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Mexican Independence Day

The Grito de Dolores (Cry of Dolores ) also known as El Grito de la Independencia (Cry of Independence ), uttered from the small town of Dolores, near Guanajuato on September 16, 1810 is the event that marks the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence and is the most important national holiday observed in Mexico.

Cinco De Mayo Las Vegas Luis Miguel Happy Hour East Chicago Mexico City

East Chicago will celebrate Mexican Independence Day w/ a parade & festival on Sept 10. The parade kicks off at...
East Chicago celebrates Mexican Independence Day with a parade and festival on Sept 10. Head to Block Stadium at...
Yeah I'm sure it was the same exact date 👌🏼. Since those 2 had to fight on Mexican Independence Day 😂👍
Sept. 16th is Mexican Independence Day . The 2 biggest weekends for Boxing Fights in the US is Cinco De…
They put the fight on Mexican Independence Day. Poor Canelo is gonna get eaten alive on his country's day 😫
He didn't know that the Mexican Independence Day is Sept, 16th & he was trying 2 honor them & was practicing Spanish.
REMINDER: is NOT Mexican Independence Day .It celebrates the Mexican army’s victory over France at the
If you're using today as an excuse to celebrate:. 1. Please be safe. 2. Don't say it's Mexican Independence Day's not Mexican Independence Day. 2. And so what if it was?
Reminders for Cinco De Mayo. 1) it isn't Mexican Independence Day . 2) dressing as Mexican stereotypes is annoying+ racist
also, Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day. It celebrates a minor War
Just hoping we see Canelo take on GGG in the Mexican Independence Day classic in September! 👊🏼
just said Cinco De Mayo is Mexican Independence Day
Cinco De Mayo isn't Mexican Independence Day (Sept. 16). It rly honors Mex's victory over the French at the Battle of Puebla
RIP Paz remember being a youngin in Mex hearing him for the day of independence felt super proud to be Mexican
two times a year in May nd in September when Mexican Independence Day was around lol paisas would just want to see him lose
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I expect to beat But if Junior lands that one big shot, imagine how big the rematch will be on Mexican Independence Day
May the Fourth be with you and happy Mexican Independence Day
was it party on the plaza or the Mexican Independence Day thing?
I didn't know about this! Mark thanks for this! It might be to commemorate the Mexican independence day on the 15th…
Sept. 1969: 1st Mexican Independence Day Parade in Chicago. Russ Meyer's VIXEN is at the Loop, WHATEVER HAPPENED TO…
dude opening day that's right around the time of Mexican independence is.
SKRipstein's Mexican Independence day @ Mansion hosted by the gorgeous Alejandra Espinoza
Mexican Independence Day in Las Vegas: 6 great places to
On this day, The Filipino tyrant Manny Pacquiao was overthrown in the boxing world by Marquez. Mexican Independence Day part 2
What's the real story behind Mexican Independence Day?
This week join us to celebrate our Mexican Independence Day with our great tasting menu https…
The photos from last Friday's Mexican Independence Day party at Tapton Hall! Many thanks for Hanif Mohammed for...
The Party has begun!! Zona Rosa Cabaret celebrates, Mexican Independence Day!! Come party with the spiciest Latin...
Apple Watch series 2 is shipping on Mexican Independence Day. I should get one.
As we are about to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, we wanted to focus on the golden eagle
FamilySearch: Six resources to start your Mexican research:
Six resources to start your Mexican research:
Fiesta En La Calle, Mexican Independence Day parade to held in Joliet
You are not ready to celebrate The Mexican Independence Day without a proper decorations! Check out Mexican...
Mexican Independence Day this time next week. We've got nachos & burritos to help you celebrate, with free Mexican bunting. Arriba! Arriba!
Only 5 Days to go! September 10th, 12 to 6pm. The event will be a celebration of Mexican Independence Day … https…
At it ago again... Saturday, Sept 10th!. 7th annual Mexican Independence Day Boxing Championships. Show starts at...
A guide to celebrating Mexican Independence Day in
Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in Come have a great time with us:
Save the Date! Come celebrate Mexican Independence Day on the Patio with Tequila & Cigars!! All day Happy Hour...
Don't forget to catch the 26th Street Mexican Independence Day Parade with host airing at 4 PM 9/11
El Grito Mexican Independence Day Celebration 2016 in Calgary. Join us on Saturday September 10 with https:…
¡Viva México! Let's celebrate the Mexican Independence Day with drink and food specials!
