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Mia Love

Ludmya Mia Bourdeau Love (born 1975) is the mayor of Saratoga Springs, Utah and the Republican Party nominee for Utah's 4th congressional district in 2012. She will face six-term incumbent Democratic Representative Jim Matheson for the seat in November, 2012. If she should win, Love would be the first black female Republican ever elected to Congress; the first Latter-day Saint of Haitian descent ever elected to Congress; and the first black representative for Utah in Congress.

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Just as they think that Black Republicans like Mia Love, Condi Rice, Alan Keyes, Tim Scott, Allen West, Jus…
US Reps. Mia Love and Richard Neal to Deliver University of Hartford Commencement Addresses | University of Hartford
Hello, Mia!! I love Monsta X!! You can call me Tazi, Taziya, or T idc. How are you?? 💞😄
Via: Mia Malkova passionately making love to her boyfri
Congrats on the win Mia I love the wizards if that would get you to talk to me
holiday means more me time. More Mia time too. Have a play with my new filthy movie ! And share the love for some sne…
Never before released screenshot of Mia and I's first convo a year ago today. Love u snookums!
I love you but try and touch my guac? No.
Would love to see Isaiah Thomas go off today. But if he simply doesn't have it, that's alright, too. Respect him for even…
Celtics had a moment of silence for Chyna Thomas. The arena erupted when it was over. Lots of “We love you, Isaiah!"
Rep. Mia Love says she wants more details about Trump's North Korea strategy
Very very sorry for your loss. Love & prayers for you & your family!🙏
Dazed and Confused. New magazine cover where I chat w the one and only COURTNEY LOVE
Mia Malkova and Brandi Love sharing *** on the bed
Mia Love: "What are the Democrats, the party of Jim Matheson, telling them? The…
Don't forget Tim Scott and Mia Love re "the blacks" not even gonna mention psycho Allen West ...
Mia baked me a giant snickerdoodle cookie shaped and decorated as a duck. She is the best and I love her.
I love how Ed Sheeran doesn't really have a fan base because the whole world just stans him.
You deserve the love you keep trying to give to others.
We hope to see you at our during We love these chances to spend time with MIA+BSI member…
I love when I'm texting you and you fall asleep.
I don't think I've ever loved anything as much as I love my Mia. 😫
There really is not enough love in the world to be stuck stupid and hurt over ANYBODY.. 💯 🚶🏼
Imagine being a grown man, hating on another man for showing love to his wife.
The love Mia has for Chlo is incredible 😍
Shout out to allegiant for being the worst airline out there. Thanks for always canceling and delaying my flights. I love it.
Busty stepmom Brandi Love and pretty teen Mia Malkova threesome
my mom & I love your but are having a hard time finding it! Please tell me that you aren't getting rid of it!
You know when you start liking somebody and Love Songs start to have a whole new meaning? . Trippy stuff...
Thank you for the time and effort Mia 😍😍 I appreciated it 👍 .. Sorry if i can't love you back 😢.
Love when people are kind for the sake of being kind it's so nice
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⚓️. The originally Anchor Bracelet is MIA's. Get inspired by our collections . LoVe…
No one will ever love your morning breath more than your dog does
Iced coffee & yes I have a tiny gap in my teeth but I love it 🌚✨
Happy holi everyone ! All the love laughter n colours but be safe and considerate , love n respect
Keep your promise and take my love with you everywhere
Got no words to describe how much I love this ladies 💖🔥. MIA: atb.
Congratulations again JADINES! Embrace the victory and always stay grounded. . Love you all! Goodnight 😘 .
Thank you for the Congratulatory posts. We appreciate the love and support.
To the AlDub Nation! Thank you guys! Spreading love from our fandom to yours! .
170313 Arrival The first stage. love ya.
One thing that made us fell in love with Barcelona is because at some point in our lives, we were Ely or Mia.
Click here to watch the movie: Curvy Latina Kiara Mia love Keni Styles asian ***
Love itself describes its own perfection. Be speechless and listen!
we are spending our free blasting out the mamma mia soundtrack I love life
i wanna go MIA for awhile it just feels like the ones that say they love me still end up hurting me lie to me keep things & disrespect me
started another promo ms mia . Love you 😘
Ahhh mia i love u so much thank u baby
Please don't fall in love with someone else.
