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Mi Gente

Mi Gente (English: My People) is a song by defunct Latin salsa star Héctor Lavoe from the album, La Voz.

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Todos listos Mi Gente join us tonight for Caliente Tuesday with Johnny and Geri for Salsa lessons so get ready to…
Funny how we’ve been dancing to Mi Gente all this time during Zumba classes at the gym and now I finally know what song it is
Luis Fonsi is somewhere trying to recruit Drake for a remix to the remix of Despacito to try and block Mi Gente. https…
Despacito is the best spanish remix song made by a... Beyonce with Mi gente:
"Mi Gente" So happy for .. U GOT MAH GURL THERE Mi Gente. So happy for and
Nah hold on and pause some of you didn't know/like Mi Gente before Bey came on the beat?
you and your mom are in the music video of "Mi Gente ft. Beyoncé" 😁😂
Pop star dropped the track on Thursday night
The Hive studying the Spanish dictionary while listening to Mi Gente
Beyoncé being featured in Mi Gente is EXACTLY what this world needs WOW
New post (J Balvin, Willy William - Mi Gente featuring Beyoncé) has been published on Simplynresults -…
Hm Beyoncé's Mi Gente remix is at least listenable and gives a nice twist to the original, Despacito ft. Justin can't re…
Beyonce releases surprise remix to J Balvin's Mi Gente and will donate all proceeds to hurricane relief efforts…
.hopped on "Mi Gente" and is donating the proceeds to hurricane relief.
Nothing but respect for OUR president.
Beyoncé's Mi Gente remix is available on YouTube, Spotify, Tidal, and Apple Music. Let's get to streaming girlies. https:…
beyoncé's mi gente remix is a bop AND she's donating the proceeds to hurricane relief. nothing but respect for MY pres…
QUE ORGULLO SIENTO MI GENTE !! so honored that is nominated for at the ! AY DIOS…
Hear Beyoncé sing in Spanish to support Puerto Rico, Mexico and the Caribbean
Basically what Beyoncé just did to Despacito with the Mi Gente Remix:
BREAKING: Beyoncé is donating "Mi Gente" remix proceeds for hurricane relief in 🇲🇽, 🇵🇷, and other Caribbean islands. https:/…
Beyoncé shows up on J. Balvin’s song “Mi Gente.” Proceeds will go towards disaster relief in Puerto Rico, Mexico & other Caribb…
Purchase the official remix to and "Mi Gente" with your girl Beyoncé!
Mi Gente about to be the new Despacito now that Beyoncé is featured
Beyonce is donating the proceeds from her new remix of “Mi Gente” to hurricane relief: Help:
Beyoncé did a Remix of Mi Gente to donate all the prooceds to Mexico, Puerto Rico and other islands. Nothing but respect for…
J Balvin has released the remix of the song "Mi Gente" feat Beyoncé.
"Soon as I walk in, boys start they talkin'. Right as that booty sway" 🎶. Purchase: Stream: https:/…
"Mi Gente" ft. and Hear the track and watch the video:
Beyoncé joins 'Mi gente' remix to raise money for hurricane relief
Beyoncé just dropped a "Mi Gente" remix to benefit Mexico and Puerto Rico .
Hamilton Collection
Beyonce teams up with J. Balvin for 'Mi Gente' remix, proceeds of which will go to hurricane relief
Global link that takes you to your local iTunes store, get "Mi Gente" feat. Beyoncé, & now: https:…
why would you take Conor Maynards cover of Mi Gente off Sporify??? Heartbroken x x
Mi Gente! As you know, every year we proudly march with our float in the National Puerto Rican Day Parade. It is...
Happy Friday mi gente! Time to rise, hustle and grind.Lets go get that money!
Oye mi gente de Sheffield and beyond. Tomorrow Friday come to party at Tapton Hall with me and…
has more than 17 M views. is on iTunes . ¡Pa' mi gente latina stand up! 💃🏻👏
Con Mi Gente segment from about our fair! (Correction: this was our 52nd year).
Okay mi gente see you guys tomorrow time to go night night enjoy your evening
Okay mi gente see you guys tomorrow enjoy your evening
Word on the street was that mi gente was starting a fitness brand, so you know I had…
I just want to take the first flight out to Puerto Rico & stay there forever. necesito estar con mi gente :((
Mi gente, smoke one and enjoy the weather
Mi Gente, Hector Lavóe. . Hard to pick just one Lavóe, but I love how this one just gets faster and faster.