Get ready to celebrate Mexican Independence Day with this delicious Chipotle Meatballs Recipe!! Don't forget the...
Mexican communities York,Malton,Manchester come and find me 4 your Independence Day feast,Poblanos for chilies en nogada, keep it real
Old town for Mexican Independence Day sounds fun
Looking for the best grub out there? Get 2 the Pilsen Mexican Independence Day Parade in Sep 10!
You are all invited to Celebrate Mexican Independence day. . Saturday, September 17th, 2016. Free…
I'm tryna turn up for Mexican independence Day
Say to my little Did you know next week is independence day? He…
New sombreros available for your Mexican independence day celebrations.
It's going down on Mexican Independence Day! 🙌🏼🇲🇽. Come check out this dope line-up of artists…
Still time to sign up for our Sept. 14th Dinnder and Celebrate Fiestas Patrias: Mexican Independence Day!...
Tradicional menu for an special day!! MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY...
Vegas celebrates Mexican Independence Day with live shows and drink specials. . Details:
As Fiestas Patrias (Mexican Independence day) approach. Mom is making mexican food for lunch…
We are so excited to celebrate our Mexican Independence Day. Join us!
Topolabamba will be celebrating Mexican Independence Day with TEQUILA TASTING sessions! Email lothianroadto book!
Mexican Independence Day! . This year we are giving away street food dishes throughout the week of Independence.​.
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Join in the Mexican Independence Day Parade on 26th St this weekend RSVP:
.& to march 26th St. Independence Parade
Where to celebrate Diez y Seis in Austin: Enjoy an Austin-style Mexican Independence Day at events throughout the…
Ay y'all catch me driving my dads El Camino for the Mexican Independence Day parade in Pilsen on Saturday
For five years, I've been bringing a Mexican flag to school on independence day, but I feel like if I do it here it'll be weird
Juan for the diary from the wonderful . Celebrate Mexican Independence Day in style people!
Celebrate independence day and find out about Mexican culture
Congrats to He's now qualified for that sweet Modelo mini fridge + more! Your shot to win is here:
Did you know...Cinco De Mayo is not Mexican Independence Day??? But...the real day is almost here, and we are...
.considering official city-sponsored Mexican Independence Day celebration: via
Anyone that thinks is Mexican Independence Day, is a Trump supporter.
Let's start the annual history lesson. . is NOT a celebration of Mexican Independence Day
5 de mayo too...most Americans that aren't Mexican think it was our Independence Day...and they use it as an excuse to drink too 😂😂
Happy Mexican Independence Day to all my Catholic Irish friends 🍀
Like imma bout to hit you with a chancla on Mexican Independence Day if you don't red white or green 😒
(She at least seems to know it's NOT Mexican independence day. WHEW)
just like we're literally the only ones who celebrate Cinco De Mayo...because that's not even Mexican Independence Day
Your mcm is the type that goes around in his truck on Cinco De Mayo waving around a Mexican flag thinking its Mexico's Independence Day lol
during Mexico's independence day,2011, mexican air force squadron and ufo...
In September, St Louis' Hispanic community built a Trump pinata and smashed it to celebrate Mexican Independence Day
Today is the Mexican Independence Day. Hablas español? Check this video from y... via
more like Sep.17 2017 Mexican Independence Day. Perfect timing. Canelo just entering his prime.
Canelo and GGG expected to fight Mexican Independence Day weekend 2016!!!
honestly get the whole year to build it and have it on Mexican Independence Day? Perfect
Kayla to Ariel: "Does your family celebrate, like, Mexican Independence Day and stuff?" 😂😂😂
September 16 is Mexican Independence Day. Known as Grito de Dolores ("Cry of Dolores"), it marks the day Mexicans revolted against Spain.
as long as you've seen Elf the Easter movie and Elf the Mexican Independence Day movie, you should be good
More of Oscar statement “And by committing to fight on Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence Day – boxing’s two biggest annual dates (MORE)
4 white middle-aged males just asked me about dia de los muertos and if Cinco De Mayo was Mexican Independence Day 😅
FUN FACT: Mexican Independence Day is celebrated in September, not on Cinco De Mayo like most people think.
The Empire State Building is glowing in green, white, & red in honor of Mexican Independence Day.