A simple "bye" can make us cry,. a simple "joke" can make us laugh . and . a simple "care" can make us fall in love 😊
Mia is the girl we all want to be. Strong to love someone so broken and brave to walk out when she knew her worth isn't appr…
"It's love, Yes, all we're looking for is love from someone else ". - Mia
Makes you wonder what Steve King thinks about Tim Scott, Marco Rubio, Mia Love, and other Conservative minority members.
He's one of many who score F's on the Liberty Score.Mia Love and Joni Ernst are the biggest disappointments.
Cheap Thrills - Single by Mia Love is number 2 in Zimbabwe top 100 songs
only a politician you agree with, so no Mia Love, Condi Rice, Allen West, Tim Scott, Thomas Sowell or Herman Cain ?
Mia Love, Utah is not the real world, and modern women are not republicans. Are u willing to give up ur gov insur?
Mia Love & Paul Ryan want to Make America Sick Again. Sick people will die because of these…
Mia Love defeats Doug Owens in 4th District Congressional race for a second time
Do you get this passionate about Tim Scott, Michael Steele, Herman Caine, Paris Dennard, Mia Love, etc
McMullen is part of the Mormon Mafia. Flake, reid, Crapo, Mia Love, Mike Lee, Orin Hatch, Tom Udall, Chaffetz, Romney so many
Meet Black Singles 300x250
.speaking facts, I love this video. ❤️
Lord, thank you for my good health. It's not because of my "intelligence" that I'm here, but only by your GRACE. I love you ❤
I love that I'm someone people feel comfortable confiding in
I swear i be MIA then come out the cuts and show some love then tuck back in and be tucked away for a coo minute.
Click here to watch the movie: Sexy Mia Malkova makes love to her man in white pa
Its still funny to me how mia finally got an iphone lmao
📷 kathnicls: We get to meet Ely & Mia today!! Barcelona: A Love Untold in theatres TODAY!
Honestly no matter what a person does to me at the end of the day I'll still have love for them
Happy Birthday, sweet Mia! I hope your day has been amazing, you deserve it! I love you lots!💕
I just want to send her a message like "Hey love your art I just have a quick question about your process: WHAT DID ZEN DO TO YOU?!
Cha Tae Hyun, Kim Yoo Jung, Seo Hyun Jin & Sung Dong Il today at the press conference of film 'Because I Love You', prem…
I've been MIA being an adult is hard. But like LOVE FEELS BEST
When you say you love me, know I love you more 🤗
Love knows no bounds. Doesn't hold space for fear. Endless trust. Everlasting hope.
I'm choosing to believe that in K-drama fashion they will fall in love all over again and everything will be okay pls ;n;
Just the type of heart I have tho... I can't NOT care about somebody I love. Sorry.
"I just wanna go on a late night drive to no where with the love of my life" You got a-late-drive-to-no-where-gas money?
Really don't rock with people anymore, the fake love, fake loyalty, and fake caring ion need it👐🏽
I'll be a bit mia for a while you can catch me these shows tho... Thanks for the love and support .
I love a positive person, I may not be the most positive person, but I love being around someone who can keep me focused…
I love Mia Melon. Use my referral link to get a discount now!
The half of me that was in love before misses it so much but the other half that was hurt from it is like nah cuz I'm good never again.
Why pay $40 for a haunted house when you could just fall deeply in love and scare yourself with the thought of losing them f…
Jadey will be MIA for the next few days/ weeks due to a family bereavement so let's show her our support &…
I appreciate you so much you have no clue! I love y... — Who is this? 😣 i love you too!
HE IS CUTE!!! not even in a weird way he's just!!! A cute n silly babe I love him DONT @ ME MIA
Oh I love my Mia Fit!! So chic and easy to use, and it's effective for everyday use without irritating my sensitive skin!
This man is amazing, I love him so much ❤️💗
I need me a Lance that'll love me like he loved Mia.
Mia Love, the first Republican black woman elected to Congress, on government.