'NowPlaying' Mi Gente by Marc Anthony at - Buy it
Not connected with any other organization. This hashtag came about inspired by the Hector Lavoe son "Mi Gente"
I'm listening to Mi Gente by Hector Lavoe on
the greatest since until Now playing Hector Lavoë: Mi Gente on
Buenos dias mi gente bella. Good Morin to all my loving IG .
This is what a Hangover looks like ladies and gentlemen RESACA!! Feliz Domingo mi Gente!!
Mi gente, optimum triple play is in the house. I I digital cable, watch a lot of channels whenever you're able.
can't mi gente just be proud of the WEPPPA
Funny how time is relative. Today flew by, & yesterday felt so slow. . Good night mi gente. . 😴
Hola mi gente.. so just putting it out there, I'm trying to grow my public social network so I…
$75 per event for POC window dressing. Comparatively speaking, this is a solid employment opportunity, mi gente.
Spittin that fiyahhh 1 time w some help from mi gente ❤️‼️ https…
Gente mi drunking buddy me esta fallando seriamente 🙄
Para mi GENTE Latina, look what wrote up about me and the book
Mi Gente Financial is an Auto Loan Finance institution. Helping our latino communities. Everyone is welcome. Visit
Now us girls gotta be checking our *** IGs to see who's sending them private stories.. que bueno mi gente 🙄😂
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Mi gente,. Many many sacrifices, wonderful sacrifices and they were outstanding sacrifices, believe me, believe me ;)
Mi gente. Traveling back to PR this weekend w/ my brothers & to put in…
Mi gente! is hiring. Looking for a fabulous new program assistant to join our team:
RGTN - We go way back. We Celebrate 'Mi Gente' Latina...Zion Baby!
😎 My people! ...Mi Gente ! Make sure to go and check the official Kevin Roldan mix 🎶 done…
You ready mi gente latina??? on the set for this great event con mi cohost…
MI gente, DSC 2016 full pass is going up August 4th, get your tickets and save $$$
One good way to keep mi gente from becoming citizens would be to add "Is this a lime or a lemon?" to the naturalization test
Ese follow back no fue easy mi gente
Mi Gente now has space in multicultural center after publication of demands
I'm back. . Mi gente reportese . 'zig
People on board gave me strange looks for lying down on the ground and photographing the cabin 😂😨 // La gente me mi…
Un saludo a toda mi gente!! Gracias x tanto cariño. Just dropping by to say I Love you all!
it's one long song, but it's also just songs too. Mi gente is like that. I'll bring up the guitar un-litness at next meet tho.
Listen to Mi Gente by A.B. Quintanilla III & Kumbia Kings on
So many doors have opened that I would of never of though of going in them Grasias ah Toda mi gente and your one of them THNXS
Mi gente, be sure to watch El Mas Tonight at 10/9c for his hilarious new comedy series TVland
De mi gente a la tuya /From my family to yours, Happy Easter,we wish everyone celebrating a blessed and joyful day! https…
Mi gente, Joke of the Day: ツ. A wife was in bed with her lover when she heard her husband's key in the door. "Stay...
Mi corazón y oraciones con toda la gente de Bruselas ❤️My heart and prayers goes to Violence is never the a…
Mi gente, sign petition to review police services and support En solidaridad! ❤️
Omg there's people playing dominoes with Spanish music playing on landis...mi gente
One day I will be able to shop from mi gente and that makes me happy.
I'll be performing live for Hispanisize 2016 positive impact awards this Tuesday April 5th in Miami Mi Gente
Deadline for WKND 1 of Coachella has passed. You can still order ready 2 ship items~we have more new things coming !
Mi Gente dominicana. Have you heard ‘Heavy Papi - La LLamado De Mi Ex (Merengue)’ by on
Mi Gente🇨🇦! I'll be passing through Ottawa, Montreal, and Gatineau this weekend! Info on…
Rise and shine mi gente! Today is the day you've been waiting for!
Q&A was pretty awesome. Gave great insight into your world. Go watch it on his snap, mi gente 👻
It's March 30, 2016 at 08:04AM, DZ here. and mi gente around world!