Ole! Fiesta Time Designs for Cinco De Mayo, Mexican Independence Day, Hispanic holidays and more! - -
Proud to kick off observance of Hispanic Heritage Month today — Mexican Independence Day:
Today is National Guacamole Day and Mexican Independence Day - it's the excuse you needed to have a margarita and some guac!.
Celebremos! Mexican Independence Day has us thinking about Ballet Folklorico Oct. 8.
Mexican culture is part of Southern Californian culture. Smart choice in playing Volver on this Mexican Independence Day! 🎉🎉🎉🎉
I have very fond childhood memories about celebrating Mexican Independence Day in our little town square.
Donald Trump Takes a Beating on Cherokee for Mexican Independence Day | St. Louis News and Events | Riverfront Times
getting ready for Mexican Independence Day parade.
Mexican Independence Day parade, festival held in East Los Angeles: At the corner of Cesar C...
I thought the Mexican Independence Day parade was this weekend coming up not the one that just passed 😩
New publisher takes over Northeast L.A. paper; big turnout for East L.A. Mexican Independence Day parade
New publisher takes over NELA paper; big turnout for Mexican Independence Day parade
Several Illinois politicians traveled to Little Village Sunday for the annual Mexican Independence Day parade, and a few of them seized
Come celebrate Mexican Independence Day at Temptation and discover our spicy Mexican surprises
"I'm excited to be included in this fight so close to Mexican Independence Day headlined by Mayweather" -
Aug. 24; this day in history: Spain accepts Mexico's independence in 1821:
/ August 24th, 1821 — Treaty grants Mexican independence / / On this day in 1821, Juan O'Donoju met Agust&..
Viva Mexico! Be part of the Mexican Independence Day celebration w/us. Event by
Limited Edition Mexican Independence Day wraps! These are available now through September 30th!…
Nigerian- Mexican chamber of commerce joins the world to wish Ukraine, A happy independence day celebration.
And because my birthday is the day before Mexican Independence Day 😅💚❤️
Mexican Independence Day in Chihuahua!. Sicomoro Hotel 4* - $45 USD. Book at or calling...
Celebrating Mexican Independence Day early! Our 2012 il Regalo and 2013 Pinot Grigio will go great with zesty...
me: papa pls come with me to mexican independence day!! . D: idkk. M: c'man u have to go & support ur daughter in her search for identity!!
Can't wait for next September gonna be in Mexico for Mexican Independence Day 😎😎
Kick off Mexican Independence Day early w/ on 9/12!
Mexico City is the place to be on Sept 15: Mexican Independence Day's Eve (the mother of all fiestas!).
- Singer Juan Gabriel will join Mexican Independence Day festivities in Las Vegas
Crowd is going NUTS! They're trying to keep Magnifico & Ghost from brawling with each other. Mexican Independence Day show on 09/16 set up!
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Why is Mexican Independence Day Not Celebrated on the American Calender? 16Th of September any Relation to the Garden of Gesethemane? ©heck.
On another note brought to you by "stop being ignorant 2015":. Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day. . Tell yo…
Placido Domingo is celebrating Mexican Independence Day at the Colosseum on Tues. Sept. 15th in Las Vegas. 🇲🇽
Start Mexican Independence Day Weekend in Las Vegas with a great card on Sept 11 at w/ &
Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with us on Wed, Sept 16th! Live performances from-Tamborazo Del Valle AND Mariachi Los Versatiles. FREE!
Hosting Mexican Independence Day at Millennium Park in with and…
Honoured to unfurl Tricolour on 69th Independence Day of India. Large turnout of Indian community & Mexican friends! http:…
Planning has begun for two great events! Mexican Independence Day September 15th and Dia de Los Muertos Saturday...
There will be lots of Mexican independence day festivities that day and watching Alberto and Flojo aren't one of them!
tequila is not my friend. Mexican Independence Day 2012 it made me puke off of a roof
EXCLUSIVE: Celebrate Mexican Independence Day on September 16 by showing your national pride all the way to your...
Mexican Independence Day 30% off Las Vegas Hotel rooms. Get rates now
Is today Mexican Independence Day? I thought it was in September but there's a full blown Mexican block party going on outside right now so
In celebration of Mexican Independence Day weekend, Latin superstar Enrique Iglesias will play The Colosseum at...