All just take moment to 'Keep Calm And Love Mia Maffia'
and the hubbys remain MIA i love it
Every big outfit I can find, including Fox, is leading with this. Mama Mia. And I don't think he can walk it back, becaus…
I can love u desperately even if your loves not guaranteed
i miss you SO much ive been so mia lately i love u 💘💘
Thank you Mia! I miss your annoying self, and we're gonna make this softball season great! Love you too! 😊❤️
Would really love to stream some Rock Band 3 but this stupid USB3HDCAP just never works right and their chat agents are MIA
Click here to watch the movie: Mia Malkova makes love in bed in her white lingeri
Love how people expect you to be there for them but the whole time you needed them, they were MIA.
thank you Mia. Much love for ya babe!! 💖
Wha? Clive Owen? I love that guy. ;) Hey, , take a look at this movie. And consider becoming a croupier... ;)
John Huntsman, Mike Lee, Jason Chaffetz, Chris Stewart and Mia Love could make an impact by endorsing Gary Johnson
Trump threatens Sen McCain, Sen. Portman, Sen. Ayotte, Rep. Mia Love, Rep. David Valadao "They don't know how to win – I will teach them!”
Rep. Joe Heck of Nevada. Sen. Cory Gardner of Colorado. Rep. Mia Love of Utah. Rep. Mike Coffman of Colorado. Former Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr. of Ut
Mia Love, Nikki Haley, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindahl. Unless by "right winger" you intend only a stereotype for political enemies?
.Actually there are many more - time to update your info. Sen. Tim Scott, Condaleeza Rice, Herman Cain, Mia Love, etc...
Mia Love has 0 experience and turned completely Rino Alan West is off the wall. Clarke is a Dem but good
Amazing: In Utah, a Democrat is out polling Rep. Mia Love
Nope. Successful and intelligent black ppl don't need to vote Democrat. See Tim Scott, Condi Rice, Allen West, Mia Love, etc.
that is why needs 2 have a strong female VP. My picks are: Condeleeza Rice, & Mia Love
Cruz has won at least 35 of 37 Utah delegates, including Mike Lee, Gary Herbert, Mia Love and Mike Bishop
Ohhh that's why Mia Love, Tim Scott, Bobby Jindal, Marco Rubio, Ted Cruz, and Allen West are Republicans...
Mia Love, Bob Bennett ---do you research on Utah! Failed to mention Romney is a MORMON!
12. Black Republicans like Allen West, Tim Scott, Mia Love, Michael Steele will suddenly be the most popular people in DC :-)
Richard Burr and Mia Love are also conservatives, too.
And the on the House side: F's for Paul Ryan, Mia Love, Darrell Issa, Joe Pitts, Sean Duffy, Kristi Noem, & Jaime Herrera?!?
Mia Love refused to get rid of the Speaker, Justin Amash voted for Ryan.
It's time to change directions with the hope that Black citizens will embrace the GOP. Tim Scott, Mia Love, Alan West. Hope!
I bet Mia Love and Virginia Foxx would go to bat for Hillary in a show of feminist solidarity
Happy Birthday Mia!you're so cute especially in this 21st centrally(; I love you&there'll be lots of pics😈💘
I love kendall but..why..she..always..goes mia :)
A shout out to for being consistent with the love while I was MIA. IM BACK. ;)
U.S. Rep. Mia Love Introduces &Subject at a Time Act' via this needs to pass!
"Girls only say 'I hate you' to the guys that they love"
please play SMILE by Uncle Kracker for my daughter Mia's 9th birthday?! She loveand gets out of the car at 8:40 THANKS
I'd love to go off to college to study photography, art history, ~Mia Wasikowska
Channel trailblazing style icons like Jackie O & Mia Farrow with help from our 60s edit here
Want to know why voters are so mad? Mia Love has the answer: Glenn Reynolds via
I've been so humble and MIA lately.. I love it.
TY for tagging me in the I was writing a paper. How often are they? I'd love to join the next one
Dear California, I would love to wake up without immediately needing a Benadryl for once... Can we start tomorrow? Thanks.
“I like people who have a sense of individuality. I love expression and anything awkward & imperfect - because that's na…
Let's see, Tim Scott, Trey Gowdy, Mia Love, Inhoffe, Cory Gardner and Pat Toomey. All RINO's. Every one of them!