Hi mi gente, here supporting my people of the best account ever about social…
Thinking about mi gente esta noche, y'all. "Lin-Manuel Miranda: Give its chance to thrive" via
Lowkey sad lost against Next time mi gente next time.
En esto se basa, mi gente:. People make plans in their minds, but the Lord decides what they will do. Proverbs 16:9
Mi gente at I need un favor right quick is one of the illest MCs y necesitamos that he get on the list. http…
Mi Gente my friend is running for Congress and she needs our support! Check her out- spread the word send some $$
No falla, a mi la gente siempre me coge cosa sin yo hacer nada...pero, it's not my fault, I'm on my own way.
Meeting w/the state literacy org tomorrow, Discussing partnership & goals.We have to empower our communities, mi GENTE. .
(ENG) Hi "Mi Gente" to discover and know more about Latin american music, we want to suggest you this wonderful...
💜Mi Gente, meet my new Baby that traveled back with me from Lima to Brooklyn 💜She was adopted on…
Stay tuned Mi Gente...Joe Carnahan and I are rolling hard with Pipes Blasting Soon!. changer
Buen día Mi Gente!! Feliz martes!! / Good afternoon FAM!! Hope y'all are having an amazing Tuesday
My favorite song of the week: Hector Lavoe - Mi Gente.
We are proud to be future partners of this family!
"i'm about to get more" PREPAREN MI FUNERAL GENTE MORI ACA
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Bueno mi gente...incredibly humbled and appreciative of all the & love. It was a wonderful season 3! Los quiero...
Gotta keep it in perspective get my point across like a boss and make sure that mi gente gets the message.
What's hood mi gente?! (my people) Hope you all had a firme weekend and a aight Monday. Stay up and stay hood. Luzio be out . Alrato (later)
Prince Royce is the death of me mi gente 😍😍💖
& this is how welcomes me home. Back to the work at hand. Let's get to it mi gente.
thank you latinbillboards for a magical night 💕 y mucho amor a mi gente Latina. . styling by:…
Mi gente,. Never vacuum the floor while listening to music with headphones on. I just finished the entire house...
Guys! I'm so happy to see my people, MUY PRONTO MI GENTE LATINA!!
Hoping everyone had a great first day of classes! If your day isn't done, you got this! Si se puede mi gente!
Mi gente whats for dinner? Lets chat about our meal plan for tonight
Orgullosa de mi gente when I see them at this university 💪📚🎓
God is always good! And I will leave it at that Mi Gente!
Quiero conocer a gente nueva, alguna ARMY que quiera ser mi amiga?? I want to meet new people,s Any Army that wants to be my friend ??
I added a video to a playlist Kumbia kings mi gente
Good afternoon mi gente! Don't forget about class tonight! We'll be at St. Jude at 5:30pm and at French Riviera...
Check out my song 'Recuerdos' . Thx mi Gente, B-). via
Wassup mi gente drop a pic if you dare.
Have a great day mi gente positive vibes and blessings to you all ✌🏿️
Good Morning Mi Gente, thanking my Lord for another day not blessed. BigApache
Mi gente - can you tell me your fav Spanish-language podcasts? Desperately need to exercise that part of my brain.
"Mi gente scream and shout it. Asi se puede amor" 😍😍😍😍 been on repeat all day long
This is definitely Special: when a Father, Son Turn into a Business. via
Let's be honest. Most tacky Mexican Restaurants are meant for whiteness. ITS A TRAP MI GENTE! This is not the carne asa…
+ who I want to lead as an example for, que si se puede, to all mi gente en la Latinx community, to my abuelita and tías who didn't finish +
To those who worked to put on a lovely festival-be proud. To those ruining that memory with violence-shame on you. You …
Good morning Mi Gente, Keep it real! Stop lying to yourself. Look yourself in the mirror and say..."I am not running away anymore...from my dreams or the life that I deserve." I can live more, love more, do more, and achieve far beyond what I've done so far. Act as if you have nothing to lose and everything to gain! Run toward your GREATEST life ever! You Deserve!!! 🙌🙌💪🙏
Ok my people if u guys can be so kind and help to share this post take some of u time please to help this guy , he is lost in L.A. and looking for his family he is from Michoacan , Mexico ,I'll thank u with all my heart my loves. Okay mi gente si pueden ser tan amables y ayudarme a compartir este post , tomen algo de su tiempo pirfavor para ayudar a este hispano esta perdido busca a su familia el es de Michoacan les agradesco de corazon mis amores gracias.
