensive and the defensive sides of the floor. With also some solid contributions from Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh as well as from the bench, the Heat are beautifully poised to go deep into the Playoffs and have a chance to defend their NBA title. The Surprise Packet- Chicago Bulls (Record: 24-16) Yes, the Bulls are playing without Derrick Rose and yes they were all but written off pre-season, but the Chicago Bulls are 8 games ...
BREAKING NEWS: The Los Angeles Lakers has loss once again tonight to the Chicago Bulls 95-83 just like I said they would, I will now begin the countdown. their now 10 losses away from missing the Playoffs. I LOVE IT. Somebody please tell me Where the *** was Kobe? I'm still LMAO@ them sorry *** Lakers. for thought all of the (REAL) WIN, LOSE, OR DRAW Miami Heat fans grab a plate
In the final six minutes of the Miami Heat's win over the Los Angeles Lakers, Lebron James scored or assisted on 14 of the Heat's final 16 points in a vintage "carry your team to victory" effort. What else was of note from his game? Plenty. Here are five nuggets of interest. 1-- James had 39 points, eight assists, seven rebounds and three steals. Via, we can tell you that the last three players to do that prior to him make for an unlikely trio-- Michael Jordan (1988 Chicago Bulls), Stephon Marbury (2003 Phoenix Suns) and Corey Maggette (2007 Los Angeles Clippers). 2-- James was 15-for-16 in the paint, as the shot chart above shows, and 13-for-13 from within five feet of the basket. The 13 made field goals tied his career high for the most such makes in a game. 3-- James had six dunks. That's his most in any game for the Heat and his most in a game since he had seven against the Utah Jazz in 2009. 4-- James is now 12-6 all-time in regular-season meetings with Kobe Bryant, 4-1 since ...
Well, that's the 12th loss for the Miami Heat (24-12) last night in Utah against the Jazz, and a 1-3 record on their road trip Out West. 46-0 and they can get 70 wins on the season. Interestingly, the Miami Heat almost came back from 19 points down in the 4th with Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh ON THE BENCH. Lebron James seemed to be better off with the bench players playing. They did seem to have more fight in them, however. By contrast, the 1995-1996 Chicago Bulls stood at 33-3 at this time that season. Go Warriors on Wednesday night and, for the first of only two times I might say this all season, Go Lakers on Thursday night.
everybody talking about the Knicks are a threat to my Miami Heat lmfao!!! they can't even beat the Chicago Bulls
When the Chicago Bulls and New York Knicks last faced off, on December 21 , fans left the game knowing that the legendary rivalry between both teams was back...
Miami Heat is the best Team in the East, & Chicago Bulls beat them. WITHOUT Derrick Rose. Omfg my feels.
Emotional weekend in the NFL.. watched Ray emerge from the tunnel. .. I've been at that field. Thanks Ray .. Thanks Art Modell . Go Ravens .. lets see the smaller athletes get their respect. .. go Ray Rice .. go Russell Wilson .. go lil Nate Robinson for da Chicago Bulls who beat Miami Heat at home this past week. It's not the size of the dog in the fight .. uts the size of the fight in the dog!
RUMOR: Rumor going on that the Miami Heat are looking for a PF/C to solve their rebounding problem... As they got CRUSHED on the boards yesterday against the Chicago Bulls. They waived G Terrel Harris earlier today and rumor is that they will sign Kenyon Martin... other rumors say they won't cause he isn't big enough. One thing is for sure the Heat NEED some PF/C to help Bosh,LeBron and Haslen clean the glass... -Magic
And the winners of round 1 are. Memphis Grizzlies, LA Clippers, New York Knicks (by 1 vote), Chicago Bulls, Miami Heat, Denver Nuggets (Barely), Houston Rockets and Oklahoma City Thunder! Round 2. Grizzlies- *** Gasol and Randolph. VS Heat- Lebron, Wade and Bosh. Clippers- Paul, Griffin and Crawford. VS Rockets- Harden, Lin and Asik. Knicks- Melo, Amare and Chandler. VS OKC- Durant, Westbrook and Ibaka. Place your votes and ill anounce the teams that go to the semi finals in 10ish minutes! -JD
Watching another great movie with Jamie Fox, Law Abiding Citizen. Need something to take my mind off Miami Heat's lost to Chicago Bulls.
Confused. I want to watch the Miami Heat beat the Chicago Bulls, but I also need to watch A&M beat the *** out of OU at the Cotton Bowl. o_O My TV is not set up for dilemmas like this. HELP!!!
Today's Must-See Matchups: -Chicago Bulls at Miami Heat- Despite the main stars being out tonight, both teams are prepared to go at it with 110% intensity. Can the Bulls run down the Heat, or will the Heat stifle the Bulls? -Philadelphia 76ers at OKC Thunder- After a win against the Lakers the other night, Jrue Holiday will have his hands full again defending Russel Westbrook. The Thunder, meanwhile, look to put their last loss behind them. -Houston Rockets at Milwaukee Bucks- A few guys from the Rockets return to Milwaukee tonight. The backcourts for both teams are stellar and will determine the outcome. -LA Lakers at LA Clippers- One of the more anticipated games of the year. The Lakers will look for a surprising win against the leaders of the conference. Plenty of superstars, plenty of highlights. -Jordan23
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Basketball fans may want to find a comfy seat and the remote. Tonight at 7 p.m. CT, you can flip between NBA action on ESPN with the Chicago Bulls at the Miami Heat and college hoops on ESPN2 with ...