Sure, tell Ben Carson and Tim Scott that ...and Mia Love, we've done more for blacks politically
One of the possible running mates for Trump: African-American Republican Congresswoman, Mia Love, pictured here… https:…
I love you. You love me. We are a happy family la la la la la. - Mia And Chocolate 😂😂. It just,…
I rlly love Wales and I rlly love him X X X
goodnight everyone. I love this little cutie + Lisa + Mia + all my mutuals so very much ♡😴
. Choose a job you love, and you will never have to work a day in your…
It's amazing how much meaning one person can have in your life💗 so blessed to be going into 2016 with the people I love the most
"Before, I was selfish and I hold on to you for a very long time. Now, I love you enough to let you go." —Ethan to Mia.
Gents, would love to hear your interview with this brave young lady
I don’t have time to hate anyone, I either love you or I don’t care…
no *sings I will always love you to the phone*
happy birthday mia moo, we need to oovoo soon!! I hope you have a wonderful day, I love u so so much ❤️
I love you more and happy New Years to you too 💗
I love the smell of fresh flowers...a little suprise from my hubby...just because. .
Great new mixtape from MIA ELIANI check it out if you love r'n'b and rap Definitely …
We will see you in the new year somewhere around the world, let's get ready to rock, love you all
No afraid to say a love the movie mamma Mia
happy birthday princess I love you so much you are such a beautiful person inside and out!! luv you💚
Loving Mamma Mia again. No fave song. Love them all.
I'm so so so proud of you!!! You've done an amazing thing, love you loads❤️
I love megan and lyanne and mackie and mia and jia i fjust love them so muchndnd
ok im gonna go MIA again sobs i have to finish this one paper today. bye i love yoongi love yoonseok i love you all
(2) Pia Mia singing Love Yourself at tonight in Miami.
Gotta love a bit of Mamma Mia film 💖 . Happy New Year everyone! Xoxoxo
Watching Mamma Mia. Forgot how much I love this film
Mia Austin, Matt Williams, Jack Hammer.: Release Year: 2016. Video language: English. We love us some Mia Austi...
Happy new year everyone !! Hope you all had a great night last night . Love you all . 🍻🎉❤️
Can't believe Mia Love joined the CONGRESSIONAL BLACK CAUCUS after denouncing it! Then the Omnibus bill nod? WOW!!
I added a video to a playlist 2012 Utah Republican Nominating Convention - Mia Love
I added a video to a playlist Mia Love is first black female Republican in Congress after Utah win
Utah made history by electing Mia Love to Congress. She is a black female Republican Mormon. Even Unicorns said "Not buyin…
Mia Love, Tim Scott, Joni Ernst, Barbara Comstock, Kelly Ayotte...but yeah, no, totally old white men all the way
Electronic Device Insurance
do Tim Scott's, David Webb's, Ben Carson's, and Mia Love's lives matter to you? They do to me maybe look at truth
Also check out Walter E Williams, Larry Elders, Dr. Carson, Mia Love. This are some people you need to listen & follow
Matheson's exit gives GOP's Mia Love an opening for Utah congressional seat
A little palace intrigue for you all: Trey Gowdy, Jason Chaffetz, Lee Zeldin and Mia Love just met in Love's office.
Ben Carson/Allen West/Condi Rice/Colin Powell/Mia Love are far better role models than the Mr Kardashian/Al Sharpton/Obama/Jackson CANCERS!
Doing WordPress in a heritage environment? I’d love you to fill this in:
Happy birthday to the best dad ever we love u loads & loads love josh, Grace, ruby, Mia.
So if any of y'all just happen to be in SFS tomorrow & wanna get me an horchata deal from Tierra Mia, I'll love you forever 💘
Go MIA for a bit come back and I get no love💔...
Daddy I'm falling For a monster (sostituita da Love me like you nella mia playlist). Rip.
I love 1. falling asleep too early and waking up too early and 2. iPhone charger dying and the extra one being MIA :) :) :)
I love Mia ilyana but i also love heather/neph/ilyana
goodnight, I love 5/5 so so much @ 4/4 stay MIA during October pls and thnx
me idk I love both maybe a little Mia
Mmhm sorry Love. Not my fault he was there when you were out MIA
Keep your heart on your sleeve, do what you love but be carfull who you trust cuz you never know when you will get hurt.
Real love is when Mía pees after not seeing me for awhile. No one else pees for me
The MIA dj loves bieber as much as I do and I love it 😘😘😘
Husband says his final goodbyes to his dying wife 😩❤️ this is true love
Guys Love Girls Who Drink, actually, girls who get WASTED!  