Buen dia mi gente, tengan todos un gran dia! ✌. Good morning people, have a great day today! 👍
Salsa lesson at the palace to start a great night!! Venganse mi Gente !
lol, no cuz then Nestor is gonna wanna join😳 Ya conosco a mi gente😂
This new 2chainz tho Ps thanks for all the lo…: Esto representa lo que la gente moja piensa de mi
I remember when Caliche would "beep" our extraction target coordinates. Cosa Maravillosa en la vida! Mi Gente! Estamos Vivos!
mi hermana!! I'm planning on maken homemde de mi gente nextweek for the first time! yikes!! :0 wish me luck!
Mi gente,. In Life, We never lose FRIENDS.. We only learn who our TRUE ONES are.. !!. Take Care.. ツ ツ. Good Night Friends..
It's just me though carry on with the tamales MI gente. Go nuts.
rocking 5th Ave on the hispanic day parade... Gracias mi gente latina..
Mi gente,. Whoever gets the gift from me that has scissors under the wrapping paper, I'm going to need those back.
Mi gente,. As far as I'm concerned the only legitimate reason for smoking an electric cigarette is if you're a...
January is near mi gente. The best to ever do it were born in JANUARY!
I had to do it Mi Gente ... . LmPRao! / AQF!
Bye mi gente, bye 7th prd family. I'll always love you guyyys.😓
Brooklyn once again takes the stage... In January 2015. Mi gente, as we…
Saludos mi gente. Enjoy the last weekend of the year.
"When someone says they don't like Star Wars Lo que la gente me dice a mi.
Hi Mi Gente! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and an even better New Year! Esta loca aquí sigue. Solo un...
¡Mi gente! I challenge you to join me and to sing this baseball classic
Buenos dias mi gente que pasen un buen dia Dios los bendiga/Good morning people hope you all have a good day.
Today when you're on the stage greets the audience saying "Que lo que mi Gente"
Hello mi gente , good day and great weekend, GOD bless !!..
A la Chris Aguilar, I've got work for good hard working people. I've got 2 positions available at The Floppy Rooster. I need a bar-back and floor-back. Inbox me if your interested and I'll get you set up for an interview with the GM. Have a great day mi gente.
Was up mi gente! I'm ready to dive into my Long Island Ice Tea. Cheers! T.G.I.F!
mi Gente!! . It's lunch time and our bodies knows that!! . Hora de comer. :D.
Yesss...its Friday Mi Gente and guess what? We are 29 days away from the best Bachata Concert you will experience...
Link in my bio! pARA LOS ! MI GENTE Heres a dope track off of
Mi gente aqui esta el video de los 6.638 @ 209 ! We are on FIRE. (Beast Mode)
I dreamed vividly with your streets, your people, your smell, London these in me. He soñado con tus calles, tu gente, tu olor, London en mi.
Good afternoon mi gente! Hope everyone is having a fabulous day! Keep in mind that Life is short , kiss slowly, laugh loudly, loves intensely and forgive quickly...make this day a memorable one!
Hector Lavoe's "Mi Gente" was originally released on the album "La Voz" in 1975 and was composed by Hector Lavoe and Willie Colon. La Canción "Mi Gente" de H...
Whoever You Are or Where Ever You are have A Great Blessed WEEKEND . ENJOY mi Gente♡♡
Om Metra Buda Mem Soha. Y quede pintado..! Ty for this great art piece! Love mi gente linda!…
Mi gente, God bless. Dances with the Stars 2014 - esta aqui!! Let's do this - Good Luck to all the contestants!! Names being released this evening. :)
Let's make it an epic night, mi gente. Tonight we storm the beach and celebrate the b-day real major…
Que tal mi gente hermosa, have a nice weekend
MI GENTE! Friday is HERE! And I got some events to post up here in a few to help start the weekend…
Hey mi gente just chilling today with my bf and my daughter baby girl
Un abrazo para mi gente de Tag someone you know that is from Salcedo.
gracias, Melanie!! It's a great feeling to finally share .soy con mi gente :)
A mi me cae bien la gente que me agrega a snapchat (snap: denborgognone)
Good morning mi gente Latina! Hope ya have a good Friday. Be safe out there and see ya tonight at the…
Justin cantando "that should be me making you laugh" y riendo y aksjaksjaks ya ni se que decir mi gente
Ey mi gente wuzup adonde estan sounds like regular radio on Hot 105 WTH???