Why wouldn’t we have an opinion on Mexican Independence Day? Happy 204th,
Americans living off of our beer on Cinco De Mayo, not even Mexican Independence Day. smh
Look for them to aim for Mexican Independence Day, provided there's no rematch to push it back.
can't wait till may 5 so people confuse Cinco De Mayo w Mexican Independence Day!!!
The amount of people that think Cinco De Mayo is Mexican Independence Day is absurd.
"Cinco De Mayo is Mexican Independence Day" -- white people.
And Cinco De Mayo isn't Mexican Independence Day, but, you know...
Hey happy...uhh...I forgot what I was gonna say. Mexican Independence Kwanzaa that's it Kwanzaa.wait a minute
How about Cinco De Mayo where they think they're getting drunk for Mexican Independence Day? 😑
I thot that was Cinco De Mayo aka Mexican Independence Day
Who is that hot Mexican dude in independence day lol
so im a virgo but not just any virgo one that was born on mexican independence day in relation to the Garden of Gesethemane***
wake me up when it's Mexican Independence Day 😴
Guess what's in mid September? Mexican Independence Day (Sept 16th). For sure Mexicans will take over whatever hashtag you use
PSA: el Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day,it is a celebration of the day Napoleon and his army were defeated.
If ur Mexican and think Cinco De Mayo is Mexican Independence Day. Ur really not Mexican 😒
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I'm Irish on St. Patrick's Day. Im Mexican on Cinco De Mayo. And I'm Jamaican for Independence of Jamaica. 🍺🎉
Some Hispanic lady legit just thought that Cinco De Mayo was Mexican Independence Day. 😐😑
my birthday is mexican independence day 16th of September in Relation to The Garden of Gesethemane
like before fall quarter? Im down! That's mexican Independence Day same time I went last time it's crazy!
I templed in my templing Joshua Jay Page September 16 mexican independence day went from my templing into my templar yahweh became Israel
I know it's March but I can't wait till September bc It's Mexican Independence Day and this year I'm making sure we go all out.
Book your Mexican Independence Day hotel room for Vegas at
Templed in my Templing the Templar 16th of September Mexican Independence Day. America does not Recognize on the American Calender A Problem
This Friday meeting for 2015 Mexican Independence Day Parade & Celebration in West Chicago, all welcome!
Significantly Mexican Independence Day is my Birthday September 16th it was the Spaniards whom prepped Jesus for the Garden of Gesthemane.
Mexican Independence Day celebration DublinCounty matters sky 191 this Thursday evening at 7
Or tell them its on Mexican Independence day and have them book for the 16th of September.
What's more insulting than making a Mexican Holiday of Independence a drinking day? Making an Irish Religious Celebration a drinking day.
In middle school when half the kids were skipping school on "Mexican Independence Day" (idr actual term) I asked my friend if I could join.
Thought the would do the Adrian bobblehead in September since they are scheduled to give one out on Mexican Independence Day
I have never been a prophet nor am I Jerhico born Sept 16th mexican independence day in the Guard come I sent me just leaving the Gesthemane
Following the tradition of releasing a new image on Mexican Independence Day. Model: Lisa del Toro. ¡Viva México! http:/…
Try These Recipes for a Fiesta in Honor of National Mexican Independence Day
Which holidays do you and your family celebrate? — Mostly, mexican independence day, halloween/day of the dead (...
Sept 12. Floyd only fights on Cinco De Mayo and mexican independence day weekend.
well the fight will be in Vegas on Cinco De Mayo or Mexican Independence Day and in Vegas. Floyd loves making $ off Mexicans.
Oh, you're more Mexican than I am cause you listen to the ghetto Mexican corridors?Oh ok. but tell me when's Mexicos independence day?!
Miley Cyrus could go to jail for getting her *** whipped on stage ... with a Mexican flag. Miley was performing Tuesday night -- on Mexican Independence Day,...
Today is Mexican Independence Day! Come celebrate with the All You Care to Eat Mexican Buffet in TC 221-223. Food + Drinks = $9.95 plus tax
.celebrates Mexican Independence Day on + shares how to win tix to AAHH!Fest by
Mexican Independence Day! Thanks for the food and Giovani Dos Santos
PAN DULCE CONCHAS. MEXICAN FESTIVE BUNS. to celebrate Mexican Independence Day, that's what Paul Edwards made!
Celebrate Mexican Independence Day w Tacos & Tequila this Sunday at Hiding in Plain Sight.