I don't get how girls could hate one another out of jealously I love yall so much for being so *** cute
& it really *** bc tomorrow was supposed to be great, but they love ruining Mia's plans ☺️
🌸🐬 I love you so much and I'm glad we actual have a class together this year 😍😍
He a savage, I love everything about him . ✊🏾
no problem mia. Its okay thats love /?
🌴🍍🐙 you and your sis are always super sassy with me but I still love you and hope we play together again 😘😘
I'm a super fan of you guys I love you guys so much😘❤️
Excusez-moi Mia, thought it was a large flaming sambuca Lol but can see now it's a candle & menu! Love fro…
“It’s not selfish to love yourself, take care of yourself, and to make your happiness a priority. It’s necessary.”
Love Me Like You sounds like it belongs in Mama Mia. It's great. 🎀💖😊
I been in love with MIA since paper planes
Sry . For your lost love . Keep your head up baby
Romo would be eligible to practice after 6 weeks, which would be after the SEA game. Eligible to play after 8 weeks, which wo…
UGH, that's the worst!! All of it!! There's a chamomile lavender tea that I love for getting to sleep; do you like herbal tea?
I love to meet U Mia and have a couple cups of tea the way..I like your new photo outfit..look so sexy
👓💰🍫 I love you Mia, your one of my closest friends ill see you soon 😈
I will forever love MIA. She's my one and only 🎌💕
If a person doesn't value your heart or consider u worthy enough to settle down with - trust that someone better is wait…
Mia Love, Rob Bishop, Chris Stewart, Jason Chaffetz . "Seriously, just follow it. Congressmen: Use the power of...
Mia Love: Iran nuclear deal is not about partisan politics, but rather American lives | Deseret News
Mia Love is from Saratoga Springs, where the police shot and killed Darrien Hunt last month for no reason and will not …
GOP's Mia Love faces questions about flight reimbursements:
How is it racist to be Republican? You should contact Ben Carson, Mia Love, and Tim Scott about that
What 2 Teach 🎵. 1.Beyoncé- Rocket . 2.Ciara- Dance like we're making love. 3.Weekend- The Hills. 4.Pia Mia- Do it again. 5.Chris Brown- Strip
I love love love this stuff. Does a great job removing makeup and cleansing my face. On sale right…
thanks for showing the Patriots game 3 times before ever showing Mia/car .Too much patriot love you hacks
The love I have for Mia is unreal, God knows what I'll be like with my own kids😅
Sleeping Mia & I for to All animals deserve snuggles & love ht…
A new favorite: Playmen, Alceen Ft Mia - Love Song (Mahmut Orhan Remix) by on
Rep. Mia Love breaks down over Planned Parenthood video 
"This is not a right or left issue, it's a right or wrong issue." -Rep. Mia Love. Love Mia some Mia Love
MIA LOVE: I probably would vote FOR budget agreement even though it doesn't go far enough
Mia Love can’t hold back tears when Lou Dobbs asks about Planned Parenthood
Mia Love explains why she voted for John Boehner as House speaker
Mia Love joins a group she promised to dismantle
My favorite baby. I love being her nanny. Happy 1st to my baby Mia💞
This is the Mia Love that Republicans have been waiting for
dear Mia's mom take your daughter to see her sunshines thanks xx much love
"Please come to me and my sister's birthday party. Love Hailey and Mia (Ages 6 & 9) Our dog's name is Mav!
So excited to watch my sweet Carol win this crown tonight! I love you 👑💋
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Hii👸🏻👑 I'm a YouTuber! I love to make all kinds of videos, my link is in my bio😺💗 Subscribe to make my goals true✨💫
MIA loses the ball, but wins the challenge. That's outrageous. Love that football is back!
Thank you God for my hair. I'm sorry my name is not India, it's Mia. I am my naturally curly hair,. It describes...
love ya mama. Nice meeting you Mia -rushing back out the door to the car driving off-
I'm obsessed w/ Pia Mia like ugh I love her so much
"So I'm gonna love you, like I'm gonna lose you!" 🎶
🌵❤️//. Mia I love you omg, way to pretty and your so cute. Met a couple of times👸🏼
Love how goes MIA when I need to talk to him
Would love some tight end action in the red zone
The amount I love Mia is actually not an amount it just is and its cosmic and perfect and pure and loOoOVvvEe
Sorry I'm MIA on socials, enjoying some time off how I know best 🐴 - I love u guys and stalk you errryday
Goodnight i love gee pun and Mia peace out!!