Feliz Viernes Mi Gente. You can be who you want to be. Make us believe in you. Keep all your…
Buenos días mi Gente! Happy Friday to every one , smoke some if u got it. And stay bless. Dont…
Rise and grind mi gente... Lets get it. (gracias a Dios es viernes)
Phew. Mi gente demos gracias ..RT The view from of Hurricane Gonzalo as it churns in the Atlantic Ocean.
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La gente no aguanta nada, a mi Dog Eat Dog me cunden.
It's going down TONIGHT!!!. Lets go Mi Gente After work comedy at its best don't miss out!. Great people, Great...
Louie Vega's remix of Hector's "Mi Gente" is another favorite. Heard this for the first time at a party in Panama.
"whole time I still have a Mi Gente page" lmao such a thot
Elizabeth Peña has passed away at the age of 55. We have lost another great actress mi gente.
In San bernardino nov 22 whos in with the MACEDO's. A correr mi gente.
COME TO MY HOOD pronto el video mi gente...
cool movie. I liked it a lot. Bedtime. . duerme bien, mi gente. 😏
Preciosa or Mi Gente, tough choice right!?
Bueno mi gente. Tonight is about to get really strange.
Drinks with my beautiful wife and a few good friends. Cheers mi gente! @ El Potro
Mi Gente Crew has a show on 09/28/2014 at 06:00 PM @ Calvary Chapel... in Colorado Springs, CO
Well Mí GENTE! It won't be Nyc nor stop for me looks like back to Hawaii, Europa, Caribbean or back and forth here in Miami?
Bueno Mí Gente! It looks like I'm set to go back with the BEST Cruise lines Company in the WORLD, NCL thanks to two Great friends :)
If your Puerto Rican and attend my school You and me are gunna get along YA TU SABES MI GENTE
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Buenos dias mi gente! Looking forward to seeing you in the dance floor at Abbotsford Public School, today Zumba...
A mi me gusta gente con agilidad mental y que no pierde los estribos frente a problemas, if u know who we laughing of djdsksks
Bump with me, stay with me, stay with me, stay with your cat Salí a mi madre entró a la gente se me. —
Inhale that positivity, exhale that negativity- have a mi gente!
Tonight catch me live at Mi Gente Lounge spinnin the best latin music!! Hookahs // Great spanish food // Dominos...
There's only one way to move in the Big Apple. That's A gozar mi gente!
Time to get to the weekend .. vibin con Mi gente
Well people good news... Buenas noticias mi gente... The gas may go down by the end of the year. Mi gente la...
I wanna die a little bit... Shout out to Khadeja for reading my old mi gente intro out loud a good 6-7 times...
aparte a mi hotel, de Madrid, solo viene gente de chueca, If you know what I mean.
Hola mi gente bella hi my beautiful people
good things coming my people. Cosas buenas se acercan mi gente.
Ok mi gente!! To ALL of my party people in Chicago!!! FRIDAY OCTOBER 10th ITS GOING DOWN!! 21+ msg me for tickets!! http:…
. GOP always surpressing mi Vito. They are happy to have Latino suppressors. Wake up gente.
Keeping the grind going...Happy Friday mi gente.SIGO CONTENTIN MIRA COMO LO MENEO!
I am a democrat… Mi gente, it happens every time. We vote and work to get our democratic candidate elected and...
MI GENTE! Great times at the KBS Festival pre-party !!! Now let's get ready for the real thing starting...
We are working for the weekend mi gente
Day 11/90 - Hola mi gente!! Wearing my Vi Latino shirt so i had to drop some Spanish... Well…
Good morning mi gente . Yes ! It's Friday ... Wishing all an amazing . Nothing better to…
Oye mi gente thanks for the 90's hip hop mix on soundcloud
9th anniversary of our crew INK in Mexico City !! Salute to all mi Gente . Love is Love. Peace
I like racing against people from Mexico. Son mi gente, mi raza.
To all mi gente out there.Good night & God Bless!
HOLA MI GENTE!!!. Tonite at The Conga Club we gonna be celebrating Dina's Birthday BASH!. many of you have worked...
clearly, I was breaking it down in DR on the beach con mi gente 😸💃
I can't wait to be back home dancing vallenatos y tomando guaro con mi gente 😭🙌
Mi gente,nature's way of saying: . "Live life one more time, . make a difference, . touch one heart, . encourage one...