This is the last day of the year, what NBA game do you want to watch? 3pm/et: Memphis Grizzlies vs. Indiana Pacers 3pm/et: Charlotte Bobcats vs. Chicago Bulls 5pm/et: Orlando Magic vs. Miami Heat 7pm/et: Atlanta Hawks vs. Houston Rockets 7pm/et: Brooklyn Nets vs. San Antonio Spurs 8pm/et: Phoenix Suns vs. Oklahoma City Thunder
Chicago Bulls: My Comments to Doug Thonus Recent Sunday Bulls Beat: Doug Thonus had a Bulls Beat on December 30 where he discussed the Bulls spending and their future. Doug: He mentioned that Miami Heat are going to be next to impossible to stop for the next couple seasons until Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh start to decline. My Response: They will be difficult to beat and I'm predicting they win at least 1 or more titles. In the end, it comes down to the Top guys and unless Lebron and at least one of Bosh and Wade are playing well, the Heat aren't going to win a Championship. Anything can happen, and had Rose/Noah not gotten hurt last season, the Bulls could have gone to the Finals. Doug: He later discussed that the Bulls chances to rebuild with younger guys should have been done this offseason when Rose was hurt. They could have traded Deng to the Toronto Raptors this summer for Calderon and the (rumor) and then traded the Bulls Expirings for Ben Gordon + Pistons Pick. My Response: The Bulls were looking f ...
We have a total of nine games tonight guys and only one will be nationally televised. NBA TV apparently thinks the game between the Suns and the Blazers is the most interesting game tonight, gotta say I couldn't disagree more. I would rather see the Bulls at Hawks game or the Lakers at Warriors game but that's just me. Anyways, here are the game schedules for tonight: Detroit Pistons at Washington Wizards at 7:00 ET Chicago Bulls at Atlanta Hawks at 7:00 ET Utah Jazz at Miami Heat at 7:30 ET Indiana Pacers at New Orleans Hornets at 8:00 ET Memphis Grizzlies at Houston Rockets at 8:00 ET Cleveland Cavs at Milwaukee Bucks at 8:30 ET Charlotte Bobcats at Denver Nuggets at 9:00 ET Phoenix Suns at Portland Trail Blazers at 10:30 ET (NBA TV) LA Lakers at Golden State Warriors at 10:30 ET
Utah Jazz Raja Bell has expressed interest in joining the LA Lakers or Miami Heat but no mention if he is interested in the Chicago Bulls.
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If i was to pick a nba team based on states i have been to it would be among Miami Heat, Orlando Magic, Chicago Bulls, Charlotte Bobcats, New York Knicks and Brooklyn Nets. Been to New York the most mainly Brooklyn so i would naturally become a Brooklyn Nets fan. Why am I a Kobe Laker fan? Was a Michael Jordan Chicago Bulls fan, MJ retired then everybody compared Kobe to MJ so i became a Kobe Laker fan. So that justifies everything. Still want to visit Los Angeles one day.
Like it if you like. La lakers,Chicago Bulls,okc thunder. Or coment if you like. Miami Heat,la clippers,Boston Celtics.
I used to wanna be on the Miami Heat or Chicago Bulls dance team,or a Dallas Cowboys cheerleader
Hey NBA lovers guess what? Avon has your favorite team. We have the following NBA Logo Watches: Miami Heat, LA Lakers, NY Knicks, Chicago Bulls, and OC Thunder only for $24.99. Well if these are your fav teams come visit my website at
Lebron James and Miami Heat, like Michael Jordan's Chicago Bulls in the '90s ... - New York Daily News Chicago BullS looked good as they put a hurtin on the Cavs (sry. 2 Tha' Land)...while the NY KNICKS "put-out" the Miami Heat (which wuz the cherry on top ladiez ;)...great night in the NBA!!!...
Boston Celtics got blew out, Miami Heat getting blew out, and the Chicago Bulls whooped *** Lmmfao. High HATERS!
Since the NBA season is only two games old, I am ranking the NBA teams as of right now. If you agree like. If you don't comment. (Assuming they are all healthy) 10. New York Knicks 9. Los Angeles Clippers 8. Memphis Grizzlies 7. Boston Celtics 6. Philadelphia 76ers 5. Chicago Bulls 4. Los Angeles Lakers 3. Oklahoma City Thunder 2. Miami Heat 1. San Antonio Spurs
I wanna go to a Chicago Bulls vs. Miami Heat away game this NBA Season
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"I feel sorry for Chicago Bulls fans, man. They have to put up with a bunch of dudes who think they have swag wearing their jerseys and then the same dudes can't even name a basketball player on the team (or has played for the team) that isn't Michael Jordan. The Miami Heat will reach Chicago Bulls levels with swag bandwagoners soon. Just watch. We'll have dudes in Miami Heat jerseys and snapbacks who can't name a player outside of LeBron."
I have the hookup for amazing Los Angles Lakers vs Warriors (both December and March Games), Miami Heat, NY Knicks, Chicago Bulls, Opening night (Memphis Grizzlies), Houston Rockets, and much more.
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