If I stay is my favorite movie ever because I love the way Adam looks at Mia. 😍😍😍😍
"At Planned Parenthood, they do more to prevent abortions by 9 a.m. than Gary Herbert, Mia Love and Curt Bramble w…
If Twitchy was left-wing and posted about Sarah Palin, Mia Love, Pamela Gellar you'd be praising it.
What Attorney Gen Eric Holder has in common with congresswoman Mia Love,Colin Powell,and Malcom X
.Tea Party elected Tim Scott, Allen West, Mia Love and dozens of other minoroties to office. EDUCATE YOURSELF.
the Mormon Church was one of the last to treat blacks fairly,or even let them in the church-i will support Mia Love not you
stating the obvious since you're incapable of other...Earl Wilson, Harold Ford, JC Watts, Mia Love, MY biz partner..
Mia Love, Charles Payne, Thomas, Cain, Allen do you disagree with their experience?
Give me a Nikki Haley, a Susanna Martinez or, a Mia Love. Just off the top of my head.
when he retires will Utah give us Sen Jason Chaffetz or Sen. Mia Love
We have some great black Republicans -- especially Mia Love from Utah!!! Hoping for more to join us...
Please explain why we love Lt Col Allen West, Mia Love, Condoleeza Rice, Ben Carson...etc. Wut proof do u have of racism
If you mean 'Kirsten' Powers, yes, she is a beauty, but America NEEDS a conservative in the WH. How about Sarah Palin or Mia Love?
personally I would like to see Mia Love get more experience and see if she has what it takes or Jan Brewer from AZ.
I guess he's just our token huh? Allen West, Mia Love, Lawrence Jones. So no matter what they do, they're still"racist" eh
Mr. Dwayne Wickham let's ask Mia Love, Allen West, Ben Carson, are these the members that were offended? What's your agenda?
Democrats probably can't beat Mia Love (in Utah) but we need to be fighting for places like Staten Island.
Fun Fact: Raised a Roman Catholic, Rep. Mia Love joined "The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints" after graduating college in 1998.
The Majority Whip Scalese is a David "Grand Wizard" Duke wannabe & the party, including Mia Love support him
So proud of Mia Love, who's being sworn in today as the 1st black Republican woman ever elected to Congress.
Mia Love said she'd phase out social security and end federal student loan and work study programs. Toussaint Louverture did…
Mia Love challenges Obama and opposes his immigration reforms and legislation (AP)-Congresswoman Mia Love Republican-Utah arrives for a closed-door meeting on Capitol Hill in Washington, Friday, Jan. 9, 2015, of House Republicans on thwarting President Barack Obama's executive actions on immigration by blocking the funding for the Department of Homeland Security. Obama's directives in November gave temporary relief from deportation to about 4 million immigrants in the country illegally, along with permits allowing them to work legally in the U.S. His move infuriated Republicans after their midterm election victories, and they vowed to retaliate once they assumed full control of Congress this week. (AP Photo/J. Scott Applewhite)
And just a reminder that Mia Love (R-UT) and Cedric Richmond (D-LA) are caping for Steve Scalise by calling him a good man and not racist.
Mia Love gonna tape CBC meetings like ReRun at the Doobie Brothers concert!
An apology: I never mentioned in November, following the United States elections, that I was saddened that Larry Pressler was not elected to the United States States, running as an independent, from South Dakota, and that I was happy Mia Love was elected to the United States House from Utah.
Mia Love stands behind the majority whip speaking to a White Power group. She really is just an actress playing a part
GOP ranks to get slightly more diverse (Mia Love of Utah will be first black female of House Republican Conference)
So do I. Alan West, Thomas Sowell, Herman Cain, Condoleezza Rice, Mia Love. no 1 in that photo though
I do have Great Respect for Condoleeza Rice, Mia Love, Ben Carson, Herman Cain, Colin Powell, Charles Payne, and yes even Juan Williams!
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