Mi gente:. Memo to Life: Fewer lemons more cherries.and bacon, Thanks!
Q6) By thinking big! Believing in my ideas and in capability as a Passion is contagious mi gente!
Little Giant Ladders
Me, Myself and I. Asi me fui mi gente!
Hola mi gente... lo siento muchisimo pero no he tenido mucho tiempo esta semana... but Im back and going to try to update more frequently
Mi gente romantica conoce esa cancion tan bella! I love Ricardo Arjona... one of the best Latino lyricists HANDS DOWN
Mi gente, don't walk in front of my car when you can clearly see that I'm texting!
Mi gente,. I tried killing a spider with glitter body spray. Now it won't stop stripping and I have to call it...
Checking into my future mi gente. — at Le Cordon Bleu College of Culinary Arts
It's really hard to garner support from the people around you so when love is shown, I DEF APPRECIATE IT! Thanks mi gente!
I'm gonna try harder to be a sassy Latina. So I'm gonna test out a few traditional recipes and, once perfected, I'll share with mi gente.
Summer Luv'n July 25th... Let's fill up these seats mí Gente for ESL's pari at the Historic Ford…
Mi gente we will rock dis song 4 eva! This how we do it up top. Summer here, we up!
And no no Blacks weren't the only ones segregated back then Here california mi gente suffered the same segregation.
look Mi gente was cool chillin over here in Mexico, texas, and Arizona until the oppressor came.. and we still living here.
Tonight no cooking but me for you. Well be at 9971 e speedway blvd from 5 to 9pm. See you there mi gente
Mi Gente check out Edgar Rivera this weekend at Carolines on Broadway with My Boy Rob Stapleton Live & Uncut!! 6...
"Mi gente: . What if we knew we were the living prayers of all those who came before? How would we live & love then?" . -
Tipico on Blast this Morning courtesy of !! Vamo Mi Gente!! Check Out the Link,& Enjoy!!
Good morning my beautiful fans have in amazing day god bless you muy buenos Dias mi gente que tengan Un muy buen...
Feeling overwhelmed with all the love! Thanks Mi Gente! This weekend is going to be a good weekend!! It ALL starts tomorrow night at Zabidury Tapas in New Rochelle! with Eric Nieves, Kyle Grooms, Sara Contreras all hosted by yours truly Mr.Tangana! I still have tix, hit me up and don't miss out! Also my HomeGirl Kiki Melendez movie Journey of a Female Comic comes out in NYC at the AmC on 42nd St this Friday! I'm in this film Mi Gente, If you're a Latino you have to go check it out! It's only playing for one week, support this great Docu-Comedy! Last but not least, this Saturday i'll be on Sabado Gigante with Don Francisco! Please tell everyone to watch this Puerto Rican from the Bronx doing Stand Up in Spanish on the biggest stage on Latino TV!
Well off to work may you all have a blessed day I hate Monday's but duty calls asta luego mi gente
BUENOS DIAS MI GENTE!!..Setting goals gives us the motivation to keep going despite all of the obstacles that are placed in our way..
.gm I'm so dam tired who wants to take my kids to school lol hav a great day mi gente
Good morning my peeps mi gente Happy Monday ! Have a great start to a fantabulous week, as the week progresses so does the temperatures ! Woo hoo !
Feliz innicio de semana mi gente time to chase those dreams and make that money.
Tired as *** now off to sleep have a wonderful day pplz. Cansadisima y ahora a dormir k tengan un lindo dia mi gente.
Traveling to a new place on the paths that I've been given to learn many new they say, the sky is limit. Have a beautiful day mi gente! :)
Good morning mi gente I am officially moved into my new house! Now the fun stuff of unpacking lol little by little I guess. I am truly blessed and thankful have a great Monday morning!!!
well up a bit early & spending my 1 on 1 time with the Lord asking for guidance needed in my life! May yalls have a great day & have the blessings needed Mi Gente!!
Good morning mi gente! May your Monday be productive and the start of something amazing and unique. Just like YOU!