Friday at last! Remember Mexican market is on + Gastronomic Week Fest. Plus get ready for Independence Day parties Sun & Mon!
Getting ready for Mexican Independence Day celebrations in Las Vegas
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Join the celebration for this year’s 27th Annual Mexican Independence Day Celebration on the Llano Estacado from Thursday, September 11 to Sunday, September 14 in Lubbock.
Mexican Independence Day is around the corner and this means one thing, a grand celebration at Rosa from 14-20 September. Join us!
Check out this great item 'Mexican Independence Day Flyer'
Tomorrow night is going to be bananas! Pre Mexican Independence Day Celebration at Onyx: Rumba Lounge!…
Come & celebrate Mexican Independence Day with us Sat Sept 13th!!
Mexican Independence Day is coming up if you were wondering
Want something to smile about?. $6 Coronas this weekend to celebrate Mexican Independence Day. Arriba Corona!
Las Vegas' exclusive weekend events: From fight night to Mexican Independence Day fiestas, it's a good weekend...
Texas Instruments will join us as we celebrate Mexican Independence Day at Lupe Tortilla! Don't miss out!
About to get wild for Fight weekend and Mexican Independence Day.
This September 16, SumoMaya is throwing the greatest Mexican Independence Day bash in town! Come celebrate with...
Only 5 days until the big celebration at Teocali... it will be Mexican Independence Day September 16th! Happy Hour all day long. ..
*** I really feel like last year was my real shot at witnessing a Mexican Independence Day
cordially invite you to celebrate our Mexican Independence Day. Bring your whole family! http…
Fight weekend and Mexican Independence Day at marqueelv!!! @ Marquee…
Mexico's Independence Day is Tuesday and it's Mexican Monday theme 😭😭😭
For Mexican Independence Day I wanna dress up Jayden in the little Mexican outfit 😁😂😂😂
Ivan's a better studying tool then any spanish teacher i know
We wrote a list of 5 ways to celebrate Mexican Independence Day next Monday. Start with drink a Banderita flight!
the only Mexican Independence Day celebration in all of Dallas is going to be hosted by our art group http:…
Join GYG for delicious Salsa, Guac & Chips at in Federation Square to celebrate Mexican Independence Day!
Getting ready for September 15th! Mexican Independence Day festivities. Celebrate in a traditional way by taking...
Is Ramon Ayala or the Mayweather v. Maidana fight on your calendar for Mexican Independence Day weekend? Pencil...
Celebrate Mexican Independence Day at the 27th annual Fiestas del Llano of Lubbock this weekend!
Take 38 seconds to watch this video of Zapatista children celebrating Mexican Independence Day!
Also, Cinco De Mayo was the date of a minor Mexican victory touted by beer companies as Mexican Independence Day to sell more beer.
Take the kids & celebrate Mexican Independence Day at
Celebrate Mexican Independence Day with us! You know it's going to be a party!
No better place to celebrate Mexican Independence Day than Luis Miguel's first of four shows tomorrow!
Mexican Independence Day at SLO Mission: On September 14th, celebrate the history of Mission San Luis Obi...
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Mayweather always fights a Latino around Cinco De Mayo & the Mexican Independence day in September. Golden Boy Promotions is getting money.
got booked for promo work @ a Telemundo event for Mexican Independence glad I have that elementary school level Spanish to rely on😩
“To turnt for this Mexican Independence Day party!!! Our class party will be the best!
To turnt for this Mexican Independence Day party!!!
Hotels & Resorts in Mexico will also be offering a variety of Mexican Independence Day celebrations
Celebrate Mexican Independence Day on September 15th with a Tequila Dinner at El Rey
For this Mexican Independence day rock the Revolutionary shield of 1910.
Join us for an evening of tequila tasting to celebrate Mexican Independence Day next week!
Spanish Club Kick-Off next Thursday, Sept. 11 at 3:20 in the Commons! Come grab a treat and make a flag for Mexican I…
The Pilsen Mexican Independence Day Parade is happening this Saturday September 13, 2014. Mark your calendars to...
See y'all tomorrow, celebrating the Mexican independence day!
Hello all at LasNet! Don't forget the football this weekend, and the Mexican Independence Day celebrations coming up...
Join us tomorrow for our Mexican Independence Day celebration!
um Cinco De Mayo is NOT Mexican Independence Day. It celebrates MX army beating French army in one battle.