Good morning time to get it..blessed day mi gente
It's snowing but have a safe morning mi gente And have a nice day
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GM familia y mi gente lunes yes Monday start of the week thank you lord for another day and everyday!!! Hope ya all have a great week bless day!!! Too
I just commented: Buenos dias mi gente, yo diria... in the RedLink App
Go thy way, eat thy bread with joy, and drink thy wine with a merry heart; for God now accepteth thy works. -Ecclesiastes 9:7 Have a blessed day mi Gente.
See you later mi gente! (I already miss my city but let's just keep that between us)
Gm.Another day another dollar. Play the powerball mi gente. You never know.
Rise n shine mi gente On my way! To workflow 730-7. On that note hope every1 has a wonderful day
good morning mi gente..Had a great time with family yesterday ! Family is key,to a healthy soul.. Have a blessed day,luv ya.. Do not let today,ruin your tomorrow..
Hey fb had a great weekend wit my fams. Can't complain. Love life baby back to the money. Work flow😘. One thing about me is that I love to work .later mi gente
Happy Monday Workflow again and My Son has School today because of too many Snow Days here in Jersey.feeling so tired but drinking Cafe con Leche to wake up and get my body moving. Hopefully since it's going to get warmer by Wednesday all this Snow can start melting. Thank you God for waking me up today close to all My Babies and My Daughter spend the whole Weekend with me. Stay Bless and today is a new Day for Hope Mi Gente :)
Oye mi gente! Hope you are all as excited...just 9 days to go! :)
I'm so hungry , I'm worse then a child in Africa mi gente !
At last, winding down after a beautiful and productive day. Alyssa, Lisa and i joined our NFB members at Rillito Downs for an afternoon of raising donations for our Az chapter. We sold 50/50 tickets and raised a little over $500 as an anty. So much fun going through the crowds an meeting new people! We will be back at Rillito on the 30 th of, you know what that means mi gente...that's right,I'll be counting on all of you all to be at Rillito enjoying the track and loading up on 50/50 tickets that you will be buying from me!!!
Going to sleep I will be up early, got some things to handle! Hasta Manana,May GOD bless!! Love ya Mi Gente!!
Grasia mi gente salute to a great weekend. Next week we do it again!
Well Good Night Mi Gente Linda. I am off tomorrow BUT I have to be at the dealership by 7:30am for my oil change. Then off to the gym for a morning workout getting my ankle ready for the upcoming 5K. Funning thing is that I was massaging the side of my leg and ankle and about 1 hour later I had fricken bruises up and down my leg smh! Oh well at least my ankle feels better :) Blessings and Besos xoxo
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
A mi gente de LA.. . To my LA peeps.. Espero verlos ahi!. Hope to see you there!
What a weekend had the best time ever now time to relax and sip on this Captain. P.S I will NEVER,EVER go to chuck E cheese's again. That is all. Goodnight mi Gente.
You guys asked for it and there you have it, video of how this pose was done. Remember that you have to have a lot of strength (core and legs as well as flexibility) to perform this. Please don't hurt yourself trying to do any of these things I do because you could really hurt yourself in the process. Your partner has to weigh less than you to be able to balance eachother! If you can't complete it, at least just do the shuffle ! women should empower one another instead of putting eachother down with jealousy and envy ...collaborating with la cuerpa and we had a great time... Teammates, Latinas, and always happy! - Aqui esta el video que pidieron mi gente de como se hizo esta pose . Porfavor no se lesionen o se hagan daño tratando de hacer estas cosas que yo hago porque pueden hacerse daño ! Esto requiere mucha fuerza en el abdomen, las piernas y flexibilidad . Si no lo pueden completar almenos hagan el bailecito al final! Las mujeres debemos de ayudarnos unas a las otras envés de tratar de menospreciar ...
House clean finally.I love when it smells like Fabuloso😊.now🚿 time maybe a 📀 then mimiz time.good night mi gente
This is how I feel right now. Buenas noches, mi gente!
Buenas noche mi gente off this for now bout to watch a movie hit the inbox if y'all wanna chat dueces
Gd nite mi gente im going to close my eyes and fall to z & while im z im in my bbies dream we are doing lots of adventures till u bby
Lechon asada, tostones con gris y mi gente... Shout out to my girl marinacochina family for bringing…
Ahuh mi gente after this what I want to do is gonna b for.what I want in my live n its ppl I want change to b wit in my live da way i. See things not to good quite a few changes
wow crazy just got home from the Mall of L.v & right b-4 my eyes shoppers on Prowl & not the one's that pay dang so sad but that's the way life goes when only 2 Registers open and no other workers around..I just pray that life changes & that store does a turn around someday. Have a good night Mi Gente..
Believe the lies if u must, do know this your as much as a fool as I am...I don't need it in my life, nor him nor your lies and gossip.This is why I don't trust a lot of feemales...and why I don't get out that much, bc ppl and their lies, jealousy, and scared a**es be so *** messy...just so ppl won't say or think of them being fooled is stupid or that they betrayd their real mi gente.haven't I been real with u...and if not than evidently you haven't asked your question.BE REAL.
Good night mi gente you know what time it is. time for my zzzx hope my family and friends have a good night and sweet dreams. :)
I need all my COLORADO OG FAMILIA AND OTHER FRIENDS TO VOTE! THIS JINGLE IS THE BOMB!!! REPRESENTING OG ! Amazing talent from our Colorado Springs family! Arlene Lambert you and the Mi Gente Crew did your thing!!! so excited for your success! NOW GO VOTE! Even if your not in OG ..YET please listen and help my friends out!
Bueno mi gente y familia time for bed goodnight and God bless everyone Los qui euro mucho
Nightnight mi gente. la pase chillin at chucky cheese thks Tito N Robbi ,El Capo Diaz had a great day ..buenas noche mi gente..:-)
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Ayayayyayayayayy mi gente!!! Class was off the hook! Live your energy!!! It was Hawt! And we rocked the new step routines! See ya on Thursday for moe Zumba fun!!!
So I've been using these E cigs for the past 2 days. NOT bad, NOT the same but I think my luv for my kids n family is worth giving it a try.LORD please help me give me the strength I need to stop smoking, 20 years if enough damage. MI GENTE please pray for me
Hola mi gente how wa you my people jaja
Hola mi gente is almost time for da walking dead .,, oh yea
Well my vacation is over!!! Back to work tomorow ... buenas noches mi gente
Thinking of the Mighty Untouchables, while watching Marc Anthony and his awesome band, including Daniel Reagan, rock the TMU staple Mi Gente in front of 20,000 people!
For my Latinos parents out there teach your children Spanish! Even if you didn't get a chance to learn it, do it! Yeah, I hear " Well my mom and dad speak it but never taught me" "I understand it, I just don't speak it" which is understandable but it is not an excuse! Learn Spanish mi gente.apply it to your everyday! You don't have to be a perfect Spanish speaker but man it goes a long way. We have people that know Spanish better than us and have no Latino blood... feel me??? So whats your excuse? My daughter for a long time was criticized because she only spoke spanish..born and raised in Chicago with parents of the new generation. But that didnt stop me or her father from teaching her.and yes English is very important to learn as well but my point right now is Spanish :)...As a young Puerto Rican girl not only will Amaya connect through culture but will also connect through our language. We can do this! Try it! Put it to practice! It's important! Dale que si se puede! El desarollo y identidad es y siemp ...
Happy Sunday mi gente out and about with my two favorite people Lismarie and Adonis here at the mofongo house getting ready to eat me a churrasco yummy then going to pamper our selfs mani and pedi here I come long over due hope all are enjoying there weekend 😘😘😘😘
New profession in South Florida(plastic surgeon ) that's where the money is at -mi gente -what's up !!! Hope ya enjoying ya day under the palm trees and hot weather!! Definitely thinking hard in coming back to live!
Norteña is a dance that 'all' Mexicans should know - no excuses mi gente! Check this cute chavito showing us how to get the job done; moms lockup your daughters! - So Mexican exposes unique and humorous everyday situations relating to the Mexican lifestyle and culture. We welcome all to participate.
Buenas Tardes mi gente just woke up feeling great and getting ready to eat with the fam right now at chili's hope everyone have a bless day
Buenos dias mi gente may God be with everyone today and may your Sunday be blessed watching on the internet my cousin Jason pastor at regency christian center international out of Whittier CA. Awesome holy spirit filled it live on the internet every Sunday at 10 am.have a firme day people a blessed one at that.
Que canten mi Gente...In a house full of Boricuas!! Love this man!!!
Good morning mi Gente. I think it's going to be another day in bed. My head still hurts the fever is gone. Now I'm just coughing and have lots of flem. Have a great day.
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