Tuesday September 16th 5pm we are celebrating Mexican Independence Day! Sassy & the Sneak Attack feat Vanessa Mendez will start the party!
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froch Kessler 2 was great but canelo v josesito Lopez on Mexican Independence Day in Vegas takes some beating!
I've been going to Vegas on Mexican Independence Day weekend these past two years. Hopefully I can keep the tradition this year.
Thought I'd remind everyone of the upcoming Uno de Juno holiday by posting this Wiki article: Uno de Juno Not to be confused with Cinco De Mayo (Mexican Independence Day or something(1)) Also not to be confused with the total Hispanic population of Alaska’s third largest city: One. Uno de Juno (Spanish for “first of June”) is celebrated every June 1st. The holiday celebrates Cuban Americans’ unique cultural identity. The origins of Uno de Juno arise from the need for a uniquely Cuban drinking holiday, in the vein of the popular Irish, Mexican, and Jewish drinking holidays. Background Contrary to popular belief, the roots of this holiday do not stem from any occurrence on a certain day in May, but from the historical events that transpired on the evening of March 17, 2014 – St. Patrick’s Day – when a lone Cuban American was reduced to designated driver duty due to his lack of any cultural stake in the night’s planned activities. Fearing that a second tour as chauffer was less than two month ...
When I'm in KC Mexican Independence day is pretty fun. That's mostly it. maybe Dia de los muertos if I'm feeling ambitious
THE CROWN JEWEL On September 15th 2011 during the celebrations of Mexican Independence Day, War Kabinett releases the first single of the new album “The Great Deceiver”, a protest song inspired by the corruption of institutions, police, clergy and politicians in Mexico and all over the world.Dos meses más tarde, es lanzado el segundo sencillo "Heroes of War". Two months later the second single “Heroes of War” is released. Finally on November the 30th After more than two exhaustive years, War Kabinett returns to the stage with a mighty show to present “Made In Mexico”, an album that gathers a huge contribution of talented artists: The Kabinett Infernal Choir with its 25 amazing voices; The guest musicians from “OFUNAM” Mexico’s National University Orchestra and from Mexico’s National Symphonic Orchestra; The outstanding and powerful guitar solos of Henjo Richter from Gamma Ray; The skillful producer, composer and guest keyboard player Genaro Ochoa from The Arkitecht; The amazing produc ...
Mexican Independence Day is September 16th. So Floyd's next fight should be the 13th of that month?
Everytime I see 9:16 on a clock I think of Mexican Independence Day
* clears throat..that's just a bs Holiday for my Mercian pple, September 16th is actually Mexican Independence Day
Probably the same way you mix up Cinco De Mayo and Mexican Independence Day, I guess.
lol he knew when Mexican Independence Day was like dang boy
Mexican Independence Day is September 16th (thx doctora ferrer)
Is my bday Cinco De Mayo or Mexican Independence Day? Lol I 4got
I'm sure if it was Mexican Independence Day, bergenline would be rockin'
I fight fighters who bring the most money on big Mexican holidays ( 5 de mayo & Independence Day)
Mexican Independence Day holiday, September 13th, I'll pay $80 to watch vs at MGM Grand, set it up!
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Make this fight happen vs at the Cowboys Stadium on Mexican Independence Day
I just realized I got dumped on Mexican independence day... coincidence? 😂😂
The same reason you celebrate Cinco De Mayo (mexican independence day) anything to party and celebrate.
1st Latino president. Born on Mexican Independence Day (a twin). Graduated from Harvard on Cinco De Mayo. A twin...
I want one for New Years, Easter, my birthday, thanksgiving, christmas, Hanukkah, Independence Day, Mexican Independence Day
September 13th is the great Mexican Independence Day, a day that is special for the Mexican boxing fans. And Mayweather knows this full well
Friendly is not Mexican Independence. That would be September 16! Today is when Puebla, MX defeated the French Army. For more information, ask Siri "Why do some Americans think today is Mexican Independence Day?" Today is also "National Hug Your *** Filipino-Mexican-American Friend" Day. :D hehe
Happy . 11 facts you need to know: Spoiler alert: It's NOT Mexican Independence Day
90% Don't know 5 de Mayo is the Battle of Puebla Not the Mexican Independence Day, which is September 16.
I don't think Broner's comment was intended to offend Mexicans, but I'm sure it kinda worked out that way - which can be cashed in on. The perfect next fight for Broner would be against Juan Manuel Marquez on Floyd's September undercard during Mexican Independence Day, if Marquez beats Mike Alvarado on May 17th (without needing an extended period of rest afterwards due to taking a lot of heavy blows or getting cut/injured, etc). They can do it at a catch-weight if need be, somewhere between 140 and 147. The main thing in the way is the Schaefer-Oscar-Top Rank thing.
Just for the record if anyone isn't clear about it yet, Cinco De Mayo is on The 5th of May and it's NOT Mexican Independence Day.
Next Sunday from 7pm we're celebrating Cinco De Mayo (aka Mexican Independence Day aka the Mexican St Patrick's...
people thinking Cinco De Mayo is Mexican Independence day.
Does anyone know anything about the Mexican day of independence. "The coochecabra?"
I hate when people think Cinco De Mayo is Mexican independence day. You should not be celebrating, if you fall in that category! ☝️😒
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Cinco De Mayo I'll be in Dallas! I'll definitely be celebrating Mexican Independence Day like it was my own lol
agreed September in vegas during Mexican Independence Day weekend would be huge
If u gonna get prego at a Cinco De Mayo party at least know it's not Mexican Independence Day when u go on to find da bby ddy
Just googled the date for Mexican Independence Day. What is wrong with me.
My Navarrete family loved to get their names in the paper and I am so glad that they did. I have chronicled the exploits of Miss Carmen Navarrete. Let us turn now to her father, my g-g-grandfather, Enrique Navarrete, whose social club, the Club Patriotico Hidalgo threw some epic Mexican Independence Day parties:
PAC vs canelo would make Floyd move since Mexican Independence Day is in that month. Unless floyd finds a Mexican
"Ohh it's like a Mexican Independence Day!! CHEERS TO WINNING THE BATTLE. AY let's drink." This guy is literally yelling this to the teacher
Well i got myself in trouble at work today for playn a joke my boss thought Cinco De Mayo was the mexican independence day its wat i told her lol so i got talked too lol
LOL good one! I really love how they think is Mexican Independence, no.
thanks for your article but you should do a feature on Mexican Independence Day September 16th
Cinco De Mayo is the Mexican day of independence. Americans just believe it's a day for beer and tequila
Good ole San Jacinto Day. The day back in 1836 that the Texan army beat the Mexican army to gain independence. Sam Houston got lucky.
It may be Patriots Day, but on 4/21/1836, Mexican Gen. Antonio Lopez Santa Anna defeated at San Jacinto effectively giving Tx Independence
On this day in 1836, the Texian Army defeated the invading Mexican Army winning its independence
If you think that Cinco De Mayo is actually Mexican Independence Day it is very likely that you're stupid
"5 de mayo" is not the mexican independence day... Write it
Latin superstar Luis Miguel returns to for the 8th consecutive yr during Mexican Independence Day …
chill just one I, if you pronounce it with all those I's it sounds like you're doing a little Mexican scream on Independence Day
Oh good, here come the Cinco De Mayo press releases. PR firms calling it "Mexican Independence Day" should all be fired.
Can't wait until Cinco De Mayo, and not because I'm Mexican but because 24 comes back! Fyi Cinco De Mayo is not the Mexican Independence Day
Its not a real holiday x3x as Mexican independence day which many think it is
Our executive chef is ready for his Chef's Mexican Independence Day cooking segment on KCAL-9 News at Noon! htt…
Holy crap a super pupusa 😍“Happy Independence Day to all our Central American & Mexican friedd.
I was gonna do the meet the blogger thing but i was about to put the mexican independence day for my birthday but wao that may be r00d
Danzantes blessing the location of our future site on Independence Day.
Those of you saying what's going on at Fullerton today is because of Mexican Independence Day just stop. You're embarrassing yourself.
We rolled down Cesar Chavez Ave. as guests of the East Los Angeles Mexican Independence Day Parade.
No sombreros?! But, but... how will they celebrate Mexican Independence Day?
What's with the remember, remember, the fifth of November? Isn't that Mexican independence day?
People who think Cinco De Mayo is mexican independence day... just stop
You still haven't figured out his business plan? Here's a hint Mexican Independence Day
oh yeah isn't it Mexican Independence Day or something like that?
Cinco De Mayo is not Mexico's Independence Day, but the celebration of the Mexican Army's victory over the French in the Battle of Puebla.
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